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Rotary Screw Compressors
With the world-renowned SIGMA PROFILE

Free air delivery from 12.68 to 30.20 m³/min – Pressure 5.5 to 15 bar

Available with optional SFC variable frequency drive. as does reliability. KAESER's highly efficient DSD and DSDX rotary screw compressors are not only simple to install but also offer outstanding versatility and performance. They are particularly efficient. pneumatic control systems and any other equipment that uses compressed air.DSD/DSDX What do you expect from a compressor with variable frequency drive and refrigeration dryer? As a user. dried-air in accordance with the highest standards. 5 Fluid cooler 6 Fluid filter 7 Compressed air after-cooler 8 Control cabinet – SFC module 9 Refrigeration dryer 10 PC-based control system B C A = Rotary screw compressor DSD Series A B = SFC C = Refrigeration dryer (T) . This not only increases system reliability. compressed air tools. All possible combinations of these three modules are available. Efficient energy consumption therefore plays a vital role in every compressed air system. hard-wired unit that delivers maximum performance. It is also important that the compressed air system delivers condensate-free compressed air in the correct volume and quality for the specific application. SFC – Sigma Frequency Control The SIGMA FREQUENCY CONTROL (SFC) variable frequency drive module is available for DSD and DSDX compressor systems. The SFC module and the compressor are seamlessly integrated into a compact. but also significantly reduces maintenance costs for the air distribution network. Furthermore. DSD series compressors can be equipped with a refrigeration dryer. modular design for maximum efficiency DSD/DSDX – Efficiency as standard DSD and DSDX series compressors with energy-saving 1:1 drive form the basis for KAESER’s versatile modular concept. KAESER’s solution: Versatile modular design Tailored. Energy costs taken over Potential energy savings the lifetime of a compressor. That may sound Compressor system investment Maintenance costs simple. add up to a multiple of investment costs. T – With refrigeration dryer DSD compressors are available with an integrated refrigeration dryer module. you expect maximum efficiency. for example. but these advantages are influenced by many different factors: Energy costs. reliability and consistent air quality from your compressed air system. With the addition of the SFC module (B). The refrigeration dryer module (C) transforms a standard rotary screw compressor into a compact compressed air system that delivers quality. the compressor speed can be automatically adjusted to meet varying air demand. 1 Inlet valve 9 2 Electric motor 10 8 4 1 3 7 5 6 2 3 SIGMA PROFILE airend Maximum Flexibility 4 Separator with cartridge KAESER’s versatile range of modular T SFC packages ensures that a model is available to suit every compressed air need. Each package is delivered tested and ready for operation. The compressor and dryer are housed in separate cabinets with individual cooling air apertures and cooling systems to ensure maximum operational reliability. yet requires minimal floor space. durable and reliable as each is equipped a generously sized low speed airend featuring SIGMA PROFILE rotors.

This design also prevents exposure of the refrigerant dryer to any heat from the compressor package. Aluminium plate heat exchanger The aluminium plate heat exchanger in the refrigeration dryer is both corrosion.DSD T – With compact refrigeration dryer Dependable centrifugal separator A centrifugal separator with an electronically controlled ECO DRAIN is installed between the compressor and the dryer. Individual cooling air apertures and intelligent design ensure outstanding reliability in ambient temperatures of up to +45°C. The SIGMA CONTROL compressor controller constantly monitors the compressor. This ensures safe. This both saves energy and considerably enhances the reliability of the compressed air supply. . which is able to operate in ambient conditions of up to +45°C. The addition of the integrated refrigeration dryer module transforms the high performance DSD compressor unit into a complete air supply system.and contamination-resistant. The advanced level-controlled condensate drain eliminates the compressed air losses associated with solenoid valve control. which significantly increases compressed air availability. KAESER's new DSD T rotary screw compressor systems provide space-saving. Refrigeration dryer with ECO DRAIN The refrigeration dryer also features an ECO DRAIN. The bearings in the drive and fan motors can be externally lubricated. Even with fluctuating airflow. efficient initial separation and drainage of the condensate even under conditions of high ambient temperature and humidity. If required. The dryer’s components and piping are designed to provide exceptional operational safety and reliability. the heat exchanger reliably separates the accumulating condensate from the air. refrigeration dryer and condensate drains. Turnkey operation SIGMA CONTROL Contained in its own separate cabinet there is more than sufficient space to allow all the components in the dryer to be generously sized yet easily accessible for maintenance. energy efficient compressed air generation and treatment in a single compressor package. The innovative DSD T series Combining unrivalled reliability with exceptional efficiency. signals from the dryer can be defined as alarms and forwarded to a centralised control system.

e. Current spikes that can potentially cause damage to power systems and equipment are reliably eliminated without the need for additional expensive electronics. KAESER SFC compressors Soft start with no current spikes Transmission losses 800% Maintenance costs Zero Interference: The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of the components and of the complete machine has been tested and certified in accordance with all applicable regulations. the number of times the motor can be switched on within a defined time Time period without overheating. The airends in DSD/ DSDX units are powered by a direct drive system that eliminates the transmission losses associated with gear drive systems. to reduce maximum system pressure. low speed airends featuring the energy saving SIGMA Profile have significant advantages over smaller. 700% % full load current Energy consumption Direct drive reduces the number of components needed in comparison with gear drive and eliminates the associated transmission losses.1 bar Pressure± adjusting drive motor speed (and 0.DSD/DSDX SFC – Ultimate efficiency Perfect performance – even with high ambient temperatures Ambient temperature °C The generously-sized SFC module with its efficiently-cooled control cabinet allows trouble-free operation in ambient temperatures up to +45 °C. the continuously variable acceleration and deceleration of moving parts reduces dynamic loading. 7 days a week. by continuously Pressure ± 0. yet require no additional maintenance. The benefits speak for themselves: efficient power transmission. Depending on the buffer Time capacity of the downstream air network. Outstanding performance DSD / DSDX SFC compressor packages are highly efficient direct drive units featuring variable speed control. Considerable savings can also be achieved with the addition of a SIGMA FREQUENCY CONTROL (SFC) module. All packages are designed to operate at full load. This can lead to significant savings. With high efficiency performance throughout the entire control range. as each 1 bar reduction in pressure amounts to a 7 percent reduction in energy consumption. as a result. large. enabling these compressors to provide significant energy savings.1 bar and. efficient airend featuring high performance SIGMA PROFILE rotors.1bar therefore the airend) within its specified Consistent prespressure Consistent control range. high speed airends. Pressure in bar Pressure in bar Consistent pressure Other variable speed compressors Air delivery from a DSD or DSDX SFC compressor can be matched to actual air demand. 600% 500% 400% 300% 200% 100% 0% Direct start Star-delta start Soft start SFC packages Soft start allows a gradual increase in drive motor current from zero to full load. sound levels are also considerably lower. according to required system pressure. optimal power consumption and reduced servicing / downtime costs. This significantly increases reliability and service life. enabling almost unlimited motor switching frequency i. Kaeser 35 Other providers 45 Provider The advanced DSD/DSDX SFC series Every KAESER rotary screw compressor is equipped with a large. . In addition. it is therefore possible to precisely maintain working pressure to within ±0.

3 u rpm* 50 0 o1 t p DSD /DS DX O up to 4000 rpm thers Low speed operation Each DSD / DSDX compressor has exactly the same mechanical components as those used in KAESER’s standard fixed speed compressors.1 bar increments 15 50 100 Hz * SFC up to 2000 rpm 4 SIGMA CONTROL Based on robust PC architecture. the SIGMA Control offers the possibility of Dual.5 bar 0.1 – Eight decisive advantages SIGMA PROFILE airend A specific drive power can be used to turn a smaller airend at high speed or a larger airend at slow speed. The motor and airend are joined by the coupling and its housing to form a compact and durable unit that. Furthermore. low speed airends are more efficient than small high speed airends because they supply more air for the same drive power. Further advantages include long service life and reduced maintenance requirement. but also guarantees optimum energy efficiency. a second compressor in base-load sequencing mode and for connection to data networks (Profibus DP). Interfaces are provided as standard for connection of a modem. as the opening in the housing is more than large enough to replace the two coupling sections.2 6.5 bar . This ensures that every DSD and DSDX SFC compressor operates with the most efficient pressure-frequency profile. 8 Specific power is the key Large. Separation performance remains almost constant – even with fluctuating airflow – reliably maintaining the required pressure dew point. 2000 rpm. which enables seamless communication with the SFC control cabinet. This not only ensures unrivalled reliability and compressed air availability. The most efficient method of producing compressed air is by using large. but also applies throughout the entire control range. 13 bar 0. which is particularly important for variable speed machines. Furthermore. the worldwide presence of Siemens ensures dependable service.1 bar increments Pressure in bar DSD and DSDX 10 bar 0. Quadro.2 kW per m³/min for a KAESER SFC compressor operating at 7. The slightly higher investment cost of the larger airend is quickly recovered by the energy saved during operation. 6. Should the coupling ever need to be replaced. low speed airends are more efficient. That is why KAESER developed airends especially for the DSD and DSDX series that precisely match the individual drive power and motor speed of each machine in the range. The compact separator is integrated within the refrigeration dryer's heat exchanger package and deflector plates ensure reliable condensate separation. Variable frequency controlled compressors are only truly efficient if they have low energy consumption throughout their entire control range. both as individual components and as an integrated system. Vario and Continuous control. The use of standardised drive motors also contributes to long-term compressed air availability. Larger. low speed airends – airends in DSD/ DSDX SFC compressors have a typical maximum rotation speed of approx. 7 Flexible pressure adjustment The wide range of available 1:1 drive airends makes it possible to select the one that works most efficiently within the pressure and performance range required. delivering more compressed air for the same drive power. 2 Energy-saving 1:1 drive The advantages of this drive system are not just limited to the elimination of transmission losses. 5 Highly efficient condensate separator (with DSD T) The separator tank in the refrigeration dryer is made of aluminium and is therefore completely corrosion resistant. This is not just the case at full load. The SIGMA CONTROL automatically controls and monitors the compressor package.2 kW/m³/min at 7. Clearly marked navigation and input keys on the user interface are used to move around within the menu options of the four line alpha-numeric display. 6 SFC module from Siemens (with DSD and DSDX) Siemens frequency converters are used exclusively in KAESER’s speed controlled compressors for several reasons: Siemens manufactures the industrial PC-based SIGMA CONTROL compressor controller. Solid particles are also washed out and eliminated together with the condensate.5 bar can be considered as an excellent indication of the machine's efficiency. the SIGMA CONTROL compressor controller is equipped with a pressure-to-frequency profile that guarantees maximum flexibility for air delivery and pressure whilst providing best possible efficiency. This powerful compressor controller can also display information in any 1 of 30 selectable languages at just the press of a button. it takes just a few minutes without any disassembly of the unit. apart from greasing of the motor bearings.1 bar increments 7. The Profibus interface enables exchange of data and operational parameters allowing the SIGMA Control to communicate with other air management systems such as the SIGMA Air Manager. The specific energy requirement of 6. requires no regular maintenance. The SFC control cabinet and SIGMA CONTROL are Class 1 tested and certified as per electromagnetic compatibility regulation EN 55011.

volt-free contacts for ventilation control.25 .5 12 2.90 8.5 12 15 8. Electrical components Control cabinet to IP 54. enabling KAESER’s experts to plan and design a system that is specially tailored to meet all of your compressed air needs. Annex C **) Sound level to PN8NTC 2.5 10 13 6.30 3.00 10 10 15 2.14. vibration damped. RS 485 for a slave compressor in base-load sequencing mode (not with SFC versions) and a Profibus (DP) interface for data networks.35 3300 x 1730 x 2040 70 3650 23. Compressed air supply system with separate components Air cooled.5 12 2350 x 1730 x 2040 7.5 12 15 2.3 at one metre distance.1 3300 x 1730 x 2040 69 3250 20.80 9 2905 x 1730 x 2040 69 3100 75 DSD 142 T SFC 7. Dimensions Technical Specifications – DSD / DSDX T – Version with integrated refrigeration dryer (Refrigerant R 134a) Model 75 DSD 142 7.70 3.2 10 10 2905 x 1730 x 2040 70 3230 90 DSD 172 T SFC 7.55 .60 . Air connection Airend Air connection Complete unit 3305 1730 Front view Rear view View from right 3D-view DSDX 3.1 3305 x 1730 x 2040 69 3400 90 DSD 172 SFC 7.00 6.5 12 15 3155 x 1945 x 2040 72 78***) 4600 2600 1980 Front view *) FAD to ISO 1217: 1996.16.00 .50 19.5 2040 DSD 142 SFC 2040 75 Air connection T SFC . Dryer power pressure package at working operating consumption pressure pressure bar m³/min bar kW Dimensions WxDxH Sound level **) Weight mm dB(A) kg 2.93 .80 9 2.14.73 3.30 3.35 3305 x 1730 x 2040 72 79***) 4220 132 DSDX 243 SFC 10 10 15 10 10 15 8.17.80 .5 12 15 bar FAD *) Complete Max.80 19.68 23.10 20. Prepared for Teleservice.6 .46 15.20 8.60 5.5 10 16.6 . all panels powder coated.14.12 14.60 .90 5.52 12. control transformer.00 3.30 4. fully automatic.33 3.00 .62 90 DSD 172 7.5 10 13 7.5 13.52 12.20 23.14.46 15.20.1 3305 x 1730 x 2040 70 3530 110 DSD 202 SFC 3730 110 DSD 202 T SFC 7.35 3305 x 1730 x 2040 71 4080 2905 x 1730 x 2040 72 79***) 3870 132 DSD 238 T SFC 7. Typically ensuring a 95-98 % load capacity.5 10 13 7.5 10 3. Drive Professional planning Cooling Connection from motor to airend SIGMA CONTROL Interfaces for data communication comprising: RS 232 for Modem.30 4.25 .30.20.5 10 3.55 .5 10 13 3155 x 1945 x 2040 71 78***) 4150 160 DSDX 302 SFC 7. super silenced.5 10 13 DSD 238 T 7.80 19.62 .5 10 13 20.Version with variable speed drive 3155 Front view 1945 3D-view .5 10 13 7.5 10 13 Dimensions WxDxH Sound level **) Weight mm dB(A) 9 2350 x 1730 x 2040 16.5 12 15 7.5 10 13 4.12 13.26.62 .5 12 15 8.68 8.22. package at working operating pressure pressure m³/min bar 2350 x 1730 x 2040 70 2350 x 1730 x 2040 71 79***) 3400 2600 x 1980 x 2040 70 78***) 3650 2600 x 1980 x 2040 71 78***) 4100 110 3200 132 Standard DSD version Working FAD *) Complete Max.00 2905 x 1730 x 2040 132 7. Electric motor Premium efficiency electric motor of quality German manufacture to IP 55 and Insulation Class F for additional reserve.20 DSD 202 T 7.50 5.5 10 13 5.21.5 10 13 7.3 at 1 m distance.56 .5 10 13 30.5 13. KESS (KAESER’s Energy Saving System) provides comprehensive analysis of your compressed air usage. separate aluminium cooler for compressed air and fluid.50 5. Use this expertise to your advantage and let KAESER design your compressed air system. free-field measurement. without gearing.16.95 10 10 15 2.14.20. Siemens Masterdrive with control unit (SFC version).5 12 15 3300 x 1730 x 2040 71 79***) 2040 Rated motor power kW 2350 1730 Front view Rear view View from right 3D-view DSD T SFC 2.35 3850 2040 Standard version KAESER compressed air systems provide exceptional efficiency and produce application-specific quality compressed air at lowest possible cost.10 8. Direct drive via high-flex coupling.5 10 110 Working pressure DSD 202 132 DSD 238 132 DSDX 243 160 DSDX 302 Model kg Rated motor power kW 68 2700 75 DSD 142 T 7. Vibration damping Double insulated anti-vibration mountings using rubber bonded metal elements.20.95 5.12 13.92 14.26.56 .22.16.80 .92 14. Genuine KAESER single-stage rotary screw airend with SIGMA PROFILE rotors and cooling fluid injection for optimised rotor cooling.23.60.93 .25 .80 8. free-field measurement ***) At higher fan speed Rear view View from right Rear view View from right 3D-view DSDX SFC Air connection 7. radial fan driven by its own motor (externally lubricated).20 10 10 2.5 3.00 3.1 3300 x 1730 x 2040 68 3100 8.5 12 15 71 DSD 238 SFC 4.25 .56 .52 8.60 .80 24.33 3. Sound insulation Panels lined with laminated mineral wool.Equipment Ready for operation.62 9 69 2850 90 DSD 172 T 7.16. Airend with integral coupling socket.19. maximum 72 dB(A) to PN8NTC 2.56 .14.Version with variable speed drive and integrated refrigeration dryer SFC .17.

5 +3 +7  + 10 x  0. paint Choose the required grade of treatment according to your field of application: Explanation: THNF = Bag filter Cleans dusty and heavily contaminated intake air ZK = Centrifugal separator Separates accumulating condensate ED = Eco Drain Electronic level-controlled condensate drain FB = Pre-filter FC = Pre-filter FD = Particulate filter (attrition) FE = Micro-filter Separates aerosol oil and solid particles FF = Micro-filter Separates aerosol oil and solid particles FG = Activated carbon filter For adsorption of oil vapours FFG = Activated carbon and micro-filter combination RD = Refrigeration dryer For drying compressed air. chemical plants KAESER 1 Filters Air receiver * KAESER 4 Installation for heavily fluctuating air demand KAESER 1 KAESER Food and semi-luxury food production FST KAESER 1 4 KAESER 1 Dairies. food and semi-luxury food production FST KAESER 1-3 1 KAESER 1 KAESER Pharmaceutical Burgess Hill. breweries Compressor THNF 1 AMCS Solids – Water/Condensate – Oil – Bacteria – Degree of filtration: Upon request KAESER 1 Bacteria KAESER Solids Water Oil Upon request 1-3 KAESER For air mains subject to sub-zero temperatures: Compressed air treatment with a desiccant dryer (down to -70 °C pressure dew point) Pure air and cleanroom technology + + + + *in refrigeration dryer.www. West Sussex RH15 9RQ Tel: 01444 241671 Fax: 01444 247304 E-Mail: www. pressure dew point to +3 °C DD = Desiccant dryer For drying compressed air. Aquamat 2 Solid particles1) Max. particle size µm Humidity2) Total oil content2) Max. high-grade sand blasting 2 4 3 Shot blasting 2 7 3 FST FFG 3 7 RD * AMCS AMCS * AMCS FE FF AMCS FC FB Low-grade shot blasting 4 3 9 4 No quality requirements 8 9 5 KAESER Compressor THNF ED Aquamat Contaminants: For KAESER rotary screw compressors Conveying air for waste water systems KAESER KAESER * Other machines 1 Process air. powder coating 1 4 1 Packaging.5 < x  5 5 < x  10  0.40  .3/08 Specifications are subject to change without notice 4 Class ISO 8573-1 1 KAESER Pharmaceutical industry Upon request KAESER 1 AMCS KAESER Upon request 4 Pure air and cleanroom technology FF KAESER 1 ACT KAESER 4 FD ZK KAESER 2 AMCS FE RD KAESER Very clean conveying air. fine pressure controllers 2 1-3 2 Upon request AMCS FG FD DD FE ED KAESER KAESER Filters Air receiver AMCS FST KAESER KAESER ACT DD FE ZK KAESER Upon request 1-3 FD KAESER KAESER 1-3 1 FE KAESER Pure air and cleanroom technology 2 AMCS KAESER Paint spraying KAESER KAESER 1-3 1 KAESER 1 Installation for heavily fluctuating air demand KAESER Microchip production. Victoria Gardens. pressure dew point to -70 °C ACT = Activated carbon adsorber For adsorption of oil vapours FST = Sterile filter For sterile compressed air Aquamat = Condensate treatment system AMCS = Air-main charging system Air treatment using a refrigeration dryer (+3°C pressure dew point) 1 Weaving machines. Consult Kaeser regarding pure air and cleanroom technology 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0. optics. Breweries Upon request KAESER 1 Bacteria KAESER Solids Water Oil Upon request 4 KAESER Pure air and cleanroom technology KAESER Examples: Selection of treatment classes to ISO 8573-1 1) . photo labs 1 4 1 Paint spraying. control and instrument air 1 4 2 General works air.70  .1 1 5 – – – – – ) to ISO 8573-1:1991 ) to ISO 8573-1:2001 HPC Compressed Air Systems. pharmaceuticals 1 1-3 1 Photo labs 1 1-3 1 Especially dry conveying air.hpccompressors. particle Pressure dew concentrapoint tion (x = liquid water mg/m³ mg/m³ in g/m³) 0 e.1 1 5 15 40 – – – – 0. dairies. FE microfilters are optional for TG to TI series dryers.1 1 5 8 10 – – – –  .hpccompressors.01  P-651/14HPC.