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Step Wise guide for successful deals

JULY 14, 2016

Buyers Guide 101

I write this guide for the help for all who are looking to buy in Jinnah Garden, Islamabad or anywhere. I
am like many of you who looked for information here and there but found no single place for most of the
information. I secured property deal after 3-4 years of research. This motivated me to write this guide to
help those who have not much clue on how to secure a good deal. If this guide helps you always remember
me in your prayers and like this Facebook group:
For more info you can contact me on: 0331-5026842

Here are the steps to buy in Jinnah Garden, Islamabad or buying any property in general.


Water (Supply/Underground (boaring) at how much ft) e. Street (Ghera or Carpeted) j. Gas d. Sewerage f. 2|Page . Location b. Corner/Non corner k. When you love a plot which you have visited and has most of things listed in Sr. How close is village to your plot? n. It will not happen in a day or two you will have to be patient for some time. Sometimes you will love a plot that is in your range too but the deal cannot go through for any reason. Disputed plots with Tuba Cooperation or anyone else? Some villagers have also not sold land to society. Firstly select an area where you want to buy. You can increase things in Sr. m. 7. 4. If you are just looking for investment you should focus on places where these facilities will soon come. Possession Status i. so there are areas in patches which are not with society. The things that are listed above a focused for building a house and buying a possession plot. Based on developer past projects b. So the important thing is be patient and keep getting the information. Here are the things you should be giving a close look to (keep this as a list with you) when you shortlist few streets which you like: a. National Assembly plots l. After seeing these things in multiple plots. Electricity (Available. 2 you should do istikhara and negotiate with the seller. 2 list. It is better if you can find some direct owner will save you 1% commission. Based on previous delivered projects of society c. Wind speed in that area and direction of wind. 5. Based on rates trend going there for the past few months/years 2. a. 6. You will not find direct owners easily. you should select a plot. that increases the rate of your plot. no. 3. Sun face (Sun rises in East and Sets in West direction a bit different in summer and winter) g.Plot Area Selection 1. Soil Depression h. Thoroughly survey all the streets for the purpose of information with dealers or alone meeting locals and having casual chat. Sometimes wind comes from polluted areas to your area which may cause health issues. You will find a good deal. Underground or not) c.

Bayana is done on a stamp paper like image below. 3|Page . Once you are satisfied with the papers go for the deal by paying bayana to the owner and set a transfer date. 2. DO NOT PAY ANYTHING before you verify with the society that the documents are not fake. Get the market rate of the plot and negotiate with the seller for rate as much close to that.Bayana & Transfer Process 1. DO NOT GET INTO ANY PRESSURE OF DEALER/OWNER of plot. 7. 4. Best way to get rate is ask 3-4 dealers/owners at least. Buy the plot even if you think it is a good plot but the price is a bit high but not at too much unrealistic high. insist that you will not pay anything to the dealer but only his commission once the plot is transferred. Ask the seller to give you a photocopy of plot papers and show you the original. 8. They normally say things like ‘Many people are behind this plot’ etc. Ask him to bring the owner in front and pay all token/bayana to him. 3. to pressurize you. 6. And he is the owner of the plot as he say he is. 5. Dealers normally say to pay the token money.

This bayana letter is made by an office inside Jinnah garden by this name. He charges 300 Rs for this.9. Popular office near allied bank ask anyone everyone knows him. 4|Page .

Society charges 23. A transfer set is made by the stamp vendor charges 800-1000 Rs which is needed for transfer.10. It is must for transfer to go through. Original owner with original CNIC must be present for sale and seller and his original CNIC must be there. 14. Islamabad Address: 82 West Muzzafar chamber. You pay this fees in allied bank close to society on this form below: 13.000 Rs. Owner has to apply for No demand certificate (NDC) 1 week/10 days before the transfer. For next time buying you are not charged membership fees so you buy at 20. This whole process requires an hour only. NDC sample given by society is given below. Office timings are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. 15.000 Rs for residential plot of 7 Marla under different heads given below: 12. On the day of transfer go to society office. F-7 Islamabad Phone: 051-9245155 11. it is close to society office. 5|Page . It is near tehzeeb bakers blue area. G-7. Blue area.

After all this process you get an allotment letter like this: 6|Page .16.

Well done. 7|Page . Congratulations now you are a plot holder.17.

Possession charges are 10. Next Step is to apply for possession if you want to construct anything on your plot from house to simple boundary too. Fees Form: 5.Possession Process 1. Possession agreement 8|Page . Possession documents are shown as a sample below: 4.000 Rs. 3. 2. Plus 800 Rs stamp paper vendor takes.

9|Page .

10 | P a g e .

11 | P a g e .

After all this process you get a possession letter like this: 12 | P a g e .

13 | P a g e .

Completion: 8 Rs/Square Foot d. Transfer charges = 23000 Rs d. Transfer set charges = 1000 Rs e. Total costs: a. Possession: Rs 50/Square Yard b. Possession set documentation charges = 1000 Rs g. Water Connection: 3 Rs/Square Foot + 7000 Rs 2. Possesssion Charges = 10000 Rs f.300 + x (cost of plot) 14 | P a g e . Society charges list: a. Map: 8 Rs/Square Foot c. Cost of plot = x b.Other Info: 1. Byana Agreement = 300 Rs c. Total = 35.

15 | P a g e .

16 | P a g e .

17 | P a g e .

18 | P a g e .

19 | P a g e .

20 | P a g e .

21 | P a g e .

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