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1) One litre of water occupies a volume of

A. 100 cm3
B. 250 cm3
C. 500 cm3
D. 1000 cm3
2) Type of cylinder used for Boom bucket in JS220LC Excavator?
ANS:3) How the crawler of JS220LC Excavator is driven?

4) No of Hydraulic cylinders used in JS220LC Excavator?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 6

5) Capacity of single Main pump in ltrs/min for JS220LC Excavator?


6) Relief valve setting of Boom-Bucket for JS220LC Excavator?

a) 210 bar

b) 180 bar

c) 340 bar

d) 250 bar

7) Alternator rating used in JS220LC Excavator?

a) 12 v, 55 amp

b) 24 v, 55 amp

c) 24 v, 40 amp

d) 12 v, 40 amp

8) If three check valves, a 50 bar, 100 bar and a 150 bar are connected in a series circuit.
What is the pressure at the pump outlet needed to push oil through all three

9) What is the pump pressure needed if the above three check valves are connected in

10) The ISO unit of pressure (1 bar) is equal to how many PSI (pounds per sq

11,12,13) Draw the symbols for the following lines used in a hydraulic drawing

a) Path or flow in a circuit..

b) Direction of rotation..

c) Path or direction of flow through a valve..

d) An adjustable spring tension / valve rating.

e) A fixed displacement pump

14) A hydraulic directional control valve is shown as a multiple of squares. Explain
what the number of squares represents.

15) Given
a) LPM:- 50

b) RPM:- 2200

What is cc/rev of pump?


16) What is fix displacement hydraulic pump?


17) What are the basic components of hydraulic system?


18) Type of pumps used in JS81 Excavator?


19) Microns rating of Main return line filter used in JS81 Excavator?

20) At what RPM turbo charger works?

A. 10,000 below
B. 20,000 below
C. 1,00,000 & above

21) What is the pilot pressure?

A. 10 kg/
B. 100 kg/
C. 35 kg/

22) What is normal fuel consumption in 20 Ton class Excavator?

A. 10 LPM.
B. 14 LPM.
C. 20 LPM.

23) Which unit controls overcharging in battery?

a) Rectifier. b) Stator.

c) Controller.

24) Which grade of hydraulic oil is being used?

a) HP 68.

b) 15 w 40.

c) 85 w 40.

25) How many greasing points are there in JS81 Excavator?

26) Changing interval of hydraulic oil for JS81 Excavator?

27) Models of JCB excavators?

28)1 year maintenance Schedule for JS81 Excavator?

29) Engine oil replacement period for JS81 Excavator?

30) Types of hydraulic oil ?