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FAQs Laterals

1. I have forgotten my credentials and hence I am unable to logon to

the careers portal.
Your registered email ID is the username and to retrieve your password, click
on the ' Forgot Password? ' link provided at the logon screen

You will be directed to the Password Reset screen as shown below

Enter your email id with which you were registered in Infosys careers portal
and click on 'Request Password'. Password will be reset and you will receive
an email from at your registered email id in
sometime. The mail will contain the new login credentials. Please check your
spam mailbox as well since there is a possibility of the mail going to spam.
2. Can I login using LinkedIn Account?
Yes, login is possible with the LinkedIn Account. Click on Log in with LinkedIn
tab provided at the logon screen and click on allow access after filling in the
LinkedIn credentials.

The account will then be authenticated by LinkedIn and the screen will pop up
asking to either link an existing Career Site ID to the LinkedIn Account, or for
creating a new ID that will be linked to the Linked in account.

The Registration will get completed on accepting the Data Privacy Statement.

Once you are registered at Career site with your LinkedIn Account, then
fetch data from LinkedIn button will appear on MY Profile.

Click on Fetch data from Linkedln & details from your linkedln account would
be fetched.Verify your detail & & Accept to Proceed & Update. Your profile

would be updated with the details fetched from Linkedln.

3. How do I search for relevant jobs?

Please click on the Job Opportunities.

You will be directed to Job Opportunities page where the user will get three
Current Opportunities: will display the current openings, search can be
done by using the filters and shortlisting jobs based on preferred criterion.

Browse by Domain: Will display the job domains e.g. Cloud and Mobility
Jobs on click of any of the job domains the corresponding jobs under that
domain will appear.

Browse by Location: Search for job can be done on the basis of location
here. On choosing this section the maps of the corresponding country (for
e.g. India in this case) appears and on scrolling on the highlighted regions
the number of job opportunities in that region appears and on clicking it
the jobs appear. Here an additional filter on the basis of job title has also
been provided.

Please choose a suitable job opening from amongst the search results and
apply to it.
4. I have filled in all the details and submitted the application but still
the status is shown as Draft.
Draft means that your application is still with you and not yet submitted to

To re-check click on the View All button under My Applications widget

on home page. If the application status is In Process, this implies that
the application has been submitted successfully.

If the status is still reflecting as Draft, please follow the steps mentioned
below to submit the application successfully.
a. Click on the View All button under My Applications widget on home

b. Hover the mouse over the draft application, Submit and Delete
buttons will be visible.

c. Click on Submit to convert Draft application to In Process

d. If the profile is 100% percent complete then application will get
submitted and status will change to In Process. Even if the profile is
complete and if a questionnaire is tagged with the application for
which the candidate has applied then a pop up will appear on the
screen with the questionnaire which needs to be filled by the

If Profile is incomplete then below message will come to complete the

profile. Click on Click here to complete the profile.

e. Once you complete the Profile and click on Submit, if any of the fields
are missing, the system will prompt you to enter them.


However, if all the sections have been filled, the following message
will be displayed on the screen. Click on Proceed to submit the

g. The below confirmation message will appear on top of screen

5. Can I edit my application after submitting it?

It is not possible to make any changes after the application has been
submitted; changes are possible only in the Prescreening stage. No
changes are allowed once application reaches To be screened stage. Hence,
please ensure that you enter all the details correctly before submitting the
6. Can I apply for more than one job?
Yes, you may apply for more than one job. Please search for relevant job
openings and apply against the same.
7. I have applied for a job. What next?
Once you have applied to a job opening, your application will be stored in our
database and we will review it against our requirements. You can visit the My
Applications widget on home page to check the status of your application. If
your profile meets the desired criterion, the team will contact you and you
will be requested to fill and submit a more detailed application form.
8. Can I use any browser to fill the application form?
We recommend that you use the following version (or higher) of chrome 31,
Firefox 26, Safari 6 and Internet Explorer 9 browsers to fill the application

9. Can I get an alert on my registered email ID if a there is any Job

Opening matching with my skills?
A weekly or monthly Job Alert can be created if you want to get the mails
delivered to your registered email ID, for all the Job Openings matching the
keywords you have chosen while creating Job Alert.