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Republic of the Philippines

City Schools Division of Dasmarias
District V of Dasmarias


Brgy. Victoria Reyes, City of Dasmarias
Tel. Nos.: 046-512-9630 or 09178361307 Email Address:

Professional Competence and Twenty First Century Performance Skills Inventory for
Adopted from CSC- RPMS and Hernandez (2014)

Part I. Personal Data (For Teachers Only)

Name (optional ): ___________________
Position: _____________________________

School: ______________________

Put a check on the blank that best describe you.

1. Official Designation
Teacher I
Teacher II
Teacher III


Master Teacher I
Master Teacher II


2. Age
Below 25
25 35
36 45
46 50
Above 50


3. Gender


Female ________

4. Civil Status
Others. Pls specify.


5. Highest Educational Attainment

Doctoral Degree
With Doctoral Units
Masteral Degree
BSED w/ M.A. Units
Others. Pls specify.

Major ____________

6. Eligibility
Magna Carta


7. Length of Service
Above 20
16 20
11 15 _______
5 10
Below 5
8. Relevant Training Attended under K to 12
National Teacher Seminar______
Regional Mass Training ______

Division Mass Training ______

School Echo Seminar ______

Part II. Core Professional Competence (adopted from RPMS)

Direction. Please check the box that best describes the degree of your present professional competence using
the following scale.
5 Always Observed

4 Often Observed

2 Rarely Observed

3 Observed

1 Never Observed

A. Self-Management
1.I set personal my goals and direction, needs and development.
2. I undertake personal actions and behaviors that are clear and
purposive and takes into account my personal goals and values
congruent to that of the organization.
3. I display emotional maturity and enthusiasm and I am challenged by
higher goals.
4. I prioritize work tasks and schedules (through gantt charts,
checklists, etc.) to achieve my goals.
5. I set high quality, challenging, realistic goals for myself and others.
Mean and Description

B. Professionalism and Ethics

1.I demonstrate the values and behavior enshrined in the Norms of
Conduct and Ethical Standards for public officials and employees (RA
2. I practice ethical and professional behavior and conduct taking into
account the impact of my actions and decisions.
3. I maintain a professional image of a teacher (being trustworthy,
having regularity of attendance and being punctual, practice good
grooming and polite communication skills).
4. I make personal sacrifices to meet the organizations needs.
5. I act with a sense of urgency and responsibility to meet the
organizations needs, improve systems and help others improve their

Mean and Description

C. Result-focus Orientation
1.I achieve results with optimal use of my time and resources most of
the time.
2. I avoid rework, mistakes and wastage through effective work
methods by placing organizational needs before my personal needs.
3. I deliver error-free outputs most of the time by conforming to
standard operating procedures correctly and consistently and I am
able to produce very satisfactory quality of work in terms of
usefulness/acceptability and completeness with no supervision
4. I express a desire to do better and I express frustration at waste or
inefficiency and I focus on new or more precise ways of meeting goals
that I set.
5. I make specific changes in the system or in my own work methods
to improve performance (examples may include doing something
better, faster, at a lower cost, more efficiently; or improving quality,
customer satisfaction, morale, without setting any specific goal).
Mean and Description

D. Teamwork
1.I willingly do my share of responsibility.
2.I promote collaboration and remove barriers to teamwork and goal
accomplishment across the organization.
3. I apply negotiation principles in arriving at win-win agreements.
4. I drive consensus and team ownership of decisions.

5. I work constructively and collaboratively with others and across

organizations to accomplish organizational goals and objectives
Mean and Description
E. Service Orientation
1.I can explain and articulate organizational directions, issues and
2. I take personal responsibility for dealing with and/or correcting
customer service issues and concerns.
3. I initiate activities that promote advocacy for men and women
4. I participate in updating of office vision, mission, mandates and
strategies based on DepEd strategies and directions.
5. I develop and adopt service improvement programs through
simplified procedures that will further enhance service delivery.
Mean and Description

F. Innovation
1.I examine the root cause of problems and suggests effective
solutions and I foster new ideas, processes, and suggests better ways
to do things (cost and/or operational efficiency).
2. I demonstrate an ability to think beyond the box and I
continuously focus on improving my personal productivity to create
higher value and results.
3. I promote a creative climate and inspires co-workers to develop
original ideas or solutions.
4. I translate creative thinking into tangible changes and solutions that
improve the work unit and organization.
5. I use ingenious methods to accomplish responsibilities and I
demonstrate resourcefulness and the ability to succeed with minimal
Mean and Description
G. Achievement
1. I enjoy working hard especially for my students and for my
2. I am actionoriented and full of energy for the things I see as
3. I am not fearful of acting with a minimum of planning.
4. I seize more opportunities than others.
5. I consider myself a strategic thinker.
H. Managing Diversity
1. I respect all kinds and classes of people especially my students.
2. I deal effectively with all races, nationalities, cultures, disabilities,
ages and both sexes.
3. I support equal and fair treatment and opportunity for all.
4. I apply equal standards and criteria to all classes. `
5. I manifest cultural and gender sensitivity when dealing with people.
I. Accountability
1. I can be counted on to exceed goals successfully.
2. I steadfastly push myself and others towards results.
3. I get things done on time and with optimum use of resources.
4. I build team spirit.
5. I transact with transparency.

Summary of Core Behavioral Competencies for the Development Plan

Core Competencies
1. Self-Management




2. Professionalism and Ethics

3. Result Focus
4. Teamwork
5. Service Orientation
6. Innovation
7. Achievement
8. Managing Diversity
9. Accountability
Average Mean

4.500 - 5.000
3.500 - 4.499
2.500 - 3.499
1.500 - 2.499
1.000 - 1.499

- Role Model
- Consistently Demonstrate
- Most of the Time Demonstrate
- Sometimes Demonstrate
- Rarely Demonstrate

Signature over Printed Name
Three highest: ______________________________________________________________________________
Three lowest: _______________________________________________________________________________

Achieved: ___________

Not Achieved: ________

Suggestion for Further Improvement

Rater: Francis Kenneth D. Hernandez

Date Signed: July 5, 2015

Ratee : (name ot teacher)

Date Signed: April 8, 2016