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s p a p er for America’s Oath K
h e New eepe




O ATH K EEPERS is a non-partisan association of currently serving M ILITARY ,
who will fulfill the O ATH we swore, with the support of like minded
citizens who take an O ATH to stand with us, to support and defend T HE
Rep. Joel Boniek
The Oat h Keeper
Willow Creek,

Great Falls, MT
P.O. Box 202
MT 59760

Permit # 66
US Postage
PreSrt Std

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!




Recognizing that we each swore an Ex Parte Milligan (1865). Any at- state to submit to the national gov- eign troops and mercenaries against
oath to support and defend the Con- tempt to apply the laws of war to ernment. the people is completely unconsti-
stitution against all enemies, foreign American civilians, under any pre- 6. We will NOT obey any or- tutional, and an act of war. We will
DQGGRPHVWLFDQGDI¿UPLQJWKDWZH text, such as against domestic “mi- der to blockade American cit- oppose such troops as enemies of
are guardians of the Republic, of the litia” groups the government brands ies, thus turning them into gi- the people and we will treat all who
principles in our Declaration of In- “domestic terrorists,” is an act of war ant concentration camps. request, invite, and aid those foreign
dependence, and of the rights of our and an act of treason. troops as the traitors they are.
SHRSOH ZH DI¿UP DQG GHFODUH WKH One of the causes of the American
4. We will NOT obey orders to Revolution was the blockade of Bos- 9. We will NOT obey any or-
following: impose martial law or a “state GHUVWRFRQ¿VFDWHWKHSURSHUW\
ton, and the occupying of that city
1. We will NOT obey any or- of emergency” on a state, or to by the British military, under mar- of the American people, includ-
der to disarm the American enter with force into a state, tial law. Once hostilities began, the ing food and other essential
people. without the express consent people of Boston were tricked into supplies, under any emergency
The attempt to disarm the people and invitation of that state’s turning in their arms in exchange pretext.
on April 19, 1775 was the spark of legislature and governor. for safe passage, but were then for- One of the causes of the Ameri-
RSHQFRQÀLFWLQWKH$PHULFDQ5HYR- One of the causes of the American ELGGHQWROHDYH7KDWFRQ¿QHPHQWRI can Revolution was the seizure and
lution. That vile attempt was an act Revolution was the attempt “to ren- the residents of an entire city was an forfeiture of American ships, goods,
of war, and the American people der the Military independent of and act of war. and supplies, along with the seizure
IRXJKW EDFN LQ MXVWL¿HG ULJKWHRXV superior to the Civil Power” by dis- Such tactics were repeated by the of American timber for the Royal
self-defense of their natural rights. banding the Massachusetts legisla- Nazis in the Warsaw Ghetto, and by Navy, all in violation of the people’s
Any such order today would also be ture and appointing General Gage as the Imperial Japanese in Nanking, natural right to their property. The
an act of war against the American “military governor.” The attempt to when entire cities were turned into ¿QDOVSDUNRIWKH5HYROXWLRQZDVWKH
people, and thus an act of treason. disarm the people of Massachusetts death camps. Any such order to dis- attempt by the government to seize
We will not make war on our own during that martial law sparked our DUP DQG FRQ¿QH WKH SHRSOH RI DQ powder and cannon stores at Con-
people, and we will not commit trea- Revolution. American city will be an act of war cord, Massachusetts.
son by obeying any such treasonous Accordingly, the power to impose and thus an act of treason. Deprivation of food has long been
order. martial law (the absolute rule over a weapon of war and oppression,
7. We will NOT obey any order
Nor will we assist, or support any WKHSHRSOHE\DPLOLWDU\RI¿FHUZLWK to force American citizens into with millions intentionally starved
such attempt to disarm the people his will alone being law) is nowhere any form of detention camps to death by fascist and communist
by other government entities, either enumerated in our Constitution. under any pretext. governments in the 20th Century
state or federal. Further, it is the militia of a state alone.
Mass, forced internment into con-
2. We will NOT obey any order and of the several states that the centration camps was a hallmark of Accordingly, we will not obey or
to conduct warrantless search- Constitution contemplates being every fascist and communist dicta- IDFLOLWDWH RUGHUV WR FRQ¿VFDWH IRRG
es of the American people, used during any emergency within a torship in the 20th Century. Such and other essential supplies from
their homes, vehicles, papers, state, not the standing army. internment was unfortunately even the people, and we will consider all
or effects -- such as warrant- The imposition of martial law by used against American citizens of those who issue or carry out such
less house-to house searches the national government over a state Japanese descent during World War orders to be the enemies of the peo-
for weapons or persons. and its people, treating them as an II. Whenever a government interns ple.
One of the causes of the American occupied enemy nation, is an act its own people, it treats them like an 10. We will NOT obey any or-
Revolution was the use of “writs of of war. Such an attempted suspen- occupied enemy population. ders which infringe on the right
assistance,” which were essentially sion of the Constitution and Bill of Oppressive governments often use of the people to free speech, to
warrantless searches because there Rights voids the compact with the the internment of women and chil- peaceably assemble, and to pe-
was no requirement to demonstrate states and with the people. GUHQWREUHDNWKHZLOORIPHQ¿JKW- tition their government for a
SUREDEOHFDXVHWRDMXGJH7KH¿UVW 5. We will NOT obey orders to ing for their liberty, as was done to redress of grievances.
¿HU\HPEHUVRI$PHULFDQUHVLVWDQFH invade and subjugate any state the Boers, to the Jewish resisters There would have been no Ameri-
were born in opposition to those in- that asserts its sovereignty and in the Warsaw Ghetto, and to the FDQ5HYROXWLRQZLWKRXW¿HU\VSHDN-
famous writs. The Founders consid- declares the national govern- Chechens. ers and writers such as James Otis,
ered all warrantless searches to be ment to be in violation of the
unreasonable and egregious. The compact by which that state Such a vile order to forcibly intern Patrick Henry, Thomas Paine, and
Fourth Amendment was written to entered the Union. Americans without charges or trial 6DP $GDPV ³VHWWLQJ EUXVK¿UHV RI
prevent a repeat of such violations of would be an act of war against the freedom in the minds of men.”
the right of the people to be secure In response to the obscene growth American people, and thus an act Tyrants know that the pen of a
in their persons, houses, papers, of federal power and to the absurdly of treason, regardless of the pretext man such as Thomas Paine can
and effects. totalitarian claimed powers of the used. We will not commit treason, cause them more damage than en-
Executive, upwards of 20 states are nor will we facilitate or support it. tire armies, and thus they always
3. We will NOT obey any order considering, have considered, or
to detain American citizens as have passed courageous resolutions 8. We will NOT obey orders seek to suppress the natural rights
of speech, association, and assem-
“unlawful enemy combatants” DI¿UPLQJ VWDWHV ULJKWV DQG VRYHU- to assist or support the use of bly. Without freedom of speech, the
or to subject them to trial by eignty. any foreign troops on U.S. soil
military tribunal. against the American people to people will have no recourse but to
Those resolutions follow in the “keep the peace” or to “main- arms. Without freedom of speech
One of the causes of the American honored and revered footsteps of tain control” during any emer- and conscience, there is no freedom.
Revolution was the denial of the right Jefferson and Madison in their Ken- gency, or under any other pre- Therefore, we will not obey or sup-
to jury trial, the use of admiralty tucky and Virginia Resolutions, and text. We will consider such use port any orders to suppress or vio-
courts (military tribunals) instead, seek to enforce the Constitution by of foreign troops against our late the right of the people to speak,
and the application of the laws of DI¿UPLQJWKHYHU\VDPHSULQFLSOHVRI people to be an invasion and an associate, worship, assemble, com-
war to the colonists. After that expe- our Declaration, Constitution, and act of war. municate, or petition government
rience, and being well aware of the Bill of Rights that we Oath Keepers for the redress of grievances.
infamous Star Chamber in English UHFRJQL]HDQGDI¿UP During the American Revolution,
the British government enlisted the The above list is not exhaustive but
history, the Founders ensured that we do consider these “Ten Orders”
the international laws of war would Chief among those principles is aid of Hessian mercenaries in an
to be clear tripwires. They form our
apply only to foreign enemies, not to that ours is a dual sovereignty sys- attempt to subjugate the rebellious “line in the sand,” and if we receive
the American people. Thus, the Ar- tem, with the people of each state American people. Throughout his- such orders, we will not obey them.
ticle III Treason Clause establishes retaining all powers not granted tory, repressive regimes have en-
the only constitutional form of trial to the national government. Thus, listed the aid of foreign troops and ~ And for the support of this Dec-
for an American (not serving in the the people of each state reserved to mercenaries. ODUDWLRQZLWKD¿UPUHOLDQFHRQWKH
military) who is accused of making themselves the right to judge when Accordingly, the militia of the protection of Divine Providence, we
war on his own nation. Such a trial the national government they creat- several states are the only military PXWXDOO\DI¿UPRXURDWKDQGSOHGJH
for treason must be before a civilian ed has voided the compact between force contemplated by the Constitu- to each other our Lives, our For-
jury, not a tribunal. the states by asserting powers never tion, in Article I, Section 8, for do- tunes, and our sacred Honor.
granted. mestic keeping of the peace. The
The international laws of war do
not trump our Bill of Rights. We re- Upon the declaration by a state use of even our own standing army ~ Oath Keepers
ject as illegitimate any such claimed that such a breach has occurred, for such purposes is without consti-
power, as did the Supreme Court in we will not obey orders to force that tutional support, and the use of for-

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!



national monthly newspaper
for America's Oath Keepers

BY ELIAS A LIAS write text books for M.D. programs Publisher:

in the Universities or employ intern Elias Alias
Keepers leadership for distribution
Oath Keepers is a non-partisan graduate students in the medical
association of currently serving ¿HOG ± D JRRG 'RFWRU WRSV LQ KLV (406) 285-6597
cer personnel whom Oath Keepers
military, reserves, National Guard, ¿HOG LV DQ DXWKRULW\ LQ KLV ¿HOG
has reached. These materials are
YHWHUDQV 3HDFH 2I¿FHUV DQG )LUH Oath Keepers notes that whenever Editor:
spread nationally by hand to hand
)LJKWHUV ZKR ZLOO IXO¿OO WKH 2DWK a governmental authority is abused Jennifer Terhune
friendly exchanges between Ameri-
we swore, with the support of like it tends to become authoritarian,
cans both in and out of uniform.
minded citizens who take an Oath which is quite different than exer- (775) 741-9163
to stand with us, to support and cising legitimate authority.
Phase three of the Oath Keepers Assistant Editors:
defend the Constitution against
mission happens automatically Tracey Croteau
all enemies, foreign and domestic, Authoritarianism, and the visible
so help us God. Our Oath is to the need to prevent its existence with-
cessful. The inspiration part of the Don Doig
Constitution. Our Motto: in the people’s government, is one
mission arises in a soldier’s or peace
of the primary reasons why Oath
NOT ON OUR WATCH! Keepers was created. Our Founder,
the proper logic under-girding the
Stewart Rhodes, saw patterns of
Oath itself. Authoritarian styles
Oath Keepers is a single-mission authoritarianism incrementally in-
of training tend to reduce chances Graphic Design:
organization which interacts with troduced during the past four Ad-
that an Oath Taker might question Bill Griffith
America’s Military and Peace Of- ministrations, and he thought the
the meaning in one’s Oath and be- Paul Jacobsen
come an Oath Keeper, and the rule Michael Blessing
SRVH LV YHU\ GLVWLQFWO\ GH¿QHG ,W the Oath, as well as the American
taught is that one must follow or-
contains a three-step plan of action people who support our soldier and
ders unquestioningly. Oath Keep- Layout:
ers counters that direction toward Michael Blessing
be made aware of this.
totalitarian, authoritarian abuse of
1. Reach
2. Teach Oath Keepers rests its case, based Webmaster:
individual persons.
3. Inspire on the fact that no legitimate au- Robert Terhune
thority bestowed properly by the
With the Internet, Oath Keepers
Pretty simple, that. Oath Keepers Federal government’s founding le-
has reached active duty military
seeks to “reach, teach, and inspire gal charter would have any prob- ‡‡‡‡‡
all Oath Takers to become Oath lem with any organization which Authors:
now Oath Keepers has the printed
Keepers”. The inspiration to hon- admonished all who took the legal- Elias Alias
word as well. With help from dedi-
or one’s Oath, one’s sacred word, ly-required Oath to keep that Oath. Tracey Croteau
cated smart guys like Marti, Drew,
comes to anyone’s understanding If DHS and FBI and the Pentagon Jennifer Terhune
naturally once one has been taught have any problem with their ser- Stewart Rhodes
Ayala is creating a video capacity as
to see the meanings in the Oath to vice personnel publicly declaring Sheriff Mack
an outreach tool. There are several
which one has made his vow. That allegiance to their Oath to the Con- Wayne Terhune
versions of the Oath Keepers DVD
kind of teaching requires that Oath stitution, what does that say about Chuck Baldwin
in circulation. Oath Keepers has
.HHSHUV¿UVWUHDFKDZLOOLQJVROGLHU DHS, the FBI, and the Pentagon? Is Lt.Col.(ret) Karen Kwiatkowski PhD
a solid brochure program which
RUSHDFHRI¿FHUZKRKDVQRWSUHYL- that authoritarianism? Timothy Baldwin
is very popular with grassroots
ously discerned the subtle mean- Ron Paul
America. Window decals, bumper
ings carried within the wording of An aspect of Oath Keepers’ teach Don Doig
stickers, shirts, hats and patches James Jaeger
the Oath. phase includes a published listing
also reach out into society as well Truth Excavator
of ten unlawful orders which Oath
as onto military installations and M. Cris Armenta
But what does it mean? Oath Keep- .HHSHUVVZHDU>RUDI¿UP@WKH\VKDOO
ers seeks the attention of all active not obey. (See page 2 please.)
GXW\ 0LOLWDU\ DQG 3HDFH 2I¿FHU The ten unlawful orders which Subscribe online
Stewart Rhodes in 2008 realized or by U.S. mail today!
personnel. Our phase one aspect 2DWK .HHSHUV VZHDU >RU DI¿UP@
that trends and patterns exist, and
requires that we reach. To get our they shall not obey comprise a key
that a ready template is found in
VROGLHUV¶ DQG SHDFH RI¿FHUV¶ DWWHQ- pillar in the Oath Keeper mission.
20th Century history. Federal ac- The Oath Keeper
tion, Oath Keepers uses the Inter- By presenting the “ten orders” Oath
tivity has turned from service to P.O. Box 202
net, public events, rallies and full- Keepers plants a mental meme in
the American people to service of Willow Creek, MT 59760
feature services which facilitate a the American psyche, which carries
the people to the government. This
concise introduction to several key with it the realization that “just fol-
pattern is no longer debatable, and Subscriptions:
Oath Keepers doctrines, which in- lowing orders is no excuse”, as the
is authoritarian in nature. For such Hard Copy mailed:
clude stressing that the Oath itself world learned at the Nuremberg
reasons, Stewart contemplated how 6 issues $22.00
LV VZRUQ >RU DI¿UPHG@ DV D VDFUHG Tribunals for Nazi war criminals.
a police state form of government 12 issues $40.00
vow to the U.S. Constitution.
could be erected here in America, PDF E-Paper by email
Moreover, the meme indicates a
and one thing occurred to him with 12 issues $24.00
America’s basic reality is that the possibility that not all orders may
striking gravity. The U.S. soldier
Constitution created the Federal be lawful orders, as we saw in the Single back copies $5.00 ea.
who would be commanded by a
government. That means that the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina at State Chapter Bulk Rates
rogue government is trained to fol-
Constitution existed before the gov- New Orleans, and the following of Support Oath Keepers!
low orders. Current government
ernment it created. The Constitu- unlawful orders places the soldier
training of military and peace of-
tion is the active source of govern- RUSHDFHRI¿FHUDWULVNIRUFULPLQDO
ment in America. The Constitution prosecution afterward. The UCMJ
be ordered to take action against
is the people’s representation of the is clear in its pronouncement that
the American people, unless our
people to the government. It re- military personnel are not required
soldiers are reminded of their roots
ÀHFWVWKHIDFWWKDWWKHJRYHUQPHQW to follow an unlawful order. There-
in our society and the meaning con-
was created by the people, and is fore, the Oath Keepers message
tained in the wording of their Oath
therefore the servant of the people. presents a direct challenge to au-
of service. Understanding this dan-
The people’s Constitution, the ac- thoritarian power, and exposes it
ger to the Republic, Stewart Rhodes
tive principle in the described se- to those whom an authoritarian
consulted with his trusted military,
quence, is that to which the soldier government would order against
nity friends and promptly founded
Oath Keepers, and the rest is his-
Oath Keepers points out to all Phase two is to do the teaching
tory in the making.
whom we reach the fact that le- part of our mission. In addition to
Copyright 2010
gitimate authority may be justly active Internet use, Oath Keepers All Rights Reserved
authoritative, the same way as an uses a high-quality printed mate-
DXWKRULW\LQWKHPHGLFDO¿HOGPLJKW rials program designed by Oath

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!



We know that wholesale gun Palms Combat Arms Survey ty is also insufficient (which ly outnumbered and will be
confiscation happened dur- provided additional sober- is why I don’t waste my time suppressed.
ing Hurricane Katrina. We ing evidence, since 26.2% of with most lawyers and poli- And it bears repeating that
watched the Chief of Police of the Marines polled answered ticians – they have amply a man in the ranks like SSG
New Orleans declare on na- either “agree” or “strongly demonstrated their lack of May, a man who has been
tional television that “no one agree” when asked in the in- either). It takes both courage awakened to the awesome
>QR SULYDWH FLWL]HQ@ ZLOO EH responsibility of his oath and
able to be armed, we’re going who has become a student
to take all the weapons.” We of the Constitution, can tip
watched an old lady being the scales on the side of jus-
tackled in her own kitchen tice and the Constitution in
and disarmed. ways that mere numbers can
In fact, that atrocious event never quantify. Such a man
was one of the reasons I is a moral and morale force
started Oath Keepers. But I multiplier. SSG May’s story
also knew, from my service bears this out.
as an Army paratrooper, that He became a teacher and an
there are men and women of inspiration to others, and he
courage, honor, and integri- was the solid rock of resolve
ty in the military who would that they gathered around
refuse to obey such orders. and drew strength from
My goal with Oath Keepers when taking their stand. Yes,
is simply to increase their the majority were in agree-
numbers and harden their ment with him (and I’ll bet
resolve. But when it came to he certainly helped them see
Katrina, we did not have con- the light) but I think it was
crete proof that some said no his unshakable resolve that
– until now. helped the others actually
famous Question 46 if they and knowledge. When a per-
On Friday May 14, 2010, I would fire on American citi- son, such as SSG May, has take a firm stand. Perhaps
had the pleasure of meeting zens who resisted attempts both, watch out! That one if he had not been there, an-
and interviewing Staff Ser- at gun confiscation. And as person can and will make a other would have sounded off
geant (SSG) Joshua L. May already noted, what hap- difference far beyond what loudly that the gun confisca-
of the Utah National Guard pened during Katrina shows the cynical conventional tion was flat wrong and that
who told me how he, along that some will actually fol- wisdom would have you be- he would not do it. Perhaps
with the other men in his low even such a clearly un- lieve is possible, just as SSG another would have stepped
military intelligence unit, lawful, unconstitutional or- May did. He proves the cyn- up to be the spokesman for
refused to participate in any der. And that is why I started ics, who contend that all in the others to go tell the com-
gun confiscation while de- this organization – to do my the military will always just mander they would refuse if
ployed to assist during Hur- utmost to keep it from hap- follow orders, wrong. given that order. But perhaps
ricane Katrina in 2005. pening again. not. Regardless, one man
I have long said that it is can make a difference and
I discovered SSG May and However, I also know be- simply a reflection of human
his story only because af- there can be no doubt that
yond a doubt that there are nature that in an average SSG May’s presence helped
ter a speech I gave in Logan men and women of honor, military unit, at any time in
Utah on May 13, 2010, a lo- tip the scales on the side of
deep courage, and true de- history, there will likely be refusing to obey any orders
cal resident, Farley Ander- votion to the Constitution some who will just follow or-
son, walked up and told me to confiscate guns. And he
in service who would refuse ders (sometimes with blood- made it into a preemptive
about what SSG May had to obey such orders. I know thirsty gusto), and there will
done. Upon hearing of it, I refusal. He did not wait un-
this because I served with be some who will not follow til the orders were actually
knew I had to talk to him, some of them. The men I unlawful orders under any
so I had Mr. Anderson track given. With him leading the
served with in the Airborne circumstances (provided way, the men made it clear in
down SSG May’s number infantry would have been as they understand the orders
and I called him at 11pm advance that they would not
willing to forfeit their lives are unlawful), and then comply.
and invited him to break- or liberty by refusing such there will be those in the
fast the next morning. Until orders as they were willing middle who’ll just go which- SSG May, way back in 2005,
that night, SSG May hadn’t to give their lives in combat. ever way the wind blows. was a stellar oath keeper
even heard of Oath Keepers Again, the results of LCDR long before Oath Keepers the
(which is ironic since he is a And I know that there are organization even existed.
still, to this day, many people Cunningham’s survey reflect
shining example of an oath this. 26.2% said they would The oath – and the obliga-
keeper). We met for the first of such honor, courage, and tion that goes with it -- is as
devotion in the military. The fire on fellow Americans.
time that next morning, Fri- But 12.0 percent said they old as the Constitution itself.
day, May 14, 2010. During number of Bronze and Silver We here at Oath Keepers cer-
stars, and even Congressio- “had no opinion” about that
breakfast, SSG May told me question (how could some- tainly did not invent it. The
his story, and then I asked nal Medals of Honor, being Founders invented it. And
awarded today are a testa- one have no opinion about
him if we could go outside such a question?). The good they put that requirement
and do a video interview in ment to the fact that this right in the Constitution, in
nation still has many young news is that 42.3 percent an-
the restaurant parking lot. swered that they “strongly Article VI. We at Oath Keep-
He agreed that his story lions (and lionesses) of great ers merely do our small part
courage in service. disagreed” and 19.3 percent
needed to be told. “disagreed.” So, there was a in honoring the oath by doing
Tipping the Scales on Enough of them have the strong split in opinions, with our best, to the utmost extent
the Side of the Consti- courage to do what is right those disagreeing in the ma- of our powers (as the motto
tution and the Rights of if they know what is right. jority. of my Airborne unit put it)
the People The only question I have to make sure there are more
is whether enough of them The whole point of Oath SSG Mays out there. Just as
As I have said from the day have the necessary knowl- Keepers, its prime mission, SSG May was awakened by
I founded Oath Keepers, we edge of the Constitution and is to increase the number another National Guards-
know that some will “just of their obligations under of service members who are man who made him realize
follow orders.” the oath to stop another ‘Ka- awake, knowledgeable about he did not have a sufficient
trina debacle’ or worse from the Constitution, and com- understanding of the Consti-
That is clear from the sad mitted to saying “hell no!”
history of the human race, happening. Courage without tution to adequately keep his
knowledge is insufficient. A and thus tip the scales on the oath, we strive to wake up as
and that is also clear from side of those who have both
our own history. The intern- brave man or woman with- many current serving as we
out knowledge and under- the courage and knowledge can to the fundamental ne-
ment of Japanese Ameri- to not go along. Those who
cans during World War II standing of the Constitution cessity of understanding and
can be tricked into becoming blow with the wind will then studying the Constitution if
shows that reality. And in side with right, and any pos-
the modern context, the a tool of oppression over fel- they are to keep their oath
low Americans. Knowledge sible psychopaths and blind to defend it. You can’t de-
result of LCDR Guy Cun- followers will be significant-
ningham’s 1994 Twentynine without courage and integri- fend it if you don’t know it. I

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!


firmly believe that it is pos-

sible to reach, teach, and in-
spire enough of the current
serving to provide a tipping Agenda 21
U.N. Takeover
point on the side of the Con-
stitution and on the side of
the rights of the people when
future unconstitutional or-
ders come down the chain of
command. We can do it. By Freedom Advocates Tues- and lasting environment in the not allowed
And now we have SSG day, 04 August 2009 11:14 name of “sustainability.” Here ‡*RYHUQPHQW³SDUWQHULQJ´
May’s stellar real-world ex- is an example of how ICLEI with favored private business-
ample from Katrina itself to Right now, in your town and changes behavior, just like an- es and non-profit agencies,
show the way for others. In neighborhood, policies are be- other organization called “Fos- using your tax money
honor of SSG May’s stand, I ing implemented that will ul- tering Sustainable Behavior”. ‡8QGHUPLQLQJ&RQVWLWXWLRQDO
am nominating him for the timately eliminate your free- It is also ICLEI’s job to im- administration of government
Oath Keepers 2010 Current doms and destroy your way of plement United Nation’s poli- ‡0DQDJHGFRQWURORYHU\RXU
Serving Military of the Year life. You need to know what’s cies that restructure our repre- life
award, and I am nominat- going on to stop this process. sentative form of government ‡0LVPDQDJHPHQWRISXEOLF
ing his unit for a counter- Freedom Advocates features through global and regional utilities
part award for Unit of the information on how many development. Policies and pro- ‡3URKLELWLRQVRQQDWXUDO
Year for their stand during town officials are selling us out grams take control from our resource management leading
Katrina. I can’t imagine a to global regional development representative government to increased fire hazards, lack
better example coming to with help from the Interna- and put it into the hands of of water, and private property
light between now and our tional Council for Local Envi- regional, non-elected boards. restrictions,
national Oath Keepers Con- ronmental Initiatives (ICLEI): This allows elected officials to ‡,QFUHDVHGWD[HVIHHVUHJXOD-
ference in October, so I look Local Governments for Sus- shirk their responsibilities. It tions and restrictions
forward to presenting both tainability. ICLEI is used as turns us into a soviet system Is ICLEI running your town
those awards. one of the mechanisms to undo that is based on Regionalism. or coming to a town near you?
Are your elected officials
We hear so much bad news being lured into enacting ri-
nearly every day that it is diculous rules and regulations
wonderful to have such a in exchange for funding? Do
great piece of good news. So, your elected officials know
take heart, and remember, that there are long term conse-
with each and every current quences to their irresponsible
serving military, police, or actions?
emergency personnel you Currently there are more
talk to, with each brochure, than 550 communities in
pocket Constitution, or North America paying mem-
copy of The 5000 Year Leap bership dues to ICLEI. Upon
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one. protection. This is accom-

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* caused or produced by hu-
desire to maintain a healthy ‡2SHQVSDFHZKHUHDFFHVVLV

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!


Zumbo, Hunters, and the Doomsday Amendment

By Don Doig to his defense, and some hunting news2.txt been subjected to genocide and
columnists defended him. On- state-sponsored mass murder
Well-known hunting writer, line responses were fast and furi- Zumbo himself, in fact, is- throughout the 20th Century,
Outdoor Life columnist and Out- ous and decisive. sued a serious of ever more com- many tens of millions dead, prob-
door Channel personality Jim The controversy brought out a plete apologies for his blog. After ably more than 100 million. “The
Zumbo posted a blog entry a cou- serious concern: the failure of all spending time at Ted Nugent’s right of citizens to bear arms is
ple of years ago which touched off too many hunters to understand ranch trying out the “evil black just one guarantee against arbi-
D¿UHVWRUPRIFRQWURYHUV\UHVXOW- and come to grips with the politi- ULÀHV´ DQG DSSDUHQWO\ JHWWLQJ DQ trary government, one more safe-
ing in thousands of emails to his cal nature of the Second Amend- HGXFDWLRQ RQ WKH LVVXHV KH ¿- guard against the tyranny which
corporate sponsors demanding ment, and why it was written. nally issued a complete apology, now appears remote in America,
his termination. The blog ap- Many hunters think that if gun exhibiting some serious under- but which historically has proved
peared on Sunday,and within owners avoid controversy and standing of the issues involved. to be always possible.” - Senator
a day or two, most of his spon- stay away from weapons with a ht tp://w w Hubert H. Humprey (D-Minne-
sors had dropped him, including military appearance, their cher- showthread.php?t=260101 sota)
Mossy Oak, Cabelas, the Outdoor LVKHG KXQWLQJ ULÀHV ZLOO EH VDIH Judge Alex Kozinski, a fed-
&KDQQHO  +H ZDV ¿UHG IURP KLV IURP EDQQLQJ DQG FRQ¿VFDWLRQ The thing some hunters and gun eral appellate judge in the Ninth
position as Hunting Editor of But by not paying attention, too owners don’t wish to consider is Circuit, in the case of Silveira v.
Outdoor Life. many hunters are unaware that why it is, that some people would Lockyer:
This from Zumbo’s HUNTING gun control advocates not only want to own military-style semi- “All too many of the other great
WITH JIM ZUMBO blog, dating want to ban their “high powered DXWR¿UHDUPVDVDFLYLFGXW\ tragedies of history – Stalin’s
include his entire post for you to but all civilian owned guns. Why was the Second Amend- bodia, the Holocaust, to name but
UHDG´$VVDXOW5LÀHV)RU+XQWHUV" Some hunters spend little time ment included in the Bill of a few – were perpetrated by armed
“As I write this, I’m hunting at the range, just a few shots to Rights? troops against unarmed popula-
coyotes in southeastern Wyoming PDNH VXUH WKH ULÀH LV VLJKWHG LQ tions. Many could well have been
with Eddie Stevenson, PR Man- for this year’s hunt. They are not Most Montanans oppose gun avoided or mitigated, had the per-
ager for Remington Arms, Greg really part of the gun culture, and control, and with good cause. petrators known their intended
Dennison, who is senior research are often relatively ignorant of However, like Americans every- YLFWLPVZHUHHTXLSSHGZLWKDULÀH
engineer for Remington, and sev- ¿UHDUPV LQ JHQHUDO 6RPH ZRXOG where, some are a bit hazy on the and twenty bullets apiece, as the
eral writers. We’re testing Rem- HYHQEDQVHPLDXWR³DVVDXOW´ULÀHV details. The Second Amendment Militia Act required here. If a few
LQJWRQ¶VEUDQGQHZFDO6SLW¿UH and handguns. to the Constitution, in the Bill of KXQGUHG -HZLVK ¿JKWHUV LQ WKH
bullet on coyotes. I grew up in a hunting family, Rights, protects the right of in- Warsaw Ghetto could hold off the
“I must be living in a vacuum. focusing on deer and antelope, dividual Americans to keep and Wehrmacht for almost a month
The guides on our hunt tell me ducks and upland game birds bear arms, but which arms? Is the with only a handful of weapons,
WKDW WKH XVH RI $5 DQG $. ULÀHV mostly. We were not really part of purpose of the Second Amend- six million Jews armed with ri-
have a rapidly growing following what I would come to understand ment to protect our right to hunt ÀHVFRXOGQRWVRHDVLO\KDYHEHHQ
among hunters, especially prairie as the serious gun culture, but we ducks? To plink at beer cans? To herded into cattle cars.
dog hunters. I had no clue. Only plinked at cans, learned to shoot shoot in competition? Or even to “My excellent colleagues have
once in my life have I ever seen LQ WKH JRSKHU ¿HOGV DQG WRRN protect our families from home forgotten these bitter lessons of
DQ\RQH XVLQJ RQH RI WKHVH ¿UH- hunting seriously on the weekends invaders? Not primarily. history. The prospect of tyranny
arms. when the season came. I know The original intent of the Sec- may not grab the headlines the
³,FDOOWKHPµDVVDXOW¶ULÀHVZKLFK more about guns now, though far ond Amendment was to ensure way vivid stories of gun crime
may upset some people. Excuse less than many, and am still not that ordinary citizens had ac- routinely do. But few saw the
me, maybe I’m a traditionalist, but loading my own ammo and don’t cess to privately held weapons Third Reich coming until it was
I see no place for these weapons regularly shoot in competition. functionally equivalent to those too late. The Second Amendment
among our hunting fraternity. I’ll The Internet is a great resource carried by soldiers. The reason is a doomsday provision, one de-
go so far as to call them ‘terror- for learning anything you might for this was that if push came to signed for those exceptionally
LVW¶ULÀHV7KH\WHOOPHWKDWVRPH ZDQWWRNQRZDERXW¿UHDUPV shove, the people would have the rare circumstances where all oth-
companies are producing assault Hunter ranks are shrinking, ability to resist the imposition of er rights have failed – where the
ULÀHVWKDWDUHµWDFNGULYHUV¶ while more and more people are tyranny from their own govern- government refuses to stand for
“Sorry, folks, in my humble becoming non-hunting gun own- ment. The people were viewed by reelection and silences those who
opinion, these things have no ers. Many of these are serious the founders as sovereign over the protest; where courts have lost the
place in hunting. We don’t need shooters who spend many hours government, and their military ri- FRXUDJHWRRSSRVHRUFDQ¿QGQR
to be lumped into the group of at the gun range, and even in ÀHVZHUHWRHQVXUHWKDWWKDWQHYHU one to enforce their decrees. How-
people who terrorize the world competition. Among these folks, changed. These days, soldiers ever improbable these contingen-
with them, which is an obvious PLOLWDU\SDWWHUQ VHPL DXWR ULÀHV carry machine guns (true assault cies may seem today, facing them
concern. I’ve always been com- are becoming ever more popular. ULÀHV DQGFLYLOLDQVDUHOLPLWHGWR unprepared is a mistake a free
fortable with the statement that These are not actually “assault” ri- semi-auto look-alikes, but even people get to make only once.”
We’ve always been proud of our PDFKLQHJXQV$VHPLDXWRULÀH¶V control forces. Further reading:
³VSRUWLQJ¿UHDUPV´ mechanism of action is similar to Millions of semi-auto “assault
As hunters, we don’t need the im- shotguns), in fact. ÀHVDUHIRUDQGKDYHQRLQWHQWLRQ Devvy/kidd255.htm
age of walking around the woods The Zumbo controversy has of turning them in, even if they
carrying one of these weapons. To brought this disconnect among were to be made illegal.
PRVWRIWKHSXEOLFDQDVVDXOWULÀH gun owners into full view and I The Founders believed that the tst2007/tst031207.h
is a terrifying thing. Let’s divorce suspect some serious education people were sovereign over the
ourselves from them. I say game has gone on among gun owners. government, and if necessary had
departments should ban them Dialogues in on line letters to the moral authority to overthrow
from the prairies and woods.” the editor and forum discussions a tyrannical government, and the
If he had simply stated that he have likely caused some hunters Second Amendment was to ensure
GLGQ¶W OLNH ³DVVDXOW´ ULÀHV DQG to more fully understand what is that individual citizens had access
didn’t think they should be used at stake. WRSULYDWHO\RZQHG¿UHDUPVHTXDO
for hunting, people would have to those carried by the military,
disagreed with him, but the con- Examples: so they might be able to do just
troversy would not have gained that. As Thomas Jefferson said in
the legs it did. But he called them ht tp://w w the Declaration of Independence,
³WHUURULVW´ULÀHVDQGE\H[WHQVLRQ showthread.php?s=ee5d3725201 ... “That whenever any Form of
all those who owned them could de633fddbd8e4b2c6b6da&t=256 Government becomes destructive
be considered “terrorists”, and he 193&highlight=Zumbo of these ends, it is the Right of the
called for a limited ban. It was in- People to alter or to abolish it, and
teresting to watch the power of the to institute new Government...”
Internet put to the test, a sponta- articles/2007/02/22/features/ I think history blames the Ger-
QHRXVJUDVVURRWV¿UHVWRUPZKLFK outdoor s/30 -mont- outdoor s. man people for failing to rise up O K G
must have left his head spinning. txt?comments=submitted against Hitler. But the German
Some hunters (derisively called people had been disarmed by ac-
“Fudds” after the Bugs Bunny ht t p://w w w.c o d y e nte r pr i s e . tions of the Weimar Republic.
cartoon hunter Elmer Fudd) came com/articles/2007/03/07/news/ In fact, disarmed peoples have

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!



By Vin Suprynowicz and James Madison were here to- The Homeland Security direc- before?
day, they’d be … arrested, appar- tive is designed “to help police
ently. spot the tell-tale signs indicat-
%DFN LQ 0DUFK >@ DQ XQ- ing potentially dangerous right “Leftie screenwriters, bien-
QDPHG 0LVVRXUL SROLFH RI¿FHU “These assessments are done pensant ecclesiastical bloggers,
all the time, this is nothing un- wing extremism,” Mr. Delingpole
leaked to the press a report is- points out. “They include: Being ghastly lefties generally, just love
sued by the Missouri Information usual,” DHS spokeswoman Sara the idea that the greatest danger
Analysis Center (MIAC) – part of ‘African-American’ president; to the world comes from the ex-
the law enforcement “fusion” ef- Some domestic commentary Objecting to tax hikes; Disliking treme right. And it just doesn’t.
fort now being organized by the has been right on target. Con- big government; Talking concern- … Right-wing extremism is a
Department of Homeland Secu- stitutional attorney John White- edly about the state of the econo- mythical left-liberal bogeyman,
rity around the country – titled head, for instance writes a cogent my and job loss, especially in the nothing more,” Mr. Delingpole
“The Modern Militia Movement” piece asking “Are we all enemies manufacturing and construction concludes.
and dated Feb. 20, 2009. of the state?” sectors,” (and) “Opposition to “Burgeoning Liberal Fascism,
7KH 0,$& UHSRUW VSHFL¿FDOO\ But since it offers the advantage abortion, gay marriage and gun on the other hand: now there’s
described supporters of presiden- of some geographic perspective, I control. something we should worry about
tial candidates Ron Paul, Chuck particularly enjoyed the analysis “No really, I’m not making this very much indeed.”
Baldwin, and Bob Barr as “mili- of James Delingpole. up. Here’s a representative para- Vin Suprynowicz is assistant
WLD´ LQÀXHQFHG WHUURULVWV DQG LQ- “Such is the latest wheeze graph: editorial page editor of the daily
structed the Missouri police to be dreamed up by the Obama ad- Las Vegas Review-Journal and
on the lookout for supporters dis- “Many rightwing extremists
ministration to distract us from are antagonistic toward the new author of The Black Arrow.
playing bumper stickers and oth- the fact that roughly half America
er paraphernalia associated with presidential administration and
now realises the man’s New Deal its perceived stance on a range
the Constitutional, Campaign for II project is a slow-motion car h t t p : // w w w . a m a z o n . c o m /
Liberty, and Libertarian parties. of issues, including immigration
crash from which in four agonised Black-A rrow-Tale-Resistance/
and citizenship, the expansion
-XVW D ÀXNH DOO WDNHQ RXW RI years time the US will be lucky to dp/0976251604/lewrockwell/
of social programs to minori-
context, apologists explained at escape even half-way recognis- WLHVDQGUHVWULFWLRQVRQ¿UHDUPV
the time – when the document able,” Mr. Delingpole commented ownership and use. Rightwing This article is online at Lew
received any coverage, at all. on Wednesday. extremists are increasingly gal- Rockewell dot com -
But now comes a new, April “Today – Tax Day – many of vanized by these concerns and
leverage them as drivers for re-
7 assessment from the U.S. De- these ordinary, decent, Obama-
cruitment. … prynowicz/suprynowicz127.html
partment of Homeland Security, fearing folk have gathered at Tea
titled “Rightwing Extremism: Party events in 500 locations “Sound familiar?,” Mr. Del-
Current Economic and Political across the US to protest against ingpole asks. “Well it should do Vin Suprynowicz’s archives at
Climate Fueling Resurgence in rising taxes and the ever increas- to anyone who has watched a TV Lew Rockewell dot com - http://
Radicalization and Recruitment,” ing role of Big Government in thriller in the last two decades.
obtained by Reuters and other their lives. Have you noticed how the bad wicz/suprynowicz-arch.html
news media on April 14. “How has the Obama machine guys in these series hardly ever to
Actually, what the document responded? Well, funnily enough, >VLF@EHORQJWRDQ\RIWKHWHUURULVW
¿QGVLVMXVWWKHRSSRVLWHRIZKDW in a manner which would surely organisations which pose a genu- Copyright © 2009
its overblown title suggests: “The meet the approval of its Socialist ine threat (animal rights; Isla- Vin Suprynowicz
'+62I¿FH RI ,QWHOOLJHQFH DQG counterparts on this side of the mists; etc) but almost invariably
$QDO\VLV , $  KDV QR VSHFL¿F pond: by smearing the opposi- to some sinister extreme right
information that domestic right- tion.” terror group we’ve never heard of
wing terrorists are currently
planning acts of violence,” the re-
port admits at the outset.
Nonetheless, such characters
need to be watched, the boys in
Washington now advise.
After all, “Rightwing extrem-
ists may be gaining new recruits
by playing on their fears about
several emergent issues. The eco-
nomic downturn and the elec-
president present unique drivers
for rightwing radicalization and
recruitment,” the report contin-
Got that? Although your gov-
EVIDENCE that any “rightwing
extremists” are planning any vio-
lent or criminal acts, government
agents are now advised to keep a
close eye on them … just in case.
The report warns that military
veterans returning from Iraq and
Afghanistan with combat skills
could be recruitment targets,
especially those having trouble
civilian society.
Also worth keeping an eye on,
the report warns, are “those that
are mainly anti-government, re-
jecting federal authority in favor
of state or local authority.”
Good heavens! Does anyone
still harbor such a dangerous no-
tion, in 21st century America?
Why, if folks like Tom Jefferson

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!



By: M. Cris Armenta Court of Appeals, decidedly the guise of classified information requests that he had made about
most liberal federal appellate to hide significant government the accident. The United States
court in the nation, disagreed. wrongdoing, began with Presi- Attorney for the Central District
When then Senator Obama Its decision would have made dent Clinton’s Executive Order of California, where the case was
first began to campaign, one AT&T, Verizon and others civilly No. 13039. By Executive Order venued, defended the lawsuit and
of his campaign promises was liable for spying, an invasion of 13039, President Clinton took has argued over the last five years
music to my ears. Senator Americans’ privacy rights. away any whistleblower protec- that the NTSB performed an ade-
Obama promised that he would tion for a little known division of quate search for the government
never support the amendment The Ninth Circuit held that
telecommunications companies the navy called the Navy Special records requested and that it did
to the Foreign Surveillance In- Warfare Development Group. In not have to produce some 32 cat-
telligence Act (“FSIA”). The could be sued for facilitating the
government’s massive warrant- other words, if anyone from this egories of documents.
amendment proposed giving division revealed what it knew
telecommunications companies less spying program, for violat- The information sought includ-
ing the privacy rights of custom- about government wrongdoing, ed the names of the FBI agents
retroactive immunity for assist- that person would not be entitled
ing the National Security Agency ers. That decision spurred the that conducted the 773 inter-
Congressional introduction of to the government protections views of eyewitnesses, hundreds
(“NSA”) in engaging in warrant- afforded to federal whistle blow-
less wiretapping and internet the FSIA amendment – legisla- of whom revealed that they saw
tively provided immunities for ers. The Naval Special Warfare a missile head towards and col-
data collection on unsuspecting Development Group was part of
Americans. Senator Obama was big telecom’s assistance in spy- lide with the plane before it ex-
ing. Senator Obama showed his the recovery operations concern- ploded.
charming, articulate and pas- ing TWA Flight 800.
sionate. He made all the cam- early and strong opposition to The government refused to pro-
paign promises that a long-time the concept of providing big tele- The “official story” on the de- vide the names of the FBI agents
liberal Democrat could like. com immunity for help in spying. mise of this plane and the 230 or the eyewitnesses, citing the
On February 12, 2008, he voted passengers aboard, was that the privacy interests of the agents
He promised to bring home the to strike this key provision from center fuel tank exploded, caus-
troops, to close the Guantanamo and the witnesses (despite the
the FSIA amendment. Then, re- ing the plane to explode and dive fact that some of them took out
detention center, and to lower markably, on July 9, 2009 [sic: in pieces into the Atlantic Ocean
taxes. He promised to review the a full page ad in the Washington
"@6HQDWRU2EDPDYRWHGWR after departing New York’s JFK Times). The trial court first or-
executive orders signed by prior pass the entire FSIA, including airport. Because scores of wit-
presidents and to stop what he dered the NTSB to produce the
the big telecom immunity provi- nesses interviewed by the FBI information, but the federal ap-
called an unlawful practice of sion. President Bush then signed provided eyewitness accounts
legislating via executive order. pellate court, the Ninth Circuit
the amendments into law. Sena- that were consistent with a mis- Court of Appeals for the Ninth
In short, he promised “change.” tor Obama’s public justification: sile striking the plane before it
Instead, what we have witnessed Circuit, disagreed. It held that
“to help protect the nation.” crashed and the forensic evi- the NTSB could lawfully with-
in the first year of his adminis- dence concerning missile residue
tration is more of the same, in- Presumably, someone from the hold the names of the agents and
Bush administration gave candi- on the debris, many questioned the eyewitnesses based on the
cluding a clever game of hide and this story. Indeed, in 2000, sev-
seek that began with the Clinton date Obama a dog and pony show, privacy interests of both. Why
likely to demonstrate how war- eral eyewitnesses took out a full was the government working so
Administration. page advertisement in the Wash-
rantless surveillance on Ameri- hard to protect the witnesses
The Clinton, Bush and Obama cans foiled terrible terrorist plots ington Times entitled, “We Saw who say that what they saw was
administrations all expertly used that would have otherwise gone TWA Flight 800 Shot Down by consistent with a missile? Why
the courts and legislative process Missiles And We Won’t Be Si-
to hide information about sig-
nificant current and historical
events and government wrongdo-
ing from the public. The pattern
repeats itself. A whistleblower
files suit to expose alarming fed-
eral government wrongdoing.
Major media hardly reports on
the lawsuit or the wrongdoing.
The Department of Justice at-
torneys defend in court, arguing
that the lawsuit would danger-
ously expose “state secrets” or
“classified information.” If the
United States prevails in Court,
case over. If not, legislation is
introduced at the Congressional
level to squash the suit. This pat-
tern was the genesis of the FSIA
amendments. A whistleblower
named Mark Klein is to blame.
Mark Klein worked as an engi-
neer at AT&T for more than 20
years. After he retired, he assist-
ed in the prosecution of a whis-
tleblower lawsuit, alleging that
AT&T facilitated the NSA’s mas- unnoticed. Was this the subject was the government refusing to
of the March 13, 2008 secret lenced Any Longer.” In the ad- allow independent interviews of
sive warrantless spying program
meeting of Congress, only the vertisement, several witnesses the FBI agents and the eyewit-
on AT&T customers. He provided
6th closed session in the history identified themselves by name. nesses? What is there to hide?
testimony that AT&T construct-
ed a secret room through which of our country? Or, was Senator On November 6, 2003, a retired Interestingly, the FBI also re-
all its customers’ voice, data and Obama taken aside and shown United Airlines pilot and the fa- fused to answer why three navy
internet transmissions and infor- that the path to the Presidency ther of one of the passengers on vessels were in the area the eve-
mation were directed. Only NSA included making unfavorable de- TWA Flight 800, filed a lawsuit ning of the crash, explaining
agents or persons with security cisions, even if they mean violat- against the National Transporta- only that they were on “classified
clearance were allowed to enter ing Americans’ basic civil rights tion Safety Board (NTSB”), Lahr maneuvers.” One of the victim’s
the room to monitor transmis- of privacy? Of course, if the Bush v. NTSB, requesting that the gov- sisters says that she attended a
sions. Klein presented evidence administration would have prof- ernment be forced to turn over meeting, shortly after the crash
that every telecommunications fered the demonstration as “clas- documentation related to its “of- also attended by James Kall-
company engaged in this prac- sified information,” then Obama ficial story” that the plane had ex- strom, the head FBI investigator
tice. The district court found that could not publicly explain his ploded due to its center fuel tank for Flight 800. When a reporter
the companies were immune, be- sudden flip-flop on the FSIA and not a missile. Lahr alleged stated, “Well, you can’t tell me
cause they engaged in this prac- amendment. that the government had not com- it was anything other than a
tice at the request of the federal This pattern, of using the plied sufficiently with the Free- missile,” Kallstrom responded,
government. The Ninth Circuit dom of Information Act (“FOIA”)

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!


ate bill creates an “Intelligence

Community Whistleblower Pro-
tection Board” that consists of in-
telligence agency officials. There
are no due process protections,
and the Board does not have the
authority to hold hearings or in-
terview the whistleblower.
However, the Board is given
the authority to determine a
whistleblower’s credibility solely
on the basis of the record creat-
ed by the agency that retaliated
against the employee. Talk about
the fox guarding the henhouse.
President Obama’s methods of
working to conceal the truth are
more subtle to the mainstream
public than was Bush. Bush was
flagrant in his deception. Obama
wraps his deception in his charm,
poise and his wide-sweeping
statements like this one found on
his campaign web site:
“Often the best source of infor-
mation about waste, fraud, and
abuse in government is an exist-
ing government employee com-
mitted to public integrity and
willing to speak out. Such acts
of courage and patriotism, which
can sometimes save lives and of-
ten save taxpayer dollars, should
be encouraged rather than sti-
fled. We need to empower fed-
eral employees as watchdogs of
wrongdoing and partners in per-
formance. Barack Obama will
strengthen whistleblower laws to
protect federal workers who ex-
pose waste, fraud, and abuse of
authority in government. Obama
will ensure that federal agencies
expedite the process for review-
ing whistleblower claims and
whistle blowers have full access
to courts and due process.”
“You’re right, but if you quote mayor. Coincidence? I think not. presidency would provide some
me, I will deny it.” Shortly there- The obstruction of the investiga- “change” have sourly real- But now, as he sits as our
after, James Kallstrom reported- tion of Flight 800 is one of Presi- ized that change is not coming. President, his support for these
ly met at the White House with dent Clinton’s darkest legacies. With respect to 9/11, President protections swaggers and sways
Deputy Attorney General Jamie Obama’s administration contin- in the wind between the Senate
The legacy of government ob- and the House Bills. In testimo-
Gorelick. Immediately after that fuscation of truth continued ues to use the legal system to
meeting, Kallstrom began to suppress lawsuits designed to ny offered by the Department of
well into the Bush administra- Justice in response to the House
state firmly and publicly that a tion with 9/11. Several victims elicit facts about 9/11. The “offi-
bomb or missile had been ruled cial story” cannot be challenged. version of the bill that provides
filed lawsuit designed to uncover court access, the White House
out as the cause of the accident. what really happened on 9/11. El- Note the resignation of Obama’s
What influence did Ms. Gorelick Green Czar, Van Jones, simply for now says: “We believe that this
len Mariani, whose husband was structure would unconstitution-
have to the FBI’s public state- on United Airlines Flight 175, exercising his First Amendment
ments about the cause of TWA rights and signing a petition in ally restrict the ability of the
filed a civil RICO (Racketeer In- President to protect from dis-
Flight 800’s crash? Interestingly, fluenced and Corrupt Organiza- support of a truly independent
Ms. Gorelick also served on the 9/11 commission. Since when closure information that would
tions Act) action lawsuit against harm national security.” Because
much criticized 9/11 commis- President Bush and other high should a government employee
sion. Coincidence? I think not. lose his job and have his career the public does not get caught up
level members of his adminis- in the details, important as they
Several respected journalists tration based on the ongoing ob- besmirched for exercising his
rights under the First Amend- are, in the texts of the bills, his
fought hard to investigate the struction of justice by covering eventual signing of any one of
true cause of TWA Flight 800. up the truth about September 11. ment of the Bill of Rights? After
the work of these three adminis- these watered down bills, will be
Journalist James Sanders and She was plagued by problems in hailed by Obama supporters as
his TWA employee wife, Eliza- her selection and control her of trations, the greatest document
ever written, the Bill of Rights, success. President Obama may
beth Sanders, were prosecuted her counsel, eventually hit with feel constrained by issues of na-
in federal court for conspiracy a gag order that precluded her lies in tattered shreds on the
ground torn apart by three dif- tional security, but he would be
after an NTSB investigator pro- from even talking about 9/11, wise to take the advice of Benja-
vided them with a swatch of fab- In another case, eleven fami- ferent presidents.
min Franklin:
ric from the TWA plane debris. lies brought suit against certain President Obama has even
Mr. Sanders sent the swatch to Saudi officials for facilitating taken the game of hide and seek
a laboratory, which found that the U.S. government’s funding a critical step further. He has “They who can give up essential
the swatch contained the type of of Al Qaeda, but the Department promised to support protections liberty to obtain a little tempo-
residue consistent with a mili- of Justice, appearing only as an for federal whistle blowers, gov- rary safety, deserve neither lib-
tary grade missile. Instead of ap- amicus curiae (an unsolicited ernment employees who seek to erty nor safety.”
plauding his excellent detective “friend of the Court”), convinced disclose incidents of government ~
skills, Clinton’s Department of the Court of Appeals for the wrongdoing or cover-ups. Yet, the
Justice caused the Sanders to be Second Circuit that the officials bills making their ways through M. Cris Armenta is an attorney,
arrested and prosecuted for ob- were immune from suit for ter- the Senate and the House, with a wife and mother, and a con-
struction of justice or conspiracy. rorist activities under the FSIA. White House involvement, fall cerned activist and writer living
Perhaps they should have been The Supreme Court denied re- short of fully accomplishing that in Montana.
applauded for refusing to permit view of that decision. task. For instance, the Senate
the United States to “obstruct Bush effectively passed version would actually decrease
justice.” The judge who refused the baton of obfuscation and protections for FBI whistle blow-
to dismiss the case against them the strategies to achieve it to ers. The Senate bill contains no
and eventually sentenced the Obama. Those of us who ini- federal court access for whistle
Sanders? Newly appointed Su- tially believed that the Obama blowing employees. Instead of
preme Court Justice Sonia Soto- providing court access, the Sen-

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!


T H T H B

By Elias Alias routine daily Internet travels I Freudism, and Darwinism, guided and kicked Spain out of Cuba. We
chanced upon a book named “Phil- Wall Street and Washington D.C. used a “pretext” centering on the
ip Dru: Administrator”. (1) powers in ways which surprise us blowing up of a ship named the
“The real truth of the matter is, today as we search our past to un- USS Maine to launch America into
DV\RXDQG,NQRZWKDWD¿QDQFLDO The book was written by Colo-
nel Edward Mandell House, a man derstand our present perils. that war.
element in the large centers has
owned the government of the U.S. about whom most Americans have There are peak moments in our Another peak year was 1913,
since the days of Andrew Jack- never heard. Edward Mandell history, consequential years in when President Woodrow Wilson
son.” House was one of the major forces which major shifts have hit the gave this nation the Federal Re-
forging the future at the beginning ongoing development of this great serve System, Inc., and the suspect
President Franklin D. Roosevelt of a new century, and indeed, as nation called America. We now 16th Amendment with its resultant
wrote that in a letter written to we look back we see that 20th Cen- VHH WKDW RXU QDWLRQ¶V ¿UVW ZDU RI Internal Revenue Service (IRS),
Colonel Edward Mandell House on tury American history was greatly Imperialism came in 1898 – the among other travesties. President
November 21, l933. shaped by Mr. House. His philoso- Spanish-American War, in which Wilson later remarked that, having
Some years ago while doing my phy, an amalgamation of Marxism, we obtained the Philippine Islands been duped by Wall Street inter-

Edward House and Woodrow Wilson

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!


ests, he had “unwittingly ruined” Other men who worked behind freedom” to statist subjection of Marxism is simultaneously a vic-
his country. (2) the scenes, outside the spotlight of the individual. All of those actors tory of the external, active man
public scrutiny, were well-versed were directly involved with, or over the inner, passive man and a
power-brokers and political mov- worked with, the Rhodes Round victory of reason over belief... In
Other example years include but ers who groomed Wilson prior to Table groups coming from Fabian the technetronic society the trend
are not limited to: his being elected as President. The socialism in London. seems to be toward... effectively
most powerful Marxist/Freudian/ The best source from which to exploiting the latest communi-
Darwinian/Eugenicist was Colo- learn about the subtle powers ex- cation techniques to manipulate
1917 – The fraudulent pretext
nel Edward Mandell House, who ercised in the Wilson Administra- emotions and control reason....
known as the sinking of the Lus-
became President Woodrow Wil- tion by Col. House is the CFR itself. Human beings become increas-
itania initiated this nation’s entry
VRQ¶VFKLHI$GYLVHUDQGFRQ¿GDQW Though stylized by Peter Grose’s ingly manipulable and mallea-
into WWI.
Just as a Marxist socialist named statist delusions of grandeur, the ble.... The projected world infor-
Brzezinski is today advising our history is concise and to the point. mation grid.... could create the
1929 – Wall Street Crash, fol- current President, Col. House was You can read it online. (3) Here are basis for a common educational
lowed by a Fed-guided Great De- a Marxist socialist advising Presi- a few tasters. program, for the adoption of com-
pression. dent Wilson. mon academic standards.... Today
“IT ALL STARTED as an inqui- we are again witnessing the emer-
I turn to a 1998 edition of Colo- ry, indeed, “The Inquiry.” To the
nel House’s Philip Dru: Adminis- gence of transnational elites....
1933 – President F.D. Roosevelt trator because it contains a fore- select few who knew, this was the (whose) ties cut across national
FDPH WR RI¿FH ZLWK KLV EUDQG RI word by William Norman Grigg. name of a working fellowship of boundaries.... The nation-state is
socialism. distinguished scholars, tasked to gradually yielding its sovereign-
Grigg’s foreword is a treasure for brief Woodrow Wilson about op-
American patriots who are seek- ty.... Further progress will require
tions for the postwar world once JUHDWHU$PHULFDQVDFUL¿FHV0RUH
1941 – The fraudulent pretext ing the truth of 20th Century the kaiser and imperial Germany intensive efforts to shape a new
known as “Pearl Harbor” initiated American history. Grigg notes that fell to defeat. Through the win- world monetary system will have
this nation’s entry into WWII. Col. House “did more to reshape ter of 1917-18, this academic band
American politics … than any sin- to be undertaken, with some con-
gathered discreetly in a hideaway sequent risk to the presently fa-
JOH ¿JXUH´ &RO +RXVH ZURWH WKH at 155th Street and Broadway in vorable American position.” (4)
1945 – The United Nations is book in 1911/1912, while meeting New York City, to assemble the
created, and policies were enacted and helping groom Wilson for the data they thought necessary to Brzezinski is a member in the
which would create the Cold War. White House. Wilson and House, make the world safe for democ- CFR, the Trilateral Commis-
according to the Yale University racy…The vision that stirred the sion, and the Bilderberg group
Press, were a match. House wrote Inquiry became the work of the – all of which are offspring
1947 – The passage under Presi- ±³$OPRVWIURPWKH¿UVWRXUPLQGV of the Rhodes Round Table
Council on Foreign Relations over
dent Truman of the National Se- vibrated in unison.” JURXSVRIWKH¿UVWWZRWKLUGVRIWKH
the better part of a century…What
curity Act of 1947 created the CIA, 20th Century and advocates of
Grigg notes that “Dru envisioned began as an intellectual response
the NSC, and the Black Budget, the philosophical statecraft of
nothing less than the abolition to a juncture of history grew into
thus granting the Federal govern- Colonel Edward Mandell House.
of America’s constitutional order an institution that would thrive
ment the “authority” to keep se- These groups are globalist and
through a military putsch. Charles through all the diplomacy of
crets from the American people. work to establish the New World
Seymour of Yale University, who America’s twentieth century. Per-
served with House in a secretive petually renewing its membership Order.
 ± $PHULFD HQWHUV WKH ¿UVW group called the Inquiry and later and its mission, reaching out be- Notes:
UN-arranged war - Korea. edited House’s intimate papers, yond an elite circle to help educate 1 – Philip Dru: Administrator
observed that ‘Philip Dru’s inten- the entire public, the Council grew by Edward Mandell House – Rob-
tion was ‘to remake the mecha- into a model that is now emu- ert Welch University Press, P.O.
1963 – The anti-Federal Reserve nism of government’ by creating a lated by a host of newer research Box 8050 Appleton, Wisconsin,
U.S. President John F. Kennedy ‘new American Constitution, bet- centers, in the United States and 54913; originally published 1912;
was assassinated. WHU¿WWHGWKDQWKHROGIRUWKHVSLULW abroad. Their common challenge ISBN: 1-892647-00-1. Note: This
and conditions of the twentieth is to stimulate concerned citizens edition bears the foreword by
century’.” in their thinking about power and William Norman Grigg.
1965 – The U.S. sends uniformed politics among nations.”
ground forces into Viet Nam under So we had a Marxist-leaning 2 – I am a most unhappy man.
the fraudulent pretext called the President with a Marxist-leaning At the CFR’s site we learn about I have unwittingly ruined my
Gulf of Tonkin Incident. chief adviser in the White House other “players” in the game of country. A great industrial nation
as early as 1913, which now is seen “statecraft”, such as Elihu Root, is now controlled by its system of
There are numerous other peak WR KDYH EHHQ D GH¿QLQJ SHDN LQ Walter Lippman, Hamilton Fish
moments in our history, but these last century’s history. In ‘Dru’ we credit. We are no longer a govern-
Armstrong, W. Averell Harriman ment by conviction and the vote of
few are exemplary. I note that of ¿QGWKHPRGHOIRU6RFLDO6HFXULW\ (partner with George Herbert
all the events of the 20th Century, the idea of placing Labor on corpo- the majority, but a government by
Walker and Prescott Bush at Har- the opinion and duress of a small
those which were wrought under rate Boards, a graduated income riman Brothers on Wall Street),
President Wilson in 1913 are per- tax, a central banking system, and group of dominant men.
John J. McCloy, and among oth-
KDSV WKH PRVW VLJQL¿FDQW FKDO- the notion of a League of Nations. ers, John Foster Dulles. Such Woodrow Wilson, 1919.
lenged closely for that distinction House had begun writing ‘Dru’ be- men were connected with Rhodes 3 -
by the National Security Act of fore meeting Wilson. He complet- Round Table mission, and their history/cfr/inquiry.html
1947. ed the book after meeting Wilson. names represent known endeav-
4 - Between Two Ages: Ameri-
President Woodrow Wilson Wilson became House’s vehicle, ors to do just what Edward Man-
ca’s Role in the Technetronic Era,
had Wall Street friends – he had just as G.W. Bush-43 was Cheney’s dell House (and Sir Cecil Rhodes
by Zbigniew Brzezinski; copy-
been fed a continuous diet of lies vehicle. before him), predicted in Philip
right 1970 by Zbigniew Brzezin-
by monopoly-capitalists who held To understand how we lost the Dru: Administrator.
ski; published 1970 by The Viking
to the teachings of Karl Marx, au- Republic over the past ninety-plus Because of their Wall Street and Press, Inc., 625 Madison Avenue,
thor of the Communist Manifesto, years of political corruption and Washington D.C. ties and con- New York, New York 10022; (I)
to be the vision of the future. On media propaganda, simply recall nections, and their relations with SBN: 670-16041-5.
Wall Street and in some quarters that under Wilson we got two life- European banking dynasties such
in Washington D.C., Marxism altering Amendments, the IRS, as the Houses of Rothschild, War-
was infused with somewhat dis- and the Federal Reserve System,
torted interpretations of the writ- Inc., World War One, the Inquiry,
burg, Schiff, Barring, etc., these NE W !
are some of the names from our
ings of Charles Darwin. To Marx which gave birth to the Council on history which produced the peak C H A L L E NGE C OI N
DQG 'DUZLQ ¿QDOO\ ZDV DGGHG Foreign Relations (CFR), and the moments listed above, and togeth-
the idiocy of Sigmund Freud. All political/economic antics which er they were the plumbers, car-
three voices were popular in early later would produce the Wall penters, and masons who helped
20th Century America, most es- Street crash of October 1929 and create the house that House built.
SHFLDOO\ LQ FHQWHUV RI ¿QDQFH DQG the Great Depression which set the
governance. Those three voices stage for FDR’s brand of statism As we note President Obama’s
ZHUH WXQHG ¿QDOO\ WR VXSSRUW WKH and socialism – the New Deal. blatant socialist tendencies, we
Eugenics movement which would see that we’re still living in that
later spread to Germany under While we can largely thank Col- house. The fact that Col. House’s
Adolf Hitler and Ernst Rudin, and onel House for advisory guidance mirrored image now is advising
were funded in Berlin by the tax- of Wilson to produce that chain of Obama lies in this quotation from
exempt Rockefeller Foundation mischief, we also must credit some Obama’s top national security ad-
and satellite organizations from of it to the tax exempt Foundations viser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, writ-
America. of Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, and ten and published in 1970:
Morgan. Such actors on the world’s “Marxism represents a further
7KHVH DWWLWXGHV ZHUH LQÀXHQ- stage combined to alter America’s
tial in Woodrow Wilson’s life be- general direction from “individual vital and creative stage in the ma-
fore he became President in 1913. turing of man’s universal vision.

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!


There’s something to be said for chance to ask questions DQG ¿QG
being in the right place at the right out about the group, eventually de-
time. That’s what Celia Hyde, ciding that her uncle wasn’t so cra-
Massachusetts resident, and Oath zy after all; Celia not only joined,
Keepers state president, learned but took the post as state director
over the last year. for Massachusetts. She is now
Celia had been a member of her state president. And Chauncey
local police force for over 30 years. Normandin had his questions an-
“I was six when they asked me to swered as well—he is now the Flor-
join,” she quips. For 6 ½ years she ida State President.
was the Chief of Police in the small So why did Celia take the state
town of Bolton, Massachusetts. In president’s position? “The Con-
addition to her work on the po- stitution is being ignored!” she
lice force, she has owned a bed exclaims. As a Law Enforcement
and breakfast for 24 years. Celia’s 2I¿FHU, Celia had to constantly be
uncle, Dave Freeman (who hap- aware of the restrictions placed
pens to be an Oath Keepers board upon government by the Consti-
member and OK’s Law Enforce- tution. But she was seeing that
ment Liaison), called her in the other governmental authorities
spring of 2009 and asked if some weren’t so diligent in their adher-
friends of his could stay in her ence to that revered document. “I
B&B. They were going to do a cer- had to pay attention to what was
what we’re doing to help law en- Preservation Association, a watch-
emony on April 19, the anniversary going on outside my little town,
forcement and the military,” Ce- dog group that reports on the ac-
of the Battle of Lexington and Con- and I decided that rather than sit-
lia explains. Massachusetts OK is tivities of the Massachusetts State
cord, on Lexington Square. Celia ting and complaining, I was going
also working to help the families Legislature. A few months ago,
booked the rooms, but was curious to get up and do something about
of wounded veterans and LEOs; they saw unconstitutional provi-
as to what this group was doing. it,” Celia explains.
according to Celia, “When these sions removed from Senate Bill
Dave gave Celia the website in- In Massachusetts, Celia and her families have needs, we want them 2028, the Massachusetts Pandem-
formation, and she checked it moderators are still laying the mas- to know that Oath Keepers stand ic statute. Massachusetts OK will
out. “It seemed a little radical to ter plan for their state’s activities. with them.” also work with the 9/12 groups and
me,” she confesses; at the time, They have divided the state into 10 Tea Parties throughout the state.
Another great outreach idea that
she wondered what her uncle had zones; half of the leadership posts A contingent from the state will be
Massachusetts is starting is to rec-
gotten himself into. So she called LQWKRVH]RQHVKDYHEHHQ¿OOHG7KH heading to Washington, D.C., for
ognize the good things done by
a friend of hers who had moved to leadership group will be meeting a the 9/12 march this September.
law enforcement and the military
Florida. This friend happened to few times a year to plan outreach
in our communities. States Celia, In addition to her work within the
be Chauncey Normandin. When programs. “Our leaders have great
“We need to draw attention to pos- state, Celia is working throughout
Celia asked Chauncey if he had ideas; the plans we are making are
itive actions, instead of just com- New England to help OK groups
heard of this new group called all coming from them,” reports Ce-
plaining about the negative things get started. She is currently over-
Oath Keepers, he couldn’t believe lia. And with 351 towns in the Bay
that happen.” OK groups through seeing New Hampshire, Maine,
what he was hearing—he had been State, there is plenty of ground to
the state also plan to have family- Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
checking them out himself. “Book cover. Celia has been getting lo-
oriented outings for military and The latter state has been coming
me a room, too; I want to come up cal groups started by helping them
law enforcement, to show their along quite well. “Randy Swanson
support for those who serve. contacted me to say that an Oath
what this is all about,” Chauncey “We have an objective to put Oath
Massachusetts Oath Keepers are Keepers ceremony had been re-
asked Celia. Keepers materials in the hands
working with several likeminded quested in his state,” recalls Celia.
Celia ended up receiving calls of every police chief in the state. She encouraged him that he could
groups to see that the Constitu-
from all over the country, and had We want them to know that we’re do it himself, and helped him de-
tion is returned to preeminence.
over 20 people from Oath Keep- the good guys, and we’d like to sit velop a speech. “Now he’s taking
Several OK members worked to
ers staying at her B&B. She had a down and talk with them about the bull by the horns, and going
support the Massachusetts Liberty
full force in Rhode Island,” she re-
“I believe that Oath Keepers is an
answer to a lot of people’s prayers.
We’ve created a group that people
can approach. So many have come
to me and said, ‘I thought I was
the only one who felt this way,’”
Celia concludes. “Oath Keepers is
a great way to introduce likemind-
ed individuals and let them know
they’re not alone.” And despite all
the hassles of being on the fore-
front of a new and sometimes con-
troversial group, she says, “This is
a small price to pay for freedom.”
Massachusetts State President Ce-
lia Hyde, center, with Rhode Island
Moderator Randy Swanson, left,
and Oath Keepers founder Stewart
Rhodes, attending the Live Free
convention in New Hampshire.
From the front of this group—
Randy Swanson of Rhode Island,
Celia Hyde of Massachusetts, and
Chauncey and Jo Normandin of
Keepers convention in Las Vegas,
October 2009.

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!



M AY 10, 1775
By Jennifer Terhune The boats carrying the Ethan Allen and his Green spirits they had found, Allen
Americans bumped gently Mountain Boys realized and Arnold made a tally of
into the bank below the that the time for silence was the armaments now in their
The morning air over Lake fort. The Americans jumped over. With yells and shouts possession. They had captured
Champlain was cool and heavy lightly out onto the shore and and blood-curdling Indian seventy-eight cannons, six
with mist. The still, glassy hauled the boats up out of war whoops, they charged mortars, and three Howtizers.
surface of the water mirrored the water, moving as silently into the fort. The American Also, they found thousands of
the gentle pink of the early as possible. They did not militiamen began kicking cannon balls and nine tons of
dawn sky. want to give the British any down whatever doors they musket balls.
Fort Ticonderoga’s jutting hint of their approach. Their saw, but Ethan Allen and The morning had risen bright
walls sat above the water, on
a point of land overlooking
the lake from a hilltop. The
massive fortress had not
seen battle since the French
and Indian War nearly
twenty years before. The
fort had been the site of
sieges and battles then, as it
transferred between French
and British control, and sat
at the connection between
two important waterways.
But this morning, on May 10,
1775, all was quiet at the fort.
The soft morning sunlight had
bathed it in the same soft pink
as the lake below. The lone
sentry on duty was asleep.
The officers were asleep. In
fact, nearly everyone was still
dozing before the start of the
They did not know that below,
gliding noiselessly across the
glassy surface of the lake,
two boats loaded heavily with
over a hundred and sixty men
were heading towards Fort
Ticonderoga. The boats were
loaded with American militia,
most of them members of the
famous “Green Mountains muskets were ready and their Benedict Arnold both headed and fair over the shining
Boys” under the command of bayonets fixed. A few orders directly towards the officer’s Lake Champlain. The day
Ethan Allen. The old fortress were muttered quietly, and garrison. Allen arrived first ahead promised to be sunny
was to be the site of more all the hushed swearing, and kicked at the closed door and warm. The Americans’
battles very soon to come. joking, and laughter silenced in front of him. surprise of the British that
immediately. The Americans “Come out, you old rat!” He morning had been complete.
Less than a month before, the looked up at their objective
first shots of the American War yelled. The British commander The fort and weapons had
on the green hillside above inside was struggling into been seized without the loss
for Independence had been them. Fort Ticonderoga had
fired. As the siege of Boston his clothes. Someone inside of a man.
been built by the French in demanded of Allen through
began and the Americans and a star-shaped design. The The weapons captured that
British prepared for war, the what authority he made his day were to play a crucial
points of the walls allowed demand. Allen responded:
armaments that were kept for superb observation in all war in the American War
at Fort Ticonderoga became “In the name of the Great for Independence. Henry
directions, but as Ethan Allen Jehovah and the Continental
a prize once more. The strained his eyes in the milky Knox, under the command of
Massachusetts Committee Congress!” General George Washington,
morning light, he could not
of Safety had sent Benedict see any lookouts. He glanced It was all over very quickly. would employ them in the
Arnold north, to raise a at Arnold, who shook his head The British officer in siege of Boston and many
militia and seize the guns and brief ly. He hadn’t seen any command, Captain William more key battles in the bloody
other supplies stored at Fort either. DeLaPlace, surrendered his years to come. Sources:
Ticonderoga. But soon after sword and asked for more
Arnold embarked, he learned Allen motioned with his specifics about Ethan Allen
that the Connecticut Assembly hand, and the militia force and his force. The news of h t t p : / / w w w .
had already sent Ethan Allen followed him up towards Lexington and Concord had
and his Green Mountain Boys the fort. Their footsteps not reached him yet. He did battledetail.aspx?battle=3
to do the same job. Arnold crunched over the ground, not know that the American
raced to catch up with Allen, and the cool misty air seemed Revolution had begun. A h t t p ://c o l o n i a l - a m e r i c a .
and when he finally did, he heavy around them. They letter from General Gage, s u i t e101 .c o m/a r t i c l e .
insisted on being placed in were almost upon the fort sent to warn DeLaPlace that cfm/the_battle_of_
command of the mission. when the British sentry was the Americans might make fort_ticonderoga_
However, Ethan Allen’s men startled awake by the sound an attempt on the fort, did not may_10_1775sources:
declared unequivocally that of their footsteps. He jumped arrive until May 19th.
they would serve under no up in confusion and surprise,
fired a harmless shot into the The spoils of the day were
man except Allen, and Arnold considerable. As the Green
was forced to go along for the air, and ran wildly into his
barracks. Mountain Boys began joyfully
ride. consuming the rum and other

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!



By Way ne Terhune includes dealing w ith terror- ernors who w ill be selected tionally conf iscated guns and
ist at tack s. This agreement by the President to ser ve t wo inter ned people in the Super-
was signed by General Gene year ter ms. Federal mem- dome. We also k now that some
A n ominous and dark power Renuar t, Commander of NO - bers of the Council include, Par ish Sher if fs and militar y
str ucture is emerging on the R A D and U.S. Nor thern Com- among others, the Secretar y personnel such as SSG May
Nor th A mer ican continent. It mand. So, now, the militar- of Defense, Homeland Secu- and his unit ref used such un-
has been brew ing for some ies of all three countr ies can r it y, the U.S. Nor ther n Com- law f ul orders. A s Oath Keep -
time and is composed of civ il- assist the other countr ies in mand Commander, the Com- ers, we need to redouble our
ian and militar y components civ il and terror ist mat ters. mandant of the Coast Guard, ef for ts to ‘Reach, Teach, and
which are being quietly and USNORTHCOM, including and the Chief of the National Inspire’ our law enforcement
subtly merged. The result is CCMR F, is par tner ing w ith Guard Bureau. The Secretar y of f icers and cur rently ser v ing
alar ming. civ ilian agencies, including of Defense w ill designate an militar y personnel to uphold
In September 2008, the FEM A . FEM A is tasked w ith E xecutive Director for the their oaths to the Constitu-
Pentagon announced that many things, including deal- Council. It is interesting to tion and to stand dow n f rom
“more than 800 members of a ing w ith “an act of terror- note that the 10 gover nors unlaw f ul and unconstitution-
joint response force are pre - ism”. selected ver y closely cor re - al orders.
par ing for their new mission So now, the might of the spond to the 10 FEM A regions
of responding to CBR NE , or A mer ican militar y, along which have been around for
chemical, biological, radio - some time. Sources:
w ith help f rom Canada’s and
logical, nuclear and high- Mexico’s militar ies, could be This is a stagger ing amal- “About US NORTHCOM”,
y ield ex plosive incidents. El- brought to bear against the gamation of federal and state h t t p :// w w w. n o r t h c o m . m i l /
ements of the force, k now n A mer ican people on A mer i- governments along w ith the About/index.html
as the CBR NE Consequence can soil. They could come militar ies of 3 countr ies to “FEM A Regions Map” ht tp://
Management Response Force, against supposed terror ists. come against the A mer ican w w
or CCMR F, assembled at For t We k now DHS includes vet- people on our ow n soil. A ver y
Stewar t, Ga.” according to the “Special A r my Unit to
erans, among others, on their sav v y police of f icer of fered
A r my News Ser v ice. By Apr il be Deployed on US Soil”
of this year, the force had
grow n to 80,000 troops. In
October of this year, one
month pr ior to the November
midter m elections, this force
w ill be ready for deploy ment
on A mer ican soil if so or-
dered by the President. This
v iolates the Posse Comitatus
Act. The special force, which
is the new name being given
to the 1st Br igade Combat
Team of the 3rd Infantr y, has
been training at For t Stew-
ar t, Georgia and is composed
of 80,000 troops, and accord-
ing to the A r my Times: “ They
may be called upon to help
w ith civ il unrest...”
This CCMR F is under the
control of US Nor thern Com-
mand (US -NORTHCOM). U.S.
Nor thern Command was es-
tablished Oct. 1, 2002 to pro -
v ide command and control of
Depar tment of Defense (DOD)
homeland defense ef for ts and
to coordinate defense sup -
por t of civ il author ities. US -
NORTHCOM anticipates and
conducts Homeland Defense terror watch lists. this summation: “‘ This is a
h t t p : // w w w . e x a m i n e r .
and Civ il Suppor t operations. On top of this, on Januar y militar y plan that’s designed
c om/x- 37 62 0 - C o n s e r v at i v e -
US -NORTHCOM’s AOR in- 11, 2009, President Obama to by pass the Posse Comita-
E x a m i ner~y 2010m 4d1 3- Spe -
cludes air, land and sea ap - signed an executive order es- tus Act that traditionally pro -
c i a l - a r m y- u n i t- r e a d y- t o - b e -
proaches and encompasses tablishing a “Council of G ov- hibited the US militar y f rom
de plo y e d - on -A me r ic a n - s oi l -
the continental United States, ernors”. operating w ithin the borders
just-before-Nov- elections
A laska, Canada, Mexico. US - of the United States. Not only
NORTHCOM troops wear in- The White House Of f ice of w ill A mer ican soldiers be de - “Consequence Re-
signias w ith U N colors and a the Press Secretar y said this ployed at the discretion of sponse Force to Join A r my
three nation, Nor th A mer ican move was to streng then the whomever is sit ting in the Nor ther n Command”
patch. par tnership bet ween the Fed- O val Of f ice, but foreign sol- h t t p : // w w w . a r m y . m i l / -
eral Government and State diers w ill also be deployed in n e w s/2 0 0 8/0 9/1 5 /1 2 4 2 2 -
The US, Canada, and Mex- Governments to protect our c on s e quenc e -m a n a gement-
A mer ican cities,’ warns Lt.
ico have been work ing for Nation against all t y pes of response -force -to -join-ar my-
Steven Rodgers, commander
some time on this integrated hazards. When appointed, nor ther n- command/
of the Nutley, NJ Police De -
force. On Febr uar y 14, 2008, the Council w ill be rev iew ing par tment’s detective bureau.” Chuck Baldw in: ht tp://
the United States and Canada such mat ters as involv ing the
signed a militar y agreement Consider ing the preceding,
National Guard of the var ious
allow ing the ar med forces along w ith the unrest in this home/?p=7 76, ht tp://
States; homeland defense;
f rom one nation to suppor t countr y due to immigration
civ il suppor t; sy nchroniza-
the ar med forces of the oth- issues, the failing economy, home/?p=755
tion and integration of State
er nation dur ing a domes- and Federal militar y activ i- r ising unemploy ment and “ The Last Gr ingo” ht tp://
tic civ il emergency, even one ties in the United States; as much more, it’s not hard to
that does not involve a cross- well as other mat ters of mu- see the federal gover nment p r e s s/2 0 0 9/0 9/0 7/u s s o u t h -
border cr isis. The agreement, tual interest per taining to deploy ing the militar y on the c om- a nd-u snor t hc om- oba m-
def ined as a Civ il A ssistance National Guard, homeland streets of A mer ica. When the as-ar mies- of-the-amer icas/
Plan, was not submit ted to defense, and civ il suppor t ac- militar y was on the streets
Congress for approval, and is tiv ities. The Council w ill be dur ing Hurr icane K atr ina
entirely unconstitutional. It composed of ten State G ov- they illegally and unconstitu-

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!



By Michael Shaw – Freedom der to achieve globalist objec- phase by the growth of great vance a centralized interpreta-
Advocates tives. corporations, increased gov- tion of “common good”.
Further investigation of con- ernmental control, etc.” This Unalienable Rights versus
temporary political philosophy transformative conversion was Globalism by Michael Shaw
Have we abandoned the made possible through the
uniquely American concept of demonstrates how our govern- public-private partnership sys- Michael Shaw is President of
the political, legal and educa- ment has abandoned the no- WHP RI ¿DW PRQH\ ZKLFK ZDV
tional recognition of unalien- tion of individual liberty. The adopted in the U.S. in 1913. 5HDI¿UPLQJ XQDOLHQDEOH
DEOH ULJKWV" 5HDI¿UPLQJ XQ- freedom to speak has become rights is our call to duty. You
alienable rights is our call to subject to an increasing ar- When freedom warriors de-
can contribute to this accom-
duty. You can contribute to ray of laws and politically cor- fend the system of modern
plishment most effectively by
this accomplishment by de- rect mores. Travel is becoming capitalism they often under-
defending unalienable rights
fending unalienable rights and monitored and increasingly mine the principals of free en-
and by understanding and in-
by understanding and inform- restricted as the rules and in- terprise, secured by the ideal of
forming others of our govern-
ing others of our government’s frastructure of Agenda 21’s private property. This happens
ment’s relentless commitment
unrelenting commitment to land use element take effect. as the “defenders” often play
to the ‘global to local’ program
the ‘global to local’ program of The intended consequence is into globalist hands by virtue
of Agenda 21 Sustainable De-
Agenda 21 Sustainable Devel- to limit our mobility and use of furthering public-private
opment. of resources. These are prima- partnership economics. Pub-
ry objectives in implementing lic-private partnership is the
Have we abandoned the Agenda 21. The global warm- “new economy” brandished by
uniquely American concept of ing hysteria is being used to >@ &LYLO 5LJKWV GHPDQG 6R-
the agents of modern global- cial Justice: applying the law to
the political, legal and educa- force people into “human set- ism under Agenda 21.
tional recognition of unalien- tlements,” in order to contain members of groups to advance
able rights? If so, is there a and control human action. The The succeeding effort to a centralized interpretation of
political movement to restore man-made global warming abolish private property is the “common good”.
the core purpose and principle fraud serves the implementa- primary cause for the con- Unalienable Rights versus
of the American Declaration of tion of Agenda 21 and the de- tinuing collapse of freedom Globalism by Michael Shaw
Independence? in America. George Washing-
struction of liberty. ton warned; “Private property Michael Shaw is President of
As documented in Under- The abolition of private prop- and freedom are inseparable.”
standing Unalienable Rights, HUW\LVWKH¿UVWOHYHORIDWWDFNLQ As freedom fades, along with
the dictionary meaning of un- the destruction of unalienable American sovereignty, the no-
alienable rights has been cor- rights and the implementation tion of unalienable rights will
rupted. School children are of Sustainable Development. become erased from Ameri-
no longer instructed about Following the Supreme Court’s can consciousness. We cannot
this most basic element of the Kelo decision, policies that let this happen!
Declaration of Independence. sublimate private property to
Leading liberty minded legal “public-private partnerships” Public-private partnerships
and “think tank” organiza- have been secured under the and Sustainable Development
tions often fronting the free- law and many more have been are in your community. This
dom movement, treat or la- and will be legislated. An ex- is why the study of Agenda 21
bel the seeking of unalienable ample arises out of San Jose, Sustainable Development is vi-
rights protections as outdated. California. There ordinances tal for our posterity, if we and
They argue a system of “civil have subjected 1/3 of the pri- they, are to enjoy a life of one’s
ULJKWV´ >@ DV WKH DSSURSULDWH vate housing stock to the exer- own. Today, without public
man-made replacement. Think cise of eminent domain on the awareness of Agenda 21, the
tanks of most stripes quietly basis that the city requires so prospects for free enterprise
argue that the idea of unalien- called Smart Growth “redevel- and for freedom look bleak.
DEOHULJKWVLVÀDZHGDQGLQGH- opment.” Public-private partnerships
fensible. Correspondingly, the (formerly known as economic
idea has been largely aban- What has been lost is the un- fascism) must be exposed and
doned by academia and intel- derstanding that private prop- disbanded before unalienable
lectuals. erty is not simply the own- rights can again become rec-
ership of something. Private ognized by the American gov-
The question then becomes: property is the relationship be-
Can the American experiment tween a person and a thing. It ernment, maintained by our
in freedom continue without a is a person’s use and enjoyment courts, and taught in schools.
foundation predicated on the RI VRPHWKLQJ WKDW UHÀHFWV WKH A resumption of the Ameri-
notion that each person pos- essence of the ideal of private can promise of a life that is tru-
sesses a life that is their own? property. Your continuing use ly your own is accomplished:
I conclude that without the po- of what you think is yours, is When the environmental
litical recognition of unalien- now, for everyone, un-assured PRYHPHQW ¿UVW YDOXHV DOO KX-
able rights it cannot be as- and unprotected. Private prop- man life, Where the law pro-
sured that the political system erty is being abolished. tects and guarantees individu-
will recognize that your life al liberty, and
belongs to you. A system of private property
rests on the economic system Where the right to the use of
This is not a moot issue. At of free enterprise. Free enter- property is secured.
the root of the globalist move- prise means that the citizens
ment is Agenda 21 Sustainable own the means of production. 5HDI¿UPLQJ XQDOLHQDEOH
Development. This worldwide This is not to be confused with rights is our call to duty. You
program agreed upon by 178 WKH JHQHUDO GH¿QLWLRQ RI FDSL- can contribute to this accom-
nations, including the United talism. The term “capitalism” plishment most effectively by
States, reveals the directive was coined by Karl Marx to de- defending unalienable rights
that human population is to scribe mid-nineteenth century and by understanding and in-
be decreased by 85% (United European political-economics forming others of our govern-
Nations; Global Biodiversity which then, as now, is domi- ment’s relentless commitment
Assessment Report, page 773). QDWHG E\ D ¿DW PRQH\ V\VWHP to the ‘global to local’ program
This policy has appealed to Webster’s unabridged 1988 of Agenda 21 Sustainable De-
many who argue “overpopu- dictionary describes capital- velopment.
lation.” Accordingly, says the ism as, “The economic system… >@ &LYLO 5LJKWV GHPDQG 6R-
consensus, everyone’s “right to originally under fully competi- cial Justice: applying the law
life” must be discarded in or- tive conditions… and its later to members of groups to ad-

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!


The Glass-Steagall Revival

By Elias Alias help readers grasp the im- landscape ready at any time If one really wishes to put
portance of this Glass-Stea- to blow up the future. WKH VPRRWK ¿QLVK RQ RQH¶V
As I sit to write this, early gall act. I’d like to introduce NQRZOHGJH DERXW WKH ¿QDQ-
morning May 19, 2010, a bill readers who are not familiar What does this all mean? cial crimes of Wall Street and
is being debated in Wash- with James Jaeger. From one The answer to this ques- Washington D.C., The Oath
ington D.C. which would of his several web operations tion goes right to the heart Keeper recommends James
resurrect the now deceased comes this excerpt. of the issue of consolidation Jaeger and Matrixx Produc-
Glass-Steagall Act. That bill and anti-trust laws long on tions’ “FIAT EMPIRE” and
is being actively assaulted the books, but rarely, if ever, “ORIGINAL INTENT” by
by the Obama Administra- TOO BIG TO FAIL enforced these days. James Jaeger. Mr. Jaeger
tion, which is pressuring the enjoys lengthy interviews
Senate to vote no. Why? Be- Why Bailouts Promote Each time the taxpayers ZLWK*(GZDUG*ULI¿Q5RQ
cause Glass-Steagall would Consolidation bailout a corporate entity Paul, Edwin Vieira, Pat Bu-
ban the big bail-out bullies by James Jaeger that has become “too big to chanan, Ted Baehr and oth-
– the muscle-men of money fail,” we postpone the day ers.
on Wall Street and in the na- Every time we bailout a of reckoning. As more and
tion’s Capitol. How can I say corporation that has been more corporations merge FIAT EMPIRE is available
that? deemed “too big to fail” we with each other, their bar- here  KWWSZZZ¿DWHP-
move our entire economic gaining power becomes sig-
Well, I did not say it, not system towards a system of QL¿FDQWHQRXJKWRLQÀXHQFH
¿UVWDQ\ZD\,¶PMXVWUHSHDW- ever larger corporate enti- VWDWH SRZHU $V WKH\ LQÀX- Original Intent is available
ing it. From one of the La- ties. Ever larger corporate ence state power directly here - http://www.original-
5RXFKH 3$& ÀLHUV , UHDG D entities are a result of natu- and through lobbyists, they
statement by Senator Tom ral growth, but they are also DUH DEOH WR UHFRQ¿JXUH WKH
Harkin, which says it better a result of mergers and ac- laws of the nation to suit
- TXLVLWLRQV$OOWKLVLV¿QHEXW their purposes. We the Peo-
when a corporate entity gets ple suffer and go unrepre-
“It’s no coincidence that LQWR¿QDQFLDOWURXEOHRQHRI sented. Among the laws they
pletely out of line once the alyst must look at is size. Did solidation. The laws about
Glass-Steagall prohibitions this corporate entity grow consolidation are relaxed or
were overturned in 1999. By too large to properly manage removed from the books so
consolidating commercial its assets? And the answer corporate entities are free
banking, investment bank- to this question is often, yes. to grow “too big to fail.” It’s
ing and insurance into single With size comes the problem a nefarious game and the
¿QDQFLDOFRPSDQLHVLQVWLWX- of centralized management. American citizen loses when
tions grew so large and be- Size promotes economies of s/he plays by the “rules” es-
came so interconnected that scale, but it also promotes tablished by the corporate
they were too big to fail,” greed, miscommunication fascists that infest Washing-
said Senator Tom Harkin. and debt. ton.
“It is clear to me that going
back to the Glass-Steagall The nature of existence in Where does this stop? Well
era regulations will help end this universe is that entities if you do the calculus, it be- For cutting edge under-
the problem of too big to fail are born, they grow and they comes evident that it stops standing of what might be
and will restore order to our die. This is also the nature of with one huge corporate behind the battle over Glass-
¿QDQFLDOVHFWRU´ corporate entities. When a state, the dream of a Hitler Steagall and more, enjoy
corporate entity has grown or Stalin. reading James’ articles at
Glass-Steagall prohibited so large that its manage- the Jaeger Research Insti-
such interconnected opera- ment systems fail to guide With each round of bail- tute, here -
tions, keeping commercial the enterprise into prudent out, we allow corporate en- h t t p:// w w w.j a e g e r r e -
banking separate from in- DQGVRXQG¿QDQFLDOSROLFLHV tities to grow bigger than
vestment banking, which maybe this is a message from the natural law would have
prevented the abuses of the universe. Maybe the uni- permitted them, i.e., they Time will tell what Con-
the derivatives scam. First, verse is saying, it’s time this would go bankrupt unless gress and the White House
Glass-Steagall held the Wall corporate entity recognizes they were bailed out. With think about corporate con-
Street/Banking pirates in it’s served its purpose. Arti- each new round of bailout, trol over the lives of Ameri-
check, which is why it was ¿FLDOO\ H[WHQGLQJ WKH OLIH RI we send the message: con- can citizens, and the truth
done away with more than a corporate entity, whether solidate and you will escape shall be revealed by how
ten years ago. Now that it is it be a bank, insurance com- bankruptcy. Become “too big the Glass-Steagall revival is
threatening to rear its sav- pany, auto manufacturer or to fail” and you will eventu- handled in our government.
ing grace once again, the railroad on the grounds that ally join your “too big to fail” Why is the current Adminis-
adventurous souls on Wall it’s “too big to fail” should corporate brothers and sis- tration pressuring our Sena-
Street want the limiting EH D VHULRXV UHG ÀDJ :K\ ters in Merger Heaven, Ltd., tors to kill Glass-Steagall all
Glass-Steagall shut down would a nation of prudent a division of Globalization, over again?
once again. citizens allow its economy to Inc.
be peppered with corporate (end excerpt from a James To know ahead of time,
, KDYH IRXQG DQRWKHU ¿QH entities that are “too big to Jaeger essay.) know James Jaeger’s work.
general statement which will IDLO´ PLQH¿HOGV DOO RYHU WKH

5ƞƚ0Ɩƪƞ,ƚƚƦƚƨr.ƖƯƳƱƲƱ Not on Our Watch!