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KTM Dealers,

Duke Owner’s demand of providing synthetic engine oil from a reputed brand.

Dear Sirs,
We are receiving consistent feedback from KTM 200 Duke owners, that they desire to use synthetic engine oil from a
reputed brand for their Duke 200. These requests/complaints/queries have been voiced by Duke Owners over an
internet forum, during our customer meet interactions and through written customer complaints. They want to use
superior quality Synthetic oil from a reputed brand, even if it costs a bit more.
Our owner’s manual do recommend an engine oil which conforms to,

SAE 20 W 50 : Viscosity and JASO MA/MA1/MA2 - SJ – SL : Oil Grade.

Bajaj DTSi 10000 oil conforms to above requirements & hence it can be used during oil change at workshops.
However, bowing down to our customer’s demand, we have tied up with Motul for the synthetic engine oil.
Motul is a French international lubricant specialist and is pioneer in synthetic engine oils. It is a leader in most of the 2wheeler markets in the world. Their Synthetic engine oil, Motul 7100 4T 20W50 is based on special “Ester
Technology” and conforms to and exceeds above requirements.
We advise you to keep stock of Motul oil at your workshops. This would help in satisfying the customers and curb
generation of complaints which are otherwise getting raised for this reason. Good margin structure has been worked
out by Motul. Their sales representative would call on you & discuss the commercials as well as supply details.
Other products from Motul which high end customers would find value in are,
1) Pre mixed engine coolant - Green colour. ( Inugel Expert )
2) Chain with O rings - Cleaner + Lubricant ( Motul Chain Clean; Motul Chain Lube )
3) Plastic parts shine. ( Motul Shine and Go)
4) Dot 4 brake oil required for KTM 200 Duke. ( Motul DOT 4 oil)
Apart from addressing customer’s complaints – these products would pave the way for an additional revenue
generation for workshops too.
With Warm Regards

Prashant Pingle
Sr. Manager - Service ( bajaj Probiking)
CC : Team Service : Since customers are demanding synthetic oil during oil change, please ensure that synthetic oil is
being made available at all hi end workshops.