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Main Clubhouse: Bethwaite Lane, Clive Park, Northbridge

Seaforth Clubhouse annex: Sangrado Street, Seaforth
Postal Address: PO Box 39 Northbridge NSW 2063

Northbridge Sailing Club
2015-2016 Season Report

Commodore’s Report
The 2015-2016 sailing season was another great year for the club with many new families
introduced to the sport along with the running of our usual competitive junior and senior
programs. Whilst there were many milestones and achievements throughout the season, the
Committee has continued to pursue the priorities that were agreed in the 2014-2015 season
under the Operating Plan reported last year.
Whilst there were a set of priorities outlined in the Operating Plan, most can be summarized
under the following three groupings:
1. Re-invigorate the Junior program. In the 2015-2016 season we continued the work
we have been undertaking to build our Junior program and to improve the outcomes
we deliver for the kids who are learning to sail. The investment in the new poly Optis
was a clear success improving skill development for our LTS cohort. Additionally our
coaching program, led by Lizzi and Evan, continued to develop this season including
the introduction of a new holiday LTS program that will be replicated again in the new
season. Whilst the introduction of a more formal coaching program has helped to
deliver better LTS outcomes, a core element of our Club culture is the volunteer
instructors – they are the life blood that makes us unique and central to activities
such as Live-In. In the 2015-2016 season it was pleasing to see an increase in our
instructor community and we are carefully managing the formal coaching/ volunteer
balance to ensure we preserve and enhance the culture of our Club.
2. Establish clearer pathways for our youth sailors. Whilst the Club continues to
attract new sailors into the Opti class, we recognize the need for the Club to invest in
ways to keep kids in sailing once they graduate from this entry class. A number of
actions were taken here throughout the season and as always more will need to be
done to continue the progress we are making. For example, the introduction of
multiple short races, providing the opportunity for additional starts and more frequent
opportunities to learn, rather than trailing legs behind as youth sailors gain familiarity
with a new class, has been one of the actions taken this year. Whilst this specific
action is related to sailing outcomes, the broader objective is to maintain teenager
engagement in the Club. Much progress was made this year in this area with new
social activities being established (incl the ‘Free Sailor’ days and the establishment of
a Youth Social Committee). The response to these social activities was very strong
highlighting the interest many kids have in being engaged in the Club but not
necessarily its racing activities. Special thanks to Ricky, Andy and all of the other
parents who have been involved here – these social activities will become an even
more important part of the Club’s activities in the new season. We are also initiating
communications with nearby clubs with a view to coordinating and improving the
youth pathway - a critical area we believe we can improve.
3. Continue to find ways to integrate the Junior and Senior activities of the club.
The Committee is committed to ensuring the Club exists for all members and we are
continuing to look for ways to better integrate the activities of our junior and senior
sailors. In the past this integration was largely achieved through ‘family’ sailing –
parents sailing with their kids and in so doing introducing them to afternoon sailing.
Times are changing and whilst there aren’t as many parents sailing with their kids

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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there are many ways we can ensure the two groups continue to be co-dependent
and that Northbridge remains what it has always been – a family club.
These three priorities will continue to underpin the efforts of the Committee as we head into
the new season. Whilst there is clearly much more to do in each of these areas, there were
many highlights from the season.
I have captured a selection of these highlights below:

Our season was kicked off with a number of marketing activities including an Opti
and a Flying 11 rigged up in Northbridge Plaza promoting our activities within the
community. This attracted great interest including from the Willoughby Mayor who
dropped by. This was part of a comprehensive marketing plan that Hugh Morrow led
– sincere thanks to all involved here.
The season also saw the introduction of more varied, fun-based events including
specific sailing streams in the Sailing School that catered for both the more
competitive and the more social young sailors.
A new social committee was appointed amongst the youth sailing group and several
sleep-over and pizza nights were held. In addition, ‘Free Sailor’ days were
established and proved to be very popular for the kids who aren’t as interested in the
racing activities.
Mike Tait organised the updating of the Honour Boards – thank you Mike yet again!
We had 19 Optis competing at the NSW States – the second largest junior fleet
contingent from a single club – and a strong cohort every week through the regular
season. This was a testament to the coaching program led by Lizzi and our many
volunteer instructors
For the second year running, our Flying 11 sailors won the Sydney Harbour
Our sailors continue to pursue their dreams in a number of ways and this season we
saw Tim Westwood selected in the Japanese Youth Americas Cup team for the Red
Bull Youth America’s Cup in Bermuda in June 2017. The evergreen Tim Alexander
attended the Laser World Masters in Kingston revisiting the same location he went to
40 years ago when he represented Australia at the Olympics. Lachie Brewer and
Jack Ferguson competed in the 2016 Optimist World Championships in Portugal in
July with both finishing in the top 100, a great achievement considering that only
eight Aussie sailors have achieved that to-date. Mina Ferguson competed in the
2016 Optimist European Championship in Italy in July, achieving second in the Silver
Fleet finals. A great result! Finally Sam Worrall (sailing with Otto Henry from WSC)
came 9th in the French 420 Nationals and 26th in the World 420 Championships in
Europe in July.

Please read the Class Reports which provide details around the many achievements of the
sailors and the Club this season.

Financial Report
This year’s membership and financial performance was an improvement over last year with
the attainment of a profit from our operating activities for the first time in 3 years.
Memberships grew to 179 from 161 in 2014/15 with an increase in the number of first year
Learn-To-Sail enrolments and a stronger retention rate from 2014/15 due to the
improvements in the Junior Program.
Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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The Junior program generates 75% of the Club’s income and as a result the increased
emphasis here is a key element of the Committee’s plans to secure the financial viability of
the Club.
This stronger financial performance enabled the Club to invest in some much needed
maintenance. In the 2015-2016 season we prioritized the following capital and maintenance

New Opti training boats
New pontoon
New rib and outboard
Re-sealing of the deck

In addition I am pleased to report the Club has made a grant request to the Federal
Government for further investment in the Club’s facilities and the Committee hopes to make
an announcement here in the near future.
The Club’s success continues to be built on its members and the unique environment that
we enjoy at Northbridge. On behalf of all members, I would like to thank the many individuals
who contributed to the Club’s success – from parents, instructors, class captains, sailors and
other volunteers. In particular I’d like to thank the Committee for giving up their time for the
benefit of all members.
It is a privilege to be able to contribute to the Club’s activities and to be part of the Club’s
development. The Committee’s primary mission is to ensure we hand the Club over to the
next leadership group in better shape than what we found it in and we look forward to
continuing the progress we have made this year.
Steven Worrall

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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Junior Sailing Report 2015- 16
The Northbridge junior sailors have had yet another fantastic season. Activities kicked off
with lots of kids involved in marketing the opening day. A highlight was the stand at
Northbridge Plaza. We had a large contingent of visitors for the Open Day filled the first of
the three learn to sail programs.

The twelve new plastic optis enabled the new sailors to get straight into the action, sailing
two up for the entire course enabling quick transition to solo sailing.
The wonderful Lizzi Rountree and her band of coaches and instructors led fantastic
programs of skill enhancement.

We had great regatta representation. First up was the ACT Champs and we had a large
contingent travel down to Canberra. This is a fantastic event at a wonderful venue and is the
perfect first regatta for budding racers.
Lizzi brought her creative skills to Canberra and the kids made t-shirts to celebrate the
Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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As usual, Northbridge was well represented in the award ceremony.

Regular weekend racing ran quite smoothly with the help of the many parent volunteers.
The ranks were strong with up to 24 Optimists competing on some weekends. This made
for a very busy deck as the kids returned with the seniors hankering to start rigging!

The camaraderie amongst the Northbridge junior sailors at regattas was fantastic to see.
Quite a few of the kids coming out of the learn to sail program joined the contingent that
travelled up to South Lake Macquarie for the State Championships. Not surprisingly, many
first time kids (and parents) had no idea what was going on! but the kids stepped up and
proactively helped each other get organised, rig up and launch their boats.

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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As is tradition, the end of season Sailaway took the kids off to a mystery location for a day of
fun and games. It’s a wonderful way to wrap up the season.
Thanks to all the kids and parents that helped out. It was a fantastic season.

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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Flying 11 Report 2015-2016
The 2015/16 season has seen the Flying 11 Program go from strength to strength with a
record 17 boats registered and regular fleets in excess of 12.

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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The kids have had FUN and it is always a tremendous sight to see them learn and grow in
confidence. We had a range of abilities from front of the fleet regatta sailors through to club
sailors still learning to confidently sail in all weathers and everything in between.
The Flying 11 Program has been ably coached by Evan Andrews and assisted by a hardworking and enthusiastic parent group.
Club Championship
The Club Championship was a close tussle between Rebecca Hancock/Eve Peel and Jack
Taylor/Shuhei Tomishima with Rebecca and Eve proving the form sailors of the season. The
club Championship places were 1st Rebecca Hancock and Eve Peel, 2nd Jack Taylor and
Shuhei Tomishima and 3rd Kashi Saunders and Bezi Saunders.

Figure 1 Flying 11 Sailing at its Best – Fresh and Fast

Other NSC Trophies
In other NSC trophies Jack Taylor and Shuei cleaned up the Afternoon Point Score, followed
by Kashi and Bezi and Maddy Sloane and Isobel Gosper.
Maddy and Isobel turned out to be the perpetual trophy specialists winning the President’s
Plate, the Punchbowl Pennant and the Commodores Cup with Warwick Taylor and Namika
Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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Keogh 2nd and Sasha Zenari and Thomas Westwood 3rd in the President’s Plate. Luke
Bartels followed by Kashi were 2nd and 3rd respectively in the Punchbowl Pennant and Kashi
and Bezi were 2nd followed by Nathan Stanaway and Mathew Yun 3rd in the Commodores

Figure 2 Clubhouse Start

Sydney Harbour Championship
The highlight of the season was the Sydney Harbour Championship, an interclub event held
between NSC and VA12’SC. 2 rounds were hosted by NSC and 3 rounds were hosted by
VA12’SC. MH16’SC did not participate this year due to low flying 11 numbers.
This regatta brought as much excitement during the passages to and from Vaucluse as the
racing itself. The logistics were always fun juggling skippers who needed to coach junior
sailing and crews participating in junior sailing.

Figure 3 The Trip Home in a Nice NorEaster
Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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The final round summed it up for me with our small fleet getting beaten up by a 25+ knot SE
squall on the passage across the Heads en route to Vaucluse, the three rescue boats hiding
behind the eastern channel wedding cake to keep out of the horizontal rain, going ashore
after racing to mingle with the Vaucluse kids for a sausage sizzle and prize giving before
going back out into the freezing cold for the sail home. The standout was young Anders
Koskela who had never sailed in a Flying 11 before and was in his first year in Optis when
he was talked into joining the departing fleet at 10 minutes notice.

Figure 4 The Long Tow to Vaucluse

We eventually got Anders back to his parents just on dark, freezing cold and totally pumped
– ‘Mum I need to sail a Flying 11 next year!’ Needless to say great adventures are all part of
mucking around in boats and he has already signed on to crew in a Flying 11 for next
In the end NSC was the dominant club led by Rebecca Hancock and Eve Peel 1st, followed
by Kashi and Bezi Saunders 2nd and Maddy Sloane and Isobel Gosper 3rd.

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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Figure 5 Wet, Cold and TOTALLY PUMPED!

Figure 6 Leaving VA12'SC

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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State Championships

Figure 7 NSW States - A Fair Bit on at the Wing Mark
The NSW State Championships were held over 2 rounds at Cronulla in November and
Avalon in February. The two rounds were totally different with Cronulla sailing outside Port
Hacking in the open ocean in fresh southerly conditions and Avalon sailing inside Pittwater
where conditions were mostly light and variable, occasional rain and sun.

Figure 8 Patrick and Sam Reaching Before the Storm (and not long before they
washed up on the rocks in the surf off Cronulla)
Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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In the overall results notable successes were Bec and Eve (and stand-in Emma for the last
day) who won the Best All-Girl Crew, Maddy Sloane and Isobel Gosper who came second
on handicap, and Sam Alexander and Patrick Fennell who won the Encouragement award
(for stacking Anzac onto the rocks in big surf at Cronulla - not sure the parents want to
encourage that!). And Tom Warne, who somehow won two(!) lucky door prizes at the results

Figure 9 NSW State Champs

Figure 10 Maddy and Tom - NSW States

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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Figure 11 Team Northbridge Briefing at the NSW States

Figure 12 Kashi and Bezi Representing Team Northbridge at the States

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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Social Events
It took a while for the social events to gain momentum this year but there were several
memorable Pizza and Sleepover events that were well attended.
A memorable moment was when 30 kids turned up for a sleepover on a Saturday night only
to discover a wedding had been scheduled at NSC and they were effectively ‘homeless’. No
problem for our intrepid sailor group who shuttled everyone to the Seaforth clubhouse using
a variety of boats (gotta love mucking around in boats) for an extra special and even more
isolated sleepover – best one yet!

Figure 13 Plenty of action at the NSW State Champs

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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Figure 14 Bec and Eve in Total Control

In summary, the 2015/16 Flying 11 season has been very successful. The club spirit is alive
and well, the kids have had a ball and the emphasis has been on fun. Along the way we
have a great group of kids who have developed great friendships and are developing as
sailors. What more could we have asked for?
A HUGE thank you to Evan Andrews for all his efforts and to all the other parents and
coaches who have put in such a big effort to make the season such a success.
Tom Sloane
Flying 11 Captain
Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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Laser Report 2015-2016
We shall miss the starter Richard McFee who is after many decades actually retiring from
this most important role in the club. His humour as we prepare for the days racing permeates
the deck. We shall have a tough gig to replace him.
Simon Bellamy – great to have a Laser sailor being elected to the lofty position of Vice
Stephen McCulloch and Richard Monckton have to be recognized for their improvement, and
consistency. I don’t think anyone has attended more races than either of these two. And
Paul Crouch has had a great season more than once finishing ahead of the usual suspects.
And watch out for Peter Doyle next year as he does not plan to miss as many races due to
injury etc
Ian McGregor had a late start to the season as he spent last winter through to November
cruising the coral coast with Sue in his 46 foot Peterson
After many years of racing Carolyn Hinton has decided to concentrate on her swimming.
Great having you in the fleet Carolyn
Cameron McDonald, John Smidmore, Paul Crouch, Peter Doyle and Steve McCulloch have
all recently acquired new boats to show their determination to improve.
And others have acquired new sails so that there is less blame on equipment.
Wangi on Lake Macquarie saw a good representation of the usual suspects at the State
Masters during the season. (Smidmore, Clare, Alexander, Doyle). Similarly with the National
Masters at Port Stephens, Northbridge again punched above its weight.
World Masters in Kingston Canada was attended by Tim Alexander. He last visited Kingston
40 years ago when representing Australia in the Olympics. And the week end before the
2016 NSC AGM and prize giving Tim is sailing his Laser in the South Pacific Championships
in Moreton Bay Queensland. 38 years ago at the same event Tim won the open division of
Lasers at this event. The motto of this story is “Don’t take drugs, just keep sailing” (The odd
Nurafen is allowed for Master sailors)
And a reminder that the World Masters Games are on in Auckland next April. A number of
the Laser sailors are thinking of competing.
SHORT RACE FORMAT. The consensus amongst laser sailors that recent increase in the
number of short race format race events is enjoyable and gives us more practice at starting.
PATHWAYS WITH LASERS. The advantage of a laser as a “pathway boat” is that there are
three rigs with the same hull. Each rig from the 4.7 through radial to full rig is a strong class
in itself with great racing within each rig division both at and outside the club.
Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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Our Olympic sailor Tim Alexander took out the club championship for the 9th or 10th time in
the Full Rig Division, setting a fine standard for the rest of us. Steve Penny was runner up,
with Ian Clare 3rd, and John Smidmore 4th. The completion for 2nd place was fierce!
Congratulations to Cameron McDonald who won the Radial Division
MASTERS CLASSIFICATIONS: Outside of sailing some persons have difficulty reaching an
age and stage where they are entitled to a Seniors Card. Despite the financial advantages
most take years after being entitled, before actually applying for the “seniors card”. It is a
similar story as one works through the different classifications of Laser Master Sailing. We
have Apprentice Masters in the 35-44 age bracket, then Masters 45-54, Grand Masters in
55-64, and then Great Grand Masters in 65-74, After that there are the legends. But unlike
Seniors Cards, once you attain a certain age you are in a new classification – and we all
know about it. No names mentioned here, but we all know who is going through a stage of
reclassification. Harden up, you know who you are!
NEW SAILORS WELCOME: The long established core of laser sailors welcomes new
sailors. We maintain a club boat for potential new laser sailors, visitors from other clubs
from anywhere in the world, or members. This year we have welcomed at least four visiting
sailors and we encourage them to return.
Let us take the opportunity to remind ourselves that it is important that the rules of sailing be
followed whilst racing at the club. This is particularly important for the regatta sailors, for at
regattas no quarter is given.
For those of us fortunate enough to take advantage of the often perfect sailing conditions in
late afternoon, there has been laser training at the club once a week during the season,
whenever there is a quorum. A quorum is enough sailors to lift out the boats, and put them
Sandy Kiernan
Laser Captain

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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NS14 Report 2015-2016
This season was a bit of now you see them, now you don’t, except for the stalwart Malcom
and Steph team (Samba Pa Ti) who were at NSC most Sundays, if they weren’t away at a
regatta. Michael (Carbon Neutral) was away for the first chunk of the season (at ‘that’
Hungarian wedding) and David (Invisible) disappeared in the middle of the season to work
on trans-Pacific multi-lateral relations.
Haphazard crewing arrangements gave the opportunity for anyone interested to have a go
with eight different crews between the three boats – and both mother and daughter Anne
and Sascha Zenari tried to outdo each other. Malcolm lent his CPSC Saturday crew, Miriam,
to Michael for a few races (having made sure she had no energy left after Saturday!).
So Malcolm and Steph cleaned up the Club Championship again – becoming a bit of a habit,
one that we need to set about breaking next season! Malcolm went to several of the MTs
and TTs and he and Miriam also won the Annual Points Score at Connells Point SC.
The Nationals held in Canberra saw a change of team. Michael was going to sail with Anna
on Carbon Neutral but at the last moment Hugh decided he couldn’t let his wife have all the
fun, commandeered Carbon Neutral and persuaded Rebecca Hancock to spend part of her
holidays in Canberra. Luckily Michael was able to borrow Shine from Graeme Lee and Alex
Chittenden joined the party with Sarah Warner. With the usual mixed bag of Canberra winds
(ie mostly not much), Hugh and Rebecca (sailing with a 10 year old jib and 5 year old main
and no training) managed to come a close second with Chitty and Sarah coming sixth.
In February the three boats went on the annual jaunt to Chipping Norton Lake to support the
Single-Handed championship. Frustrating as usual but challenging and everyone gets a time
in the lead – normally only a short time!
The NSW States sailed out of Georges River skiff club gave rise to more crew changes, this
time with the club’s youth having a go. Mike lent Carbon Neutral to Evan Andrews and
Maddy Sloane and David lent Invisible to Jordan Girdis and Kiah Hodgkinson; they were
joined by Malcolm and Steph and Chitty who teamed up with Sam Worrall. Chitty and Sam
came a commendable fifth but young guns Jordan and Kiah upset the ‘oldies’ Malcolm and
Steph to come in 14th, one place ahead of Samba Pa Ti with Evan and Maddy only two
places behind in 17th in a fleet of 39. Thanks, Steph, for encouraging everyone to get
Two teams represented Northbridge at the MG14 Nationals on Lake Illawarra and endured
that disastrous day of 40 knot winds. Peter and Sarah Warner sailed Carbon Neutral and
Chitty teamed up with Chris Eddes on a borrowed boat with teams finishing 4th and 6th
respectively in a fleet of 34. Carbon Neutral also won the MG14 NSW States again under the
helm of Rohan Nosworthy.

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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With a number of youth interested in the next step after F11s we are keen to promote the
NS14 and MG14 as the classes of choice. With one hull you can have double the fun and
sail single-handed too! To help with this choice Mike went out a couple of times with Kashi
Saunders with Carbon Neutral rigged as an MG. With Mike’s skills somewhat rusty and
minimal wind there wasn’t a huge amount of excitement but it was obviously enough to
persuade Kashi as the Saunders have now acquired an MG. We look forward to seeing
them out next season, hopefully as both an MG and an NS as the circumstances require.

The other interesting bit of news is that the very first NS14 built, the prototype designed by
Frank and the small team of Northbridge sailors, is alive and well and still sailing. Named
‘Seraph’, the name being a derivation from the Cherub Frank and Nel brought with them
from New Zealand, she has been in the same family all this time and has the original sails
and rigging and this summer has sailed from Clontarf to Watsons Bay a couple of times.
Unfortunately, she broke her round wooden mast so if anyone knows of one somewhere
please contact Mike. Mike has lent her an alloy mast and sails to suit to get around with

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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temporarily and she is seen here with that rig in a picture taken from David Lee’s yacht on a
MHYC Wednesday race day.
We look forward to an expanded fleet for next season and we are all happy to discuss any
aspects of the classes with anyone who is interested.

Tasar Report Season 2015-2016
This season Ric and Barb Day, Peter van Roekel and Jenny Sheridan and Tony Stephens
and Maz Sorensen were the season regulars with Malcolm Handel racing when travel
permitted with one of his “Special Ks” (Kerry or Kim). This was interspersed with Hugh and
Anna Tait appearing for the scratch events (when their toddler Zach gave them time off) and
Ken Pearson, who while initially unavailable put in some consistent racing at the end of the
season. While full of the promise of family bonding at the start of the season, Grant
Thurkettle found it hard to choose which of his sons to sail with, resulting in a strong start but
a weak finish. Peter van Roekel came up with a better strategy – sailing with his
granddaughter Jess Berry, when Jenny was unavailable.
Almost like lightning striking twice, the Club Championship was marked by the unexpected
with Tony and Maz coming from the clouds in a drifter to beat Hugh and Anna in Heat 1 in
the last leg. In Heat 2 Hugh and Anna got well out in front and then disaster struck with a
broken rudder pintle and a DNF. As the series progressed, normality returned with Hugh
and Anna consistently winning Heats 3, 4, and 5, and average points for race 6 (due to an
Association Event), but carrying the DNF.

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

page 22

Due to combination of very unlikely star crossed hopes and aspirations, Tony and Maz could
have (somehow) won the Club Championship in the last heat if they beat Hugh and Anna by
two places however Hugh using his superior match racing skills sailed us to the back of the
fleet. This did lead to some animated discussion on our boat – shared with all around
however despite best efforts, Hugh and Anna secured a second to Ric and Barb in the last
heat of the Club Championships, with Tony and Maz third. This gave Hugh and Anna the
Club Championship with only one point separating second and third, with Tony and Maz just
nudging out Ric and Barb.
In the regular Sunday handicap racing, there were plenty of close races with “featherlight”
Ric and Barb making the most of shifty conditions and getting out in front however quite
often there was a cluster of three Tasars bellowing buoy room well into the race legs.
Malcolm Handel was the dark horse of the season – we never knew whether he was going
to sail or with whom however both Kerry and Kim seemed to take this in their stride (except
when Malcolm called them by the wrong name).
Somehow I think Hugh will leave less to chance next season.
Tony Stephens
Tasar Class Captain.
Club Championship
Willoughby Shield
Commodore’s Cup
Annual Point Score


Hugh and Anna Tait
Tony Stephens and Maz Sorensen
Ric and Barb Day
Tony Stephens & Maz Sorensen
Ric and Barb Day
Malcolm Handel and Kerry Fyfe
Ric and Barb Day
Peter van Roekel and Jess Berry
Ken Pearson and Silvino Destino
Tony Stephens and Maz Sorensen
Ric and Barb Day
Peter van Roekel and Jenny Sheridan

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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NSW Tasar Association Events
When not competing at Northbridge Hugh and Anna Tait made the most of their limited
sailing time by entering all of the, Summer Traveller’s Trophy, Metropolitan Trophy and
Bethwaite Trophy races held by the NSW Tasar Association. They also headed up to Port
Stephens for the NSW State Championships which were held at the venue of the next
National Championships and hence drew considerable interstate competition.
They were joined by Malcom Handel and Kerry Fyfe at the combined Traveller’s Trophy
Race 4 / Bethwaite Trophy held at Speers Point, as well as the NSW State Championships,
where they shared accommodation, coaching tips and some great conversation!
With a very consistent performance across the season Hugh and Anna won the Traveller’s
Trophy, Metropolitan Trophy and Bethwaite Trophy. Also, picking up 2nd in both the ACT
and NSW State Championships.
Malcolm and Kerry proved that getting to association events improves performance
consistently improving to finish a very credible 25th out of 42 and 3rd on handicap at the NSW
State Championships.
All 4 are looking forward to more Association events next season, in particular the National
Championships at Port Stephens over the 2016/17 New Year Period. They will hopefully
persuade a few more NSC Tasars to venture off the deck and up the stairs too!
Travellers Trophy 1 &
Metropolitan Trophy 1
ACT Championships &
Travellers Trophy 2
Travellers Trophy 3 &
Metropolitan Trophy 2
Travellers Trophy 4 &
Bethwaite Trophy
Travellers Trophy 5 &
Metropolitan Trophy 3
NSW State

Georges River Sailing Club

Hugh and Anna

Canberra Yacht Club


Hugh and Anna

Balmoral Sailing Club


Hugh and Anna

Speers Point Sailing Club


Hugh and Anna

Woollahra Sailing Club


Hugh and Anna

Port Stephens Sailing and
Aquatic Club


Hugh and Anna Tait
Malcolm and Kerry (3rd
on Handicap)

Hugh Tait

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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Moth class report 2015/2016 season
The Moths have had a good season, not too many westerlies which are very difficult to sail
in a boat where you hike with your feet on the gunwale. There have been some changes in
the fleet, Ethan has sold his foiler to Andrew Sim who has sailed it a few times at
Northbridge as well as Saturdays at Balmoral. Ian and Andrew sailed in the Australian Moth
championships in Perth which they enjoyed. I have finally got a new sail which has livened
up the competition between the scows. We are not sure how much Pete Harney will be
sailing next season as he and Amy now have Lachlan to keep their days busy.
Stephen Hancock has brought his foiler to Northbridge a few times and has discovered just
how narrow the bays are when you are reaching at 20 knots. As Andrew says, Northbridge
is not the best place to learn to handle a hydrofoiling Moth. It is good to see the Moths
sailing out of Seaforth which was one of the foundation clubs for the class in Sydney.
Jim Beeston

“Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing
- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”
― Kenneth Grahame, The Wind in the Willows

Northridge Sailing Club Season Report 2015-16

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