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by Yakub Saputra

Woodstock is legendary event in music history in America that took
place in New York. The official name of the event is ”Woodstock Music and
Art Fair, an Aquarian Exposition.” People had little knowledge about what to
expect. Yet, people were considering going anyway for a West Coast-style
“happening” expectation. Woodstock gathered half a million fans to 600
acres of countryside for three days of history.
Leading up to and during the event, infrastructures and logistic
preparation were brought into question. Woodstock was proving itself to be
an unprecedented extraordinary type of event. Scheduling of the artists were
a real bureaucratic obstacles. Performers had to been flown by helicopter in
order to beat fifty-mile traffic jams. Thunderstorms and rivers of mud also
contributed in the exacerbation accompanying the event of history. The
Governor of New York declared it a disaster area, resulted in call for rescue to
National Guard and the army.
Despite all odds, fans were experiencing a triumphal extravagant. All
the horrible conditions seemed not matter anymore. Celebration of music
and togetherness was soaring on a flying carpet of sex, drugs, and rock and

And at the end of the day. these longest three-days in music history witness the finest in ‘60s rock.roll. .