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Quizardry JCC-2016

Name: Deepanshu Gupta
Roll Number: 15KA

1. What do you want out of life?
 I want to be a person who keeps enhancing his knowledge
with the advent of time. Apart from being successful person
in my professional life I want to become a man who knows
no boundaries to learning
 I want to become a person who will get out of his comfort
zone to understand and learn any concept or theory that may
lie beyond my scope. I give utmost respect to knowledge
because it is the only element that makes one complete

2. Pick any historic event and describe what is your interpretation
and learning out of it?
 I would pick Rahul Dravid’s selection to Indian cricket team
as an historical event from where I have lots to learn.
 He started playing cricket from his boyhood age of 12 and
went to represent Karnataka under various age group
tournament. He made his ranji debut in Feb’1991 and
playing through the season he was one of the most
consistent player, yet he was not selected into the Indian
cricket team.
 Upon hearing the news about not being selected despite
being the most consistent player overall ,he didn’t feel

3.  He eventually made his cricket debut in 1996 through his hard work and dedication . Aggression is shown by your skills and attributes not by words or being physical. It takes patience and immense composure to stay on the pitch and face 30000 balls in your career.  He has inspired me to never give up and keep on improving yourself.dejected .That shows his dedication and zeal to become what he wants to be and that is from where I draw my inspiration. participate in various competitions that will lead to value addition  It will help develop a much more analytical and cognitive approach towards work .contrary he simply picked up his bat and went to the practice nets and started practising and honing his batting skills.Others might have given up but not him .  We all must be aware of his batting prowess and his aggression on the field. What would you most like to learn here that would help you in the future?  Quizardry is one of its kind type of cell that focuses on developing a general knowledge of a person from all ends  I want to be a member of this cell and proactively learn.