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Polity & Governance




Section 500 Of IPC

Kejriwal defamation case

Section 295 a Of
IPC(Defamation of religion)

Kiku sharda case,Kamlesh
tiwari case.
Porn site banning issue

Section 69a IT Act(website
banning power of the
Santhara ,euthanasia issue
Right to die
Jallikattu issue
Limits to freedom of
tradition and culture
Section 498a of IPC(dowry
Right to privacy issue

Uniform civil code debate
Interstate river water

Recent Cases of misuse of
dowry law
Supreme court judgement
on Aadhar related to right
to privacy.
Supreme court leaves UCC
issue to Parliament.
Recent Krishna river
Delhi statehood debate

Article 239AA

Merger of OCI and PIO

Citizenship issues

Section 377 Debate

Article 370 Debate

Supreme court referred
plea against section 377 to
5 judge bench.


Relevance of Rajya Sabha

Money bill certification
power of Loksabha speaker

Frequent resort to

Frequent disruption of
Parliament and its impact

Codification of
parliamentary privileges.

Role played by Rajya
sabha in stalling
important bills since last 2
Recent incidents of
Tagging normal bill as
money bill to bypass Rajya
sabha scrutiny
8 ordinance in first 225
days of modi govt
Half Of Rajya Sabha's
Time, Rs. 9.9 Crore
Wasted On Disruptions in
the winter session in
No Leader of opposition in
the current lok Sabha.

Leader of opposition issue
in the lok sabha
Pre legislative consultation
Should CAG be made
accountable to Parliament

Make CAG accountable to

Anti-defection issue
Case filed by Jayaprada
and Amar Singh on
reviewing anti-defection

Bills, ordinance and Acts

Whistleblower protection

Recent amendments to
protection Act.

Vulnerable sections issue

(a) Juvenile justice
care bill.
(b) Right with persons
of disability bill
(c) Recent
Amendment to

District Mineral foundation and associated issues Real estate (regulation and development bill) 2013. Repeal of outdated laws The repealing and amendment bill 2015 Corruption and black money Black money bill 2014 The Benami Transactions (Prohibition) Amendment Bill. (d) Child Labour amendment bill. 2015 . The Commercial Courts. The Enemy Property (Amendment and Validation) Ordinance The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill.SC/ST act 1988. 2015 The Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill. . Commercial Division and Commercial Appellate Division of High Courts Bill. 2015. 2013 Mining sector reform Real estate sector reform The Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Amendment Bill.

Debate on creation of new states in India Gorkhaland issue. Section 435 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.Centre State relations Use of Article 356 Aruanchal Pradesh crisis Cooperative federalism debate Implementation of recommendations of 14th Finance commission. civil society and SHG issues Recent amendments and misuse of FCRA provisions.Harit Pradesh etc RTI 10 years completed of RTI Political parties and RTI Impact of RTI + issues related to RTI MNREGA 10 Years of MNREGA Debate on usefulness of MNREGA NGO. Centrally sponsored schemes in India Governance Rajiv Gandhi assassination issue Recommendation of Subcommittee of CM On centrally sponsored scheme. Flexi fund for CSS.Vidharba issue.bodoland. Greenpeace . Recent issues related to Appointment and dismissal of governors of the state.

Teesta setalwad issue.issue. Credibility crisis of CBI Ranjit Sinha controversy Elections Electoral reforms Recent Election commission demand for reforms in Power and functioning of election commission. Policy paralysis Issues related to governance of sports bodies Panchayat issues Social audit Scrapping of GOM and EGOM Lodha committee to fix bcci Recent decision of Rajasthan and Haryana to fix minimum qualification for contesting Local elections Civil service reform Protection only for honest public servants under section 197 of Crpc: apex court. Debate on Should NRI Be allowed to vote through epostal ballot COMPULSORY VOTING IN ELECTIONS Gujrat become the first state to impose compulsory voting In local body elections . Issue of lack of accountability and transparency of NGO and civil society Planning related issue Analysis of working of NITI aayog. NDC is scrapped Supreme court decision on government ads.

Capital punishment debate Hanging of Yakoob Memon Debates on contempt of court provision Judicial activism vs judicial overreach debate Health &Education Autonomy of Higher educational institution IIM bill 2015 Choice based credit system Analysis of performance of RTE.ISSUE OF Paid news Judiciary First past the post system vs.25 crore cases in a day. proportional representation debate Recent mismatch between number of seats won and number of votes gathered in elections Judicial Appointment issue NJAC declared unconstitutional by Supreme court Reforms needed in criminal justice system Recent Statistics on under trials Supreme court & RTI Supreme Court dismisses plea for information on pending judgements under RTI Act Peformance of Lok adalats Recently Lok adalats solved 1. Entry of foreign ASER Report 2015 Niti Aayog tasked to prepare a framework for .

Improvement in the indicators of family health in India NFHS 2015.RSOC 2015 .universities in India: pros and cons opening doors to foreign universities.

Business identification number          4 Employment 5 Budget 6 Entrepreneurship 7 Fiscal Reforms          8 Economic Regulation      CCI SEBI IRDA RBI Need for super-regulator    Tax Administration Reform Commission (TARC). adds FSLRC Arvind Mayaram Panel (NSEL irregularities) V V Daga Committee : To conduct forensic audit of NSEL . headed by Parthasarathi Shome (GARR) Vodafone Case Shell Case Cairn Case International Arbitration MAT issue Expenditure management commission. NR Madhava Menon Panel : Reported guidelines for regulating expenditure and content of advertisement in govt.K.S. headed by Bimal Jalan Prof. Vishwanathan committee: To provide Bankruptcy code for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). No Topic Issues Current Developments 1 Economic Planning   NITI Aayog 2 Resource Mobilization Centralized v/s decentralized planning Indicative v/s Imperative Planning Infrastructural Financing Small savings Entrepreneurial Push    Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2016 Gold Monetization Scheme Gold Bullion Scheme 3 Economic Growth and Poverty Estimation    Change in Base Year New Statistical series C Rangarajan committee (Poverty Estimates)      Different indicators and estimates Why do they vary? GDP Puzzle Compatibility between different estimates Tendulkar Committee and resultant debate Critique of Poverty line concept Occupational Structure Employment generation Jobless growth Updates from Budget 2016   Rajasthan Labor reforms Proposed Labour Code              Start-ups Bankruptcy Code Technological Start-ups E-Commerce Crowd-funding MUDRA FRBM Tax Evasion Tax simplification GST Tax Terrorism Public Debt Management Agency FSLRC  T.

Kamath panel: to examine the financial architecture for Micro.9 Financial Inclusion    Banking Ombudsman PFRDA Jan Dhan Yojana     Merit subsidies v/s non-merit subsidies Cash Subsidy JAM trinity Agricultural Subsidy and WTO    Suma Verma Committee (Banking Ombudsman K. Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector.To investigate the security transactions of the bank Usha Thorat Committee D Swarup Panel on Financial Redress Agency voluntary surrender of LPG subsidy Solar Subsidy issue between India and USA Seed Subsidy Model in UP   10 Banking    Balance Sheet Syndrome Differentiated Bank Licenses BBPS         11 Financial Sector Reforms     NPAs Stressed Assets Debt Recovery Tribunals RuPay          12 Subsidy  13 Agricultural marketing    APMC PDS. FCI. Mahapatra Committee (NBFC loan restructuring Janakiraman Committee . and Food Storage MSP  Shantaram Committee 14 Food Processing 17 Agricultural Productivity    Supply side bottlenecks Regulatory issues Farm productivity: Structural    Mega Food Park Scheme review Modern Terminal Markets (MTM) GM Mustard .V. Rangarajan Panel on financial inclusion Deepak Mohanty Committee Nachiket Mor Committee Mahila Bank (MBN Rao Committee) Mission Indradanush Aditya Puri Committee (Credit Information) Gopalakrishna Committee: on Capacity Building in Banks P J Nayak Committee : Governance of Boards of Public Bank in India Bimal Jalan Panel (New Banking licenses) Urjit Patel Committee Nachiket Mor Committee Damodaran Committee Narasimham Committee I and II Raghuram Rajan Committee B.

S. Swaminathan) Land Reforms  1st Gen Reforms 2nd Gen Reforms 3rd Gen Reforms Big Bang Reforms v/s Slow Reforms Manufacturing Revival Competitiveness and productivity Education System Bias for formal academics Productivity Demographic advantage Investment Revival Monetary Policy or Fiscal Policy Demand led growth v/s Supply Driven Growth Investment Models Energy Security Strategic Oil Reserves Aviation Roadways Railways Inland Waterways Ports SEZ Electrification of Villages (Energy Inclusion)  Make in India  Skill India Mission  K.B Rao (Gold Import Regulations)  Bibek Debroy Committee (Railways) Vijay Kelkar Committee (Hydrocarbon sector -2030 roadmap) Anil Kausal Committee (Spectrum) Kirit Parikh Panel (Fuel Pricing) C. Rangarajan Panel (Natural Gas pricing Model) MB Shah committee .for inspection of illegal mining activities Pratyush Sinha : To assess compensation for coal blocks.       18 Economic Reforms and LPG 19 Industry 21 Skill Development 22 Investment 23 Infrastructure                          issues and non-structural issues Farm diversity Irrigation Seeds and inputs Soil deterioration Issues/salinization Biotechnology Second Green revolution Evergreen Revolution (M. Sivaramakrishnan committee : Submit Report to build the capital city for Andhra Pradesh        .U.

        24 25 PPP Crony Capitalism 26 Black Money 27 Infrastructure Finance     BoT EPC HAM Swiss Model             Kickbacks Windfall gains Cartelization Market disruptive Practices Insider Trading Parallel Economy Black Money Recovery Counterfeit currency Advance Pricing Agreement Transfer Pricing Tax Heavens Corporate bond market and Infrastructure finance Infrastructure debt fund   Deepak Parekh Committee (Infrastructure financing) NIIF (National Investment and Infrastructure Fund) Multilateral Institutions IMF World Bank WTO AIIB NDB Export Competitiveness Trade deficit CECA/CEPA TTP/ RCEP Rupee Depreciation Impact of Yuan Devaluation    Adoption of Yuan by Zimbabwe Yuan as Global currency Quota revision for SDR shares  RS Gujral Panel (MSME Exports)  Tarapore Committee (CAC)   28 India and the World 29 Foreign Trade 30 Exchange rate management   Sagarmala Project Port-led Growth Oil Price Crash and its impact INVITS REITS Extension of railways in North-east Bullet Train Project E-Rickshaws – Motor Vehicle amendment Bill DDU Gram Jyoti Yojana S. Shah) OECD-BEPS Norms                      .K.B. Srivastava Committee (PPP to raise coal productivity ) Ajay Shankar Committee: To review functioning of PPP Cell Committee on Revisiting & Revitalizing PPP Model – Vijay Kelkar Mukul Mudgal Committee (Walmart Case) Cement and Pharma cartel Coal Block cancellation Spectrum Scam SIT (M.

sector .to examine taxation policies for I. New Data Series CPI N Rangachary committee .T.31 32 Foreign Capital Ease of Doing Business    FDI in Multi-brand retail FDI in Defense FDI in Insurance   Single Window clearance    33 Welfare    CSR Inclusive Growth Pharmaceutical price controls   35 Inflation Services Sector Fall in inflation since past 2 year Food Inflation Service Tax IT Sector E-Commerce  36       Arvind Mayaram Committee (FII and FDI definitions) K.M. Chandrashekhar Committee (Foreign Investment Norms) Subramanian Panel for single window for environmental projects Ramanujam committee : To avoid obsolete laws Anil Baijal Panel on CSR N R Narayana Murthy committee for evaluation of corporate sector participation in Higher Education.

no. Topic Biodiversity Water resource degradation Issues  Importance of biodiversity  Causes of biodiversity loss  Impact of the loss of biodiversity  In situ and ex situ conservation  New technologies for conservation  Economic incentives for conservation  Role of government  Role of NGOs  People participation  Community forest management  Eco tourism  Traditional methods of biodiversity conservation  Initiatives in India  Hotspots in India       3.  Man-Animal Conflicts in India      Nanami Ganga Yamuna rejuvenation Water resource degradation and flood Encroachment of water bodies Urban floods .Environment S. Environment and  Availability and Quality Aspects (groundwater depletion) Water-borne and Waterinduced Diseases Fluoride Problem in Drinking Water Arsenic Problem in Drinking Water Surface water degradation (river pollution) Water resource degradation and urbanisation Water degradation in urban Current Issues  Ecologically sensitive area  Drone for wildlife conservation  Poaching rules  International treaties and their implementation. 2. 1.

urbanization         4. Impact of agriculture on environment           5. Mining and environment      areas Pollution in metros e-waste Management and Handling Disposal of untreated sewage Real estate boom and environment degradation Haphazard construction in hilly areas and impact Environment clearance and development issue Polythene bags and pollution Impact of tower radiation  Agriculture increases Carbon Dioxide Emissions Monoculture practice impacts biodiversity Pollution due to use of chemical fertilizers Soil-related effects Fertilizer's Effect on the Environment Impact of livestock on environment Impact of use of Pesticides on environment Impact of GM crop on environment Emission of Methane from agricultural practices Sustainable Agriculture Techniques Mining and Environment Sensitivity of Select Ecosystems to Mining Impact of Mining Indirect Impact of Mining International Laws on         Concretisation of environment Heat island Smart city and environment Sustainable cities Organic farming Soil health card scheme Impact of green revolution Need for second green revolution Banning of mining in Manipur .

Renewable Energy Deforestation                        Mining Main Act or Statue to regulate the impact of Indian Mining Sector Sustainable mining Solar energy Hydro energy Tidal energy Wind energy Biomass OTEC Magnetohydrodynamics generator Fuel cell Geothermal energy Concept of green cities Hydrogen as a fuel Concept of green building Initiatives in India Causes of Deforestation Implications of Deforestation for Climate Change Consequences of Deforestation on the Wildlife of India Impact of Deforestation on Indian Monsoon Impact of Deforestation on People Deforestation Leads to Water and Soil Resources Loss and Floodin Economical Impact Strategies for Reducing Deforestation Government Programmes for Conservation of Forest Legislations for Conservation of Forests   Hydrogen fuel Algae fuel    Deforestation and REDD REDD+ National forest report .  6. 7.

Environmental Pollution             10. Environmental impact assessment      9.   8. Waste Management         using People Participation Steps for Improving People Participation in Forest Resource Management Use of Local Traditional Methods Recent Steps Taken by the Government Process of EIA Process of EIA in India Organizations involved in EIA in India Advantages of EIA Economic development and EIA linkage Environment accounting Environment ethics Sources of Air Pollution Effects of Air Pollution Classification of Air Pollutant Control Measures of Air Pollution Transport of Gaseous Air Pollutants Sources of Water Pollution Types of Water Pollutants Water Quality Standards Thermal Pollution Soil Pollution or Land Degradation Noise Pollution Solid Waste Hazardous Waste E-Waste Bio Medical Waste Plastic Waste Methods for Waste Management Effects of Poor Waste Disposal    Air pollution and urbanisation New initiatives for controlling pollution .

I980 Salient Features of Wildlife Protection Act.11.1972 Salient Features of Environment (Protection) Act.1981* Salient Features of Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act. development) d) Challenges to Sustainable Development e) International Efforts to Achieve Sustainability 12. 1974 Salient features of Forest Conservation Act.1986 Role of Government in Environmental Protection     13. Climate change Issues  Causes  Issues in implementation of laws  Climate talks issue . Environmental Laws        14. Concept of Sustainable Development  Principles of sustainability b) Measurement of Sustainability or Sustainable Ethics or Equitable Utilisation of Natural Resource c) Sustainable Lifestyle (Role of an individual in sustainable. Coastal ecosystem management    Importance of Mangroves Mangroves under threats Legal and Regulatory Approaches for Protection Importance of estuaries Uses of coral reefs Conservation of coral reef Steps for Coastal Ecosystem Management Provisions in the Indian Constitution towards Environmental Protection Salient Features of Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act.

       Impact Some new technologies to overcome climate change National treaties International treaties Country specific initiatives (some important) Disparity between developed and nondeveloped on environment issues Ozone depletion  Paris Meet .

International Relations Neighbours Country China Major Issues Growing Chinese Clout Emerging Russia-China Axis China-Pakistan relations (CPEC) Peripheral Diplomacy Trade deficit with China Pakistan Increasing in ceasefire violations SAARC Baluchistan Issue Pakistan – Nuclear status debate Sri Lanka Fishermen issue Tamil issue Chinese factor Buddhist Diplomacy Nepal Growing closeness with China Declining influence of India Bangladesh Radicalization of Bangladesh and violence against Hindus Trade Deficit Myanmar Bhutan Afghanistan Indian Aid Hydel Energy trade Bilateral security arrangement Increase in closeness between India and Afghanistan Indian support in building infrastructure TAPI Recent Events OBOR Maritime Silk Route String of Pearls Project Mausam Bilateral Visits and their outcome UFA meeting Pathankot attack Cancellation of NSA level talks Siachin Glacier demilitralization Regime change India –sri lanka nuclear issue 19th Amendment UNHRC report on ethnic violence against Tamil Nepali constitutional deadlock Madhesi issue Accusation on India Land Boundary agreement Bilateral visits Maritime agreement Kolkata to Agartala connectivity through Bangladesh Transit BBIN Crackdown on Indian militants in Bangladesh BCIM Regime change and introduction of democracy Hot-pursuit operation Modi first international visit Indian embassy attack Mi-25 donation Regime change and its impact .

Strategic partnership agreement Chabbar port and logistics Strategic Partners Country USA Major Issues Diaspora rise Pivot to Asia Defence trade Nuclear Deal Trade Relations Russia Decline in Indo-Russia warmth Reapproachment between Russia and Pakistan France Rafael deal Increasing defence ties Trade relations Space cooperation Mutual interests in Indian Ocean Defence cooperation Space cooperation Trade Agricultural ties G4 BRICS IBSA IBSA BRICS Common Wealth Trade Technology Imports Infrastructural Investment China Factor G4 Buddhist Diplomacy Israel Brazil South Africa Japan Recent Events Bilateral Visits Pharma sector issue (IPR) Issues at WTO platform multilateral export control regimes Visa fee issue H1B reduction Rajat Gupta Issue Devyani Khobraghade issue Crimean Crisis Growing isolation of Russia INS Vikramaditya Sistema and Smart City projects Sakhalin Gas fields Bilateral Visits by head of states NSA strategic annual dialogue Support for UNSC Support at UNHRC on GAZA condemnation vote A multilateral partner but do they translate at bilateral level too Energy Imports Diamond Industry of Surat and South Africa Kyoto-Varanasi sister city pact Joint military exercises Bilateral Visits Bullet Train Deal US-2 Amphibious aircraft Energy Partners Country Major Issues Recent Events .

UAE Saudi Arabia Iran Iraq Kazakhstan Turkmenistan Brunei Bilateral visits Trade Diaspora Black Money (infrastructure and construction) Investment Diaspora Energy Imports Opening of Hindu Temple in UAE Gateway to West Asia Energy Imports Chabbar port Iran-Afghanistan and Iran Axis Energy Imports Diaspora security Energy Imports P5 + Germany and Iran deal Renewed possibility of Iran gas pipeline Security cooperation Nitiqat law and visa row Bilateral visit’ Soviet diplomacy TAPI Increase in energy imports from Brunei Future Potential Present Developments Potential of future energy ties Venezuela Nigeria Canada Nuclear deal Bilateral visits Diaspora Nuclear deal Bilateral visits Diaspora contribution Australia India Africa Forum Summit Nigerian demand for UNSC inclusion Energy trade potential Regime change and shift in equation Regime change and shift in equation Increasing maritime relations carmichael project Trade and Diaspora Country UK Germany EU Singapore Major Issues Diaspora Trade relations UNSC permanent bid support G4 Technology import Trade Marine Issue Ban on Indian Mango import by EU Tax heaven Recent Events Bilateral visit Visa issue Bilateral visit Largest FDI source .

Indonesia Mauritius Caribbean Seychelles Fiji South Korea Black money issue Trade Issue due to FTA (Oil palm issue) Coal import Tax heaven Black money issue Diaspora relations Diaspora relations Trade Bilateral Visit South Korean corporations in India Switzerland Malaysia Black money and tax heaven issue Diaspora Increasing radicalization of Malaysia Thailand BIMSTEC FTA Security issues Tourism potential CARICOM FTA CEPA Bilateral Visit Extradition treaty Defence Partners Country Tajikistan Vietnam Major Issues Indian Military Base South China Sea dispute Recent Events Increasing Military ties Arms sale MeKong-Ganga Cooperation International Organization UN and Bodies WTO UNSC reforms Doha round updates IMF BRICS Quota Reforms Falling clout of IMF on account of lack of reforms and failure in preventing 2008 currency crisis Falling clout due to small aid budget compared to private aid from various corporate foundations NDB and AIIB IBSA Relevance of IBSA in presence of BRICS World Bank Falling clout of WTO symbolized by increasing regional trade pacts and bilateral trade treaties IMF troika and Greece Crisis Emergence of Bill and Melinda gates foundation as an alternate for aid their prospective role in global financial order Summit .

and G4 APEC and SCO Indian Membership Major Global Events Middle East Crisis Ukraine Conflict Eurozone Debt crisis Hong Kong Pro-democracy Protest Brazilian Anti-Corruption Movement USA-CUBA reapproachment Iran-USA deal South China Sea Dispute Libya and Tunisia revolution and government change Mali Boko Haram Migrant Issue Rohingya Crisis Arctic Oil Race Mecca Hajj Stampede Volkswagen Emission Scandal Charlie Hebdo Gun Violence in USA Issue of Diplomatic immunity North Korea Missile and Nuclear Threat Saudi-Iran ISIS Turkey and Kurd issue Entry of Russia in middle-east game Saudi-Syria Issue Yemen Crisis Operation Rahat Greece Referendum and Default Lausanne summit and deal Saudi Objection to the deal Israel Objection to the deal India’s role and opportunities .

5G & Net 4. 4G.0 LiFi Technology MEGHRAJ Near Field Communication New Horizon (Pluto Mission) Internet Readiness Index IPTV Digital Locker.0 2 SPACE Space achievements India NASA Joint Missions Space research collaborations Mars mission Gravitational Waves Astrosat Dark Energy & Dark Matter Avatar Augmented reality Neutrino observatory IRNSS GSLV Mark-III (Cryogenic Technology) India’s gravitational wave observatory initiative (IndIGO) Laser Interferometer GravitationalWave Observatory(LIGO) . 2000 e-Kranti: NeGP 2.Science and Technology Contemporary Issues 1 TOPIC ISSUES CURRENT IT E governance Digital India Digital divide Spectrum allocations Digital equality Smart city and Grids Broadband and mobiles Telecom Consumers Protection (Eighth Amendment) Regulations. e-Praman. 2015 Net neutrality Call drops Internet of Things Big Data E Literacy Project Loon (Google) section 66A of the Information Technology Act.

strategic needs Robotic startup Economic benefits of robotics 5 Robotic medicine E Nose NANO TECH Nano mission Nano electronics Nano batteries Nano medicines Gold Nano Particles 6 BIOTECH Biosafety Human DNA Profiling Bill. manufacturing. medical. 2015 Biological Pollution Biotourism Issues relating to Genetic engineering regulatory authority Biofuels Biotech regulatory authority Bill Gene Editing Agricultural Biosecurity Bill GM Mosquito 7 HEALTH Ethical concerns of medical practices National Family Health index Health policy initiatives and governance Universal Health Policy Women and female health Assisted Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill Nirmal Bharat Allied and Healthcare Professional’s Central Council Bill .Astrobiology Mission (Aditya Mission) 3 4 COMPUTERS and electronics ROBOTICS National Supercomputing Mission Make in India National electronics manufacture policy Supercomputers Semiconductor manufacture 2 D semiconductor material R Code & RFID Innovative initiatives Robotic soldier Agricultural.

2015 Malnutrition National nutrition mission Nutritional issues of Adolescent girls Food processing technologies 10 EDUCATION 11 AGRICULTURE Governance of technical education Review Committee to look at research fellowships Personalization of education Review over higher education Women education National Policy on Education GM Crops GM Musturd Robotics in Agriculture Livestock revolution Economics of animal rearing ATMA Organic farming Kisan call centres DD Kisan Bio fertilizer & Bio Pesticide .benefits and policy initiatives Homoeopathy Central Council (Amendment) Bill Drinking water and sanitation Standing Committee report on HIV and AIDS (Prevention and Control) Bill Zika Virus Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act amendments to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act National Mental Health Policy 8 MEDICINE Regulation of drugs Drugs and Cosmetics Rules Integration of traditional Indian medicine National Medical Device Policy German Measle Vaccine Stem Cells Recombinant DNA Technology Designer Baby 9 Food and nutrition Women and child nutrition Mid-Day Meal Rules.

Cyber security India US and China India Cybersecurity Negotiations Nuclear security Indian Nuclear Safety .Sandesh Prathak 12 ENERGY Energy Security Atomic Energy Bill Non conventional technologies of energy generation Standing Committee report on Energy Conservation Energy Governance Energy efficient technology Fast Breeder Reactor ( Nuclear Energy Technology) Standing Committee report on the Ethanol Blended Petrol and Bio Diesel Policy National Offshore Wind Energy Policy National Renewable Energy Bill National Electricity Policy Net Energy Metering Blue LED 13 TRANSPORT Non conventional transport mechanisms and strategies National Civil Aviation Policy Hybrid and Micro-hybrid Vehicle High Speed Trains Government initiative Magnetic Levitation in transport Sagarmala project Futuristic technologies Merchant Shipping (Amendment) Bill Standing Committee report on the National Waterways Bill 14 International Multilateral international nuclear Deals International technical collaborations and their impacts 15 Security India Japan energy Dialogues US–India Bilateral Electronic Hardware Manufacturing Dialogue India Israel collaborations China US Cybersecurity Policy.

2013 Defense purchases Ammunition Management Tactical Nuclear Bomb & Hydrogen Bomb Light Combat Aircraft CuTi Technology Tejas.India’s New Maritime Security Strategy 16 Urbanization 17 IPR Smart City Technologies in town and country planning GAGAN Amendments in Patent laws Pharma Barcoding and drug licensing issues Powerball GI Tags (new) Role of Traditional Knowledge Digital Library(TKDL) and TKRC Pangaea Laboratories case on patents in India Colgate Case India US Rift over patents International Patent diplomacy 18 Defense IPR Policy Compulsory Licensing on Patented Drugs report on the Coast Guard FDI in defense Defense Procurement Procedure. agni and brahmos AWACS (Radar Technology) .

19 Environment Particulate Matter 1 Odd-Even Scheme Direct Shift to BS VI norms Air Quality Index Green Cement SAFAR Doppler Weather Radar .