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ABSTRACT…………………………………………………………………….13 8. INTRODUCTION……………………………………………………………… 5 3. BIBILIOGRAPHY…………………………………………………………………14 2 . 4 2. SAVING THE LIFE OF ALI…………………………………………………… 10 6. 9 5. OPENING OF THE CRICKET STORE……………………………………… 6 4. GOVIND IN LOVE WITH VIDYA……………………………………………. CONCLUSION…………………………………………………………………… 12 7. BOOK REVIEW………………………………………………………………….TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1.

Phani Pooja for giving me this golden opportunity to do a review on this book. By this project I came to know many things which accomplished my knowledge a lot.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: I sincerely thank my English Lecturer Ms. 3 .

He is an Indian author. There was an earthquake and the mall was collapsed. Bittoo Mama is the maternal uncle of Omi. Ali is a Muslim.AUTHOR: The novel The Three Mistakes of my Life is written by Chetan Bhagat. The three mistakes made Govind were 1. Ish asks Govind to take her maths classes between their tuition they fall in love and no one knows about it except Omi. She wants her son to study a degree in engineering. ABSTRACT The main characters in this novel are Govind. She is least bothered about maths which is required for her medical entrance exam. 2 States. What Young India Wants and Half Girlfriend. Ish has no particular aim. The novel was a story of three friends in the city Ahmadabad. One Night @ The Call Centre. Ali’s father is devoted to religious feelings and duties and works for a secular party. Govind wants to become a business man and he wants to earn lots of money. He has a son named dhiraj. Vidya is Ishan’s younger sister. His other works are Five Point Someone. Mama runs the trust of the temple. He warns Govind about the consequences of Ish finding out about the relation between Govind and Vidya. Omi’s father is a Hindu priest but he expresses displeasure to be a priest like his father. He 4 . When they met him in the stands he spots the talent in Ali and he wants to help him in getting a chance to be trained in Australia. Fred Li is an Australian cricket team member and a fast bowler. He had paid a huge advance for opening a store in navrangpura shopping mall even though his friends warned him. Ish and Omi. Ali. He is interested in cricket. She wants to go to Mumbai to do a course in PR and become independent. Govind’s father died at his early age. The three friends started a sport shop. Govind and his two friends went to goa to see Indian-Australian one day international. It was the third novel written by him and it was published in 2008. 1. He is a student in Ish’s coaching. Revolution 2020. His mother runs a homemade food business.

He mentioned in the mail that he made three mistakes in his life. 3. he is 25 years old and he is alive. They decided the name of the shop as Team India cricket shop. Patel. He wanted to start a cricket store in a vacant shop in the temple land. On his way back to home he passes by the Nana Park where he used to play every day during his school days. Soon after sometime they made 5 . He introduces himself to G. Patel started to tell his story to Chetan Bhagat. G. his name was Govind Patel. After reading the mail he counted the pull stops and the boy had already taken 19 pills. His mother runs a small snacks business and he teaches maths tuitions to students. South Africa 4 th ODI match. The story starts in Ishan’s house and they were watching India v. OPENING OF THE CRICKET STORE The cricket store was opened on 29 April 2000. In that mail he mentions that he was taking a sleeping pill after completing every sentence. At around 1:30pm Prof Basant calls and informs him that they found a match at civil hospital. He then comes to Ahmadabad to see G. The professor says that he will ask his students to search for him. He then went to Gopi’s hotel after having food he discussed with his two friends about starting a new business. Their first customer arrived at 12 noon but he didn’t buy anything. He calls the professor and tells him the whole story of that mail and asks for his help. He then shows the mail to his wife and she suggests him to call Prof Basant in Ahmadabad.gave much importance to the shop in mall and forgot to take care about the lives lost in the earth quake 2. India won the series against South Africa and they planned to go to Gopi’s hotel for celebrating the victory of India in the match. Patel and asks him to tell the reason why he wanted to commit the suicide. His dad left them when he was 10 years old. He dived too late to save Ali because of his own selfishness and Ali’s wrist was destroyed 2. He fell in love with Vidya and had sex with her 3. Both Omi and Ish agreed to be his partners in the business. From the Orkut which is a networking site they found out that the boys name is G. INTRODUCTION: The writer Chetan Bhagat receives a mail from a boy in that he writes that he is an ordinary boy in Ahmadabad and he reads the books of Chetan Bhagat. Govind goes home to change his clothes. In the middle of the match Ish had a fight with a boy who circles around their house everyday for Vidya who is the younger sister of Ish. Govind and Omi’s families were happy while Ish’s parents were unhappy because they want him to be an army officer. He doesn’t mention his name in the mail. Patel.

They felt very bored in the meeting. Govind asked Ish to start coaching classes for cricket with a fee because children liked his cricket tips. He arranges it in the abandoned SBI branch and all of them drank alcohol including Omi. He told that all of them can take fifteen hundred each and the remaining four thousand rupees was retained for renovating the shop. Ish also used to give cricket tips for their customers. But Ish wants to buy a TV for the shop to watch cricket matches. Govind divided the money into four parts among which three parts consisted of fifteen hundred each and the fourth one has four thousand rupees. They will go to the school ground where some kids volunteered to be fielders. Bittoo Mama the maternal uncle of Omi invited Govind. These three friends went to the meeting many politicians and priests attended the meeting and there Parekh Ji delivered a speech. They offered both the cricket and maths tuitions at two fifty rupees for month each. He also has plans of extending the shop. One day a boy named Paras comes to their shop and asks them to come to the school to play cricket. They made good profits out of Badminton because the cocks needed to be replaced and the rackets needed rewiring because the badminton rackets didn’t last long as cricket bats. They also earned good profits from the stationery because every kid needed books. Apart from cricket badminton was the other popularly played game in Belrampur. Ish came to know about a new boy named Ali he newly joined in the school and Ish heard that he was a great batsman. After three months of business their profit was eight thousand five hundred after paying the rent. pens and pencils. He asked Omi to give fitness training to the students and he decided to teach Maths tuitions to students. He wants to book it in advance because they will give a discount for advance booking. Ali takes the 6 . Girls only played that game. who is a senior Hindu party leader. They also decided to buy a new TV for their shop. Ish and Omi to a feast given by Parekh Ji. He wants to open a new store in shopping mall because young people like to shop in posh areas. He was planning to take a new shop for rent in the new shopping mall which was under construction at Navrangpura Char Rasta. Govind arranges a drinking party to encourage his friends at shop.their first sale. Omi is the wicket keeper and Govind stood near the bowlers end. Many kids used to come to shop even without money only to take tips from Ish. They decided to conduct coaching classes in the abandoned SBI compound. They decided to sell note books and stationery in the shop.

After completion of his examination he asks Ali to go out and play in the garden. Omi doesn’t like to have food at Ali’s house but due to the force of his frinds he haves dinner there. They also want to take Ali the doctor to get him treated for his illness. Ish delivers four balls and all of them were sixes. Govind protested to teach him Maths for free and Ish told him to take it from his salary. He told them that the boy has a hyper reflex and he told that Ali will have reflexes which are atleast ten times better than normal people. They went to Ali’s house along with Ali and his father opened the door and Ali introduced them to his father. He didn’t agree for it because they were poor and can’t afford for the coaching classes and he says that they were unable to afford for the Maths classes also. She scolded Ali for not studying for the test that he had next day. Ish gave four chocolates to Ali as a reward for every sixer.crease and Ish was the bowler. Ali’s father agrees to send him to the coaching classes. He agreed to come to the doctor but he told that they should ask his father for coaching classes. They discussed with his father about the cricket coaching of Ali. Ish offers a dozen of blue marbles if he agrees to come to the doctor and two dozen if he comes for one coaching class in the morning. Ish was continuously thinking about Ali and he wants to coach Ali. His father asked them to get in and his mother brought roohafza for them in glasses. They ate dinner at Ali’s house. He examined Ali and suggested them to take him to a specialist named Dr. Verma and told him everything about him. He said that Ali was getting tired easily because his brain analyzes fast and it also gets tired fast and he has no stamina and he was almost malnourished. But after the four Ali sits down and says that he can’t play anymore because of his headache and he leaves the ground rolling some marbles in his hand. They have taken Ali to Dr. Ali took the chocolates but refused to join in cricket coaching and also refused to come to the doctor. Govind dislikes all these discounts. Ish said that he wants to teach him for free and Govind will teach him Maths classes for free. Then. At the time of dinner Omi had an argument with Ali’s father 7 . He also said that by training Ali had to learn other aspects of cricket and must stay in the game and survive until his brain gets refreshed. They went to him he had taken MRI scan for Ali and spent two hours with him. Ali goes to another room for his studies. They went to Ali and asked him to join the cricket coaching classes but Ali refused to join in coaching classes because he was not interested in cricket. Multani.

Govind and his mother came out of their house and there were many people on the road. Omi and Ish looked after the shop. He held his maths books in one hand and cricket bat in the other hand.regarding the political parties. After having dinner they left Ali’s house and went to their houses. The earth quake destroyed many structures in Gujarat. Later Govind found that over thirty thousand people lost their lives in the earth quake. The night before the Republic Day there was an earthquake. the son of Bittoo Mama is coming or not. GOVIND IN LOVE WITH VIDYA Ish asked Govind to take up maths tuitions to his younger sister Vidya who was appearing for the medical entrance exam and Govind agreed to teach her maths tuitions for free. He invested almost one lakh ten thousand rupees on the shop. The two other boys Paresh and Naveen also come for the cricket practice. Govind didn’t go to shop for some days. tell them about their philosophy and warn them against the hypocrites. He broke into tears for the first after a decade. He then remembered about their new shop in Navrangpura and he immediately went there and found that the whole building got collapsed because of the earth quake. The practice of Ali began from that day and he used to learn maths after the cricket coaching. Ish told him that cricket practice was first. And one day when they three where in their shop Bittoo Mama comes their he wants them to mobilize young people. Ish asks Govind to teach her maths at their home because his parents don’t allow her to go 8 . 4. Omi asked whether Dhiraj. Bittoo Mama allowed them to use the shop and he also told them that they can pay their loan in installments. Govind took him upstairs and Ali chose an empty locker and put down his books. Next day Ali came to the ground on time with a white kurta pajama. The intensity of the earth quake and damage caused by it is low in Ahmadabad when compared to the other parts of the damage. He said that he was coming and after some discussion Mama leaves the shop. They were going to their new mall on Valentine’s Day and they spent sixty thousand to fit the interiors in their shop. Omi told him that he would join next time. Ish told that there must be someone to look after the shop and Govind refused to come because he did not like such kind of things. Ish came there and told Govind to come along with him to home because it is not safe to be there he dragged him into an auto and they returned home. After two hours Govind entered his house and looked every channel in the TV and it was shown that many parts of the Gujarat were affected by the earthquake.

One day when Govind went to teach her maths classes he found her eyes wet and she was very disturbed. They planned to go to the book market together and they solved some more problems. They talked about how Govind managed the shop and he told her about his dream of getting out of the old city and having a new shop in Navrangpura. On Tuesday first day of their classes he reached Ishaan’s house at 7 p. She picked up her pain again and started doing problems. She told him that her cousin Garima told her that she would SMS her in the night but she didn’t SMS her till then. She was shocked by his firmness. The pizza arrived and they started eating. physics and chemistry and came out of the shop.m. He got irritated by the beeping sounds of her phone and he told her that no SMS-ing in my class. cute and pink. Govind told her that she can message her cousin if she doesn’t and she replies that she had to send her message because she said that she would message her. He asks her about her preparation in other subjects. Govind looked at her with a blank face. They did buy books for maths. she is her friend’s sister. She asks Govind why can’ they be friends. She said that he was lucky because he was not there in the shop when it happened and after a while she left him. her room was clean. He told her that they should do more complex problems that day and she can’t do them if she was disturbed and asked her the reason. He thought that he never talked that much openly with any one in his life and he told to himself that this was not right and told her that she must be friendly with the books rather than him. He told that there were good reference books for science in the law garden book market. They started doing the problems and Govind found that she was not dumb at maths but she rarely applied her mind. listening the reasons she laughed him. He gives her four reasons that he was her teacher. After. She told him that he should have a back up friend. she is younger than him and she is a girl. When the mall got destroyed in the earth quake Vidya came to Govind for taking his help in solving some maths problems. He handed over the maths book to him as he opened the book a pink greeting card fell out of it containing a cartoon of a boy laying on the bed and was labeled as Govind and it was written get well soon and it also contained a poem. She dislikes maths the most and on the first day he stated teaching her probability. Then they went to dairy den to eat some food. She told that she doesn’t hate science but she hates the way they teach it. She was dressed in a white chikan salwar kameez on the day they went to law market. In the course of their coaching he falls in love with Vidya.out. Omi 9 .

m. They talked to them and they want Ali to be trained in Australia and play for the team of Australia but Ali refused to play for Australia. He asked them to come to Australia for his training Ish told that they can’t afford much. Fred tested Ali and was amazed by his performance. 5. Ish opened the doors and they found mama with a fire torch in one hand and a trishul in the other hand. They three ran back to the bank and bolted the room from inside. That night around 11:30 p. These three friends and Ali went to Goa. He said giving up three lives for one person is not good but Ish didn’t agree to him. He asked for the Muslim boy he said that he wants to kill him and he already killed his parents. He told him everything about Ali and he agreed to test him. the mob entered the bank office. A group of mob attacked the Sabarmati express near Godhra station. He remembered him the incident of the guy in the car who was beaten badly as he tried to love Vidya.comes to know about the relation between Govind and Vidya and warns him that either Ish or his father will kill him if they came to know about their relation. SAVING THE LIFE OF ALI Ish trained Ali well that he can make more runs and doesn’t get tired easily. Many people died and Mama’s son was in the same train and they were much tensed in that time. The mob burnt the houses they also burnt two buses from Jamalpur. Govind offered money to ten people and they left the mob and they failed to convince Bittoo Mama. There was a series between India and Australia in Goa. On the last day of the training they went out for breakfast with Fred there they met two people one was the chairman of Australian sports academy and other is the head of AIS scholarship. In the evening they came to know that the son of Bittoo Mama died in the attack. There they met the Australian player Fred Li. After that they decided to buy the mob and Omi went to mama and told him that he wants to talk to him and separated him from the mob. They went to bank that night and Ish father called and told him not to come out and stay wherever he was because it is not safe to go out. He told them that he was an Indian and he wants to play only for India. Ali’s parents were out of station and Ish decided to take him home till his parents returned. Govind told Ish that if we start fighting they will kill them and they will also kill Ali. Ali came for the practice Omi asked Ali to go back because the situations were not good. He also had sexual intercourse with her. Fred arranged four tickets for them. But he doesn’t listen to the words of Omi. 10 . They went to Australia in July and the training of the Ali started there.

They checked all three of them and found those keys in Ish’s pocket. When the phone was in the hands of Ish it beeped and he looked at the message. There was a message saying that I got periods. They blocked the door with cylinder and kept the fire crackers which were left after diwali on the top and they set fire to the fuse and ran upstairs to save their lives. It was not the ring from any one of their cell phones. He looked at Govind with a puzzled face he opened the details and dialed the number he heard the voice of Vidya from the other side. They were interrupted by the ring of a cell phone. He found out the vault keys and opened it. He wasted few seconds in thinking about his self interest. They ran upstairs and went into bank manager’s office and bolted it from inside. He pulled Ali towards himself but the trishul went into his wrist. Omi remained him about mama who was outside the door. Ish asked for Govind’s mobile to call the police. He told Mama that he doesn’t want to kill anyone they just want to go away. Ish killed the person holding him and came to us. He would have been completely unhurt if Govind didn’t waste his time in saving his life. He then came to us he found two cricket balls on the floor he picked up one and asked Ali if he 11 . the police didn’t lift their call. They tried to fight with the men of Mama but. He pulled Ish’s hair and asked him to tell about Ali he replied that he was not there with them. But he thought of his own interest that if he tried to save Ali the trishul may go into his stomach. He again raised his trishul and chanted some mantras before killing him but Omi ran between Mama and Ali and the trishul went into his stomach. He died on the spot. Ish told him to run away but Mama caught him and hurt his ankle with the trishul. He then put the phone in his pocket and slapped Govind and kicked him in the stomach. Ish replied that there was no boy in the bank. Mama again tried to kill Ali Ish sighed something to Govind but he doesn’t come to know what he is trying to say. Mama hurt Ish’s toes with his trishul. Mama asked them to tell about Ali.Ish climbed the roof ledge and he distracted the attention of the crowd by asking them to say Jai Sri Ram loudly. He found Ali inside he closed his eyes to pray god before killing Ali. People who entered the room first got injured and Mama was safe. In the meanwhile Omi and Govind poured kerosene out of canister into the buckets and they attacked the mob with fire and Ish locked Ali in a vault. Govind and Ali ran other side of the room the other two men followed them and they bolted the door. He told them to open the bank vault Govind replied that they doesn’t have the keys with him. It came from the managers table. they failed to do.

Ish never told Govind anything about this but Govind heard it from behind the thin plywood wall between their shops. Ish talked to many hospitals in U. They never talked to each other. He fell down and closed his eyes after five minutes Govind checked pulse and found that he was death. Ish came to Ali and told him that his wrist was paining he started walking out with Ali. Mama dropped the ball in his hand. Ali kicked the ball to Ish and he threw it again and this time the ball hit the forehead of Mama. Dhiraj and Mama. Ali is staying in Ish’s house and only because of his delay in saving Ali destroyed his wrist. Govind goes to Ish and 12 . Many people from the neighborhood came to the temple and offered prayers about Omi. Ish threw the ball towards Ali with all his strength and Ali struck the ball with the bat and the ball stuck the Mama’s temple hard.K and U. Ali said him to bowl and he threw the other ball to Ish. Omi’s parents were destroyed after the death of their son. 6.K. They closed the shop for two months and Govind tried to contact Ish but he shut the door at his face and his family member’s house arrested Vidya. They shop was divided into two parts on the right side Ish ran the sports shop and on the other side Govind ran the student stationery and textbook store. In the three years Ish saved two lakhs and Govind saves three lakhs. The best deal he got was from a hospital in U. Her father broke her mobile phone into pieces. Ish also agreed to come to the shop but he doesn’t want to work with Govind. But she tried to contact Govind a couple of times but he didn’t give her reply because he was looking at his friend everyday and now he only wants to do business to earn money and save it for Ali’s wrist operation. Govind tried talk to Ish but he didn’t talk anything and he left the place.A for subsidies. Ali needs a reconstructive surgery a part of the muscle got destroyed because of the trishul and they have to cut a part of the muscle from the thigh and have to replace it there. CONCLUSION: From that day onwards Ish never spoke to Govind. they promised to do the operation for five lakhs. Three months after the incident Omi’s mother comes to Govind and asks him to reopen the shop because his son loved the shop than everything and since her brother died the shop now belonged to her and he wants to give it to them to keep the memories of his son alive. Her family members sent Vidya to Bombay to do a PR course and they gave her instructions not to talk with Govind.S.wants him to bowl for the last time and laughed.

for his treatment and his wrist gets healed and doctor’s allowed him to play cricket. Govind tells him that he doesn’t mean to hurt anyone he only loves her. Vidya spoke to Govind but Ish remained silent.K. She placed Ish’s hands on Govind and asks them to be friends again. Ish is a cricket freak and always looks likes to do things related to cricket he also agreed to be a partner in the shop only because it is a sports shop and when he gets time he sits in front of the TV to watch the matches. Ish forgives him and they go to U.offers him the money he has saved. He explained the characters in a clear way. Govind asks Ish to forgive him for the three mistakes done by him. Ish remained silent and he when he was walking out of the door Govind’s mother went after him and pulled his arm. 7. Vidya visited Govind in the evening. The main hero of this story is Govind who wants to become a big businessman and he wants to earn money anyway. He doesn’t have any emotions it is evident from the incident he didn’t get any motions when his father left them when he was ten years old. The story revolves around the religion. Ish refused to accept his offer and he told Govind that he would give him his cash box to satisfy his greed and told him that he doesn’t need the money of a dishonest person. Omi gives more value to friendship he sacrificed his life to save the life of Ali. They lost everything in the earthquake but his friends stood with him and didn’t blame for that. Govind again asked Ish to take the money for the treatment of Ali and both of their eyes became wet. Even he didn’t realize their importance and still 13 . cricket and emotions. He was also very selfish and he always thinks of making money from everything it was seen when he disagreed to teach Ali for free. The story was about a young boy in Gujarat. politics. WHAT HAPPENED TO GOVIND BECAUSE OF HIS SELFISHNESS AND HIS INTEREST IN MAKING THE MONEY? Govind makes all the mistakes only because of his selfishness and his interest in making lots of money and becoming a big businessman. Ish. Because of his interest in becoming a good businessman he paid lot of money as advance to the new shop even his friends tried to stop him. This story is based on real life events. BOOK REVIEW: The story was written in a very simple language understandable to everyone. The other main characters are Ish and Omi.

Because of his selfishness he lost his friends and his love. 8. When Ali’s life was in danger instead of saving him he thought of his own safety. There are many things in things important in this world other than money. 14 . He got back his friend and love only when left his selfishness. BIBILIOGRAPHY: THE THREE MISTAKES OF MY LIFE written by Chetan Bhagat. One should also have people around him to support him in every aspect of his life even he is rich or poor and money cannot bring such people into our lives. One cannot be happy only if he has money with him. People should not be so selfish that they lose all the bonds they have because of their selfishness.remained to be selfish.

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