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I.Pros and 3ons of etreme4adventure sports.

Or @angerous activities li+e
etremes+iing! bungee umping etc. and whether u support them or
not. The popularity of etreme sports has continued to grow over the last
decade. Theseactivities are underta+en at high speed! high altitude! and
high degree of physicaleertion. "t is agreed that no amount of words are
adeAuate to convey the thrill of s+iing!deep sea diving! bungee umping!
water rafting or any other adventure sport. Thisargument can be proven by
loo+ing at how these +inds of sports teach self-reliance!teamwor+ and let
everyone leave their comfort *one.)irstly! the ris+-ta+ing sports help
in development of self-con$dence and independence.)or instance! by
successfully facing up the challenge of adventurous sports li+e roc+climbing! young people overcome their fears and apprehensions along the
way anddevelop a feeling of unusual accomplishment. This ma+es it clear
that climbing mountain!instead of an indoor game! helps in developing the
balance! using more muscle groups!and ta+ing on a ourney in an
uncontrolled environment that stimulates brain withcountless variables.
Thus! achieving your goals in an unpredictable weather! recogni*ingthe
thrill of beating storm and ma+ing it bac+ home safely result
in enhancement ofoverall personality of an adventurous person.Moreover!
many people are reluctant to try new things li+e mountain bi+ing!
scubadiving! white river rafting! Para-gliding etc.! thin+ing that they do not
possess the s+ills orhave an ability to enoy it. Encouraging people to try
new activities results in building upteam spirit! promoting positive attitude
and ma+ing them come out of their comfort *one. Thus! we can say that by
trying out dangerous sports! one can get rid-o: the negativefeeling and
develop a feeling of wor+ing as a team.Hoo+ing at the above! we can say
that adventure sports have many impressive bene$tsincluding problem
solving! improved communication s+ills! self-con$dence and teamwor+.
owever! it is recommended that these sports should be tried under
properguidance and supervision of a
guard./gainst 0hile every sport has a danger! etreme sports athletes are at
a high ris+ ofserious inuries. )or eample! bac+-country snowboarders are
+nown for riding on anunpredictable terrain where avalanches are
common. 6ince these o:-piste riders do notride on a groomed slope!
ha*ards such as large boulders and fallen trees can be easilyhidden under
large deposits of newly fallen snow. /s can be seen from this eample!even
a smallest misstep can plummet big wave surfers more than ?J feet below
thebrea+ing ocean waves. Thus! we can say that adventurous people are

There are reasons for people to believe that large shopping malls are important to . On the other hand! people are also in favour of formaleamination. /s a result! agreat number of shopping malls has established in past two decades in almost all citiesof the world. That restricts students to ta+e anyeternal help. This shows how much grasping power does an individual have.prepared togamble their safety in search of adrenaline rush.)irstly! the wor+ boo+ assignments submitted by the students are not always done bythem. 9our opinion8 5ood or bad5OO@ This is a true fact to consider that present world has become a global village. / study by education department of "ndia proved that many parents help theirchildren in completion of assignments. 6econdly! the eamination that is ta+en in education institutes ma+e students learn theconcept and also memori*e the same that they have studied in their class. Thus! we can say that it is not a reliable method to udgestudent capabilities."n education system! assessment through formal written e amination still valid80ithout a doubt formal written eamination is used widely as assessment criteria in mostof the educational institutes for decades.Harge shopping malls are replacing small shops. Therefore!this can be considered as a more reliable method of testing one&s ability. Many believe that this can be done by continual assessment of theirassignments and pro ect wor+. The Auestion whether this boom of mall's trend is positive or negative is acomple issue! upon which opinion varies greatly. To conclude! loo+ing at the discussion it is clear that advantages of formal testingoutweighs the advantages of testing by assignments and pro ects. The moot Auestion as to whether the formalwritten assessment is still8Evaluation method of a student&s performance has always been an area of contentionaround the world.L. This can be proved byanalysing the fact that the homewor+ and proects done at home can be copied and alsomemory of a student can be tested only through a formal assessment. Therefore!people are motivated to buy their necessities from competitive mar+et. " believe the latter is more appropriate option. " believe the methodshould be implied across the globe and it can be predicted that many countries will adoptthis way of assessment because of its e:ectiveness. Moreover!these are conducted in the presence of invigilator. ot only this! the proects are also copied in orderto submit the same on time.K.

/@"n the fast-paced of life! urban citi*ens li+e to buy daily items in big supermar+et chainsrather than shopping in small stores and local mar+ets. To illustrate! they can set up . )irst and foremost time saving from shopping from such multi-comple buildings could be signi$cant factor. " personally believe that the drawbac+s of this tendency far outweigh itsbene$ts. 9et there remains somedisagreement as to whether the overall e:ect of shopping at the chains has been positiveor negative. This argument will be analysed how buying products in the supermar+ets canlead to lose local identity and the price will be controlled by chains)irst of all! it is an undeniable fact that the huge supermar+et chains are seriouslyeroding the features of the local district./dmittedly! although " certainly agree that this +ind of mar+et is convenient! it hasseverely violated the regional identity. They have their reasons as well. There are some groups who are in favour of single shops and opine that this trend shouldbe continued. The prices in large shopping malls are often unreasonable and people end uppurchasing more than they actually need."n last! undoubtedly! whether shopping in a large shopping comple or single small shopscould be matter of discussion however! as far as " am concerned! big shopping mallshave immense bene$ts to the modern society that outweigh the options andconveniences o:ered by the small shops.beestablished as multi stories shopping malls come with a large number of stores and otherfacilities under one roof. There including ecursivecrowding in the shopping comple! especially on wee+ends and holidays. "t is argued that chief amongcauses this! are convenience and hygienic environments. /s a resultshoppers have to spend a long time in the par+ing bays rather than the shopping in smallshops. The large shopping malls are not oftenconvenient for lower and middle class population. "n spite of views discussed aboveregarding why large shopping malls are ideal to the modern society.6econdly and even more importantly! the supermar+ets will monopoli*e the mar+et andcontrol the price due to less and wea+ competitors. "t may be de$ned as maority of themprefer to go to the shopping malls rather than the single stores because varieties ofoptions are available in one comple. Therefore! all the shops will become homogenous and lose the local characteristics. are all available under a single roof and peopleget better environment from such establishment. )or eample! clothes! groceries! ban+s! pharmacies!cinemas! food courts! and restaurants etc. Par+ing problemscould be substantial reason behind the opponent's viewpoint. )or instance! in ong Dong! a lot of small uniAueretail stores were closed down due to big multiple shops that can a:ord to pay high rent..


scribd. This is not necessarily apositive development because it can lead to health problems as well as the disruption offamilies and personal relationships. Thus itcreates an unbalanced mar+et and also deprives consumers& right to search for morea:ordable alternatives.https://www.)or one thing! there is absolutely nothing to prove that long wor+ing hours eorbitant price of their products because customers only can buy it from them.1J. "n fact! when people wor+ longer than they should! what happens is thattheir productivity decreases. /lso! " believe that it seems highly advisable for residents to consume inlocal mar+ets. "n many maor cities people often have to travelseveral hours to reach their wor+ place. "n thiscompetitive ob scenario people are forced to wor+ harder and harder.)ollowing this loo+ at how losing the local identity and dominate prices by thesupermar+et! it is proven that shopping in the large mar+ets is an unfavourabledevelopment./H/3EHong wor+ing hours are the norm these days and that is hardly surprising. "n addition! studies haveproved that people who spend long hours in the o%ce are also more li+ely to developmaor health problems li+e heart disease and dementia. They fail to concentrate and ta+e longer to $nish obs.owadays! people spend too much time at wor+ to the e tent that they hardlyhave time for their personal life. 0hen at last! they reach home braving the tra%cand a hard-wor+ing day! they have little energy left in them. 0O>D H")E . 0hen peoplespend more hours wor+ing! they get less time for themselves. @iscuss. "t is obvious from this that this development has indeed beenbad. Traveling far for wor+ doesn&t help either.0e have already seen that long wor+ing hours .

/nother problem with this set up is the e:ect it has on a person&sfamily and social life. "n fact! they ma+e them less productive. "t can create agreater problem when you are dependent on parents to support you. Married college students are often left with notenough time to do housewor+! study or have couple time."t is usually foolish to get married before completing your studies and gettingestablished in a good ob8 @o you agree or disagree(. They don&t improve anindividual&s productivity. 11. 0hat&s more! whenpeople spend more time in the o%ce! their family life su:ers. Hittle time is left for each otherso there&s less time to wor+ on personal growth and the marriage. "netreme cases! failure to stri+e a balance between wor+ and life can lead to the brea+upof families.5etting married before $nishing studies and getting employed can be arduous at times.0hen children are deprived of the attention they deserve! it will a:ect their emotionalwell-being./nother reason to wait is the time constraint on enrolled newlyweds. This can be Auite a problem in families where both parents wor+./s eplained above! long wor+ing hours are in nobody&s interest. There are numerous disadvantages to getting married while still a student. Epecting your parents tocontinue paying your tuition as though you were still a child once you have chosen tota+e on the very adult responsibility of marriage can also create tension.doesn&t necessarily translate intoimproved productivity. . "t can also have a negative impact on their academic performance. "t is hoped that companiesarrange their wor+ing hours in such a way that employees also get some time forthemselves. 0hen people spend long hours in the o%ce! they get little time tospend with their dear ones. "n other words proper wor+-life balance is absolutely essential to lead a contented life. There is theprobability of more tension on the part of both sets of parents.alancing time athome! adusting to a new life and spending time on academics is a daunting tas+!regardless of how organi*ed you are./lthough some people may believe in getting married prior to settle their career! " wouldstill advocate that getting married later is much better as one can focus on his career. Parents! who wor+ long hours! often fail to ta+e proper care of their young children. The college marriage .