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I. I ask this question to myself everyday “What can I improve today?’”.

M. You strongly believe that mastery takes time, effort, and patience, and too many
among us just don’t make that commitment or they give up too early.
A. You close your ears to the noisy voices of others so you can focus more clearly the
mission and call within yourself. You always be who you are and say what you feel
because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.
G. You are not threatened by the change as you feel the need to move through en
route to a better version of your greatest vision.
E. For you, nothing is more precious in work than staying consistent with your values
and protecting your good name.

S. You always feel that if something’s important to someone important to you, it
should become important to you as well.
P. You live by an intense pursuit to turn your fears into power and your weakness into
A. Adversity can actually be a tool to help you soar to even greater achievement –
and happiness.
R. You can make results happen while others are waiting to be led.
K. You always go through every day of the rest of your life being one of those rare
individuals who encourages the efforts of others, who looks for what’s good in people,
and who applauds even the smallest positive act that they do.

H. You are living in a way that when you get to the end of your live, you don’t feel you
have lived in vain.
U. Your egos are screaming so loudly, you have no ears to hear what anyone else is
M. You always hide out in your cubicle.
A. You are amused and engaged when you walk into your workplace every day.
N. You like to leave every single person who intersects your path better, happier, and
more engaged than you found them.

S. You take full responsibility for the thoughts you run through your brain.

E. You see success is not about what you receive but success is all about what you return. emotion and spirit which allows you to grow tougher against the turbulence. You make time for daily exercise because you don’t want to eventually make time for daily illness. You keep a solid foundation at home which sets you up strong and solid results in work. I. body.H. N. . You keep on refuelling your mind.