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FORM CODE: FO‐CM‐023‐00 

FROM: MAPNA DRILLING Noor Kish Company (MDCo.) 
INQUIARY NO.: TP‐115‐2625‐01   
REQUEST NO: MR‐115‐2625‐01  
DATE:  May 10, 2016  
                      CLOSING DATE: May 16, 2016 




submersible sump pump


Connection size: 3 inch, SS316,
Pump Head: 35-40m, 460-480V, 60Hz, 3 phases

Purchasing Officer:  
Procurement Manager/Commercial Deputy: 
(A. Sirous/H.R. RamezaniRad) 







(Sign, Stamp & Date) 

Please by studying the above items, this Inquiry Form and attached technical specification, if you wish and
have tendency to participate, inform us and let us have your proposal and if you are not interested submit us
of your decline letter, please.
1- The offers shall be delivered to the “COMPANY” before 13.00 (Tehran local time) on or before the
day of 16 May 2016 in sealed envelopes addressed to:
Inquiry TP‐115‐2625‐01 
MAPNA DRILLING Noor Kish Company 
Attn: H.R. RamezaniRad – Commercial Deputy  
Address: Floor 2, No. 20, 23rd St., South Gandhi St., Vanak Sq., Tehran, Iran 
Post Box: 15875‐7959 
Tel.: +98 (21) 81984571   
Fax: +98 (21) 81982837 

2- Offers shall be submitted in two sealed and signed envelope as below:
1.2.Envelope A, including:
- Official Gazette(s) stating the name of the Members of the Board and authorized member(s)
and/or person(s) assigned for signing the binding documents.
- Articles of Association.
- This Inquiry Form and its attachments, with your sign, company stamp & “Read & Agreed”
- The details regarding free capacity of manufacturing.
- The details regarding machinery capabilities.
- HSE and the respective certificates related to the Inquiry request.
- The details regarding the firm’s financial status and soundness for the last year.
- The details of similar works done successfully in the past with credentials if any and undertaken
works not performed yet.
- The details of top chart and key staff name and qualification and technical competency.
- The location of their workshop/ Laboratory and facilities available for testing, assembling and
trouble shooting.
Address: Floor 2, No. 20, 23rd St., South Gandhi St., Vanak Sq., Tehran, Iran 
 Tel.: +98 (21) 81984571 Fax: +98 (21) 81982837 
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Terms of payment will be performed by Placing purchase order of Mapna Drilling/Mapna Int.and the proposal from these brands will have more point (technically) during tender evaluation and winner selection.Soonest delivery period shall be considered by vendor.The proposal prices shall be in Euro/Rials and include all the needed expenses (such as weight. storage. 5.Please for any further communication about this inquiry either call at 0098 21 81984582 or with email to Abbasian@mapnadrilling. Vanak Sq. 12. 14.: Invitee should confirm all above conditions and if any deviation.Third party inspection is in buyer’s cost and cc to .The offer shall be valid for three months.: +98 (21) 81984571 Fax: +98 (21) 81982837  Page 2 /2      . Note 3: Invitees shall state Name & Designation of the authorized person(s) signing the tender docs. etc). . 9..The commercial price list & schedule of rates based on above table and the attached specifications/data sheets/drawings. However the job owner is authorized to accept or reject one or the entire proposals.).The winner of the tender after the job owner’s announcement shall submit 10% of the PO. and seller will coordinate with inspector to proceed inspection action based on inspection test plan (ITP) 18. 11.all payment will be done in Kunlun Bank in China. manufacturer’s documents. Quality certificates.The offer should not have any misspelling or ambiguity misprint or any restrictions of any kind. including: . South Gandhi St.10% down-payment against equal amount advance payment bank guarantee (APG) and remained cash against original shipping documents . Stamp & Date)    P.Buyer has the rights to change the amount of goods or services up to 25% in case it needs to do so .. 16. 20.The offer shall include the needed equipment and accessories as well as buyer’s technical specification based on attached documents. No. 10. Operation and maintenance manual.   - Un-priced list with full technical specification.  Address: Floor 2. 7. 15. Iran   Tel. Note 4: The invitees will have to comply with general conditions of the contract wherever applicable. 23rd St.. Note 2: Each inner and outer envelope shall clearly be super-scribed with the Inquiry type and Inquiry reference number.Country of origin and the manufacturer’s name should be stated in the proposal. datasheets.Buyer’s first preferred brand is ----------. 6.  Please consider the exchange rate of Euro to Rials is based on opening date of commercial envelope of the invitees with central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran Rate.Bid Bond shall submit by invitees in the amount of ………………… Euro/Rials as ………… 4.2. catalogue.Envelope B. the Company will assume no responsibility for the opening of the bid. Tehran. Parts manual and etc. Price as a PBG(Performance bank Guarantee) 13.The date and place of delivery (FOB +sea Freight to Kish Island.Please confirm and inform us as you receive this inquiry within two days. 3. it shall be informed along with proposal. 2. loading. Note 1: If all envelopes are not sealed and marked as required. SELLER NAME:   (Sign. and at the time of signing the contract no extra charges will be accepted. Mentioning the Kunlun bank account by invitee along with proposal will be pointed more in evaluation process. 8. 17.The winner will be indicated with respect to the total price which has been written in the proposal statement.