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Physical Pain


Burning: the feel after touching something hot
Chapped: Chapped lips or chapped skin due to dry skin
Acute: Sudden and sharp pain which last for short period of time.
Chronic: Sudden and sharp pain which last for larger period of time.
Griping : Very short and sudden pain or cramps
Inflamed: somebody boxed on your cheek and it is now swollen and red,
inflamed cheek
7. Itchy- Unpleasant feeling due to irritated skin
8. Sore- Pain due to infection or injury
9. Stiff-Unable to move body part due to muscle pain
10.Stabbing: Sharp pain(stabbing headache)
11.Aglophobia: fear of pain
12.Aglophobic: person having fear of pain

Action Verb with hand movement
1. Wave: Waving hands in the air to grab someone’s attention.
2. Stroke: Gentle touch with love
3. Pet: gentle touch to animals
4. Tickle: touching someone with finger tips to make them laugh
5. Poke: Touching someone with single finger
6. Pat: Light touch eg. Patting the baby to make him sleep.
7. Slap: hitting someone with open hand on their face
8. Punch: hitting someone on their face with fist.
9. Scratch: Itchy feeling you tend to scratch using your finger nails
10.Grab: picking something. He grabbed the Burger.
11.Snap: rubbing middle finger against thumb: Clicking
12.Fiddle: touching something without any reason. Stop fiddling your hair.