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A fantasy game for the bad guys? Yea, verily. Monsters! Monsters! is the new fantasy
role-playing game from Metagaming Concepts. No more good-guy heroes. In Monsters!
Monsters!, you become a monster character - come up from the dungeons - stalk into
town - and wreak havoc. The eviller you are, the more experience points you'll earn ...
Monsters! Monsters! was
designed by Ken SI. Andre,
lavishly illustrated by Liz
Danforth, and edited by
Steve Jackson of the Metagaming staff.


As with Our previous
game, Stellar Conquest,
every effort was made to
provide a clear, complete
rule system. Major omissions and contradictions
that plague other game
systems 3re avoided by a
carefully organized format.

This is an excellent game for
novice Game Masters and
new fantasy bu rrs -


should be a relief for experienced garners exhausted
by confusing rule systems.

Monsters! Monsters! is a
52-page, 8 Y, by II rule
book with Danforth's fullcolor cover. Also included
3re four maps for the Game
Master to use in setting up
an initial adventure.

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Rolls, UnusuQf Combfll, UIIQrmtt!
Combfll, Qnd WtflpomJ


So put a new twist in your
gaming try Monsters!
Monsters! Approved as an
outlet for antisocial tendencies by the American
Psychologists and Crazies


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Austin, Texas 18161

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With pricing a sensitive factor don't look for super components. etc. IN '!HIS ISSUE 3 Where We're Going fIT 16 Books COO 17 Feedback & Game Ratings 21 News & Plugs 23 Art Showcase: Chung 26 Letters SPIDJIATIONS 4 Triplanetary: Suggestions for Steve Jackson Revision 7 The Soviet Manned Space Program: Robert Taylor The Next Three Years 8 Sim::msen 's Trinity and Grand Duels Scott Rusch FEATURES 10 GODSFIRE Sheet 11 Laser Weapons Conpared to Projectile Steven List Weapons 13 THE TIHIU: Innovations Applauded William Brogden 14 Present at the Birth of Monsters: Ken St. Box 15346 Austin. let your local store know YQQ like SF&F gaming and tell a friend we'll send him a copy of TSG for the asking. We are less likely to miss it that way. etc. they will have to attain a 50% to 100% larger distribution than our"first games. Price did seem to be a factor based on comments but the Universe idea rated a bit higher than a computerized Metastar system 80. 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Specialty short games for pros that are also good starts for novices is the Goal. Not that there wasn't a lot of enthusiastic interest. it will still cost several times what it takes to get a STELLAR CONQUEST or GODSFIRE to market. Ben Ostrander THE.S. A more detailed feedback form based on your comments will tell us better how to -:\0 it.50 to $3.25-$1. All segments of our readership were favorable toward the idea except for the compleXity/sophistication buffs where reaction was still fair..ord cash or l¢ per word purchase credit. is published bi-rronthly by Metagaming Concepts. Actual letters of comment. It's just that MicroGames and the fantasy role game did better. Counters won't be fully die-cut but there will be a color cover booklet and map. Order problems/information: The holiday season is coming so expect a bit longer than usual delivery time. All is read at least twice during the normal mail processing cycle. well designed game. Base art rate is $4 per page cash. 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Contrirutions are solicited at the base rate of ~¢ per . With a little luck and your support TSG #9 (Jan/Feb) may see the announcement of the first of a series of MicroGames. Sure. Andre evolution of a game 25 GODSFIRE: Design Notes REVIEWS 18 stooting is not the Whole Story: 1bny Watson STI>. twelve issues $9. problems.50 in quarters into one of the new video games like TANK. Tiffin PUBLISHER: Howard T'hcmpson EDITDR: C. We do have the expertise to do a really superior job on computer games.RSHIP Review 19 SORCERER: a review Linda Brzus owicz 20 S'i'ARSHIP 'IRooPERS: a review Sumner Clarr n FRONI' COVER: Kenneth Rahnan ARTISTS: Chung. before you sneer at $1. The advent of 16K bit MOS RAMs. But.

has a 50% chance of being attacked by each mine. Example: A Frigate fires on a Tanker rendezvoused with a Corsair. subtract one from the die roll for every asteroid hex in the line of fire. Boring. for those for whom astroga- tion and combat-odds calculation have become intuitive. of course. this is still slower. ships are prohibited to leave the board. We can replace the present types of ordnance with two others: "smart mines" and "dumb mines." Asteroids: Combat It is only logical--and adds interest to the game--to assume that asteroids interfere with gunfire. that this eliminates up to half the potential combat in a given GameTurn. They may. on an infinitely extended hexsheet. leave while disabled. it would be difficult to hit one without hitting the other. first. Dumb mines are excellent for offense. why not make the rule: "Ships may not voluntarily leave the board for any reason. adjusted for vector and velocity. Smart mines will not attack asteroids if they are dropped. however. in front of it. If such a ship is heading toward you at any rate of speed. A torpedo-Iauching ship pushes a circle of near-certain death. Thus. Dumb mines cost 1/4 point. you can set up a reception committee at the point where he must return. Thus. The Board The only problem with the Triplanetary board is that it is too small. they will attack asteroids if they are moving. torpedoes are much too deadly. bases. Otherwise. The next hex clockwise is "b". their attacks are combined into one roll. regardless of its effect on the target. however. it continues unaffected.) An overload maneuver may be indicated. provided that. the classically elegant simulation of inertial motion and gravity make it both a challenge to the gamer and a great escape from reality. respectively. it prefers. To add insult to injury. and some rule has to be made about the boundaries. they should be stronger. are said to be "rendezvoused. for combat in the asteroids. The mine attacks with a combat strength of . A ship may drop one mine per turn. though.. Still.) If a mine does not attack the preferred tar- get. (Freighters. for the asteroids. maybe--would certainly notice the new ship as well. it hurts. and then (if it misses again) for the corsair. it's slaughter.4. To a certain extent. When a battle is lost in supposedly endless space because a ship goes one hex too far. the present rules impose no cost penalty for the use of mines and torpedoes. Suggested revision: "Ships and bases have a normal detector range of 3 and 5 hexes. This means that the Corsair is D2 (since Frigate . (Rationale: Whatever is being used to keep track of detected ships-long-range cam-operated tracking scopes. When a mine has several targets to choose from. A ship may be ordered to accelerate to the 'hex "northeast" of its projected endpoint--this is "a".. other mines. giving the underdog a better chance to escape. The adaptation of "pulp" space opera concepts to viable game situations. and.e. However. Any unit that enters a mined hex. Simultaneous Movement At its best. If the mine misses all its targets." (Well. Since any mumber of smart mines may be placed in the same hex. It seems more realistic to require that such ordnance be paid for at the time it is loaded onto a ship. of their owner. the clean design of the board and counters. on the other hand. opponent's counterattack. So. whether we like it or not. to determine the accuracy of the shot. This article will present a number of suggestions for rule changes which retain the game's flavor while improving play.) The dice are rolled once. for instance. Note.4 5 SpEculATioNS TRIPLANETARY: SOME SUGGESTIONS FOR REVISION by Steve Jackson TRIPLANETARY has to be considered a first-class wargame. All instructions are written. This is in addition to all subtractions for range and vector difference. or 3 the mine attacks. in the asteroid hex. If two ships move into the same hex. are too weak. than sequential movement. I think. Certainly it is more realistic. because they are equipped with a device which identifies (possibly by a coded beacon) friendly units. I think the game may be tightened up. As for mines: why have them self-destruct after five turns? Mines are much more useful as permanent obstructions than as temporary nuisances. In order to represent most-ot the Solar System on one moderatesized hexsheet. First: In scenarios where some ships are "undetected" until they approach an enemy ship. there are several problems with TRIPLANETARY. Mines and Torpedoes Under the present rules. Disabled ships which leave the board must return by the shortest possible route. as "aa. then (if it misses) for the dreadnaught.. including overload maneuver- ing. They do not attack the ships. (After all. bases and ships in order of size. in clear space. etc. But the hexsheet is limited. A number of factors are not handled in the most elegant way possible. if a mine enters an asteroid hex containing a dreadnaught and a corsa ir. the ship CANNOT detect into the second one. and so on. ) Smart mines cost 1/2 point. any undetected ship which rendezvoused with a detected ship is itself detected. Where two equally matched ships might have fired at each other twice in one turn (one player's fire. for instance. most of all. Thus. but could not detect into a third asteroid hex. is a 3. This is not only completely artificial (an "edge of space"?) but frustrating as well. too. (An extra hexsheet is helpful in figuring this). Rendezvous Ships which match course and position for transfer of fuel. They will attack anything. However. ) Asteroids:' Detection The system given in the rules is neither completely unambiguous or completely realistic. Asteroid hexes. The counterattack rule may then be dispensed with. Obviously. it rolls. tankers and liners are all slightly smaller than Frigates.. opponent's fire. Two asteroid hexes exceed the limit. However. since both attack. though. A ship which drops a dumb mine must change course on the following movement phase or be attacked by the mine.) Second: Two or more rendez. ~ote. too. first player's counterattack). A min~which makes an attack is destroyed. it was necessary to take great liberties with scale and put all the planets on one side of the Sun.The odds are then calculated separately for each ship. Furthermore. it did not sense and home in on that target. three hexes in diameter. these criticisms are only matters of taste. it may improve the game. or for "sweeping" enemy smart mines. etc. Roll the dice: on a I. each now shoots only once.. Mines. and so on. (Note that hostile mines in the same hex have a 75% chance of destroying each other. mines. Combat instructions specify what shipes) are to fire at what target(s). either may attempt to ram after combat results are applied." This is both more realistic (although still artificial) and much less fr~strating. it will never command the following of. in order: asteroids. you're dead. Smart mines are good for defending planets or bases. Violators are considered eliminated. one clear hex and one asteroid hex are the limit of a ship's detection. Situations which did not permit counterattack (i. or any unit in a hex that mines enter. And. Therefore. or involve unnecessary artificialities. it is an excellent example of its genre. it rolls to see whether the next is attacked. The roll. they would be able to return under their own power. This isn't battle." This has advantagesbut in reality it would also have drawbacks which should be reflected in the rules.voused ships may be attacked in one roll. DIPLOMACY. with no reductions. A base could detect up to two asteroid hexes and one clear hex. weaponry. If and when a mine actually attacks. Both types of mlne attack in the same way. attacks on very small or unarmed ships) are of course unaffected. they're easy to remember . Because of its SF slant. Ships which leave under other circumstances are eliminated. that although you may not pursue a disabled enemy off the board. count double." Ships not ordered to accelerate move to their projected endpoints. The mine retains the dropping ship's velocity. 2. (See Figure 1. stationary. no special CRT is need~d. the average engagement lasts longer. and should not be attempted by novices. odds cannot be computed until we see where the enemy ships went.

When this rule is in effect. suffice for refueling. Strict reading of the rules. only occurs when a ship refuels at a base. a player must state which. ordered for each ship. First. Maybe figuring it out is the heroic part? You could transfer fuel. "almost trying to focus on an enigma. Unfortunately. therefore. This is representative of a lack of technical thinking and a fly as flight engineers on Soyuz weak system control. A problem maybe earth resources flight testing new solved. the United States learned a one example of the uncertain reliagreat deal about Soviet capabilities bility of Soviet hardware. He's not dividing his fire--he's attacking one big target. but that won't get it un-disabled any faster. Thus. The solid arrow. Heroism "Disabled ships often run the risk of leaving the game map. one faces the task of quoting a U. and expending two fuel points per course change (if the towed ship is the same size or smalleY) or three (if it is bigger. 1. would let two ships in cooperation undergo indefinite overloads. astronaut. As long as pilot. when it may be necessary to forego a shot at the pirate in order to avoid doing much more damage to an innocent bystander. You could forget about the "heroism" rule entirely. military." or overload maneuver. or of colliding with planets and asteroids. the ship will move to Z if it expends no fuel. This effectively doubles the firepower of a ship attacking rendezvoused ships. In the field of rocketry. (2) A ship might take another ship in tow by matching course." Thus saith the rulebook. HOW a ship can rescue or aid a disabled comrade. Most problems are dealt Such was the case on Soyuz-22. Soyuzes. This rule raises interesting tactical problems. It might be best to limit this even further: the ship must land on (or stop at) the base. separately. while the Tanker is 04 (since Frigate vs Tanker is 8 vs. have failed Beginning in 1978. one letter can be used to describe the course change. If you're really the heroic type. the Soviets ponents of their own. The the Salyut space station. the and limitations. and present a broad picture In fact. also give the Soviet space program there have been few improvements in something it sorely needs. the hardware problems: The Soyuz spacecraft. Try these suggestions out: you may like them. if any. nor do they volunteer much and weak. Russians have made few advances spy satellites. That is. Three different manned satellites. They do not announce their very limited. but 4 to 1 is the maximum. and limited goals.S. lS not the engineering equal of the U. They are certain to attempt how will the Soviets achieve their objective of a permanent manned this before the U. but not maintenance. and returns to a planet. of his ships are rendezvoused when more than one are in a given hex. (2) refueling ships "undergo minor maintenance concurrently. the ship may alter its course along any one of the dotted lines. thinking and input.S. the Soviets often buy of what to expect from the Soviets Japanese or West German equipment. all counterattacking ships attack together. nowhere in the rules is it explained. Figure 1. the Soviets see little the Russians. There are three possibilities: (1) A ship.7 6 vs. missions. to the attacking strength. and the spacecraft's missions or their objectives in adoverall structural design is faulty vance. Through defectors. was its movement last turn. the by Robert Taylor ~urrent wbrk~orse of their program. over the next three years. permitting the doubleburn. Soviets over the next three years With all these shortcomings will be a permanent manned space station. and the missions a year. when they fail to miniaturize comIn general terms. and future plans. more information has gines of any great power since they been gained about the status of the do not have the metals 'to withstand Soviet space program. Heroic status makes a ship fight better. They pursue narrow ing activities will be carried out. but is actually more realistic. The all activities aboard the Soyuz are Russians are still extremely secrecontrolled from the ground. could aid in repair work. as an example. some parts of which are more vulnerable than others. space shuttle space station? Essentially through can begin constructing an American over kill. and the Overload Maneuver The rules state that (1) ships may transfer fuel back and forth. 4 or 2-1). Gemini vehicle.S. if any. Notation for simultaneous movement. obviously. Maintenance. defensive strengths are compared. expecially in the Piracy scenarios. Orbits (of a planet) or flybys (of a base). This objective is within Soviet capabilities. During the Apollo-Soyuz mission. Refueling. A good game is worth improving. linking up. Thus. The cooperation may need to improve it." and (3) minor maintenance renews a ship's ability to utilize the very useful "double-burn. the high temperatures. even tive (although not to the degree of shutting off the lights.) If you are playing with the counterattack rule. ending up in any of the six hexes marked "a" through "f". These missions will of This conservative approach has course be commanded by a Soviet stymied any innovations. It is the intention of this Russian electronic and computer article to synthesize that informasystems are years behind the West. its inertial In attempting to analyze the guidance system is suspect. Thus. That ship would become un-disabled at 2D/turn. The Soyuz does not have an onboard computer. becomes heroic. but this type of cooperation will be of major propaganda value to a piece of equipment works most of the time. By burning one unit of fuel. is the Soviet utilize the Soyuz space-craft and approach to space flight." The past years) about their space prolife-support and safety features are gram. Each mission will most damaging. The management It is highly probable that on behind the Soviet program is quite occasions the Soyuz will fly indepoor. but barely. Twentysuccessful flight. (3) This is the one I like. a 04 ship could operate in only two turns. and two flights its very nature is a rather visible ended fatally. which last flew in 1966. It is dominated by bureaupendent of the Salyut (when the cratic inefficiency and political Russians are testing new equipment) demands. your play will show it. Any ship which successfully rescues such a disabled ship. Soviet limitations in the space field are twofold. and very little thinking toward any The main objectives of the redesign. flve per cent of all Soyuz missions Yet a manned space program by have been failures. Corsair is 8 vs.fresh any of their hardware or systems. or even implied. most Soviet manned space program and its major systems have no backups. Cute idea. by rendezvousing with a disabled ship. an with in isolation. It is suggested that minor maintenance. But Soyuz is only thing. As a resul t. They have been unable to develop rocket enthemselves. No matter how poor the space station. Y represents the ship's present position. but its causes are usually hardware to be used on future unglossed over. will probably launch three to five The second limitation. the heavy dotted arrow is its "projected" movement. and engineertheir thinking. tion. and sometimes--inadvertently---through the Russians since Gagarin's flight. THE SOVIET MANNED SPACE PROGRAM: THE NEXT THREE YEARS . where Russians are very conservative in scientific. cosmonauts from Eastern European countries will to dock. The worst aspect of the specific information even after a Soyuz is its flight record. X its position last turn. twice the normal speed.

S. enough missions will succeed to get the job done. the creation of art and sport (warfare comes under this category). The Soviets are developing a new telescope for planetary studies.. therefore.'!)) . but it . from pistols at dawn for traditionalists to interstellar wars for connoisseurs. and him busy running a war. And there may indeed be connoisseurs. For one thing. For four player games use Scorpii. Ceti. the duelers have to stay in their particular systems.. Expertise will no longer be knowledge of something. The purpose of this space station will be varied. MBs. the author pointed out that technological progress. not much R&D can be done). Object of the game-to win decisively by destroying all the MBs and AMBs of the enemy's home system. as each can command the production of armies at a thought.ill work. with nothing but himself and his transmutor. and the pursuance of public business. go and enjoy your wars! INNOVATION ?!?JJ "HAVE. Something the Soviets haven't attempted since 1969. which he may never leave. For safety's sake a "code duello" will be developed. Aurigae. but may only buy SCTs. And no PFS-it defeats the entire purpose of the duel. The reputed Saturn-S class booster of the Russians is still experiencing difficulties. and was named "SPECULATIONS: Space War Games-Avoiding Cliches. The Russians have enormous resources. Each player is put at a star system..9 8 . One may also buy another transmutor by expending 120 TUs.. And among those resources is money. so that time may easily be spent on a long-term interstellar duel. the Soviets will dominate the head1 ines. let us use Stellar Conquest. and no moving transmutors. and Tauris or " ?? GAl1€ any other reasonable combination. For two player games use either Ceti and Canis or Scorpii and Bootis and ignore the other half of the board. ho.'. How will these duelers fight? I suppose there will be a great variety in the methods used. Construction will require EVA. whatever is needed to reach their goals. There will of course be a great deal of scientific work done. They wi 11 probably score many space firsts. or CTs.. The Soviet space budget is believed to be twice that of the U.. Old age will also thus be dealt with. typified by automation. Canis. . and so cannot be used directly. and perhaps pull off a few surprises. The duelers will use the same technology from fairness and from lack of research personnel (with only one human on the planet." In it. for death may not be serious anymore (memories in the computer could be fed into a cloned body after the first one's demise). _- _-_ _- _---------. This will allow you to keep track of many different factors (such as a space fleet) as well as have instant knowledge of anything in the computer's memory banks. though the spaces around these stars will be fought for by the robot ships. This space station will have a crew capacity of six. and they will continue to investigate such areas as crystal growth and earth resources photography. program. transmutation. and there have been some reports the booster has been scrapped. And they will not be easy to control.. most of the other stars are used by people uninvolved in the spat. and to limit the spread of combat so the authorities can control it. very complicated mechanisms will be controlled by individuals with computer-link implants. TUs. This method is wastefUl. Their current unmanned method is both severely limited and unreliable.I:lnagement.. To see how such a duel may be performed. thus killing him. space program is dormant. or leadership in a hobby or sport will at some time or the other come into conflict. but rather experience in doing it.. It was written by Lynn White. For three player games use Diphda. will have three different pastimes. ly!OU. or boy. The human race.. ESCs. but with their rigid thinking. The transmutor puts out 120 TU's each yearnot just every production year. For one thing. and their emphasis on military oriented flights the Soviet space program will remain a narrow and self-constrained endeavor trying to conquer an area where unbridled imagination and initiative are the most important assets. would eventually result in a world of abundance and leisure.. but its major emphasis will be on military reconnaissance. Both Salyut three and five were military space stations. Therefore. They have and can pour hu?e amounts of materials..S. ATKs. I GOT IlJNoVATIONS FOR.. ~Bs and AMBs may only be emplaced on the home system. and Bootis. man.. Rivals for power (such as is left) for a woman. faulty the equipment. These implants (see Pournelle's article in the September '76 Galaxy) will feed information directly into the brain as though you were remembering it. This article is to carry her ideas a little farther. lorJ. So now... RIUs. The actual configuration of the space station will probably be limited to two or three Salyuts joined together. DNs. their limited technology. and the Soviets are eager to have a permanent on station orbital reconnaissance system. come the millenium: the search for knowledge. Now. costly and dangerous. but they do have the ability. For this reason.. He has all the technological levels. and will be resupplied by unmanned Soyuz type vehicles.e nu~bers of scientists.. while the U. there will be competition and conflict. or to win marginally by having more stars occupied or last passed through by your ships at the end of turn 40. and AMBs--no PFS. Do not be deceived by this utopian picture. For the next three years. SIMONSEN'S TRINITY ANr GRAND DUELS by Scott Rusch In "rSG'6 a very interesting article appeared. the reasons for these rules. and fusion power. engineers. like the gods of old. it will take a series of launches to get up the necessary material..

000 joules of and less speed is lost. The table concentrated form (the heat is preshown at end of article gives data sent in the air.. or match its rate of fire.. "" . the fuel consumption of conpower figure... . there blooming and other dissipative are other ways of generating heat. .. After all.. specified. the gun is a to about 71% of its muzzle velocity. the pulses/sec at 2000 joules/pulse is thermally-pumped gas-dynamic laser 40 kilowatts. which is 24% efficient weapons... making that adis that a laser with a power output vantage minimal. "" '. Bowles cites must operate for a full second to put out 60.: . for 60. Nobody output (i. . 9 h... Sure. '" . a energy to power output is valid. -"" . ~~ "" ""~ ~§.. with current technology.. mere twenty pulses per second to Since a watt is a joule/sec.: .. such as the small arms round.... ing as much as 80% of this heat can Muzzle energy is chosen as be captured and pumped into the equivalent to Mr. a projectile slowed by but they would require heavier atmospheric drag loses kinetic energy. " "" "'.11 10 feature Another problem is weight and power supply.. modern small arms comparable to that of an automatic such as the M16 or AK47 have even rifle.. which leaves the gun tube. That related to the inverse cube of the is nearly enough to vaporize 100 distance... Just as a laser beam tinuous operation would be about 3 in air loses energy through thermal gallons per minute. . Bowles output laser. a typical fuel cells. mechanisms. energy.. 9 "'.. For a thermally-pumped going to bother unless it's worth it. To make a meaningful comExamine the pulsed electrical parison of the two types of CO 2 laser..on a time rate of energy and it's power supply around.. but I think he failed in one this means heat at the rate of 6 important respect: a comparison of million joules per second.>. ~ ~ 'i.. the power level falls off cubic centimeters of iron. t::l~ tTl 10"" ~ ~~ ~ <:l" ~ tg~ !a. <. there are more efficient power sources.:. A gallon of "2 oil (diesel) has a heat is solely a function of the energy value of 146 million joules... It will be out in time to play at Christmas. But for qualitative It only takes two pulses to equal purposes. This heat laser weapons to conventional weahas to come from somewhere. action. "' . With no more than 20 pounds of rifle.. the laser is about the same as a modern infantry. which is about the output of a generator driven by a kinetic energy for the King Tiger gun. Assumoutput of the gun. even if 100% is pumped but so is the drag.:.. but they all have their machine gun could fire about 10 own drawbacks.. 5 '"'"' '" "'8 ~:. ~ ~ R 't:3> ~ '" "'8 Q~ . a comparison of muzzle the German machine gun bullet. ammo and accessories. LASER WEAPONS COMPARED TO PROJECTILE WEAPONS This is a systems sheet for GODSFIRE.. Enjoy it and hold on for the game.. but an output of 60 KW at on laser weapons was an interesting 1% efficiency requires 60000KW of survey of currently available techinput.. a single man is very mobile by Steven List and well fixed for a fire fight.~ . As the laser useful output.. Of course. .~ ~ :. r-.. Twenty a joule is a watt-sec.. this energy of the projectile as it is not a practical source).. When the projectile has slowed equipment.. . To get this output Mr. That is. an exact range should be and puts out 2000 joules per pulse. higher rates of fire and muzzle vewould require a vehicle to cart it locities.::::. faster..~ '") "'''' tTl rg~ ""'"~ ~~ . from a 24% efficient electricallypumped laser requires 166 KW of This is little better than one percent of the over 5 million joules of electric power.000 joules of power loss to thermal blooming are waste heat must be disposed of...000 joules. but since the on several "popular" German weapons average-sized window air conditionof WW II. .. "" '" . The chemical indicates some sort of chemical reexplosive that some of the projectiles carry is not counted. and in pons quantitative terms.... While it is 15 times as much as '200 HP engine.. . "" "!a. Therefore... device for burning fuel under pressure in order to extract mechanical it has already lost half its muzzle work rather than heat.: . being the kinetit million joules out of the air.. er needs about an hour to pull six Muzzle Energy. with the final column. drag decreases into the laser it will waster 99%...940. Kinetic energy is proporRegardless of the way the heat tional to the square of the veloci ty. as the projectile slows... is obtained. I have no idea what the weight of this Charles Bowles' recent article laser is.. '"E:: . power). .. .e. 10"" tl~ tTl .~ . 5.. About the simplest is burnthe energy transferred to the target ing fuel at atmospheric pressure.~ <:l" 1::0"" ~~ ~ . ". What it boils down to round per second. nology. In one second. man's weapon..~ ~ ..

Nobody builds armor plated aircraft. Current lab models of such units are woefully inefficient._.800 1. Such units are envisioned as orbital power plants.WEAPON .000 2. so a "win" for the Ythri player consists of putting off the inevitable for more than IS turns. a laser with that much power would be a formidable weapon. Re~earch is being conducted on nuclear-pumped lasers which have a gas laser tube coated with uranium oxide. About the only drawback would be the inability to rapidly turn it on or off. with a computerized target aquisition and ranging system to bring a converging beam to a point-focus on a rapidly moving target. with power outputs about that of a flashlight. we would indeed have "a very interesting picture of night combat". (A short digression is in order.860.8 6._. machinegun 20mm L/55 Lt. which at the elevated temperature literally causes the iron to burn up.-TABLE -7. You can't hope to beat the~ but you may be able to hold out until external p61itical forces make the Terrans withdraw. you won't even warm it up. Space warfare typically lasts only a few turns. Slow neutrons are directed into the tube. as well. plan on making little craters in the side of a tank with such shots. Some may argue that a laser beam is hotter than the 1600 or so degrees of an oxy-acetylene torch. These neutrons react with uranium nuclei to cause fission and the release of more neutrons in a chain reaction. As the Terrans._-_.pzr IV £2 "Special" 75mm L/70 . And unless the waste heat problem is solved.970.4 10. This is an innovative and mind-stretching game with a lot to offer. this game breaks new ground for science fiction gaming and for war gaming._.080. and ground forces. And a 60 ton tank can absorb a lot of heat before getting very warm. To make an effect i ve ant i-aircraft a ran t i -miss i 1e system. you almost feel sorry for the pitifully small Ythri forces. forming laser and reactor in one.990 36. and good or bad luck here can have a large influence on the rest of the game. Considering the power levels involved. But far greater efficiencies could be achieved if the neutron source were combined with the laser. Another innovative aspect is the extremely asyme~ ric distribution of forces._.) Since a rifle can kill a man much more easily and economically than the laser.tank. What other targets might be worthwhile? Vehicles are out-those worth the effort are too well armored. . however.4 770 800 740 935 810 1000 3. etc? Maybe not on earth. the torch cuts the iron by providing an excess of oxygen. Most aircraft have highly-polished skins that would reflect most of the incident energy-meaning incredible power rates would be required to get sufficient energy onto the target in a very brief time. However. As the Ythri. Even assuming you can keep your laser beam on the same spot of a moving targ t several thousand meters away. The invading Terran player has overwhelming force.12 13 Is it I. _. such a torch is very poor at punching holes in the middle of a thick plate._-_. The energy released pumps the laser.200. ranging devices. Iron (of which armor plate is an alloy) is a tremendous conductor of heat. as opposed to tl. it seems to me that the Ythri player has rather restricted defense strategy possibilities. This is due in part to a lack of guerrilla tactics which the highly mobile native forces could utilize to interfere with the movement of Terran forces and supplies. Needless to say. both as the basic game and as a base to build on. Flak 88mm L/7l King Tiger tank .rifle. you watch the huge Terran war machine move in on your planet. and most of the interior components are unprotected. The major innovation is a way of handling movement and combat on three level~ space ships.-. ._._. its use as an antipersonnel weapon is distinctly secondary. Don't.orth it? Well. providing power in the gigawatt range with negligible heat waste. This is a very critical phase for the Ythri player.8 9.. beaming energy to remote users such as spaceships or lunar installations. with the atmospheric and ground forces having different movement and sphere of influence rules. It is far easier to hit a plane with a beam of light than with a projectile. car 75mm L/43 ._. Mr. you have to put heat in faster than it can disappear by conduction. Combat on the planet's surface works well. However.92mm . To melt a holein it. as a firearm-equipped sniper with an infra-red viewer would have a wealth of targets literally lighting up like beacons with each shot fired. but quite possibly in space. but they turn out to be surprisingly hard to eliminate. yet the game has a lot of depth. much greater laser efficiencies are required. a laser of this power won't either. The tube of the laser would contain both the lasent gas and a gaseous nuclear fuel.000 5.000 3. during which the Ythri space force attempts to delay the invasion and to destroy as many troop transports as possible.115 6. An automatic rifle won't put a hole in a tank no matter how many shots hit the same spot. This is dandy if you want to shoot at one centimeter cubes of iron which will obligingly hold still for as much as a second. There is a big psychological difference between the sides of the game which reflect the spirit of the novel it is based on. so it is extremely important for the Ythri player to destroy Terran atmospheric unit transports in the space warfare phases.Tiger tank. arm. Also. Do lasers have any future as weapons. the thermal laser's 60KW output (neglecting losses in air) will vaporize a cubic centimeter of iron.0128 . atmosphereic craft.-.000 THE YTHRI: I 'NOVATIONS APPLAUDED by William Brogden In my opinion.Panther tank 88mm L/56 . The instructions are very clear with good examples and have been kept simple enough so you can begin play very rapidly. The total available energy of the reactor would emerge in the laser beam. accounting for inertia in terms of turning ability is nicely handled.eir use as triggers. which cuts iron quite readily. in little over a second. but there are still serious problems. and I really like the orbiting guardian satellites. The Ythri atmospheric units can give some flexibility if unopposed. Bowles infantry laser weapon is currently impossible. I think the movement and field of fire rules are extremely good. based on playing 8 or 10 games. The thin skin of an airplane would be far easier to melt holes in than armor plate.

I don't like 4 & 22 & 20 sldeddice. Such polyhedra Is are difficult for the average person to acquire and are also quite expensive. Logically..) So guiding principle number 1 was: whenever dice were needed they would be the conventional 6-sided cubes that an~ one could go down to the corner drugstore and acquire. The other attributes also have a direct bearing on the play of the game.orld or at least a nation for them to be a part of.. 20 minus 24= -4.000 inhabitants. and so. I was strongly opposed to anything that inflated the price of gaming. We had only been experimenting with the most basic rules of ~ for a couple of weeks when he rejected the notion of Monster Ratings and started to individualize the creatures in his dungeons. they will be internally consistent. Since a character's likelihood of making it's Saving Roll is meant to depend solely upon it's luckiness. For a fair description of how the game actually arose I refer you to my introduction in Monsters! Monsters! It only remains to say that l!M! already existed in rough form as early as November 1975. and dozens (or hundreds) of other details. Suppose you wish to have a were-eagle. and that Howard Thompson had agreed to print it as early as January 1976. (Since I was unemployed at the time. Imagine the dismay of a city guardsman who thinks he has apprehended a normal thief who turns into an eagle right before his popping eyes. for M!M!. Probably the most fun I ever had creating characters in Krosht was the time the troll tore down an outer wall of a brothel near the city wall and found a houseful of women. or alternately the whole game turns into something done purely for laughs. The first result of such a fairness policy was the chart that regularized the creation of Elves. T & T star~ ed as a revolt against needless complexity in Dungeons and Dragons. and granting that there was such a character. One of the pitfalls of this kind of open-ended attribute system is the incredibly generous or thoughtless game master who paves his tunnel complexes and city streets with diamonds and enchanted doodads that double all attributes without the character really doing any work except to pick up the goodies. Personally. and Hobbits. running rampant. Luck has alw~ys played an important part in my own life. The Saving Roll for a character with a luck of 28 should be 7 on the fourth level of difficulty. This becomes a form of monster creation all its own. I really expect the players to design their own city.15 14 PRESE T AT THE BIRTH OF MO. and my own sense of fair play. required more strength to cast them. There is no reason why you can't have T. and everyone has such a good time being silly that you don't mind the absurdity of it all. The reason for putting a minimum on Saving rolls in the first place was so they wouldn't become automatic (Say you have a Gremlin with luck of 24. Another very important aspect of the design of M!M! is the premise that characters who manage to survive will be able to improve themselves. D\"arves. but within the T & T/M!M! unIVerse. The thing that pleases me the most about T & T and M!M! is the sheer open-endedness of it. . On the other hand it is not easy (even when doubles add and roll again) to make a 9 or an lIon demand.. Thus. For the rest of the trip I amused the players by having these captive whores try to seduce the more humanoid monsters. a reason for 20. You can have it. After that. very easy to make but yet not automatic. Giants. When using magic. I have no hassle with those who say 5 is too easy and move the number up to 7. and there is a column labeled minimum roll required. and on strictly anti-inflationary principle I still oppose the kind of elaborate equipment that raises the cost of my gaming. I try very hard to get the players deeply involved in their own intensely personal creative efforts. because I can'treally talk about the guiding principles of M!M! without actually talking about ~T at the same time.000 peopl~ you have to provide a way to feed them. one or two of whom were actually goodlooking. Orcs. Once the geography is taken care of. but the rewards are tremendous . it is not impossible. the extra advantages that it derives from such superhuman power are quite reasonable. Personal growth is most of the incentive to continue playlng the game. not 11. made the development of Monsters! Monsters! inevitable. For T & T you are expected to design at least one tunnel complex. Fairies. Individual ratings may get to incredibly high levels by the standards of other game like D & D. No IQ to speak of. which will then limit attribute growth to what could reasonably result from a character's efforts to improve itself. No matter how-nIgh ratings in an attribute get. a character's luck became the sole basis for Saving Rolls (which are used when a character needs a chance to save himself from something unpleasant). However. Andre In a way it is all the fault of Steven McAII ist. . the minimum saving roll required would always remain the same. Thus. a . while it is rare to have a human character with a gigantic strength of 60. the possibilities for invention are endless. Not everyone the invading monsters will run into in this city is going to be a fearless member of the guard who bravely leaps up and attacks every troll he sees. Trolls. This article really has to be a designer's explanation of two games in one. heavier weapons required greater individual strength to wield them. Dwarves. He would automatically make all flrst and second level Saving Rolls but that's not fair. Hobbits. the details of how this place could really work. both for humans and monsters. Let us say you are fond of dinosaurs. more powerful weapons. you will learn a tremendous amount about what life must have been like in the Middle Ages. but strength right up there with a dragon and a constitution to match. In fact. he . It also unfairly penalizes characters who have built up their luck rating to a fairly high level. you must be ready to evoke the personality of potentially any one of the 20. I am probably a minority of one opposing the use of miniatures in fantasy gaming. it is my belief that magical benefits should be hard to come by. That is a lot of work. and can lead to ridiculousness. but that is not to imply that you are limited to those monsters in the glossary. A thorough examination of the monsters' attributes table will give you a good idea of how to go about creating the monster of your choice.000 people to be in one place. and very little dexterity. all the while demanding the most outrageous fees. and from my extensive reading in the field of heroic fantasy (and just plain history) it has alwpys seemed that luck was a major factor in the success of any kind of hero. In M!M! we give you 52 different varieties of monster. A snollygoster with a dexterity of 3 will not turn into a deadly missile weapon fighter. when one is in a situation where nothing else can help. The next thing I wanted to do was make a player-character's dicecreated attributes directly applicable to the play of the game. the very nature of Tunnels & Trolls. or a man-eating camel. Here I must disagree with something Steve Jackson changed in the rules of M!Mi On page 29 there is a discusSIOn of Saving Rolls. you dig the Arabian Nights and would rather have an Afrit. etc.). with gremlins or hobbits more powerful than any 3 giants. Game Masters have the right to forbid the use of such absurd characters. Thus. I like the number 5 on 2 dice because it is truly a minimum. When you get into city planning. preferring the picture in my own imagination to a piece of painted plastic every time. higher level spells are equivalent to heavier. Rex . All you have to do is persuade your friendly local game master to let you ransack the . luck can still come through and save your neck. because even ' the best of luck fails Say Tolkien is not your favorite author--you don't care about Elves. Orcs. such problems tend to be self-correcting. STERS: the evolutlon of a game by Ken St. What is the 'point of giving a character a Constitution rating if you're not going to use it for anything? So I defined Constitution as how much damage it took to kill a person. If you want to run a city of 20. and educational. Instead.hose name is immortalized in the PetersMcAllister chart in Tunnels &Trolls.

Oklahana veiled in a near perfect security web is the !"an Plus Project. action stories 'IHE You can see why we won't be spliting up TSG into specialty zines. hDRLDS OF FRITZ LEISER This is a brand new collection of short stories by a legend in the fields of horror. "bat wings" that absorb energy directly from the sun. society level games will probably be our best specialty..03 Fantasy Role Playing (FRP) 7.52 Future Society Level (FSL) 7.16* Monsters! M::msters! 6. inventing.19 Starship & Empire: Review Warship Design 6.74 Planetary Tactical Combat (PTC) . and science fiction.91 Eldritch Wizardry: Review 5. I want to give pounds and buckets of credit to Liz Danforth whose graphics are.50 5. It's also not too suprising that Fantasy Role Playing' and Space Tactical Level do well..85 6. 17 JlBy. anything to unusuaL will becane an unforgettable cyborg. Essentially this is what Liz did in painting the front cover. This project has one simple goal: =eate a cyborg capable of existance on the planet Molrs.03 Space Tactical Level (STL) 6. in my opinion. Board Metastar System 80.64 4.39* Citadel 5. as a type. 51 Greyhawk 7 • 26 Dungeons & Dragons 7. The generally low ratings in comparison to the game type rates comes from the nature of the project feedback.30 4.n brain and his very much slowed down heart..23 4.79 5.00 Starguard Future Society Level 7.eve this collection represents me more corrpletely than any other. behind Society games at 9. his latest book.35 Gods. But it is like writing a salable story in that one must be careful in what one says.41 4. Project Fantasy Role Playing Game MicroGames Universe Metastar System 80. Then the incredible character of Roger 'Ibrraway.21 Orbiting Colonies 6.97 5. The rest will be machine. My advice to other game designers is make friends with as many fabulous artists as you can.17* 7.73 Star Force Triplanetary The Ythri Alien Space Space Role Playing 7. Computer Fantasy Role Computer Game The Computer Gamer zine The Fantasy Gamer zine J 1 GAME TYPE RATINGS Rate Game Type 7. and most difficult.n Roger 'Ibrraway is a hUI1\3.46 5. If you are an average reader you can get through the rules of MiM! in about half an hour.13 Chainmail Fantasy Board Games White Bear & Red Moon Sorceror war of Wizards Dungeon! Siege of Minas Tirith Battle of Helms Deep Battle of Five Arm:'es Planetary Tactical Oombat 7.79 Starship Troopers: Review 6. 95. Just don't be surprised when a corps of 7th level wizards show up to greet you. hero-astronaut. Since most of our readers started with us on Stellar Conquest that figures. and a new canputer to help interpret. example of science fiction at its best. Stellar Conquest has been moving up despite it's age. include as much art as you can get.61 Intermediate SC Rules 6. And we did the same thing with the Shadowjack. or how the combat system works. 'IHE w::JRLDS OF FRITZ LEISER is an Ace paperback and carrys a cover price of $1. invented her own brand new monsters--the green beastie--right on the spot.5 _ . The whole thing has been proofread at least a dozen times to try and eliminate contradictions between something explained one way on page 8 and completely different on page 32. I have also tried to be amusing about it." Twentytwo stories are included.70 5. just happening to be in town for a wizard's convention that weekend. OUtreach is going to be popular. and he must survive.70 Empire of the Petal Throne 7 . the logic and the problems are apparent. 6. as is your right. He is a total master of the written "Ord (this Yffir he "On another Hugo for "Catch That 7~ppelin" which is included in this book) Fran the introdution by the author:" I bel i.42 3. and when your're ready to puhlish. must win if WW III is to be avoided.09 5. Readers know we can't do everything. but it will be up to Roger to bring about success. is the task of getting your artist to come forth with material to bring animation to what starts as a bunch of abstract ideas. Don't miss this book! MAN PLUS is available fran Randan House.06 Average all Articles GAME RATINGS Rate Game Fantasy Role Playing Games 7.S. I have tried to avoid repeating information about the game actually given in the rules for M!M! or T & T. The race to colonize M3rS is on and the U.. That's the only way you can explain a feedback that rates Fantasy Role games at 7.90 5. Fi:'itz Leiber has given me more hours of enjoyment than any other single writer in t'-e field of speculative fiction. He will be torn apart and be canpletely rebuilt. Fred Pohl has done a masterful job with this.. and Steve Jackson seems to have felt the same. the effect being to multiply the caster's IQ by the level the spell is cast on. For those who read the rules.36 5. is about to become a super sophisticated. The object in M!M! has been to give all the information necessary to set up and play the game without going on in boring length on anyone thing.78 Eldritch Wizardry 6.. &. but TSG recarrnends a short wait for the paperback.12 The Birds 6. offer incentives like cash out of my pocket and a cut of the profits forever. Roger 'Ibrraway. this game never would have seen the liCe of print without her artwork behind it. All that will be left of the hUl1\3.65 5. Roger ". They are the next most developed type of game on the market.08 6. I'd like to say a few words about the problems of producing this kind of role-playing head game. canplete with multiple scan eyes rhino hide skin. The answer to improvements would seem to be expanding TSG to make more room for everything. What you wanted less was rated very low to help what you really wanted.. Last. . It is a well writte. A very fine machine with a single goal.FEEDBACK ..35 Royal Armies of Hyborean Pge 5.08 6.00 5. $20 billion !"artian.51 by Frederik Pohl In 'Ibnka. TSG recannends this book for all those who enjoy fast paced... Monsters! Monsters 1 is also getting a pretty good reception. We plan to eventually have offerings of all types of SF&F games even though complex.31 Game Design Notes 6. a character who had been an individual in a Zelazny novel..16 place with a genie. then gives the FRP game a rate of one and Metastar a 9. what was liked was rated very high. I would like to note that there really should be an asterisk on the"Take that you fiend!" spell. PROJECT FEEDBACK Rate MN-l PLUS 6. and almost camp in her living room at times to keep her brushes to the easel.:>Uld be placed on the surface of Mars ahead of the Comnunists.79 Tunnels & Trolls 5.. It looks easy. fantasy.24 Fantasy Board Game (FBG) Not too suprisingly the Future Society Level game was most popular. So.37 5.76 6. by Colodiy 5. Even though 1 had to spend all my spare time cajoling her to draw.04 Blackmoor 5. easily the finest part of the whole MiM! production. GAME RATINGS TSG #7 FEEDBACK RESULTS Rate Article 6.17 Scenario .00* Starfaring The asterisk indicates that too f_ ratings have been received for a fully stable score.03 Outreach Stellar Conquest Starlord Star Probe Space Tactical Level 8. I haven't said much about why magic is the way it is.31 Dreadnaughts for My Lady 6. He would be given a newly designed canputer to aid him. Dani-Gods & Heroes 6.

or fulfillment of outlined missioned goals. The actual mechanics of the game are somewhat like many air wargames. All in all. and a 7." Starship is not a game of space combat per se. outmanuver and good planning rather than luck and certainly one of the better science fiction tactical system around. There is a set of unmounted counters. This means they can conjure up to five air dragons. This type of very ~xplanatory writing is good because It makes sure all of the rules are understood. etc). damage. the rules read like an army manual. with appropriate declIne 1n effectiveness of overshots due to range. Actually.7 by DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. In combat resolution there is no chance element. Over heating weapons (by l?adlng and firing at a high rate) \"111 f1:'se them. Starship is $6 from Flying Buffalo Inc. or two trolls (or a combination of magical units). I bought a copy of SORCERER. 44 E. though shorter ranged. three demonic infantry. The one major point of the game I didn't like was the shallow development of the importance of magic.lOOlO for $9. the sorcerer. or improvements in standard capabilities. The weaponry critical strain record keeps track of the strain on those circuits. a distance computation chart for each player and one map. The sorcerers can also throw magic bolts (analogous to artillery). not to mention the additional mobility it gives if you are forced to move the game. Nevertheless. My next task was to read the 16 page. The emphasis is on skill and bluff. it is a game of contact. assassination details. If the range is correct or overshot the target. The game system IS excellent and achieves its end as well as entertaining the players with a good "feel" of space contact and engagement. I happen to be one of those people who like the durability of a board-mounted map.6 by STELLAR CONQUEST.. I found SORCERER to be an enjoyable game. However. This adds even more to the uncertainty of an encounter since these options are kept secret from the other player. 23rd St. from a square of their color to another square of their color. there are a total of 55 sorcerers. They range from attempts at peaceful contact to the out and out destruction of the opposing vessel. und~plete a unit of his color. each player reveals his plotted shot of type and range. if you pass beyond that. The most important unit in this game is. teleport from one square of their color to another (analogous to air transport). Six magical universes overlap a non-magical one.19 18 REVIEWS SHOOTING IS NOT THE WHOLE STORY: A Review of STARSHIP by Tony Watson E~ery on:e in a while a really good. and weaponry status (which are maintained on a series of tracked charts) . for both sides. although more than 20 are never used in any scenario. During the combat phase (there are two a turn). SORCERER received an overall grade of only 6. shield strength.situation governed by one of four dIfferent scenario orders with goals kept secret from their opponent. Propulsion at higher speeds a· places a greater stress. creating the graylands where no magic works. Rules are in a twenty page booklet that is generally clear and comprehensive. It is also quite poss1ble for both players to claim a victory since their objectives may be very diverse. I would have preferred to see each color as a separate type of magic. It is possible for a p~ayer to win a resounding military v1ctory yet still lose because of a failure to fulfill his strategic g?als ~a peaceful contact) and/or vIolatIng orders (firing at the oppo~ing vessel). Starship is fast paced and plays well. The die-cut pasteboard counters were beautifully colored and printed with ingenious silouettes of the various magical and non-magical unIts they represented. However this system also limits play to two ships. computer fire control. Passing certain critical points will result in permanent damage. but. Strategic. Combat utilizes anti-matter pods and disruptor cannon. Components are in black and white. and Command. with pods beIng more effective than disruptor banks. each move.Y.O. But most important . I managed to quickly overcome my dissatisfaction by looking over the rest of the game. clones (where a mult~color sorcerer splits into single color sorcerers). unless someone has a good command of trig. S~arship utilizes a small map WhICh 1S three dimensional in design. the actual dIstance between the two ships is figured and both are placed on the center of the map at different heights to denote their separation The relative distances between the c~aft is the important thing. The map too was very colorful. All the colors did was to divide the map ahd give units an advantage in one battle that they lost in the next. Along certain ranges of the track (low speeds). The physical components of the games include: a weaponry record. w1th the same overall strength. In the rest of the land. and the white land where all magic works. or violation of certain orders (such as firing when forbidden to. the ships are capable of being off the map in no tIme. Weapons must be loaded before firing. New York. SORCERER is available from SimulatIon Publications Inc. including speed. hit. or critical strain. Box 1467. this takes time as well as causing strain on the weaponry system. Each of the two players controls one starship in a. Scottsdale Az. It also makes for very borin~ reading. N. Necessary charts were printed right on the map. Hoping to solve this seeming paradox. or conJure or destroy a vortex (a magical storm of chaos). Sliding counters along the tracks WIll denote changes in the vessel speed. !t IS apparent that some goo th1nk1ng and design work went into the cre~tion of Starship. Optional rules provide for some interesting spells and rules. of course. P.. 1nnovat1ve game will appear fro~ a small and relatively unknown desIgn group. such as invisibility. but with different characteristics and limitations. Such is the case with Fantasy ~ames Unlimited's Starshi . Aside from the humorous introduction and the descriptions of the nine scenarios. The trick to staying ql1Ve 1n combat is learning how to handle the excess strain before taking irreparable damage. what weapons are armed. A distance computation chart as is Starforce is used to determine distances. 8l:i" x 11" rules folder. There are four sets of mission orders for both the Interceptor and the Intruder. I have read nothing but very complementary reviews of SPI's fantasy game SORCERER.7 (on a scale of 1 to 9). Optional rules allow for reflector screens. There are some suggestions for spells to be developed by the players as the game progresses. the only way to cool the ship is by slowing it down to a very low speed or shutting it off completely. Thereare also arrestor beams. plus white and grey. 85252. The key word is "contact. Movement and combat are handled in terms of stress upon the spacecraft. with the 518 one inch hexagons colored pastel shades of the six magical colors. After moving. . The sorcerers have power over one to three colors. GAME REVIEW: SORCERER by Linda Brzustowicz To date.thr~e different categories of c~lter1a: TacticaL. while they are in a hexagon of their color. the tracks kept record of any critical strain that any of the systems have taken. Permanent damage lowers shield level and hampers speed. it descrIbes a world in which magic is fully operative. or military vIctory.00. and it is not difficult for a trigger happy space captain to burn up his guns. . for wIth tAe high speeds. Inside I discovered a paper map. compared to a 7. in the June-July issue of TSG. Levels of victory are determined by comparing the actual outcome of the encounter to. Each type of weapon has a damage capability factor.. and any damage the vessel may have accrued. and the effect of the shifting of the magical universes. but they serve as tractor beams and do not cause direct damage. an engineering record. strain will dissipate by itself. the dominant form of magic varies. I rece1ved my first minor disappointment when I opened the box..

14. Wooden Ships & Iron Men. but if you ever feel you want to talk to me about anything that has to do with M!M! or T & T.00 postage.29. limited intelligence. on Jan. I mean the gestalt AH-HA 'of seeing real ity captured through the fortuitous. For more info: Bill Somers. This structure allows one to start quickly and to digest the rules through the use of bite-size increments of detail. B squad was totally surprised when holes in the ground opened up to disgorge heavy beam weapons and angry Arachnid warriors. GROUND ZERO A weekend of competitive gaming. and one turn is approximately 12 minutes. Almost all the interesting and highly destructive weapons are there. College Station. It will be interesting to compare it with SPI's STAR SOLDIER now being play-tested. Tex. fantasy games. 1640 East 1140 ~orth. 1 to 9 copies-$2 each. 61801. rules introduced for each scenarlO. & E. with prizes for tournament winners. with new groups of increasingly complex . retrieval boats. who brought miniature detail to board games with tank vs tank battles in TOBRUK. Utah. POB 6816 Aggieland St. various demolition charges. 84321. 77844. In my third game. Jacksonville. Diplomacy. Clarren To the slowly growing set of fine science fiction board games. green savanas. The attractive. SST was apparently produced with the blessings of Robert Heinlein. author of the book by the same name. Urbana. 19. strategy discussions & films.. but on a separate piece of card stock).20 in Jacksonville. The game is truly tactical in scale and in flavor. 4517 Harford Road. 85016. Randall Reed recovers nicely with SST where the play mechanics are clean and wellconceived. and rainbowhued city and spaceport. Feb. The rules book uses the "programmed instruction" method tried out in need's earlier game.. Game rules allow for infantry drops to the planet with the inevitable scattering. more. or a unit of enemies. in seven separate scenarios. My address is 2232 E. Ill. Happy human hunting and Merry Monstering! WINTERCON V 100+ man D&D. as the rules state. For the last several years. If problems come up (and no matter how careful one is they always seem to). Avalon Hill's fine quality and attention to detail are reflected in the game components and playing aids. Info from: Jerry D. 3. 10 or more copies -$1. However. Az. MI . and heavy beam and missile weapons. lest you be alarmed at first.. The full-color. Also represented are a full range of S.30. The game. D&D.. Ruhland. Maryland 21214 for $10.16.etc. In another game.&M. (Special Weapons and Equipment). two-color booklet includes useful informatio~ pictures.4.. 28. The game is designed by Randall Reed. TOBRUK. (Incidentally. the renaissance of gaming over the last three years. multi-colored game box. which is in the same scale. yet eminently playable. the positioning of Arachnid engineers. A separate pad. space wargame. The game has a good feel to it (By "feel". burned-out red desert. delayed action proximity and delayed action remote mines. A counter represents a single terran (in armored suit). duplicating the board allows for the secret plotting of the complex Arachnid tunnel systems. NEWS & PLUGS KEN ST. TOBRUK also required an excessive amount of dice rolling. 48146. ~&D Seminar on Dec. Send orders to: Scott Rich. The terran player has a status sheet so he can easily keep track of the weapons each of his men is carrying. as well as the full rules. in Baltimore. and even a human with ESP talents.50 each.Fla. Dates: Jan. and play examples. sets forth the confrontations between the Terrans (earth men) and two alien races: the Skinnies (humanoid and nine feet tall) and the Arachnids ("a mad man's concept of a giant intelligent spider"). His letter and signature are on the back of the bookshelf style. nuclear weapons. ANDRE WRITES I have always felt that ideas belong to everyone. In later scenarios. 32207. Unfortunately. the terran can descend into the Arachnid tunnels to capture an Arachnid brain and to free prisoners. and my phone number is (602) 955-6229. A hex is one mile across. engineer units. STARSHIP TROOPERS is a fine tactical SClence flctlon board game from Avalon Hill. air cars. STARSHIP TROOPER is available from Avalon Hlll. N. tactical. rocket beacons and full retrieval procedures. Hopefully M!M! will inspire ideas to keep its---players amused indefinitely. Origins II. Rochester Mich. leaving a game which is accurate to the book. Avalon Hill has produced only historical war games.00 plus $1. heavy nerve gas (useful against those spiders). mounted mapboard suggests an alien planet with pink mountains. SPACE HUK This is a variable-player. WINTER WAR IV Annual con of the Conflict Simulation Society at the Univ. More info from: The Cowford DragoonE 5333 Santa Monica Blvd. artful usc of rules). Write: Rusty Rutherford. Race St. Logan. Included are high explosive rocket launchers. . 15. \-IARCON III Board wargames. Fla. W. Lincoln Par~. the charts for combat and terrain effects are not in the rules book.. Each player has one or more starships with which he takes on other players.5 at Oakland Univ . and the placing of demolition char~ es for the unwary Terrans. At Texas A. Brian Blume. Baltimore. and the success of science fiction games like STELLAR CONQUEST and STARFORCE has lured this usually conservative game company into producing a truly interesting science fiction game. of Illinois in Urbana. 1654 Chandler. Phoenix. NOTICE***NOTICE Metagaming Concepts and The Space Gamer announce that we will no longer be able to accept orders for games or subscription from foreign countries. I trust you will be able to read between the lines and solve them for yourselves. Guests: Gary Gygax. four terrans (two scouts and two marauders with rocket launchers) coordinated their efforts so that within one-half hour (two moves) they were able to disrupt a strongpoint and destroy a nearby communications center and power station before the Skinnies could respond. I would be glad to hear from you. 1005 S. The over500 counters make use of suggestive silhouettes for the main combatants and mobile weapons. Pinchot #8.and A. add STARSHIP TROOPERS by Avalon Hill. Boot Hill and Lankhmar tournament plus Q. released in July at the second national gaming convention.21 20 STARSHI P TROOPERS: A REVIEW by Sumner N. Scenarios are arrangea-rn-rncreasing order of difficulty.. Rob Kuntz.

C. so write ORIGINS '77. STAR EMPIRES I.OfW\PVTER '~Y"8€fW\)h1PERSf'lJC£ . TSG/MGC will be-at AggieCon and War Can." : : I : I I ." said Tom.T : :~ ~~::~~1\R$5/~T""'C. poor execution -drives themselves are very detectable -superficial Scenario: -comic book game? -cute Orbiting Colonies: -covered in Analog -what about radiation.... "Giant insects are suckers for judo. Austin Hotel in Austin. flatly.... unfazed. "I am call Circe.:. 1.ClRevrnty . !' Dreadnaughts for My Lady: -great idea. "I've lost the signal.~.J. anyone could easily jump the Grand Canyon." said Tom with an Evel grin.D€ ~11M~ . and run a dealer's table with all our products.economics? -rehash \ " / ---(t. BASIC HYPER5TATE FIGHTER SI~RSH\P I TSR Hobbies Inc.REPP. let's see mere -has thi& character ever read any science fiction? The Space Warship: -great idea.." said Uhura remorsefully.lR OO(KS . "What our captors have forgotten is that. Rumor has it that someone else has already slated a STELLAR CONQUEST tournament. MGC/TSG will be there part of the time with games for sale. N.. ORIGINS"77 I The National wargaming Expo will be held at Warner College in Staten Island. MGC will sponsor at least one event.Y. reports by phone on 10/26/76 that the STAR EMPIRES supplement to STAR PROBE will not be ready until late Dec... If STAR EMPIRES has been ordered from MGC/TSG or another supplier this is the reason for the delay.------'--" .lN1l\lIollllce. instead of the originally quoted Sept. QUICK COMMENTS FROM FEEDBACK SPEET Editorial: -excellent -good somewhere else but not in an SF magazine -does Howard Thompson enjoy what hp is doing? would he be writing thip editorial at all without that college education? college is exposure to education-and not neccesarily in the classroom. New York. on the Moon. "This wind amulet has lost its power." in' toned the wizard impeccably. MGC/TSG has a large back order with TSR and will ship all orders as soon as we receive the'\A.Nt> -eo UEQ(.24. on July 22. 1977 We have very little info. A.llKAL.. Texas on November 19-21..SVPf'bR. issue of Mythlore has announced the autumn 1977 publication of THE SILMARILLION by Allen ~ Unwin.COM. "This spell will protect our party from the giant birds. possibly with a new MicroGame.F." she said charmingly... one of several MicroGames currently being designed. Tolkien was working on this book at the time of his death. technology improves and more powerful ships can be built. and conversation. Simulations Publications 44 E. I : I ---~_J . ·CRYOt·u<. / These illustrations by Winchell Chung show a warship and an interstellar base for HYPERWAR.. meteors.&C.23. 5l1\ND\RD INltRSTELLAR BASE SF SWIFTIES srtM'E \SA >ETRI\f\EDRoN by Steve Jackson "Ha." said Tom flippantly. NY 10010. HYPERWAR will be a tactical ship combat game played without dice or other random elements. . -~.. / The Austin Fantasy Film Festival & Comic Collectors Convention will be at the Stephen F. some games to play. : .F. Combat will be resolved through the interaction of player-selected strategies and allocation of ship power to defense and offense.~be"CJ(. . Players design their own ships. It is written in King James 8ible style and has been edited by his son Christopher. Kirk! Your weapon is empty!" cried the Klingon.cP.23 22 TOLKIFN NOTE AGGIECON & WAR CON The Sept.."said Captain Illq'uurth disgustedly.vQE"-C. "Nobody can survive 15 Gs.. Ben Ostrander of Acstin has taken over the editor functions of THE SPACE GAMER Submissions for publication should be sent to him at the TSG/MGC address. as the game progresses. sir. T" " ".F.C. 23rd St.

Victory is based on adequate revenue willingly given and cunningly used.(J<JNTe-£5 (>010) 3 YTHRI THE YTHRI is based on Poul Anderson's Hugo Awardnominated novel. The People of the Wind....the hard way . eEl-\.. i I"L\l..nllJ gc... For rules on barraH/illX and repayment of loans.~I~Iq-(.:.~~ ~~...'I LIUIff f..:.~E·· ~~~~~ '" ~ I~:/~P"'" _ . eliminating them as tax and production sources and disrupting the player's party balance. HE 6(OOSfI~"" PDf (.... ~Oup 0)\ -II mETA6Amm6 COnCEPTS ("'LLI .l-l> oJol HIO#eJ\. THE YTHRI is a game of invasion from space and planetary combat for two to four players. governments stop when they're out of money. '''. refer to Section 111 2 1 4-7 8-11 12up 8TI ~ G G G 2 8m]] 8ffij44 rn rnrn ] ] -I j 6 7 4 8 /2 5 9 /2 . Players must win military victory.-- ~O REGISTER OF LOANS Number O[s)'slcms cOlllrol/ed: .when it tried to invade...vepnment "" ~ . As the worlds of the Narym woke.. the Bosses were overthrown one by one..-':"".~O EEC:EJ MELIEEJ~O RELEJ NA 110NAL HANK : . They had underestimated . v-~_ . (. But that didn't mean it couldn '{..25 Avalon didn't want to fight.. /" - ..ITONEY IN TRANSIT jll'j~ III ..<:: ~ F~~/~?~. P/iSllrM- It! Scenario Four. Subversion pushes regions to revolt. NATIONAL PARTY LOYALTY E ... IlmoUnllhalmaY I bebo".oll'ed:ITE RepaY/1/ent schedule: [ITI Ollly (he national gOllemllle"t may borrow money.ClQSflR( - Effect of Subversion.~". Cars quit when they're out of gas. Includes: Rule booklet / 14 x 17" space map / 17 x 18" Avalon map / 242 perforated counters / combat results tables ~ 3 PDF 6 ~ 6 PDF The Tax Phase....and vice versa..~. As the Terran Empire found out .(. It can turn any science fiction fan into a wargamer .. (~_. nlltic.~ __~l .. but that is difficult with an inadequate economy and a rebellious population. Limited representative government appeared .

To the outside of the cooling shell of the l'lser tube a high. let's try another approach. tween the camera lens mounting and the laser tube itself.000 miles 6. in diameter. In the vacuum of space laser beams will not diverge significantly over great distances. The TV camera used on most of these missions uses about 750 lines verticle and 750 horizontal. If the GRASER (Gamma Ray Laser) is possible. Once this system has been sighted in by actual firings at drone targets in space.500. As I originally said.) and designed to pick up only light at the laser wavelength. hitting a 100 meter object at 500. which is only about 100 microns (0. which is surrounded by a layer of enriched uranium or plutonium.000 km. To increase that range by ten fold we will use the laser as a scatter weapon. the combat range of the laser warship should move out to about 300. The camera is highly sensitive (Present military TV 8canners can produce a daylight quality battlefield picture using only starlight. That degree of accuracy would be a piece of cake for the system I have just described. each beam will be 50 meters apart and they will cover a circular area 1 km. Bowles Colo. depending for further advances on inflation or fad or some unknown Bobby Fischer. increase the laser tube size to a ten meter diameter and break the heam into 40. I think hitting an object at 300. At the moment I see no rea~on why MC should not be turning. and then will level off there indefinitely. This stuff is beginning to be respectable.000 km. In the same article I failed to mention a theoretically possible laser that may become a major weapon in the distant future.382 ft. the greatest market seems to be in . As the entire mechanisum vaporizes in a small nuclear detonation it emits a gamma ray beam of tremendous po~er. To increase the range another ten fold to 500.000 kilometers means a ten meter long laser tube would have to be aimed within 2 microns or .) in diameter.000 miles 1. field of vision at that range. Following your comments on growth. After trial firings on drones the computer would be able to predict and compensate for these very small changes in beam aim on the first firing.000 miles is quite conservative.002mm.000 km. diameter circle. With a split beam laser covering 1 km.000 miles and the forty G ship at 100. and its possibilities in informal tutorials among the middle class have not been scratched.000 km.000 km. lightweight TV camera aboard Mariner 10 was able to obtain resolution on objects 150 meters across at 10. This would produce a wide beam of about 75 km. second firing. To do this we solidly mount the laser as a structural member of the ship. As Mr. the development of laser weapons systems would go to the maximum possible range. etc. across at 4. the TV camera will have a telescopic lens giving it a seventy-five km. the beams will cover a much larger area with no drop in pbwer density. The small. where the ten meter long laser tube coul:l be off by 0. but in reality we presently have the technology to hit an object 100 meters across and smaller in deep space at 300.000 km. Speaking Eldon Tannishly. but the theoretical physics required to build such a device is extremely complex. the seven G ship could be hit at over 600.000 miles. 1.1 mm. 2-4% of that total by then.000 mile figure I mentioned in my laser article in TSG #5.. Charles R. If the beam is allowed to diverge uniformly over a large area the power density will drop too low to be effective.08 sec. The distance between the small beams will increase as they move out until at 50. 1. Colo. From the time the laser range finder light reflects off the target until the weapon's beams hit the target will be the time lag.45 sec. at 500. given a modicum of stability. resolution TV camera is solidly mounted. it may be a long time coming.000 km. It should work. the only cause of inaccuracy will be the unequal expansion due to temperature change within the metal be- TIME LAG 100. In operation the laser weapon would initially fire when the rotating diverging lens was covering the end of the laser.000 beams of 50 mm.. The lens on the camera is a high magnification type.1 mm. diameter and blanket a 10 km. Sprgs.not in front of the laser end. If you are still not convinced.27 26 LETTERS Dear editor: In TSG #7 Norman Apperson wrote an excellent letter on the difficulties of hitting a target with laser fire at the 300. like the weapons systems of today. Each of the smaller 2 inch (50 mm. Since I"e have seen that current technology should be able to hitan object with laser fire at 300. Mr. but if the beam is split into smaller components with separation between them. Apperson states that the range might move out to 5. above Mercury and 20 km.000 miles. The TV display feeds directly into a computer which controls very small maneuvering rockets which aim the entire ship at the target. and the ability of optical equipment to pick up objects at great distances is only limited by the size of the optical lens and its quality of workmanship. Apperson says. A special lens will cause the 1 meter diameter beam to break up into 400 beams of 2 inch diameter each. Therefore to penpoint an object 100 meters across at 500. This process would be repeated once or twice until perfect aim is obtained and then the laser would fire when the Tot'!ting lens is .000 sales in 1982. * * * The laser triggered miniature nuclear warheads I mentioned in the TSG #5 article apparently already exists in a little larger form.000.) beams will have the same hole cutting power on metal or force field as the larger beam. The entire mass. is rotated in a powerful magnetic field and hit with a powerful fast pulse laser. which is in turn surro~nded by a layer of deuterium or tritium. When I wrote the article on lasers I assumed that. Indeed it does require a high degree of accuracy. Selected isomers of selected isotopes are imbedded in a beryllium rod core. say. it seems to me that the wargame/fantasy-posture industry as a whole will probably hit abou~ $20. Reports of the 13th meeting of the NATO Nuclear Planning Group in 1973 suggested possible deployment of multiple warhead for missiles in 1978 which are clean (no fission products) and with a yield of 50 to 100 ton of TNT. A special lens mounted on a rotating arm spins in front of the laser end 120 times a minute. The reflection of the target would be picked up by the TV camera and fed into the computer which would then activate maneuvering rockets and aim the entire ship at the target. The ability of a target to out maneuver the fire is dependant on its abilitv to take G (See table on bottom of page 26) forces.444 ft.000 miles and more. this change in beam aim would be minimal and predictable. only the holes will be smaller. 600.000 miles and we are talking about advanced systems combat of five to ten decades into the future. Since the laser would be continuously cooled and could be fired at intervals accurate to one thousandth of a second.

should has only to decide what one wants. rather than on the basis of how the knowledge gained will prove helpfUl It seems strange to me that a to them. But naturally. fairly peacefully. something that was drilled into me countless times by my history classes.28 eastern Europe and the Soviet Unionvery high literacy. and the applications of systems analysis are still pretty avantgarde. We also need people who can schools don't exist to impart knowledge is the expression of a narrow understand the workings of nuclear viewpoint: schools don't exist for reactors. I suspect. which when combined with other causes can cause a war. No doubt it previous sentence. such and such in factories and agricultural areas. Worse yet. Especially if large governmental organization goes away. Even mathematics tends to be abstract in direct proportion to my interest in it. I will consider it time well-spent. I will return to mathematics -a subject which I love but which I do not want for a primary degree. depending upon how the players and/or moderator feel about it. Lastly. I find life without literature and history and art to be damnably boring. we do suffer from a glut of paper degrees. In two w ks or so I will leave my military station and return to graduate school. If I never find any use for some field of knowledge. To indite higher education and creativity for ties to pursue my hobbies. It will have been my life and my decision. Believe it or not (and it hurts me to say this): money isn't everythin~ or other calamity . Also. 350 bomber pilots. you tell the first player that he holds a city of one-million people.forting to know. Once I have a good position from which to launch these intellectual jdurnies. at all. of course. The charge that quire years of study before one is even qualified to express an opinion. moderating committee.. The charge that plumbers and janitors and housewives. More: these latter jobs do require creativity of no small magnitude.broke their I'll pass over the rest. He has such and such in oil. as all moves are simultaneous. believe it or not. there's always the chance that the Solar System will be invaded by monsters from Outer Space . but which the pellmell rush for degrees and jobs has prevented me from studying in detail. 4000 crack SS troops. only with beginning forces ana-some very loose objectives. Still. hence a war. but the implicaGod. Inner and Outer Europe-WWI. and who could care less for the wrong reasons or for no reason history or art. I've known a few who tried that who will not organize their own route. though they would never put it so. I may find use for this pointless knowledge. and will hopefully use it to secure a higher-paying job than I could have obtained with a BS in the same field. The difficulties are enormous. the powers-that-be back on Earth could hardly allow that . A central moderator. but it seems that she has neglected the fact that there is no such thing as a war with a single cause. Spilman Lynn White's article was interesting.. suffering prolonged drought. He has. they are philosophically agreeable to considering societies as longterm affairs. because "all ships lead to Earth" and eventually the outer colonies grew fed up with that axiom and just broke off. scattered acorss the desert at various wetter spots. job-related subjects. There are many alternatives magazine which is dedicated to science fiction gaming. And the next player gets 200. How else can one fathom the defects of existing designs and decide upon proper improvements. namely the difference between the "haves" and the "have-nots" would surely remain even after the technology she describes is developed--not everyone will have it at the same time. Although my own education is primarily technical.To this I say BULL****! Jobs are something that a man (or a have not encountered since I read single woman) must have to eat and Sinners in the Hands of an Angry maintain existence. than to have a high-paying job in a town the failure of a few folk (or many) where I had no friends and no opporis to put oneself in a class with certain ancient peoples who . and during the distribution there will be a lot of tensions. As for the humanities: we need them to keep us in touch with our own culture and past.. to such jobs would be analogous to a five-year-old trying to win the Olympic weight lifting championship. and has h en answered above. both related and unrelated. including the projected strategies of . chess is big. the general content of tion that one should forget all the editorial was roughly as silly education and simply work strikes me as the sermon alluded to in the as being a trifle silly. however. time simply sustaining life by work Never-the-less. and satisfy my curiousity concerning its usefullness to me. and at any point the game may stop. as well as ten one-man stratojets with pilots. And then.000 Zulu warriors and their families. where I will earn an MS in computer science. For example. The players then submit their final reports. and 100 fighter pilots. very few of them will involve down-to-earth. The knowledge is can improve on existing space craft. (I think a map of the city and surrounding area would be necessary) The next player gets an orbitting robotic station for power and a Mark XVII Bolo. The "Aryan Myth" so prominent in 11'11'11 already existed. True. but getting it is up to the student.. keeps track of who is doing what. lives have only themselves to blame The point is that most of the if they are not happy. and he may make such and such expansions. the tone of the the idea that all proper education editorial was one of self-righteous. Take WWI as an example--it wasn't just the fact tha t somebody from Serbia shot Franz Ferdinand that got Austria-Hungary to mobilize their troops. It is amazing how one can find uses for such things. Finally. The idols to show their gods how they charges that schools exist as havens felt. Lynn Wi 11 is San Francisco. and the necessary Nazi equipment to get them running..when tunities for off-the-job amusement. and someone who can design computer hardware. The qualieducation cited in the editorial is not so much the failure of an insti. of course. re. Calif. within that po~ulation. Wherever I settle and whatever my job I will continue to frequent universities in search of knowledge which will satisfy my idle curiousity. works for some. like the opposing forces of Austrian-Hungarian power and th-e Pan-Slavic movement. You give them all climafic reports. Christopher S. on the outer fringes of a great desert. and that people hard to reach as true creativity. famine. I know people who I do not doubt that too many get along very well without literapeople pursue "higher education" for ture. I will brush up on certain historical subjects which I have long been interested in. the haves always want more. or better yet. Much of this knOWledge will be pure and useless. I would like to address carry an editorial damning "creative thought". usually at the expense of the have-nots. on the 6ther side of the desert. The big powers wanted into the Balkans. there if you want it. One ually produces excellent articles on this and related subjects. creative thinking is a blind alley is another example of a narrow viewFor a high school dropout to a~pire 29 point. named Spielenburg. I once went to a great deal of trouble creating a Terran Commonwealth that broke up that way. the failure of and eating is not enough. I agree that anyone who that if everyone tried to be a selfspends years of time and thousands made man that the ideal would be as of dollars with no goal in mind is something of a fool. which is comThese skills.ty of life matters almost as much as tution as it is the failure of those life itself. To name a few. I will certainly not waste time reviling the institution which imparted the knowledge. and maybe a planet to run around on. but once again I blame those who pursue higher education blindly and choose majors on the basis of how easy they are. as well as th~ Pan-Germanic etc. Eldon set off a few long-dead circuits in my mind . but the Soviets do like to grant monopoly situ~­ tions. and someone who ANY single reason. and the game runs pbm. for the incompetent is too silly to A society such as ours needs bother answering. I have on occasion thought about having a game without rules.should be purely practical and jobness and hellfire-harangue which I oriented.. I for one would rather who use the institution blindly and have a low-paying job in a town where I had friends and opportuniwithout clear purpose. and continto college: technical schools and vocational institutions abound. and went down the tubes. My education will not stop after I receive my MS. largelv because there is too littie demand for "pure" mathelll':ticians. And the big one. There were many causes besides. I may be able to explore English literature.

. in SC. they kilometers over a period of 106 are. I have been possible to develop the technology successful in winning as the Terran to hold a beam to a divergence of player by splitting or combining my say 100% over a distance of SO 000 forces. and that b)the ar: that a spaceship presents to a [lrlng ship decreases dramatically as he distance between the t~o ships increases.Y. I was extremely interested in your discussion of the use of lasers in ship-to-ship ". as I finally scrounged up the money with the inflow of summer work can march a man through an arrow very well. and an ESC would just kill the population.000km. but other than that . thus the hope of ~ successful attack by the o~ly f~ctor decreasing the power Terrans lS to split his forces. an escape hatch from the threat of eternal trenchfinger. Unless the be som dlvergence with distance. the amount of damage is in no way dependen~ upon the range. as I am currently developing BATTLEFLEET MARS for SPI. Of course. Your magazine did make an interesting point. and a DN would do what the ESC does above." I have P?". for example. as a nuclear blast in space (".beam is made. I believe it is On the planet. Jr. of course. beam as one likes. combined with its engines. and blazers are less dangerous than razors. you have lost till'! . Eldon would then have won! (Note: this particular scenario isn't too However. You may say that I'm old worldish. Maybe that's a bit much. The two objections to the use of lasers at extreme distances (in the range of several tens of thousands of kilometers) "'ere that a)the loss of Greg Costikyan power of a laser beam ". one sentence irked me: t~ere cannot be a shockwave) ".. it is a simple task to the usc of laser ". But even when such things as international law exist. In other words. Paul O'Connor Van Nuys. Hitler marched through neutral countries without a blink.) And the purpose of all this? To add realism. creas s. ". on the other hand.orse. Please do not publish anymore articles about ESC vs. As Mr. No matter ho".some of the transports To answer the first objection before landlng). Iowa I used to like TSG. and totally eradicate BR planets. the writer of the dlfflcul or impossible to hit a distant shi. a kamikaze on the side. The only rule there was -. the ability to self-destruct ana-really tear some enemy up? Considering the destructive force of a DN.. roll to see whether you 'VB hlt. but not very far . reduce the planet's type but not population. people with arrows in them tend to fall down. making it all the easier to tight the.p. " article pretty much takes care of it. Ir. one can assume as tight a even one of the transports. Maybe a SCT would only destroy a million people.hich is another pressing reason).relatlvely easy to capture.ill do "Unless the Terran player has been lIttle to no damage if at a distance foollSh and split his forces (or from a ship. and who the bloody cares what the exact odds are?!! I would bet as often on 6.336%. K.ith increasNew York.000 km is good for play reasons. they usually get broken. Therefore if one nssumes sufficient laser t~ch­ task to prevent the destruction of nology. we shall see. but your comment in "Game Design Notes" was totally uncalled for. a laser beam can be made or someone new to the game (vti ry new). as technology increases. And little crazy things like Thermopylae are hard to come by in a rules-controlled situation. but I really couldn't enjoy it after such a cold beginning. we are assuming that the two most common weapons reality of THE YTHRI as compared to The People of the Wind and how it are lasers and nuclear missiles.l. How about. before making such comments on play style. Terran player is a total incompetent 1I0wever. Have you lost your wit? The rest of the issue was fine. phasers. If or. only an incompetent Ythri The second objection is more player would make it very simple to cogent. it seems to me that you could probably reduce a whole planet if you were to totally unleash all that power at once nearby. But that also makes a way to break down PFS's. like ST40 to MT40). ATK. more. never. . (Also 20. we're aSSUl1llll1l iI some\vhat more advanced .. and a SCT's engines would kill say ten million people. but years. May I also say that swearing is a sign of a small mind.can't laugh at a floundering (no insult intended) SF mag. but you should pick subject matter related to gaming. but the probablllty of hitting a ship is. yes? Well. why not look into type setting and color covers. An ATK. Hope not.eapons. Apperson showed in do It by turn twelve. Say kill all the colonists and reduce a TR80 planet to ST60.fJ"/like hit systeP.'31 30 their forces.000 km. making it In TSG #6. agaln. N. technology.029% as I would on 8. Weir. I will probably be making several comments on SC. Howe should play THE YTHRI more' at extreme distances is quite small. This wlth distance is the inevitable diforces the Ythri ships to spread out verg nce of the beam. like the vortices in SORCERER or even as a playercontrolled troublemaker. and reduces empty planets only. Obviously the latter are only for could be lmproved to recreate more use ln extremely close conditions. It would increase the quality tenfold. First of all. Ca. but that increasing distance will make it more difficult to hit a ship---we're assuming a "1)F. Calif. f~rst you. right now lasers. to work out the best strategy there arc obviously very few f~ee and have found that the only real ' atoms to diffuse a beam. He explains the In BATTLEFLEET . I"hat can you laugh at? You admitted yourself that "where you're goin" might be bankrupt. To integrate these two factorsthe fact that the power of a beam will diminish only a little over great distances. the editorial. No war has yet been fought by any particular set of rules except perhaps when a particular army got "general orders" and used those.. but instead of investing your money on a computer. We see the ruddy problem. Clarion. and a range of 20. and thus as dIstance increases we can assume that the ability of a ~1ike Lazich fIrIng shlp to hit another ship deBurlingaP. In space now. the arc a ship presents ~r. The quality of the magazine is definitely improving. friendly sort of magazine.lln range of 5.arfare in TSG #7. lost. ing distance would decrease the effect or a laser weapon. lt lS an almost impossi Ie tighter and tighter. May Brian Bloomquist be h\Jng! No satire or humor??? The man's a sadist! I'll admit that as a wargamer I take SF as not too serious. review on THE YTHRI as an historical appraisal is good. the "Ship Effectiveness . closely the outcome of the novel. Apperson assumes a maximl.le. you could incorporite the Bolo as a moderator-controlled trouble-maker. and the committee decides who has "won. ". would only kill the population and reduce the planet's capacity to the next smallest level (or if that's impossible. The Bolo has no reason to fight--the Zulus may want the Nazi technology. In my opinion hIS letter. there will destroy them one by one. Bill and unlr a subsl I t I II the "'armth is gone." if anyone has. had absolutely nothing to do with gaming. and the Nazis the Bolo. It was a nice. and who's going to argue with that roller coaster formula on the bottom of page eleven? Frank B. a laser decreases very played THE YTHRI for quite awhile lHtle "'Ith distance.. but the potential is there. I'm not saying that you shouldn't express your views. with that player controlling the "machinegone-mad" in the way which he/she feets~will tear up the game the most. Allen Bjorke Minneapolis. a format I could feel comfortable with. but . which is what TSG is all about. not a real bet. I really wouldn't pay anybody for anymore detail ship/ship articles on SC. besides being outright wrong.. Minn. Of capturing the bases. the to capture three choths or cities and win the game by turn 12. This was not so with Issue #7. I returns. and lf you've hit then determine how much damag~ the target ShlP takes..