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Pamela Caryl S.

Dela Cruz
Section: 1-C SOL

July 27, 2016
Seminar 1

A. An Expat’s Observations about the Philippines
American expat Rusty has been living in the Philippines for three years now. For him, it's
a place where he thinks the people are awesome, the cost of living more affordable, the islands
relaxing and endearing. It may not exactly be paradise on earth, but it's good enough for him to
call home.
B. Dr. Josette Biyo’s speech to the executives of San Miguel Corporation
Dr. Biyo’s speech was really impressing. It makes me more motivated after I read her
speech. This speech taught me how wonderful life is, the determination in achieving your own
goal in life and don’t give up when obstacles are in our way. Because in the end, it will be all
worth it. “Love what you do, Do what you love” is the core value of this speech. You have first
put in your heart and everything will follow. This speech is really a MUST to read and
recommended for everyone.
This speech is all about the nationalism. We, as a Filipino, must give love to our country.
Instead of dreaming of having a blue eyes and white Christmas. Philippines is a country that we
must be proud of. There are lots of natural resources, native things, delicious foods and the like
that other foreigners are dreaming about this also. Each of us is unique, so be proud of
everything that we have.