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The Cover Letter

The purpose of the cover letter is to let the administrator know what kind of job you're looking
for, your connections and/or interest with his or her school, to point out why you are the teacher
to hire, and when and how you will follow up on your letter. Keep it very short, refer to your
resume, and indicate where and when you can be reached for an interview. Ask for an interview
and write the letter as if you anticipate talking with him or her soon. If you have already made
contact with the administrator, refer to your talk to refresh his or her memory. The cover letter
lets you be creative and direct in describing your talents and interests. A well-written cover letter
may be the best tool you have to influence an employer who is swamped with resumes that you
are an applicant worth considering. Your cover letter should be an original document written
specifically for each employer.
Usually, a cover letter contains three parts: the introduction, the body and the closing. Make
sure you keep your letter to one page! If your letter is longer, you are probably saying too much.
The first paragraph should tell the employer who you are and for what position you are applying.
This opening paragraph should generate interest and make the employer want to read your
resume. Aim for a brief two or three sentence paragraph.
The body of the letter should highlight your qualifications, refer to the most relevant parts of
your resume and add supplemental information. Use a bulleted list to highlight your key skills.
If you have relevant work experience or related education, be sure to point it out. In this
portion, use one or two paragraphs, four or five sentences each, which communicate how you
will be of value to the employer.
To conclude your letter, make a summary statement and indicate your interest in an interview.
Indicate what action you will take to initiate an interview date, i.e. will call within specified time
period, look forward to meeting with them at a job fair, will be visiting area during specific time
period and would like to make an appointment, or will call after the application deadline to
inquire about the interviewing schedule. Close your letter with a thank you statement.
Your letter should be flawless: no smudges, typos, grammatical or punctuation errors, etc. Use
paper matched to your resume and envelope. Don’t forget to sign your name.

PROOFREAD. Paragraph 2 should give specifics—your degree and major. and have enjoyed experimenting with some of the structures myself. I believe this can be accomplished through the use of hands-on/minds-on activities. and that your e-mail is professional. cooperative learning. interesting learning that applies to their lives. Later this month.missouri. Bea A. some of the skills you are equipped to do. Finally. In addition. I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your school's goals and how I can help you meet them as a teacher. and my certification will be in both early childhood (PK-3) and elementary education (1-6). Dr. It also interests me that your school is hosting a Kagan Cooperative Learning workshop this summer. can be helpful. Please refer to the enclosed resume and list of references. Be sure to use an Enclosure notation if you are including your resume.coe. my emphasis is in early childhood education. If you can add something personal. Paragraph 3 (or last paragraph) should provide all information that will enable them to contact you. PROOFREAD. Teacher Street Address City. I would like to apply for a teaching position at the elementary level.m. and. Superintendent Paragraph 1 should include the position for which you are applying. Double check numbers and e-mail before sending. I want my students to experience meaningful. I have spent many hours working with a teacher who is trained in Kagan Cooperative Learning. technology and the internet. I will graduate from Southwest Missouri State University. and since I plan to relocate to the community in which I teach. an integrated curriculum. 2006 (Space 4X) Use exact title and name when writing your letter.htm) indicating that you will have Kindergarten and first grade openings this fall. a sentence about why you are looking for a position in their area. I am starting my second block in Kindergarten at Rountree in Springfield. you grew up in western Kansas and want to return. I grew up not far from [your town].Bea A. or at home (999/999-9999) after 4 p. Sincerely (Space 4X) Don’t forget to sign your name here. This May. and all the extra things that will sell you and give YOU the competitive edge. ST Zip Phone Number E-Mail Address March 7. Superintendent USD 418 514 N. I would still be close to my family. I saw your listing on the internet (http://www.m. First of all. I have always been committed to continuing my education. This summer I will begin work on a Master's in Reading degree..e. Randy Watson. and if possible. After finishing up my student teaching in fourth grade this week.! . the job you are seeking. PROOFREAD. Main too. Then make sure your answering machine has a professional message on it. when possible. Thank you for your consideration. I am very interested in the positions at your school for several reasons. I can be reached at Rountree (999/999-9999) until 3:00 p.. I am a teacher because I enjoy hard work and helping others find success. KS 67460 Dear Mr. I will attend a Wright Group integrated language arts workshop. I like the results I have seen. i. Teacher You should have at least 3 paragraphs. Please consider me for these and any other elementary positions that may be available. and get a second set of eyes to Proofread for you.

Enclosures .