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Trait-Names: A Psycho-lexical Study.




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Studies of Human Variability. Edited by WALTER

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Origin of Trait-names
The Commonsense and Realistic View
The Nominalistic View
The Nature of Traits
The Significance of Trait-names





Previous Studies of Trait-names
Criteria of Classification
Phrases and Idioms
Reliability of the Classification






Sooner or later every psychologist working in the field of
personality collides with the problem of trait-names. Whatever
method he employs,—rating scales, tests, factor-analysis, clinical
interviews or any other technique,—he is forced to ask himself
whether the terms he is using in describing qualities and attributes of personality do actually denote psychic dispositions or
traits, or whether these terms are mischievous verbal snares
tempting him into the pitfalls of hypostatization and other perils
of " verbal magic." It is small comfort to him to realize that
the problem is an ancient one, disputed long ago by the Nominalist and the Realist, and up to the present time remaining a
persistent and unsolved problem.
It would seem foolhardy to attempt an answer to the riddle
of names, including that most difficult question concerning the
correspondence between symbols and the phenomena that lie " in
the depths of nature." Yet the psychologist dealing with personality must have some guidance. The nature of his work
forces him to seek out and to identify dynamic mental structures
and sub-structures (habits, needs, sentiments, attitudes, or traits)
and to name them. Mathematical symbols cannot be used, for
they are utterly foreign to the vital functions with which the
psychologist is dealing.. Only verbal symbols (ambiguous and
troublesome as they are) seem appropriate.
Much research in the past has suffered from the haphazard
use of trait-names. Often terms emotionally toned have been
employed instead of those that are affectively neutral and more
appropriate for science. And some investigators have been so
naive as to assign an arbitrary name to a hypothetical disposition
and then to turn about and "explain " conduct with the magical
aid of the name. Others have committed the opposite fallacy,
assuming because names may be used ill-advisedly that therefore
symbols never correspond to psychic structures; in a burst of

Check-lists. Although the chief purpose in preparing the present list is theoretical. terms to be used in studies of synonyms or in the construction of questionnaires. the classification has several practical uses as well: (1) Taken as a whole the list is a thesaurus of 17. No easy fly-by-night conception of human personality will satisfy the psychologist who keeps the list at hand. a treasury not only of symbols but also of problems for the psychologist as well." What is clearly needed is a logic for naming traits that will engender caution and yet will not paralyze psychological investigators with metaphysical misgivings.953 terms. (3) The division of the terms into four parallel columns should greatly enhance the usefulness of the list. psychographs. ".vi PREFACE skepticism they sometimes even conclude that there are no psychic structures of any sort.—many such selected lists can be drawn from our tabulation. In this monograph he will find the preliminary sifting done for him. rating scales. each term is a record of commonsense observation. guides for interviews. The primary . and have undertaken the labor of preparing lists. but nevertheless constituting an authentic problem for the science that has taken as its task the purification and codification of commonsense views of human nature. (2) Psychologists often need to construct schedules of one sort or another for the systematic investigation of personality. Every alleged structure is a "fiction. The guiding theory advanced in this monograph is based upon inductive considerations drawn from the appended tabulation of all the trait-names in the English language. guides for self-study. but for one reason or another all these attempts were unfinished. For the first time the investigator who constructs such special lists may be certain that he can make it as complete as he wishes without having to comb for himself the entire lexicon of the language. It suggests enough problems to keep him at work for a life-time. At various times in the past other students of personality have felt the need for such a lexicon of trait-names. inexact perhaps.—all at least that are included in Webster's unabridged New International Dictionary. Each single term specifies in some way a form of human behavior.

emotional activity. such as are not ordinarily considered permanent or consistent dispositions. for personality always seems to imply some form of lasting mental structure. Column II contains terms designating mood.e. This column. of course. there will be little question in the reader's mind that the contrasting trends of Column I and of Column III represent an important distinction. and so for the sake of completeness. or other common psychological practices. it is possible to argue indefinitely concerning the "meaning" of any single term. or casual and temporary forms of conduct. possible but significant as well. As is always the case in linguistic matters. contains those terms that have the most imperative claim upon investigators who have a "realistic " or "personalistic " view of traits. Column I. The distinction. Even those psychologists who do not believe that names ever correspond closely to psychological "realities" will find in Column I the most "objective " and therefore the most serviceable terms for the preparation of charts for use in counseling. we believe. turned out to be not only. vocational guidance. these terms do not symbolize personality at all. This column should be of special interest to psychologists working .. may be directly serviceable to the educator or moralist whose interest is primarily in ethical codes or normative judgments. of eulogistic and dyslogistic symbols. but if the list is taken as a whole. self-study.PREFACE purpose in distinguishing sub-classes was to determine whether it might be possible to separate neutral words (Column I) from censorial and evaluative terms (Column III). In the strict sense of the words. and yet at the same time serve to differentiate one man's conduct from another's. But the line is difficult to draw. Since Column III contains evaluative (characterial) terms it should be avoided by psychologists unless they are prepared to deal with the subject of social judgment. on the other hand. these words descriptive of present activity or mood are included. as well as upon all other psychologists who seek a relatively unweighted vocabulary. i. or to the social psychologist who wishes a vocabulary of terms signifying the subjective impressions which one individual may make upon another.

If from them he can find support for newer and better theories of personality he is welcome to do so. action. G. and other capacities closely associated with personality. endowment. . and will. In the strictest sense of the word only Column I contains trait-names. The fourth column contains miscellaneous terms. many of them metaphorical or of doubtful applicability to human personality. and at the same time is not without its value to psychologists. H. is not in the slightest degree dependent upon the acceptance of any particular theory of the nature of human traits. The data are all spread before the reader. O. also terms applying to physique. the second may then be said to include forms of specific but variable behavior resulting from these dispositions as modified by the effective stimuli of the moment." or to embrace the special theory of traits outlined briefly in the monograph.viii PREFACE in the fields of affection. If the first column expresses authentic personal dispositions. The usefulness of our classification. For this reason it has seemed best to use the designation "trait-names " somewhat loosely for all four columns. A. In it are many terms signifying genetic conditions under which personality develops. It contains innumerable suggestions for students of linguistics and rhetoric. we feel. But in our present stage of progress not all psychologists are willing to confine themselves to "the strictest sense of the word.

p. In the first place men experience a desire to represent by name such mental processes or dispositions of their fellows as can be determined by observation or by inference. 1932. . and would know perhaps a thousand times more than has ever been discovered by observation. Bentham did not deny that there were basic "springs of human action.N A M E S More than a century ago Jeremy Bentham maintained that the chief obstacle to clear thinking lay in the confused process of naming. There is then reason to 1 Cf. H e was optimistic enough to believe that a more critical use of language. should do nothing but examine the words and phrases which deal with the human soul. the ability to understand and to control one's fellows is greatly enhanced. New York: Harcourt. 74. Ogden. C. corresponding to authentic psychological dispositions. having the right talent. K. psychology especially." —LUDWIG KLAGES. whenever it attempts to name the "powers " of the human mind. in particular a search for " n e u t r a l " rather than " c e n s o r i a l " terms. clii+150.PART A: T H E PROBLEM OF TRAIT-NAMES " Language excels in unconscious insight the acumen of the most talented thinker. T H E O R I G I N OF T R A I T . 1 Now the origin of trait-names in any language seems to be two-fold. There is a demand for depicting personality as accurately and as faithfully as possible. Pp. Although every field of knowledge is plagued by this deception. is threatened by the dangers of hypostatization. Words are ordinarily and uncritically assumed to correspond to " r e a l entities " but more often than not they signify merely " fictitious" or " fabulous entities" having no correspondence to the " s u b s t a n c e s " of nature. 1. would remedy matters. He simply denied that the common use of language adequately represented them."— real entities of motivation. Bentham's Theory of Fictions. apparatus. for with a suitable term. and we contend that whoever. Brace. would know more about it than all the sages who omitted to do so. and experiment upon man. The Science of Character.

If this consideration were the only basis underlying our vocabulary of trait-names we should find the correspondence between linguistic convention and psychological truth very close. reflecting the introspectiveness of the period. pity. S. precise. Galenian medicine which prevailed in England until the time of Harvey brought the term temperament. Many other illustrations might be given. choleric. heartless. countrified. ODBERT suppose that trait-names are not entirely arbitrary. phlegmatic. and cordial (derived from the belief that the heart was the seat of the intellect and feeling). and with it quite naturally. sanguine. for there is little to gain by preserving through names erroneous belief in merely fictitious or fabulous entities. The English Language. Pp. but these terms were not established with their present meanings until the Church made of them recognized and articulated Christian virtues. selfassurance. W. among them. fanatic. and patience. callous. self-love. Political upheavals are responsible for such terms as Tory. 1912. . Selfish is a term coined by the Presbyterians about 1640. as well as cold-blooded. melancholic. pious. and mercurial. badhumored. and self-esteem. a second influence determining our lexicon of trait-names. much closer than it actually is. To the aristocratic XVIIth Century belong fatuous. namely the tendency of each social epoch to characterize human qualities in the light of standards and interests peculiar to the times.2 Astrological superstition produced lunatic. Following the Protestant Reformation came some of our most indispensable trait-adjectives. hearty. bigoted. good-humored. Presumably human beings through countless ages had displayed such qualities as devotion. self-confidence.2 G. 2 The illustrations here used have been drawn from the New Oxford English Dictionary and from the compilation of Logan Pearsall Smith. 254. self-regard. there is everything to gain by using terms that designate true psychic structures. disingenuous. also the substantives. jovial. and radical. that they are to some extent self-correcting. Historically. unfortunately for scientific psychology. the introduction of trait-names can be seen to follow this principle of cultural (not psychological) determination to a striking degree. democrat. New York: Holt. saturnine. sincere. ALLPORT AND H. There is.

still for the most part slang: booster. reverie. enthusiastic. in English at least. racketeer. But has he assurance that the words chosen do symbolize dispositions actually possessed by Peter? Perhaps in using two terms he may be dividing a pattern that is in reality unified. embarrassment. cyclothymic. hoodlum.TRAIT-NAMES 3 With the growing subjectivity of literature in the XVIIIth Century came numerous terms derived from self-analysis: daydream. depression. and the like. yes-man. ennui. is for a rapid multiplication of terms designating human qualities. It is therefore certain that trait-names are not univocal symbols corresponding throughout the ages to fixed varieties of human dispositions. knocker. schizoid. chagrin. a reflection no doubt of the ever rising interest in psychological problems. In courtly circles in the XVIIIth Century persons were described as prim. •climber. cake-eater. gawky. the tendency. . rooter. or he may be uniting under two rubrics innumerable neuropsychic dispositions that are in point of fact independent of one another. demure. regressive. In spite of the fact that the names probably would not have been invented unless there were something "really there " in the psychic make-up of individuals to call forth the new designations. apathy. The clinician no doubt means to imply that Peter possesses two stable neuropsychic dispositions symbolized by these two descriptive terms. neurotic. Supposing a consulting clinician after making a careful and objective study of Peter's personality concludes that Peter is introverted and submissive in nature. psychasthenic.8 In ordinary life we use trait-names with considerable confidence. eidetic. 'excitement. Babbitt. and boresome. They are invented in accordance with cultural demands. flapper. and new (more subjective) meanings were attached to older terms. diffidence. still the symbols themselves are changeable and elusive. extroverted. gigolo. and some fall rapidly into disuse. disappointment and others. crabber. chiseler. To this ever increasing vocabulary of human characteristics psychology has contributed its share: introverted. Even if he has succeeded in identifying two of Peter's traits 3 Although some trait-names become extinct. constraint. but the predicaments that result are well known to psychologists. interesting. :To recent years belong a surprising number of new expressions. four-flusher. their meaning often varies.

naming. . of course. these verbal characterizations are interpreted by other people according to their own habits of thought. and their "understanding" of Peter from the clinical description may be far removed from the psychological situation that the psychologist is endeavoring to represent. and communication. and denies that their symbolic exist* Advancement of Learning. but at the same time objective. S. for example. he finds to his consternation that the same trait-names can be applied to Paul whose introverted and submissive behavior is unlike Peter's! And to make matters worse. then. and means thereby that his opponent and his wife possess the qualities he ascribed to them. But there are many possible slips in this complex process of observation. 3. a close correspondence between linguistic symbols and personal qualities. W. The prevalence of this simple point of view in everyday life cannot be questioned. Book VII. that his opponent is obstinate and conceited. Even the psychologist who inveighs against traits. Even the philosopher who professes to believe that words do not correspond to natural fact does not hesitate to act in practical life as if they did so. T H E COMMONSENSE AND REALISTIC V I E W In spite of the doubt that we have just cast upon the correspondence between trait-names and traits themselves. ALLPORT AND H. if possible." 4 The common discourse that Bacon praised assumes. to designate with their aid the intangible. H e maintains. Francis Bacon pondering the problem of human dispositions concluded that it is " one of those things wherein the common discourse of men is wiser than books—a thing which seldom happens. Long ago. ODBERT accurately. 2. He tries also to select his symbols in such a way that they communicate to others without misrepresentation the dispositions that he believes that he has discovered. and that his wife is devoted and generous. The naming of traits is. a perilous matter. discovery.4 G. the position of common sense (naive realism) has a certain plausibility. neuropsychic dispositions of personality. In selecting symbols the clinical psychologist tries. Ch.

5 Southard proposes also to classify the delusional systems of psychopathic patients with the aid of such grammatical rubrics as tense. /. E. subjunctive. indicative. the phlegmatic.6 A Realist would undoubtedly agree that syntax has evolved as a veridical expression of mental processes.. The " fact" of goodness is universal. A relationship that is difficult to trace is not necessarily a relationship that does not exist. respectively). more lasting and more real than the single activities to which the 5 On the Application of Grammatical Categories to the Analysis of Delusions. the melancholic. This commonsense view of trait-names is somewhat analogous to the view that syntactical forms are closely related to basic psychic processes. invented and sustained by virtue of their correspondence to mental structures and mental functions. 189-202. The underlying correspondence is not affected by the difficulty of discovering just what the symbol on occasion is intended to convey. mood. . and keenly critical' It may be. 11. Phil. 6 On Descriptive Analysis of Manifest Delusions from the Subject's Point of View. 25. although they were less psychologically-minded. Psychol. They held that common terms designate " universals " having an existence apart from individual events. for example. as Bacon holds. The Scholastic Realists held similar convictions. he maintains. person. 1916. Abnorm. Rev. it is more extended. that the common discourse of these scholars is wiser than their books. 424-455. Southard. 1916. Words. are superior to all others.. has pointed to the resemblance between the four grammatical moods (the imperative. are the productions of necessity. for they possess precisely the subjectivity that is necessary for a sympathetic mental analysis. Goodness is not simply a collective term for innumerable individual acts unrelated excepting in the percipient's mind.TRAIT-NAMES 5 ence conforms to "real existence" will nevertheless write a convincing letter of recommendation to prove that one of his favorite students is " trustworthy. voice. and sanguine. and optative) and the traditional temperaments (the choleric. like grammar. E. Rhetorical categories. self-reliant. and number. but he would also extend the argument from grammatical form to lexical content.

" for example. Cowardliness. Unlike the naive realism of common sense this view becomes metapsychological. for individual instances are but confused and transient reflections thereof. Instead of holding that symbols are directly related to neuropsychic entities of an individual order. ODBERT term is applied. though not necessarily all. Confronted with our problem the scholastic Realist no doubt would argue as follows. for example. Any single individual represents an incarnation of many. According to this school of thought the empirical observation of single individuals never can reveal the basic constitution of human traits. It is this idealistic assumption that underlies the methodology of Dilthey and Spranger in their geisteswissenschaftliche studies of personality.6 G. ALLPORT AND H. it holds that the relation exists only through the intervening plane of Ideas. of these universals. It was held by some that there are as many Ideas as there are common names: every common name if rightly employed represents an Idea just as every proper name designates. . even though they are social inventions. It is an archetype or true pattern after which individual natures are in varying degrees modeled. W. This form of anti-empiricism leads away from the naive realism of common sense and from the interest of the empirical psychologist seeking practical guidance in relating trait-names to the dispositions of single concrete personalities. the latter seeks its reals in the realm of a universal mind. There is a marked difference between psychological realism and philosophical realism." As a universal cowardliness resides in the realm of essences. S. There are numerous eternal Ideas or universals which are the archetypes of personality. The essence of the " aesthetic value. an individual. exists not in single activities which are merely its manifestations or " accidents. The former is content with circumscribed " reals " having definite locus in the single organism. must be understood in its conceptual purity. Trait-names. of course. are nonetheless symbols for these universals which men intuitively recognize. are essentially Platonic Ideas. More valuable is the study of " ideal types " of which individual beings are impure and mixed examples. The universals.

T H E NOMINALISTIC VIEW The Nominalist. Likewise the present trait psychology is under the very strongest suspicion of being similarly unfounded. This trait-name. 1931. P. many different sensorimotor functions may be equivalent from the standpoint of survival. concreteness. covers a multitude of organically unrelated sensorimotor 7 P. and independence to certain concepts of mental life that subsequent investigation shows do not have a corresponding independent existence. " Psychology has suffered grievously in the past from an exuberance of imagination on the part of its builders which has led them to create concepts with no corresponding reality as proved by their demolition by later experimentation. He goes even further and denies the existence of universals." 7 The following quotation represents the same point of view. illustrates his argument with reference to benevolence. of the wisdom contained in our common speech.TRAIT-NAMES 7 3. " Language responses developed before anything was known of the sensorimotor organization of the individual and before it was known that all of human behavior was the result of sensorimotor function. denies that verbal cleavages and distinctions represent any corresponding separations and segregations in rerum." The author of this quotation. As a result the categories of human behavior are linguistically classified more on the basis of individual and social survival than upon their relation to sensorimotor function. However. A. Symonds writes. This should put every investigator on his guard against creating psychological fiction by the very names which he assigns to his tests. natura. To him names are names and nothing more. The whole faculty psychology was erected by assigning a reality. 22. New York: Century. He denies the correspondence of linguistic symbols to universals. modern psychologists are suspicious. he insists. and illustrates further the interesting fact that because the heritage of language is ancient and the science of personality recent. Hypostatisation is the name the logicians give to this fallacy. For instance. Diagnosing Personality and Conduct. P. It is easy to find instances of nominalism in contemporary discussions of personality. Our knowledge. p. Symonds. M. on the other hand. Weiss. M. From this point of view trait-names along with all other names are regarded as hollow and unsubstantial. . he argues. almost jealous. is always of particulars and the various abstractions that we may make from the multifarious concrete objects of knowledge do not constitute a reality of a new order.

" From the sensorimotor standpoint these actions are all different. benevolent acts of various philanthropists have an affinity from which is to be inferred some type of universal of which their individual conduct is but a reflection. W. have an unquestionable affinity. 4. In no case does the trait-name signify a single. all greens. They are similar in some respect. benevolence. in Psychologies of 1930. 8 A. trait-names indicate corresponding realities. homogenous biophysical structure. for example. A trait-name. but a mere conceptual fact. he points out." The word green. p. pure greens and graygreens. is often simply a failure to perceive analytically. there are many kinds of acts which fall within the range of conduct to which the term by common consent applies. . with a greater or less degree of fidelity. Weiss. the Realist would reply that the recognition of similarities is itself a demonstration of the objective validity of universals. S. and it is in this respect that the universal itself subsists. covers some perceived similarities in conduct. the Nominalist says. 305. originating within and preserved by considerations of social value. ALLPORT AND H. RESTATEMENT The Realist thinks that in one way or another. ODBERT responses. they are trans-individual. The neuropsychic dispositions of the individual may be considered as incomplete copies of these universals. In answer to the Nominalist who regards names as mere designations of a range of perceived similarities. For example. Similarly in the case of benevolence. There are light greens and dark greens. even though they are appreciably different. stands for many distinguishable steps in the spectrum between yellow and blue. but to perceive similarity. Press. It is not a biophysical fact that one benevolent act is related to another. but because they have the same biosocial effect they may be classified as having the type of equivalence which is indicated by the term. Worcester: Clark Univ. Likewise. In Scholastic philosophy these realities are regarded as subsisting in the realm of ideas. P.8 G. greens of springtime and greens of autumn." 8 This argument belongs to that form of nominalism that regards words as verbal blankets covering a certain " distance in a range of judgment.

" but simply assumes that trait-names applied to individuals represent authentic component structures of their personalities. The Nominalist on the other hand sees trait-names as traps. T H E NATURE OF TRAITS Any scientific study of personality makes the assumption that dynamic systems. I. The ordinary man feels that names would not exist unless there were corresponding natural facts waiting to be symbolized. And adding a trait-name to a falsely perceived consistency does not bring a trait into being. or elements of some kind are to be found within the total complex pattern of personality. Educ. and 8 1 . 1935. in fact be totally unorganized. each having its adherents among current investigators.. how should they be regarded? When these questions are answered we shall be in a better position to frame our theory of the significance of trait-names. 26. The conduct may. 5. Applied to an individual it can only mean that his conduct is in many instances perceived as roughly consistent. At best a trait-name represents a range of apparently similar behavior-tendencies. devised by the exigencies of social discourse. sub-structures. But even though there is general agreement upon this basic proposition. Are there such " entities " in the psychological depths of a man's nature. or are they altogether fictitious monstrosities ? And if traits are admitted at all. Lorge. Personality Traits by Fiat. Psychol. 273278. . / . completely misleading so far as psychic facts are concerned. Merely because it is perceived as constellated into a trait does not make it so organized in a psychophysical sense. Four will be outlined briefly. Five contrasting theories may be mentioned.TRAIT-NAMES 9 Nai've or commonsense Realism does not employ such exalted conceptions as that of " universals." 9 It is apparent that the dispute involves not merely the significance of trait-names but also the entire question of the existence of traits. there is little uniformity of opinion regarding the nature of the constituent elements that should be sought. " Traits cannot exist by fiat. however.

needs. and its insistence that the individual should be regarded merely as an incident in the search for laws and uniformities of " the generalized mind. This view is current among those who regard the psychology of personality as coextensive with the psychology of individual differences. Studies in Expressive Movement. The psychoanalytic view differs from the orthodox psychological. guilt feelings. view only in conceiving the components of personality in a more dynamic fashion. viii f. the three-fold hierarchy of Super-ego. fixation. In addition to these three levels Freudian psychologists posit uniform mechanisms to account for their functional interrelations : repression. W. having a particularly close relation to the purpose of this monograph. pp. . in fact." this view may be labeled the orthodox nomothetic view. ODBERT the fifth. Because of its preoccupation with these standard categories. What serves for the " generalized human mind" serves also for mindin-particular. Even the basic content of the emotional natures of all men is essentially uniform: the CEdipus complex. The constitution of personality is uniform. and Id is the dependable initial fact. anxiety.10 G. Any writer who sees the individual as a special pattern of instincts and sentiments represents this point of view. It might suitably be called a dynamic nomothetic view of the composition of personality. abilities. will be presented in somewhat more detail. 1933. But it is believed that individuality emerges only from altering the stress and proportions of these basic structures and mechanisms. aggression. attitudes.10 The elements of personality may be sensations. Ego. S. as well as instincts or sentiments—any processes. identification. (2) Quite similar is the position held by psychoanalytic writers who proceed from the assumption that the structure of all personalities is essentially the same. In therapy of course the peculiar individual pattern is admitted. that have been differentiated and accepted by general psychology. ALLPORT AND H. In all people. (1) Psychologists often attempt to carry over the categories of general psychology into the field of personality. 10 The differences between the psychology of personality and differential psychology have been pointed out by Allport and Vernon. and so on. New York: Macmillan. Personality is merely an arrangement of common nomothetic mental constituents. and the like.

Many scales." But since this statement of the case seems even to the specificists to be somewhat exaggerated. "A man may be neat about his person and slovenly about his desk. called " factors. even though they purport to measure different dispositions. M. or " pure " traits. 391-398. Psychol." Many experimental investigations are cited to prove that there is little intercorrelation among responses or forms of conduct even where on a priori grounds a high degree of consistency is assumed to exist. People. depending upon the " independent " components that can be isolated whenever a battery of tests or scales is administered to a large population of subjects. But fundamentally the component structures of personality remain specific and of a lowly order. at the level of habit. Thus Hartshorne and May found little tendency for children who are dishonest in spelling lessons to be dishonest in accepting too much money when it is offered them at a store. The point of view of the specificists holds that the elementary units of personality must be regarded as narrow. it is observed. These elements occurring either in stimulus situations or in " traces " cause sufficient cross-conditioning and redintegration to give the appearance of generalization in behavior. With the aid of factor-analysis some investigators have been led to oppose the specificists and to discover units of a distinctly more complex order than simple habits. 1932. (4) A recent view that has received widespread allegiance among statistical psychologists is the theory of " unique ". do in fact overlap to a considerable extent. it has been found. both by P. " Personality consists of millions of specific habits. Symonds. they point to the possibility that habits may after all be inter-dependent in proportion to their possession of identical elements. sometimes behave very differently in different environments or under slightly changed conditions. The establishment of these units. and a critique of this position in the / . 3.11 No true generalization leading to the emergence of traits occurs. and it is thought that the overlap should be eliminated by bring11 This point of view may be found in The Nature of Conduct and in Diagnosing Personality and Conduct.TRAIT-NAMES 11 (3) There is a familiar anti-trait theory known as specificity. Soc. It sees the elements of personality in specific stimulus-response bonds. ." is a purely empirical and statistical matter.

ODBERT ing all independent variance under a single purified rubric. After applying this procedure to existing scales it becomes imperative to re-name the traits. Perry. (5) The trait-hypothesis. ALLPORT AND H. Cf. 1934. With factor-analysis. W. "To be useful in psychology a trait must be regarded as freed from the influence of other traits. namely the conviction that generalized and complex dispositions offer a more plausible picture of the structure of personality than do the elementary habits of which specificists speak. These limitations of method and the debatable assumptions of factorial psychology have led critics to argue that " pure " or " unique " traits are simply artifacts. Lorge." 12 Independence is secured by determining the overlap between various scales and then by rescoring the scales according to the number of non-correlating factors they have been found to contain. the trait-hypothesis has only one point of agreement. A Group Factor Analysis of the Adjustment Questionnaire. and these factors seldom seem to correspond to the varieties of personal dispositions that are identified by clinical methods. 13 . and their original names are no longer applicable. op. as with other nomothetic views. namely that " pure " traits are not 12 1 . Character and Personality. Factors are established through the use of a whole population of subjects. S. usually not more than two or three. the introduction of new scales seriously alters the nature of the factorial variables. since the factors established by this method are wholly dependent on the scales employed. The trait-hypothesis. pretends to deal not with artifactual but with genuine components of personality. holding a contrary position. on the other hand. Finally. the original intent of the scales is lost. cit. and as such have doubtful value in representing the organic structure of personality. 3. differs sharply from factor-analysis on the issue of the " independence" of traits.13 Furthermore. The purpose behind the procedure is stated by Lorge. The difficulty of naming independent factors thus discovered is very great.12 G. Review of R. C. since when all overlapping has been consolidated into new and independent factors. the method makes the assumption that all people do in fact possess the same basic constitution of personality. however. 169 f.

. Abnorm. It is not the specific acts of the individual. but since they are not intricately related to other similar determinants they lack the generality required in a trait. provided that they have a " personalized " character. 25.. but rather these broad patterns of determining tendencies that confer upon personality such consistency as it displays. What is a Trait of Personality? / . generalized attitudes. W. Traits are regarded as personal dispositions. (Although the neural counterparts of such focal dispositions are not in the least understood. e. of course.g. but with time the organization takes upon itself a generalized character. & Sac. lack sufficient involvement in the processes of psychological adjustment. overlapping one another in structure and in function.. True traits must be discovered in each individual life separately through the use of more direct clinical and experimental methods. 14 Cf. systems of glandular interrelations and digestive sequences. provided they are bound up with the psychological adaptations which the individual makes to his environment. for in fact nothing in mental life is altogether independent of other influences.) Traits may originate through the integration of many similar specific habits of adjustment. Allport. .g. the present trend in theories of brain physiology makes it no harder to conceive such dispositions in neural terms than to think in terms of neural grooves in which more specific and elementary habits were once supposed to reside. Also purely " impersonal " actions. holding that " basic" traits emerging from studies of a total population are artificial. 368-372. determining tendencies. and its influence upon behavior is determinative in a broad sense. It differs also on the issue of the universal nature of the factors. but nonetheless possessed of focal characteristics.TRAIT-NAMES 13 to be expected in mental organization. to be considered in themselves traits of personality. G. that is to say. Psychol. Under certain conditions special classes of traits may be distinguished and selected for study: e. Highly specific habits or temporary Aufgaben are. 1931.14 Wherever generalized determining tendencies can be identified in a single life they may with propriety be called traits.

S. of course. values. 836-838. A man. since any such Weltanschauung fulfills admirably the criteria: it is a personalized determining tendency with an unusual breadth of application in conduct. Press. At the other extreme we discover minor. or that differences between personalities are merely quantitative differences. for example. Worcester: Clark Univ. and in the course of its developmental struggles it attains correspondingly unique patterns of mental organization. ODBERT generalised interests. pp. The trait-hypothesis maintains only that such unique patterns do 16 The comparison between the concepts of attitude and trait is further developed by G. it contends rather that no two men possess precisely the same trait. and are sufficiently variable in the conduct they provoke can be classed as traits. W. A Machiavellian or Tolstoyan outlook upon life may also be called a trait. Not all attitudes. "Attitudes. Here again there are border-line cases where either the term " habit" or " trait" might be applied. W. . On the contrary. For instance. The choice of terms in this case would depend somewhat upon the range of occasions which provoke rapid speech. ALLPORT AND H. may be said to have a habit of talking rapidly or a trait of rapid speech. a generalized radical attitude directed toward all or many features of the social environment may with equal propriety be called either an attitude or a trait. are at the same time traits. non-extended traits within every personality.•14 G. A consistent religious bent may be called a value or a trait." Handbook of Social Psychology. The trait hypothesis does not assume that all men possess the same traits. 809. An attitude toward an object of food or toward a single person is altogether too specific to be called a trait. Every life has a unique history. Only those attitudes that are activated by a wide variety of objects. 1935. or philosophies of life. ranging down to the more specific forms of determining tendencies where " habits" and " conditioned reflexes" are ordinarily preferred designations. and somewhat upon the extent to which speed is regarded as characteristic of his motor performances. Allport.15 Esthetic taste may properly be called an interest or a trait. Trait is the genus proximum within which these special classes may be differentiated.

and to rechristen the new " independent" factor something suggestive of both neuroticism and introversion. Perhaps ascendance. But if we attempt such scaling we should remember that we are likely to constrain personalities unnaturally in fitting them into one mould.TRAIT-NAMES 15 exist as dynamic sub-structures within personalities. a few seem common enough to be regarded as comparable from one individual to another. The artifice is perhaps justified by the practical advantages of using " personality tests." but the method must not be regarded as theoretically perfect. a state of neurotic anxiety or neurotic compulsion may be so pervasive. perseverance. In reality. extroversion. and that they play a determinative role in conduct. Although traits are strictly personal and unique forms of adjustment. These might be called common or scalable traits. Concerning the question of "independence" the trait-hypothesis insists that no strictly independent compartments in mental life are ever found. Let us illustrate the difference between the point of view of factor-analysis (the theory of " unique traits ") and the trait-hypothesis with the aid of a current controversy. wish to consolidate the overlap in the two scales (as determined from the responses of a whole population of subjects). that all of the symptoms of " introversion " displayed in this particular life should properly . possibly introversion. It has been found that certain scales purporting to measure "introversion" have high correlations with other scales purporting to measure " neuroticism. Measurement is possible only if we blindly insist that people are comparable in respect to each " common " trait. guided by pragmatic convenience. of course. each life lends to each trait—even to these " common " traits— an altogether peculiar coloring." Factor-analysts. and various generalized social attitudes and interests are examples of scalable traits. and that therefore we must dispense with the methodological ideal of pure or independent traits. They represent modes of adjustment which most individuals are forced to develop (albeit in differing degrees) in our standard civilized environment. The trait-hypothesis on the contrary would argue as follows: In one particular individual. submission.

they may be considered as different traits. Whenever in a given life on the basis of dependable evidence it seems that the dispositions of an individual have different foci. ALLPORT AND H. it is meaningless to try to solve the problem of the relation between neuroticism and introversion by statistical methods. uncomplicated by the symptoms of unconscious conflict that are commonly displayed by neurotic people. they are distinguishable both in the clinical portrait and through a study of the life-history. In all these three instances.16 G. Therefore the trait-name neuroticism should be kept in this case and the term introversion should not be used at all. it will be an artifact derived from the imaginary " average man. The average tendencies of a whole population of people cannot be consulted when personalized dispositions of single people are at issue. S. or points of stress. A third person may in fact not be " neurotic " at all. it does not hold that traits pop into existence as soon as they are named. but likewise in this case a different focal disposition. In another individual there may also be a neurotic conflict influencing his behavior. a second may consider him timid. One man may characterize a friend as cautious. In this case the term introversion is more accurate. it does not regard them as measurable excepting in a remote and approximate sense. His dominant trait is introversion. a third thinks . In this instance. Let it only be stated here that the traithypothesis does not commit the fallacy of verbal magic. true introversion relatively unaffected by the conflict. even though there is often a complex interrelation among them. The names are often merely oblique representations of dispositions that are known to exist. A pale unnamable blend of introversion and neuroticism established by factor analysis as an " independent trait " might in fact represent no genuine component of any single personality. The proper attitude for the psychologist to assume concerning the relation between traits and trait-names will be discussed in the following section. ODBERT be regarded merely as manifestations of this cardinal trait of neuroticism." The trait-hypothesis is broad. it is more definitive and more exact to ascribe two traits to the individual. W. it allows for overlap. It prescribes no list or classification of traits.

They recall that once upon a time it was customary for psychologists to conceive some " power of the mind " (such as Attention. by no means perfect designations of what is going on materially in the depths of nature.TRAIT-NAMES 17 he is cowardly. In criticizing the concept of trait nominalistic and specificistic writers think that they are inveighing against the ancient blunders of Faculty Psychology. or Sagacity) and by naming it to regard the power as fixed and self-active." or the presence of " general concepts" in the mind. The Nominalists are right in declaring names to be socially invented signs. 6. These longaccepted " entities " stand in fully as grave a peril of hypostatization as does a " trait." an " integration of language responses. The empirical discovery of traits in individual lives is one problem. T H E SIGNIFICANCE OF TRAIT-NAMES If traits are viewed as complex focal dispositions of a personal order there seems to be no more reason to question their " existence " than there is to deny as psychophysical facts a " habit of smoking. The recognized integrative and organizing functions of the nervous system give us every reason to believe that there is organic coherence in conduct. Will. and trait-names are simply an attempt to designate such forms of this organic coherence as can be reliably established for a given personality. At best they indicate roughly and somewhat haphazardly the possibility of . the position of the naive realist regarding trait-names is far too simple. One of these designations may in point of fact be more apt than the others. But traits are not such powers of the mind. or conceivably all three may be inexact. but are merely facts of mental organization peculiar to each individual. that of selecting the most appropriate names for the traits thus discovered is another. Obviously each is trying to represent a situation that all three recognize as existing within the personality in question. On the other hand. Trait-names are not themselves traits." The danger of naming traits is no greater in principle than the danger of naming any other type of mental organization.

worthy. We find our way through the forests of human nature by certain blunt schemes of generalization and verbalization. but in characterizing these traits in different individuals we can use only coarse rubrics (trait-names) to cover a whole range of actual traits. W. which is the evaluation of the social and moral significance of conduct. For one thing. useful. or essences. though frequently applied to people.953 trait-names in the English language as designations for an equal number of Heavenly Originals. In part they indicate vices and virtues. are purely censorial. is not a psychological problem. or perfect. Through rigid necessity we infer the existence of traits. The only certain deduction that can be drawn from a trait-name is that on one or more occasions some person employed it in an attempt to communicate a judgment made concerning the conduct of some individual. ODBERT traits. and are heavily freighted with blame and praise. and have absolutely no direct reference to personality. He should imply merely that in his opinion people may profitably be compared by the rough scale in respect to certain traits which by virtue of a common humanity and common environment. may be thought of as similar. and character. 16 The psychologist who prepares a scale by which he hopes to measure an entire population for introversion-extroversion or ascendance-submission should not imply that these traits are identically formed in all people. The effect of words is to enforce upon us a practical simplification of reality. bad. Terms like good. the terms originated from motives far too mixed and untrustworthy to be a scientific guide. 16 There are other reasons why the vocabulary of trait-names in any language cannot be considered to be an exact inventory of human dispositions.18 G. . undesirable. They provide a vocabulary of character as well as of personality. after the manner of the Scholastics. Only the exigencies of discourse and a kind of " instinct of combinations " provoke us to use the same traitnames to designate similar traits in different people. S. out of which all personalities are as " accidents " compounded. The names are rather conceptual categories applied to those human dispositions which are thought to be roughly comparable. regard the 17. ALLPORT AND H. disgusting. Each individual differs in every one of his traits from every other individual. Nor should we.

Vocabularies are limited by human intelligence. psychologists and the makers of slang continually invent new designations for human nature. better. It is a good maxim in psychological investigation that the discovery of traits in the individual should precede the naming. For this reason innumerable phrases. the epithets would not have found a permanent place in language. and metaphors have been developed. Litterateurs. Experimental psychologists too have also invented many trait-names. And even while the catalogue of trait-names is expanding to accommodate these inventions. compounds. however rich the accumulation of trait-names may be. still a portion of plausibility in the argument of commonsense Realists. and as soon as terms multiply beyond the range of usefulness. The unfamiliarity of a large proportion of the trait-names in our list proves that our practical vocabulary is inadequate to the task of representing the complex phenomena of human nature that have been observed and in by-gone times linguistically recorded. Psychoanalysts have been particularly active in coining terms to fit their discoveries. they have been tested throughout the ages for their power of representing stable facts of experience. Clinically the maxim has usually been observed. This fact can but be interpreted to mean that. Single terms often seem inept and inadequate for all but the commonplace descriptions. thus proving our current vocabulary to be insufficient. aggressive. it is likewise contracting through the obsolescence of terms. Linguistic symbols have demonstrated utility. If many human beings were not in fact egotistic. The process of naming is not hypostatization or " verbal magic " any more than is the naming of any of the organizations which occur in nature. or timid. idioms.TRAIT-NAMES 19 Many traits never receive a name. it still falls far short of the range of human traits that we endeavor to depict. although they are somewhat more inclined to become interested first in . many of them are forgotten. If traits exist at all it is natural and proper to name them. There is. a range of similar dispositions) is encountered in the population the more chance it has of being christened. of course. Naturally the more often a disposition (or.

S. cultural and psychological interests) for the naming and evaluation of human qualities. phrases. are significant. and then to submit it. There are. In scientific work no single trait-name can be accepted with assurance as applicable to a given personality until its correspondence with a true trait has been experimentally or clinically established. for their common usage establishes a presupposition that some human beings possess actual dispositions or traits roughly corresponding to these symbols. W. for we often find neologisms. Proof of the lack of uniformity of a trait in a population is by no means proof that some individuals may not possess the trait in a well-organized and consistent fashion. they must be discovered. Some of these terms are obviously censorial and as such have little utility for the psychologist. Often their experimentation leads to a confirmation and acceptance of the trait-name. Certain investigators. originality. Such negative results should properly be interpreted to mean that the trait in question (as defined by the investigator) is not common enough to be scaled. have experimented with honesty. this confirmation is not forthcoming. and metaphors called upon where trait-names are insufficient. ALLPORT AND H. for example. ODBERT some commonly accepted trait-name. and the like. however. These results never mean that certain individuals may not possess the trait. and report that they fail to find consistent traits to correspond to these names in their populations of subjects. selfconfidence. At other times. however. It turns out to be one that may properly be employed in the construction of a test or rating-scale. as they would any hypothesis. The non-censorial terms. many more traits than any list of single names would indicate. Traits cannot be called forth by fiat. to an empirical study. The use of the same trait-name applied to any two different individuals signifies merely that the dispositions of both fall within a range of comparable judgments. Although in some respects this theory follows the position of the Nominalists it does not agree at all with those extremists . The theory we present then holds that trait-names are symbols socially devised (from a mixture of ethical.20 G.

Although traits are real enough entities. trait-names are essentially blankets. Though perceived as similar and labeled identically the trait is never. covering one trait in one person and other (similar) traits in other people. in two different human beings exactly the same. strictly speaking. but it is also unfortunately necessary. The naming of such intangible mental states is hazardous. It would be absurd to allow the difficulties involved to lead us into the wholly untenable nihilistic position of denying mental organization and readiness altogether.TRAIT-NAMES 21 who in denying perfect correspondence between names and traits think they must also deny the very existence of traits. A trait-name is a range-name. . Traits exist in exactly the same sense in which any mental disposition or readiness-for-response exists.

." 17 In 1910 G. " We must guard ourselves against supposing that the moral faculties which we distinguish by different names. L. sociability. 1926. 42.000 words descriptive of " inner states. there have as yet been very few psycho-lexical investigations. Fifty years ago Sir Francis Galton wrote the following account of his own skirmish with the problem. each of which has a separate shade of meaning. Proceed. Fortnightly Rev. 71. they are so intermixed that they are never single in action. Perkins. Tr. v+240. are separate entities. Vol. Pp. 19 M. Okla. and I examined many pages of its index here and there as samples of the whole. An Outline of Individual Study. New York: Sturgis and Walton. E.PART B: METHOD OF CLASSIFICATION 7. Perkins reported the commencement of a study based upon the 400. Gesell tells of his unfinished attempt to classify the adjectives which 17 Sir Francis Galton.000 terms included in Webster's New International Dictionary from which she estimates the number of names of " traits and ideals " to be about 3. 2. L. and estimated that it contained fully one thousand words expressive of character. Partridge offered as a " partial list of terms in English which describe mental traits. 18 G." a schedule of approximately 750 adjectives. N. The problem of trait-names is one of those that have often been referred to. Bull. Sci. Klages. The Science of Character. Acad. while each shares a large part of its meaning with some of the rest. 1932. Klages estimates that in German there are 4. p. and a few characterological writers have made preliminary studies.. 348. 1910. pt. niggardliness. Okla. Univ. 1884.18 More recently M.10 L. Roget's Thesaurus was selected for that purpose. The Teaching of Ideals and the Development of the Traits of Character and Personality. No. Partridge. VI. 181. Measurement of Character.000.. I tried to gain an idea of the number of the more conspicuous aspects of the character by counting in an appropriate dictionary the words used to express them. but none has thus far been completed. E. PREVIOUS STUDIES OF TRAIT-NAMES In spite of the fact that psychologists occasionally cast glances toward the wealth of material that awaits them in the treasury of common speech." 20 A.. as courage.S. On the contrary. 20 L. p.

fails to distinguish sharply enough between neutral and censorial terms. 22 Second Edition. Baumgarten.000 entries. ( 3 ) terms indicating reactions as a member of a social group.und Personlichkeitsforschung. ( 5 ) terms indicating prevailing mood and emotional control.TRAIT-NAMES 23 describe human behavior under six rubrics: ( 1 ) terms indicating intellectual characteristics. the list is reduced to 1. G. and many others are racial or occupational designations." 22 It includes approximately 3. Mental Growth of the Pre-School Child. ( 6 ) terms indicating development of moral sense. 1919. 419. Die Charaktereigenschaften. The only classification of trait-names according to psychological principles carried to completion is that of F. zur Charakter. or advancing the interests of the individual.093 separate terms. but there is little excuse for the intrusion into her schedule of such purely evaluative words as 21 A." This definition. Gesell. (2) terms indicating amount of energy. she says. expressing. . Baumgarten. Baumgarten. 1926.. 6. and the like). Beitr. Pp. Francke A. 21 The Trait Book published by the Eugenics Record Office aims " to afford a vocabulary for the use of those who are attempting the analysis of personality. acne. but since many words appear in both forms. is intended to include those sub-structures of personality that are serviceable in preserving. 127. Cold Springs Harbor: Eugenics Record Office. Bern: A. The classification includes relatively few psychological trait-names. That it is difficult to do so our own list will reveal. albinism. but over half of these pertain to physical peculiarities (abscess. According to her criterion she would seem to be listing essentially the same class of words that fall into Column I in the present tabulation (the minimum and most indispensable list). 1933. 23 _ F . Baumgarten's sources were various dictionaries and scattered terms found in the writings of characterologists. Bulletin No. however. pp. p. New York: Macmillan. I. Vol. ingrowing toenails. 23 Her list contains 941 adjectives and 688 nouns in the German language. Her criterion for selection was her own definition of trait {Eigenschaft) : " a constant and directed psychical force {Richtkraft) which determines the active and reactive behavior of a man in his environment. 81. ( 4 ) terms indicating degree of independence and responsibility.

chiefly slang. A person may be sour because of innate temperamental constitution. In deciding doubtful cases the dictionary definition was followed: if in any of its meanings a term might be differentially employed in characterizing personal behavior it was admitted. Terms representing common (non-distinctive) behavior are excluded.g. ALLPORT AND H. and sourish indicates a difference in degree and perhaps a difference in kind. The criterion for inclusion consists in the capacity of any term to distinguish the behavior of one human being from that of another. The fact that Baumgarten has in her total classification only about one-quarter as many terms as occur in our Column I.g. is no doubt due to the fact that she selected only terms in frequent use. 8. but no attempt has been made to follow systematically any other source than Webster's Dictionary. Various adjectival variants of a word are given only when the shades of meaning are readily distinguishable. both Quaker and Quakerish are included). Our list contains in all 17. The edition used (1925) comprises approximately 400.000 separate terms or derivatives. All three terms are included. Adjectival and participial forms have been preferred throughout. In many cases the application of this criterion involved a considerable degree of arbitrariness. nouns and adverbs appear only where no corresponding adjective or participle exists.24 G. walking and digesting. the term soured implies some environmental genesis. A very few common terms. such as mincing and dyspeptic.953 words. are included. have been added.. or 4^2% of the total English vocabulary. or else in cases where their meaning is distinctive {e. CRITERIA OF CLASSIFICATION The list that follows contains all the words descriptive of personality or personal behavior (save those that are obsolete) included in Webster's New International Dictionary.. With many other word-forms the differentiation is non-semantic: vagaries of morphological develop- . ODBERT schlecht and unwurdig. whereas more differentiating and stylistic terms applied to these same activities. W. e. S.

(Roget's Thesaurus is an example of classification according to a wholly different principle). is a somewhat cumbersome word-list in which probably half the terms seem strange and unfamiliar to the American reader. altering the value of the four-part analysis. Although this scheme finds both practical and theoretical justification it requires many arbitrary decisions. Since this distinction has practically no psychological significance. The same may be said respecting the constitution of the three remaining columns. terms below the line are admitted in the present classification if they fulfill our criteria for inclusion. or if it were shortened by eliminating some of the doubtful cases. atrabiliarious. Column I. it may be truly said.TRAIT-NAMES 25 ment rather than the need for precise distinctions in meaning are responsible for such clusters as atrabilarian. Sect. As stated in the Preface a four-fold plan of classification is used. The classification avoids such useless duplications and lists only the most common form. but any attempt to exclude uncommon and unfamiliar words would be extremely subjective. If this column were extended by relocating terms now appearing in the other columns. Terms appearing below the line in Webster are either derivative forms or uncommon. archaic or rare. the value and significance of the column as a whole would not be altered. and atrabilious. 5). In this column appear those names that seem to . atrabiliary. It is. without. of course. Opinions might differ concerning the placement of a large proportion of the words. The first column includes names directly applicable to human traits in the sense in which the term " trait " is employed in this monograph (cf. But the principle which we here follow (after a good deal of preliminary experimentation with alternative schemes) is especially fruitful. not to be denied that other principles of classification are equally applicable. atrabilarious. From the standpoints of the psychology of personality and psycho-linguistics the complete record is of more value. atrabiliar. Certainly the list is much longer than it need be for practical use. The result of including Scotch and borrowed foreign terms as well as those that are dialectical English.

it is altogether a social judgment. The intention of this first column is to provide merely a minimum list of trait-names and not a final list. sociable. In this respect it differs decidedly from benevolence. acceptable. and mood. ALLPORT AND H. rejoicing. A person with three such biophysical traits would no doubt be judged as worthy. temporary states of mind. They designate generalized and personalized determining tendencies— consistent and stable modes of an individual's adjustment to his environment. Obvious examples are aggressive. On the other hand. In this column there are 4. but he never could have a neuropsychic disposition of worthiness. present attitude. The majority of these terms are present participles. emotion. This list is the longest of the four. W. the investigator using our list is advised not to depend upon Column I alone. The number of terms in this column is 4. Some terms in this column imply no profound moral judgment . The paradigm for inclusion reads " Might one judge a man as {worthy) without the man possessing a corresponding biophysical trait which may be symbolized with the same name? " It is obviously impossible to think of worthiness as resident in the structure of personality itself. and contains characterial evaluations. frantic. or patience. or about 25 per cent of the entire list. or present activity (but not his enduring and recurring modes of adjustment) ? " Typical terms in this column are abashed. tolerance. S.504. worthy. they are more neutral and less censorial than those in Column I I I . and they are less metaphorical and remote in their applicability to personality than those in Column IV. derived from verbs signifying differentiative behavior. Column II. or 25 per cent of the total list. since the decision is often arbitrary. gibbering. These terms do not imply merely temporary and specific behavior as do the terms in Column I I . The criterion for inclusion reads as follows: " Might the quality in question characterize a person's mood. ODBERT symbolize most clearly " r e a l " traits of personality. but to consult the parallel columns for added terms according to his needs and interests. Typical examples are insignificant.541 terms. This column contains terms descriptive of present activity. Column III. introverted.26 G.

and ethics. pampered. irritating. Column IV. in the sense of the present volume. Strictly speaking. this vocabulary of social impressions and characterial judgment has a certain intrinsic interest for social psychology. crazed. In all.. lean. or about 21 per cent of the total list. even though they have no certain place in the first three columns. they represent not the reactions of the individual in question. malformed). It is. this miscellaneous column contains 3. but rather his " social stimulus value. included for good reasons. and from this point of view these terms become especially significant. More skillful editing might have made possible the assignment of some of these words to the first three columns. prolific. roly-poly. One sub-group might contain terms explanatory of behavior.. It must be repeated that this four-fold classification is at best only approximate and to a certain extent arbitrary.682 words. there are writers who consider personality to be essentially the social influence of an individual. hoarse. Then there are many terms of allegorical and doubtful application to human personality. These terms presuppose some traits in a man.g. however.g. In the first place. Column III is not a list of trait-names at all. Consider first the overlap between Columns I and II.TRAIT-NAMES 27 but rather a social effect upon the emotions or moods of another." Furthermore.226 terms. but in themselves they are value-estimates and do not symbolize the psychological dispositions in him that cause him to have a dazzling or irritating effect upon others. Still another group could be made of capacities or talents.. All people are . This column contains 5. or 29 per cent of the total list.g. sociology. dazzling. gifted. Since in one way or another they contribute to the total vocabulary of useful terms they are included in this miscellaneous column. e. such as able. past participles for the most part (e. red-headed. e. Subdivision is also possible. Another sub-group could be made of physical qualities which are commonly considered to be associated directly or indirectly with psychological traits. and still others that for various reasons are the despair of the editors. There are many terms of possible value in characterizing personality.

or decisive is to praise him. may and often do.28 G." and for them the term belongs more properly in Column I. In America to say that John is self-assured. crazy. or ideal are too general or too unpsychological ever to correspond precisely to any veridical personal trait. Although these decisions are quite arbitrary they seem necessary to preserve the independence of the two columns. inventive.045 terms. ALLPORT AND H. It is necessary in this predicament to introduce the criterion of relative frequency with which the term is ordinarily employed to refer to permanent and to transient qualities of behavior respectively or else to place present participles as a rule in II. S. or approximately 50 per cent of our entire list. But some individuals suffer from an " anxiety neurosis.g. It seems therefore to belong to Column II. in some societies he would stand condemned. law-abiding. Similarly it might be argued that a great many other words in II can on occasion refer to chronic or habitual sets. In this sense the introception of an ethical ideal into subjective attitude turns a characterial designation into a true trait-name. and not a trait. It is often difficult to decide whether a term should be placed in Column I or in Column III. e. But it is obvious that certain normative concepts. ODBERT anxious on occasion. the name therefore signifies a state or mood which is a temporarily differentiating feature of behavior. The plan followed in the classification is to place such terms in Column I if it seems that the social ideal does with fair frequency become a personal ideal. like fine. and that they therefore may symbolize permanent traits. In spite of our efforts to locate only neutral terms in Column I some of the terms appearing there do seem to imply censorial judgment.. But in such cases as these it is clear that some definite psychological trait is the object of reference however . unselfish. honest. and become thereby a true trait of personality. It is quite possible to argue that the columns should not be kept independent but should be combined for a more ample estimate of the number of possible trait-names in the English language. Terms which originated in social judgment. Taken together the two columns total 9. become ideals or guiding principles adopted by individuals. They are recurrently and characteristically anxious. W.

climbing. bewildered). and the less familiar tend to fall in Column IV. self-abasing. are included if their application is clearly possible.g.g. framing. obstructing. A number of common terms such as broadcasting. other unusual but possible analogies.g. feline) especially if these are in frequent usage. the logic of the four columns can perhaps be made clearer through a reference to the force of'certain prefixes.TRAIT-NAMES 29 much the flavor of judgment may cling to the trait-name employed. In conclusion. fascinating. No words are included in any of the four columns which do not at least in some minor or derived sense distinguish one man's conduct from another's. fixing. The possibilities of creating metaphors are endless.fall into Column I. The prefix be. fraternizing. bemuddled. scleroid. The commonest source of confusion between Columns II and III comes in the assignment of present participles. e. as in teasing or pacifying. their assignment to Column II is necessary..forces many words into Column II (e.. fishing. When behavior is described as dazzling or irritating. Likewise when the intention of the actor is clear. self-enjoying. The list contains many such terms which. it is obviously the influence of the activity upon others that is indicated. The more familiar metaphors are generally placed in the first three columns. as already explained. The substantial biophysical emphasis of the term is secured by the use of the reflexive particle. and the like do not at first glance appear to belong in the list at all. fall readily into Column III. But between these two cases there lie doubtful instances which must be arbitrarily settled. such as human qualities have been included (hard. and such terms. but in some marginal or slang sense they have become terms applicable to personality. or to .. selfcritical. The reader will note that almost all of the words compounded from the prefix self. of course. Analogies in lower forms of life or in inanimate nature . zvooden. with poetic license almost any term can be adapted to human nature. In these cases the force of the prefix is to intensify the present state of mind of the individual. must be read only in their figurative sense. bedazzled. e.

in four columns. The selection printed in the dictionary is arbitrary and incom- . heavy-hearted. a tendency for words commencing with such prefixes as semi. A few illustrations may be given for each. The final column is of such miscellaneous constitution that clear examples are not so easily found. There is. ALLPORT AND H. But if the phrase is prepositional or otherwise composed of discrete items it is omitted. remarkably useful and apt phrases fall into a column devoted to analogies and metaphors. as the single terms are. Examples are ne'er-dowell. first(first-class) and great. and the like. ODBERT indicate some specific and temporary relationship between cause and effect.and pseudo. Column I : to be dovon at the" heel to be a dog in the manger to be a man of the world Column I I : to be facing the music to be keeping a stiff upper lip to be ill at ease Column I I I : to be in bad repute to be worth one's salt to be setting people by the ears Column I V : to have halcyon days to work by fits and starts to be a mother's darling There seems to be no limit to the possible making of phrases. however. P H R A S E S AND IDIOMS Single trait-names by no means exhaust the possible designations of human characteristics. If these compounds have become so integral that they are usually written with a hyphen they are included in the present classification. If space permitted such phrases might be classified.30 G. By combining two or more words.{dull-witted). W. grab-all. 9. Certain prefixes such as dull. none of which in itself is a trait-name. obviously connote value-judgments and therefore destine their compounds to Column III. S.(great-hearted).

as novelists and biographers continually show. Press. For example. Gardiner. generous. 53." " Goethe's belief that there was a truth in everything caused him to listen respectfully to all shades of opinions from all manners of people." 10. The dictionary itself assures us that "A thorough analysis of synonyms will in most cases show that the words actually have marked differences of meaning." Particularly in the field of human behavior where the number of distinguishable qualities is so great and the number of available trait-names relatively so few." A. . The effect of many descriptive sentences is as compact and definite as that of a phrase or of a single trait-name. He never lost even a few moments which he had on his hands by imagining that it was hardly worth while to begin to work. memories with which ethical and esthetic judgments are inextricably mixed. and their connotations differ from those of single corresponding trait-names. p. H. though not altogether different. In this region of speech words are paramount and there are no real synonyms." Such sentences have a peculiar force fulness. He never for a moment forgot how valuable a thing it was. Then. a circumlocution is often required to characterize a trait which could not possibly be designated by a single trait-name. it is often said " H e is the sort of person who would be late to his own funeral " or " H e lets no flies settle on him " or " H e would give away the shirt from his own back. London: Oxford Univ. it may be doubted whether there are any such things as exact synonyms. is modified to an appreciable extent. The Theory of Speech and Language. Substitute dignified. too. For example: " One of Darwin's characteristic traits was his respect for time.TRAIT-NAMES 31 plete. is difficult to draw. tardy. To him our world was a world of persons not of theories and abstractions. SYNONYMS No attempt has been made to eliminate or to classify synonyms. 1932. majestic. and the thing said.2* Precisely the opposite point of view regarding the significance of synonyms is taken by certain statistically-minded psycholo24 " Take the affirmation He was a very stately man. alert. Around the word stately cluster memories and valuations of various and peculiar kinds. Then." " Everyone who knew Henry Higginson was aware of his tendency to judge institutions and problems in terms of personality. the distinction between a phrase and an entire sentence characterizing a single trait. He economized every minute. and are interchangeable only because their difference does not affect the speaker's intention in a given context. or imposing.

and the record of the historical Puritan shows that often indeed he was upright but not honorable." 25 Another mathematical psychologist who regards the number of independent traits as far fewer than the number of trait-names is Thurstone.' or ' He is fearful but not cowardly. ' He is upright but not honorable. L. Vectors of the Mind. Their theory holds that the number of independent variables in human nature is relatively small and determinable. and states. Thurstone. but sounding different. but certainly by no known means can the rank and file be classified separately upon these two traits. p.. It may be that such men exist in blood and bone. Kelley regards it as " contaminating to clear thinking " to use " two separate words or expressions covering in fact the same basic situation. Thurstone then found by his method of multiple factor analysis that five large factors would account for the coefficients." 26 Thurstone illustrates his findings with the aid of a three. . they have different 'jangles. ALLPORT AND H.32 G. Novelists take what they find in life. Psychol. and to underline every adjective he might use in a conversational description of that person. Interpretations of Educational Measurements.' and thus we treat them as though they were different in truth. " This fact leads us to surmise that the scientific description of personality may not be quite so hopelessly complex as it is sometimes thought to be. Contrary to Professor Kelley's opinion. asking each to think of a person he knew well. and they accordingly deny that each separate trait-name signifies some distinction so essential that it should not be neglected. 25 T. Tetrachoric coefficients of correlation indicated the frequency with which each pair of adjectives was applied to the same person. 1-32. Kelley. 26 L.300 raters. T. Professor Kelley assumes that the criterion of a trait lies in its average occurrence in " the rank and file " rather than in the complex nature of single human beings. Rev. S. ODBERT gists. L. thus. and in so far as this only is the issue. 64. W. In an experimental attack upon this problem he prepared a list of 60 common adjectives which he gave to each of 1. During the Great War it was by no means uncommon to find heroes who were fearful but not cowardly. There is a modicum of difference between them. L. it is not literary ingenuity that is responsible for the distinctions here mentioned. as though they were in truth different. just as we may use two nearly related words to draw a fine distinction. it is proper to distinguish between them. 1934. 41.' Literary ingenuity creates for our entertainment the man who is fearful but not a coward." This procedure he terms the " jangle fallacy " which he illustrates in the following way: "Achievement and intelligence sound as though they were different.

" n Theoretically it would be possible to apply this ingenious method to a complete list of trait-names. Perkins reports that there are more than 200 words overlapping in meaning with politeness (urbanity. The correlation for each pair of traits agrees with the cosines of the central angles. Those. Those who seek " unique factors " would consider the accomplishment highly significant. in seeking independent factors for each set of traitnames. The investigator might then declare that such and such trait-names are roughly synonymous. . discussing the case where only three factors are involved in a set of correlations. such as that contained in this monograph. Patient. Whether or not one wants a vocabulary of completely independent terms will depend upon his theory of the nature of traits. Thurstone. " These categories should be frankly regarded as temporary and subject to redefinition in successive experiments. and earnest are examples of such related traits. He says. suavity. however. cit. Two closely correlated traits will be adjacent on the surface. who hold the theory of " overlapping traits " would not. 27 Thurstone. This method. p. op. Negatively correlated traits will be on opposite sides of the ball. on the other hand. so that the introduction of new adjectives must be expected to change the composition and even the number of factors. His solution lies in repeated experiment. faithful. Eventually we should be able to work with a rather limited number of mental abilities and trait constellations. calm. recognizes this difficulty. and each trait may be described in terms of its coordinates. and that only one of them needs to be retained */ what is desired is a vocabulary of completely independent terms. of course. courtliness. Two independent traits will be displaced from one another by ninety degrees. One might determine the amount of overlap in meaning between all the terms as they are commonly understood and employed. 31. and only a single representative would be saved for each group. establishes no natural coordinates and no fixed frame of reference. Each trait can be represented as a point on the surface of a ball.TRAIT-NAMES 33 dimensional diagram. The trait-names would be grouped..

S. and as the criteria for the study gradually emerged and took final form. There are perhaps 300 words in English designating color experience. collaborated in the selection and classification of the terms. W. are able to assign words to the same columns. The process required considerable collaboration. estimated to exceed 2. The final classification as it is here offered represents the judgment of the principal editor. it quite naturally overlaps with other dispositions. Much depends upon the linguistic habits of each individual judge. 11. the entire list was re-edited three times. The theory of independent factors would regard this as extravagant and needless duplication. Apart from certain initial attempts that proved false starts. Nothing like perfect agreement should be expected. ODBERT 28 tactfulness." The theory of overlapping traits however would consider this a meager enough vocabulary for the possible shadings and forms of polite behavior. The dispositions of personality are highly individual. The situation is something like that which exists for color-names and color-perceptions. but what an inadequate vocabulary would result for the profusion of distinguishable color sensations. L. it was necessary to relocate many of the terms in the list. " Synonyms " should not be avoided. and even though each has its own focus of organization. working independently with the same criteria. op. in order to do more justice to the variety and number of these overlapping dispositions. HO. AL. RELIABILITY OF THE CLASSIFICATION Three editors. etc. here designated by the initials HO. cit.000 in number! From the point of view of the trait-hypothesis it seems equally unreasonable to factor out a handful of independent units in the excessively complex equations of human nature. if anything they should be multiplied. Perkins. an example of the " jangle fallacy. ALLPORT AND H.000. It is of interest to determine the extent to which the other editors.). Even if he has recourse to the dictionary he is often forced to choose arbitrarily between several possible shades of meaning to guide his placement. . 2 8 M. and GA. a mere verbal difference. By tetrachoric correlations this list might be greatly reduced.34 G.

.TRAIT-NAMES 35 An experiment was arranged whereby all three judges independently classified into the four selected columns 300 representative words. we find 141 words or 47 per cent of the list. This result is the direct outcome of the tendency of each judge to have a " favorite " column to which he assigns more terms than do the other judges. The following figures express the percentage of cases in which one judge agrees with the other two. Examining this average agreement more closely we next determine the peculiarities of each individual judge when his placements are compared with those of the other two judges. A L in Col. Taking only the instances where all three judges agree. The results of this study may be expressed in percentages of the total number of terms that each pair of judges assigned to identically the same columns. whereas 6. I 61 63 39 II 44 52 56 III 39 48 54 IV ' 49 28 45 From this table it appears that H O is least successful in his Col. namely t h e tendency of each j u d g e to have a mental set of " leniency " favoring the inclusion of marginal or doubtful terms in one column r a t h e r t h a n another. AL • GA. and GA in Col.25 per cent represents the chance expectation. . I l l placements. IV. The number of terms assigned by each judge to each of the columns is as follows: HO AL GA I 71 68 110 II 86 69 66 III 93 75 68 IV 51 88 56 Total 300 300 300 T h i s analysis calls attention to perhaps t h e principal source of unreliability. drawn from the total list according to a principle of representative distribution. I. HO-GA GA-AL HO-AL 64% 60% 65% By chance alone agreement would be expected in 25 per cent of the cases. Column Judge HO.

AGREEMENTS OF T H R E E JUDGES Column * i I 54% II 51% III 47% \ IV 41% Whole list 47% Chance expectation 6. ODBERT Two other possible factors accounting for the disagreements among judges were the unfamiliarity of many words. The agreement of the three editors for this group of terms averaged only 45 per cent. W." All things considered. as the saying goes. ABBREVIATIONS Adjectival and participial forms have been employed wherever possible. and the existence of the ill-defined fourth column. It is to be expected that agreement for terms placed in Column I should exceed that for terms placed in Column IV. It is freely admitted that the placement of single words is often debatable. foreign. the agreement of three editors is gratifying. or otherwise not standard. for meaning itself. as against 47 per cent for the total list.36 G. If a noun or adverb is used. 12. Four outside judges selected 130 of the 300 terms as strange and unfamiliar to them. ALLPORT AND H. but . and 48 per cent for the remaining 170 more familiar terms. the fact is indicated by the following abbreviations. The first is defined to include only the more " certain " traitnames whereas the last comprises doubtful and metaphorical words. S. but this admission does not affect adversely the general significance of our analysis. Apparently established usage and familiarity enhances but slightly the reliability of the placement. If we average the complete agreements of the judges for each of the columns we find that this expectation is fulfilled. Webster's dictionary is neither meticulous nor consistent in its use of these designations. or if the word is rare. and seems sufficient to justify our use of the four-part classification. archaic. for nothing in our argument requires perfect agreement among the judges.25% Investigations carried into the province of meaning are notoriously lacking in objectivity. is " purely personal.

TRAIT-NAMES 37 since it is the standard chosen it is necessary to follow its guidance in all matters. adv. F. R. V. Sc.S. C. A. D. B. archaic adverb Australian British colloquial dialectical English French German Irish Italian Medical noun rare Scotch slang Spanish United States vulgar . Sp. Med. G. Austral. E. n. U. It. Ir. SI.

F. acquiescent acquisitive acrobatical active acute adamantean abashed ablaze absent absorbed abstracted abusive accusing acrimonious COLUMN III Weighted Terms Conveying Social or Characterial Judgments of Personal Conduct. or Designating Influence on Others A abnormal absorbing absurd abundant acceptable accidential acclaimed accomplished accountable accountless accumbrous accursed acknowledged addle-brained 38 COLUMN IV Miscellaneous: Designations of Physique. Metaphorical and Doubtful Terms able abortive abrasive absinthine absolute abstract abstractive abysmal acanaceous acaroid accidental accipitral acentric acerb acerbic acescent acetose Achatean Acherontic Achillean achromic aciculate acid acidiferous acidulous acquainted acquired acranial acrid acronarcotic adagio adaptive addicted Addisonian . and Developmental Conditions.PART C: A LIST OF TERMS IN T H E ENGLISH LANGUAGE CHARACTERIZING PERSONAL BEHAVIOR AND PERSONALITY COLUMN I Neutral Terms Designating Possible Personal Traits COLUMN II Terms Primarily Descriptive of Temporary Moods or Activities abandoned abject abrupt absent-minded absolutist absorbent abstemious abstentious abstinent abstruse academic accelerative accendible accessible accommodating accordiable accostable accrescent accretive accroaching accurate acerbate acharne. Capacities.

_ agglomerative agglutinative aggregative aggressive agile agnostical agonistical agrestic aidant aimful airy alacrious.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits adherent adhesive adsorptive adulatory advancive. alluring almighty altiloquent. It. R. R. alacritous alambique. R. F. amorous anal analgesic analytical Temporary States adread adream adroop adrowse adulating adust adventive aerial aerose. n. altisonant altitudinarian amazing ambiguous ambitious amenable amiable amicable amoral ampullous amurcous. aggravative agitating agitative agonizing agreeable aimless algefacient alien allicient. C. R. all-round. R. amazed ambling amending amplifying amort Social Evaluations adjuvant admirable adorable adulterated adulterous advanced advantageous advised aeolistic affected afflicting affrontive agathokakological. R. F. adventurous adversary advertent advertising aery aesthetic afald. R. D. n. air-monger. D. aestival aestuous. alarmist. adv. a la militaire. F. afeard. affable affectionate affective aflaunt_ afterwise afterwitted agagant. alar alexipharmic alive allocryptic allosematic alone altered ambidextrous ambivalent amiss amoeboid amorphic amorphous amphibious . a la mode. F. R. affrighted affronted afire aflame aflare aflow aflush aflutter afraid afrown agasp aggravating aggrieved aghast agitated agog agonized ahungered ahungry ailing aiming aj angle ajar alamort alarmed alcoholic algid allaying alleviating alleviative altercating amain. amusing anachronistic anachronous 39 Metaphorical and Doubtful adept adipose adrift adroit adumbral aduncal adynamic aeriferous aeriform Aeschylean aeschynomenous Aesopian afflicted affluent agensic agitable aglossate agrestial agrodolce. alchemistic aldermanic alert aloof altercative altruistic amative amatory ambagious amnesic amorevolous. R.

S. Anglican Anglo-Catholic anguine angular angulate animal anisometric antiquarian antrorse Apache apodal Apollonian apoplectic aposematic apostic aquiline Arcadian archetypal arctic arenaceous arenose armor-piercing arrhythmic arrowy asexual asomatous . appreciative apprehensive apprising approving approximating arch ardent arduous ardurous. n. aphoristic aphrodisiac aplastic apocryphal apostate apothegmatic appalling apparent appealing appetizing apposite approachable approachless approved apt arable archaic archangelic argumental arid aristocratic armipotent arousing arrant arrested arresting artful articulate artificial artless asbestive ascensive asmme asperate asocial Metaphorical and Doubtful ancestral ancipital angler. artistic ascendant ascetic G. ALLPORT Temporary States andante angry anguished animal-spirits annoyed anxious aphasic aphonic aping apologetic appalled appeasing appetent. ODBERT Social Evaluations anchor. answerable antagonizing anthropoid antialcoholic antiquated antisocial anythingarian. n. R. n. R. R. areel jarguing aroused arraigning lashamed jashen AND H. ancient angelic animating animative annoying anomalous anormal. W. R. apolaustic applause-seeking approbative appropriative aprioristic arbitrary architectonical arenose argumentative arrogant arrogative.40 Personal Traits anarchistic anecdotal anile animated animose anticipative apathetic apish aplomb. n.

adv. attentive attesting attracted attracting audient automatic avenging averse averted avoiding awake awakening aware awearyawed awe-stricken bacchanalian baaing babbling babying backbiting backcapping. autochthonous autodynamic autumnal avian awakened axungious B Babbitt.S. aulic austere authoritative autocratic autonoetic autonomous avaricious avid aweless awkward Temporary States aspiring assailing assaulting assisting assuaged assuaging assuming astonished astonying. A. F. Augustinian auriferous aurivorous. A. D. n. backening backj awing. n. babbler. n. n.E. n. assimilable assish assumptive assuring astatic astonishing astounding astrictive atemporal atheistic atopic atrocious attaining attainting attemperate attempering attenuated attractive attrahent atypical audacious august auspicious authentic automaton. atrabilious attitudinizing ' attrite augural auld-farrant. atoning attaching attacking attempered attent. D. babyish Babylonian bachelorly backboned backhanded backstairs backward backwoodsy Baalish Babelish baboonish baccate backsliding . astounded astricted astrut a-tiptoe. n. R. Sc.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits aspersive assembler. R.. astute atavistic atheist. assentient assertive asseverative assiduous assimilative assistful assistive assuasive assured astucious. average avoided avuncular awesome awful awing awry 41 Metaphorical and Doubtful aspen asperulous asthenic astral astringent asymmetric atactic athletic Atlantean atomical atramentous attached au fait. Social Evaluations aspectable assentator. U.

Sc. barbed baritone barometric bartered baseborn base-bred basifugal bass bated bathing bathycolpian battened battered bdelloid beached beaked beaky . bandy-legged bankrupt bantam. baffled baited baiting balancing balked balking bamboozled.. R. SI. beacon. beamful Metaphorical and Doubtful Baconian bacteroid Balaamitical ballasted balsamic bandit. banner barbarian.. baddish baff. n. n. F. n. Sc. Sc. n. bauchle. n.E. n. n. Sc. bangling. bauson. n. baffling baggage. SI. bashful battleful Traits G.42 Personal balky bardish bardy. n. n. A. bald baleful baleless ballasting balmy bamboozler. bawling bazed beaming AND H. balanced balatron. D.. C. bawdy Bayard. batty bauch. n. W. S. ODBERT Social Evaluations bacon. C. ALLPORT Temporary States badgered badgering badinaging badinering. bairnish. baroque barracker. n.. R. bantering barefaced barking barracking barring basking bating battailous. barred barren base base-minded basic bastard bastardly bastardizing bathetic battish battle-ax. R. bamboozling bamming. battling battologizing • bauchling. baneful bang-up. barbarous bare barker. R. D. bawd. bad badaud. n. n. bawcock. Sc. n. n. banal banausic. n. barmy barnacle.

SI. beat.n. 43 Metaphorical and Doubtful bearded beaten beaver. n. Sc. n. beef-witted beefy beery beetleheaded befavored befogging befouling befreezing begalling beggarly begilded beginner. Temporary States bearding beat beatifying beating beauing bebaited bebaiting bebiting beblubbered bebotching bebothered bebusied becalling becharmed bechased bechattering bechecked beclamoring beclouded beclowning becomplimenting becoveting becurrying becursing bedabbling bedamning bedamped bedangled bedarkened bedazed bedazzled bedeviled bedismaled bedraggled bedrowsing bedulled bedumbed beeking. n. bear.TRAIT-NAMES personal Traits f>eau. geau Brummel |)eauclerk. beatific beautiful bebothering becalming becharming becobwebbed bedazzling bedeviling bedirtying bedizened bedlam bedlamized bedunced beefeater. n.. n. n. begging Social Evaluations beamy beany. Sc. beastlike beastly. C. n. befired beflattering beflouting beflustered befogged befooled befooling befretting befriending befuddled begecking. n. beefhead. bearable bearish beast. SI. bebattered beblasted bebraved becalmed becowarded becrimsoned becrushed bedewed bedimmed bedridden Beelzebubian beetle-browed befilthed befitting befopped beforehand befouled befrilled befrizzed befrounced befurbelowed begauded begayed begemmed .

belletristic bellipotent. Benthamite. bellwether. bellicose belligerent bendsome benevolent benign benignant G.. benighted benighter. bent benumbing Metaphorical and Doubtful begrayed begrimmed bejeweled belaced Belialic bemedaled benedict. behating behighting behoneying behooting behorrored behowling behypocriting bekissing beknaving belaboring belashing belauding belibeling believing belling bellowing belly-aching. beneath. R. R. n. n. belle. SI. n. W.44 Personal Traits beliefful. belonger. n. ALLPORT Temporary States begladded begloomed beglozed beglozing begnawed begowked. ODBERT Social Evaluations begladding beglittering beguileful behated behemoth. adv. belly-pinched belording belulled bemadded bemartyring bemauling bemazed bemisted bemocking bemouthing bemudded bemuddled bemused bending benedictory benefiting benetting benighting benumbed bepaled bepawing AND H. . SI. n. n. n. bel-esprit. R. Sc. belly-god. n. n. beloved bemaddening bemeaning bemired bemoaner. behind. n. Sc. beguiling begunking. n. beliefless belittler. n. Belgravian believable believer. n. n . bellows. S. bemuddling bemusing bender. n. begowking begreened begrimed begrutten. n. adv. behindhand beholden behorroring behypocrited beiced bej umbled beknaved belated beldam ( e ) . Sc. benefactory benefic beneficent beneficial benevolist..

besouled besouring bespattered bespatterer. beshading beshadowing besieger.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits Temporary States bepestering bepitying bepommeling bepraising bepraying bepreaching bepressed bepuffing bepuzzled bequalmed bequarreling bequeathing berapt berascaling berating bereft besanctifying bescorning bescourging bescrambling beseeching beset beshaming beshivering beshouting beshrewing.. beslaving beslowed besmeared besmirched besnaring besom. A. n. n. n. n. besainted bescorching bescoundreled beseecher. n. n. bergy berserk. Sc. beseen. A. 45 Metaphorical and Doubtful beplumed bequashed beribboned beringleted Berkeleian berouged beruffled beshriveled besoured bespectacled bespiced . beshrieking besighing besinging besinking bes inning besirening besmiling besmirching besmoo thing besmothered besmudged besmutted besmutting besniveling besoiled besoothed besoothing besotted besotting bespattering bespeeding bespinning bespitting besputtering Social Evaluations berascaled Bergamask.

bevetoing bewailing bewallowing bewaring bewasting bewearied bewelcoming bewhispering bewhistling bewhoring bewildered beworn bewounded bewrathed bewraying. n. A. W. n. betiring betrayed betrayer. R. better. AND H.i?. bethundering bethwacking betippling betired betoiling betonguing betorn betossing betrapping.E. n. S. besullied beswaddled besweetened betattered bethorned bewhiskered bewigged be winged bewrecked Biblicized. ALLPORT Temporary States bespying bestaring bestarved besteading bested bestenching bestilled bestirred bestirring bestorming bestriding bestrutting besweat besweltering beswingeing betalking beteared bethanking bethinking. bibliognostic biblioklept. D. bibliolatrous bibliomaniacal bibliophilic bibliotaphic Biblist. n. bewitching Bezaleel.. n. D. n. biased bickering Metaphorical and Doubtful bestayed bestialized bestiarian. n. bevel bevenomed beversed bevillained bewailable bewailer.46 Personal Traits bibacious Biblicist. betty. n. bestial bestializing bestreaked bestriped bete Bethlemite. n. A. n. bibulous biddable G. n. biblioclast. bettered betterly.. SI. n. bewearying bewhited bewhored bewildering bewitcher. n. bezzling. ODBERT Social Evaluations best bestained bester. E. betrimming betrumpeting bettering betutoring betwining betwitting bevering. D. bibliophagic .

bilked bilking billing bingy birdliming birking. U. bladed blasted blastie. n. C. n. Sc. SI.. Sc. fcirkie. n. blathery. 47 Metaphorical and Doubtful bifacial bifocal biform bifronted big-gaited bilateral bilious billowy biophagous biparasitic birr. birsit. Sc. Sc. big-eyed biggening. n.. n. bishoplike bitter bitterish blameful bland blafldiloquous.E. bigwig.S. n. bisexual Bismarkian bitty blackbirding bladder. birthless birthy. n. . adv..S.. blating blattering Social Evaluations bield bidding. n. bitless bitter-ender.. n. n. birreller. bilgy billy.. bird-eyed birdlike bird-witted bitch. n. C. bien.TRAIT-NAMES personal Traits Iriophilist. big bigamous big-endian biggish big-mouthed bigoted bigotty. black black-blooded black-browed black-faced blackguardly black-hearted blackleg. D. bird. n. n. blamable blameless blameworthy blank blankish blasphemous blasty blatant blatherskite. bigly. biter. SI. C. n. Sc. bigwigged bilch. Sc. n. n.. D. n. biloquial binding bindweed.. Temporary States bidding biding biffing. SI. n. Sc. bittersweet bizarre blab. C. blase blate. U. biting bitting blabbing blackballing blackening blackguarding blacking blackmailing blaguing blaming blanching blandishing blanked blanking blaring blarneying blashpheming blasting blathering. blacklisted black-mouthed blade. R. Sc. Sc.

D. W. S. n. bloated blobber block. blown blown-up blowy blub blubber blue-devil.. . blither. n. SI. n. blue-leg. blockheaded blockish blockpate. blood. Sc. blinker. n. ALLPORT AND H. blotted blowen. Sc. blemished blessed blighter. blunting Social Evaluations blaw-in-my-lug.. n. SI. blazy bleak bleakish blear-witted blellum. bluestocking^ bluestockingish bluffable blunderbuss. n. n. Sc. bleezy. C. n. n. blunt bluntish Metaphorical and Doubtful blear-eyed blighted blond bloody blue-eyed blunted . blooded bloodless bloodsucking blooming bloomy blot. Sc. n. blue-ribboner. n. bloke. bloodthirsty bloody-minded bluff G.. n. n.48 Personal Traits blazer. Sc. n. blemishing blenching blending blessing blinded blinkering blinking blissful blissom blocked blossoming blowing. blighting blind blindfold blinding blindish blink. blithe blitheful bloodshedder. n. n. n. ODBERT Temporary States blazing blazoning blearing bleating bleeding bleezing. n.. blinkard. blowsed blubbering blue bluffing bluish blundering blunking. n. blunderful blunderhead.

E. n. bookf ul. bogey.. bossy bother-headed bothering bothersome bottleholder. n. C. Boswellian botcherly. D. bolstering bona fide bonanza bond bone-dry boneless bonhomie.E. n.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits blushful blusterous boastful boggish boisterous bold bombastic boniform bookish bookworm.. n. bogus boldening bold-faced boll. bonny bonte. n.. n.E. SI.. bogged boggled boggling boiling boldaciously. boodying.. boohooing booming boosting bootlicking. bodiless Boeotian bog. booby boobyish boodle. SI. C. boldened bolting bombarding boning. n. SI. F. Temporary States blurring blurting blushing bobbing bodaciously. borrel. bogtrotter. R. bosom . n. boggart. A. n. n. bosky. F. blushless boarish bobbish. n. SI. n. D. adv. bodhisat. SI. bogle. R. bottomless 49 Metaphorical and Doubtful Bohemian boiled Bolshevist bombproof bony boodling booked boopis bootlegger. n.. F. D. botching bothered Social Evaluations blunt-witted blunty. book-learned bookless bookwise boon boorish boozy border boring borish borne. SI... adv. D. bobtail bobtailed. boss. R. B. bored borrowing boshing.

E. n. A. brag. S. Sc. W. G.50 Personal Traits bounceable. R. breme. bragless Brahmin brainwood. brigandish brigetty. D. n.. ODBERT . C. brave braver. n.. ALLPORT AND H. A. bravish brawlsome breachful breachy break-promise. breviloquent.

Ir. brusque. brotherly browless. n. brineless briny briskening brittle broad broadcaster.. n. n. n. broodyBrunhild. A. n. R. n. n. bummer. bullied bullying bullyragging bumbazing. n. n. brimstone. bruiser. . n. Sc. C. D. n. n.. SI.. n. n. n. n. n. bulldog bulldoggy bullet-head. SI. n. buff. bullying Temporary States brimming bringing briskened bristling broddling.. n„ C. brumal brummagem. bumpsy. n. E.. bromide. buckram bucolic Buddhist Buddhistic budge. buccaneer..E. brushy brutalizing brutifying buckeen. buckra budmash. buck. buffoon buffoonish buffoonly bug. SI. budge buff builder.. n. brutal brute brutish bubbler. D. SI. buggy. D bundling Social Evaluations brim. bronzy brookable brookie brosy. n. bully bullyhuff. n. bumble. brogging broiling broken-hearted brooding brooking brothering browbeaten browbeating browsing bruised brunting brushing brustling. broadening broad-faced broadish brock. 5". C. bummerish bumpkin. bullheaded bullish bum. n. D.. bumpkinish bumptious 51 Metaphorical and Doubtful Britannic British broadened Brobdingnagian broken broken-down bronzed brumous brunet brutalized bubble.E. SI. bugbear. buckish bucko. n. E. bubbling bucketing bucking budding budging buffing buffooning bulldozing. brisk briskish bristly broad-minded broad-spoken broiler. & D.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits \>rio. n. buffer. buffeted bulky . SI. n... bruckle. D. & Sc. D„ Sc. It.

caggy. cabalistic cachinnatory cacodemonomaniac. caged. cajoler. n. cactiform cadaverous cade cadenced cadent cadet. Caesarean cagy. cacoplastic cacorhythmic. bycommon bye bygone byordinary. n. Sc. n.E. n. S". butt. busyish butterfly. SI.52 G. ODBERT Social Evaluations bunglesome bunter. SI. SI. bussing bustling buttering buttonholing buzzard Byronizing cabalist. D. n. R. n. caky. buster. by-water. n. Metaphorical and Doubtful bunting burly bushranger. .E. buoying bur. n. D. E. bystander.E. n.. caddish caddling cadger.. cachinnating cackling cadding caddled cadging. n. R. ALLPORT Personal Traits buoyant bureaucratic businesslike busybusybody.. SI. Cainish cake-eater. cacoepistic cacomagician. caduke cagging. cabbage-head.E. n. buskined butcherly buxom by-gold. buzzy Byronic Temporary States bunkoing burbled. n. n. calamarious calamiferous calcariferous calcified calcimined calculose caldron. calefacient calefactory caballine cacogastric.. D. n. S. cadgy. >S7. n. cading caducous Caesarizing cajoling calamitous calcating. cacodemonic cacodorous cacodoxian. burdened burking burlesquing burning burrowing bursting bushed. R. n. n.E. C. n. n. C. calculable calculating caballing cabbaging cabbing. cackler. cad. burdenless burdensome busted. n. by-walker. bunyip. n. n. D. D. n. n. n. D. n.. calcitrant. R. butter-fingered buttery buttressing buzzard buzzwig. calcitrating calefied AND H. R. R. bushwhacker. W. cacophonous cacosmia. cadish. n. D. Byzantine c cabbage. Sc. cabbagy cacaf uego. & D.

calfish high-caliber low-caliber caliginous. n. n. carlish carnivaler. n. camelish camelkneed canceleering cancrizans candle.. n. canine canker.. Sc.. D. n. Sc. D. n. camshoch. Sc. Temporary States calentural calenturing calescent calid. E. carling. cant. Cartesian Carthusian cartilaginous carry. calumniatory Calvinistic campaigner. cancerated cancerous candescent candied candlestick. camel. n. n. caseic caseous . calisthenical callid.E. E. Sc. candid candlewaster. carpet-knight carrion case. casalty. carlie. n. capsizing captain captainly captivating captive capturable car.E. n. cantish canty caperer. Sc. Sc. D. cankered cankerfretted cannibal cannibalic cannibalistic capsized caramel carbonated carbuncled cardinal careworn Carlylian carnalized carnivorous Carolinian carpetbag carrot-top. C. n. n. carnal carnal-minded carouser. carline. caller callet. camper. Capernaitic Capernaitish capernoited. n. canaille. n.. n. C.R. & Sc.A. carper.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits Caliban. SI. D. callous callow calm calophantic calumniator. captaining captivated capturing caressing caricaturing caring carked. carcass. Sc. capitalistic capricious captious careful careless caressive caritative carle. carkled. camshackled. C. carping carritching cashiering Social Evaluations calefying calf.E. cankerfretting cankerous cannon-proof canonistic canorous cantankerating. cashiered 53 Metaphorical and Doubtful Californian called calloused caloric calorific caltrop. n.E. D. A. n. Sc. & D. n.E. A. n. n. n. n. A. n.. D. n. calmative calming cam..E. canny canonist. carl. calleting calmed calumniating camouflaging campaigning campling. carking. canter. n. A. SI. camsteary... cancerating candent canescent cangling.. card caricatural caricature. capable capax capital capocchia. Sc.E. carnalizing caroling carotic carousing carpeting. cantabile canting canvassing capering capped.E. Sc. D.E. & Sc. n. n.. D. Cantabrigian cantankerous. C. & D. D.


castle-builder, n.
casuist, n.
cataphatic, R.
catawampous, Sc.
cautelous, A.
caviler, n.
celebrative, R.
ceremonialist, n.
chaffer, n.
chambering, A.
chameleon, n.
changer, n., R.


casting, A.
causing, R.
cavorting, C, U.S.
chacking, R.
chafed, R.
chaffering, R.
changing, D.E.
channering, Sc.


H. S.


Cassandra, n.
cat, n.
catamaran, n., C.
cataphysical, R.
cateran, n.
cater-cousin, n.
cattle, n., A.
catty, C.
cauldrife, Sc.
celebrant, n.
celestifying, R.
centrifugating, R.
champ, D.E.
champion, n.
chancy, Sc.
changeling, n.

and Doubtful
castrato, n., It.
cave-man, n.
cenobite, n. .
cesspool, n.
champagne, n.


Personal Traits
I chary
I chaste
I chatterer, n.
chauvinist, n.
cheat, n.
cheater, n.
cheeker, n., SI.
cheerer, n.
cheeseparing, C.
chevalier, n.
chicaner, n.
chiffonier, n., R.

chawing, R.
cheeking, Sc.
chevied, D.E.
chin-chinning, SI.
chinning, St., U.S.

chanter, n., C.
chappie, n., C.
character, n.
chargeable, A.
charlatan, n.
charmer, n.
chatterbox, n., C.
chawbacon, n., D.
cheap-Jack, n.
cheeky, C.
cheese, n.
cheesy, SI.
chesty, SI.
chick, n.
chickabiddy, n.
chicken, n.
chickenheart, n.
chieftain, n.
chield, n., Sc.
child, n.
childing, A.
chiller, n.

and Doubtful
chaperon, n.
Charybdis, n.


Personal Traits
chirper, n.
chirpy, C.
chirrupy, Si, E.
chiseling, C.
chopper, n.
choruser, n.
chrysophilist, n.
chuckler, n.
clack, n.
clam, n.


Temporary States
chittering, Sc.
chomping, D.E.
chousing, C.
chowtering, D.E.
Christianizing, R.
chunnering, D.E.
chyacking, SI.



Social Evaluations
chippy, n., SI., U.S.
chirking, C.
chiselly, D., E. & U.S.
chit, n.
choosable, R.
choosy, SI.
chrisom, n.
chuck, n.
chuckleheaded, C.
chuff, n.
chuff, D.E.
chuff y, D.
chum, C.
chump, n., C.
chumpish, C.
churchish, R.
churl, n.
churlish, A.
churly, R.
cicisbeo, n., It.
cinch, n., SI.
cipher, n.
circulator, n.
cit, n.
civilizee, n., R.
civilizer, n.
claggy, D.E.
clam, S. & D.E.

and Doubtful
chitty-f aced, D.E.
chumpy, C.
chunk, n., C.
churchgoer, n.
churchman, n.
churchwoman, n.

n. n.. Sc. claviger. clashy classic.E. clammy clapper. n.. n. clean clean-fingered cleanly cleeky. Sc.. Sc. clatch.. D. dumse dumsy buttery Temporary States clamoring clandestine clapperclawing. E. n. 'jclerkish dinger. clinking. cleared clear-seeing cleaving cleeking clenching climbing clinging clipping. coactive coadjusting coadjuvant coarse 57 Metaphorical and Doubtful clarified clean-bred clean-lived cleansed clear-eyed clergywoman clocklike cloistered close-bodied close-grained clysmic .& D.. Sc. Sc. Sc.E. D. Sc. clinquant clipping. n. clement clever cleverish clibby climber.. E. clownish cloying cloysome clubbable. D.. n. D. i clericalist. n.TRAIT-NAMES personal Traits clamorous clangorous clannish clash. clarty. classicist.E. n. n. C. Sc. & D.E. clattern. cloacal clod. n. n. n. claptrap clart.. orD. D. clingy ^cliquish . clodpate. clum. classical classy. C. clittering cloaking clodhopping clogged cloudful cloudless cloudy clowning cloyed clung clutching clyping. ' clattery clatty. clown. clubfisted clumpish clumpy.n. clatterer. A. D. SI. n. n. cloddish clodhopper. close closefisted close-mouthed Jdubbish clubby. y4. n.E. D. C. clat. clerk.. clawing. n. cloistered. cloud-compelling clout. n. clodpoll. clay-brained clay-cold clean-cut clean-handed cleansing clear clear-cut clear-headed clearish clear-sighted cledgy. n. Social Evaluations clamjamphrie. Sc. clapping clarifying clashing clasping classicizing clattering clatting clavering. clishmaclavering. Sc. clinker. A. n. n. n.

D. commoved communing AND H. C. n. n. D.. coercible cogged cogger. collector. cobwebby cocainist. coddling coerced coercing coercive cogent cogging coggly.E. n. colossal colossus. coistrel. cogitabund cogitant. n. cogitative cognitive coherent cold cold-blooded cold-hearted coldish collar-proud. n. C. commending comminating commiserating commoted. colubrine columbine commatic commensal. D. n. n. n. cognoscitive collared. W. n.E. n. cockatoo. cocotte. commercial . C. n. C.E. cockalorum. comedian. n.E. collectivism n. cockb rained cockery Cock Lorel. colt. cocky. cold-shouldering. R. coltish comely comfortative comfortful comfortless comic comical commendable commensurable commiserable commodious common commoner. Colin. collapsing collauding colleaguing collected colloguing colluding coloring comatose combating comfortable commandeering. n. combatant combative combustible come-at-able. Sc. cockall. cockered cockney coddled coercionist. n. n. n. codshead. C.. cod. R. colorer. collegiate. SI. n. n. come-outer. coddle. C. commonish commonplace commoving communionable Metaphorical and Doubtful coarsened cobra. n. cockle. R.. cockbrain. n. C. R. commensalistic commentator. n.. cockneyfied cockneyish cocktail. D. n. cobbler. SI.58 Personal Traits cobby. cohibitive. C. C. ALLPORT Temporary States coaxing cock-a-hoop cock-a-hoopish cockering cockhorse cocking cockish cocksure codding. coming comity commanding comminatory commiserative communicative communistic G. ODBERT Social Evaluations coarse-grained coarsish cob. colloquialist. n. codger.. n. n. n. S. cock. n. n. cogitating cognizant cognizing cohibiting. n. colorful colorless colory. C.. n. SI.

compromiser. & D. n. confining confirmed conflagrative conflating. confident confidential connective conformant. n. n. conductor. concluding concurring concussed condemning condensed condensing condiddling. n. R. R. R. complaining complexing complotting complying composed composing compounding comprehending comproductive compromising concealing conceding conceiving concentrating concerned concerting concessory. R. R. R. It. or D. concave concentering conchiferous concoctive concupiscent concupiscible condimental conglomerate . R. conformist. 6". compatible compendious competent complete completer. n.E. SI. conciliatory concise condensative condescending confessor. compulsive comradely conative conceited conceity. con. conformable confounding confusable confusing congealed congealing 59 Metaphorical and Doubtful comous compiler. n. concentrative conceptualist. conditional condolent condoning conducting confabulating conferring confessing confiding confirming conflagrant conflagrating conforming confounded confronting confused confuting congested conglaciated. n. Social Evaluations commutable compact compaginating. compound comprehensible comprehensive compressive compromised compulsory compunctious comrade. concipient. conceitless concentrated conceptive conch. compotator. A. R. C.. n. n. n. conclusive concordant concrete concreting concubine. concinnous. n. confidant. complex complicated composite compositor. n. n. R. conf raternal confutative congenial congratulatory congregative Temporary States companioning comparing compassing compelling compesced.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits companionable compassionate compellent competitory complacent complaintive. n. concitato. n. confined confineless. compilable compliant complicitous complimentary composer. concussing concussive condemned condign. Sc.

cornified cornstalk. C.. ODBERT Social Evaluations congruous conquerable conquered conqueror consecrated consentaneous consequential conservatory considerable consolidated conspicuous consternating constraining constricting constringent constructive consumed consummate contaminable contemned contemptible contentive. n. corporeal corporosity. correct correctable corrigible corroborant corrupt Metaphorical and Doubtful consolatory constipated constitutionalist. consumptive contaminated contortionist. copying coquetting corned.. coquette. coprophagous Corinthian corky. conscienceless conscientious conscionable consentient conservative considerate considerative consistent consocial. n.. n. 5"/. R. Sc. contrastimulant contused convalescent conventual. SI. n. n.. conjuring conniving conscious consecrating consentful conservatizing. n. C. R. n. W. n. C. converted convex convict. contrite contriving controlling controversializing contusive convinced convincing convulsed cooing cooning. n. SI. considering consociating consolable consoled consoling consorting conspiring consternated constuprating consulting consuming contaminating contemning contemptuous contented contesting contrariant. R. coordinative coot. & Ir. ALLPORT Temporary States conjecturing conjobbling. G.60 Personal Traits connoisseur. cornucopean cornuted corroded corrosive . AND H. coquettish cordial cormorant corporealist. constant constrained constricted consuetudinary contained contemplative contentious continent continuing contradictious contrary contrary-minded controversialist. n. coorying. S. copious corker. conversable conversational conversative convictive convivial cool cool-headed coolish cooperative coquet. a. R. n. n.. continental Continentalized contorted contortive contracted contrastive controllable contubernal convenient convertible convulsive coof. cornered corralling corrective corrivaling. Sc. cooked cooking Copperhead. n. n. cooling coony. corn-cracker. n. R. R. A. corkscrew. n. contravening contristed. n. copartial coping copping. C. C. R. n. contumacious contumelious conventional conventionalist. coper.

n. counterfeit countrified courtesan. n. crank crawfish. n. R. cracking cramming craving crawling cream-faced creeming. coshered cosmic cottered. cosmogonist. C. crazed creaky creatural crestless cribbed crimp crimson crippled crop-full cross-bench cross-bred cross-grained crucifer. crocky crone. crafty craggy cramped cramping crapulous crass craven crawly.E. D. A. Cousin Michael couthless.E. crackbrained cracked. n. cousinly co wish crab-faced cracker. n. crosspatch.E. cow-baby. D..E. n. Sc. D. n. cottoned. D. crotched. & D. craichy. n. n. creative credulous creepmouse criminaloid. n. n. courtling. covetous covinous cowardly coxy coy coyish crabbed crabbish crabby crack. courtly Cousin Betty. crooked crooked-stick. crouching crowing Social Evaluations corruptible corruptive coruscant cosmopoietic cosmopolitan cosset.E. n. cowan. SI. n. n. couthie. D. n. crotchetter. & Sc. 61 Metaphorical and Doubtful corvine coryphaeus. counter-revolutionary courtbred courtless court-plaster. C. cringeling. Sc. crank cranky creant. n. crazy credible creditable Cretan. D. SI. crowder.E. cosmolatrous counselable counsel ful courageous courteous courtier. Austral. 1 I 1 I 1 I I I : I e I j1| I I I I 1 I I Personal Traits cosh. n. crotchety crouse. Temporary States coshering coshering. cowhearted coxcombical cozy crabstick. C. cross-bearer. crucifier.E. cothurnate. R. n.. cottering couniting counseling countenancing counterbuffing countercharming counterchecking countering countermanded countermanding counterplotting courting covert cowed cowering cowing coyed coying cozening cozing crabbing. adv. n. n. creeping creepy crescive crestfallen cribbing criminating crimsoning cringing crinkling. A. E.. R. n. cotquean. n. C. cronk.E. crispation croodling crooning cross crosshackling crossing crosswise. D. n. n. crisp crispy critical croaking Croesus. D.TRAIT-NAMES I I I [. costive costly cot. n. cretinous criminal criminous criticaster. . SI.E. or R. n. crackajack. cosseting cothish. n.

R. daddocky. n. culturist. daedal dainty dandy. cure. crusading cry-baby. n. cullying cumbered cursing curvetting cut cuttering.E. cultivable cultivating cumbersome cur. S. culottic. daffy. SI. SI. n. n. crumpled crusty cub. cuddy. C. D. curcuddoch. Sc. currish cursed cursory cuss. R. ALLPORT Temporary States crumbling crushed crushing cuddling cuittling. curt curtal cutty. or C. n. D. SI.. dabster. crump. n. Sc. dackering. R. cunctatious. n. A. Sc. D. D. n. cumulatist. n. ODBERT Social Evaluations crude crumbly crummy. n.E. dandy damaged damp dandled . . & D. n. D. 51.. W.E.62 Personal Traits cruel crup. A. cuckoo.E.. n. custom-made cute cutthroat cyclopedic cynosural cynosure.E. dandifying dandling dab. & Sc. cussed.E. n. D. cutting AND H. cubbish cuckoldly. SI. Sc. n. & D. n. dacoiting daddling daffing dallying dammered. cyclic cycloid cynical Cyprian G. D. SI. Sc.. SI.. cullion.. n. Metaphorical and Doubtful crutched . n. daff. cuculine cultivated cultured curable cureless current curtailed cushiony cut-and-dried cyclonic Cyllenian cynoid D dabbler. crystal .E. cunning cupidinous cupidous. culpable culprit. D. curious curmudgeon. n. n. cryptic cully. daft dain.E. R. dammished damning dampened dampening dancing dandering. damageable damaging damnable dandiacal dandiprat.. daisy.

D. dauntless debauched debonair deceitful deceptive decided decisive decorist. dead-hearted deaf deathful debarbarized debile. Dantesque Daphnean dapper dare-devil daring dashing dateless. n. R. davering. Sc. & D. darling dastardly dated daughterly daw. R. debilitated decivilized • declamatory declining decol orate decurtate . defalcating defamatory defamed defeated defective defectless defenseless defiable deficient defiled defiling defouled defouling defrosting degenerate degenerative degrading deiform 63 Metaphorical and Doubtful dark darkened darkish dauted. defeatist. davered.E. deferential defiant definite deft degage. daunch. & D. & D. n. dawdling daydreaming dazed dazzled deaconing. F.E. dead-drunk deadened deaved. decamping decelerating deciding declaiming deconsidering. D.. Sc.E. D. Sc.E. n. D. n. deducing deeming defaulting defeating defending deferring deflecting defrauding dehypnotized deifying deigning dejected Social Evaluations dangerous darkling. R. & D. decoying decrying dedolent. dazing dazzling dead-beat deadly dear deathless debased debasing decadent decadescent decayed decaying deceivable decent deconsecrated decorative decrepit dedecorated..E. decorous deedy. dead dead-alive deader. U. n. n. C. n. Sc.S.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits dangler. dauber.E.' deep-browed deep-mouthed defeatured deflagrating deflected deformed degraded degusting dehumanized dekanormal .. dawkin. Sc. A. U.•-.E.E.S. & D. dashed dastardized daunted dauting. n. debating debauching debording. R. deedful. deedless deep deepening deepish defacer. deipnosophistic deistic Temporary States darkling . R. n.

descamisado. desirable desocialized desophisticated. delighted delirious delitescent delivering delving demanding demeaning demolishing demonized demoralized demurring denigrating denouncing denying depayse. n. W. n. n. ALLPORT Temporary States delapsing. Metaphorical and Doubtful deleting Delilah.64 Personal Traits delayful deliberate deliberative delicate demagogical demiurgic democratic demonstrative demophil demure denunciative dependable dependent depersonalized deprecatory depressible derider. delocalized deluged demagnetized dematerialized Democritean demonstrant. Sc. demimondaine. despairing AND H. F. delectable deleterious delicious delightful delightless delinquent deliverer. deleerit. dell.. R. desert deserted desiccated . denigrated denominational depilous deplumed depthless deracinated. deludable deluded delusional delusive demeaned demented dementing.. R. R. demeritorious demigod. designful desireless G. delating delaying delectated. R. n. desertful deserving desiccating desipient. A. ODBERT Social Evaluations delacrimative. R. R. F. R. n. n. deploring depotentiated depreciating depressed depriving depurating descanting descending designing desirous desisting desolate desolative desoriente. demirep. n. Sp. depleted deplorable depraved depraving depreciatory depredatory depressive depurated deranged deranging derelict derisible derogatory desecrating deserter. n. R. demoniac demoralizing demulcent denaturalized denounced dense denunciable deperdite. n. S. n.

A. devulgarized. devotionate devout dexterous diabolist. n. E.E. Sc. U. U. n. adv.. D. dido. Sc. devilish devil izing devitalizing devoted diabolical dicer. dillydallying dindling dinged dinging. n. dewlapped dewy diamantiferous diamonded. R. R. dink. dieter. difficulted. diplomatic direct disappointer. n. n. Sc. dickey.E. Sc. & D. SI. despicable despisable destitute deteriorative detestable dethroned detrimental detrimental. & D. R. n. diminutive dingy dinky direful dirty dirtying disacknowledged disad justed disaffected disagreeable disanimating disappointing disapprobatory disarming disbarred 65 Metaphorical and Doubtful despiritualized deteriorationist. deviling devising devouring diabolifying dickering. R. dijudiciating dilapidating dilating dilled. A. & D. diplomatizing directing dirgeful dirling...S. C.S.E.. n.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits despiteful despiteous despotic destinist.E. digesting dilatant dilated diluted dim diminishing dimmish dimpled dim-sighted Dionysiac diplomaed Dircaean dirted disabled disabused disanimated disarrayed . C. n. n. digladiating. destructive desultory detached determined detractory devil-dodger.. dictatorial didactic die-hard diffident dignified digressive dilatory dilettant dilettantish diligent ding-dong. n. C. n.. dignifying dike-louper. Sc. deterministic detonative detractive developed devious devitalized devotee. SI. n.. R. Temporary States desperate despising despoiling despondent despotizing destroying detailing detergent deterred deterring detesting detrite. or D. disabusing disaccommodating disaccording disacknowledging disadvantaging disaffecting disaffirming disagreeing disallowing disappointed disapproving disarmed disarraying disavowing Social Evaluations desperado. devirginator. dilapidated dilling. n. n. n. didapper.E. diddering diddling. SI. devastating developable developing deviating deviceful. destructionist. devancing develed. dialectic diatribist.. n. C. SI. difficult diffuse diffusive digger. dinkum. n. n. & D.

ODBERT Social Evaluations discarded disciplinable discomfiting discommendable discommoding discomposing disconcerting disconformable disconnected disconsidered. ALLPORT Temporary States disbelieving disburdened disburdening discarding discepting discharging discharmed discipling disciplining disclaiming disclosing discomfited discomfortable discomforted discommending discomposed disconcerted disconforming disconsolate discontented disconvenienced. D. discontentful. R. discording discountenancing discouraged discreating discrediting discrepating. R. discriminating discussing disedified disembosoming disembroiling disenamored disenchanted disencumbering disengaging disennuied disenslaving disentangling disenthralling disentranced disentrancing disesteeming disfavoring disfiguring disglorifying disgorging disgruntled disguising disgusted AND H. discountenanced discourageable discouraging discreditable disedged disembarrassing disenchanting disennuying disequilibrating disesteemed disfavored disglorified. R. W.66 Personal Traits discerning disciplinarian. n. S. n. R disgraced disgraceful disgraded disgrading disgustful disgusting disharmonic Metaphorical and Doubtful disciplined disclouded discontinuous discoverer. diseased disembellished disembodied disengaged disennobled disequilibrated disfellowshiped disfigured disguiseless . discoursive discourteous discreet discriminative discursive disdainful G.

disjointed disperiwiged dispirited displumed disposing disproportionate dissensualized distended . dispraised disprejudiced disprivileged disqualified disquieting disranked disrated disregardable disreputable disrespectable disrooted disrupted disruptive dissatisfactory dissipated dissolute dissolved dissonant dissweetened distained. A. dissentious dissident dissociable dissocial distempered Temporary States disheartened disheveled disillusioning disinclined disinterested disinvolving disliking dismayed dismissing disnaturing. disobedient disobliging disorderly dispassionate dispatchful disputatious disquisitive disrespectful dissatisfied dissembling dissenter.TRAIT-NAMES I Personal Traits dishonest disimpassioned disingenuous disintegrous. R. disinheriting disinvigorated disj asked. n. R. R. n. disporting dispossessing dispraising disprizing dispromising disproving disquieted disranking disrating disregardful disrelishing disserting disserving dissimulating dissipating dissociated dissuading distaining distasted Social Evaluations dishonorable dishonored dishonoring disincarcerating disindividualized disintegrate disintegrating dislaureled dislikable disliked disloyal dislustered dismal dismaying disordered disorganized disownable disparageable disparaged dispeaceful dispendious dispersonalized dispiriting displeasant displeasing displeasurable dispraisable. Sc. A. disordering disowning disparaging dispatching dispelling dispiteous displacing displaying displeased displicency. distant distasteful distempering 67 Metaphorical and Doubtful dishumanized disillusioned disincarcerated.

double-dyed double-faced double-handed double-hearted double-minded double-tongued doubtable Metaphorical and Doubtful disvulnerability. do-little. Sc.. dog-cheap doggish doless.E. Si double-quick AND H. C. D. . dooming dormant dosing doting double-crossing. n. F.E. distraught distressed disturbed disuniting disusing disutilizing disvaluing dithering. or SI. ODBERT Social Evaluations distinct distinctive distingue. C. D. n. W. n. ALLPORT Personal Traits distractible distrustful disturber. distractive distressing disturbing ditched... Sc. docile docity. F. Sc. Doric dormitive dottle. R. n. donkey ish do-nothing doodle. n. dogging dog-weary doiled. D. doctrinary dodgy doer.. Temporary States distracted distrait. doltish dominant dominated domitable. dollish dolly. docible. SI. S. n.. ditheistic dithyrambic divinatory diving doctorly doddering doddlish.E.. or SI.. doomed dopey dorbelish. C.E. dogged dogmatic doleful dolent dolesome dolorous dolose domestic dominative domineering Don Juan donnish dor. & D. distinguished distorted distract. Sc. doffing domesticated dope-fiend. Sc.. Sc. n. R. n. done doodling.E. n. doctrinaire. dog.E. n. D. A. SI. n. n. D. Dogberry. n. divigating diverging diverted divining divulging dizzy doctoring doctrinizing doddered. diversified diverting divertive divided divine divinized divorsive dizened dizzying dobby. D. dorty. R.G. n. double-dealer. dotard dotish dotty.E. & D. n. dodo. n. C. n. doddypoll. divisive do-all.

druxey duckish . Sc.. Sc. drawling dreading dreeing dribbling driddling. drunken dubious Social Evaluations doubtful doubtless dough-faced. SI. Sc. downed downfallen downtrodden doxy. & D. Sc. Sc. dramatic dratchell. doughty door. Sc.E. dread dreadful dreadless drear dreary dreggy dressy drifting driftless driggle-draggle. downthrown dozened dozing dozzled.E. n.E. or D. n. Sc. drivable drole. dreamful dreamy dubitative Temporary States doubting dovered. R. & D. n. n. Sc. D. drossless drossy drumble. D. dowdy dowfart.. n. C. n. dowf. D. Sc. n.&D. n.E.E. 69 Metaphorical and Doubtful doughy dove-eyed dove-like dowager. Sc.E.E.E.. downcast downhearted downing downsome. dovering. downward downy doxological Draconian dragonlike drained drainless drawn dribbing drilled drinking drochlin.E. drip.E. n. Sc.E. n. Sc. downlooked. dowly. n.E. D. drab. C. ducker.Sc. dowless. drazel. downright dozy drastic prawcansir. dry dry-as-dust dry-bones dub. driveling driving drooling drowsy drudging drugged drumbly. & D..E. Sc. n. drilling dringling.E. Sc. dowie. n.. SI.. R..E.E. droll drollish dronish droopy drossel. dowing. dubitable duck. n. D. & D.E. draffy draggle-tailed draggly dragon. Sc. Sc. n.. D. drashing. & D. & D. drab drabbish draffsack...TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits 4ouce. D. n. dragging draggy dragooning dranting. & D.&D. n. drawlatch.

D. dungy dupe. dyscrasial. D.E. SI. D. & D. dumbing. Med. ecstasied ecstasized.E. dyslogistic dyspeptic eagle-eyed eagle-sighted eagle-winged earning eastern east-windy ebony Echidna. n. dyspathetic. Social Evaluations ductile dud. n. earthling. & D. n. D. D. Sc..E. Temporary States duddered. n. dwindling dwining.. or Sc. D. D. dwalming. n. dysteleological dysthymia.E. Med. Diireresque duskish dusky dwarf dynamiter. n. eclectic economical ecstatic eased eaten eavesdropping ebriate. C. D. echinate echinulate ectotrophic ecumenical edged edgeless edgy . R. n. R. dunny. n. dure. dummy duncical dunderhead. n. dulling dullish dull-witted dult. dudgeoning. Sc. n. ALLPORT AND H. R.E.. S..E. dysphoria.70 G. Med. n. duplicity. R.E. dunt. n. ecstasizing edacious edging edified earthborn earth-bound earth-bred earthen-hearted. durable dwarfing dynamic eager ear-minded earnest easeless easy easy-going ebrious ebullient ecclesiolater. n. dulbert. n. dumbfounding dummel.. Sc. n.. dudish duffer. SI. n.. dulled dull-eyed Dunker. R. n. earthly-minded earthly-wise earthy earwigging easing ebbing eccentric eclipsable eclipsing ecstasying edifying Metaphorical and Doubtful dudman.. dulcet dulcified dull dullard dull-brained dull-browed dull-head. duddering. duffing dulcifying dumfounded dunning duping dwaling. SI. dumb dumb-bell. n. echoing eclat. R.E.E. duelist. n. duteous dutiful dynamist.E. W. n. A. ODBERT Personal Traits dumpish dumpy.

R.. efflorescing effluvious effortless effulgent elastic elderly electric eleemosynary elephantine elf-stricken elliptic emaciated emancipationist. A. egregious ejected eldritch elect electrifying elegant elegante. embarrassed embarring embellishing embezzling emblazing emblazoning embogged emboldened embosoming embracing embroidering embroiling emending emerging emotionalizing enamored enchanted encountering encouraged encouraging encroaching encumbered endamaging endeavoring endorsing Social Evaluations educable educative eerie effective effectual effeminating effete efficacious egg. Elk.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits effeminate effervescent efficient effrontery.. n. n. emotionless emphatic empirical empressement. Temporary States effacing eff are.. F. F. SI. R. n.. F. n. effusive egoistic egotistic eleutheromaniac elfish elocutionaryeloquent elusive embracive. emprising. SI. F. emulative emulous encomiastic endeavorer. emasculated embellished embittered embodied. elegized elemental elementalized elevated elevating eligible eliminable elite. R. R. embrangled embryonic emeritus Emersonian emigrating emissary emplastic employed empoisoned empowered enchained encyclopedic endless . n. encarnalizing enchaining enchanting encumbering endangering 71 Metaphorical and Doubtful educated eductive edulcorated edulcorating eely efflated. emancipated emancipating emasculating embarrassing embarred embased embasing embittering emboldening embosomed embraced emetic eminent emmarveling emolliated. n. n. emotional emotionalist. R. empoisoning empowering empty enamoring encarnalized. R.. n. effectuating egging egotizing ejaculating ejecting eking elaborating elated elbowing electing electioneering electrified elegizing eliciting eliding eliminating eloping elucidating elucubrating.

R. n. R. R. Med. Med. English enlarged ennobled enormous enriched enslaved ensmalled. enticed entoiled entoiling entranced entrapped entrapping entreating envisaging equivocating eradiating eradicating erecting ergotizing. ODBERT Social Evaluations endowed endurable energizer. equilibrious.S. epexegetic ephemeral epic epicene epichordial epideictic epileptic epiplectic equal equalized equine erect erected ermined eroded erosive errorist. eristic erotic erotomaniac. n. n. R. F. R. erugated eruptive . C. ALLPORT Temporary States endowing enervate enfettering enforcing enfranchising engaged engineering engloomed engorging engracing engrossed enhancing enheartened enhungered enigmatizing enjoining enjoying enkindled enlisting enlivened enmeshed ennuye. enterprising entete. equable equalitarian equanimous. erethic. n.72 Personal Traits energetic energic. erring erubescent eructing escaping AND H. A. equitable equivocatory eremitic erethismic. ensorcelled. U. R. entheos enthroned entonic. energumen. R. F. enthusiastic entreprenant. envious envyful ephectic. W. F. R. epicurean epicurish epigrammatic epistolarian epithymetic. erogenous errable errant errorless Metaphorical and Doubtful enduring enfeebled enfettered engilded engineer. S. Med. erratic erudite G. energizing enervating enfeebling engaging englooming engraced engrossing enheartening enigmatic enkindling enlightened enlightening enlivening ennobling ennuying enormal enraging enrapturing enravishing enriching enslaving ensorcelling ensouling entangling entertaining enthralling enticeable enticing entire entrancing entreatable envenomed envenoming enviable enwomaning. R. ensmalling. enucleating enwomaned. R. enosing enraged enrapt enraptured enravished enroughed ensconced entangled entertained enthralled enthusing. n.

n. eupeptic euphuistic European Europeanized everlasting evil-eyed evil-favored evincive evirated. eulogistic euphoric evangelistic evasive even even-handed even-minded exact exacting exaggerative exanimate. R. esteeming estimating estranged estraying estreping esurient etherized ethicizing etiolating ettling. R. eulogized eupathy. n. eucharistic euchred. n.. n. R. A. R. adv.. Sp. exceptant exclamatory excremental excruciable. R. n. eviscerated evolutionist. eternal eternalist. exceptious. R. ethnizing eudaemonist. n. euethistically. exculpatory executioner. essenced estiferous. eternized etherealized eunuch. n.R. R.E. eulogizing euphemizing evacuating evading evaluating evangelizing evicting eviting evolving exacerbated exalting examining exasperated excepting excipient excited exclaiming excluding excogitating excommunicating excoriating excruciated exculpating excusing excussing execrating Social Evaluations esoteric especial essential esteemed estimable estranging ethereal etherealizing ethical ethnomaniac. R. esprit. euphonious evanescent eversive everyday evicted evil evildoer. evil-minded evil-starred eviscerating evited. C. exalted exanimating. R. . & D.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits espiegle. SI. Sc. excitable exclusive excursive excusatory executive Temporary States eschewing escorting esoterizing espousing espying esquiring. exacerbating exacerbescent. exasperating exceeding excelled excellent excelling exceptional excitant excitative excluded excommunicable excoriated excruciating exculpable excusable excused execrable exemplary 73 Metaphorical and Doubtful esemplastic. F. essaying establishing estampedero. n. n. F.. euchring eudaemonizing. n. R.

expurgated exsanguine exsiccated exsuccous extemporaneous external extrahuman extraintellectual extranatural exuviating eyeless face. n.74 Personal Traits exhibitionist. eyesore. SI. eye-minded fabricative G. R. exhaustible exhaustive exheridating exiguous existing exophagous exorbitating. extroverted exuberant eyeful. R. n. extroitive. fabler. n. n. n. tabular Metaphorical and Doubtful exequial exercitant. n. R. expiscatory. expressive extortionate extraregarding extremist. fabricating f ablemonger. ALLPORT AND H. n. n. exinanition. expurgating exscinding extemporizing extending extenuating exteriorizing exterminating extinguishing extirpating extolling extraditing extricating extruding exulcerated exultant eying Social Evaluations exempted exhausting exhaustless exhilarant exhilarating exiled eximious. W. . exonerated exorable exorbitant exoteric exotic expatriated expellable expelled expenseful expensive experienceless expert exploitable exposed expressionless expugnable exquisite extenuated extolled extramundane extraordinary extraregular extravagant extreme extremeless eyeable eyeservant. R. exorcised expedient experienced experimentalist. S. ODBERT Temporary States exempting exercised exercising exerting exhausted exhilarated exhorting exiling exonerating exorcising expanding expatiating expatriating expectant expediting expelling experimenting expiating explaining explicating exploitering exposing expositing expostulating expounding exprobating. n. R. expansive expatiatory expediential expeditious explicit exploitative explosive expressionist. n.

n. familiar I familyish fan.. n. i&cy. fairy fakir. farseeing fascinating fashing fashionable fashious. fantasque.. failed failure. SI. n. fagged fagging faging. fathering fathoming fatigued fattening favoring fazed. n. R. A.Sc. fair-minded fair-natured fair-spoken fair-weather faithworthy fake. R.E. n. facund. n. factious I factish. & D. farraginous. failing fain faint fainting falsifying falsing faltering familiarizing famished fanaticizing fancy-free fancy-loose fancy-sick. faddle. n. fanatical fanciful fanfaron. n. C. & D. feagued. or SI. n.. & D. n. C. Sc. R. A. D. fanged fangless fantasied farmer. fastening fastidium. C. fantod. F. fallow falsetto falsidical fanaticized fancied fancier.E. n. R.E. fantastical I farouche. n. R. faint-hearted faithful faithless I fal-lal fallalish Falstaffian famacide. F . fancy-woman. far-away far-gone far-off farsing fascinated fashed.E. Faustian fawning Ileal. I faddy fagger. fasting fat fathomless fatty . Sc. Temporary States facilitating facing fadding faddling fading faffling.. . E. n. n. R. C. n. fatiguing fatuous fat-witted faultful faultless faulty fautor. faded fadeless fag.E. faerie fagot. faker. D.E. fainty. fantast. I fad. R. D.E. A. faineant. R. feaguing f eaking. fazing 75 Metaphorical and Doubtful faceted factotum. 1 fast I fastidious • fastish R fastuous. R. U. D. R. fatal fat-brained fat-headed. n. n. n. %: -fashionist. fallen fallible false false-faced false-hearted fameless famous fancy f angled fantastic farcical f arrand. | fashion-monger. faintish fair fairish. SI. favorable favorite favorless faying.. R.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits facetious facient. D. facile factful factionary. n. fearing Social Evaluations faceable f ascinorous. n. Sc. fancy-man.orD. D. fatalistic fatherly I fatidic fatigable T fatigueless faultfinding faust.S. n„ SI.E. n. pfearful fearless fearnaught..E. n.

E. feerie. D. D. n. fishy fist. R.E. n. fidfad. fit fixed fizzy flabby flaccid . F.E. A. n. n. AND H. filthy finable fine finedrawn finespun fingle-fangled finished first first-chop first-class first-rate first-string fish. D. fickle fictionist.R. fie-fie. C. & D..E. R. fikie fine-headed. C.Sc.E.. n. Sc. feminine fenceful fendy feral ferocious fervent fervid fess. fizzer. n. W. D. firm fitful fitty. felonious feminizing fendable. C. fellowlike. fiddling fidging fightable fighting fiked fiking. C. file. or D. fixating fixing fizzling flabbergasted flacking. fidgety fiducial fierce fiery fifish. D. Sc... filmy fined finified fire-eyed first-born fistic. figuresome.E. fertile fetisheer. fideism. fighting-cock.Sc. D. R. n.E.E. SI. filching filibustering filing filliping financiering finessing fingent fired fire-hot firking.E. fettered Fichtean fiery-footed figurative filed. D. & E.. G. n. flabbergasting Metaphorical and Doubtful feastful feathered feather-footed feather-headed feather-heeled f eatherweighted.& D. U. Sc. D.E. n. ALLPORT Temporary States f eatish. n. file-hard filial filled filly. fisticuffing fittering. fickling fiddle-faced. festal fetching feted fetid fettering fetterless fewsome.E.. R. f estinate. Sc. n. C. A. R. fiendish figure-head. V. D. D. fizgig. fiddle-faddle.S. Sc.. fefnicute. R. feculent feeble feeble-minded feeblish feelingless felicific fell fellow. feverish fibbing fickled. D. C. featherbrained feckless. F. R.E. Sc. A.E. n. n. n. n. featureless f eaturely..76 Personal Traits fearsome feeder. finical finicky firebrand. feracious fermentative fermented ferrean. febrile feeling feigning feinting felicitated. S. festive fetishist. ODBERT Social Evaluations feat. felicitating fencing fending fermenting ferreting fervescent festering feting fettling. fecund feeable feline female feminized fenny. n. fisty. fishing fissling. n. R. n.

TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits '• flagellant fishmonger. Sc. Sc. Sc. flattering fleecing flatty. flatter-blinded. D. n. I flighty flip. flashy flavoring flat flaxing. n. Sc. St. D. R.E. D. florid fluctuant flue. U. n. fleeing flaunty fleering flavorless fleeting flavorous flegged. C. n. D.. A. Sc.E. florimanist. D. n. R. & SI.. Sc. flirtable. n. flashing flapdoodly. R. flitting flirtigig. n. n. n. Sc. n. flaying flat-minded flecking. U.^?. SI.S..E. flattening fledging flatter-blinding fleeching. floccipending... n. & D. flat. C. flippant flirdie. & Sc. n... n. flirtatious fliskmahoy.. flouncing floundering flourishing flouting flowering flowing flown fluctuating 77 Metaphorical and Doubtful flagless flameless flamy flan.E. R. fljsky. flatterable fleeceable fleet fleshly flexible flexile flichtered. Sc.. SI. flickering flea-lugged. flat-footed. Sc. . flawless fleshing flawy fleyed. flap-mouthed flatted flapper. flagrant flaming flam flapping flamboyant flappy flammable flaring flap. flaneur.S. flatling flatulent flavescent fledgeless fleshed fleshy flexed flexuous flint. U.E. flayflint.. SI. C. & D. SI.. F. n. flaskered. Sc. R. Sc.. orD. C. flirding flimflam flirting flimsy fliting. orSc. flicking fledgling. R. n. flint-hearted flinty floppy.. n. flinching fleying flindering. Sc. D.E. flash. Sc. flird.S. flory. Sc. fleysome flipping flibbertigibbet. floored flocking flossy flogging flowery flooring flubdub. & D E. SI.E. n.E. Sc. floaty flobbing. R. floating floater. & D. flagging flaggy flailing flagitous flamboyantizing. flittering. flirdoch. flaughtering. flighting flegging. flourishy fluent Temporary States Social Evaluations flagellating flag. n.

E. W. fly-up-the-creek. SI. n. Sc. A. footle. DM. focalizing focusing foiled foiling f oistered... C. flurning. n... C. flushing flustered flying foaming fobbing. ODBERT Social Evaluations flummery.E. f ootlicker. foeless fond footsore footworn foreign . foolhardy foolish foolish-witty foolosopher. foisoning. fordone f ordrunken. SI. fluxional fly-by-night. fogram foilable folksy. ALLPORT Temporary States fluffing flummoxed. fool. R.E. SI. n. foot-loose foppish forbearing forceful forcible forcible-feeble forehanded forensic f oreright. foresighted foresightless G. flurried flurring. n. or D.S. n.E. R. n. n. n. U. flummoxing flurrying flustering fly flyaway flyblown fobby. forbidding forced foredoomed foremost Metaphorical and Doubtful fluffy fluid fluty fluviose. A. D. n. flummadiddle. U. n. n. or D. follower.78 Personal Traits fluky flunky. SI. A. n. S. R.S. Sc. D. foozling foraging foraying forcing fordoing.C. D. Sc. foisonless. fluttery fluxible. focusless foggy fogy..E.. foreadmonishing foreadvising forebemoaning foreboding forecasting foreclosing foreconcluding foredooming forefeeling foreimagining foreinclined foreintending forejudging foreknowing forerunning foreseeing forespeaking forestalled AND H. D. A. n. footer. flux foe. foistering f oo-f oo. flumping flunking. foisting following follying fomented fomenting fondling fooling f ootering. footless footy.

forthgoing forthputting forthright. fresh fretful jretless Iretty Temporary States forestalling foretasting foretelling forewarning forfeiting. A. framing.E. A.E. A. Social Evaluations forgetable forgivable formidable . fraising. n. Sc.E. frazzling freakish freezing. frabbing. formulistic forritsome.. Sc. fostering foughten. A.. frampoid frank Frankenstein. or D. forsaking forsetting. Sc. framable fraudulent fraying. forte fortune-hunting forweend. & D. D.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits forethoughtful forgetful forgetive forgiving formal formalist. fractile fragile fragmentary fragrant frail frailish frangible free-born Frenchified Frenchy frequent freshman. forslowing. A. D.E.E. D. fouled fouling foundering foxing. n. forward foul-mouthed foul-spoken fractious frampler. forlorn formalizing forming formulating fornicating forpining. D. D. forswearing fortified forwarding forwearied. A. Sc. & D. formicating formless forspent. n. R. four-eyed. forgathering forging forgoing forjesket. free-minded free-spoken Ireethinking free-tongued 'free-wilier. A. R.E. f remd. A. SI. foursquare fouter. forspending. frenzied freshening fretted fretting fribbling fridged. & D. Sc. Sc. n. Sc. forthcoming. f raiking. forsaken fortifying fortunate forwearying fossil fossilizing foudroyant foul foulish foundered four-flusher. SI.. friable frictionless .E.E. R. n. forthy. C. forworn.E.E. foxy frabbit. SI. fraternal fraudful fraudless free freebooter. & D. f ozy.E. A. A. A. frank-hearted ffratched. n.E. frenzying fresh-water fribble fribblish fridging 79 Metaphorical and Doubtful forfairn. formful. Sc. n. SI. Sc. forf ending. free-handed free-hearted freeish free-living /free-lover. frantic fraternizing frayed frazzled freckened freeing freighted f remescent. Sc. D. forfighting forfoughten. n. n. n. fortitudinous fortuitist. D.. Sc.

fuddling. R. furtive fussy fustian futilitarian gabby. & D. R. n. Sc. furthersome.&D. D. Sc. fugacious fugleman.E. SI. n„ Sc. R.E. D.. fulfilling fullish full-mouthed fulminating fumbling fuming funk. n.E. gaberlunzie. fussock.E. D. furbishing furibund furious furthering fusing fussed fussing fustigating f ustling.E. ODBERT Temporary States fried friending frigging. frittering frivoling frizzling fronting frothing frotted frotting frowning frowsting. E. frozen fructiferous fruitful fruitless f rush. n.. fugitive fulgurant fulgurous fuliginous full full-blooded full-blown full-fed full-grown full-brimmed full-sailed f umacious. C.. n. C.. C. f rumped. frivolized frizzled froggy frontier frosty frothy frounced. C. . S. fungous furbelowed furrowed furrowless fuscous fused fusible futureless futuristic fyled. SI. Sc. & D.E. n. fudging fugient. Metaphorical and Doubtful frilled f rim. & D. R.80 Personal Traits friendlyfrigid friskful friskyfrivolous frolicsome frownful frugal frustrable fudgy. ALLPORT AND H. Social Evaluations friendless frightable frightening frightful frigorific frippery f rontless. f rumping.E. or D. froward frowsy fruit. full-fledged full-hearted furacious. W. D.Sc. D. Sc. C. fulgent fulgid fulminatory fulsome fundamental funereal funny furcif erous. D. R. R. C. frighted frightened frighting frisking. f row. f umous. frumpish frustrating iufiy. funking. Sc. R. fusty futile fuzzy fyling. Sc. gabbing gabbling gaby. funked.E. gadabout G. n. A. frustrated frying fubbing fuddled..

R. gallanting galled galley-west. Sc. Gallophile. SI. n. general generalist. R. German Germanized germinant geromorphism. Sc. D. & D..E. gargantuan garreteer. n. n. gastronomer. genuine ghastly ghostlike ghoulish 81 Metaphorical and Doubtful gagged gallimaufry. or D. gastering gauging gauming. A. gibbering gibbeting Social Evaluations gadling. gammerstags. gazetteer.. n. garrulous Gascon. n. gesticulative get-at-able get-up. SI. n. n. gaming gamming. gammer. n.. & D.E. n. D. n. Sc. gammoning. h. n. gawkish gawky gay gayish gegger. gent.. n. gainful gainless gainsome. Sc. gangling gangrel. n.E. n. gazing gecking. gaspy. galoot.E.. gaining gainsaying galbanum. gaustering. gala.. Sc. galvanized gamy gander. n. n. Sc.E. gapingstock. gawny. garbled garish gashful. C.. geek. D. gaffer. n. Sc. n. gem. Germanophobe.. Sc. n.E. n.S. gangrenous gangster. n.. D. n. galvanic galvanizing gamin. giant-rude Temporary States Gadarening gadding gagging gaggling gaging. ganching.. Sc. n. n. gapeseed. gash. gauche. n. gaping garbling garnering garnishing gasconading gasping gast. gazingstock. genteelizing gentility. or D.E. R.E. & D. Med. gammy. n. C. adv. n.E. n. n. galimatias. geezer. gawfing. D. gaseous gas-tight gaunt gauzy gawsy. R.E. gelatinous gelded gelid genderless generative genteelized gentile geoponic germ. gassy gaudy gawkhammer. n. or D. gallied gallivanting galloping galumphing gambadoing gambling gamboling gameling.. Gallomaniac.. genius.E. Sc. SI. Sc.E. n. Gallophobe. D.E.E. gavauling. gewgaw gewgawish giant . n. U. R. gazelle. gelly. D. D. Sc.E. n. F... gamphrel. D. n. SI. gaily game gamesome gare. Sc. n. D. gerontic gestant.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits gaddish gallant galliard GalHo. gastrophile. SI.E. n. galling galloptious. generous genial genteel genteelish gentle gentle-hearted gentlemanlike gentlewomanly gerent Germanomaniac. gallows. geeing generalizing generating genializing genuflecting gerrymandering gesturing giantizing. D. n. n. n. Sc. gamping.

giggish giggly giglet. n. gilded gilt... n. Sc.E. C. & D. & D.. gimbal-jawed. n. D. gild. W. & D. Sc. . girning giving glad gladdened glaiking glamouring glamping. glib glibbery. & D. glary glass-faced.E. gingery girlish gladiator.E. D. C. goitered gone goner. Sc. U.E. C. glancing glaring glavering. Sc. glopping. Sc. & D. & D. & D. n. glunch. glowering glozing glutting gnapping. glorified glorious gloved gobbin. glazing. gill-flirting. JR.E. n. gillyflower. giddying gig. & D. n. SI. gloomy glossarist. ODBERT Social Evaluations giddy-head. gleamy gleeful gleg. glimmering glimpsing gloating glomng. D. n. A.82 Personal Traits giddy giddyish giddy-paced. D. Sc. gilly-gaupus. glassy gleaming glinting glistening glittering glomerate glossless glossyglowing gluey glutinous gnarled gnomish goatish go-between.E.E. gloppening. A. Sc.E. n. S. gliffing gliming. gnarring gnashing gnattering.E.. gingering girding girling.E. Sc. Sc. D. gnarling. n. glum glumpy. Sc. gilt-edged gimcrack gimmer. gleaning gliding gliffed. & D. n. gnawing goaded goading goat-drunk gobbing. & D. St.E. glusky. Sc. R. gilpy. glorifying gloring... Sc.. Sc. gigman.E.E. Sc. n.E. go-as-you-please God-fearing godless Goethian G. D. D. Sc. gobbling gob-mouthed. n.E. gleyd. gimp. R. gimcrack. gifted giftless gigantic gignitive.E. & D. C.E.E. SI. & D. n. gollaring AND H. goblin.E. n. Sc.. n. Sc. n.. D. D. ALLPORT Temporary States gibblegabbling gibing gilding gilravaging.. n. Sc. gill. E. gingerbready glacial gladdening glamorous gleed.E. glorying glossing glouting. n. n. n. gluttonous gnathonic gnostic go-ahead. D. glossolalist. n. Sc. girt-up glass-eyed glassman. gladless gladsome glaikit. godlike goggly golden Metaphorical and Doubtful Gibraltar.E..S. or D.

& D. gorb. n. Sc. or C. grouty. grasping gratifying grating greasy great great-hearted great-mouthed Greek. good good-for-nothing goodish goody-goody. grueling. n. SI.S. D. grubby gruff gruffish grum grumbly.E. Sc. gony..E. C.orD. n. SI..E. R. n. U. gorging gormandizing governing goving. grieving grinding grinning griped gripping gritting grizzling groaning groggy grossing groping grounding grousing. goosecap..D. n.. A. n. U.. SI. n. n. grabbing grafting granting grappling gratified graveled. C. D. F. grotesque groundling. R..E. n.S. R. Temporary States gonesome. guerdonless 83 Metaphorical and Doubtful good-looking gorged gorgonized gory gosling gossamer gouty gracile grammarless Grandisonian granitic graspless gray graybeard. graveling greatening greening. & Ir.. grouchy grouse. n.E. gourmand gourmet. grouthead. green-eyed grimy griping. Sc. A.. graciosity.. or SI. great-bellied green greenhorn. grab-all. gowling. n.. n. goosing. gross gross-headed. gripple. D. guaranteeing guarding gudgeoning guerdoning guessing guesting guffawing Social Evaluations gonoph. gripless grobian. U. C.S. grandfatherly grandiloquent grandmotherly grangousier. grand grandiose granny. C. U. gooey. Sc. & D. n. grumpy Grundy ( M r s . gruesome grummet. D. ) guarded guardful. grutching. greedy gregarious griefful griefless grig. gooseberry. gudgeon. D. F. grim grinagog. Sc. E. groveling growing growling grudging gruing.E. n. SI..E. & D. growthless guerrilla . St. & D. grushing. Sc. St.E. D. goosish gorgeous gorgonizing gorlin.S..E. D. A. n. Sc.. SI. n. SI. n. grunting gruntling...E. goustrous. n. graceful graceless gracious grammaticaster. C. orSc. grippy grisette gritty. n..S.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits good-humored good-natured good-tempered gooney. gowk. n. & D. Gorgonian gossipy Goth. n. gouge. graphic grateful grave gravid greasehorn. n. n. n. n. U. n. SI.. grisly grizzled growsome. n.

half-strained. n. n. gutless guts.. D. gullish.. gulchy. Sc. D. C. Sc. C. gynophilian.S. gypsy gypsified Temporary States guiding guiltsick gulling gulping gumming gurgling gutting guttling guzzling gyrating gyte. hammer-headed hampering hamshackling hamstringing handfast.. R.. D. D. happy haranguing harassed harboring Social Evaluations guiltless guilty gull-catcher.E. R. haggling hagriding hailing haking. D. n.E. n. A.. R. R.. S. n. C. happiless. C. H hack hackneyed haggish half-and-half half-baked. gyving habile habromania. halting hairless hammer. n. SI. Sc. n. gurl. & D. n. D. C. handicapping handseling hanging hankering hankling.E. halituous hallucinated halt haltered Hamlet hammerhard hamshackled hamstrung handless handsome handsomeish hard-bitted hardened hardening hard-featured . & SI. n.S. gump. haggard hagridden hairless hairy hale half-blooded half-bred half-breed half-caste half-faced half-hardy half-saved. U. D. R. hallowed hallowing haloed ham. n. gummed gummy gunman. gymnosophist.. n. happy-go-lucky harangueful hard-headed hard-hearted hacking haffling. ODBERT Personal Traits guffin. n. gusty gymnast. & U. R. E. gun-shy gumptious. half-hearted hallooing haltering hambling.E. guttersnipe. n. gulpin. & Sc. hard-favored hard-fisted hard-grained hard-handed Metaphorical and Doubtful guideless guiser. gyved habitual hacked.E. gumple-f oisted.. n. R. Med. handicapped hangable hangdog hanger-on. SI. hammering hampered hanching. W.. SI. E. Sc.E. gynecomorphous. Sc. half-headed half-witted hallanshaker. n. n.84 G. handy hanky-panky. Sc. R. guileful guileless gullible gulosity. guy. Med. gushy. gutterling. n. ALLPORT AND H. haphazard hapless harassing hard hard-boiled. handersome. n.. guttlesome. n... half-cracked. n. D.E. hagiolatrous hagiophobia. hairsplitting hair-trigger hallucinates.

having. D.A. SI.E. hefty. n. heightened hellbender. n. n. n. n. harlequinizing harmonizing harnessing harping harpooning harrowed harvesting hashing hastening hatcheled hatcheling hatching hating hattered. harridan. D..E. n. henchman. headish. n. heartening heatful heathenish heathenizing heating heavenly hebatating heel.. n. & D. heresiarch. Sc. n. Sc. Sc.. hellhag. n. SI. D. haveless. head-hunting healthful healthless healthsome healthy heart-bound heartbroken heart-wounded heathen heathenized heavy-laden hebetated hebetudinous Hebraic hedged hedgehoggy heeler. havening havering.. n. or D. Sc. heretical Temporary States hard-set harled. heinous hellborn hell-cat. n. henjussy. Hellenized hell-haunted helminthoid Helot. Sc. n. hellish hellkite. helpful helpless helter-skelter hempy. Sc.. hazarding hazed hazing hazy heading healed heart-heavy heartsick heartsore heartstricken heated heaving heavy-headed heavy-hearted heckling hectored hectoring hedging heeding heehawing heeling hefting. n. & D.. hawk-eyed headachy. CV hash.. or D. Sc. & D. n. heresimach. hemiparasitic hen. hatchet-faced hatless hatter. hellion. n. hellicat. havocking haw-hawing hawking hawming.E. heloe.S.E. hellhound. Sc.E. or D. SI. n. D. hawk. D. heart-free heartful heartless heartsome. D.E. n. n.E.E. n. D. headmost healing healsome. R. herding hereticating Social Evaluations hardish harebrained hare-hearted hare-mad harmful harmless harmonious harpy. hayseed. haveycavey. & D. harlequin harlot harmed harnessed hask. n. helming henpecking henting. heart-whole hearty heavenly-minded heavy heavy-handed hectic hedonist heedful heedless hegemonic heliophobic heliotropic Hellenistic hell-raker. Sc. & Sc. C. haunted havenless hzw^Sc. U. Sc. U.. n. A.E.E. Sc.E.. R. helpmate. harrowing harrying harsh harshish has-been.. harker. n. hen-hearted 85 Metaphorical and Doubtful hard-shell.E. U.S. hen-feathered henpecked Herculean hermaphroditic . n. C.S.E. & Sc. hatable hated hat-in-hand hattering haunting hawbuck. n. headless headlong headstrong heady heart-breaker. n. C. hardy hare-eyed.E. D.E. hemp. heppen. C.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits hard-mouthed harum-scarum basteful hasteless hasty hateful hateless haughty haunty. D. or D. n.

Sc. honest honeyed honey-mouthed honey-tongued hoodwinkable G. n.. D. n. n.E. D.E. n.. R.E. homesick honeyf ogling..E.. adv.. hippopotamic hircine hireling hirsute hispid hoar hoar-headed hoarse hoary Hobbist. ALLPORT Temporary States hermitizing heroifying hesitating hewing hiding higgling high-wrought hiking hilling.E. n. U.. n. hisking.E. n. hesychastic hidden hiddy-giddy.S. SI. hodge. n. n. hodmandod.S.E.E. C. hidebound hideous higgledy-piggledy high high-blown highbrow. hoity-toity hokum.E. hirsling. D. R. honishing.. hooky-crooky Metaphorical and Doubtful hermetical Hessian hetaera. high-speed high-spirited high-stepping high-strung hindsight. . U. A. high-flying high-pitched high-reaching high-roller. hoodoo. hinching. heterochromatic heterogenous heteronomous heterophemistic Hibernian hiemal hierarchic high-blooded high-bred high-fed high-proof high-seasoned high-tasted highwayman. & D.86 Personal Traits hermitish hesitant heterodox heteropathic heterotelic hetter. E. n. hissing hitching hitting hoarding hoaxed hobbling hockering. DM. hind. ODBERT Social Evaluations heroic heroi-comic heroified. D.. n. R. n.S.. Sc. hollow-eyed home-bound home-bred homeless homespun homing homuncular hontish.E... hocused hoining. hideaway hideling. n. D. heterized. high-toned hilarious hilding. holdfast hollow hollow-hearted holy homely homotonous honey honorable honorless hoodlum. n. hoggish hoit. hindered hindering hinting hipping. hirdy-girdy. D. S. honeying honing. & U.E. C. Sc. hindmost hoaxing hob. holding holus-bolus. n. SI. Sc. high-principled high-souled high-sounding high-stomached. n. n. Sc.E.E. D. D. high-colored highfaluting high-flown high-handed high-hearted high-lived high-minded [SI. n. W.. histrionic hitchy hit-or-miss hob-and-nob hobbyhorsical hobbyless hoddy home-keeping Homeric homicidal homilist. D. C. n. & D. hobbledehoy. hirdum-dirdum. honoring hoodwinking hooked hooking AND H.. hocusing hodgepodge. A. highbinder. SI. hodman. high-muck-a-muck. D. n. n. D. hobnailed hobo. n.

n. hyperaesthetic hyperalgesic hyperbulia. & D. hypergenetic hyperhedonia. Sc.. huge hulking human humanized humbled humid humoristic hunch.S. n. D. hustler. Sc. n. & D. D. n. SI.E. U.E. hornswoggling. D. husbandly husky. hickster. n. A. huff cap. hottish hounded hounding hovering. n. horse-racing hosebird. hothouse Hottentotish hound. n.E. humorless humorous humorsome Hunker. n. n. hyaline hybrid hygienic hylomorphist.Sc.. n. D. n. howler. hypalgic hyper..E. SI. n. D. hunks. D. D. n. n. & D. n.E. host. hypaesthesic. hypercritical hyperdynamic hyperphasic Temporary States hooting hopping horning. humdrum humiliating hunk. huddroun. hucking. hoydenish huckmuck. humming humoring humping hungering hungry hurkling. n. n.. hopeful hopeless horny horsefair hortative hospitable hostile hot-blooded hot-brained hot-headed hot-spirited hotspur hot-tempered house-proud housewifely hubristic. R.E. hurling hurrahing hurrying hurt hurting hurtling hushed huzzaing hymning hyperbolizing Social Evaluations hooligan. Sc. hotfooting.E. C. SI. R. n. n. Sc. or SI. hulver-head. howish.. Sc. hunched hurled.E. C. hylozoist. hunted hurly-burly hurried hurry-scurry hussar. n. n. D. huddling huffed huffing hullabaloo.E.E. Sc. hygeiolatry. n. howfing. n. & D. U. n. SI. humanizing humbling humbug. n. hornblower. howe. D. hoyden. n.S. n. U. horn-mad horrendous horrid horrific horripilating horsy hory. E. Med. n. household.E.E. n.S. D. humane humanist humanitarian humble humbugable hummer.. D. Hydra-tainted hyperacute 87 Metaphorical and Doubtful horary horned hornified horny-handed horse.E. & D.E. Hunnish hurtful hurtless hussy. D. hoving. C. hottering. hyperacid hyperaphic hyperaphrodisia.E.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits hooly.. humbugging humiliated hummering.E. n. horsewhipping horsing hospitating hot notching. huffish huffy hugger-mugger.. D. Sc. n. R. hylotheist. hypermature hypermetropic hyperparasitic . housebound houseridden hover. hotchpotch... hunky. howffing hubble-bubble. horrent horrified horripilated horror-stricken horselaughing horseplay. n.

iconological icy idealess idealistic idealless idiolatry. R. W. illustrious imbecile imbruting imitable Metaphorical and Doubtful hyperthermal hypertrophied hyphedonia. imbruted . n. n. n. illusionary illusive ill-willed. R. & D.E. n. R. imager. ichorous ichthyoid icteritious ideological ideophrenic idiocratic idiothermous ignescent igniferous ill ill-bred illegitimate ill-favored illimitable illiterate ill-less illocal ill-sorted illtreated illuminant illuminous ill-used imbibitory imbroglio. hypochondriac hypocritical hypokinetic hypomelancholic hyponeuria. ALLPORT Personal Traits hyperphysical hypersensitive hypersensual hypertonic hypnotic hypnotizable hypobulia. S. hypnophobic hypostatic hyposthenic hypothermal hypothetical hypotonic iceberg. imaginative imitative immaculate idealizing idle idleset idling idolizing ignited ignoring illaqueating illtreating illuded. Sc. immanacled. R. n. n. n. AND H. ill-set. R. C.88 G. idiorepulsive idle-headed idolatrous idoloclastic ill-judging illogical illoyal ill-tempered ill-tongued illusionable. n. Icarian iconoclastic iconolater. hyppish hysterical hysteroneurasthenic Temporary States hypnotizing hypothesizing hypped. n. Sc.. ODBERT Social Evaluations I ideal idealized idiosyncratic idiotic idol idyllic igniting ignoble ignominious ignorable ignoramus. illuding ill-using imbosoming imbursing. ignorant ill-advised ill-affected illaudable ill-conditioned ill-disposed ill-fated ill-humored illiberal illicit ill-lived ill-mannered ill-natured ill-seen. Sc.

jmmethodical immodest immotile immovable jmmusical immutable impartial impatient impavid. R. imperative imperceptive imperial imperialistic imperious impersonal jmpersuadable impertinent imperturbable impervertible impervious impetuous jmpious jmpish impractical impressible Impressionable improvident impudent impulsive Jmpunctual. R.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits itnmane. R. R. R. improper improvable imprudent impugnable impure inadequate inadvertent inaesthetic inane inapprehensible inapt inartificial inartistic inassimilable incaging incapable incapacious incarcerating incensurable incircumspect. incaged incandescent incapacitated incarcerated incendiaryincestuous . 89 Metaphorical and Doubtful immarbled. inappreciative Inapprehensive inarticulate incautious Incentive Incisive Temporary States immersed immitigable immobile immodulated immolating impaling impassionate impassioned impassive impeaching impeded impelling impenitent imperiling impersonating impetrating impiteous implacable implicating imploring imprecating impressed imprisoned impromptu improving improvising impugning imputing inactive inappeasable inattentive incalescent. n. incensed inchoate Social Evaluations immanacling immature immemorable immoderate immoral immund. immarcescible. R. A. impaired imparadising impassible impeached impeccable impeccant impedient impenetrable imperfect imperfectible imperishable impermanent imperspicuous. R. implastic impolite impolitic important importunate imposing impossible imposturous impressive imprisoning improbity. immaterial immeasurable immense immigrant immiscible immortal impalpable imparadised impecunious impermeable imponderable imporous impotent impoverished impregnable impressionistic imprimitive impuissant inaccessible inadhesive inalterable inanimate inappetent inapproachable inaurate. inadaptable inaffable inaggressive jnamiable. R. inaccurate Inacquiescent Inactionist. n. R. R.

independent indifferent indifferentist. n. R. R. R.90 Personal Traits inclinable incoercible incogitant incommunicative incompliant inconclusive inconfident. indestructible indeterminate indexterity. R.. indirect indivertible individualistic indocile indolent indomitable indubious. incongenial.n. n. R. S. ODBERT Social Evaluations incitant incivil. W. inconsiderate inconstant incontinent incorruptible incredulous incroyable. incurious indecisive indefatigable indefinite indeliberate. incomparable incompassionate. R. incongruous inconsequent inconsiderable inconsistent inconsonant incontaminate incontemptible inconveniencing incorrect incorrigible incorrupt inculpable incult. F. R. India-rubber indigenous indigestive indiscerptible indissoluble indivisible indoor indulged indurate ineffaceable ineffervescent . incondite. indulgent industrious inebriate inelastic G. ALLPORT Temporary States incited incognizant incoherent incommoded incommoding inconsolable inconvenienced increasing increscent incriminating inculcating inculpating indebted indetermined indignant indisposed inducing indurating AND H. R.. R. inclement incoherentific. n. incurable indeficient. indecent indecorous indefectible indefensible indelicate indevout indictable indigent indign indiscreet indiscriminative indispensable indisputable indistinctive indistinguished individual inductile inebriant ineducable ineffective inefficacious inefficient inelegant ineligible Metaphorical and Doubtful incombustible incommutable incompact incompressible inconfinable inconscient incontrollable incontrovertible inconvincible incoordinate incorporate incorporeal incorrodable incorrosive incrassate incrusted incubus. R. incompatible incompetent incomplete incomplex incomprehensible inconcinnate. R. R.

R. injurious innerving innocent innocuous innoxious inobnoxious. ingenuous ingrate ingratiatory inhibited inhospitable inirri table initiative. R. inoffensive 91 Metaphorical and Doubtful ineluctable inerm inert inerubescent. ingurgitating initiating. R.E. inexplicable inexpugnable inexterminable. R. D.E. inharmonic inhibiting inhumane inimitable iniquitous injucund. D. R.. . inhomogeneous inhuman inky inodorous inordinate inquinated.. F. inerudite inexhaustible infantile infecund infeminine infertile infidel infirm infranatural infrangible infrigidated infusible ingle-bred. inimical injured innerved inoculating inquiet Social Evaluations ineloquent includible inept inerrable inerratic inessential inestimable inexcusable inexorable inexpensive inexperienced inexpert inexpiable. R. R. ingenue. R. R. inextinguishable infallible infamous infatuating infectious infelicific infelicitous inferior infernal infestuous infinitesimal inflaming inflammatory inflatable influential infrigidating infuriating ingenious ingenteel inglorious inhabile.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits jnemulous inexact inexci table jnexpansive inexplicit jnexplosive inexpressive infestive inflammable inflexible informal informative infrugal infrustrable. n. n. injudicious : innerly innovative inobservant Temporary States infamizing infatuated infected inflamed inflated inflicting influencing infracting infringing infuriated ingling. ingram. A.

92 Personal Traits nquisitive nsatiable nscient. R. instinct insubmergible insubstantial insular intact intarissible. ALLPORT Temporary States inquiring insatiated insensate inseparable insnared insnaring inspired inspirited instigating instilling insulted integrating intending intenerated intensifying intent intentive. R. S. insensibilized. R. ntermeddlesome ntimate ntolerant ntractable ntrepid ntrospective ntroverted ntrusive ntuitionless ntuitive nvariable nventionless nventive nventurous nvincible inviolable G. nsightful nsincere nsistent nsociable nsolent nsouciant nspirable nstructible nsubmissive nsubordinate nsultable. ntellectual ntellectualistic ntelligencer. insensible insensuous insoluble insomnious. R. inscrutable insecure insidious insignificant insinuating insipid insipient inspirational inspiriting instable instructive insuccessful insufferable insufficient insulse. integral intelligent intentionless intestable intorted intranscalent intumescent inundant inured invalid invertebrate inveterated. R. nseeing. ntelligentsia. R. W. R. R. invading invalidating invasive inveighing inveigled inverting investigating inveterating invigilating. n. nsuppressible nsurgent nsurrectional nsusceptible ntegrity. R. interdicting interested interfering interjaculating interloping interpolating interposing interrogating interrupting intervening interverting interviewing intimating intimidated intoning intoxicated intrenching intrigued intruding inturbidated. interceding intercepting intercommuning. n. nsensitive nsider. R. A. insulting insupportable intelligible intenerating interesting interpretable interrogable intimidating intolerable intoxicating intransigent intricate intriguing inturbidating inurbane inutile invaluable inveigling inveterate invidious invigorating invirtuating inviting invivid Metaphorical and Doubtful insectile insenescible. n. invigorated AND H. n. R. R. ODBERT Social Evaluations inquinating insalubrious insane inscient. n. R. inviolated invirile invirtuated inviscid . ntemperate ntense nterlocutor.

. C.. n. R. R.E. & U. jangling jarring jaundicing javel. R. D. Jack-in-office. jamming janking. R. SI. felly. n. n. n. A. n. R.E. jester. n. jadedjagged jailbird. italicizing itching iterative jabbering jabbing jabbled.. japish. n.E. Sc.. Ijaculative. jamboree. |jaunty jazzy sjealous Jekyll.. jay. n. n. n. n.. SI. hadish ijannock. n. R. irregular irreplaceable irreprehensible irreproachable irresistible irresponsible irretrievable irritating isolated it. jactitaring. R. SI.E.. n. ithyphallic Jack Adams. jack-a-dandy. n.S. irreligious ^irrepressible irresolute ^irresponsive lirrestrainable irreverent ' jrrisory. n. Dr. jackass.jronical iron-sided. n. D. jismatic. R. Jack Nasty. jackal. E. Jacobinic : jactant. jacketing. Sc. SI. or D. Ijestful Temporary States invocating invoking involved involving inwrapped irascent irate 5 irked irreconcilable irresolved irritated irrupting. & Ir. I Janus-faced Japanophile. n. R. C. jackeen. n. japing jarging jargoning jarred jaunting .. . R. ||emmy jerky ^erry-builder. D. Jenny. n. jack-among-the-maids. irrational irreligionist. 93 Metaphorical and Doubtful invulnerable iridescent Irish iron iron-bound iron-hard ironless irradiant irrebuttable irrefutable Israelite. jfjack-of-all-trades. n.TRAIT-NAMES I Personal Traits I inward jpse-dixitish I Jracund irascible ireful aijreless I irenic I iron-fisted ^iron-handed "' iron-hearted . Italian Italianate itinerant Jack Sprat. n. jestword. & D.E. n. ^irritable Iscariotic • Ishmael. n. jackanapes. yack-of-both-sides.. Jack-a-Lent. E. Sc. jackstraw. n.. n. jaundiced jawless jaywalker. n. jawing jeering jeopardizing jesting Social Evaluations irking irredeemable irreformable irrefusable. jejune Jenkins. n. jailed jailing jalousing. n. n.

jilt. junketing justifying jutting H. & D. Judaeophobe. SI.E. & D. n. n. D. jovializing jurr.E. joskin.E. n. & Sc. n.S.E. Johnsonian j okeless jolly Jonah. jimpricute. John Bull. jockey.. Judas. D. Sc. Sc.E. U. jug. & D. Sc.E. A. C.. Sc.. S. jocose jocoserious jocular jocund Johnadreams.E. j olterhead.E. kecking keckling. C. jelling. kexy. U. jigger.D. C. n.. U. D.S. keen keener. n.. jobbernowl. & Sc. jouking jouncing jousting jovialized jowering.. judicious jumpy Junker. n.E. SI. Kafir. jowling. SI. josser. n. n.E. n.E. Sc.E. kicking keepsaky keep-worthy keffel. kamerading. D. orSc. & Ir. kaleidoscopic katabolic kataplectic keelie. n. jimp.. n. key-cold. Sc..S. journalistic jovial joyful joyless joyous juberous. D. n. D. jubilant judging juggling jugulating jumbling j undying. jostling j ottering joukery-pawkery. SI. justifiable Metaphorical and Doubtful jeweled Jewish jim-crow. n. D. & Ir. SI.. kickable kickshaw. Sc. Ir. keening kemping. n.Sl.. U. n. n.R jiggeting.. Kentuckian keratinous ketchy. R. n. jingo. D. & U. Sc. R. D. jigging jiggling jingling jinking jobbing Joe-Millerizing jogging joggling joking jollifying-..E.. D. kern.. ODBERT Social Evaluations jewel. kepping. n. n. D. kenspeckle. Johnny Raw.. SI. n. R..E. Sc. kemp.. & Ir. n. ALLPORT AND Temporary States jewing jibbing jiffling. ..94 Personal Traits Jesuitic Jezebelish jiggish Jill. kickish. jollying joshing. n. W. Sc..E. juiceless juicy jumboesque jussive juvenescent juvenile K Kantian keek. & D. keveling. n. ketty. n. D. n. jinx. jurisprudent just G. Sc. jillet. n. n. n.S. kef. n. keelhauling keeling.S. n.

or D. kitten-hearted kittenish kleptic.. SI..E. lampering. kittling kittock. & Sc. D. knubbing knuckling kodaking kotowing kudosing labbing. R.S. knabbing knacking. & kittled.. U. knacky knappish. C. knock-me-down. lambent lambie. kill-joy. kite. & D. SI. lad. lacking lack-Latin lackluster ladrone.S. C. D. know-all.E. n. killing kindless kingly kinsmanly kissable kitling kittle.lcind kind-hearted kindly kipper. laglast.. kissing [D. kitchening. n. lady.. knockabout knocker. n. labefact. D. lamenting lamming.. . D. D. SI. . laetificant lag. know-nothing. n. Ir. knotty knur. laker. n. R. kinky. C. n.. SI.E.E. n. Sc. R. n.E.. R. n. n. Sc. Sc. E.E. laborious I lachrymist. lame lamish lamp.S. n. n. lady-killer. \ knee-crooking knightly Knipperdolling. D. U. n. n. n. n. kleptomaniac. Sc. U. & D.E..E. ladylike laggard I lamblike £ lamentful. Sc. lamping lampooning lancinating lancing landing Social Evaluations tillable kill-courtesy. n. . lackbrain. Sc.. knapping kneeling knifing. I land-grabbing I'land-hungry I landlordly landlouping Temporary States kidding kidnaping kilting.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits Jciddish kid-glove kike.E knaggy knarred knife-edged knobstick. & D. n. Ku-Klux.E. n. ft. L labefying labile. kinging.E. D. laced lacertiform lackey. R. land-bred landed landless landlubber langled. knock-out.E. SI. C. ki-yiing. & D. n. n. C. n. E. kill-cow. SI. R. U. n. labefied. lamentable 95 M etaphoncai and Doubtful kid. Sc. D. n. laboring lacerated lacing laconizing laden lagging lairing laking. labored lacerating lackall. R. n. knocking.Sc knavish kneadable knight-errant.S.E.. n. n. Kiwanian knacker. n. laidly. n. kim-kam..E. & Sc. knowing know-it-all knowledgeable. R. lambasting.. D. n. D. | lachrymose k lackadaisical I laconic Jpa-di-da. D. n. kindled kindling kinking.

n. C. Lesbian let-alone lethargic leveler. lew. D. n. leering lending lessening lessoning lethargizing let-off. leathwake. n. liberalized liberated . lean leanish leathery left-handed legalist. leery. & D.E. leer. n.E. levanting.E. Sc. n. laureate layman. E..96 Personal Traits languid languorous Laputan larcenous lardy-dardy. n. libeling liberating AND H. ODBERT Temporary States lapidifying last lasting late laudable laughable laughsome. R. E. leesome.. n.E.. SI. lewd lexiphanic liar. leisurely lenient lentitudinous. C. lasslorn lathy latibulizing. & D laxative lay leakless leaky. n. lapsable lapsed larded large larvate lass. & D. larksome. n. R. n. Lenten lethal leviathan. legitimate lemon. latesome latitudinarian latitudinous laughterful laughterless Laurence. leresis.E. ALLPORT Social Valuations langling languescent. languishing lapidating lapsing larding large-eyed larking. C. Sc. n. lazybones. leaning leaping learning leathering. lazy leadable leaden-hearted leader. SI. R. C. R. leaden leaden-pated lean-witted learned least leather-headed. D. lavish law-abiding lawgiving lawless lawyerlike lax lazar. W. or SI. D. lascivious lassitude. lecherous led leech. lashed lashing lathering latrant lauding laughing launching laving lavishing laying lazing leaden-stepping leading leaguing learning. SI. SI. leavening leaving lecturing leeping. larky. larry. Sc. Latin lave-eared. n. Sc. R. S. n. lenitive lepid lessoned lethiferous lettered letter-learned letter-perfect level leveling levigate libeled liberal liberalizing Metaphorical and Doubtful lank lanky lantern-jawed lanuginose lapideous lapidescent. large-handed large-hearted large-minded largitional. leguleian. level-headed levelish levity. n.E. C. R. legerdemainist. n. n. D. liberalistic libertarian G. larrikin. C. levitating levying libating. R. D. Med. C. R.E. n.. laruming.

SI. I lonely longanimous long-headed longiloquent Llong-sighted long-suffering . lompering. n. lionizing lipothymial lippening liquescent liquoring. R.. R. lie-a-bed. n. literatus.. limber limp :: limpsy. lickpenny. listing. R.E. D. lobbying locking lockram. R. R. lone longish long-visaged .E. n. .E. lion-hunter. SI. literose. lonesome longing Social Evaluations libertyless licked. n. lithy litigant Oitigious f lively loaferish lofty logical logolatry. liting. life-giving life-saving light lightful light-headed lightish light-o'-love lightsome lightweight lightwitted likeable likely lily-livered limb. log. lick-spit. Sc. D. SI. n.E. limitable limited limitless limmer. n. lion-hearted lippy. n. liking lilting limbering limbing liming limiting limping lingeing. I logomachic ' logomania. n. liegeman. lithe I lither. n.E. D. D. Hngy. n. or Sc. linty. loggy. C. n. C.. A.E. loggerheaded 97 Metaphorical and Doubtful licensed lifeful lifeless lifted ligneous Lilliputian lily. . n.E. Sc. lionlike liquid lisping little littlish live livened.E. n. C. licking lidless life-weary lifting lightening lightlying. R.. & D. D. D. lionized lip-born lip-good livening loathful loathly loathsome lob. C.TRAIT-NAMES '• Personal Traits liberticidal libertine libidinous libratory licentious lickerish . n. lish. lobcock. & D. liegeless. Sc.E. R. A. D. & D. adv.9/. U. local localistic locoed. Sc. n. & D. & C. lissom (e) •listless literal literary literate literator. n. logrolling loitering lolling lolloping. Med..E. n. lief. lily-handed limacine limed limous limpid lined linsey-woolsey lion. Sc. littering livid living loading loafing loaning loathing lobbing.. lizard. locoing locusing loggering. & D.E.S. n.. loaded loadless lobster. long-tongued Temporary States librating lickety-split. lingering linking.E.. D. locused.. SI. logomaniac. light-fingered light-footed light-handed I light-hearted light-heeled light-limbed light-minded . n. n. & D.

loud-voiced lowborn lowbred low-browed low-pressure lucent lucifugous luculent lumbricoid luminiferous lupine lurid luteolous luteous lutulent luxated lyncean lynx-eyed . D. lusory lustful lustless lusty Lutherolatrist. SI. SI. lugubrious lukewarm lulling lumbering luminary. lowed.E. Sc. S. R. G.S. SI. D. or D. lounging loustering..E. Sc. R. & D. lost lousy louthering. n.E. loveworthy low lowbrow. E. C. n. D. Med. Sc.E. R. lucid Luciferian ludibund. ODBERT Social Evaluations looby.E.. loon. D. A. n.E. luckless lucky ludicrous luggish. U.E. low-lived lowly low-minded low-thoughted lubberly lubricant luciferous. lordly lorn Lothario. lovesick lowbelling. lowering lucubrating luggering lugging lulled lumping lumpy. ALLPORT Temporary States loosing looting loping loppeting. D. n. louther. n. lunkhead. Sc. loose lopsided losel. loose-tongued loppy loquacious loquent. louthered. A.E. n. Lydian lypothymia. lunt. n. D. luminous lummox.. A. loving loving-kindness. or Sc. n. louting.E. n. loony. n.. D. C. lustrative lustrous luxuriant luxurious Metaphorical and Doubtful loose-jointed lordling.. love-maker. lusk. lungeous.98 Personal Traits long-winded loopy. low-down. D. lotus-eating loud loud-mouthed loup-the-dyke. D. luscious lustly.E. D. W. lumpish lunatic lundy. & D. lunging lurching luring lurking lush. R. lustrating luxating luxuriating lying lynching lyrical AND H. lowery lown low-spirited loyal lubricous. SI. lurdan. D. A.E. Sc.E. or D. & D.. n. C. n. lushing..E. lopping lording louking. Sc. n. loutish lovable loveless lovely lovesome.

maddening madding mafflin. magnisonant. malleable malm. madbrain madcap mad-headed madonnaish Maecenas. malodorous mammonish manageable manageless. major make-game. make-shame. n.E. mankin. n.. mammering. n. C..E.E. malconduct. D. magpie.. n. D. maniacal manified. n. U. maldeveloped male malformed malty mammoth man-eating maneless mangy manifold manikin. malapert malcontent maledicent. man-hating manifestative man-keen. manacled manacling managing maneuvering manged. n. malacoid maladive. R. D. n. malefic maleficent malevolent malfeasant malicious malison. make-mirth.. R. mafficking married. n. D. n. magging. n. manly Metaphorical and Doubtful macerated machinist.E. A. make-peace. D. n.E.. n. n. makeshift maladjusted maladroit malahacked. R. mafHing. Sc. R. n. R. make-believe make-law. maleficated maleficating malignifying maligning malingering maltreating mammered. D. Med. main mainstay. mackerel. D.TRAIT-NAMES 99 M Personal Traits macadamizer..E. manful man-god. n. mangling manhandling manipulating Social Evaluations macabre macaroni.E. man-killing mannered mannerless Temporary States macarizing macerating machinating machinizing maculating mad maddened maddish maddled. n. A. n. D. maggled. machinized macilent macrocephalous macrographic macrotous maculate madam.E. maggotymagical magnate. D.E. n. R. n. maledict. made-up madid. n. manging. maenadic magdalene magisterial magnanimous magniloquent magnipotent.E. Sc. n. D. n. macrology. D. manlike . mahatma. D. n. n. n. macaronic Machiavellian machine-like mack. maestro. n. malistic malversation.. E. Sc. maladministrator. n. R. n. maggling magnanimating magnetized magnifying maiming maintaining making malahacking. R. rnacromaniacal.E. make-talk. A. make. maliferous malign malignant malkin. maiden maimed major-domo. n.S. mandy. n. majestic makebate. D. D. magnetic magnetizing magnificent magnitudinous.

mare's-nesting market-fresh. Sc.E. & D. mazing meager mean meanish measureless meatless meaty medaled median medicaster. many-headed marble marble-breasted marcescent marchioness. n. & D. mantic man-woman. maximizing mazed meandering meaning. marivaudage. n.. n. mating mauling maundering maunging. D. mare. meased.. manuducting. n. n. merchandising AND H. D.E. Masonic masterless mastiff.E. Metaphorical and Doubtful mannie. martial martinet. D. n. matutinal Mayflower mealy meaningful meaningless mechanized medley megalocephalic megrim. C. mashing masket.E. R.. masculine masochistic masterful masturbatic materialistic maternal mathematical matricide. Sc. mendacious mendicant mentalist. n. R. Sc. n.E. D. n. maungy Mawwormish mazy meable mealy-mouthed mean-spirited mechanical mechanistic meddlesome medianimic mediatorian medievalistic meditative mediumistic meek megalomaniacal melancholic melancholy melancholyish melodramatic melomanic memorist. n. martyred mascot.. martyr. Sc. n. manting. mastodontic mat materfamilias.E. measing measuring meddling meekening. S. or Sc. A. n. n. medicatory medicinal mediocre meg. n.E. n. marplot. manufacturing manumitting marauding marcid. marrying. material matriarchal matronized mattoid. meliorating melling. masking masquerading massacring mastering matching matchmaking mated. n. ODBERT Social Evaluations many-sided marble-hearted marked markworthy marriageable marrowless marrowy martext. n. marking marlocking. & D. n. D.E. mare-rode. D. Sc. D. A. n. melted memorializing mending menging. matronly matter-of-fact maudlin maundrel. marvelous masked massive mastered matchless matchy mature maturish maumet. margaritaceous marine marmoreal marooned marrow. marooning marring martyring marveling mashed. melioristic mellifluous mellow melting memorable memorialized menacing menial mentionless mentor. n. Sc. n. & D.. D. or Sc.E. A. ALLPORT Temporary States manslaughtering manstealing manswearing. R. & D. n. n. n.E. meliorated melodic meltable memoryless mercantile .E. Marinist. SI. n. mawkish Maygame.E. W.100 Personal Traits mannerly mannish mansuete. Sc. Mephistophelean mercenary merchantlike merciful G.

U. R. midge. Sc. mingling mime. or D.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits Temporary States merciless mercurializing mercurial merrymaking meritmonger. middle middle-aged middleman. militarizing migrant militating migratory milking mild milled mild-hearted milling mildish mimicking militant mimping militaristic mindful military minding Miltonic mingle-mangle mim.. minstrel. n. mightless mighty milk-and-water milked milk-livered milksoppy milky millenarian. n. mesmerized merop. misbeseeming 101 Metaphorical and Doubtful mercurialized mesmerizable mesothetic metallic metallified metamorphic metapolitical meteoric metethereal methodist. & D. metropolitan micrifying mettlesome miffing miff. mincing minting ministerial mirating. miking. micrified middle-class middle-rate middling midstream might-have-been. n. or Sc. R. n. & D. minimus. miscensuring mischieving. n. mirthless misadvised misanthropic misalleging misappreciative misapprehensive mischief-making misappropriating mischievous misarranging misascribing misbehaving misbelieving miscalculating miscalling.. ministering minacious minitant. n. A.S. miry misadventurous misadvising misaffecting misaiming misallied misapplying misapprehensible misbecoming misbegotten misbehaved misbeholden. & D. midnight midsummerish mignon mildewy militarized millionairish millocrat. & D. Sc. n. n. Sc. Sc. n. n. n. miraculous mired mirific.. SI.E. miffy. E. mischoosing Social Evaluations meretricious meritorious messan. D. micropia. or D.. messy metagnostic metallifying metamorphosable mick. n. minifying mimetic minimizing miminy-piminy minishing mim-mouthed. mewling metromaniacal miching. midget. minor minuscule minx. C. n. miscellaneous miscible . Sc. n.. ministrative mirding mirthful mirligo. or D. R. miniature minikin minim. & D. minute " miragy miresnipe. D.E.E. R. n. n. n. n. Sc. n.E. A. metagrobilizing metaphorical metamorphosing metaphysical metaphysicizing methodical methodizing methodless mettled meticulous mewing metoposcopist. n. Sc.E. n. n. mewed Mexican mickle. minatory minorating. millstone. mindless mingleable minimifidian minion. C.E. mesmerizing merry messing merry-andrew. micrencephalous microbic microcosmic micrological micromaniac. n.

mispraising misprisal. Sc. misogallic misogamic misogynic misologist.E. Sc. n. R.oud. misdeciding misdeeming misinterpretable misdemeaning misleading misdescribing misliked mislippening.E. R. D. R. misoneistic.E. W.102 Personal Traits misconfident miscontent misdeemful miserabilist.. R. & D. misotyranny. S. mishandling misimproving misinferring misinforming misinstructing misinterpreting misjudging misknowing mislesting. & D.E. n.E. & Sc. misliking mislippened. n. misotheistic. misotramontanism. n. n. ODBERT Temporary States Social Evaluations misclaiming misconstruable miscoloring miscreant miscomprehending miscreated misconceiving misdemeaned. misprizing misprofessing misquoting Metaphorical and Doubtful misfeatured misformed misgrown misguided mishandled misinformed misinstructed misintelligible misleadable misled mismade mismated misnurtured mispersuaded . mispr. misocyny. misopaedist. mismanageable mismannered. mismanaging mismayed. A.E. misdespairing misliving misdoubting misease.E. misopolemical misoscopist. n. & D. & D. n. Sc. R. n. G. Med. misconsecrating misdevoted misconstruing misdirecting misdoing miscounseling misexpressive miscoveting misfit miscreating misguiding misdealing mish-mash. ALLPORT AND H. Sc. n. D. miserly misleared. Sc. n. misemploying mispleasing miserable misesteeming misestimating misexecuting misfiguring misgiving misgoing. misoxene. n. R. mismaying misperforming mispersuading mispleading mispleased. misosophist.. misguessing misguggling. & D. Sc.

E. & D. n. model modern modulated moke. moidering moiling moising.E. or D. Med. misregulating misrelating misreporting misrepresenting misruling missaying. mixer. missionizing misspeaking misspending misstating misteaching mistimed. or D.E. D.. D.E. Sc.S. U. Sc. R.. n. mock-heroic moderate moderationist. n. D. R. Miss Nancy mistaken misthinking mistreated mistuned misused misvalued mitigated mixable mock mockingstock. mistressly mistrustful jnisventurous. SI. mollifiable mollitious Temporary States misred. moch.S. molluscoid molten .E. n. D.. mollichop. n. mocking moderating modifying modulating mogging. modest modifiable modish mogilalia. Sc. mizzled. mistreating mistrusting mistrysted.E.. moaning mobbing moccasined.E. n. C. & D. mollycoddling Social Evaluations misreformed missikin.E. n. moll. D. n. & Sc. mixty-maxty. mistrysting. moidering molding molesting mollescent mollicrushed. D. mollicrushing mollified molligranting. n. D. n. n. n..E. 103 Metaphorical and Doubtful miss. Sc. moidered. n. n.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits distempered.E. SI.. misturning misunderstanding misusing misvaluing miswandering misworshiping mitigating mittling. mixed mobsman. mollesher. n. D. n. D.. mollycot. mizmaze.E. moanful mobile mobocratic . misty mistyish mite. moderated moist moistish moldy mole. Sc. SI. A.E. & D.. D. mollifying molluscous mollycoddle. n. A. U. n. moldable molestful. mizzling. R. Sc. misshapen missionary Missourian mistakable mistless mistress. R. modernist..E.

mourning mousing moved moving mowing muckering mucking muckraking muddling muffing mugging. muddy-brained muddy-headed muddy-mettled muliebrity. mulcting AND H. n. & SI. mopy. n. D. n. D. mucksy. R. C. mugwump.E.. mucked. moon-eyed moonlighter.. mucker.E. motherly motiveless motley-minded mountebank. n. R. n. moonish moonraking. D. Sc. moralistic morbid mordacious mordant morose morphinist. C. n. n. mothering moting. Sl. SI. & D. muggy . n. n. SI. ALLPORT Temporary States molting monachizing monarchizing Mondayish mongering monologuizing montant mooning moorburn. SI. U. C. mortifying mossbacked. & SI.. n. or C. n. moony. mulierose. morbific moronic mort. Moses. n. n. Metaphorical and Doubtful Momus. G. R. n. D. moppy. & D. n. n.E. monomaniacal monotonous monstrous monumental monumented moored moral moralless. mournful mouth. moreish. Sc.E. moralizing morrising.104 Personal Traits monachal monarchal monarchomachic. monopolistic monosyllabic moodish moody moonblind mooncalf. W. D. n. n. ODBERT Social Evaluations mome. mousy mucid mucilaginous muck. Sc. S.. n. mounting mouping. n.. mortacious. moppet. D.E.E. mouthy movable mover. n. D. motionless motley mouse. mop. n. monochromatic monogamous monologist. momentous moneybags. monastic money-grubbing money-making money-mongering money-spinner monkish monocratic monodynamic mono-ideistic monolatrous monophobia. mopus. A. & D. muggled. n. n.E. C.E.. D. monk-monger.. C. SI. D. moneyed Mongoloid mongrel mongrelish monkey. D. moonstruck Moose.E. moth-eaten mountainous muddying muffish. mooting moping mopping. moribund morning mortal mosaic motatorious mothered mother-naked. & SI.E.S.E. moy. Sc. mug.. n. R. mortified moskering. SI. n. muddy mudsill. muddle-headed. motivating mouching. D.

D. murmurless murmurous museful museless musical musicianly mussy.E. n... mumping munging. R. n. n. Sc. Sc. multiloquent • multipotent multivagant... muzzy. Sc.E. R. D. D. muring muscling. SI. D. native . mystical Temporary States mulligrubs. U. C. I naive I Napoleonic I nappy | narcistic narcomaniacal parrative. C. mysterious mystifying 105 Metaphorical and Doubtful mulled multangular multicolorous multifaced multiform multilateral multisonous multistriate multisulcate multiversant.E.. nationalistic . nailer. mummified mundane mundificant munificent mushy mutable mutt.E. Inacket. narrowing nashing. nabbing nabbling. nagging naggling nais. mysophobia. mulling mullocking. mummer. Sc. napping narcose narcotized narring. Sc.E.E.S. n. & D. C. n. D. n. mutton-headed. n. n.. nash. nasal nascent nation..E. E. n..S.E. D. multivorous mum mumbling [& E. \ naggy. D. SI. >S7.E.. R. R. n. murgeoning. D. mused mushed.E. nasty nacred naked namable nameless nanocephalic narcotic nark. £>. nativistic nattered. n. Austral. R. n. D. U. & D.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits mulish multanimous. D. mute mutinous myrmidon. namby-pamby narrow narrow-hearted narrowish narrow-minded narrow-souled narrow-spirited nashgob... SI. musing musting mutating mutilating muttering muxing muzzled muzzling mystified mythologizing Social Evaluations mumchance. mycetoid myopic myriacanthous myriad-minded myrmecoid mystagogic mythical myxoedematous N Bkbal. mummicking.E. mumpish murderous mure. mungy muricate muriform murky muscular mushroom must mustacheless musty muticous mutilated myall. SI. D. nabob.

AND H. R. Sc. n. ALLPORT Temporary States naturalizing nauntling. neophytic Neoplatonic nephalist. n. A. n. niffy-naffy. W. nidging. nibbling niching. necromantic necrophile. n. necessitating necessitous negating neglecting negotiating Neronizing nerved nerve-shaken neshing nesting nestling netting nettled neutralizing neveling. G. n.E.106 Personal Traits natty natural naturalistic neat neat-handed necessitarian. necrophobic ne'er-do-well negative negativistic neglectful negligent negrophile. D. R. & D. newspapery newsy. newsmonger. nickering nicking nictating niddle-noddling niddling. n. nettly neuradynamic neurasthenic neuromimetic neurotic never-strike. necrolatry. Sc. n. Sc. nepotic Neronian nerveless nervid nervosanguineous nervous nervy nescient. nauseated naysaying. nesh nettle-earnest. neglected negligible neoteric nerving nether nettling neutral newfangled new-fashioned nibs. neophobia. ODBERT Social Evaluations naught naughty nauseative nauseous neathmost necessary nefandous nefarious nefast. n. nicotined . & D. R. Sc. nidgetty. 5".E. neglectable. n. n. n. Neo-Kantian neologistic Neo-Malthusian neopagan neophilism. R. negrophobiac neighborly nemophilous. Nestorian neuropathic neuropsychopathic neurosthenia.. niffering. n. n. A. nese-wise. Med. n. nidget.. neuter new nicotian. nifty Metaphorical and Doubtful naturalized neantic near nearish nearsighted nebulose nebulous necrophagous nectareous nectariferous needy Negroid nepenthean nervine. Sc.E. D. C. nice niceish nickum. S. Sc. R. R.

R.vnoncurantist jplondexterous nondiplomatic snonefficient ||Bonegoistical I nonelastic . n. SI. ninnyish nipcheese. no-account.. Lnonacceding nonactive nonacute ^nonadherent I'nonadhesive .E. n. nockey... n. n. nocuous noddy. nine-lived niveous nix. n. A. U. D. R...E. n. nonemphatic SpBonexecutive gilonexpansive Temporary States niggling nighting nigrifying nilling. n. ninnyhammer. Sc. I nihilistic I nimble | nimble-fingered nimble-footed I nimble-witted Inipper. nobilitated. K l g g e n . noctambulous noctiflorous noctilucous noctivagant nocturnal nodal nodose noetic nonacid nonapparent nonaqueous nonargentiferous nonaromatic nonbudding nonburning noncaste nonchokable non-Christian noncollapsable noncorrodible noncorrosive noncrystalline noneternal . I nippy nithing. n. nobilitating. nimbed nimbiferous nimbose Nimrod. I noble-minded | nocent. D.E. A. nonadjustable I nonassimilating I nonbookish i nonchalant jlnoncollegiate jgnoncommittal I noncommunistic pioncompliant tfnonconfident . noisome nonabsorbable nonadult nonbasic nonblameless noncoherent noncompetent noncriminal noncutting nondescript noneffective nonentity.S. A. A. n.E. D. n. \ nitid . nonabstainer.. nonessential nonesuch nonexcusable nonexpert 107 Metaphorical and Doubtful night-blooming nighted night-eyed nightwalking nigrescent nigrine. n. nogheaded. R. nipperty-tipperty. nonconforming i r nonconservative I tonconstructive \ noncontent.•m TRAIT-NAMES I Personal Traits niggardly piggerish nigh. C. D. n. noble nobody. nit. n. R. noncontentious • noncritical [. : noiseless noisy nomadic Lnonabsorbent . nobbling nodding noddling noddy nointing. noising noncoercive noncompeting nonconcuring nonconsenting nondepressed nondesisting nondetached Social Evaluations nighthawk. nimming. n. nightmarish niminy-piminy nincompoop. D.. & D. n. Sc. D. nipped nipping nithering. nobby. SI. A.

E. n. Novemberish nubiferous nubigenous. G. n. 5"/.S. & U. nosophobia. & D.E. noxious noying.. n. notionless nous. nullifidian numquid. n. Sc. n. null numbing numen. nun. & D. n. & D. nostalgic nothingarian. A. n.. nosing nuddling.103 Personal Traits nonexplosive nonimitative noninquiring noninterfering noninterventionist. n. nudist. n. Sc. normal northernmost notable noted noteless noteworthy nothingless. notional notionate. Sc. n. n. n. R.E. ALLPORT Temporary States nonplussed nonvocal noodling noosing norating. R. nubilous nudifier. W.E. or C. nosomania. noticeable notorious nought nourishing novel novice. n. Metaphorical and Doubtful nonflowing nonfluid nonfreezable nonfreezing nonglacial nonignitible noninnammable nonluminous nonmaterial nonmilitary nonprimitive nonpuncturable nonputrescent nonseasonal nonsectarian nonsexual nonskid nonsolidified nonsubstantial nonterrestrial nontoxic nonviscid nonwoody nonworking Nordic northern nostologic Nostradamus. n. S.. n. nugacious nugatory nugging. C.E. nonirritable nonlogical nonmobile nonmotile nonnaturalistic nonpartisan nonpersistent nonpreaching nonproductive nonprofessional nonrational nonreligious nonresistant nonrigid nonscientific nonsensical nonsensitive nonsocial nonsparing nonspiritual nonspontaneous nonsporting nonsubmissive nonunderstanding nonutilitarian nonvariant nonvolatile nosey. ODBERT Social Evaluations nonharmonious nonhostile noninfectious nonintelligent noninvidious nonlevel nonmagnetic nonmalignant nonmarriageable nonmoral nonodorous nonparasitic nonpareil nonperishing nonplussing nonponderous nonprecious nonprincipled nonproficient nonprogressive nonrespectable nonsinkable nonvenomous nonvirulent noodle.. n. R. D. nowt. nudging nugifying. D. nullifying numb numbed AND H. n. noodlehead. nuisance. R. . C. numskull.

F. obsecrating. Med. R. obambulating. • Offendable goffhand officious offish. obnoxious obscene obscure obscuring obsessing obsolescent obsolete obtrusive obtuse obtusish obvious odd oddish odious off offal.. offcast off-color offenseless offensive offscouring ogreish old-fangled old-fashioned old-line old-timy. n. n. n. oliprance. obstructing obtesting obtunding obumbrating. oestruating offended offending officering officiating ofthinking ogling oiling oldening. Med. R.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits nyctophobia. oenophilist. n. n. objectative. nutrient nutritive nutty. n. oeillade. obtunded obvallate. obligating obliterating oblivious obmutescent. Med. ijiecophobia.. R. olfactible oligacanthous oligocarpous . Rinist. Ijjympholeptic ^nymphomaniac. ^jccult •'ochlocratic Hthlophobist. occidental occupationless oceanic odoriferous odorless odorous CEdipus. R. oleous. R.. Social Evaluations nunting. D. n. n. R. pbstreperous ^obstructive Bccasionalist. obnebulating. n. obese oblique obolary. obnubilating. R. n. n. obeying obfuscated obfuscating objecting objurgating oblectated. n. C. n. R. R.<.E.. R. obscurant ^obsequious ! observant obsessed obstinate obstrectator. R. n. R. SI. n. O oafish obdurating objectionable objectless oblectating obligable. n. nymph. C.. *0tl-tongued oily oilyish . R. R. oeciomania. loathful obdurate obedient | pbeisant. objective Ipbjectivistic pbliging iobliquitous |oblocutor.E. R. Med. R. obnebulated. obreption. lodynophobia. official offset off-white Ogygian oilless old oldish oleaginous olent. R. ocnophobist.Old-gentlemanly pidd-maidish Kd-womanish pd-worldish ' oligarchic Temporary States nursing nurtured nurturing nutant nuzzling oathing. n„ D. n. R. 109 Metaphorical and Doubtful nursed oak.

U. oofy. orgiastic orgulous. oppositionless oppressive opprobrious oppugnant opsimath. n. C. ostracizing AND H. .E. n. ALLPORT Temporary States onlooking opining oppilating opposing oppressed oppressing oppugning optimizing opting.S. orthodox oscillatory oscitant otherworldly otiant otiose G. D.. ominous omissible omnicompetent omnilucent omninescient omnipotent omniscient omnispective omnisufficient. R. ODBERT Social Evaluations omadhaun. optimistic oracular oratorical Orbilious. Sc. R.E. n. ouphe. onerous one-sided on-hanger. W. n. onycophagist. n. orderable orderless orderly ordinate.. oozy opalescent opaque open-airish open-doored open-eyed open-faced operatic operative ophite. ornamental ornate ornery. SI. one-horse. n. R. open open-handed open-hearted open-minded open-mouthed operose opinionated opinionative opportunist. onward opiate oppilative opponent opposable opposeless. C.. A.. organizer.. osculant ossifying ossing. oscillating oscitating. n. & D. optable. R. n. oner. Med. Ir.. ostentatious ostracizable ostracized Metaphorical and Doubtful omnibus. ordaining ordering organizing orgastic oriented orienting originating orping. Sc. n. n. R. orting. omnierudite omnilingual omniparous omnipregnant omnipresent omophagic onion-eyed. R. R.110 Personal Traits ologistic Olympian omnibenevolent omnicredulous omnific omnigerent omnilegent omniloquent omnipatient omnipercipient omnist. SI. Sc. opisthognathous orective organoleptic oriental ornamented ornithoid osseous ossified ossifragous ostreiform ostrich. opulent ordinary ordurous organizable original. Med. JR. n. omnitolerant omnivagant omnivorous onanistic one-ideaed oneirocritical onomatomania. n. orra. S. n. D. original originative orotund Orphean Orphic orthoboulia. or C. n. n.

Sc. outcast outclassed outclassing outdated outdazzling outed 111 Metaphorical and Doubtful outborn outcaste outcomling. outdoor outener. n. C.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits otirie out-and-outer.. D. D.E. outdrinking outduring. Temporary States ousting outacting outawing outbabbling outbargaining outbawling outbellowing outblazing outbleating outblushing outblustering outboasting outbragging outbraving outbrazening outbreathed outbribing outbursting outcharming outchasing outcheating outchiding outcomplimenting outcrafting outcrying outcursing outdaring outdistancing outdoing outdreaming. R. outeating outfacing outfawning outfeating outferreting outfictioning outfighting outflaming outflanking outflaring outflashing outflattering outflourishing outflouting outfooling outfooting outfronting outfrowning Social Evaluations out..E. n. outbreaker. n. C. outbearing. n. R. ..

out-of-door . ODBERT Social Evaluations outlandish outlaw outmantled. S. ALLPORT Temporary States outgazing outgeneraling outglaring outglooming outglowing outgrinning outguessing outgushing outhectoring out-Heroding outhissing | | outholding outhowling outhumoring outhurling outhyperbolizing out j esting out jockeying outjuggling outjumping outkicking outknaving outlaboring outlaunching outleaping outlearning outliving outlooking outlying outmaneuvering outmanning outmarrying outmastering outmatching outmating outmeasuring outmiracling outmoving outnaming outnoising outpacing outpainting outparagoning outparamouring outpassioning outpeering outpitching outplanning outplaying outplotting AND H. n. outmost out-of-the-way Metaphorical and Doubtful outglittering outler. W. R.112 Personal Traits outgoing G.

n. i7. outspirited outstanding outstartling 113 Metaphorical and Doubtful outspent .TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits \ outspoken Temporary States outpoisoning outpraying outpreaching outpreening outprodigying outpromising outpushing outracing outraged outraging outrailing outranging outranting outraying outreaching outreasoning outreckoning outrivaling outroaring outromancing outroyaling outrunning outrushing outsavoring outscolding outscorning outseeing outselling outshaming outsharping outshouting outshrilling outsinging outsinning outskipping outslandering outslanging outsleeping outslinking outsmiling outsoaring outsounding outsparkling outspeeding outspending outspiriting outsporting outstaggering outstaring outstartled Social Evaluations outrageous outranking outre. outrooted outsatisfying outshining outsider.

S. W.114 Personal Traits overactive overanxious overapprehensive overbearing G. outwearying outworthing ovationed. overafflicted overagitated overagonized overambling overarguing overawed AND H. C. Sc. overabstemious overacute overaffecting overagitating overagonizing overapt overawful overawing Metaphorical and Doubtful outwearied outworn overbaked overbarren . ALLPORT Temporary States outstealing outstorming outstraining outstriding outstriking outstripping outstriving outstrutting outsuffering outsulking outswaggering outswearing outsweetening outtalking outteasing outtelling outthinking outthrusting outthundering outthwacking outtiring outtoiling outtonguing outtrading outtricking outvenoming outvoicing outvying outweeding outweeping outwhirling outwhoring outwitting outwoeing outwomaning outworking outwrangling outwresting outyelling outzanying ovationing overabusing overacting overaffected. n. R.. ODBERT Social Evaluations outthrust outtopping outvaluing outwale.


Personal Traits

Temporary States
overcarking, A.
overfacing, D.E.

Social Evaluations

and Doubtful


Personal Traits


Temporary States
overgloomed, R.
overhitting, R.
overleavened, R.



Social Evaluations
and Doubtful
overganging, Sc. & D.E. overgrown
overmost, D.


Personal Traits

overracked, R.
overrioting, R.
overshot, SI.
overskipping, R.
overspinning, R.
overthinking, A.


and Doubtful

. pacemaker. & Sc. overwhelmed overwinning overwitting overworking overwrested overwrought owing oxtering. Sc. n.. painful paining painless paladin. 5". pacating pacifiable pacificating pacified pacifying pacing packing pactioning.E.118 G. S. palatable pachycephalic. Sc. n. paddock. ODBERT Personal Traits overtrusting overvaliant overviolent overwary overwilling overwise overzealous owlish Temporary States overtreading overtroubled overtumbling overturning overurging overusing overvaluing overwarm overwatching overwearied overweeping overweighing overweighting overwelting. n. n. ALLPORT AND H. R. padding paddling paddywhack.E.. Social Evaluations overtrim overtroubling overturnable overusual overvalued overweak overwearing overwearying overweening overwhelming overwomanly Metaphorical and Doubtful overwet overworked overworn Ovidian oviform owl-eyed oxhead. oxyphonia... Med. Med.. paganized painted pale . n.. D. W. R. & D. oxlike oxyaesthesia. pacific pacifistic pack.E. oyster. pachydermatous pachydermous pad. n. n.E. & D. padnagging paganizing pah paiking. SI.E. Med.E. D. R. n. n.A. D. pall. Sc. n. pailed pailing pained painting palavering palching. & D. pagan pagano-Christian painstaking palaestral palaverous pacated.

pauperitic . n. R. pangful '. n.. C. Sc. n. pathophobia.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits I panaceist. R. C. Med. pansophic Pantagruelian pantaloon. Sc. n. palm-greasing. or C panoptic pantherish papershelled papuliferous parableptic. parleying parodying paroling parroting parrying particularizing pashing. R. SI. C. Sc. Sc. pangless panicked panic-stricken panting panyaring papizing parabling parading paraenesizing paragoning paralogizing paralyzed paramnesia. paranymph. paraphasic. n. n. R. R. D. pardonable pariah. panged. SI. n. R. & D. n.Sc.. Med. n. n. palming palping.E. parturient parviscient pasteboard pastel pastoral pasty Patarin. n..E. n.E. C. Med. SI. pasquinading patching pathic. pauseful pauseless Temporary States palled pallescent. parisology. palmering... R. I parepithymic. n. pathomania. palmarian. R. n. R. SI. & D. past-ordinar. Social Evaluations palliard.E. paraesthetic paramour. Sc. F. R. R. Med. R. n. & D.. paralogistic paranoiac I parciloquy. n. n. Med. parboiled parched pardoning parky. parallelless paralyzant paralyzing paramount parasitic parching pard. patiencing patrioteering. 119 Metaphorical and Doubtful pallid palsied paly pampered pamphagous. palmy palpable paltry pandemic panegyrized panging panjandrum. Paphian pappy paracopic paradigmatic paradoxical paraffle. n. & D. n. & D. palliating palling. Sc. n. pantoglot pantomancer. paraphrasia. > panegoist. palpitating palsying paltering pampering pandering panegyrizing pang. n. parricidal parsonic parthenic Partlet. n. paronomasia! paroxysmal parrhesiastic parsimonious partan-handed. n. Med parasiticide. R. Sc. n. patchy. paradised. & D. pantopragmatic panurgic papaphobist.. pantophobic. n. impassible passionate passionless •passive paternal pathematic. patriarchal patron patulous' paunchy pauper. n. n. pathfinder pathological patient patriotic patronizing pauciloquent paughty. panicmonger. Jpanarchic. pat patch. I papistic parabulic. pansy. partial participative particular particularistic ^partisan parvipotent • pasquilant.E. parlous parroty parvanimity. SI. n. paregoric parental parorexia. panhandler. parvenu passable passe.E. n. & D. pattering patterning pauperizing pausing pauting. panicky. paragon. SI. pathetic patrician patronly paulie... n. E. paroemiographer.

W. F.E. pent pentit. persistent persuasive pert pertinacious pertish perturbable G. penurious peppy. Sc. perspicacious persuasible perturbative Metaphorical and Doubtful peaked. Sc. & D. perceptive percipient perdiligent. perhorrescing. pedestrian pedicular peeled peerless peewee. peremptory perfectionistic periphrastic perissological.E. R. R. & D. n. pawky. n. Sc. peppering peracute perambulating percussing perdurating perfunctorizing. C. & C. & D. SI. perdurable peregrine perennial perfect perfectible perfervid perficient perfidious perfunctory perilous perishable per jink. periling perjuring perking permitting perorating perpending.E. perpetrating perpetuating perplexed perscrutating. Sc. perspective. perspectiveless perspicuous . peacocky peaking. n.E. R. pellucid penetrable penny-a-line peppery percoct. perditionable. R. pegging pell-mell pelting penalizing penancing penetrating penitentiary penking. peering peeved. persecutive. pearly peat. & D. peptic perdu perfumed perfumeless peripatetic perlustrating. E. peaceful peaceless peacemongering Pecksniffian pedagogical pedantic pedetentous peerie. R. SI.E. peasantlike pectized pedantocratic pederastic pedigreed pedigreeless pelasgic pendulous penniless pennipotent.E. ODBERT Social Evaluations pawn. Sc. Sc. Sc. peon. R. R. & D.E. R. R.. & D. persuaded AND H. C. penetrative penitent penny-wise pensef ul. peculating peddling peeking peenging. SI. paw-paw. peccable peccant pectizing peculiar pedaneous. Sc. D. n.. R. C. pecking peckish.E. n. or C. D. peachy. permanent permeable pernicious perplexable perplexing personable personal personality. n. R. peakish. peevish pendragon. pensive pensy. R. peacocking peching. n.120 Personal Traits pavid. D. peeping peepy. perkypernickety. S. persevering persifleur. R. persecuting personating perstringing.. or SI. SI. C.E. D. ALLPORT Temporary States pavonizing pawing pawning paying peacebreaking peacemaking peaching. n. R.

C.S. D. n. Social Evaluations perverting pervious pesky. pious P|py. pickle-herring. pestiferous pestilent pet petrifactive petticoat petty phenomenal Philistine philtering phoenix. picked pickle. philopornist. pipe-clayey. n... n. • philopolemic.E. pillar..!). SI.-jhrasy.S.E. C. physiolater. D. & D. n.. n. n. philobiblic . R. pippin-faced . piliferous pimpled pinguid pinioned pipelayer. . n. SI. n.. pioneering piping pipping. •pietic pietistic Pndling. philanthropic philharmonic vphilhymnic fphilippic. philomath. n. pinchbeck pinchfisted pinchgut.Ir. SI. pingling. photophygous phrenetic phrenopathic phthisical physical physician. piqued pishing pitapating pitch-kettled. petitioning petrified petticoating. pessimistic ^pettifogging Ipettish . R.E. Vul.. picnicking picturing piecing piercing piffling. pithy 121 Metaphorical and Doubtful pervasive perverted Petrarchistic petrescent petrosal pettled. pinging. n. n. piacular picaresque picaroon. Sc. SI. SI. . E. pigsney. D.E. n.E. philodoxical philogastric fthilogeant. pilching. n.TRAIT-NAMES |: Personal Traits perverse I pervicacious. pica. piggling. & D. Sc. Med. & D. E. gpiilologist. D. SI.E.S. n. SI. R. piker. philocaly. picktooth picturesque piddling pigeon-hearted piggish pig-headed pigsconce. n.S. R. E.. . pickling. D. U. pilfering pillaging pilling pillorying piloting pimping pinched pinching. n.S. pimp. n. Pratic Temporary States perturbed perusing pestering pesting. petting pettling philandering philanthropizing philosophastering philosophizing philtered phrasing.E. n. U. U. piebald pied pigeon.E. C. pick-up. n. U. n. n. n. D. petulant pharisaic • philadelphian. or57. pin-headed. phosphorescent photographic photophobia. phony. SI. pigeoning. pikey. ! philosophistical '•philosophobia. fehilogenitive . pinkeen. C. philoneism.. 5 c . pickpocket. or D. n. Jphilodemic philodespot. A. n. pilulous. n. n. C. R. ^philoprogenitive ^philosophical ifhilosophicide.. C. n. Sc.. R. pilgrim. picayune. picksome pickthank pjpickwickian pie. R. & D. R. pilgarlicky pill. pindy. pining pinioning pinking.. R. Iphilocubist. n. n.E. n..philogynous. n. n. U.E. SI. piquant piquing pistareen pitchy piteous pithless pithsome. n. n. Sc. R.. n. Bhilotechnic ^hilothaumaturgic |philotheistic j phlegmatic phrasemongering . picarooning picking pickled. Iphilonoist. phantasmal philorchidaceous Phoebad.

C. n. polluted polyandrous polychromatic polygamous polyglot polyphagous polyphemian polyplastic . plain-dealing plain-spoken plaintive plaintless. R.. pococurante pococurantish poetaster. & D. R. platitudinizing plausive playing pleading pleased pleasured plebeianizing pledging plighting plodding ploting. pleasureless pleasuremonger. n. Sc. A. C. Sc. plotting plouncing. plunderous plutocratic plutolatry. n. R.. poignant pointed pointless poisonous poky polarizing polecat. polemic polite politic political politico. A. D.. plutomania. R. A. polestar. or D.S. R.E. poised poker. R. polished pollent. SI. n. poll-parroty poltroonish polyhistoric Metaphorical and Doubtful pixy. polyphloesboean G.E. n. & D.E. n. D. plebicolar. R.. n. SI. platching.122 Personal Traits pitiless placid plagiaristic plagose. R. pleonast. poetic point-device. n. plum. S. R. R. n. ALLPORT Temporary States pitying pixy-led placating plagued plaining. R. plumping plundering plunging plunking. n. plugging. plucked plummy. SI. & D. Sc. plumber. R. n. plungy pluridentate Plutarchian pneumatic poisoned poisonless polar polarized politicaster. R. plain plain-hearted plainish plaited plat. plangent plangorous planning planting plastered. C. R. ODBERT Social Evaluations pitiable pitiful placable plaguing plaguy.E. plying poaching pocketing poetizing poisoning poking. plus podded poem. R. polyloquent. D. n. pleonectic pliable pliant pluckless plucky pluggy. or D.. n. SI. n. plausible playmate. U. plowman. plenipotentiary plenitudinous plenteous plentiful plethoric plim. pleniloquent. C. R.E. politician. pleasable pleasing plebeian plug-ugly. n.E. pluviose. n. policing polling polluting AND H. ploutering. or C. pleasurist. plaice-mouthed planet-stricken planted plastic plastodynamic platter-faced platty plebeianized plenipotent.. planful planless platitudinous Platonic plauditory playful playless playsome pleasant pleasantish pleasurable pleasureful. adv. W.. n. plumbless pluperfect.

TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits I polypragmatic. D. preaching precipitating precondemning preconizing predominating preening preferring prejudging prejudicing premeditating premonishing. poppied popularizing poring porring.. n. & D. R. premonition.... R. n. R.E. pregnable premature premier 123 Metaphorical and Doubtful ponderable poorly. R. Chiefly C. n. R. predatory predicant predictive prejudiced Jlrejudiceless ijremeditative Temporary States pommeling pondering pooh-poohing popjoying. precautious |jirecieuse. posthaste posting postponing posturing posturizing pothered pothering pothunting pottering potting pot-valiant pouncing pounding pouting powdering powwowing prabbling. jprecant. [-precise Iprecisianist. practicing pragmatizing praising prancing pranking prankling prating prattling preachifying. pragmatic praiseful praiseless pranceful prankful prankish fjprateful prayerful preachy. Social Evaluations polytropic. R. Sc. positive possessive pound-foolish pouty practical practicalist. possessable possible potent poucey powerful powerless practicable practiced praiseworthy pranked precious predominant preeminent preexcellent. n. F. ponderous poor poor-spirited popular portentous porterly. D. R. R. Sl. R.E. F. n. prefulgent.E.precipitant precipitous. n. R. C. poverty-stricken prayerless precocious preengaged preferent pregnant . n.E. I poseur. [.. pompless pompous pontifical I popinjay. porky pornographic portly posseted potboiler. C. poter. n. posed posing posseting possing.

R. AND H. productive profane profaned proficient profligate profound profulgent. proceleusmatic. preying pricking priding prigging priming primming primping. D. Sc. preponderating prepossessing preposterous presentable prestige. profuse progressionist. preventing prewarning. A.. ALLPORT Temporary States preoccupied preparing prescinding prescribing preserving presiding press-agenting pressing presuming pretending prevailing prevaricating prevened. proggling. Sc.E. privileging privy prizing probbing probing proclaiming procrastinating procuring prodding proddling. procacious. professionist. n. Sc. S. & D.124 Personal Traits presageful prescient presumptuous pretenseful pretenseless prideful prideless priestlypriggish prim principled princox. R. procursive proditorious.E. Chiefly D. probity. G. prittle-prattle. n. pretentious prettified pretty prettyish pretty-pretty prevening. R. prodigal prodigious prodigy. R. D.A. progressive Metaphorical and Doubtful prepotent presbyopic present preserved prestidigital preternatural prickly primal primeval primitive primrose prisoned private procreant professional profluent.. prodigating producing profaning professing proffering profiteering profiting progging. R. prevision. Sc.E. R. n. n. prognosticating progressing prohibiting projecting proking. n. ODBERT Social Evaluations prepollent. prim. R. princing prinking prinkling. prolegomenous proletarian prolific prolificated . & D. n. primary prime.E. n.E. D. princely princessly. R. A.. R. & D. principal prisoning privileged prizable prize. priceless prickmedainty. SI. n. IV. n. n.

'(. n. n. i?. C. pseudo-Christian psilosopher. prune. pukish puling pulpitish punch. I proud m proudish. n. n.pushful.E.. provident 1 provocable | prow. protected protomorphic pseudacusis. n. Temporary States prolificating promnesia. pussyfooted. putrefied putrescent putrid 125 Metaphorical and Doubtful prone proof propellant propertied propertyless prose prostitute. n. n. punctureless pungent punishable punk. A. promoting prompting promulgating promulging propagating propending propitiating propping prorogating proscribing prosecuting proselyting prospecting prospering prostrated prostrating protecting protesting protracting proverbializing providericing providing proving provoked prowling pruning prying psalming pshawing puckering puffing pulsating pulverizing pumped pumping punching punishing punning purchasing purging Puritanizing purling purloining purring pursing pursuing pushing putrefying Social Evaluations prominent promising proper prophylactic proportionable propulsive prosaic proscribed proselyte. puddingheaded pudgy puerile puffed puisny. Med... n.. pseudaposematic pseudoblepsis. n. i pudicity. R. pussy. n. or C. Med. R. n. n. n. Prussian I pseudologer. SI. puppy. n. n. n. I psilology. Sc. E protective I protervity. R. n. Med. n. n. n. n. psychagogic psychalgia. n. R. puss. a public-minded public-spirited I Puckish | pudency.. pseudaesthesia. psychic psychoneurotic psychopathic pubescent pubigerous pulicose pulped pulpless Punch. Med.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits I prolix | promiscuous I promiseful 1 prompt I proof-proof i propagandist. n...'. n. SI. n. publican.. punctured pup. n. | prudent ? prudish ! prurient . puritanical purposeful ^purposeless purposive |purse-proud . puffy pugilistic I pugnacious puissant I punctilious I punctual pundit. Punchinello. pseudodox pseudopsia. Med. puppet. I prossy. n. n. psychasthenic.. & D. n. |J>usillanimous gutter-on. prosperous prosy protean proudling. puny purchasable pure purgative purificative purifying puristic put. putrescible . proven provincial provocative provoking prowessful. SI. n. I prophetic I propitiable I propolist. pseudamnesia. n. Med. pseudodementia. n. puppyish purblind purged purified Puritanized purple pursy purveyor. n. R. Med..

Jf?. R.E. n. queasy queme.E. quacking quaddling. D.E. W. quavering queaning queasomed queening quelled quelling quenched quetching. & D. queromonious querist. quidnunc. R. quabbing. n. quiet quipsome quirky quitter. n. raconteur. queenly queer queering. D.E. quibbling quickened quickening quiddling quieted quipping quitting quivering Rabelaisian rabid rackety rackle. quat. quotationist. quarreling quashing quassative.. n. Se. F. n. ALLPORT Personal Traits puzzle-headed pyromaniacal Temporary puzzled quaesturary.E. n. racing racked racketing AND H. quaggy quaint quaintish qualified qualitied qualityless quarter-decker. R. D. & D. S. quaking qualifying quandary.126 G. . n. States rabbling. D. D.. quiescent rabbity racketeer. quailing quakering. D. Sc. n. & D. A.. Quakerized quaquaversal queechy.E. n. SI. D. n. SI. R. Sc. n. quackish quackling.. Quakerish quaky qualmish quarrelsome quavery-mavery. quotable quoteworthy R raca racy Metaphorical and Doubtful pygmy pyrogenetic pyrophoric pyrotechnical Pyrrhonic Pythic pythonic quadrivious.E. quiverish quixotic quizzical quodlibetarian. Quaker.E. n. querulous quick quick-fire quidditative. quacksalver. SI. n. D. D. questionable quick-sighted quick-witted quieting quill-driver quisby.E. n. ODBERT Social Evaluations puzzling Q quack. queerish quenching quenchless.E. quatted. quean.E.

Sc.S. rattled. R. raptril.E. & D. ramgunshoch. R. rattlebag rebuffing rattling rebuking ratty recanting ravishing reckoning raw recollected. Sc. n. railing ragabash. D.E. rapacious rapeful.E. n. n. Sc.E. n. raffy. ramifying rakish ramulose raming ramshackle ranarian. Sc. rancid rangy rampant randy raping.E. or D. SI. Sc. raduliform ragging rafty. & D. C. rantipole. rantankerous. ratiocinative rationalistic rattle-brained raucous ravager. D. D. R. rageous. R. rapturing reborn ravenous rare reckling. D. rallying ragamuffin.. Sc. Sc. n. rammis.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits rad. raffling. D. Sc. A. rampick.. raptorial raptureless rapturous rash rath. n. rayless raptured raploch. F. n. n. & D.E. rasper. R. n. R. raving rarified ravished rascally razzle-dazzled... & D. Sc. razor-backed rating rapscallionly reamy. C. recommendable Temporary radiating raffing States .E. C. rambunctious.E. R. & D. rankless rattish ranting rankling rawboned rapt rapin. D. reckless reclusive recollective reconciliatory recondite 127 Metaphorical Social Evaluations and Doubtful radiant radial raffish radicalized raffled.E. ranging rank rapparee. ranty. reassured rational reaving. reclaimable reclaimless.E. rantum-scantum. & D.E. ratter. SI.E. n. ragged raging rag. R. rawish reconcilable reachable read reconcileless ready-made real reassuring receivable rechauffe. rakehell ramroddy. ragpicker.. Sc. rammish rambling raggil. ramfeezled. A. Sc. SI. n. reasty.. n. Sc. & D.E.E. D. R.. rareripe ran-tan. D.. rankled rankish. rapid rapid-fire rappist. recherche. D. radical rageful railleur. raunging. reboant. U. rammacking. n. ramp. D.E. F.E. n. reactionary ready-witted realistic reasonable reasonless rebellious recalcitrant receptive recidivistic recipient reciprocative recitationist. D.E. rancorous random randomish rank-riding rannigal. C. n. F. reaching raspish ready raspy reanimated rat.E. R. radicated. n. n. rampageous ram-stam.

resilient resistant resistive resolute resolutioner. n. D. R. resenting AND H. religious remissful remonstrant remorseful remorseless renable.E. repelled repentant repining reprimanding reproaching reproving repugned. R. R. R. W. R. Sc. replete repressed repristinated. repellent reposed reprehensible reproachable reprobate repugnant repulseless repulsive reputable reputeless. ALLPORT Temporary States recreating recruiting recumbent reddening red-hot reduced ree. resonant resounding respectabilized . refined reflective reformative refractoryregal regardful regardless regent reginal regnant regretful regretless regulative reiterative relentless reliant religiose. rescuable rescueless residuent. n. repressive reproachful republican repudiative. resolved resourceful resourceless respectful G.E. researchful resentful reserved reserveless resigned resigner. resistible resistless respectable respected Metaphorical and Doubtful recreated red reddish red-headed redolent reedy reformed refrigerant refulgent regularized rejuvenated rejuvenescent rekindled relucent renky.E. D. n. Sc. refinable reflorescent reformable refreshful refreshing refusable regenerate regular reinless relaxing reliable relishy. R. R. reproductive reptatory reptilian reptiloid resipiscent. ODBERT Social Evaluations recreative recrementitious recuperative redeemable redoubtable reeky refective. remarkable remiss remote renascent renegade renerving renish. R. D. n.128 Personal Traits recreant rectitude. renounceable renowned renownless rep. R. n. S. renitent repetitious reposeful repressible. recusant reesty. n. reeling reforming refreshed rejoicing relaxed relenting relieved religionizing relishing reluctant renerved renouncing renunciating repartee.

n. n. rixy.. D. Sc. R.E. I revivalistic 1 revolutionary I revolutive. resultful resultless resuscitative retardant retarded retrograde retrogressive reverenced reverend reviver. n. n. I rhapsodic I rhetorical rhyparographic rhythmic I rhythmless I ribald • ribaldish riggite. n. rigoristic rigorous ringleader. rial. R. n. right-wing rigid rigidulous. right right-hand right-minded ringster. risible • ritualistic. rigescent rimester. 129 Metaphorical and Doubtful resurrected retainer. rivalrous. rippleless rippling robber. n. C. D. rixatrix. n. I revengeful I revengeless reverent I reverist. revivifying reviviscent revolting revolutionized revulsive rewayle.E. righting riotous riposting roaming roaring Social Evaluations respectworthy resplendent restful restrainable restraining restricted restringed. n. R.. n. ridiculing rierful. roborant robust robustious rodney. revelationist. rindless rindy ringleted ringmaster. rifling rigging. riddling rident. C. R. ripe ripping. R. rococo rodent . risorial. rich rickety ridiculous riffraff. rock. SI. D. n. rinthereout. I resurgent I retaliative i retentive I retiary 1 reticent | retiring | retractive I retributive I retrospective .. n. retinued retired retortive retroactive refunded reversionary revirescent rheumatic rhinocerotic riant rfckle. n. SI. rodomont Temporary States retreating retrenching retunding reveling reviling revivified reviving revoking revulsed ricking. righteous righter. Sc. n.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits I respectless I responseless responsible I responsive restive Rlrestless I restrained restraintful resty. n. n. n. rising risky. or D. D. roaster. R.E. roadster. n. R. Sc. Sc. R. n. rock-bound rocky. I revert. roach. n.. R.E.. D. D.

SI. rummagy. D. C. R. n. F. rubiator. or D. D. rosebud. Sc & D. rowing. n.. n. rouged roughened roughshod roughwrought round roundabout roundheaded roundish round-shouldered roustabout. SI. runty. rushed rushing rusticating AND H. D. n.. n. SI. SI. SI.E.. D.E. n. n. n.. ruddy rufescent rugulose ruined rullion.130 Personal Traits rogatory roguish roid. roughhewn roughneck. rustler. C. & D. F. n. rusty. roue. runagate. n. n.E.E. ruffled ruling rumoring rumping. rounded rounder. Romanish romantic romanticistic rompish rough rough-and-ready rough-and-tumble roughish roughriding rousy... S. royalist royet. run-down runner-up. n. R. rousing routine rowdy rowdy-dowdy. rumpled rumpus. C. R. roric roseate rose-colored rose-water rosorial rosy rotund roturier.. SI. rubbishy rube. E. rough-house. n. C. rural rushlike russet rustful rustic rustless rusty rutilant . or D. SI. n. n.. rotten rotter. rufty-tufty rulemonger.. royal roying. rooky. C. C. n.. Austral. or D. rowdyish roxy. R. n.. rusting rutted ruttish ruvid Metaphorical and Doubtful roily roly-poly rooky. rumbumptious rumumptious. n. n. n. royalet. Russophobe. rupestrian ruptuary.. roisterous. rooted rootless ropable.. ODBERT Social Evaluations Romish ronion. roughscuff. Sc. n. SI.E. n. rudas. C. n. rumbly runner. routing roving rubescent ruction... D. n. rude rudish rueful ruffleless ruffler. ruminative rumpscuttle.E. R. rubberneck. Sc. runabout runaway Russophile. n. ruthful ruthless rye. U. n. W.. C. routh.. rouking roused rousting. Sc. n. roper. n. rudderless ruffian ruffling rug rugged ruinable rulable ruleless rum. routinist. Sc. Sc. R.S. n. rollicky.. G. C. ALLPORT Temporary States roistering roiting. SI. rollicking romancing romping rooting. D. n. n.E. SI. n. rose. rubbery rubbly rubicund rubiform.E.

or C. SI. sanguinary sanguine sannyasin. scalding scaly. D.. sanguineous sanguisugent sanguivorous sanified. C. sapless sapling. Sc scant . scambling. n. sammy. scabrous scaddle. n. n. n. sanable. R.E. n... R. saved scancing. Sc. D. C. A. sackless sacrilegious sacrosanct saddening safe sailless salacious salient saltless salubrious salutary salvable salvy samely. n.TRAIT-NAMES 131 S Personal Traits Sabbatarian. C. n. sad Sadducean sagacious sage sailorly saintish saintlike saintly Samaritan. F. satanic sateless. & D. sand-lot sandy sanguineless. F. saurless savable savage savorless savory scab. n. satisfying saucebox. sapient sapiential sapping sappy sackless. sacerdotal sacrifkatory. n. Sc. R. n. satellite. n. sanctified sanctimonious sang-froid. n. saponaceous saporous sapphirine saprogenic saprophytic saprostomous sarcophilous sargus. sabulous sachemic saddened saddleless sagittary salaried saliferous salified saline sallow sallowish saltish salty sand-blind. Sapphic sarcastic sardonic satiable satiric satisfiable satrap.. F.. n. sapful sapientized. scandalous Metaphorical and Doubtful sabellan saber-toothed sable sabotage. n. Sc. scambler. satiny saturable saturant saturated saurian savant. scampish Temporary States sackclothed sacking sacrificing sagging salivating sallying saltant saltatory salved salving sated satiate satisfied sauntering saving scalping scamping scandalized scandalmonging Social Evaluations saccharine saccharoid sacket.E. & D.orD. n. sanatory sanctionable sane sanifying. santon. & D. R. scabby scalawag. savoir-vivre. Samson. n. R. D. saturnalian saturnine satyric sauceless saucy savoir-faire. scarfing. R. n. Sammy. C. sanitary sap-headed. R.E. n. n.E.

scrawking. scenic scheduled sciential scintillant scintillescent scoggins. Sc. n. scarless scatheless scathy.E. scortatory scoundrel scourged scoury.S. Sc. schooled schoolman. ODBERT Social Evaluations scapegrace. D. & D. scrobbling.E. Sc. R. R. & D.E. D. scrunt. n. secretar.E. sedative seduceable Metaphorical and Doubtful scanty scapegallows.E. scopperil. scrubbing scrying scudding scuddling scuffling scumfished. n. schismatic scholarly scholastic schoolable schoolmasterish schoolteachery Schopenhauerian scient. ALLPORT Temporary States scared scavenging schediastic. scopeless scorcher. n.. SI. D. D. SI. n. scrawly. scart. scrouging. scullion. scientific scientistic sciolous scold. Sc. n.. & D. scrawny scroggy. scary scatheful scathing scatterbrained scaturient. Sc. scribblative. Sc.E. n.. D.E. & D.132 Personal Traits scapegoat... SI. R. R. screamy. scrambling scraping scrapping scrattling. or C. scattergood. n. D. D. Sc. D. n. C. Sc.E. scarious scarlet scattered scented scentful sceptered scepterless schnorrer. n. scrunging. SI. schemeful schemy. n. scuiroid sclerogenous scleroid sclerous scodgy. R. D.S.. n. R. & D. IV.. n.. & D. scrae. & D. n. & D.E. Sc. scrappy. scunnered. D.E. & D. n. s c o w b a n k ( e r ) . S. A. screwed. scarecrow. D. scraggy scram.E. n.. scumfishing scummy scunnering scurrilous scurvy seamless seamy seasoned seasoner. n. sculptural sculpturesque scurfed scurfy scutiferous seamed sear seared seary secularized secure . n.E. scranny. scowling scraffling. R.. scrub scrubby scrumptious. n. D. scurrying scuttering scuttling searchant searching secularizing sedent AND H. & C. scribbling scrieving scrimping scrimshanking scringeing.. D. n. secretfalse secretive sectarian sectional secular secularist sedentary seditious G. scornful scorny. schematizing scheming scoffing scolding scourging scouting scowdering. R. scrap scrape-good. D. C. D. scrumped. n. n.. SI. R. R. scrannel.S.E. n. D.. D. scrauchling.E. Scaramouch. R. Sc. secondary second-class second-rate second-sighted. scelerat. D. U.E.... R. n.E. scious.E. R. Sc. scrank. Sc. or D. scunning.E. scrimpy Scripturist scrupulous scrutinous searchf ul. scuffy. scullion. scrapepenny. screaming screeching screeving.E. scrat. Sc. A. scenef ul. n. Scotch Scotticized scoured scovy. n. D.E. E. U. Sc. scrat. Sc. scratchy screwy. scrounging.E.E. scrawling scrawning.E.E. screechy scribacious. searchless secerning second. scriver. SI. scare. U.

I segregative seigniorial. self-advertising I self-affected self-affrighting self-analyzing I gelf-applauding 6elf-approving £ self-assertive I self-assured Self-benefiting | gelf-boasting I self-canting I gelf-centered 5 self-collected self-command. seld select self-consistent self-contradictory 133 Metaphorical and Doubtful sedulous seen segmental seizable self-abased self-annihilating self-blinded self-consumed self-consuming self-created self-cultured .n. n. selective se lf-abandoned I g elf-abasing S elf-abhorring self-absorbed I gelf-accusing self-acting I self-admiration. n. self-commending self-complacent self-conceited self-concentered self-concerned Self-condemning I self-confident self-confiding Nelf-congratulating self-conscious self-conserving self-contained |«elf-contemptuous self-contented self-controlled Self-convicting self-correcting self-critical Slielf-deceiving itself-defeating ^Self-defensive telf-degrading |ielf-deluding Vielf-denying Temporary States seeking seesawing seething seismic self-abandoning self-affrighted Social Evaluations seductive seeded seedful seedless seedy seelful.. I self-admission. seemly. R. n. if. Sc. n.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits jeer.

self-enjoying self-escaping self-esteem. n.134 Personal Traits self-dependent self-depreciative self-despairing self-destroying self-destructive self-determining self-de voted self-devouring self-directive self-discriminating self-disdainful self-disparaging self-displaying self-dispraising self-dissatisfied self-dissecting self-distinguishing self-distrustful self-effacing self-endeared. ALLPORT Temporary States AND H. self-exalting self-examining self-exciting self-exculpating self-excusing self-exhibiting self-explaining self-exposing self-expressive self-flagellating self-flattering self-forgetful self-gathered self-gauging self-glorifying self-glorious self-governing self-gratulating self-healing self-helping self-helpless self-humiliating self-idolizing self-immolating self-immuring self-important self-improving G. S. R. ODBERT Social Evaluations self-doomed self-harming self-ignorant Metaphorical and Doubtful self-depraved self-developed self-disciplined self-educated self-existent self-exiled self-fertile self-generated self-governed self-hypnotized self-impotent self-impregnating self-inclosed . W.

lelf-repulsive *elf-respectful »elf-respecting Temporary States self-perplexed Social Evaluations self-involved self-left self-perfect self-pious. 135 Metaphorical and Doubtful self-instructed self-kindled self-luminous self-made . n.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits gel f -indignant self-indulgent self-interested self-interrogating self-intoxicating selfish I self-judging self-justifying self-knowing I selfless I self-limiting self-loathing self-loving self-mastered self-measuring I self-moving self-neglecting self-nourishing self-objectifying self-observing self-opinionated self-pampering self-partial self-perceiving self-pitying I self-pleasing self-poised self-possessed I self-praising self-preserving self-pride. R. self-propelling self-protecting self-questioning self-realizing J self-refining self-reflective Self-reforming self-regarding self-regulating self-reliant self-renouncing I aelf-repellent self-repressing self-reproachful «elf-reproving self-repugnant .

S. n. n. n. self-surrendering self-suspicious self-sustaining self-testing self-thinking self-tormenting self-troubling self-trust. & D. D. semiarticulate semidependent semidetached semidramatic semiexecutive semihumorous semi-independent semi judicial semimystical seminomadic semipagan semireligious semisavage semisentient semiservile semmit. self-seeking self-sufficient self-sufficing self-suggestion. self-uncertain self-understanding self-upbraiding self-valuing self-vulcanizing self-willed self-worshiping sely. ALLPORT Temporary States semiconscious AND H. sensal sensible sensitive sensual sensuous G. W.E.136 Personal Traits self-restrained self-revealing self-reverent self-righteous self-sacrificing self-satisfied self-satisfying self-scornful self-scrutiny.E. Sc. ODBERT Social Evaluations sellable semibarbarous semicivilized semifinished semiformed semihumanized semimalignant seminonsensical semiparasitic semiwild sensational senseless sensualizing Metaphorical and Doubtful self-ruined self-shining self-sterile self-subdued self-subsistent self-supporting self-taught semiacidified semiadherent semiarid semicrustaceous semicrystalline semidomesticated semidormant semifeudal semifossilized semi-indurated semimature semimute seminebulous seminifical semiopaque semipellucid semipermeable semipervious semiplastic semisolid semitranslucent semitransparent semivital semivolcanic semivulcanized senescent senile sensualized .

E. shriveling 137 Metaphorical and Doubtful sentient separate septiferous sequestered sequestrable serenized serpentine serpentlike sessile setaceous settled sexed sexless shackled shadowless shadowy shaggy shargar.. n. shipshape shipwrecky shirking shocking shoddy shopworn shortsighted shortsome. shouting shoving shrieking shrill shrinking shrugging shrumping. Sc. shoppy short short-armed short-breathed shrill-tongued shriveled shrunken .E. Sc. shaitan.. : show-off. D. sharp-witted sheepish I sheepy shepherdish short-spoken. & D. showy shrimp.E.. Ir. R. R. n. shaking shambling shamed shamefaced shammocking. n. sharp sharp-cut sharper. Sc. n. SI. I shrewd shrewish Temporary States sermonizing serotine. short-tempered shoulderclapper. Sc. sharpened sharp-set sharp-sighted shattered shattery shaver sheenful sheeny sheep-faced sheep-headed sheer shellproof sheltered shieldless shimmering shining shiny shirtless shoal shoeless shoful. n... E. n.E. & D.. n. shuddering shuffling Social Evaluations sepulchral seraphic serviceable set sexy shabby shackle. Sc.E. D. C. n. n. . n.E. shaky shallow shallow-brained shallow-hearted shallow-pated shallow-witted. sharpish shatter-brained shatter-pated shaveling shelterless shicer. shan tying sharing shearing sheltering shepherding shivery shocked shooling shoring. n. severe Shakespearean shame-proof shan. shiftless shifty shilly-shally shilpit. D. sham shameful shameless shanny. C. showman. n. short-witted shot. D.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits | sententious I sentimental H separative sequacious serene serio-comic serious : servile sesquipedal sevendible. shoulderer. Sc. n. shapable shapeless sharker.. shacking shackling shackly. E. & D.E. & D. shady shagrag. shanty. SI. n. D.E.

slanted slender . A. D. slam-bang.5Y.E. slabby slab-sided. SI. slaistering. sidesman. & D. sicarious.E. or C. C. & D. Sc. slack (en) ing skulduddery. n.E. & D. n.S. C.E. Sc. n. n... shy shyish Shylock. n. Sc. & D... D. D. Sc. skeptical skinchy.. skinflint. sizable sizy skeleton.E. silent silentious simple simple-hearted simple-minded simular. skellum. & D. R. R. C. Sc. skipping skirling. Sc.E.E. & C. slashing slaying sleazy slating. & C. SI. Sc. shuttleheaded. skyring. C. Sc.E. C. simulatory sincere single-eyed single-hearted single-minded skeigh. skepticized sketchy skinking.E.. C. sib. n. W. n. sinful singular sinister sinless siren sirupy sissy. skiming.138 Personal Traits shut-in shuttle. R. Sc. D. SI. D. slang-whanging. R. & C. simplism. n.. C. skewed skiff. & D. R. Sc. slamming skybal(d). Metaphorical and Doubtful shut-eye. ALLPORT AND H. C. n.E. skunk. D. D. slap-up. slapdash slakeless slapping slap. skin-deep slabbering skivie. n. sighful sighty. & D. skimp. n. n. silvertail. n. slanderous slangy slape. skullduggery. starring. S. slamp. shut-off. slap-bang.E. sigh-born.E. 6r D. sicker. D.E. n.E. signless. D. Austral. sightly significant silk-stocking silly silvendy. n. ODBERT Social Evaluations shurf. Sc. n. side-stepping. Simon-pure. slave-driving slavering slaving sleepless sleepy Temporary States shying sick sickened sickish sicklied sick-thoughted.. Sc. skelping. skylarking skinbound skyugling. & D. Sc. C. U. R. siding sighing simmering simpering singing singsong sinking skedaddling. slatting. C. Sc. Sc.E. n. skittering skilled skillful slotting skill-less skivering.S. n. D. skittish slack slacker. n.E.S. slammocky. U. skimming skimping. skimble-scamble. & D. n.. skelloching. simpleton. n. n. skulking skimpy. sibilant sibylling siccated siccative sickly sidetracked sightless silenced silky silvan silver simian sinewless sinewy singed single sinuous sirrah. & D. Sc. SI.. n. slaring. SI. D. skullbanker. D. skinkling. skookum. sidler. slatternly slattery slaughterous slavish sleek sleekit sleeky. sickening side-splitting. Sc. U.E. & C.. sleepyhead. U. G. D. C. D. skyish skyrocket. Sc. skewing skicing.E. shyster. skinless skinny skirt. D. D. sisterly skeesicks. Sc.S.

slit-eyed smell-less smelly smock-faced smolt.. sloffing. slink. & D... n. gmush. smoothing liWaggy smudging.E..E. SI. n. Sc.E. sluthering. Sc. smeary smoldering '. Sc. & D.TRAIT-NAMES 139 Personal Traits Temporary States Social Evaluations slenting. D. slob. D.. D. n.E. n. snibbing. SI.. D. n.. & D. D. R.E. & D.. & D. Ir.E. or C. ' .E. smooth-faced smopple. n.D. & D. & SI. C. v-sneaky snatching snipe. smileless smattering small smirk. smashed smaik. Sc. jVglouchy slubbering slottery.. Sc. sleuthing I slipper. slute. & D.C. n.. smothering snappish snaffling.. slocking. n. n.E. D. R.E. • slewed. n. snailish snail-paced snaky snaped. slid. snashing. Sc. '•. & D.E.. Sc. n. U. m>Vy. Sc.E. glowish. Sc.E.gmooth smiling smart smoothish smirching smartish smirking smooth-spoken smashing. Sc. n. U. I'jmutty smittle. n. & D.E.E. Sc. C. n. Sc. snooled.E.. R.E. n. SI. & D. •'sloppy slouming.E. Sc. R. sneckdrawn. I smileful. Sc.E.. & D.E. slipshod shngeing. SI.E. sluttish I'gmell-feast. slovenly slugging slowing slow slumberful slubberdegullion.S. sneering snippersnapper.E. sly slurring Ssmarty. I ' '• . Sc.. Slippery slighting sliddery. snitching. C. R. & D. & D. Sc.E.E.E. slicker. smickering. slimsy. smooth-tongued smatchet. •'snippety sniggering snirting. snooking. smallish |. Sc. D. Sc. snide. slipslop. Sc. & D. Sc. D. & D. slightish gliving. Sc. Jmively sniveling snobbish snobbing plod.E. SI. slick. D. Sc. R. Ir. smutchy I'jnappy snarling smutted pnatchy. snickering snell sniffling sniffy. & D. SI. D. D.E. D. slinking slight slithering. gloan. smirchless smooting. Sc.E. slumberless sludgy . Sc. slogger. Sc. . slonning.. D. & D. & D. D.E.E. snifting.E. smoking !smug.. slumped slushy sluggard slumping slumgullion.S. SI.. smitten . Sc. I'lneckdrawing. D.E. smacking slyboots. C.E. & D.&Sl. C. C. smeller. n. slobbery sloshing. Sc. Sc.»eesty... sloomy. glothful slounging. D. glow-witted slumberous sluggish slugabed. & D.E. Sc. 1 Metaphorical and Doubtful slim slimmer.E. C. slieveen. smothered snack. & D. D.E. & D. slinky.

E sozzly. somnambulistic soilless solaceless sootless sooty solid sororal soluble. n..140 Personal Traits snoopy.E.. U. n. sophistic sophrosyne.E.. D. n. R. sparkish sparkless sparkling specimen.E.E. spalpeen. Sc. n. Sc. C. ODBERT Metaphorical and Doubtful Social Evaluations snudge. sophisticated spectacled sophomoric spectral soporific sphacelated sordid sphinxlike sorning sphygmodic soso spiced sottering.E. & D. n. Sc.E. D.. & D. spiceful soulless sound souring sovereign sow-gelder. & D. n. Sc. n. SI. R. sober sober-minded sociable social socialistic soft soft-hearted softish sof tling. or SI. U. soothfast. spanky. Sc. SI.. n. sobersides. SI. n. sore sorry soughing sounding soused. Solomonic Solonic solute. & D. speedless speedy spendthrift G. n. spalt.S. soaping soaring sobbing solacing somnolent soothed soothering.. sowling. n. sparrow.E. Sc. SI. spheral sphereless . specious speckless spectacular spellful spendall. spangly soothing spare sop. somber sombrous songful songless sonsy.E. spaeman. Sc. spasmodic specific spectant spectator. & D. snotty. & D. spanking sparing spatting specializing speechless spellbinding spent AND H. R. ALLPORT Temporary States snooling. SI. snowy snug socialized soap-fast softened soapless softhorn. soaking. n. sombering soured spacious somebody.E. A. snooty. C. n. C.F D. soiled socializing solifidian sodden-witted soliform softening solipsistic soft-headed solitary solivagant softy. 2?.. R.E. D. W. soft-spoken soldierly solemn solicitous soliloquacious. n. snuggling snurping.S. sonorous spangled sooner. soft-shelled soapy. n. C. D.. D. Sc. speculative speechful. or SI. n. sorrowful sottish soulful soulish soundless sour sourish spack. Sc. S. soggy solvent soiling sombered. & D. snooping snorting snubbing snuffling snuffy. spaniel. SI.

splay splaymouthed spoiled spokesman spongoid spongy sportling.. n. \ -splurgy. spontaneous I spoony.E. or SI. spirity. Sc. n. sprangling. splendacious. spurious spurless spurned spurring squalid square squarish squash. & sploring splunting. E. squiggling. n. D.. spitpoison. F. n. sprattling. sprig. n. D.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits spjnsterly spirited ] spiritful. spiflicating.E.. ^sprightly. & D. n. or D.£». squallish squally square-toed squat squatty squint-eyed squirrelly stabilized stagnant stall-fed . squeef. C. C. spinal spindling spineless spirituous spitfire.. D.E. Sc. D.E.E. n. Spleenless it spleeny Splenetic splenitive splitter. Sc. n.E.E. Sc. sprouting spud. Sc.. sprauchling. SI. Sc.E. SI. squeezable squelching squib. & D. Sprack. Sc. I spoffish spoiler. squirming stage-struck staggered stagnating stalemated stalking stalling Social Evaluations spick-and-span spiff (y)...E. n. springe | springless tspringy sproil. SI.E. spuddling. SI. n. SI. spiritistic spiritless spiritous spiritual I spiritualistic spiritual-minded spirituel. spluttering. stabile stabilizing staggering stained stainless stale 141 Metaphorical and Doubtful spiculate spicy spidery spiky spinescent spinose spinous spinulescent spinulose spiny spiritualized splatter-faced. splendorous split splitting splotchy spoilable spoiling spoliating spooky sporadic spotless spotted spotty spridhogue. spug. R. spuddy spumescent spumous sputative squab squabby squaddy. spiflicated. n. spread springal. C.E. springer. C. spiteful spiteous. D. Sc. squibbing.E. & D. sprig. Ir. & D. C.S. sprite. n. D. & D. squeamish llquirely ptable lltaccato stag. sportful sportive sportless sportsmanlike sporty. Sc. & D. SI. sponging spoofing. squawking squeal. stagy Staid stalwart Temporary States spieling. Sc. SI. C. squidgereen. sprung. D. U. sporting spouting spraiching. D. spinning spiring spitting [D.E.E. squirty. n. sprawling spreading spreeing springant sprosing. D.E.. or SUE.E.E. spruce isprunny : sprunt. Sc. n. C.E..S. splatterdashing. D... U. R.E. R. or D. squealing squelched. R. Hbeaky . spuffiing spurning spurred sputtering spying squabbling squandering squattering. splendid splendiferous. n. n. D. n. C. spry I spunkie. n. R. | spunky. D. D.

startish. Sc. n.E. stoiting.. or Sc. C.E.. D. R. stoggy. R. stith. & D. D. stationary steadying steerable steered stellar sterile sterling stewish stichel. D. R. Sc. staving.E. straightforward straightish G.. Sc.E. ALLPORT Temporary States stammering stamping stampling. stick. &• D. & D. n. stogging. D. stentorian stepmotherly stern stewardly sticker. & D..E.. n.. stochastic. & D. D.E. R.. stooping storkening. Sc. stottinor. steveling. n. stogy. & D.E.. stately statemonger. C.E. ODBERT Social Evaluations stammerel stampedable standard standardized standardizing stand-by. R. stonewalling..E.E. Sc. stayless. n. Sc. . Sc. & D. stomaching stomachless.E. S.E. n. storier.E. Sc. Sc. D. stone-hearted storied stout-hearted strackling. stifling stigmatized stilling stimulating stinging stingless stingy stinkard. D. n. & D. C.142 Personal Traits staminal stanch stand-offish standpatter. steepish steer. & D. A. storming story-telling stottering. stealing steaming steching. & D. n. D. Sc. stewing stickling stiffening stifled stigmatizing still-hunting stimulated stinting stirless stirred stivering.E. & D. steeled steering stegging. stickit.E. n. starch. & D. standfurther. & D. Sc. A. Sc. Sc. stomachy. stercoraceous stercoricolous stereoscopic stereotyped sterilized sthenic stickly sticky stiff-backed stiff-necked still-born stilled stinted stintless stock-blind stocky stone stone-cold stony stooped stour.E. n.E. n.E. stounding straddling straggling AND H. stoic stolid stomachful. stent. n. R. R.. starchless starchy startful. stormless stormy straight straight-cut. stauping. Sc. stevening. stiff stiffish stifler.. startling startlish. D. Metaphorical and Doubtful star-crossed starlike star-proof starry starveling starven statuelike statuesque steamy steely stenchful.E. C.. stirring stockish stodgy. stout stout. & D. D. stargazing staring starking starting startled stashieing. Sc.E. Sc.E. n.E. C. & D. Sc.E. n. star. stoutish strafe. D. C. strag. n. R.E. Sc. R. D.E. C. steeve. D. W. still stillish stilly stilted stiltified stinty. Sc. or C. stinking stirk. & D. Sc. steadfast steady stealthless stealthy steep. n. stark starkish.E. n. statistical stay-at-home. n. steep-down. stanking. & D.

. I stylish :. D. K submissive I subobtuse I subservient I subtle 5 subventitious • succinct Temporary States strained straining straking. n. & D. strepitous stressful stressless I strict strong I. n. stuggy. SI. stramash. Sc. D. Sc. I stubborn studious . stuffy. stratified streaky striated stringent stringy. & D. striving stroking strolling stroming. D. strutting stumbling stumped. C. n.E.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits I s traight-spoken. & D.. strow.E. R. & D. & D.. or D. Sc. stultiloquent. subduable subduing subjectable subjugating sublevating sublimating sublime sublimish submerged submergible subnormal subobscure subordinate substanceless substantial substantious. streeling streetwalking strengthened stricken striding stringing. strothering.E. n. stultified stunted sturdy subarid subdued subfuscous subhuman subjugated submorphous subopaque subsidiary substantive subtepid subternatural subtransparent suburban subvitalized . strayer.S. U.E. strengthful ' strengthless | strenuous strepent. I strunty. R. stuprating. stripy strobic structureless stubbed stubby studied. stultifying stunning stunpoll. 1 strategist. Sc. stunting stupe. R.E. Sc. subterbrutish subterhuman subversive subvertible sub virile successful successless succorable 143 Metaphorical and Doubtful stranded strapped. streeking.. strapping. Sc. n. g. struggling strunted. Sc. stripling. R. R. sturted. stuprated.E. strait-laced stratagematic. n. Sc. stylistic | suant. stuttering sublevated subordinating suborning subsiding subtrist(e) succiduous. n. I streck. n. D. C. strong-handed I strongish | strong-minded I strounge. C. n. R. strangling stravaging. stunt. stunned stupefied stupent. succoring Social Evaluations strait-lacing strange strangeling.. . C. stupefacient stupendous stupid stuporous sturting Stygian suasible subdistinguished. I stunkard. SI. & D. n. R. strublens. D. R.E.E.E.S.. Sc. D. U.E. Sc.E. Sc.E.. streaked. n. SI. suasive I suave suavified I subjective 1 submissionist. & D. D. C. R. stray strengthening strident stridulous striking strumpet. Sc. & D. D. & D.E.

susceptible susceptor. Sc. R. Metaphorical and Doubtful succulent suckless sugarless sugary suiform suilline sulphurous sultry summerish sunless sunward supercrescent. W. sunny supe. sustaining sustentative svelte. R. Sc. suttling. supraterrestrial surgeful surgeless surgy swabble. n. suggestible suggestive suicidal suist. . SI. & D.. surcharged surfeited surmounting surprised surrendering suspended suspiring sustained susurrant. swabber. ALLPORT Temporary States succumbing sudatory suffering sunk superpraising suppliant supporting surbated. n. R. n. Sc. SI. n..E. S. n.E. ODBERT Social Evaluations succorless sucker. swacking. R. n. D. Sc. swaling. swainish G. Sc.. R. R.E.. suspensive suspicious sussy. sufficient. sufferable sufflated.Sl.E. R. R. sulkysullen sulphitic. swagger. superlunar superlunatical supermundane supersweet suppled supposititious suppressed supramortal supramundane supratemporal. swab. & D. F. R.E. or SI. R.E. C. Sc. D. sumphish. superarrogant superceremonious supercilious superconformable supercritical supercurious superdainty superethical superfinical superindustrious superingenious superintellectual superpolitic superrational supersensible supersensitive superspiritual superstitious supersubtle supine supple suppressive sure sure-footed surly surreptitious surveillant. surcharging surfeiting surmountable surpassable surpassing surprising suspectable.E.144 Personal Traits sudden. superfluitant. C. swabbling swaggering swaiping. R. D. R. SI. suscipient. D. n. R.E. D. & D. sussying. swamped AND H. R. sucking. swallower. swamp. R..E. swack. & D.E. swad. & D. n. Sc. superhuman superior superlative supernormal superparasitic superserviceable supersubstantial suppling supportable supportless suppressive supreme surbasing surbating. suddled. swaddled swagbellied.. & D. n. sufflating suitable sullied sullying summitless sumptuous superannuated superb supercharged supercivilized superdevilish superdiabolical supereminent superficial superfine superfluous.

SI. sweetened sweet-scented swift-footed swift-handed swivel-eyed.E. tantalized tabby.E.tactless I taffety. R. SI. systematic systemless Temporary States swarfing swashing swattling. taleful talkative talkful. n. & D. taciturn taciturnist. tabescent taffying. swigging swilling swimming swimmy. SI.E. n. & D.E. taivering. swindling swinging swinking. swipper. C. D. R. or C. Sybaritic sycophantic I sycophantish symbolatrous. Sc.. n. D.E. swith. taistrel.E. SI. swellish.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits swashbuckling sweatful gweer. I tactful tactical tactile.. talented talentless tamable tame tameless tangible tangless tangy tacky. swift swifty.E.E.E. SI. taking taky. tagging. Sc. D.E.. n. tagtail. tagster. n. Sc. tainting taintless takeful. n. Sc. R. Sc. C. R. swayed swaying swearing sweating sweeping sweltering swerving swidging. D.. D.& D. n. swordless symbiotic symmetrical T i tacit.C. Sc. syncretist.E. SI. Sc. taiglesome. swiping swirling swishing switching. '. Sc. D. tabernacular tagrag. swinish sylphlike sylvan sylvestral symphonious 145 Metaphorical and Doubtful swanlike swapping. sweltry swine. Sc. tainted tall tallow-faced taloned tamed . swart swarthy swealing.E. tangled tanked. swingeing swinger. D. sweet sweetish swerveless swickful.. Sc.E. & D. R. n.E. & D. n. n. I sweered.E. C. sympathetic • syncopist.E. D. talky. Sc. swashy swell. swithering. '. syllogizing synthesizing systematizing Social Evaluations swamping swanky swash.. Sc. & D.E. talebearing taming tampering tanceling. D. & D. D. n.E. D.

n.E. n. Sc. & D. teleologist. Sc. n. tasty tatterdemalion.E. & D. tearing.E. te-heeing temporizing tempted temulent. technical techy. Sc.E. D. taxed teamwork.E. R.E. telepathist. n. tattered taurine taverner. tantrum. tarloch.E. R. Sc. n. n. C. n. tawdry tawpie. teeting.E. telestic.. tatterwallop.E. teethy. Sc. tendinous. tasked tatter. & D. tending AND H. Sc. Sc. tashed. tawning. n. Sc. n. tattling taunting taving. R. D.E. tarring.. D. C. R. n. Sc. R. tavert.E.. n. tattering. n. ODBERT Social Evaluations tantalizing tarnishable tarnished tarradiddle. Sc. n. tenor . D. telltale temerarious temperamental temperate tempered temperless tempestuous temptable tenacious tender tender-hearted tendersome. telegrammic. Sc. tardy tare. tarrowing. R. W. S.. R. tardigrade. C. C. teasing teened. tendril. tardiloquent. D. R. tenebrific tenebrous Tennysonian tense tensile G. teetotaler. Sc. & D. tashing tassel. R. n. teary teasable teaty.146 Personal Traits tantivy tapist. & D. tear-falling tearful tearmouth.. teeming teemless teening telling temptationless tempting Metaphorical and Doubtful tarry-fingered. D. R. D. D. Tarquinish tart Tartar tartish tartufish tasteful tasteless tattletale. taxing tedious. tawny tearless telary telescopic telluric temporal tenderling. & D.. R. tended. n. n.E.E.. C. & D. targed targing.E. ALLPORT Temporary States tantling. Sc. taut tautological teachable teachless.E.. Sc.

D. D. Sc. Sc. throughganging. tewly. & D. n. Sc. D.E.E.E. thrimping. n.E. thrummy. Temporary States tergant tergiversating terrified terrorized terving.E. n. thrippling. thewy thick thickish thickset thin thirl. 147 Metaphorical and Doubtful teratoid terrestrial terricolous terrigenous Teutonic tharf. R. Sc. & D. Sc. & Sc. thick-and-thin thick-skinned thieveless. thievish thingy. R. & D. thick-headed thick-skulled thick-witted third-class third-rate thirling thoroughbred thoroughsped. tewed. thawed thawless theomorphic theopathetic theopneustic therianthropic thermogenic theroid theromorphic Thestylis. R. n. threatless three-square threnetic thriftless thrifty thrillful throaty throbless. & D. Sc. Sc. theatrical therapeutic theriodic theurgist. & D. D. tewing. thrawn. throughgoing. . n.E. thirsting tholing.E. thraw-gabbit. & D. Sc. thin-skinned thistly thorough thoroughgoing thoroughpaced thoughtful thoughtless thoughtsick.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits tentless. D. & D. Sc. theorizing thinking thirled. D. theomanic. thooid thornless thorny thrall thrall-less throwster. Sc. & D. R. thankful thankless theistic theologaster. Sc. Sc. theomachist. Social Evaluations tepid termless. terrene terrible terrific terrifying terrorizing tested textureless thalian thankworthy thaumaturgic thawing thearchic.. Sc.E. tenuous Terentian termagant terrorless terse testy textiferous textualist. R. n. throbbing throeing through-other. & D. thrashing threaping threatening thrilled thrimbling. tenty. R.E. thrasonical thrawart. throng. Sc. Sc. Sc.E.E.E. thoughty. D. n. theophilanthropic theoretic thermophilic thersitical thewless. threadbare threatenable threepenny three-suited thrilling thriving thug. R.E. n. Sc.E.

C. tigerish timbertuned. ODBERT Social Evaluations thunderless thunderous thundery. n. Sc. tickle. & D.E. C.E. toot. tongueless tongue-tacked. C. Sc. Sc. toitish. toil-worn tommy.E. & D. Sc. n. toneless tonnish tony. tonguey. tiresome tirlie-wirlie. tongue-ferdy. & SI. C. n. C.S. tonguester.E. tod. topnotch. toltering. Sc. Sc. . tireless tiry. Sc. E. n. tidy tiffish tight. n. C. torpifying Metaphorical and Doubtful thumping. R. tinhorn.. n. tiptop. D. toadying toddling toiling toiting. Sc. tindery tinker ly tinkling tintinnabulary tiny tissuey titanic toady tobyman. C..E. timepleaser. tormenting torpedinous. A. D. R. timid timorous timorsome. D. SI. n. R. C. toadish toad-spotted. torn-down. tightish tilty. n. C. D. SI. C. D. R.E. or SI. n. C. W. tippybob. Sc. torpid G. torch-bearing torfeling. toothsome topgallant. R. tiddling. n. AND H. n. C. topless toplofty. tongue-tied toothy. n. Sc. tool. tormented torpescent.E.E. toot-mooting. SI.. togated toilless tolerable tolling tomfool. ticklish tid. U. tonguedoughty. . D. tophaceous top-heavy tornado. thwarting tickling timeless timeworn tinclad. & D.E. tomfoolish tomnoddy. or SI. n. thunderbolt. D. Sc..148 Personal Traits thumbless thwartover. top-rung topsy-turvy tormentatious.E.E. tinsel tintless. tiffling tiger-footed tilting timeserving tingling tippling tipsy tiptoe tired titillated titivated tittering tittle-tattling titubant.E. n. tinpot. D.i?. D... & D.. R. Sc.. tooting.E. n. S. topping toppy. tolerant Tolstoyan tomboy. D. tiptopper. toper. ALLPORT Temporary States thundering thwarted tickled tiddling. titillative titivating tittupy toadeater. & D. toom. C. Sc. Sc.E. & D. Tom o'Bedlam. D. tippy. n. or R. taring. n. C.

. Sc. or C.. tossy. touchy tough toughish I tout. Sc. Sc. n. trading traducing traiking. touched tousing. R. touting toving toying trachling. trump. truculent true \ true-hearted truish I trull. n. Sc. traitorous trampish tranquil transfuge. tortuous Tory tosh. tropical trot. Sc. D. n. A.. trilling trogger. Sc. n. trespassing tribulation. n. traily.. trickish tricksome tricksy tricky trier. n. trembling trepid. trifling tripping triumphant troubled truckling trudging truffing. tremorless trencher-fly. tottery tottling. trumpet-tongued Temporary States tossicated tosy. trollopish troublesome trousered trouserless true-blue true-bred trug. tranquilized transient transitory transported trashed travailing. C. n. totling. R. R. n.U. tropist. n. n. toward towardly trachlie. Sc. n. R... Sc. tractable traditional. D.S.. & D. tragic trammeling tranquilizing transcendent transcendental transfigured transparent transplendent trashy tried trivial trollop. . A.. & D. Sc.E. trig trim troglodytish Trojan. traducent. n. n. Sc. n. n.E.E. touter. n. D. C.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits tortious. transgressive transpontine trattler. troll. trothless trumpet. n. C. trumpery trusted 149 Metaphorical and Doubtful torrid torturable toughened tousled towened. R.E. & D. n. tottlish. I treacherous I treasonable trembly. Sc. Sc. n. tremulous trenchant trencherman. R. Sc. A. touted. trumper. troublous trucebreaker. trailing traipsing. R. n. n. Sc. toxic toxiferous trainable trammeled transmigrant treble tregetour. townish. toutie. n. SI. trumpeting Social Evaluations torrential touchable touching towering town-goer.E.. R..

n. C. twanky. ullagoning. ultraconservative ultradespotic ultrafashionable ultraliberal ultramundane ultraradical ultrarefined unabandoned unabased unabetted unability. twisty.E. twice-born. tuneful tuneless turdoid turgescent turgid Turk. n. R. turnabout.E. n. unable unabsorbable unabsorbed unabsurd unacceptable unaccepted unaccessible unaccommodating unaccomplished unaccountable unaccredited unaccursed unabraded unabsorbent unaccelerated . trazzy. twangy two-edged two-handed tympany. n. ultrareligious ultraromanticist. n.E. ultramaternal ultrapurist. W. or D. Sc. tussling twaddling twanking. Sc. R. tumfie. n. U ubiquitous ugsome. R. n. C.E. twattling twiddling twirling twisting twittering ugly ultra ultra-agnostic ultracosmopolitan ultracritical ultrademocratic ultrafastidious ultraintellectual ultraist. twitchety. ululant unabashed unacclimated unaccommodated unaccording AND H. tyrannical tyrannous Temporary States trusting tufthunting tuilyieing. n. ALLPORT Personal Traits trustful trustless trusty truthful truthless truth-lover. C. n. twinkling twisted two-faced twopenny two-sided two-tongued Metaphorical and Doubtful tubby tubercular tumescent tumid tumorous. n.. tup-headed. Sc. C.E. twigger. D.. D.E. C.. ODBERT Social Evaluations trustworthy trying tumble-down. & D.150 G. S. C.E. truth-telling tumultuous turbid turbulent turfite. n. Ir.E.. D. Tupperian turpitude. twitchy. n. n. ultrascientific ultrasensual ultrasentimental ultraspiritual ultravirtuous umbrageous unabiding unacademic unaccurate ugging. & D. tyro. D. Sc. & D.

R. R. unadorned unadulterated unadvantaged unaffianced unaffied. unanimating unanswerable unappealable unappealing unappeasable unappetizing unapplauded unapplied unappreciated unapprehensible unapproachable unapproved unapt unarisen unarming unarrived unartful unartificial unartistic unassailable 151 Metaphorical and Doubtful unactivated unactived.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits unadventurous unaffable unaffectionate unafraid unagreeable. unaiding unaiming unalert unaltering unambitious unamiable unamusable unanalytic unanimated unapplausive unappreciative unapprehensive unargumentative unaspiring Temporary States unacknowledging unafeared una ff righted unaggravated unagitated unalarmed unallured unamazed unamused unannoyed unappalled unapproving unashamed Social Evaluations unachieving unacknowledged unacquainted unacquitted unadhesive unadjustable unadjusted unadmirable unadvised unadaptable unadored unadulterous unadvanced unaesthetic unaffected unaffecting unaidable unaimed unalarming unalienable unalliable unallied unalloyed unalluring unalterable unamalgamable unamenable un-American unamusing unanchoring. unaffiliated unafflicted unailing unaired unaltered unambiguous unanalyzable unancestried unanchored. un-Anglicized unangular unanimalized unanimate. R. R. unannihilable unanointed unapportioned unarmed unarmored unarrested . R. R.

unbashful. unblooded unblossoming . R. unbloody Metaphorical and Doubtful unassembled unassimilated unassimilating unassociated unattacked unattempered unaveraged unbacked unbaked unballasted unbaptized unbarbed unbarbered unbathed unbattered unbearded unbeasted. R. R. ALLPORT Temporary States unassuaged unastonished unaware unawed unbaffled unbejuggled unbewildered unblenched unblinking AND H. ODBERT Social Evaluations unassaul table unassessable unassimilable unassumed unattackable unattainable unattainted unattended unattractive unaudienced. unbefriended unbefri ending unbeguiling unbelievable unbeloved unbemoaned unbendable unbeneficial unbenign unbeseeming unbesought unbetterable unbewailed unbewitching unbitted unblamable unblazoned unblemishable unblemished unblended unblessed unblinding. unbegilt.E. unblasted unblinded. D. unauspicious unauthoritative unavailable unavailing unavoidable unawakened unbalanced unbankable unbannered unbase unbearable unbeatable unbeauteous unbeautiful unbeclouded unbecoming unbefooling. unbeaten unbeautified unbedaubed unbedecked unbedewed unbef ooled. R. unbegot unbeguiled unbenighted unbestarred unbetrothed unbewitched unbirdly. R. S. R. R. R. W. R. unbelieving unbelligerent unbending unbenevolent unbewailing unbewilled unbiased unbiddable unbigoted unblissful unblithe G.152 Personal Traits unassertive unassisting unassuming unassured unattempting unattending unattentive unbain.

R. unbuckramed unbuoyed unburnished unbuttoned unbuxom uncaged uncalcified uncared-for uncarnate. unbonneted unbooklearned.E. uncanonic uncapable uncaptivating uncardinaled. R. unbribable unbruting. unburiable unburning uncalming uncalumniated uncanny.E. R. unburdened unbold. R. uncaptivated unbridled uncheered unbusinesslike unchid i uncalculating uncandid uncaptious uncareful uncautious_ : unceremonial unceremonious uncertain unchanging uncharitable fftmchary tincheerful uncheery uncholeric uncircumspect uncircumstantial uncivil • ' Social Evaluations unblotted unbonny. unbrained. & D. unboyish unboylike unbranching unbred unbrightened unbroken unbrotherlike unbruised unbrushed unbruted.TRAIT-NAMES personal Traits Temporary States unblushing unbraced jjnboastful unbreasting. unbookish unbosomer. unbusy unbowing uncalmed. unbusied. R. R. unbottomed unbounded unbounteous unbowable. unbreakable unbreathed unbrewed. n. R. R. Sc. R. R. Sc. R. unbound unbowed unboyed. Sc.i?. & D. uncaressed uncatholic uncelebrated uncelestial uncentered uncentering unchallengeable unchancy unchangeable uncharmable uncharming unchaste unchastisable uncheckable uncherished unchivalric unchivalrous unchosen unchurched uncivilized unclassible unclassic unclassifiable unclean uncleanly uncleansable unclear uncleavable unclergyable 153 Metaphorical and Doubtful unblown unblunted unbodied unbolted. R. unbowsome. R. uncarnivorous uncastrated uncate unchafed unchained unchanged unchanneled unchaperoned uncharmed unchartered unchastened unchastized uncheckered unchildish unchristian unciferous uncinate uncircumcised uncircumscribed unclerical undipped uncloistered .

R. uncondemnable unconfederated unconfinable unconfiscable unconfutable uncongenial unconjugal unconquerable unconsequential. ALLPORT Temporary States uncloyed uncollected uncomfortable uncomforted uncomplimentary unconcerned unconcerted unconcurrent. R. W. S. unconservative unconsidered unconsoling unconsonant unconspicuous unconstrainable unconsumable unconsummate uncontainable uncontestable uncontradictable uncontrollable Metaphorical and Doubtful uncloven uncoated uncoerced uncohesive uncollared uncolored uncombed uncommercial uncompact uncompressed uncondensable unconditioned uncongealable unconnected unconquered unconstricted uncontaminated uncontrasted uncontrolled . Sc. Sc. & D. R. unconfounded unconfused unconscious unconsenting unconsoled uncontented AND H. uncomely uncomforting uncomic uricommemorated uncommendable uncommon uncompanied uncompanionable uncompanioned uncompassed uncompellable uncomplete. uncomeatable. uncogitable uncognoscible uncolike. ODBERT Social Evaluations unclouded unco. R. Sc. uncomplying uncomprehending uncompromising unconcealing unconciliatory unconfessing unconformable unconjectured unconscientious unconscionable unconsidering unconspiring unconstrained unconstructive unconsulting unconsuming uncontending uncontriving uncontroversial G.E.E. uncombinable uncome.154 Personal Traits unclubbable uncommunicative uncompassionate uncompetitive uncomplaining uncomplaisant uncompliable. uncomplicated uncomposable uncomposed uncompounded uncomprehended uncomprehensible unconceivable uriconcerting unconclusive. R. C. & D.


personal Traits
unction, n.

Temporary States
uncouthy, R., Sc.

Social Evaluations
uncorrigible, R.
uncorruptible, R.
unculpable, R.
uncunning, D.E.
undeemous, Sc.

and Doubtful
undate, R.



Personal Traits
underdoer, n.
underhonest, R.
underminded, DM.
underminer, n.
underworker, n.
undiscoursed, R.


Temporary States
underacting, R.



Social Evaluations
underactor, n.
underkind, n., R.
underling, n.
underly, D.E. or US.
understrapper, n.
undertreated, R.
undignifying, R.

and Doubtful
undercurrent, R.
under jawed, R.
undecking, n.
underseller, n.
undershapen, R.
undertaker, n.
undervaluer, n.
undose, R.

Personal Traits
unfeary, Sc.

unebriate, R.
unfain, Sc. & D.E.

unevident, R.
unfaceable, D.E.
un faulty
unf ele, Sc. & D.E.

and Doubtful


158 Personal Traits unfeminine unfighting unflagging unflinching unfluctuating unfluent unforbearing unforced unforcible unforseeing unforgetful unforgiving unfraternal unfriendly unfrugal ungainly ungallant ungenerous ungentle ungiving ungraceful ungracious ungrateful ungrave. ungregariouS unguarded unhappy unharming unhasty unhazardous unheartsome. W. Sc. ALLPORT Temporary States unfestive unfeverish unflattering unfretted ungalled unglad ungloomed unglutted ungratified ungroaning ungrudging AND H. G. R. S. R. unguiculate unguided unguinous unhampered unharassed unhardened unhardy unharmed unhealable unhealthy un-Hebrew . R. un-German ungilded unglaciated ungloved ungoverned ungrammatical un-Grecian un-Greek unguestlike. ODBERT Social Evaluations unfellowed unfinished unfit unflawed unfleshly unforeknowable unforgettable unforgivable unforsaken unfortunate unframable unfriended unfrightful unfrustrable ungarbled ungenteel ungentlemanly ungenuine unghostly ungifted unglorified unglorifying ungodlike ungodly ungorgeous ungovernable ungraced unguentary unguerdoned unguessablg unguidable unguilty unhackneyed unhallowed unhandsome unhandy unharmful unharmonious unhealthful unheard-of unheavenly Metaphorical and Doubtful unfenced unfertilized unfettered unfigured unfilial unfixed unflavored unfledged unfleshed unfocused unformalized unformed unfortified unfossilized unfostered unfragrant unfree unfreezable un-French unfriable unfrilled unfrosted unfrozen unfructed unfruitful unfurnished unfurrowed ungarnished ungenerative ungenitured.

unitarian universalist. Sc. n. un jealous unjoyful I unkind unkindly Temporary States unhopeful unhushed unimbittered unimpassioned unimpressed unincensed unindifferent uninfatuated uninflamed uninterested uninthralled unintimidated unirritated Social Evaluations unheralded unhidebound unhinged unholy unhomely unhonored unhygienic unideal unilluminated unimmortal unimpairable unimpeachable unimportant unimposing unimpregnable unimpressive unimprovable unimproving unimpugnable uninfectious uninfluential uningenious uninjurious uninspired uninspiring uninspirited uninstructible uninstructive unintegrated unintelligent unintelligible uninteresting uninterpretable unintoxicating uninvidious uninvited uninviting uninvolved unique unirritating unistylist.E. unkid. D. R. D. unheroic r unhesitating unhurried unhurtful j* unideaed uniformitarian. uniform unignitible unimproved unindividualized unindulged unindurated uninflammable uninflated uninformed uninitiated uninstructed uninsurable uninterfered-with unipotent unisexual universal univocal unjaded un jaundiced unkempt unkindled unkinglike unkissed unknightly.E.. n. n. n.TRAIT-NAMES personal TraiU unheedful unhelpful unheppen. n. unitable unitary uniter. unjarring unjudged unjustifiable unkenned.E. unknowable 159 Metaphorical and Doubtful unhedged unhelped un-Homeric unhomogeneous unhorned unhumanized unhumbled unhusbanded unicolored unidimensional unidiomatic unificationist. unimaginative unimpassionate unimpatient unimpressible unimpressionable I unindulgent ijunindustrious uninhibited uninquiring uninquisitive uninsistent . & D. unknotted unknowing . n. unintellectual unintrospective uninventive uninvestigative unionistic unipersonalist.

R. & D. W. unmade-up unmagisterial unmaidenly unmalleable unmanaged unmanly unmanned unmarred unmartial unmasculine unmastered unmated unmaternal unmatronlike unmatured unmellowed unmelodious unmeltable unmetallic unmilitary unministerial unmiry unmisled unmodified . ALLPORT AND H. S. R. R.160 Personal Traits unlabeling unlibidinous unlimber unlively unloving unmalicious unmechanical unmeddling unmeek.E. Sc. R. unmindful unmirthful unmistrusting G. unmelancholy unmemoried unmercenary unmerciful unmerry unmethodical unmild. un-Latin unlaundered unlearned unleavened unlectured unlessoned unlettered unlevel unlicked unlighted unlimited unlined unliterary unlittered unlordly unloverlike unlubricated unlucent unluminous unlustrous unlyrical unmackly. ODBBRT Temporary States unleisured. unlingering unlistening unliquored unmaddened unmodernizing Social Evaluations unknown unladylike unlamented unlaureled unlikable unlikely unlivable unlosable unlovable unloved unlovely unlucky unmagnetic unmanageable unmannered unmarriageable unmarvelous unmasterable unmatchable unmeaning unmenacing unmentionable unmeritorious unmighty unmingleable unmiraculous unmissed unmistaken unmistrusted unmitigable unmoaned unmodifiable unmodish Metaphorical and Doubtful unlaced unlackeyed unladen unladified.

R. unperplexed. R. unperturbed unplumed Social Evaluations unmollifiable unmomentous unmoral unmourned immovable unmuddling unmysterious unnatural unnecessary unneeded unnerving unneutral unnoble unnoticeable unobjectionable unobliging unobnoxious unobvious unoffending unoppressive unordinary unornamental unorthodox unpacifiable unpacific unparagoned unparallelable unpardonable unpathetic unpatronizable unpeaceful unpeerable unpenetrable unperfected unperilous imperishable unpermanent unpersonable unpersuadable unpersuasive unpicturesque unpierceable unpitiable unpitied unplausible unpleasant unpleasantish unpleasing unpleasurable unpoetic 161 Metaphorical and Doubtful unmodulated unmoist unmolded unmonastic unmoneyed unmonkish unmothered unmotherly unmunitioned unmuscular unmusical unmutilated unneedful unneighborly unnobled unnourished unopposed unoppressed unorganizable unoriental unoriented unornamented unossified unpaganized.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits unmonopolizing unmoralizing unmotived unmoving unmurmuring unniggardly unobsequious unobservant unobtrusive unofficious unoriginal unostentatious unpagan unpardoning unparticipant unpartisan unpassionate unpaying unpeaceable unpedagogical unpedantic unperceiving unperforming unpersonal unphilanthropic unphilosophic(al) unpitying unplastic unpleasable unpliable Temporary States unmortified unmoved unnerved unoccupied unoffended unpacified unpalled unpanged unparadised. unpainted unpampered unparented unpartnered unpastoral unpatriotic unpattemed unpedigreed unperfumed unpersecuted unperverted unpetrified unphysical unpigmented unpillowed unpinioned unplanned unplanted unplumbed unpainted . R.

ALLPORT Temporary States unprepared unprepossessed unprovoked unquiet unraptured unrefreshed unrejoiced unrelaxed unrelented unreluctant unrepelled unreposed AND H. unpropitiable unprovoking unpunishable unpurchasable unpursued unquellable unquestionable unquizzable unquotable unrational unreachable unreasonable unrebukable unreceivable unreckonable unreclaimable unrecognized un recommended unreconcilable unrecruitable unredeemable unrefined unrefusable unreliable unremarkable unrememberable unrenounceable unrenowned unreprievable unreproachable unreprovable unrepugnant unrepulsable Metaphorical and Doubtful unpolarized unpolished unpolluted unportioned unpowdered unpowerful unpracticed unpregnant unpriestly unprimitive unprincely unprivileged unproductive unprofessional unprolific unproportioned unprosperous unprotected unproved unprovincial unpruned unpunished unpurified unquenchable unquickened unraised unravaged unrazored unread unreal unrebuked unred unreformed unregal unregenerate unregulated unreined unreligious unrelishable unrepressed unreprimanded unrepublican . S. R. W. ODBERT Social Evaluations unpoised unpopular unpraisable unpraised unprayable unprecedented unpredictable unpreferred unprepossessing unpresentable unpretentious unpretty unpriced unprincipled unprogressive unpromising unproper.162 Personal Traits unpolite unpolitical unpositive unpreaching unprejudiced unprescient unpresuming unpresumptuous unpretending unprevaricating unprofessing unprophetic unpunctilious unpunctual unpurposed unquailing unquakerlike unquaking unquestioning unquick unreadyunreasoning unreceptive unrecking unreclining unreflective unrefusing unregardful unregretful unrejoicing unrelaxing unrelenting unremembering unremitting unremorseful unrepenting unrepining unrepressible unreproachful unreproving G.

unruined unsaintly unsalaried unsalted unsapped unsated unsaturated unsaved unscanted unscarred unscathed unscattered unscented unsceptered unschooled unscoured unscourged unscratched unscriptural unsculptural unscutcheoned. Sc. R. unsafe unsagacious unsage unsaluted unsalvable unsanctified unsanctioned unsane unsanitary unsatiating unsatisfactory unsatisfying unsavory unscintillating unscorned unsearchable unseasonable unseductive unseemly unselect unsensible. unsensualizing unserviceable unsettling unshady unshamable 163 Metaphorical and Doubtful unrescued unresolved unrestrained unretarded unrevenued.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits unresenting unreserved unresisting unrespectful unresponsive unresting unretentive unreticent unrevealing unrevengeful unrewarding unrhetorical unrhythmic unromantic unrude unruly unsanguine unsatisfiable unsceptical unscholarly unscholastic unscientific unscornful unscrupulous unscrutinizing unsearching tinsecret unsectarian unsedentary unseeing unself conscious unselfish unsententious unsentimental unsevere unshakable Temporary States unresigned unrespited unrested unroiled unruffled unsaddened. Sc. unseared unseasoned unsecular unseduced unsegmented unsensualized unsentient unsequestered unserved unsexual unshackled unshapable unshapely . R. R . unsacred unsaddening. & D. n. unrighteous unrivalable unrivaled unrough unroutable unruinable unruleful.E. unridden unrinsed unripened unrippled unrisen un-Romanized unrooted unrounded unroused unroyal unroyalist. Sc. unsatisfied unscared unsettled unshaken unshamed Social Evaluations unrepulsing unrequired unresented unresounding unrespectable unrestful unrestrainable unrestrictable unrevered unreverenced unrewarded unriddleable unrideable unridiculous unright. R.

S. & D.^. unsoured unspangled unspared unsparkling unspecialized unspectacled unspiritual unspleened unspoiled unstandardized unstarched unstayed unsteadied unsteered unstifled unstinted unstoicized unstoried un stormy unstout unstraitened unstrengthened unstriated . ODBERT Social Evaluations unshelterable unshunnable unshunned unsightly unsilly unsimple unsimulated unsinful unskillful unslandered unslurred unsmart unsmirched unsmotherable unsmutty unsnubbed unsolemnizing unsonsy. unstilted unstinting unstooping unstrained G. R.164 Personal Traits unshifting unshrinking unshy unslow unslumberous unsly. ALLPORT Temporary States unshivering unshocked unsilenced unsleeping unsleepy unslept unsoothed unstartled unstimulated unstirred AND H. R. Sc. unsoothfast. unsophisticated unsorrowed unsound unsoundable unspeakable unspecious unspoilable unsportsmanlike unspotted unsprung unstable unstainable unstained unstanch unstatesmanlike unstigmatized unstirrable unstirring unstrange unstrangulable Metaphorical and Doubtful unsharpened unshattered unshaven unsheltered unshielded unshipwrecked unshirted unshod unshorn unshriveled unsick unsilvered unsinewed unsinking unsistered unsisterly unsizable unsleek unslipping unsmitten unsmooth unsoaped unsoftened unsoiled unsoldierlike unsolemnized unsouled. unsmiling unsmirking unsober unsociable unsocial unsocialistic un-Socratic unsolemn unsolicitous unsophistical unsparing unspeaking unspecific unspeculative unspeedy unspontaneous unsportful unsprightly unstaid unsteadfast unsteady unstill.E. R. W.

R.TRAIT-NAMES . Sc. Personal Traits unstudious : . ^submissive unsure unsurrendering I unsuspecting I unsuspicious } unswaying unsweating *. unsuitable unsnug unsuperfluous unsurpassable unsuspectable. unsuccessful unsuccorable unsufferable./unswerving unsympathetic unsystematic untalkative untame I untechnical • untender I untentie. R.. untrifling untrustful [ untruthful unupbraiding Temporary States unstrung unstunned unterrified unthrilled untired untrembling untremulous untriumphant untroubled Social Evaluations unstylish unsubduable unsubmergeable unsubstantial unsubvertible unsucceedable. £ unthankful I untheatrical untheological | untheoretic I unthinker. R. untempering untemptable untempting unterrific unthinkable unthought-of untithable untoothsome untouchable untragical untried untrig untrumpeted untrusted untrustworthy untumultuous unturnable ununderstandable 165 Metaphorical and Doubtful unstriped unstudied unstuffed unstunted unsubdued unsubjugated unsubverted unsucculent unsuckled unsugared unsullied unsunny unsupple unsuppressed unsurfeited unsurging unsweet unsymmetrical untainted untamed untanned untarnished untasteful untaught unteeming untempered untempted unterrestrial untested unthorny unthriving unthwarted untied untitled untinted untirable untiring untitled untouched untrained untranquilized un transparent untraveled untrimmed untuneful unturbid untutored untwinkling untwisted ununiform . n. I unthinking :f unthoughtf ul . R. unthrifty I untidy untoiling \ untoward untranquil ' untrespassing '. Sc. unswayable unsympathizable untaintable untainting untalked-of un talented untamable untarnishable unteachable untelling.

R. n. D. C. W.166 G. D. uppish. unvalued unvanquishable unvenerable unvenial unvicious unvictorious unvirtuous unvisioned unvital unvulgar unwanted unwelcome unwholesome unwieldy unwinning unwinsome unwise unwithering unwitless unwitty unwoeful unwonted unworshiped unworthy unwoundable uplander. ALLPORT AND H. upstart urbane urgent usorious utilitarian Utopian uxorious Temporary States unvexed unwakeful unweary unwilling upbraiding upflaring uplifted upset usurping vacillant vacillatory vacillating Social Evaluations unusable unuseful unusual unvaluable. ODBERT Personal Traits unvacillating unvain unvaliant unvarying unventurous unveracious unvigilant unvindictive unvocal unvoluptuous unwalking. uplifting upright uproarious upsetting urchin useful useless V vacant vacual Metaphorical and Doubtful unuplifted unvanquished unvaried unvariegated unvarnished unveiled unvenomed unventilated unverdant unversed unvigorous unverified unvolatilized unvulgarized unwakened unwaning unwarmed unwashed unwatched unweakened unwealthy unweaned unweaponed unweariable unweathered unwed unwell unwet unwifelike unwilled unwinged unwithered unwomanlike unwooed unworkmanlike un wrinkled unwronged unyoked unyouthful up-and-down. urticant utriculate .E. S. R. unwandering unwarlike unwary unwasteful unwatchful unwavering unweatherwise unweeping unwild unwillful unwily unwinking unwithdrawing unwondering unworded unworking unworldly unworried unworshiping unwrathful unyielding unzealous upheavalist. urled. n. C..

vanitied vanquishable vapid vaporish vaporless vaporous vapory varlet. R. I vagrant I vague : vain m vainful. vermiculate verminous versicolor versipel. B variable •£' variant K vatic 1 vaudy. verve. vast veiled veilless velvety venal venenate.SV. n. D. Sc. I vim. R.. C. R. vinegary viperish viperous virescent . n. D. A. or Sc. n. vindictive I violent virginal Temporary States vampering. villainous vincible vindicable virago. vespertine vespine Vesuvian veteran vinaigrous. % vagabondish • vagarious vagarish. R.E. I vernile. veridical j | . I verbose |. vaporing vassaling vaulting vaunting vellicating vennering. £:• vestal vexable vibrant vicious vigilant vigorless vigorous I vilipend. & D. ! vehement 1 venerative venereous. n. R.E. n. R. 7?. n. vampiric vampirish Vandemonian. venomous vexatious victorious viewy. vile villain. E. A. n. verjuice. i vengeful venturesome S venturous veracious I verbal 1 verbomaniac. 167 Metaphorical and Doubtful vagabond valetudinarian valetudinary varicolored varied varnished vassal vegetative veneered verdant. R. C. vengeant. vafrous. ft vainglorious Rrvaliant 1 Valkyrian B: valorous .E. vexed victimizing vilifying Social Evaluations vacuous valuable valued valueless vandal. i?. Austral.E. Sc. . vesatile | vertiginous Wf. D. venenific venerable venom. vauntful I vaunty. . vertiginate.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits '•. n.

& D. & D. Sc.E. Sc. Sc. wandle.E. n. Wagnerian waif. wanless. waden.E. Sc. Temporary States visuali2ing vitalized vitiated vitriolated vivificated. D. wandy. wallydrag. waltzing wambling wambly. vivified vivisecting vociferant volunteering voodooing vouchsafing vousting. waiting. S. Sc. D. wabbly wack. n. & D. voiceful voiceless volable volage. n. Sc. waistless wakeful wall-eyed wallowed. wall-flower. D.E. Sc.E.E. wallowing walming. R. D. R. virtuous visionary vituperative vivacious vixenish vixenly vocal vociferous vogie. wanruly. F. & D. wanton waddling waffing.E. Sc. Sc. volatile volitient volitionless volitive Voltairian voluble voluntarist. & D. W. Sc.E. n.E.E. wandering wangling waning warbling AND H. wally. Sc. & D. Sc.168 G. vowing vulnerated. Sc. Sc. waggish wailful waken. & D.E. waltering. wanting wantless. & D. D. Sc. D. wankle. voluptuous voracious votary Vulcanian vulgarian. n.E. waggling wailing wakened walloping. wacker. ALLPORT Personal Traits virginly. waffly.E.E. D.E.E. & D. n. R. Sc. . R. wallowish. Sc.E. & D. & D. ODBERT Social Evaluations virose virtueless virulent visioned visionless visitable vital vitalizing vitiating vitriolating vitriolic vivid vivificating vivifying void volatilizable vomitory vulcanizing vulgar vulgarizing vulnerable vulnerating vulnific Metaphorical and Doubtful viridescent visceral viscid viscidulous viscous vitreous' volant volcanic volitant voluminous vowless vulcanized vulgarized vulpine vulturine W wallow. virile virtuoso. & D. Sc.. wanchancy.E.E. wan wankly. D. warmish wapper-eyed.

whickering. C. Sc. & D. watchful \ waverous. whirling whiskified whispering white-hot white-lying whithering. & D. & D. warrish wary 1 waspy wasteful waster. washout. wastrie. D.E. Sc. n. US. whole-hearted Social Evaluations warm warmable warmish warmthless warragal. Sc. whiffet. well-graced well-sped well-to-do wemless. n. C. whole whole-minded. Sc. whiffling whigging. Sc. n. whipster. n. waymaker. Sc..E. whippersnapper. n.. whoreson.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits I warless warlike warm-blooded ^arm-headed warm-hearted warrior. & D. weary weeping welcoming well-doing weltering wenching westy. A. Sc. way-wise 1 weak weak-handed weak-hearted weakish £ weak-kneed weakly weak-minded weak-spirited weanable weariable weepy. Sc. D.E.. well-conducted well-disposed well-mannered I well-natured I well-spoken well-willed welsher. waughy.E. n. wearisome weewow. n. I wheedlesome I wheezy Whiggish whillywha. welked. C. whillying. D. n. n. n. whiskerless whiskery white white-faced white-handed whitened whole-footed. wholesome wicked widdifow.. & D. whauping. & D.. n. n. & D. Sc. wasting wauchling.E. n. whimmy Whimsical whippy. n. weatherproof weatherwise weatherworn weazony. Sc. C. whorish ' wide-awake widowly Temporary States warding. n. Sc. wavering weakening weaking. Sc. weirdly.. & D. Sc. Sc. Sc. wench. Whist whittie-whattie. whoremonger. whimpering whining whirkening. I whimling.. R.E. n. Sc. Sc. 169 Metaphorical and Doubtful warped washy waspish waterish watery waxen waxy weakened wealthy weaned weasel weasel-faced weather-beaten weather-bitten weathercock. whip jack. well well-born well-bred well-favored well-read well-set well-thewed well-timbered wheyfaced whinnock. R.. warsling. weedy. whippet. n. R.E. Sc. Sc. R. wayward weak-hinged. whapping.E. C. white-collar white-livered white-ribboner. C.E. D. n.E. Austral. whacking.. Sc. D..E. n. whaup. D.. & D. whirlwind. D. D. n. weakling weariful wearing wearish. waring warpling.E. Sc. wasted waugh. Sc. & D. C. wide wide-chapped . n. R. weighty weird weirdless.E. wet. I whoremasterly. n. whirlbrain.E. R.E. SI. & D. Sc.E. wheedling whetted whewing whewting. wasterful. Sc.

wighty.. R. worldly worldly-minded worldly-wise world-weary worriless worry-carl. R. n. willies. winning winsome wishy-washy witch. n. & D. wonderworking word-bound word-catcher.n. n. wordless wordmonger. n. Sc. withdrawing withering wivering. woolgathering wooling. S. n. R. wordish. willowish willowy wilted windering winged wing-footed wingless wingy winterish winterless wintry wiry wisened.. R.S. witless witlet. wincing winebibbing winy. will-worshiper. n. SI. SI. n. n. n. windfirm winnable. n..E. R. R. SI. wise-hearted wiseling.E. witching witchy. n. wimpling. n. U. wishful wisht wistful witty woeful womanish womanlike womanly womanqueller. ALLPORT Temporary States wigging.S. n. woozy. C. wiser. R..E. & D.£>. D. willyart wily wimble.. wondersmith. n. R. SI... U.. Sc. R. n. & D. withindoors. wise wiseacre. worm.. Sc. n. Sc. n. R. C. n. & D. Sc. Wordsworthian wordy worker. & D. A.E. n. n. withy wizened wizen-faced woe-worn wolfish wooden woody worm-eaten.. D. n.. wormy worrisome worshipable worshipless worthless worthy Metaphorical and Doubtful wife-bound wife-ridden wildcat wilded will-jill. wordsman. worn-out .E. witling. n. D. wizardly woebegone wonderful wondrous wooden-headed workaday worldling. wiggling wildered will.E. worriting. wondering wonderstricken wonder-wounded wood. W. windless wind-swift windy wiredrawer. SI.. n. C. withered witherling.. Sc. worrying AND H. n.. wild wildering wilding wildish wilting windbag. or Sc.E. ODBERT Social Evaluations wiffet. wirepulling. R. wit-starved witted witticaster. wileful willful willing willing-hearted willsome.170 Personal Traits wieldable wieldy wifely wight. worshipful G. R.£. witmonger.

E.E. yar. X Xanthippe. yellowish yokel. Sc. R. SI. SI. Sc. Sc. n. Sc. n.. & D. D.&D. 171 Social Evaluations wrecking wrong wrong-headed wrong-hearted wrongish wrong-minded Metaphorical and Doubtful woundless wrecked wreckful wrig. n.. & D. Austral. yammering. Sc. yelping yerking. D. yawney. xanthous xerantic Y yahoo. SI. vankie. yellowed Yiddish young young-eyed Z zany. vappy. SI. n. & D.E.E. & D. yucking. C. Sc. w o wzer. yarry yauld. yokeable yabbering. Yankee Yankeefied.E. yieldy. yarring yattering. n.E. cwringer. & D. Sc. Sc. n. Sc. or D. SI. n. D. wry Temporary States wowf.E. 'yarrish. yes-no. & D. lealful zealless ytealotical. D.E. & D. Sc. n. & D.. wrinkled writhen wrizzled. : yogi. & D.E. Austral.Sc. yielding yirring.. wowing. yare. Sc. yarning. D. yamphing. Sc. yarming. & D.E. yeuky. yanking. wr anglesome.E. wriggly.E.E. Sc.E. wrathful W rathless -vsrrathy.E. D. wrangling wretched wriggling writhing wroth wuzzled. jHf... ^ealotypic zealous ttstful zetetic zigzagging yegg. & D. U.TRAIT-NAMES Personal Traits woulder.. Sc. Sc.n. C.E.. yowling yowting. Sc. n. n.h.E. n. D. C. yes-man. Sc. yellow. yapping yappish. yauping yawing yawling yawning yearning yelling yelloching. zesting zebrine zooid zoophilous .E. D. Austral. Sc. E. Sc.. n. wracking. youngling youthful i yeasty yeld. xenomania.S. R.