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PART-A [15 marks]
1. Define a chemical bond. [1]
2. Give the main feature of Lewis approach of chemical bonding. [1]
3. Write electron dot structure (Lewis structure) of Na, Ca, B, Br, Xe, As, Ge,
N3-. [1]
4. Give the main feature of Kossel’s explanation of chemical bonding. [2]
5. How can you explain the formation of NaCl according to kossel concept?
6. Define electrovalent bond. [1]
7. Give the octet rule in short. [1]
8. Write the significance of octet rule. [2]
9. Write the Lewis structure for CO molecule. [2]
10. Give the Lewis dot structure of HNO3 [2]
PART-B [16 marks]
1. Define an ionic bonding. [1]
2. What changes are observed in atoms undergoing ionic bonding? [2]
3. Mention the factors that influence the formation of an Ionic bond. [2]
4. Which one of the following has the highest bond order? N2, N2+ or N2-. [1]
5. Define bond order. [1]
6. Give reason why H2+ ions are more stable than H2- though they have the
same bond order.[2]
7. How would the bond lengths vary in the following species? C2, C2- C2-. [2]
8. What type of bond is formed when atoms have high difference of
electronegativity? [1]
9. Out of covalent and hydrogen bonds, which is stronger. [2]
10. Define covalent radius. [2]
PART-C [15 marks]
1. Define dipole moment. [1]
2. Give the mathematical expression of dipole moment. [1]
3. Dipole moment is a scalar or a vector quantity? [2]
4. Why NH3 has high dipole moment than NF3 though both are pyramidal?
5. Why is dipole moment of CO2, BF3, CCl4 is zero? [1]
6. Why is BF3 non – polar? [1]
7. Write the resonating structure of O3 molecule. [1]
8. Draw the resonating structure of NO3- [2]
9. On which factor does dipole moment depend in case of polyatomic
10. Dipole moment of Be F2 is zero. Give reason. [2]
PART-D [18 marks]
1. Give the main features of VSEPR Theory. [2]
2. What’s difference between lone pair and bonded pair of electrons? [2]

weebly. How many s . Why does H2O have bent structure? [2] 5. [1] 2. S – orbital does not show any preference for direction.. [1] 2. [1] 4. Which one O2 and O2. What type of bond is formed due to orbital overlap? [1] 9. [2] 3. What is zero overlap? [2] PART-F [16 marks] 1. What is pi – bond? [1] 3. [1] 3. How would you attribute the structure of PH3 molecule using VSEPR model? [2] 7. Describe the shape of sp. H2S. What type of hybridisation takes place in (i) p in PCL5 and (ii) S in S F6? [1] 10. Give reason.www. What are the different types of s . Define bonding molecular orbital.bonds are there in a molecule of CH2 = CH – CH = CH2? [1] 6. Why? [2] PART-E [13 marks] 1. H2Se. What type of bond exists in multiple bond (double / triple)? [1] 7. Define hybridisation. [2] 3. What are the important consolations for hybridisation? [2] 4. Why is s– bond stronger than p .bond are there in a molecule of C2H4 (ethane)? [1] 5. Define antibonding molecular formation? [2] 8.noimurrahman. What is the state of hybridization of carbon atoms in diamond and graphite? [1] 7. [1] 2- . How is VBT different from Lewis concept? [2] 9. CO2 is linear whereas SO2 is bend – shaped. Give reason. Give reason. the lp electrons occupies an equatorial position in the trigonal bipyramidal arrangement to an axial position. He2 does not exist. Why are bonding molecular orbitals more stable than antibonding molecular orbitals? [1] 6. In H2O. Define bond order. H2Te. What is sigma bond? [1] 2.and p . Give the features of hybridisation. For the molecule. How many s – and p . In SF4 [2] 4. State the hybrid orbitals associated with B in BCl3 and C in C2H4 [1] 6. [2] 4. Out of p-orbital and sp-hybrid orbital which has greater directional character and Why? [2] PART-G [11 marks] 1. [2] 8. [2] 8. sp2 and sp3 hybrid orbital? [2] 5. Why is structure (b) more stable than structure (a)? [2] 6. Ethylene is a planar molecule whereas acetylene is a linear molecule. the bond angle decreases though all have the same bent shape. Why? [2] 9. Explain in terms of LCAO. Explain diagrammatically the formation of molecular orbital by LCAO. How do covalent bonds form due to orbital overlapping? [1] 10. may exhibit paramagnetism? [1] 5.

Define hydrogen bonding [1] 9. Give reason.www.weebly. What are the types of H-bonding? Which of them is stronger? [1] 8. [1] .noimurrahman. NH3 has higher boiling point than PH3.