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"It wasn't boy who died yesterday" said the first person; "May be an oldman or an old-woman have died

" said second person; "No. It was oldman, for sure!" said the third person; among these three, if at least one
is lying and one's telling the truth, then, who actually died?
Boy? Old man? Old woman?
The more you make it work, the more healthy it's going to be. Yeah, I am
talking about Brain.
There are twice as many number of Hens as there are Sheep. Total there
are 99(hens + sheep). So, how many number of hens and
sheep(individually) are there?
A little girl asked, 'Mother, What is Wisdom?'.
while showing her the sugar-jar, 'Do you want to have some?' mother
asked. 'No', girl replied. 'Hmm, that egg or this Maida?' asked mother.
Girl- 'Yuck!!';
With warm smile on her face mother said: "When I make cake using all
these ingredients, wouldn't you love to eat it? Wisdom is just like that.
Knowledge, Intelligence, experience, analytical-thinking, skill- with all
these comes Wisdom. Individually they aren’t that important".
If one employee can finish 1 'crap-load' of work in one day, then how
much work two employees can do in two days?
'Out-of-syllabus', Somebody shouted.
'2+2/2 is how much? BODMAS principle - studied in 4th grade. According
to that answer is 2 or 3?'
'I don't remember that principle'.
Above statements are examples of disinterest in mathematics to most of
the kids.
There are two methods to be good in mathematics. First, 'Practice'.
Means, to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division without
using calculator. That trains your brain in tremendous way. Second,
'Realizing'. Realizing how can one reduce the question to an answer.

'. Internet. they lose interest in it. this is because of poor chemistry foundation at his young age. His parents said. to see the difference. Importantly. as they grow up. his parents looked at him with pity-face.might be the reason to lose interest in studies(Interesting things).. 2. That's how idiots are born. Alinggish refle action While lecturer lectures. every week. Movies are prior than studies. For a question. While studying. Try it. Because he doesn't want to push his brain a little. some students say. Friends. I often get distracted by many things'.A problem is different. no interest in studies. It seems very difficult at first.. Logic is different For the question. why no interest? When studying seems hard. student didn’t understand a thing. he has brilliant score in rapid-math! weird thing is. 'If a girl breaks her 2 legs falling from 2m height. There are 2 reasons. 'If tomorrow is yesterday. a student don't even bother to think about the answer. Anybody can improve their concentration by being silent for 2hours each day or by being silent for one whole day.High School students are more intelligent than college students.. Algebra and Science subjects! Again there 3 reasons: 1. today is Saturday. Problem Analyzing Paucity(PAP) .How many legs would break if a girl fall from 5m height?'. Second. they fall into so many 'other bobbies'. when a guy answered 5. 'I don't have concentration. What day is today?'. 'Six carbon atoms and 10 Hydrogen atoms are compared with Benzene ring.

Such students lack logical thinking. Even after. 'An elder brother of a beggar died. Apart from these. a boy comes up with the wrong answer. When asked. Paradigm Shift Deficiency When you ask a student.If a student can’t answer for a small question. Let’s give him another chance. Such students only study for exams and up to the syllabus. In that sequence.. that character is called PAP. Use yours brains. Stop being zombies. its called hyper activity. If he gets wrong answer again. if he can’t answer. to reduce hyper activity. then b + a=?'. he is given a hint 'All beggars don’t have to be male. let’s assume. How?'. The person who died has no younger brother at all. . To reduce all three defects mentioned above. what’s 10th number?'. Anxiety and etc. there are plenty of 'defects'. this 'defect' is called PSD. like 'If 2a + 2b = 4. necessarily'. 'If you keep subtracting 7 from 100. Hyper-activity. PUZZLES play very-very-important role. he may not answer. 3.