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For No One

In this extract the solo is played on the French horn. The melody is definitely
played in its higher register. This was achieved by unconventional playing on the
part of French hornist Alan Civil… As you can hear the melodic contour rises and
falls in steps. Rigid in its stepping occasionally playing notes sustained. Based on
the manner in which the instrument is played, the player is dynamically towards
fortissimo (very loud) in the way the notes are pushed out. But during the
recording the horn sound has been reduced to mezzo forte allowing it to meld
with the rest of the ensemble and piece.
Also important to note is the other orchestral instruments, the strings. The
strings provide the harmonic role accompanying the singer, guitar and French
horn. The string section is made up of a traditional string quartet (2 violins, viola
and cello). Together they play a chord on beats 2, 3 and 4. They keep strictly to
the beat and ascends and descends pitch accordingly to the chord changes. After
the French horn solo the strings change melodic pattern to a two note

Eleanor Rigby:
Focus on the strings. Harmonic role with fills. 4/4 time at an fast allegro pace.
 Strings are made up of an octet double the size of a regular string quartet.
 The violins and violas play accented crotchets on every beat harmonising
together to create chords. This is carried throughout the extract except for
the fills after the singer
 These fills in this instance a 2 note phrase where the pitch is alternated
between two notes one of high pitch, one of lower, in quarter notes.
 In contrast the cello’s play their own melodic fills underneath. This is
characterised by a rising pitch which is then held for one bar followed by
the same rhythm pattern but descending in pitch which is repeated
throughout the intro of the extract.
 At the beginning of the verse, the Cello’s play a fill which ascends and
descends in an arpeggio, step form of style again in pitch.

Got To Get You Into My Life:
Style of Motown and includes 3 trumpets and 2 tenor sax’s
 Begins with a fanfare like introduction. Forte and at a fast tempo
 The Sax’s play a low droning note for 1 bar while the trumpets harmonises
an ascending melody in its middle range and in equal intervals.
Immediately after the trumpets notes, the sax’s respond with a 3 note
melodic answer. This answer is similar to the trumpets initial melody both
ascending and descending from the initial note.

 Brass plays in harmony playing in a scooped or sweeping manner. Verse:  The horns take the harmonic/accomp. The introduction is finished with the trumpets playing a piercing high note which is sustained over 2 bars. Staccato. Phrase is made up of 4 notes each played twice each over the 2 bars.  End of 3rd bar leading into 4th begins another ascending pitch run leading to the 5th bar where an incredibly high note is tongued 9 times and held the last time for 1 bar  2nd last phrase is similar to melody sung by singer (‘it’s a clean machine”) higher pitch  Last phrase involves a 6 note build up which crescendo to the highest note in the piece. First two triplet phrases are repeated twice then pitch rapidly ascends. First time a descending pattern arpeggio like with last note held for two counts. Solo  The first 2 bars consist of trumpet ascending in pitch in triplets. Penny Lane: Focus instrument is Piccolo Trumpet. Played in Baroque style.  Fill repeated twice  From “Ooohhh…” the trumpets take the droning note playing for two bars (breath at end of 2 bars) towards the end of the verse and extract the trumpet begins a crescendo leading to the chorus. inspired by Bachs 2nd Brandenburg Concerto. Verse  Brass does not appear until fill/break in chorus.  The sax’s play a form of walking descending bass. . Dynamically overtaking the sax’s. Repeated again but ascending in pitch. Fill begins with an accented trumpet high note  Melodically (pitch) ascends and descends in a wave pattern but still climbing to a higher note. role  The saxes continue with their low drone note for 2 bars while the vocalist sings  Fill after 2 bars. Note Clarity of Trumpet.  Begin David Mason trumpet rant. phrase repeated 3 times. Call and response between two instruments. Pre solo  A flute is heard playing a phrase twice.