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ld this not be correct, if someone with

this information could email me, that'd be great. Until then, all
Pokemon, except for the three event Legendaries, should be filled in.
September 13, 2011
- Permission granted to
- removed from list as they've never gone through
with posting.
September 07, 2011
- Since I've spent some time away from this, I've come back to give this
guide a bit of a look over. Correcting typos, fixing sentences, adding
find functionality, etc. Changes are visual. The most notable things
are listed below:
- Codes for each section of the Table of Contents. I found that
while it's possible someone could just look up the name of the
section, it might not always be a wise thing. As such, I've
now included section codes to more easily find each section.
- About This Guide, Disclaimer, Screen Overview, and Tidbits of
Info have had sections reworded, corrected, fixed.
- Tidbits of Info has been expanded a bit. As such, I've put
search codes for that particular section to more easily
navigate it.
- Moves section has been revamped a bit to better accommodate
- Found instances where the Pokemon Throh had his name spelled
"Thorh". Has now been corrected.
July 22, 2011
- Victini (000), Herdier (013), Simisage (018), Munna (023), Pidove (025),
Roggenrola (030), Timburr (038), Tympole (041), Basculin (056),
Krokorok (058), Crustle (064), Scrafty (066), Tirtouga (070),
Carracosta (071), Archen (072), Cinccino (079), Vanillite (088),
Tynamo (108), Eelektross (110), Litwick (113), Chandelure (115),
Beartic (120), Accelgor (123), Stunfisk (124), Bouffalant (132),
Cobalion (144), Terrakion (145), Virizion (146), Reshiram (149),
Zekrom (150): Information fully added. No longer incomplete entries.
- Keldeo (153), Meloetta (154), and Genesect (155): Listed as event
Pokemon and not seeing anything in the Pokedex 3D about them. Will
fill in their entries as best I can and keep them here in case they are
- Found many instances where Basculin was spelled as Basculine. This has
since been corrected.
- Information added to Tidbits of Info. Talks about how certain Pokemon
will have to be traded amongst Pokedex 3D "games" if you wish to
collect all information in your Pokedex.
- Because of the previous issue, I'm missing the following information
in mine: Pansear, Simisear, Panpour, and Simipour. If anyone could
contact me in regards to the stats (HP, ATK, SPD, etc) of these
Pokemon, I would be grateful. Until then, I am done with what I can
do with this Pokedex 3D guide.
July 13, 2011
- Watchog (011), Boldore (031), Petilil (054), Sandile (057),
Darmanitan [Standard Mode] (061), Maractus (062), Vanilluxe (090),
Deerling (091), Joltik (101), Eelektrik (109), Elgyem (111),
Lampent (114), Cubchoo (119), Golurk (129), Larvesta (142): Information
fully added. No longer incomplete entries.
- Permission granted to to post this guide.

Any changes that need to be made that are brought to my attention and to finish off the Pokedex information. Frillish (098). without being much help.10 went. Bisharp (131). . The and I felt the table took up space . please let me know.Moves section has been made easier to read. Fraxure (117). Heatmor (137): Information fully added.July 08. Yamask (068). Cofagrigus (069). June 21. They are marked and explained in the section. No longer incomplete entries.From here on in will be sporadic updates. . 2011 . and Haxorus (118): Information fully added.Move with H have now had Pokemon added to it. 2011 .Super Cheats has been added to the permission to post this guide.Removed example from Pokedex.Moves I-Z have now had Pokemon added to them. Archeops (073). No longer incomplete entries. 2011 .Fixed Teeter Dance to read correctly. Amoonguss (097). No longer an incomplete entry. 2011 Added Categories to Pokemon 001-050 that were missing them. and Sawk (045): Information fully added. Scolipede (051). . No longer incomplete entries. Vullaby (135). No longer incomplete entries. Palpitoad (042). . Beheeyem (112). If I've left any out. Karrablast (094). Leavanny (048). . 038 and .Stoutland (014). 035 and 036. . Braviary (134). Seismitoad (043).Liepard (016). June 16. . Basculin (056). Klang (106). Swadloon (047). Mienfoo (125). Mandibuzz (136).Error with TM38 saying "Flame Blast" rather than "Fire Blast". Blitzle (028). Zebstrika (029). Otherwise this is relatively done. it was submitted days ago and never updated over the 1. Pawniard (130): Information fully added. Gothitelle (082). .Pansage (017). Reuniclus (085). Darmanitan [Zen Mode] (061). Musharna (024). Krookodile (059). Throh (044). Drilbur (035). _ Moves A-G have now had Pokemon added that can learn them. official list of websites with through 032. 016 tables are pretty self explanatory.Added the description of all the Moves in the Moves section. No longer incomplete entries. Sewaddle (046). I'm keeping tabs of update version whether GameFAQs can get them up in time or not. Ferrothorn (104). Added Pokemon 051 through 120. . It has now been corrected. Excadrill (036).Lillipup (012). Unfezant (027). June 23. . Ferroseed (103). Used to read as Tester Dance. Kyurem (152): Information fully added.Added Pokemon 010 through 014. Gigalith (032): Information fully added.Added Pokemon 121 through 155. Mienshao (126).04. June 30. Also still to come is the Egg Groups section. 2011 . Sawsbuck (092). 2011 .If you are confused where 1. 2011 .Egg Groups section has been added and completed June 26. Zorua (076). Trubbish (074). Whimsicott (053). Tranquill (026). Gurdurr (039). I will add the Pokemon that can learn those moves in a future update. June - 19. .Patrat (010). Jellicent (099). Gothorita (081).

Added Egg Groups to Table of Contents. why is this being removed from the eShop? Well. So. the Pokedex 3d will be removed from the eShop. This will be a bit of an overview.Creation of the Pokedex 3D information guide. and such all have their sections to cover said data. Apparently the Pokemon won't be something you unlock with SpotPass. Anyone else interested should contact me in regards to adding it to your site. Swoobat (034). . Venipede (049). ============================================================================== II. Double exclamations (!!) before each line means that this is a warning of some kind. To access the manual for the software. ---NOTICE--As of October 1.Guide uploaded to GameFAQs. June 15. but they are my own pondering on the issue.Changed "Move Description" section heading to "Moves". 2012. . It's meant to cover the highlights of the Pokedex. Whirlipede (050) . hit the Home button. If you wish to own this. but . Things such as data on the Pokemon. but apparently will be a full Pokedex with all Pokemon in it from the original Red/Blue all the way to Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2. About This Guide [AGUIDE] ============================================================================== This guide is meant to provide the Pokemon information that you will find within the Pokedex 3D itself. I may include some information in this guide that is not within the softwares manual. you should be able to see a Manual button at the bottom. it's probably best to download it now and hold on to it. Conkeldurr (040). 2011 . Press the Manual button and it will provide a great wealth of information along with images. . However. and 41-48.039. 2012. I would like to note a couple of symbols you may see used throughout the guide.Added an extra section in the search quickly section of the Pokedex. so you may wish to read before you proceed. Remember that this is a free version of a Pokedex. So. as the manual within the software provides a lot of information. the manual will be your biggest assets while learning the software. they're making you go to a paid one. June 14. 2011 . It will be released on November 8. You can easily bypass if you don't want to read. Egg Groups.Will be adding more Pokemon in the next few days. It is not meant as a full walkthrough of assisting someone with using the Pokedex. Nintendo is coming out with a paid Pokedex called Pokedex 3D Pro. Audino (037).Added the following Pokemon: Purrloin (015). Double question marks (??) before each line means it's my own ramblings of sorts. From here. . but not the full information. while within the software. instead of them just updating the free one. It will have the Moves description but also a list of which Pokemon can use that particular Move. Woobat (033).

It has some other functionality and all. Press that for further information. No alterations may be made to this www. that equates to just a bit under $19 USD. And that's fine. (As of the time of this writing. However.cheats. please contact me for written permission. As such. I will be making this FAQ's status as FINAL. please contact me. private use.gamefaqs. Screen Overview [SOVRVW] ============================================================================== This will give a brief overview of the sections on screen. while within the Pokedex 3D.500 yen on Japanese shop. for folks using it for playing Pokemon White and Pokemon Black. I want to try to verify that this guide is not being misused or altered in any way. ============================================================================== IV. please feel free to contact me. and that I hope I can draw you back with a new FAQ for the new version. press the Home button. as far as I'm concerned. I'd like to try to get a FAQ of the new one up as well. Meloetta. I don't believe anything has been left out. Look forward to long writing sessions again. If for some reason something has.just given to you by default. This guide is free and under no circumstances should anyone be required to pay for this information. It's meant as a quick reference guide to get started. Hope this has been of us to some folks. For permission to add this guide to a website. or as soon after day one as possible. Just be aware it doesn't have any "stats" for them and they'll remain unfinished.) But we're still unsure of what they will be charging on the US eShop. I'm still going to leave their basic information here. The following are sites that have obtained permission to host this guide: www. Which is what it should be considering it's going to be Any others that have this guide up are in violation of this guides copyright. Please contact me for consent. To do so. . this is it for the FAQ. Otherwise. more well known websites. Just bear in mind if I have the information of Pokemon in that one like I do www. Disclaimer [DISCLA] ============================================================================== This guide should not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal.) ============================================================================== III.cheatmasters. If you've come across this guide after having paid for some kind of service or to view this guide specifically. and I'll make the slight edits to correct everything. and Genesect just aren't going to get entries in this Pokedex. it will be a work in progress. I've come to the conclusion that Keldeo. I'll be trying to pick up the paid one day one. if you need more detailed information. please refer to the manual within the software. . This includes personal websites as well as larger. Because this program will be retired from the eShop on October 1. At the bottom should be a Manual button.

// Top Screen \\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------| Name/Category | ---------------------------------------------------------------------| | | | | | | Pokemon Here | | | | | | | | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------| Unova Pokedex # [Type] Gender | ---------------------------------------------------------------------Name Category Pokemon Here . For example: Normal. Could show up as only male. or Water/Ice.Gear icon that leads you to a Menu screen.This is the Pokedex number of this particular Pokemon in the Pokemon Black and Pokemon White version of the Pokedex. male and female. \\ Bottom Screen // ---------------------------------------------------------------| <[Gear] | | | | [HP] [Attack] [Defense] | | [Sp. ATk] [Sp. [Type] . .Category this particular Pokemon is in .This is where the Pokemon shows up on screen.Pokemon's Name . only female.The Pokemon's type. Unova Pokedex # . Gender . You can move around the Pokemon to see it in full with the stick. Def] [Speed] | | [Height] [Weight] | | | | [AR Marker] [Action] [Stickers] | | | | [Pokemon Behavior] | | | | [Egg Group] | | | | [Ability] | | | | [Evolution] | | | | [Moves] | | [Name] [Type] [Kind] [Pow] [Acc] [PP] | | | | ( ) | ---------------------------------------------------------------[Gear] . Flying.This shows the Pokemon gender. or as unknown.

AR Stickers and Photo Stickers. Stickers . Clicking on a move here will tell you what other Pokemon can also learn that move.Simply the Egg Group this Pokemon belongs to. Moves .Points available for the Move. Egg Group . whether it's a Normal or Psychic move type. Click it to show the other versions description.The power of the Move.This is the AR Marker of the Pokemon you are currently viewing. ( ) . If a Pokemon does evolve it will show you where in the chain that particular one is in its evolving.Represents the icon for the Catalogue. etc. Lists both Pokemon Black and Pokemon White descriptions. If you do not currently possess it Pokemon will show up as silhouettes and no data will be available.HP Attack Defense Sp.Tells you whether it is a physical attack. Type . Can vary on bottom of screen where you are in your Pokemon list. Pokemon Behavior .Shows the chain of evolution the Pokemon you are currently viewing can/will go through. You can slide it along to change which Pokemon you have selected. Such as bonuses from certain held items or protects them from certain status effects. Ability . Def Speed Height Weight - The HP of the Pokemon you are currently viewing. You can click on any of the Pokemon in the chain before/after the current Pokemon to access that Pokemon data.Passive abilities the Pokemon knows. Action . For example.Type of move. Attack of the Pokemon you are currently viewing. for a couple of examples.All of the moves the Pokemon you are currently viewing can possibly learn. Evolution . Kind . Height of the Pokemon you are currently viewing. you will receive an AR sticker. Special Defense of the Pokemon you are currently viewing. PP . Pow . if available. If there is no evolution for it.Accuracy of the Move.Press this button to watch your current Pokemon do a move. Weight of the Pokemon you are currently viewing. AR Marker . .Two types of stickers available for each Pokemon. Name . Acc . Defense of the Pokemon you are currently viewing. If you scan this code after having the Pokemon data in your Pokedex. special attack. Atk Sp. it will simply tell you it does not evolve. Speed of the Pokemon you are currently viewing. Special Attack of the Pokemon you are currently viewing.Name of the move.Shows the Pokemon behavior of the current Pokemon you are viewing.

============================================================================== V. If you scan a Pokemon's AR Marker. I was able to obtain both AR Sticker and Pokemon data for them through the scanning of their AR Marker. ----------------------------------------------------| Spot Pass [TB-SPTPAS] | Ways to Obtain Pokemon Data [TB-PKMDAT] | AR Markers [TB-ARMARK] | Stickers [TB-STIKRS] | Finishing up the Pokedex [TB-POKDEX] | Pokemon Search and Sort [TB-SRHSRT] | Pokemon Catalogue [TB-PKCATA] | Menu Tidbits [TB-MENUTB] ----------------------------------------------------// For quick searching. if you wish to obtain a specific Pokemon (or several Pokemon) data. and you've set up your 3DS and accepted the Terms and Conditions. . I go into this in a bit more depth through several other sections. as I was missing several in the end. look under the AR Marker category on the very right of the table. where are these mythical AR Markers I speak of? Serebii. a large enough section with information. However. you can now have your 3DS connect to the internet to obtain THREE new Pokemon each day. The legendary Pokemon come to mind for me. Tidbits of Info [TBINFO] ============================================================================== Some information that isn't enough on its own to warrant its own section but enough information to create. as described comes to the rescue! http://serebii. please use the search codes above in your // browsers FIND function. DATA data. Speaking of AR MarkersÉ >> [TB-ARMARK] AR MARKERS So. when together. Click the link on the line of the Pokemon you want and the marker will show on screen. but you may be able to tip things in your favor. but there will be some you may not be able to obtain at all. Additionally. The person sending lose it on their own copy. one could say there is a third way: AR Markers. You may swap method. >> [TB-PKMDAT] WAYS TO OBTAIN POKEMON There are two ways to obtain Pokemon information with your friends as one the data will share the data but not The second way is through Spot Pass. >> [TB-SPTPAS] SPOT PASS If this is enabled. it is said that it will slightly increase your chance on obtaining that Pokemon's They will be completely random.shtml If you go to the address above. Scan it with your AR Viewer to possibly increase your chances at obtaining the Pokemon information.

Here are the Pokemon that fit in this issue: PANPOUR / PANSAGE / PANSEAR Each "game" is limited to one of the Pokemon here and the appropriate evolution (or pre-evolution. The two sticker types are AR Stickers and Photo Stickers. To get the other information. Unfezant is special. As such. well. The first two forms are the same for both male and female. If you scan an AR Marker of a Pokemon you already have you will get an AR sticker. you'll need some friends with this title and a bit of luck. as allowing you only one. and perhaps there may be some more interesting things hidden to unlock.If you scan an AR Marker AFTER you've o Pokemon. you'll need take a picture of the Pokemon that shows up when the AR Marker is scanned by the AR Viewer. depending on which one you acquire first). Not exactly something to write home about. you know the drill. Unfezant. UNFEZANT If you're not familiar with it. It's not entirely easy even if you know someone else with this software. >> [TB-STIKRS] STICKERS There are two stickers per Pokemon available. you'll o btain this particular sticker. To acquire the otherÉ wellÉ hope that you have a friend with the opposite gender as you. The two following are examples from the Manual. Just hope your friends are lucky and get different information than you got.. Nintendo has done its signature move in Pokemon style. Go to the Serebii address above under the "AR Markers" section to access the AR Markers. Photo Stickers . Getting different types of buttons to use in the AR Viewer. You will however. once it reaches its final evolution. obtain . or perhaps the ability to set a photo as a background for the AR Viewer. FRILLISH and JELLICENT These two come in both male and female varieties.!! Do not scan them all.. And while on the topic of stickers. AR Stickers .To gain this particular type of sticker. << There are some Pokemon in which you can only get one variation of in your run with the Pokedex. but the software is free. However. If you wish to complete your Pokedex. as it make it pointless to try to increase !! your chances. males and females take on different appearances. >> [TB-POKDEX] FINISHING UP THE POKEDEX There are some things you should know if you plan to have a complete Pokedex. You'll have no control over which one you obtain. There are benefits to collecting a lot of stickers.

I am however. this would make it worlds easierÉ << There are some Pokemon in which you can only discover through scanning AR Markers. But to share data on a Pokedex? You've lost me Nintendo. The markers should allow you to finish up your Pokedex. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? I'll be honest and say I'm not exactly sure what Nintendo hopes to gain to make folks trade Pokemon data for the Pokedex. so perhaps with time we may see them added. I will update their information to reflect what the Pokedex shows. Whichever one you get first will set the season for the other. Want the other three seasons of the year? Time to make some friends. and vice versa. If it's purple. Egg Group. apparently. So if you get one that is male (either one). >> [TB-PKCATA] POKEMON CATALOGUE What's that color above the Pokemon in your Catalogue? It's the type that Pokemon is. Kyurem. Terrakion. Meloetta. then the other one will be male as well. and was unable to get Cobalion or Terrakion. the data may remain but be incomplete. Reshiram. When I went to Serebii though to fill in my AR Stickers for Pokemon I'd found they finally finished up the rest of the list of markers. and Cobalion. Should they be added. but rather a seasonal issue. Abilities. what about those other three? Keldeo. it's Psychic. It gets the Pokemon community to be social and all. It's one thing to make you trade Pokemon. and Weight. and Genesect. Well. Serebii doesn't list anything about them. for me I had Virizion that I got through. An example would be. Number. it's not gender that is an issue. >> [TB-SRHSRT] POKEMON SEARCH AND SORT Pokemon Searching can be done by Name. DEERLING and SAWSBUCK For this particular Pokemon. you may go to Serebii and scan their markers to obtain their data and stickers. That means your Deerling. If this changes. However. But there is also the possibility they won't be. and I've not seen any data about them. and Zekrom. will be of the winter variety. . whenever you finally get it. Type (can choose one or two types). Where do those three come into play? As far as I can see. You'll only be able to obtain one season. They are event Pokemon. Spot Pass. Whichever one you get first will set the gender you get on the other one. << So. If it has two colors. So say you obtain a winter Sawsbuck. If not. Pokemon Sorting of your list can be done by Name. Height.them both in same gender. Living abroad makes this more difficult than it should be. So scanning those two codes yielded me not only their AR Sticker but data as well hen there are Pokemon like Victini. they don't in the Pokedex. and Registered Moves. I reached the end of what Spot Pass gave. If they allowed online data trading. like Virizion. I can understand that. leaving their basic information in this file. so too will this paragraph regarding any updates.

which you may touch to initiate an encounter. then you can try again with another Pokeball. Gameplay The premise of Pokemon GO is simple: travel across the land. and the big question is what about this game makes it work. Pokemon GO is a special breed. Based on where you are. Johto. is a Pokedex that contains all Pokemon within it. . Update . Pokemon GO uses a smartphone's GPS tracking functionality to locate where you are in the real world.Allows you to scroll. Pokedex [POKDEX] ============================================================================== Please note this Pokedex 3D guide only contains Pokemon Black and Pokemon White Pokemon. (A National is showing that Pokemon is a Dual Type and what both types are. Switch Language . German.This allows you to switch languages. Your character appears on a simplified map on your screen and walks wherever you go. a Pokemon may appear. French. >> [TB-MENUTB] MENU TIDBITS In the Menu. Catching Pokemon Unlike in the main Pokemon games. ============================================================================== VI. (For information regarding the previous generations of Pokemon in Kanto. and Sinnoh. please refer to the appropriate game FAQ for said gam "The World is Your Safari Zone" Pokemon GO takes the evergreen Pokemon series and converts it into an accessible and addictive mobile game. searching far and w ide for creatures known as Pokemon. at your leisure. the credits for the Pokedex. The app has even brought people together.) Since Pokemon Black and White are contained within the Unova region. Available languages are: Japanese. the most similar comparison to these mechanics is the Safari Zone. You fl ick a Pokeball towards a Pokemon using a simple upward swipe. Interesting news headlines have emerged detailing unusua l events regarding Pokemon GO's widespread popularity. and Spanish. Hoenn. it sucks in the Pokemon and shakes a few times. When your Pokeball lands a hit. you don't battle a Pokemon to catch it. For those familiar with main line Pokemon games. Pictures and stories of t rainers' journeys have gone viral through social media. bringing millions of people outside to capture creatures u sing their smartphones. This is NOT a full National Dex. then you have successfully captured it. for those unfamiliar with it. Italian. Credits . If the Pokemon doe s not escape from the ball. which focuses on catching rather than battling. If it breaks out. with players meeting up to look for Pokemon and making new fri ends along the way. The free-to-play app has already affected the world in such a unique way. Including previous generation Pokemon. English. this is the only information that will show up here. there are a couple of areas that be of interest.Allows you to connect online to see if any new updates are available.

One option is to travel to Pokestops. this app will appease nostalgic fans. the developers have turned the flaw of too many repeated creature s into a strength. it's easy to figure out. you can respin the Pokestop after about five minutes. Just flick the ball and hope it hits. Every time you capture a Pokemon. Luckily. museums. Water Pokemon appear more frequently around lakes and oceans. While some Pokemon like Pidgey take only 12 candies to evolve. attack. The location dependency's downside is you may not find much beyond the most comm on creatures such as Pidgey or Rattata. With most of the original 150 Pokemon available fo r capture. you can find Pokemon with hig her Combat Power (CP). You don't need to de al with any menus or health meters.This simplistic system works due to its intuitiveness. there are some features that make it easy to restock these c ommodities. Pokestops and Microtransactions Though you may be tempted to catch every Pokemon you see. Although you only ge t a few items at a time. Pokeballs are in limit ed supply. These coins are used to buy any of several items. you can evolve your Pokem on into stronger creatures. which you can hatch by walking a certain distance (2. you receive cand y exclusive to that species. For exa mple. you can perform more options. Thi s distribution of Pokemon makes the game feel more authentic. 5. Through this clever evolu tion mechanic. and defense. a Magikarp requires a whopping 400 candies. Running out can be devastating. and different Pokemo n appear depending on your location. Buyer beware: most items for sale only increase opportunities for catching Pokemon but do not guarantee capture. Pokemon GO follows you in the real world. which are located at areas of interest. What truly brings the Pokemon world to life are the GPS tracking and augmented r eality functions. A Pokemon's CP can be increased using candy and st . and train stations. or 10 km). such as catching or evolving Pokemon. You can refill on Pokeb alls and other items by spinning the medal at the Pokestop. you can feed Pokemon berries and use upgraded balls to increase capture ra tes. yet it goes such a long way in bringing Pokemon to life. While Pokemon GO doesn't tell you what to do with the ball. with sli ght discounts offered for bulk purchases. whereas Ground Pokemon are more common in drier climates. Pokemon GO also takes advantage of augmented reality (AR) by using your smartpho ne's camera to superimpose the Pokemon onto real-world backdrops. You may also receive Pokemon eggs at Pokestops. This small fe ature doesn't affect the game and can be turned off. This is a smart move that encourages exercis e by taking advantage of the app's portable nature and your desire to search for Pokemon. CP is an indicator of strength and factors in a Pokemon's health. In a smart move. including Pokeballs. This fare is typical for microtransactions. you have the option to buy Pokecoins wit h real world money. You can also perform curveballs and excellent throws with careful technique a nd timing. the app rewards you for catching repeats of Pokemon. your character gains experience points. such as churches. By leveling up. especially when you see a rare creatu re nearby. As you catch more creatures and gain experience. and incubat ors for hatching more eggs. A handy tr acker informs you on which Pokemon are nearby and how close they are. Lure Modules that attract uncommon Pokemon to a Pokestop. Trainers may find themselves seeking out new locales near and far to find rare Pokemon. If you are unable to get to a Pokestop. Leveling Up and Gyms For every important action you take. You can take p ictures of your AR Pokemon and share them online via social media. By amassing enough candy.

These teams act like factions. . However. if a gym is already claimed. Claiming a gym is as e asy as depositing a Pokemon into it. both gained by capturing Pokemon. the str onger the Pokemon you can obtain. which are s cattered around the world. introducing a com petitive multiplayer aspect.ardust. you choose one of three teams to join: Instinct (yellow). or Valor (red). The goal of each team is to claim gyms. Mystic (blue). usually at places of interest. it be comes trickier. Upon reaching level 5. Strong Pokemon matter for a key feature of Pok emon GO: Gyms. The higher your trainer level.