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Acquisition method
Acquisition method named purchase method in year 2004 version of the IFRS 3 has been
utilized for all the business combinations. [IFRS 3.4]
Steps in implementing the acquisition techniques have been: [IFRS 3.5]
Identification of acquirer
Deciding of acquisition date
Recognition along with measurement of identifiable assets needed, liabilities assumed and also
any non-controlling interest i.e. NCI, formerly named minority interest in acquire
Recognition along with measurement of the goodwill or the gain from the bargain purchase
Intangible assets
An asset, which has not been physical in nature. Corporate intellectual property i.e. items like
patents, trademarks, copyrights, business methodologies, goodwill as well as brand
recognition have all been general intangible assets in nowadays marketplace. The intangible asset
may be classified like either indefinite/definite based on specifics of such asset. The organization
brand name has been considered to be the indefinite asset, like this states with company as long
as organization continues to work. But, when organization enters the legitimate agreement to
work in other organizations patent, with zero plans of extending agreement, this might have the

limited life along with could be classified as the definite asset.