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Only way to

stop terrorism

By Stanley Green

Only way to stop terrorist attacks
Only way to stop terrorist attacks is to make it
impossible to recruit martyrs. The propaganda being
exploited to recruit martyrs is we and our allies are
evil and immoral nation deserving to be put to death.
Islamic Jihadist are coming out the woodwork to
sacrifice life or limb to further ISIS purge the world
of filthy scums who refuse to pledge allegiance to
Allah. The majority of Muslims don’t buy this type
of radical Islamic propaganda. Yet, the tiny minority
that buy into the propaganda is sufficient to reap
worldwide catastrophic devastation. This article is
purpose to shed light how to counteract propaganda.

Good and evil are moral precepts

Good and evil are moral precepts since the
beginning of human existence. Orthodox
religions believe God has ordained his divine
authority to enact laws to punish heresy (i.e.
immoral or sinful) behaviors. Across history
religious sects have demonized the opposite
religion as being evil to include heretic classes
lesbian, gays, bisexual, transgender (LGBT).
Murderers, rapists and arsonists etc. are no
less immoral and deserve to be punished. If
government were to dispel this moral precept
by proving that God has never intended for
Adam or Eve to gain knowledge of good and
evil. The Armageddon is God’s curse that will
end with terrorism destroying God’s kingdom.

Holy Bible moral precepts

Holy Bible moral precepts shape Christians and/or
Catholic’s view of good and evil. We follow the
laws and/or commandments. These same laws have
been ratified into our political legislation. A taboo
exist in our psychic minds that we may offend God
if we disobey his laws and/or commandments.
We’re frighten to death when members of our
society dare transgress our moral precepts. We
believe that God will ultimately punish us with hell
and damnation for permitting their transgressions.
To save ourselves from God’s wrath we punish his
transgressors with imprisonment or even death. He
or she receives a booking number and is branded
with a label for the rest of his or her life as criminal.

Holy Quran Moral Precepts

Holy Koran moral precepts shape Islamic and/or
Muslims’ view of good and evil. They follow the laws
and/or commandments given to them. Likewise, they
have been ratified into political legislation. Their taboo
is enforced with stringent punishment (i.e. stoning,
flogging or hanging etc.). Adultery for women is the
death penalty. Islamic Jihad to kill Christians and/or
Westerners is how they spare themselves of Allah’s
wrath. Terrorists are martyrs willing to sacrifice life or
limb to keep the Holy Koran sacred. In their eyes we
are criminals for refusing to pledge allegiance to Allah.

First Amendment best
weapon to fight religious laws
First Amendment is the best weapon to fight religious
laws. This rule of law is restricting the powers of
Congress to make laws respecting an establishment of
religion. Yet in defiance, Congress has passed laws that
punish citizens who fail to conform to Christian moral
precepts. America is a free society, freedom of choice,
expression, belief and lifestyle. We are protected by our
Bill of Rights. If Congress were to adhere to our 1ST
Amendment, then there wouldn’t be any morality laws
on the books for us to break. Islam is upset state
lawmakers enact laws favoring Christian morality.

Fourteenth Amendment best
weapon to fight inequality

Fourteenth Amendment next best weapon to fight
terrorism. This rule of law is guaranteeing equal
protection where every citizen is treated exactly the
same. Due process simply means each Attorney
General (US, State, District) has a legal obligation to
uphold the Bill of Rights in behalf of criminal
defendants to warrant fair and impartial trials. Instead,
prosecutors have served as adversaries of criminal
defendants to portray him or her as evil wicked
persons deserving punishment. The latter is complete
violation of our 14TH Amendment, because it deprives
criminal defendants’ equal protection of due process.
The latter has exacerbated terroristic assaults.

Tree of the knowledge of good and evil

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is the
forbidden fruit that God commanded Adam not to eat.
The passages in Genesis in our Holy Bible parallel with
the same passages of the Holy Quran. Biblical scholars
are able to prove Adam and Eve’s sin, transgression or
immoral wrongdoing is when they gain knowledge of
good and evil. God planned for them to experience
eternal bliss in the Garden of Eden. Instead, God
cursed Adam, Even and the serpent for disobedience.
What they weren’t aware of is that this curse is what
the Bible refers to as the wrath of Armageddon.

The wrath of Armageddon

The wrath of Armageddon (final war of good vs. evil)
is terrorism. It is literally impossible to stop this type
abomination by asserting punishment and/or death
penalty. Radical Jihad Extremists have no limits on
how far they will go to slaughter Christian and/or
Westerners even our allies. In their sick ideology they
believe it is better to die a martyr serving Allah. Thus,
they are not deterred by fear of punishment or death.
Their only fear is Allah’s wrath of eternal damnation
if they don’t succeed in their Islamic Jihad. If we’re
able to prove the knowledge of good and evil is an
immoral precept that has been cursed by God, then it
will destroy their ambition to serve as Allah’s martyrs.

Dear President Barack Obama

I wish to congratulate you for your eight years of
service as our Commander in Chief. I know that the
war on terrorism is a thorn in the flesh for your
administration. Now it time to pass the torch to
your successor. When you address our nation please
mention about the Armageddon and explain that
terrorism is our final war of good vs. evil. We may
venture back to the Garden of Eve to discover that
God never intended for Adam and Eve to gain
knowledge of good and evil. There are no good
persons nor any evil persons in our world. Rather,
our world is comprised of persons with different
views, beliefs even lifestyles that we may not agree
with or approve. Yet, it is wrong to demonize our
fellow citizens and/or neighbors for being different.

Dear Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump

I wish to congratulate each of you for your party’s nomination. I believe that the only
way to stop terrorism is by dispelling the moral precept of good and evil. I fear that
the Armageddon and the War against terrorism are one in the same. My question is
which of you has the temperament to mitigate racial, gender or religious turmoil. If we
were to remain divided and fighting one another, then none wins and we are all losers.

My name is Stanley Green

The moral precept of good and evil is an extremely
dangerous thing for human society. What makes it a
problem is Islamic persons may view Western lifestyle
as immoral. The latter view has triggered extreme radical
Muslims to embrace terrorism or Jihad. If we truly wish
to stop terrorism, then we must disavow the moral
precept of good and evil. If the Islamic community were
to follow our footstep, then our world will become safer
place to live and raise our families. There are too many
mass murders occurring and punishment doesn’t rectify
or remedy our crisis. Let God be the sole authority to
judge good or evil. This will allow us more time to
spend loving one another despite our differences.

Second Amendment has
no effect to stop terrorism

Second Amendment has no effect to stop or increase the
likelihood of terrorism. It is legislation supported by gun
owners and NRA. Gun owners feel safer they have permits
to carry open weapons. Police may feel greater risk to
approach persons suspicious of carrying firearms. In fear
police may react impulsively and shoot unarmed victims.
Terrorist groups have invented a multitude of ways to inflict
mass murderers. The latter includes, assault rifles, bombs,
knives, axes, trucks and the list is infinite. If Congress were
to pass laws banning assault rifles so what? Terrorist will
simply revert to some other tactic equally as brutal.