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It was raining
so Jane and I
ran to the hay barn
and got inside for shelter
the door was open
so we stared out
at the downpour
do you remember
we came here
and other kids
were playing in here?
I said
she looked back
into the barn
and said
yes it was dry that day
and I was shy
and you sat with me
as we watched
the others play
she looked at me
then said
we must not
tell my mother
we came in here
out of the rain
why not?
I said
it won't sound good
she said
what coming in here
out of the rain
to stay dry?
I said
she looked at me
more intensely

no because some
might think
we did things
she said
did things
what do you mean
did things?
I said
I looked away
from her
and out
at the pouring rain
heavy and dense
it then occurred to me
what she meant
if I was in here
(God forbid)
with Lizbeth
she would have been
undoing my buttons
by now wanting sex
on one of the hay bales
we wouldn't
I said to Jane
turning to look at her
I know we wouldn't
she said
but other people might
I frowned
what other people?
she sighed
people say horrible things
if they saw us
or if we tell people
we were in here
I'll say nothing
to anyone
I said

it's best
she said
she leaned closer to me
and kissed my cheek
best not to say
she said
after the kiss
would your parents
think we had
if they found out
we were in here?
I said
no of course not
but other people might
suggest we had
and my mother
would feel upset
that people could think that
I touched her hand
and held it
(Lizbeth would never
be content with just
a held hand
she would want more)
she kissed me again
then we both stared out
at the rain
that was beginning to stop
and we watched
the sky grey
become blue again
and hoped
for the end of rain.