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possible?" a beautiful cut off your head. "I understand that Sudarshan does all your work." So the king called Sudarshan before him and said. " Your stammered. you can go to the royal kitchen and help out there. go and most beautiful bride find out the me. I don't have good jobs for you. where the kindly chef packed ." bring back The two older brothers were and resolrid of Sudarshan. "I am afraid. our brother is capable But now I 1 have a task for you. Majesty. However. So. how is that in He Majesty. went back to the royal kitchen. The king "Look here.BRIDE FOR THE KING Long village ago three there lived in a They brothers." Sudarshan for was perplexed the extreme to hear this. If you don't no good. I give you a week's time. he but to obey. youngman. I'll option Woebegone. So the king called the other two brothers and said." Poor Sudarshan had no bride. "Sudarshan I am sorry haven't given you work best suited to your talents. " Yes. So Your crestfallen to hear this ved to get they told the king." So all three went to the royal kitchen and began to work there. intend to marry. The king of performing any task that you may set him. were very poor and so went to the king of the land seeking some occupation. Of the three Sudarshan proved to be most efficient. It seems you two are spoke sharply. 1 said.

Feeling rather hungry he rested underatree and opened his food packet. Sudarshan hospitably invited her to share his simple fare. Sudarshan told her of the king's order. Go straight until you come to the castle of the wizards. them. we'll take you lovely inside. "There are many castle.ere you will see Sudarshan thanked her for the and taking the magic horn walked towards the magic advice castle. In one room he saw three prin- many beautiful maidens. Then the old dame said. "Well." Do Soon Sudarshan found himself but blow on this magic horn which I give you and the wizards will leave you alone. In fact. Just then an old crone appeared before him. She ate his food gladly and then enquired where he was going." The 'wizards said.m some fo< food for him. cesses but they disappeared But from . and soon all the wizards stood before him and said. maidens inside the But we cannot touch However. Seeing her." there seemed to be no one about. Th. how can we serve you?" Sudarshan replied. "1 want maiden in the the loveliest world. Sudarshan set off an and passed through a dense Fi-irf»ot forest. inside the enchanted castle. I'll help you. "Master. they'll do your bidding. Arriving before the gates he blew lustily on the horn.

In the pond to noticed sitting meanwhile the royal daughter chef's came to the draw some water and beautiful maiden the on the bank. my of relief. the lovely maiden died." Then asking the lovely maiden to wait for him he went in search of the king." Sudarshan was astonished and searched for water. She grew jealous of her beauty and qui- . all her glory. Once again he cut the the royal fruit and a beautiful face cried out Sudarshan scooped up some water from the pond and gave it to the maiden to drink who now stood before him in for water. Soon he began to feel thirsty and taking out a lemon sliced it with his knife. He picked them up and went his way. Then Sudarshan heaveda sigh "Thank God. But before he could get soon they saw him. He wandered round the castle and chanced upon three lemons lying on the ground. Then he resolved nofto cut the third fruit and despite a parched throat went to the palace and stood before pond in the garden. At once he saw a beautiful face in the lemon. head is now safe. cut up. which am dying Give me water quickly. "I of thirst. So it happened with the second fruit that he cried out piteously. searched for them high and sight He low but could not find them.

at once into was not in Rubbing the just . The would throw them delighted princess settled Emperor was on them. the Emperor outside the city and a guard of honour to welcome the Emperor. One day. All was done as Aladdin commanded and the marriage was celebrated at once. and lamp.accepted and Aladdin's mother rushed back to say that the his way to visit The poor woman was terrified that when he saw their poor little house. prison. but Aladdin happily with her the least alarmed. down new husband for several years all went well. he told the Genie that he needed a huge palace at once. when Aladdin was .

who had heard of Aladdin's good fortune and was determined to get the lamp. When. he ordered that his palace should be returned to China. he took Aladdin to the princess. for he had no idea where re- united with his daughter and Aladdin and the princess lived When the happily ever after." It was Abanazar. new one. Aladdin told her to get the lamp but she replied that the magician always kept it tucked in " New lamps for old. No sooner had dinner finished. When she saw him. The Emperor was quickly to be found. Aladdin did not know what to do. old Emperor died. the sorrowing Emperor looked out of his window. the his waistband. to the middle When Aladdin turned. palace re- and princess were Emperor heard of he threatened Aladdin's daughter head to cut unless returned Aladdin told the princess to pulled the band. lamp from Summoning his waist- the Genie of the Lamp. . so she took the lamp down to the magician. invite the magician to a great and gave her a sleeping potion to put in his wine. saw Aladdin's he palace back in its former place. nowhere When this. summoned the Genie and had the Aladdin's palace and dirty old princess carried of Africa. she was overjoyed. but the Genie of the Ring was not powerful enough to do this. but accidentally he rubbed the ring on his finger and the Genie of Ring appeared. no one could think of a better ruler than Aladdin. the princess heard a voice in the street calling out. next day. However. feast the .out hunting. his palace had gone to. than he was fast asleep and Aladdin off his safely. Eagerly Aladdin ordered him to bring the palace and princess back. He snatched it eagerly. The princess remembered the lamp which her husband kept and thought how nice it would be to surprise him with a clean.

to the spot loveliest maiden and bravery.ckly commanded the maiden to Then give her all her jewels. One of open the the fish attendants and hey! cut presto! a beautiful maiden stood before him. other The king hurried and saw the standing before him. the two were on him. The king released Sudarshan and appointed him as the chief of the royal guard. she was exiled and no one saw her again. well. The fish was sent to the royal kitchen to be cooked. As for the ugly daughter of the royal chef. . So he shut them up in a prison. Sudarshan came back with the but was not a little asto- king. She related all that befell her and praised Sudarshan* for his courage happily ever afterwards. nished to see the ugly daughter of the royal chef sitting there the finery belonging to the in The He king thought playing a trick became furious. Next day. He ran to tell the king of this wonder. the gardener "presented the king with a white fish which he claimed he had caught in the royal pond. Then he married the lovely maiden and lived woman. she pushed the hapless maiden into the pond and sat on the bank.

only to find that he is dead. our Next day he took Aladdin to and bought him new He bought new clothes mother and the was sold in the food. sir. " I have enough money to keep all of us in comfort for the rest of lives. " You must be Aladdin. boy cheerful in China.ALADDIN A long time there lived a He was ago." " What uncle?" asked Aladdin. the tailor's son. years in I business best food that market." cian. and intelligent. but my father has clothes. " I did not know." The magician took him to a place a little way outside the city and told Aladdin to get is some it. the tailor's One day a stranger stopped by them and said. set into light to the sticks." replied Aladdin. but so lazy that he was the despair of his widowed mother. who came from Africa." like the said just is you to magi- one thing I do for me in return. been dead for some years." he said. the stranger was not really Aladdin's uncle at all. incense into the poured some blaze and and the earth opened it. have to come to visit my dear brother and his family. I am your uncle and I have spent many Now for Aladdin's in Africa. There was a peal* of thunder surprised. sticks. " I will do it with pleasure. but a magician called Abanazar. " Aladdin." " Yes. Abanazar told Aladdin's mother that he was delighted to have found them at last. while his In fact. He set Aladdin was surprised to find that he had an uncle and he took the stranger at once to She was just as his mother. for she had never heard her husband speak of a a stone with a big iron ring brother. muttered some magic words. Alladin spent all his time playing games in the street with companions who were just as mother worked from dawn to dusk to earn enough money to buy lazy as he was. to reveal . " there would "Alas!" cried the stranger. called Aladdin.

" all he " but said. On the way back Aladdin stopped to pick up some of the glittering jewels. Put out the flame and carry the lamp in your waistband. The lad put the ring on his finger and went down the stone steps. telling him that it would protect him from evil. He went on until he reached the lamp. but bring me back the lamp you find burning right at the end of the hall. " and you will find yourself in a a into Go down dark the steps great hall." . remembering what Abanazar had told him." Aladdin did as he was told and saw a steep stone staircase leading down cavern.(nder this stone lies a treasure great enough to make us rich for the rest of our lives. He found that the great hall was of wonderful glittering full stones which shone so brightly that they dazzled his eyes." Abanazar then gave Aladdin a ring. Take hold of the ring and lift the exactly stone. you must do as 1 tell you." said the magician. Then he returned to the mouth of the cave and asked Abanazar to help him out. " Do not stop. he did not slop. " First give me the lamp. but.

in jewels. but Aladdin that he would only give him the lamp when he was out of the cave." rub the lamp and suddenly." " We may get a few pence for it He began to if we clean it. When Aladdin took some of the jewels he had brought from the cave and sold them and they had more money than they had ever thought possible. He was quite contented until one day. " 1 am the slave of the ring. a huge Genie appeared. " I am the slave of the lamp. 11 Tell me what you require.Aladdin asked his mother for She he had none left in the house. This made the magician so furious that he muttered some more magic words and the stone rolled back over the mouth of the cave. as he rubbed it. second he own home. and called the magician. What is your command?" " Take me home. Immediately." he said. a Genie appeared. rubbed his hands together in on his finger as he did so. O master. said finished. but she said she would go to buy some with the little money she had left." he said. the master. rubbing the ring " said Aladdin. sell it. The Emperor was so dazzled by despair. that he at once . Aladdin sent his mother to the Emperor's palace with the rest of the jewels from the cave and told her to present them to the Emperor and ask for his daughter's hand in marriage." said Aladdin and found himself had a __ O they in his He Aladdin was terrified." Aladdin's mother was speechless with terror but Aladdin told him to bring food and a wonderful meal appeared before them. he saw the Emperor's daughter and fell in love with her at once. as he was strolling through the town. " Take this old lamp food. for felt so faint.

The butcher noticed that she had fallen asleep. He went round to the back of his shop and fetched a tin of tar." When they were inside the shop the butcher offered the old woman a glass but she was so by the time she had was empty. an old brush and a sack of chicken's feathers. " I shillings for it. thought to herself. instead of having to bargain the market. " some money by I can save hen selling this to the butcher." " me You must mad be to expect to pay that price. " Yes.THE FOUR FOOLISH W Once upon a time an old there woman who lived was in One day. " Me! Buy that scraggy old hen ?" exclaimed the butcher. All this wine made her very sleepy and the old woman soon dozed off. of wine. she was on way to market to sell her when she met the village The old woman Norway. " But I suppose you WOMEN had better come back to my shop and we will see if we can come to some arrangement over the price. the bottle . why not?" replied the only want ten old woman. Then he covered the woman's clothes and face with tar and sprinkled the sackful of feathers over her." so in she asked him buy to if he would like it. the old hen butcher. thirsty that finished." said the butcher.

you five I will give golden pounds if you ." She " woman. in she had when she a shock saw a feathered creature looking back at her." she said." He had not gone far when he saw a woman with a large basket." she said. " and if the calves and farm animals lick my hand and the dog does to my not bark I will haven't really feathers and as usual. Then she caught sight of herself What the mirror. he saw the strange on the roof of the house and rushed into the house and fetched his gun. take woman reached her house. some strange climbed on to the house roof and beat her arms until they ached but she could not fly. " Don't shoot. home and I shan't come back until I have met three women who are more foolish than you. grown him. " live with a I down and don't want to woman as foolish as am leaving you any longer. " Thank goodness someone has arrived. but so far I haven't succeeded." am know that I the said to her." It isn't me. when the I me?" The farmer cognise " I some when she saw have been trying to sunlight inside the house with this basket. Don't you re- Suddenly creature A woman few hours later the woke up and found the butcher had gone and her money and the old hen had gone too. her hus- band returned to the cottage. old called her off the roof of the house just the any same However. It's your wife. Don't shoot. yet every time she moved the feathered creature in the mirror moved. As he took aim his wife cried out. because it is so dark inside. She was sure that she could feathers not grown have when any she was asleep. As evening drew near. too. " I will go back house." thought the old I have turned into bird. dog barked and the calves ran away. She was rushing in and out of a new house trying to cover I the basket with her apron.

the farmer was passing another house when he heard screams and yells coming from it." The crafty farmer " Here is another thought: foolish woman. that she immediately gave the farmer five golden pounds. chance to make He This five said to the old an easy pounds." He picked up an axe that was lying will on the ground down one The wall foolish old and knocked of the house. The next day. As he peered cautiously round the door he saw a woman trying to pull something which looked like a sack .help me." is woman. " I certainly help you. woman was so pleased that her house was full of light.

back to his home." " Will He food and his horse and cart for promptly gave ten pounds to the farmer. for he that there were at least women in the world who had proved to be a good deal more foolish than his own poor three wife. "I will help you." In the morning the man took all the things the farmer's wife had given him. " Poor man. That night he came to a farm and asked for a room to stay in." she replied. The owner's husband had just died and his widow could talk of nothing but the poor man. but instead of going it on and it fitted perfectly. " Did vou know 1 am sure he will use them. ." said the widow." said the farmer." " Right. I felt sorry for him. to he Heaven set Now knew as he had promised. clothes or food and he could not find a room to rent " How terrifor the night.over a poor old man's head. " 1 would willingly give Peter?" " my husband 1 knew him." He took a pair •of scissors and cut off the top of the man's shirt. he could return. " Do you want to hurt that old man?" said the farmer to the woman. who walked out of the house thinking that this was the second foolish woman he had met. off." How "Really! was he?" she asked. " Oh poor me. " No. I am trying old to make an opening in this shirt so he can wear it. some clothes. The man tried you do me a favour and take some of his things back to Heaven with you? Take some money. As they were sitting down to dinner the woman said." groaned the old man. some pounds to the man ten golden who can put me out of misery. He did not ble. " I Of course the crafty just come said have down from Heaven. this have any money." farmer.

Like the other trees and plants. like all the other trees and plants?" it The until next year to happen. It saw The Green Fairy. they would lie down beneath the great tree and fall fast asleep. One bright Summer's day. However. it often became very depressed and sad. my wife and . "Oh. flocked Autumn there was was how the children round these trees to the It In fact. pick the fruit and play. but because it who floated along on a cloud of blue and green stars. to my two sons. in spite of being so much. you shall have your wish. there tree who children meadow dance . the voice of a hedgehog who was standing at its roots and looking up at it. was a beautiful chestnut which grew along in the The middle of a meadow. She said. gave her reply to the tree. the friend of all plants and trees. " Thank you. " Please. the poor chestnut tree wanted more than anything else in the world to have fruit and blossom on its branches. wh ile near lived used the and the the come and to around singing tree. the chestnut was not a happy tree. many. sweet Green Fairy. many years ago. you must wait tree for it how each Spring the other trees were covered with blossom and in fruit. The children would play beside the free for many hours until at last. kind can you give shelter tree. " Very well. too wanted to grow and bear delicious fruits. gaily chestnut laughing su n shone on its leaves. The great chestnut tree saw her coming and called out hopefully to her. could I please have some fruit on my branches. tired out with all their playing and laughing. the Green Fairy." tree said.GREEN FAIRY AND THE CHESTNUT Once." and with a puff of orange smoke the Green Fairy went on her way. happened to be passing through the meadow. but loved all TREE did not have any at all. One afternoon when as usual the chestnut tree was feeling sad and depressed it heard It was a quite and timid voice.

A few days later the chestnut tree saw the Green Fairy floating on the cloud of blue and green stars. " Dear chestnut tree. She stopped by the tree and said. " This is how your goodness and kindness to others is re- warded. it is as a matter of fact. Then thanking the great tree very much they scrambled back down again and ran off home. " Dry your tears. the great was no longer sad. but with lovely chestnuts inside. " Then you shall be rewarded your kindness. away she went. in fact was the happiest and loveliest on the Earth. It was happy tree it tree to have fruits. as the great tree looked at its branches." said the " you can hide in my branches with your family at once. From that day on. true?" " Well. as prickly as a hedgehog on the outside. stayed there until the danger had passed." Sure enough. prickly chestnut jackets with lovely brown chestnuts inside them." said the Fairy and." replied the chestnut family were tree." said the little hedgehog.myself in your big branches? We are being chased by some dogs and if they catch us I am afraid we might be eaten up." The hedgehog and his family scrambled up into the tree and tree. . moment on you From shall this have fruit on your branches. a little hedgehog has told me how you helped him and his to escape when they Is this story in danger. with another puff of orange smoke. yes. there appeared green. rather shyly." said the for Green " Fairy.



One day. All was done as Aladdin commanded and the marriage was celebrated at once. the Emperor would throw them at once faito them. for several years all went well.accepted and Aladdin's mother rushed back to say that the Emperor was on his way to visit The poor woman was terrified that when he saw their poor little house. The prison. when Aladdin was . but Aladdin delighted princess settled down happily with her new husband the least alarmed. he (old the Genie that he needed a huge palace at once. just outside the city and a guard of honour to welcome the Emperor. and was not in Rubbing the lamp.

she was overjoyed. summoned the Genie and had Aladdin's palace and the princess dirty old princess carried to the middle of Africa.his palace had gone to. he saw Aladdin's palace back in its former place. However. he ordered that his palace should be returned to China. turned. The remembered the lamp which her husband kept and thought how nice it would be to surprise him with clean. for he had no idea where this. but the Genie of the Ring was not powerful enough to do this. no one could think of a better ru ler tha n Aladdin. the princess. . the princess heard a voice in the street calling out. he took Aladdin to the out hunting. the sorrowing Emperor looked out of his window. palace and princess were Aladdin told the princess to invite the magician to a great feast and gave her a sleeping potion to put in his wine. Aladdin told her to get the lamp but she replied that the magician always kept it tucked in his waistband. No sooner had dinner finished. Aladdin did not know what to do. but accidentally he rubbed the ring on his finger and ihe Genie of Ring appeared. who had heard of Aladdin's good fortune and was determined to get the lamp. the re- united with his daughter and Aladdin and the princess lived happily ever after. When When Aladdin re- to be found. Emperor heard of he threatened to cut off Aladdin's head unless his daughter returned safely. new a one. next day. He snatched it eagerly. nowhere The Emperor was quickly . When. When she saw him. When the old Emperor died'. Eagerly Aladdin ordered him to brine the palace and princess back. of the Lamp." It was Abanazar. than he was fast asleep and Aladdin pulled the lamp from his waistSummoning the Genie band. " New lamps for old. so she took the lamp down to the magician.


Much the Miller and Little
John wanted to carry Robin
to the outlaws' camp but
he would not let them. "It
is not as bad as all that,"
"Come on."
he argued.
They started on their long
walk home through the
green forest glades.

after and quickly went to his cattle shed. Pushpa pestered him with her demands. there lived a farmer He lived happily with his wife. But she was half witted and behaved like a fool. " Is Pushpa at home?" But from time to time. and weary of her back. tion. " Are you out of your head? Marry you? Never. From inside. I do all your household work. she became frightened and thought she had been turned She ran into a black spirit. can never see you in my dead wife's [ cart. Ranjit resolved never to marry again. "Yes! She houshold chores. Pushpa fell asleep tiring day's work. One day constant importunities. where he kept his bullock place. Pushpa was a hard working woman and kept house neatly. '* Why don't you marry me? After all. Ranjit shouted is busy with . In the morning Pushpa got up with the crowing of the cock and went to wash her When she saw her reflecface." Ranjit laughed scornfully and replied. wife's death. One night.GHOST INT 4E VILLAGE Long ago. Ranjit determined to teach her a lesson." He took some black from the hub and smeared it all over Pushpa's hands and legs. but one day she caught fever and within a week was dead. Heartbroken at his called Ranjit. back to the house and standing in front of the door shouted. grease face. So he appointed a woman named Pushpa as his house keeper." she said to Ranjit. a Ranjit saw her snoring away.

The householder seeing the dark figure of Pushpa thought it was a ghost and said 'so to his friends next morning. I The householder hearing came running out and noise this the thieves took to their heels. but plucking a bit courage went back to her. in and "Which one the night. the cocks or the hens? Again the householder woke up and dashed On out. oil' seeing him. Do tell me?" Pushpa exclaimed loudly. hen coop. the thieves ran in hot pursuit. " But don't know which one to choose. thieves. he promptly fainted away. The next Wheii she heard this. The third night^ the thieves went off to do their act but did not take Pushpa with them. help you. But Pushpa shouted. Pushpa ran after them. Next day the village buzzed with rumours of a ghost. thieves who had planned to rob the house saw her and raised an . and again sent Pushpa to scout the loca- This time she found a tion.'' thieves were at first hesitant. raided another hotise.shall drive out?" I The thieves said. with Pushpa As for the far- mer when he saw the apparition that was Pushpa. shouted and ran off. they sent her into the cattle shed to drive out the cows which they planned to steal. Ghost. Pushpa went called out loudly." they outcry. " Don't Til go! 1 won't harm you. and the three of them trudged on through the village. . and as for the thieves they had been unlucky on both occasions and went without food (or two days. " Don't shout so! Choose any and drive them out. and she ran Two outside. Pushpa's doubts became a certainty. and asked loudly what her partners wanted. The two Come back." Ghost. When they came to a house.

fear got hold of the witch doctor and with a nervous yell he jumped off the back of the farmer and fell into the soggy. and as the way to the vegetable patch lay through marshy land climbed on the farmer's back to cross the soft ground.Left alone. Light the is toil. Hearing the noise of footsteps. Seeing her in the darkness. many share —Home*. " Well. The latter armed with the tools of his trade set out. Pushpa now cured of her silliness. He made off her body. called out loudly. been watch- fast as his legs Now Ranjit had ing Pushpa's activities could hardly laughter. her himself. . The farmer bolted from the spot as could carry him. poor Pushpa who hadn't eaten for two days went to a nearby vegetable patch and plucking out some sweet potatoes began to eat them. the task where. mud. pity on and he contain his But at last he look and took her home. lived happily with Ranjit. her wash the grease and later married her. was it good hunting today? Did morsel?" you a get nice Hearing these words. the owner of the patch thought she was a ghost and went in search of the village witch doctor. Pushpa thinking that the thieves were returning.

" at least laughed rabbits he could cross over to the other side. Though there were many kinds of rabbits there was only one Now white rabbit. It would speak at length about the people. about who lives Daily hun- dreds of suitors come seeking Even her hand in marriage. "Don't be silly." But white rabbit was in no mood to listen to advice and constantly thought about how I must once in my Said the you must crocodile. I'd be able to see all the wonder- go there The other and said. "Well. He wanted to go to Japan and see all the wonderful things he had rabbit heard about. this would lie on the sands and gaze at the blue sea. If could only cross the sea and go to the land on the other side. A in certain crocodile that lived the sea spurred the rabbit's by describing all the wonders of Japan. If you leave this Island you will fall into danger. rabbits noticed the white rabbit which All other the state in was and asked what was wrong. have heard the beautiful princess on the mainland. the rabbits lived without any fear. White rabbit I ful things in the world. time. So don't go. As there were no other animals on the Island.THE WHITE RABBIT Rabbit Island was close to Japan and was full of lovely rabbits. how finely they dressed and curiosity lived. "Ah! replied. now 1 heard that five princes .

and Japan see to 1 the to take me on me on the side. "Alas! Who has and done this to you?" . tain "Friend." princess. to White rabbit unable to conhimself any longer said." Then they galloped ofF. Just then four the horsemen dres- came galloping shore. Gently he picked up the creature said. The poor rabbit rolled about on the sand and this increased the pain^from the raw Wounds on his body. Then a man dragging a lot of luggage came that way and noticed the forlorn rabbit. your back and drop other am turn her face away. So behind the poor creature hid tree and bemoaned Then he determined to a its fate. back to his Island with the help of the crocodile. So when no one was about he dashed towards the shore. the rabbit ran for dear life and landed in a salt mound. But they only laughed and said. rabbit leaped ashore nimbly and skipped around in great joy. boldly lovely How get When rabbit eager Please take princess." replied. the went up to them and requested them him also to the princess. crocodile. But that only increased his I pain. The rabbit sed like princes along " If the princess looks at you. Sorely wounded. she'll The crocodile they neared him. "Oh! can that be? Won't the other rabbits be annoyed if do that?" But the white rabbit pleaded so much and so long that at last the crocodile relented and carrying him on its back crossed The white over to Japan.from a distant land are coming Japan to press their suit stopped in his tracks and over heard them talking about the with her. But suddenly a dog pounced and severely bit him all over the body.

white rabbit "Why don't you marry the princess? You seem a good • sort." The prince laughed at this simple statement and busied himself in dressing the wounds of the white rabbit. most exciting when it is lived Heiien Keller .Then all that white rabbit related had happened and menmen had gallo- tioned that four ped off man in that direction." an exciting business and for others. The Those older brothers. took the Now the princess had rejected the suit of the other four to press princes. princess. white with glistened and caressed rabbit fifth prince Then his white adventure to marry the it. stay have put here and rest a while. like a servaht and I carry their Then asked. Life is Then the fifth prince entered the place luggage for them." with the white rab- The princess was enchanted rabbit whose fur and shone like snow. said. Since white rabbit has that time . a salve on your wounds and you'll become handsome as I before. Then he said. "Oh! White rabbit. So she married the fifth prince and lived happily. also lived there. I am youngest brother. leep. We our suit with the But they treat me Then he went away and the rabbit which soon fell left as- Later he returned and sleeping rabbit with him to the palace. four are their came my "Ah! Yes. She took the rabbit in her arms bit. related and urged her who alone was good and kind.

As they grew up to be handsome lads. One day when he was absent ftom home. was a golden tt up fish in the sea and cut into six parts which were he was contented. an old crone came to his wife and said. "Well. had a litter of two bitch puppies. After woman the some time. Do this and you'll get to crone. Bury the balance two on two sides of your front door. and the fourth your mare. each one selected a horse." Then hobbled out of the old sight. Do as I tell you. the fisher- gave birth to boy twins. They could be peas told apart only by the dress they wore. The fisherwoman did as she bid. Her husband caught wife. it distributed as instructed by the seems you and your husband and two long for a child. another bit to the bitch. at times he would feel very sad because he had no heir to light his house. a dog and a tree for himself . One was named Jai and the other Vijay. give either side of the front door. Cut it into six bits. Eat one yourself. large trees grew on The twins were as alike as in a pod. Ask your husband to catch a golden fish. Though desire. the mare foaled twice. one to your husband.TWIN ADVENTURES Once upon a time a fisherman with his would sail catch a lot for a who there was lived happily Everyday he on the high seas and of fish which he sold what you woman handsome profit.

Jai. She in fell love with Jai straightaway and wanted to marry him. But to travel the old parents were not willing So would to send both at once. "Oh! exciting thing the beautiful is Her name princess. to his displease and side man." Jai looked long at the palace is king's palace." Then he began to sing. But alas! all those who sought her hand in marriage failed to pass the test arranged by the king and were duly hanged. Swarnakeshini. city.One day Jai and Vijay desired round the world. 1 the palace win- dows Princess opened. and wanted to rest. watch tree carefully. lei me sing you a song. Her the king not wanting father." Then he got on his horse and accompanied by his hound set Soon he out on his travels. my ma rry satisfied her called Jai to "Young said. here replied. Opposite the travellers and made them and said presently. wants to must be that you are a worthy daughter But you. I . he enquired whether there was anything exciting going on in the woman The old The most Yes. from Jai when was it leave returned he told brother his before leaving house. decided that and first. Vijay allowed to go. "Vijay. When the song stopped. and Swarnakeshini listened to his song in rapt admiration. would be his travels. reached a was tired glittering city. That night. He Jai elected to slay there. Why should worry? Come. life is in danger. she sent her guard to bring the singer over to the palace. at dinner. As his soulful melody reached out comed into the night. comfortable. She ran to her father and shyly-announced her desire. he saw a humble cottage where dwelt an old woman who wel- "Oh! Never mind tiiat. know that my If my the leaves fade.

" But Jai exclaimed." "What!" cried the astonished king. she said. hang you. But there is yet one more task to be . "Good! Tomorrow you must ride all round the this field three times. and not a drop fell on the ground. I'll help you. Take my earrings and drop them into the pitchers." Again Jai returned to his humble dwelling thoroughly downcast. think well. the king took open field log of wood said. I have no desire to marry your daughter. I shall If shall arrange. young man. "Don't worry. lake part Jai I in quickly.suitor. The princess who missed his song came and anxiously asked him why he did not sing. "However. told her of the When stiff feat he ahead of him." nodded his head and Jai came back to the cottage worried at how he was going to accomplish that task. Wrap this strand of hair round blade and strike hard. The water will freeze and you can ride round the field easily. So. said happy to shall be the test. "Well. the and with log The into his blade two equal surprised king said. you must cut this log into two with one stroke of your blade. Jai rode round the field with great con- fidence. The king was even more astonished and said. "Tomorrow morning. Everything will be alright. daughter. while holding in each hand a pitcher of water which must not spill on the ground. so far so good. Jai went out to your the field split parts. Swarnakeshini came running and hearing the cause of his sorrow said. "you don't wish to marry her?" Seeing that the king was getting angry. "Don't worry." So the next day. "Sire." Slightly mollified by this ans- him to an and showing him a wer. I you can pass the test you can wed my If you fail." Next Day.

" But as Ja' was not keen on marrying the princess. "11 celebrate the wedI comely maiden tied to a rock. One day Jai went into the forest to hunt and came to a lonely cottage. She was weeping bitterly. can claim victory. ." comforted her and prepared to meet the dragon which was even then surfacing from its watery lair. wrestle with my champion. fate has me a harsh blow.sea. A wicked witch at Jai's victory here. the city by the sea. Swarnakeshini was waiting for him and quickly she said. Jai asked what ailed her. me a me me transform It is with that you'll have to wrestle. must be devoured today by the dragon that lives in Although the . But don't worry. and when she saw she touched him with her magic wand and alas! the poor fellow and his horse and dog lived Jai. A fierce battle ensued and at last the dragon dealt Jai was slain. The king rejoiced and married his daughter to him. "I know what this last task My is. the capital of which lay on the When he reached sea coast. The maiden replied. and I'll drop to the ground in a faint.ding of my daughter to you. Jai emerged triumphant. am the 1 1 princess of this land. "Tomorrow. that night he stole out of the cottage and galloped olf very fast." And so it came Then you to pass. drug that into a father gives will demon. and throw him down. brave lad. He went along with them and saw a You must attempted. and the happy king cried out. "Sir." Jai thought about this and was sure there was a catch When he went somewhere. home. he saw a huge crowd of mourners going towards the sea shore. Soon he reached a neighbouring country. Sprinkle this water on me.

Then the dog and the horse were also restored to their original forms. So the witch said. implored Vijay to save her. her skinny throat. He the sea went to the palace and the king who mistook him for the other twin said. When the witch saw she shrieked loudly and brought out her magic wand. who was hurt because she thought her husband had deliberately ignored her. IT you touch a dead person with this. Even your wife mistook me for you. the dire- woman's cotAs he neared the witch's he saw the still statues of brother and the faithful his animals. As the brothers were returnhome. 'At this the witch screeched piercingly and anyone come to will turn statue. oflf in ction of the old tage. At last he reached the city by and heard that Jai had married the royal princess. So he saddled his horse and rode out in quest of Jai. At about this time." Taking the magic wands he went straight to his brother and brought him back to life. reply Then Vijay learnt that his brother had not returned from the hunt. Vijay related all that happened and said "It's ing had a funny thing we're twins.were all turned to stone. he'll This green wand into a stone Vijay spared her life. and his dog leaped for him. At once he became cautious and tip-toed into the cottage. knew that something dreadful had happened to the other twin. "Where have been? We've searched all over for you!" But Vijay not bothering to went in search of his brother. But Vijay snatched it from her hand. "Take this red wand. life. So he galloped lair. He did not care to speak to the princess also. But he refused to do anything unless his brother was restored to life. the leaves on Jai's trees began to droop and fade and Vijay." .

So he said. and the sorrowing princess's face flushed with happiness. Thus Jai and Viay lived offer happily ever afterwards. . I am not Jai. "Princess. Then Jai told his brother about his encounter with Swarnakeshini and asked Vijay to marry her. he galloped to the palace." Swarnakeshini said. in a not your name. Vijay did not seem angry at all and these words. Jai realised what a terrible injustice he had done to his brother. and was made king of the land soon after. So he married her. safe and sound." His wife replied. "Oh! We've searched everywhere for you. So quick as thought he rode back with the magic wands and restored Vijay to life. You turned your face away from me. Jai lost his spot." When he heard her say this. Oh! I was so heartbroken. I misjudging the good nature of his brother. There he found his wife weeping her heart out. you were so cruel to me. "What's the matter? Why do you cry? Here I am back. faithful "What happened? Was thrown off my horse or what?" Then Jai humbly begged pardon for his misdeed and related how he had acted hastily in asked. Next day Vijay went to Swarnakeshini's palace.At temper and drawing out his sword slew his brother on the Then followed by the hounds and Vijay's horse. "What's name? I desire to wed you. "Yesterday. Vijay was generous in his forgiveness and all three were reunited. I am Vijay. Where did you go? See the marriage preparations are on." Vijay replied. Of course." Vijay realised it was useless to an explanation.

You will his cheek. what was written on the card. This man was a all this on too. part about overjoyed He slapping. humili- one day. in return. called Kapurchand ated by felt so that. you will get money you kick someone. he ran away from home. On the way.. he noticed a man silting on the foot-path with a caged parrot. Whatever you do will bring you profit. Kapurchand was to read all this. to you. He was not a bright fellow and could hardly do anything right. liked the kicking and dragging a man by his hair. Kapurchand saw a number of people the fortune dropped a coin in front of him. Even his wife began to think lowly of him. went his way repeating to himself the order in which he should and then fight. Kapurchand read it to him. But the older man stopped him . and the parrot picking up a tarot card brought teller. to kick. His parents were disgusted with his foolishness and did not bother about him. If you slap a man to drag a man by his hair. Kapurchand strode forward and slapped him ringingly. Even man by his hair. consulting He If wealth will if you drag you'll come a shortly get a chest full of trea- The sure. fortune teller who used the parrot to reveal the secret of the tarot cards. He reached a river side and saw a father and son sitting there. parrot's words are never wrong. The older man seemed pensive and his cheeks were swollen on either side. Above all he liked nothing betSo he ter than a good fight. "Now is your lucky period. get money. The son stood up to defend his father. to slap." THE PARROT'S PROPHECY Long ago there lived a farmer Kapurchand.

Long have from an incurable Even the doctors Thank you. The man fell down with a cry of anguish but the next moment bounded up me I ever thank you enough! Here.and Sir! 1 said. take these fifty rupees. Here take rid of my teeth. He walked on." Kapurchand was. Kapurchand saw this and purThen posefully strode forward. in joy. The second part of the parrot's prophecy had been fulfilled. "Ah! Thank you. After some hours. he came hamlet where to a some marriage preparations were going on. suffered tooth-ache. As he flung his head to and fro. were afraid to pull my teeth In one blow you have out. "Brother. as can a small token of my gratitude. and soon man holding his hip espied a and swaying from side to side.astonished to find that the first part of the had come parrot's soothsaying true. Kapurchand walked up to him and kicked him with all his might. you have rid a terrible pain in the hip which threatened to cripple me." Kapurchand pocketed the money and walked on. reward ten rupees as these for your good deed. his knotted hair came loose and hung about his shoulders. How of he seized the pipe player by the . Sitting under a pandal a man was blowing music through a long pipe.

. Just then the pandal collap- sed in a heap of sticks and poles and everyone thanked Kapurchand for his foresight in averting sure danger. like She was even more astonished to see all the costly presents that littered the ground. Kapurchand he had come by explained all this how wealth. He was well feted by the elders of the village and presented new clothes. an outcry and forward to beat latter raised people ran Kapurchand. He was put in a golden palanquin and carried home honourably. Everyone thought that he was a seer who could save mankind from The and dragged him aside. his wife was surprised to see him descend from the some royal palanquin prince. Now everyone praised Kapurchand for saving them from sure death for to drink that water would have been fatal. Just then a dead snake rolled contained over. When the procession reached Kapurchand's home. Next day he was present at the wedding. Again he was showered with gifts. In one corner reposed a large pot brim with sweet Kapurchand full thinking to the essences. - out of the upset pot. that it money knocked it Again people rushed tothinking Kapurchand wards that he had gone mad.

Then at last he came" home. ducks. "No. They are greedy creatures. From that day on he changed and became a wise man who relied upon himself to work and earn a living." he I'll get lots declared grandly."If I can slap. But she said. THERE A BIRD — CATCHING IS FISH? Yes there are several and they belong to the Angler and Catfish fishes. more money. and related to his wife bitterly how the parrot's prophecy had failed him. Have you told has learnt a lesson?" Poor Kapurchand had to admit that he had had enough. and other sea birds. . at this all the people around on Kapurchand and bela- affront. His wife said. "Never mind. which catch and eat geese. There is a large catfish which catches and eats big birds swimming on the surface. Your greed punished you. He came to another village where he saw a man reciting from the holy scriptures. will gulls called the Gousefish. Please fight anymore. listen He the strode forward and slapped holyman. I you we had enough. Then there is one type of Angler : group of European fish. Let us be happy with what we have. kick and drag some more people by the hair. You would not listen." don't But Kapurchand would not and again set out on his travels. fell Angry boured him with ran for dear sticks until he life.

not feel pain while culling our nails ? ? ? of West German}' invented shorthand ? probably the richest sportsman in the world today is ? For which hook did Rabindranath Tagore receive the Nobel Prize ? What is the speed of the earth's orbit around the sun ? Which is the largest animal? Which Indian scored the highest number of runs in Test Cricket? Bang/a Desk is the greatest producer of a crop in (he world. What is it? Now Turn to Page 61 and Check your score Wis the hour for the lesson It the State In 1 elementary science and the teacher was lecturing hli pupils on gravity. In what script is the Punjabi language written ? 4." she concluded. 6. 15. children. . stand for ? 7. Who Who 9. is the Japanese name for Japan ? 2. "it the law of gravity that keeps us all on the "But.What /. Which European country broadcasts news in Sanskrit Which is the Winter Capital of Jamimt and Kashmir Who designed Chandigarh ? 5.o u lei I" ? . 12 13. 14. 10. PLANS Mm. Mcnri nwn. 8. Why do we 3. 11 . teacher. What is the designation of the Head of What do the letters A. to stick on before the law was passed?" "I MM you lo rt«I th. D." Inquired one puzzled " how did we manage child. "So you Is see.

until he came to the end. He sent for one of his Ministers. came from. in a new boat. A called third time the Chang Chu and ordered him to Emperor him before set out once more to find the source of the Yellow River. or where the Yellow River. with plenty of provisions. of the Yellow River. Chang Chu and ordered him to explore the country to the West and North of China and he also asked him to try called to find the source. One day. up the long and winding Yellow River that flows right across China. At that no one in China knew much about the outside world. visiting many different countries.THE WANDERING STAR Many hundreds of years ago. a man called Han Wu Ti was Emperor of China. who lived in the North and* it was many years before he was able to escape. but he had still not found the beginning of the Yellow River. which ran right through China. He set out on a second journey. but this lime he was taken prisoner by a fierce tribe of warriors. or beginning. so the explorer decided that the only thing he could do was to sail up the river. Chang Chu set out on his journey and travelled for more than fifteen years. . very the great Western Mountains. the Emperor Han Wu Ti decided to find out more about the outside world. He set sail. They did not know whether people lived beyond the time.

a great gale began to blow The small sailing boat was tossed from side to side on the. rough water and soon the mooring rope was broken and the boat was swept along by the raging water. weaving a beautiful cloth. that the The country around him looked quite different. he saw ture. She sang as she passed the shuttle from side to side on the loom. there were now fields and orchards. but now it was a beautiful shade of blue and so clear that he could see the stones and fish on the bottom. Chang Chu sailed for most of the day without seeing any- The He did not see many birds or animals. "Excuse me. while his boat was moored to the river bank and he was sleeping. It was not until late afternoon saw a herdsman leading that he his cattle down to the river for a drink and soon afterwards he came upon a girl. Next morning the storm had blown itself out and Chang Chu slept soundly. large number of magpies which always seemed to be skimming over the water. Along the banks of the river were many peach trees. thoroughly exhausted by the night's advenWhen he awoke. either." ." he said. "but could you direct me to the nearest village? I have lost my way in the storm and am a stranI ger in this distinct.He had been sailing for many months and one night. except for a one. with not a cloud to be seen. sitting on the opposite bank of the river. sky was a lovely blue. ft had been swift-flowing and muddy. Chang Chu into the shore the steered his boat and went up to girl. all in bloom and scenting a the air with lovely perfume. too. Instead of mountains on either side. river looked different.

The two lovers could see each other. fell in love with a young Herdsman and they were married. "I will Many tell you the whole years ago. cannot "I tell the nearest village I did you would not believe me. perhaps. They were really too happy and too much in love. young Weaving Goddess. for they both neglected their duties. the story. very puzzled. who is the daughter of the King of the Stars." "Instead. take this she said. to the telling him his story and giving shuttle. This made the King of the Stars so angry that he banished the Herdsman to the other side of the Milky Way. Then.The girl looked up and smiled charts. gave a cry of excitement you the way to and even if and said. "But. you must be the wandering star that I saw on that night in the at him. The astronomer looked at his him the the seventh heavens. but ." 'The wandering star?" Chang Chu. shuttle of the palace Take it mine and return to of your Emperor. he said that he had been given the shuttle on day of the seventh month. the minister the stars and tell who studies him the exact day and month when you received it. to the Emperor's astro- nomer. he will be able to explain where you were." replied the wise man. but he did as she had said and he sailed back down the river He went straight astronomer and after to the palace. said "Yes. the great river that runs through the middle of the sky. of course. The Herdsman allowed his cattle to stray and the Weaving Goddess no longer worked at her loom." Chang Chu was very surprised at what the girl had told him.

"all the magpies from the Earth meet on the banks of the Milky Way and form a bridge so that the lovers can walk across their wings and meet each other." cried Chang Chu with surprise. on that night.they could never meet. "Well. I feel sure you must have been that star. a wandering star. "I saw the Herdsman and the Weaving who appear to us on Earth as the two stars. "But if that is so." continued the astronomer. did you wise man. Vega and Altair." "I understand. On that one day. "This year I was watching the sky on the seventh day of the seventh month as usual. come between those two From what you tell me. and he remembered the many magpies he had seen 8ying across the river that day. Never." " But how could they meet with the broad Milky Way bet- ween them?" asked Chang Chu. but suddenly I saw another star." nodded Chang Chu." replied the astronomer. notice any peach trees growing up there?" thing! . until the seventh day of the seventh month." goddess." replied the "Tell me. the King of the Stars forgave them and they were that allowed to meet. "the Milky Way and the Yellow River must be one and the same Do you mean to say that the fields I saw on each side of me were the fields of Heaven?" "Undoubtedly. is.

we to travel river. by sailing along our great great trees bear (he fruits of Immortality." replied Chang was and when picked one and eaten it. Han Wu Ti and he told him about his travels and adventures." said the astronomer." For many years."Indeed Chu. this fable has been told in China. so it is not surprising that believed that Heaven. it some people went as far as . The Yellow River is very long and seems to go on forever. you would have lived for ever. Chang Chu went to see the Emperor. at last. The Empethe ror cried. in the Milky Way. "Those I did." Next day. Now it is possible from the earth into the sky. "Had you been there fruit "At ripe last. know where the beginning of the Yellow River is.

assaults his parents. we question whether he was born of such parents. Akbar looked at his courtiers and asked. can that be? Words sensical Birbal friend whereupon " Very speak well. " Normally no man ever Were he to do that. at the latter Let random. Birbal Birbal responded quickly. court the In Great. had also a courtier. " Can there be an inner meaning to words which are purposeless?" There Birbal replied. One day. " Yes. the a friend While the ness." At once the courtier 'said. " The man who was not born of his parents assaulted them while drunk. so. If he assaulted them while drunk." Akbar looked enquiringly at of the Emperor and earned plaudits for his wit and clever- said. In other words." The other courtiers crowded round to hear what would make of this. This so enraged the latter that he became jealous of Birbal and an opportunity to sought revenge himself upon the court wit. my I'll read meaning in his words. Birbal." The jealous this was slight " How his courtier thought opportunity to he declared. we are certain those parents could not have spawned such as he.BETWEEN THE LINES Akbar of Birbal rose high in the esteem which are purposeless and noncan have no inner meaning. can be. Birbal who was other courtier per- formed routine duties and saw no advancement in his career. .

" The King of the Beasts. If grass was lacking it meant that Birbal smiled the is the lion did In other words. had to protest and avow -his loyalty to the King. his at him with such deep Birbal had insight." and said. " The king shot the bird with his -arrow. is my is friend." Again the court echoed to the applause of the nobles who were delighted with this answer. But the courtier was not put off by this. . As for the court. " For lack of enough grass." saw him from disappeared into river. But this only roused the ire of the courtier who shot out with. So he is planning to attack the King. most of all the Emperor." Akbar clapped his hands in joyous acclaim of Birbal's interpretation.breeding tells in men and animals. That is why the donkey kicked not reward the When heard the this courtier jealous remarkable explana- he was not a little surHe had not expected words to be thrown back tion. The donkey is its servant. the courtier. who rewarded Birbal handsomely for his wisdom. is His not him. prised. that enough is his salary. the the lion. It fell into the waters of the lion donkey enough for its services. the donkey kicked the lion. guessed Naturally he correctly his discontent. grass. everyone laughed at his discomfiture. This then is what I read between for the lines. bird its nest and the water. Yet a third time he said." Birbal explained. lion The donkey our King. " The king went on a A hunt.

onslaught came Duryodhana. read on.his renowned warriors. his kith the the and his slip from mighty his bow began fingers.. davas. the eiders were cautious in their assessment but Kama boasted and asked for just five days time. Lord Krishna tried in vain to woo Kama to the Pandava side.. Arjuna told Yudhishthira that it would not be possible for him to set a date to destroy Kauravas.. One of the sons of Duryodhana left the Kaurava ranks and joined Pandava army in response to Now Yudhishthira's call. heavier became his heart at thought of slaughtering them.. Duhshasana and Dunmukha. Nakula. how long it would take to destroy the Pandam armies. picked Much to ravas. to Arjuna up courage only when Lord Krishna consoled him by asking him to do his duty and not to care for the fruits thereof. From the Pan- dava ranks came the UpapanAbhimanyu.MAHABHARATA The story so far. Lord Bhishma and Arjuna . Sahadeva and Dhristadyumna to aid Bhima. war on the Bhima began the Kurukshetra field. 'Roaring a fierce lion he pounced upon the Kaurava armies and like began to scatter them To meet his like chaff. The longer Arjuna looked at and kin in the battle. Kauwalked to the delight of the Yudhishthira the opposite side to blessings of seek the Bhishmaand Drona. When Duryodhana asked.

Sik- handi took onAswathama s Virata struck Bagadatta. Abhimanyu challenge the and with his raced up to old patriarch. battle. Seeing his lone battle. two Virata princes. Bhima. Vivimsathi. engaged Abhimanyu fought Bhima faced Duryodhana. Sathyaki and Dhristadyumna. . blows kacha with Drona. wrestled GhatothAlamba. and Drupada shot arrows at Saindara. carefully aimed barbs cut the latter's pennant. and was in danger of being captured. rushed forward to lend him their armed support. the Kaurava armies fought well and inflicted severe damage on the Pandava legions. Brihatpala. Yudhisthira opposed Salya. When the sun rose in the middle of the sky. Dhristadyumna traded Kritavarnia. At once his brother Swetha dashed forward and routed the well that the Kau rava warriors who were trying to arrest Uttara. Lord Bhishma Salya. the were locked in a fierce Sathyaki Similarly. Lord Bhishma retreating a turned his chariot round charged at the exposed But the young Prince did not break ground and slaughtered number a of little and flank of Swetha. Salya and his centre He was Kritavarma. The other Pandava soldiers swooped down upon the combatants and ranged aid of Salya themselves alongside Swetha. inspiring command of Lord Bhishma. and killed a number of warriors. The Kauravas and the PandaUnder the vas fought fiercely. Kripa. Sahadeva chased Dunmukha.drove chariot through the of the Pandava ranks. Lord Bhishma came to the and showered his arrows on Swetha. Uttara rode into the battle on elephant back and attacked Virata. followed by Dunmukha. But the latter fought so young Prince fell headlong from his perch.

Sathyaki and Abhi- manyu fighting in another cor- the field saw the plight of of the young Prince and advanced rapidly. Swetha's brother Sanka bur- ferred to Arjuna's chariot. Yudhisthira spoke his thoughts to Lord " Krishna. At the first setting of the sun the two sides halted the battle. At fell In the this rate Pandava camp. There was great jubilation in the Kaurava camps and Duryodhana bubbled with joy at Lord Bhishma's valour and magni- sting with thoughts of revenge ficent fighting. Bhishma. gloom Lord Bhishma will kill . Salya destroyed Sanka's chariot. gave furious this way onslaught. upon Kritavarma and Salya. Undaunted clear his Swetha jumped of the debris and twirling his head mace high above hurled it at Lord Bhishma's chariot and completely demoli- shed it. Lord Bhishma now attacked Drupada and the Pandava ranks shivered at the gory deeds of the great and redoubtable warrior. But Lord Bhishma with a well aimed arrow ended ner the gallant Prince's At once a life. fire. Arjuna came .to his aid and promptly Lord Bhishma turned his attention on the famed bowman. and retired to their camps.Kaurava Bhishma Even Lord soldiers. Krishna. and the latter trans- descended on all. before But when it seemed as though the old warrior would have to surrender or be killed he rallied round and with a fresh burst of destroyed Swetha's chariot. great cry of joy rose Kaurava ranks and the Pandava legions became downthe in cast at this tragedy. today's battle has benumbed me. At once Lord Bhishma commandeered another chariot and rushed on the young Prince who stood alone on the battlefield.

. Arjuna determined to fight the old patriarch. " Lord Yudhisthira. is no Lord will be slain by Don't forget that!" Dhristadyumna interposed and said. So great was his prowess that even warriors like Salya. beak with Bhima and Dhristadyumna guarding the wings. " Let the Pandava legions be formed in the shape of a Krauncha bird. Promptly he despatched a whole division to fight against Arjuna. will not our the be able to ranks. and There Dhristadyumna. I I have sworn to kill Drona. Duryodhana saw to his utter dismay the dreaded Krauncha of the Pandava Drupada stood at the formation armies. he would have blunted Arjuna's attack. Then he set about demolishing the carefully formed Pandava legions. But Arjuna proved more than a match and his arrows caused a severe dent in the Kaurava formations. When Lord Bhishma was in- formed of the new war tactics. their fell chariots Aswathama back and turned round. Virata. and Kripa.Pandava warriors. the rival armies began to stir and make preparations for the battle. they called upon Duryodhana to help them. you must not lose All heart. Yudhisthira. Drupada. Arjuna is killa whole lot of Kaurava If Kama had been ing warriors. However. Our enemies penetrate Brihaspati." the As over the pearly dawn broke Kurukshetra." Yudhisthira taking Then heart at such words and casting off his gloom said. He drove his chariot forward and soon his arrows began to take a toll of Kaurava lives. your brothers are valiant men. for Bhishma Sikhandi. High It was Priest of Gods who suggested this formidable formation to Indra. he reset his own formations and advanced to the attack. Yudhisthira brought up the rear. Intend- ing to surround him. Lord " Grandfather. you must now put an end to here. shall relentlessly fight against Kripa and Salya. At once Duryodhana went to Bhishma and said. cause anxiety. the off all When we know the inevitable why should we fight on? Why not stop the battle and prevent further bloodshed?" consoled Krishna Lord " Yudhisthira. Moreover you are surrounded by such great fighters as Sathyaki.


" Lord Bhishma fight is my replied. soon Dhristadyumna But weakened and but for the Bhima would have presence of lost his life. Soon the Pandava colossus and the Kau- ravas were locked in a titanic But the issue was struggle. In another part of the field. With great ease Bhima despatched Kalinga and his three sons to Hades and inflicted extensive damage on the enemy troops. never very long in doubt. and the horses were killed.>™d. battle raged long victory came to neither. The chariots of both were damaged. charioteer. Great work indeed.> compliments. . Sathyaki came to Bhima and said.Arjuna's life. Duryodhana sent Kalinga to attack Bhima. Arjuna was pained to see Lord Krishna bleeding from wound sustained in the engageFuriously he shot his ment. Lord Bhishma hearing about the death of Kalinga swooped on Bhima but was opposed by and Dhristadyumna. Sathyaki killed Lord Bhishma's and the horses galloped off in wild confusion taking the old warrior to another part of the field. " Bhima. bolts at killed Lord Bhishma. and the Though the and fierce latter's charioteer. You fought very well." Bhima stroked his moustache in a pleased fashion at such fc. You killed Kalinga and his sons singlehanded. " To There is no duty. room for sentiment. well done." Then he got into his chariot and speeded towards Arjuna. Drona Dhristadyumna and fought a long drawn out battle. Sathyaki Bhima into lost his chariot and got Dhristadyuman's vehicle. Even the charioteers were not spared. Soon a battle royal raged between the two foes.

but these days. Another thing that made the Befana feel very sad was the fact that the children were no longer there were delighted at receiving her toys. from wood. when she had the toys herself. The Befana continued well-known by all 1 her She Every year Italian children. very She tired. children of Italy as they one very special year. time of Epiphany.BEFANA THE FAIRY The Befana had Befana. " Here she comes. she tip-toed along contented after the Befana task. our kindly in the past. in spite would came of try children and she to home. arrival The Befana appears at the days as Is a fairy who is sleep before she to no golden trumpets or drums to greet her and even if there had been. a religious festival that takes place twelve the Befana brings presents and toys to the lie asleep. a long time in Italy had been announced with the blowing of golden trumpets and the beating of drums. but these children no gifts she Befana many made years ago. they would not have been heard above the noise of the traffic in the streets. They were so days spoilt these that they did not appreciate the brought them. longer liked the toys made from wood and magic. the Befana thought sadly." task of delivering their excitement they finished her gifts to the was returning As she walked over the rooftops she did not put her feet on the roof tiles for fear of waking the sleeping children. an old lady with white hair and a kindly face. . The remembered the day. deliver their presents. Then. But far from being happy and Instead. Then the children would hear her coming and put their heads under the sheets on their beds and say. her ago. finishing her was sad and felt that the children did not love or care for much her as as they had done Once. This is the story of what happened after Christmas. with a wave of a magic wand. on the shafts of moonlight that shone down from the night sky.

Very slowly and with tiembiirg hands the good What stopped. " The good me me fairy Befana hasn't brought a toy. suddenly. do. so opened her large sack searched in the bottom of two toys. There was a cry of joy and happiness from the little voice below as the Befana popped the toys down the chimney. Then the fairy looked. was she It not want. Then. it. She had made both of them from wood. with the help of a little wave from her magic wand." the said am going to see this poor child is crying. that noise? sounded like She could hear a child crying. even though she was on the rooftops. She stopped by a chimney pot and listened and then she heard a sobbing voice say. in the bottom of her sack and saw all S . One was a toy soldier standing to attention and the other was a toy horse with a lovely flowing mane." She turned back and retraced good I why her steps across the rooftops." When Befana felt very heard ashamed.on the moonbeams and looking at the stars in the sky. she has forgotten again. she she this and it for She drew them out. " This won't " fairy.

first And two among small plane Falls which bear his ." again. As the child's of joy and laughter came up the chimney.but bursts through the rock some 250 feet down Che cliff face. The water comes from underground screams and not from any river or lake.fairy popped the toys into all chimney. back to her home and as she walked through the stars which had been made by the child's laughter. the good fairy put them in her sack and said to herself. By now the Befana was very. so she began walking on the moonbeams again. shining stars. total The Falls are so deep in the jungle that they can be viewed only from and It an aircraft was from a plane that they were spotted [years by later Jimmy Angel he lartded a the boulders above the In 1935.212 feet. very tired. WORLD'S HIGHEST WATERFALL The Angel Falls In the Eastern jungle of Venezuela are the world's highest with a drop of 3. " With these I shall make the of next year's wooden Befana felt very happy eyes dolls. It does not plunge over the edge of a mighty cliff . they drifted off into the sky and turned into the cries bright.

is boy haven't done anything at all. " Sir r "Nonsense. this. . of all stood his horses. In front of the steed lay a heap of fresh grass." I was also fond of horses. at this unexpected off. For example.When Gautama. what given this horse happen- lieved in supernatural silk shawls. lived a in ghost. were Once be- the souls of dead inhabited people residences. day. lieved that their These lived in regarded fear and awe. This is the work of the ghost that lives here. He called the gotten tall you've grass!" replied. were steeped in people lived superstitions and generally be- ings. Now this ghost boy stable The stable Samar the horses. and from day never bothered to feed attack that he ran that But on Vijayadasami day he presented gifts to all his serThe ghost was not forand received a set of and well groomed. He was so with grass and other fodder. At once Samar sprawled headlong on the grass." frightened Samar noticed more Then he bent down to gather some grass and an unseen fist punched him on the back. that a black beauty laughed and said. the Buddha. Very often it would drive away the stable boy and feed the horses One and " Hallo. I'll feed the other horses with this grass. exclaimed. vants. spirits they former or souls the house and with a soldier a lot of named Samar horses a house inhabited by He had a lot of which he tended with loving care.

a footballer of Le Corbusisr/a French Architect. Qunimukhl. 2. Between 106. But none of these. would drive the horses to the stable. 11. Government. Jute. Therewhile cutting the nails the nerve system is not affected and bo we do not feel any pain. fore. " Let the venture out into replied." SCOBSE? ANSWERS 1. connected with the Nails aie neither blood vessels nor the cartilages. The Whale the largest one found in 1927 was of 32 metres long and was estimated to weigh around 224 tons 14. what do you do there? Do you not see my horses shivering in the Stable them quickly. 8. of Lights. Vinoo Mankad 15. 12. Anno Domini Sir Isaac Pitman Pele.816 Kmph and 109. WMTS its ghost did in the finery. Gitanjall. Samar got annoyed and cried out. 7. and Samar and were When he his attendants soaked to the skin. 4. President. rain. — approximately." away. the rain. 13. If I my fine clothes will be spoilt. rub them down and generally make them uncom- the and stood stable wearing The ghost rain stop. 6. Chancellor is Brazil. 3 9. festival went to the Samar forest to hunt. returned home. 5 Jammu. 10. Germany. —meaning Nippon Sun. head of in 1955-86 —231 runs st Madras . he left his horses in front of the house and ordered his stable boys to go He thought the ghost fortable. It rained heavily in the forest.A the few days before Diwali. TTCNUlffi In Land of the Rising Japanese language. " Oh! Spirit.168 Kmph.

Takilfcar Mr. * be announced in full issue. B. your January. B. Winning Elliott Lane Calcutta-16. age and : PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST CHANDAMAMA MAGAZINE MADRAS-26. MARCH Winning captions * Write your entry on a post card. E. give your post to will Remember. or several words. Can you think of suitable captions? Could be single words. but the two captions must be related to each other. * * S. name. 20 will be awarded as entry must reach us by 3 1 prize for si the best caption. Entry— 'Challenging Side — Balancing Ride' . Result of Photo Caption Contest in The Prize is awarded November Issue to Mrs.PHOTO CAPTION CONTEST Mr. Tikilkif These two ph olographs are somewhat related. address. Gaudoln IT/1. 5. Rs.

Ramu went and saw whjch was to the forest as usual a wooden beam beautifully carved brought it home all over. not I. he heard the sound of deep snoring. If one could be captured. Ramu took him home and entombed him in an iron chest. He looked around but could see no one. Now Ramu had read a lot about goblins who roamed in the forests. As he was resting under a tree. fellow. did everything himself. " 1 I Please thing. He intending to . let " Look any- know don't me go. he was miserly. and rather than hire labourers to do his work. The dwarf woke up and ex- claimed. as usual.RAMU AND THE GOBLIN Once upon a time there lived a farmer called Ramu. the tree Ramu climbed and caught hold of the small man." replied Ramu promptly. he could be commanded to perform miracles." " No." you go. until you want to know. One day. he drove animals before him and went to the forest." Having said this. Then he glanced up at the tree and saw a small man lying in the fork of the branches and fast asleep. "Hey! What are you doing? Let me go. his So noiselessly. " Show me where a lot of gold is hidden. won't let me what tell I replied. Though he was very prosperous." The Goblin here. and I'll let you go. He would drive his cattle and sheep to the jungles to graze. A month later.

thief Ramu opened keep Goblin to Furious. Again. Ramu locked the dwarf inside the box and went of When Ramu dug up and vanished. A face good that cannot smile is never — MmUaI . Some his time visited later. the carpenter for a become a Then millionaire. invited but and prepared to him and accompanied him to the invitation leave. ner. discovered the hoard and has out. Ramu demanded to know where there was a lot gold. five rupees. I laughed to see you spend money on your relation who was not even invited to lunch with you. to stay Ramu the bus stop. laughed Goblin But Ramu did not release the little man. all left. When Ramu opened his iron to take out some money pay for the treatment. box to A month passed in this man- Again and again Ramu had to dig into his secret hoard of wealth to meet expenses. Ramu ran to the hiding place and discovered his loss. 1 someone has looted all your wealth from its secret place. raucously. lack sense Ramu That piece of wood you picked up in the forest was hollow and contained a lot of jewels and money. but the Goblin remained quiet. his a cousin of home. price. You sold him to stay to dinner. " You the replied fool. the the money In the evening Ramu returned home to be greeted by the mocking laughter of the Goblin. it to Raju. he saw the box open but the Goblin had vanished." "You Goblin.sell it good for a the Raja. " What ails you little man?" demanded Ramu angrily. When he got back to the house. carpenter local out some money that he did not notice a thief observing his bought the piece of wood for actions. One day he was so busy taking totally. did not press On the way. a gored the visitor and he was removed to Ramu's house bull for treatment. because laughed Thirdly. his laughed box and the iron his money in. the mockingly." Leaving the box open. Poor Ramu was left to rue his misfortunes. the other knowing the former's miserly nature declined He paltry sum of five rupees.


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