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zoning problem- commercial or residential areaas per Govt.

freehold or leasehold
check owner name on deed
built up area brouchure = deed
encumbrace certi from owner by sub-registrar. Saying this preopry not being used as mortgage to a loan
completion certi and map with deed
sales aggrement registered with Act 1908
amemdment brouchure vs actual deed
deed -no clause saying price increase after buying
maintainance monthly, yearly or inc/dec
all money transaction wired is better, as a proof
all property tax payed till date

docs- layout plan, location paln with exact area, builtup area plan and amendment and parking plan
occupation certificate
completion certificate
society certificate
share certificate
no objection certi from society
mode of payment

registration cost
10% stamp 5-7%, court 1-2%, notary & lawyer 0.5-1%
Parking space cost
delay in construction no tax rebano tax rebate, rent loss, loan time increase
Maintaince deposit
Who to pay?
questions to ask
how much cash payment?
power of attorney or direct sale?
all utility and bank mortgage paid?
noise, water supply,seepage etc?

conduct survey of area
current market rate

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Basic Mandatory Details Guideline Value for Land (per Sqft) Market Value of Land (per Sqft) UDS (Sqft) Carpet Area for the Aparment/Flat (Sqft) Built up/ Plinth Area for the Aparment/Flat (Sqft) Common Area for the Aparment/Flat (Sqft) Total Saleable area for the Aparment/Flat (Sqft) Price per Sqft for the Aparment/Flat Total Land Area (Sqft) Total Constructed Area (Sqft) FSI No of Floors No of Apartments/Flats per Floor No of Blocks/Toers Ready to Move/Date of Handover Pre-EMI charges payment by developer. TNEB Charges Govt. ater/Searage Charges Other Govt. till handover Rent paid by developer. till handover Booking Amount Payment Schedule Club Membership fee Car Parking Charges Govt. Deposits/ Charges Land Registration Charges (Stamp Duty) Documentation Charges/Fees Service Tax Charges ( Rate & Amount) Price per Floor Rise Preferrential Location Charges Deposit/ Corpus Fund to the Association Maintenance Fees (per Month) Other Charges/Fees other than above Banks available for the Home Loan Location Details Distance from Airport Distance from Central/ Egmore? Distane from Tambaram Station? Distance from CMBT? Distance from Office? Distance from Main Road? Distance to nearest Bus Stop? .

Distance Distance Distance Distance Distance to to to to to nearest Railay Station? major School? major Hospital? major Mall/ Shopping Center? nearest Theatre? Facilities Parking .C/ bathroom Cross-ventilation Natural Lighting Storage Spaces / Lofts Quality of Finishes Paint Flooring . if any? Design of Apartment / Structure Details Overall layout of the flat/ apartment Apartment construction(architecture) style (French) Loading of Built up . if any? Infrastructure Lift Generator Security Intercom Close circuit video system ater supply frequency / Storage "Landscaping (look & feel of the place ithin the boundaries of the complex)" Garbage disposal Others. super built-up to carpet area Size of living/dining room Size of bedrooms Size of kitchen Size of toilets/ . no. of connections to flat i Fi (Internet) Piped Gas Connection available Others.Covered / uncovered Club/Community hall Simming Pool Dish Antenna.

sanitary & plumbing Door / indo fittings .Electrical fittings Bathroom. http://www.http://www.

complex)" .


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