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This Rent Agreement is made on this 14 th day May 2011 between
Sh. ……….Son of Sh…………. resident of ………….. (herein after
called the Lessor/ Landlord of one part) …………………………….
(hereinafter called the Lessee/Tenant of the other part).
The expression Lesser and Lessee will mean and include their
heir, successors, executors, administrators and assigns.
Whereas the Lesser is the owner and in possession of Building
situated in the Plot No.3 situated in the Industrial Area, Bilaspur,
H.P. hereinafter referred to as the demised premises and is
desirous of letting out he said building to the lessee and the
lessee is ready and willing to take the same on rent from the
lesser on the terms and conditions herein contained.

That the Lessee shall be responsible and liable for the water/ electricity charges and other dues in respect of the said building during the tenancy period.Now therefore. That the Lease shall be for 10 (Ten ) years and stand renewed automatically thereafter at the sole discretion of the Lessee and the Lesser shall have no option to cancel the lease. The Lessee is not authorized to sublet the demised premises to any person of his choice. . That the landlord shall have no objection if the tenant makes any additions or alterations in the existing building. in compensation of using the said premises. That the Lesser has handed over the actual and physical possession of the demised premises to the lessee and the lessee shall always enjoy the peaceful and uninterrupted possession of the demised premises. 1 2 3 4 5 6 That the Lesser has given on rent to the Lessee his Building in …………… for opening Industrial Training Centre named …………………… That the tenant will pay the rent of Rs. All maintenance and repair charges would be borne by the tenant.m.1/. it is mutually agreed between the parties as under.p.

In witnesses whereof the Lesser and the Lessee have put in their respective signature to this Agreement on the date and year first above written in the presence of the following witnesses. Witnesses: Lessee Lesser .