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Geography with equivalent experience in GIS Programming.
Job Description:
GIS Developers or Programmers typically work as part of a team of
software developers to develop GIS applications and tools and
maintain software programs to support the needs of the department
and/or clients. Developers or Programmers may also help clients
interpret data, identify trends and highlight patterns. GIS Developers
or Programmers also provide technical support on GIS programs.
They maintain and troubleshoot existing systems, as well as
upgrading software. Many of the GIS developer's work hours might
be spent sitting at a desk and computer.
Roles and Responsibilities:
 Consulting with users, management, vendors, and other GIS
staff to determine needs and system requirements.
 Assisting with formulating and reviewing GIS plans
 Assisting in preparing, monitoring, adjusting and approving
operational budgets
 Assisting in the design, development (implementation) and
maintenance of the organization’s GIS.
 Assisting in analysing GIS related workflows and the assigning
or scheduling of work to meet priorities and goals
 Evaluating GIS development and application development
proposals and assessing the feasibility of projects
 Creating and maintaining (updating and enhancing) the
programs that run the applications to satisfy specific user
needs in the organization, taking full advantage of GIS
platform functions and applications

Design. independently preparing information products to support the department’s needs. access databases and business logic servers  Coordinating the installation and testing of applications programs and writing the documentation that describes the operating procedures for using them. Write code to create single-threaded or user interface event driven applications.  Maintaining and managing GIS software and hardware and “troubleshooting” problems that occur in software and hardware. maintaining and control/assurance programs. implement. .  When required. either stand-alone and those which access     servers or services.  Developing. Use source debuggers and visual development environments Work with GIS Specialists. designers and content producers Write code to generate web pages. executing including reviewing quality data developed by outside contractors or acquired from outside organizations. and test database schemas.  Providing technical support related to the data transmission networks of the organization.