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The K TO 12 program is focused on Technology and Livelihood
Education subject. Therefore, it is essential to equip the students’
basic knowledge on calculation and mensuration. It is vital/
significant in the study, for it can be applied in different components
of Technology and Livelihood Education.
Based on the collected data on student’s performance the table
revealed that there are 70% (280) students in Grade 7 can’t
calculate exact measurement. 25% Grade 10 students don t know
how to dispose waste properly. 25% students in Grade 10 do not
attend class regularly. 30% (200) of Grade 8 students did not make
their assignments at home. 25% of Grade 7 students do the act of
bullying. 10% Grade 10 do not come to school on time. 25% Grade 9
parents do not involved themselves in school. Some 25% Grade 9
students do not focus on the subject that is difficult to them. 50%
(200) of Grade 8 students cannot identify tools and equipment in
mini-courses. In 100 Grade 7 students do not accomplish their
individual projects.
Out of the ten difficulties delineated through gap analysis. The
researcher consider the problem concerning 70% (280) students


Another factor is that the students focus their time on social media and some are engage on occupational activities which resulted on lack of time to study. some teachers have limited knowledge on calculation and mensuration. The underlying two causes of poor foundation in numerical calculation are lack interest and poor study habits. 2 . the students themselves must experience actual calculation and mensuration activities. The immediate caused of the gap “70% of the students in Grade 7 who are poor in numerical calculation”. underlying causes and root causes of this gap. Due to lack of training and lack of instructional materials are the cause of limited teacher s teacher’s knowledge on mensuration and calculation. In order to provide solutions for the emerging problem concerning the Grade 7 students who are weak in calculation and mensuration learning activities. In addition to these. In order for the students to gain and retain their knowledge on calculation and mensuration. most of the students have lack of time in studying calculation and mensuration. Situational problems must be immediately given solution for the students’ educational growth and development.[ACTION RESEARCH ] can’t calculate exact measurement as the most important most urgent. most relevant and most doable. the researcher studied the immediate causes.

underlying cause and root causes of the problem concerning the Grade 7 students of Sta. and will provide teacher knowledge on how to construct and produce enough instructional materials. Teachers must attend trainings and seminars which will develop their skills in teaching experiential learning strategies. Teachers who have limited knowledge on teaching strategies are due to lack of training. By means of opportunity tree the researcher identified probable solutions to the immediate causes. Cruz High Integrated School. For the students to be able to gain and retain knowledge on calculation and mensuration they must focus their interest on basic calculations and mensuration and develop good study habits giving to their studies with the help of proper guidance and follow-up of their parents. 3 . probably insufficient instructional materials are also one of the main causes for the teachers to provide more traditional instructional materials. Students who are engaged on social media consume most of their time and some students are obliged to earn money to help and support their family.[ACTION RESEARCH ] The presence of lack of interest is brought by the fact that the most students focus their time in multi-media activities and most of them are not guided by their parents which cause poor study habits.

Through these students will enthusiastically focus their interest in calculation and mensuration. Speed of limitation is given the second importance (5) because the identified problem demands for immediate intervention and solutions would satisfy the concern of students in terms of performance and attendance.[ACTION RESEARCH ] Proper time management is one of the immediate solutions. First. A weight of (4) is given within the span or jurisdiction of the researcher because the researcher has a direct contact and influence with the students. Speed implementation. likelihood for success and potential input. Manageability is given highest weight (6) because these would provide the researcher with varied sources of information in searching for solutions to the problem. Proper orientation for the parents about child-labor policy will help the students to manage their time properly. The next criterion is the cost efficiency with a weight of (3) because the 4 . In order to identify the best possible intervention to Grade 7 students who do not have skills in basic calculation and mensuration. the researchers utilized the decision making model. cost efficiency. Assigning responsible tasks to the students and engaged them in different household chores. the researchers studied the six probable solutions and created decision criteria which consist of manageability. within the span or jurisdiction of researcher. the researchers assigned a weight for each. Based on their importance. After careful consideration of these criteria.

Construct instructional materials to strengthen their skills in calculation. And with a weight of (1) is the potential impact because this aims to create positive changes and outcomes on student’s performance and attitude. Motivating students to prioritize their studies. Fourth. the researcher accurately assigned points to each solution using weight 1. Statement of the Problem 5 . Lastly. after arriving at the sum per solutions the data showed that the uses of experiential learning strategy which the researcher could use to develop appropriate solutions to the students who cannot calculate exact measurement. the researcher assigned points for the solutions which were lifted from the opportunity tree.The points were multiplied to the given points for the criteria. Applying an experiential learning strategy as solution to the problem. For the third step. The following are the solutions based on the degree of importance. after watchful scrutiny.6. Organize a parenting seminar and let the students engage in productive household chores.[ACTION RESEARCH ] study focuses on the students and it does not require rigidity of the collection of data. Likelihood for success is given the weight of (2) since the researcher aims the study to be materialized. The problem may end up also by the proper guidance and follow – up of parents.

the study will seek to answer the following questions: 1. What is the student's’ level of understanding on calculation and mensuration before exposing them to experiential learning strategy and traditional method of instruction? 2. 6 . the hypothesis that” there is a significant difference in students’ level of understanding before and after their exposure to experiential learning strategy and traditional method of instruction” will be tested for rejection or non-rejection. Specifically. How do experiential learning strategy and traditional method of instruction affect the students' level of understanding in calculation and mensuration? Hypothesis In the study. Are there significant differences in the students’ level of understanding before and after their exposure to experiential learning strategy and traditional method of instruction? 4.[ACTION RESEARCH ] This study aims to determine the effect of the experiential learning to the students’ level of understanding on calculation and mensuration. What changes in the student's’ level of understanding occur after exposing them to experiential learning strategy and traditional method of instruction? 3.

E Teachers.The result of this study will boost their interest and improve their skill in performing calculation and mensuration. T. Students.L.L. 7 .E. Definition of Terms The following terms will be defined to facilitate clear understanding of their usage in the study. Future Researchers. This study will be an advantage/ beneficial to future researchers as their basis in conducting their research study especially to the use of experiential learning in T. The study will help the parents to realize the vital role in providing the basic needs of their children especially in improving their skills in basic calculation and mensuration in their T.L.[ACTION RESEARCH ] Significance of the Study The result of this study will benefit significantly to the following: Administrators. This study may help the teachers to be proficient in practicing experiential learning strategies for the improvement of their instructions in T. After the study has been conducted the administrators can motivate and advice their teachers to improve their teaching performance to be able to advance their students skills in basic calculation and mensuration.E Parents .E subject.L.

Post-Test. It is a type of test to evaluate the preparedness of students for future studies.It is a research design that tries to prove or disprove the effect of an intervention or program intended on the participants. (hands on) known as learning by doing.[ACTION RESEARCH ] Calculation. Mensuration.This refers to deliberate process that transforms one or more input into one or more results variable change. It is the study that deals with the measurement of length. areas and volume. Experiential Learning. It refers to the required subjects in the exploratory learning processes in Technology and Livelihood Education which can be applied in students’ performances. METHODS AND PROCEDURE Research Design A true experimental research design will be used in the study . It refers to a test given after a lesson or a period of instruction to determine what the students have learned. Pre-Test. 8 .

it is necessary to employ both a control group and a mean to measure the change that occurs in both groups. the students underwent "Diagnostic Test” in calculation and mensuration.[ACTION RESEARCH ] Pre . Before the execution. 9 . A researcher collects data on the level of student's understanding before the intervention took place (pre -test) on the study participants and the researcher collects some data where study participants after intervention took place (post . The researcher used the purposive sampling in choosing the participants. where the study will be conducted. The 93 students were evaluated as poor in computing and estimating measurements. Participants The participants of the study consist of 93 grade 7 students who can't calculate exact measurements in Sta. High Integrated School during this school year 2015 -2016. test design and experimental group and control group are the two components of this experimental research. Data Collection Procedures To be able to gather data. Cruz High Integrated School Lubao.test). permission to conduct the study will be addressed to the principal of Sta. To determine if the treatment truly caused the change or effect.

Pre . To determine the significant difference in the students’ level of understanding before and after exposure to the experiential learning strategy and traditional method of instruction. to Nov. It covers conversion of measurements. The test consisted of 50 items. the multiple choice type of exam. Statistical Treatment Data The data gathered will be processed and tabulated through the Statistical Packages for Social Sciences (SPSS) . Sep. Research Instruments The following instruments will be used by the researcher in gathering the needed data for the study.tests. frequency and percentage.Students’ level of understanding will be described using the descriptive statistics.and Post . multiple choice type of exam to measure student's level of understanding.test . 10 . the mean.Test and Post -Test The researcher will make use of pre .test / post . and actual demonstration/ board activities. Pre . 2015 covering 20 sessions four times a week.[ACTION RESEARCH ] The actual implementation of the study will be observed for one quarter.

Cruz High Integrated School Lubao 11 .[ACTION RESEARCH ] Department of Education Region III Division of Pampanga Sta.