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Casey J.

University of California at Berkeley
Molecular and Cell Biology: Cell and Developmental Biology
Intended Spanish Minor

Expected Graduation: 2018
Cumulative GPA: 3.667

Intended Education Minor
Private Tutor
Los Angeles, CA 2012- current
 Tutor for a range of subjects and ages, from middle school Science, History, English, and Math to high
school Geometry, Algebra 2, Biology, and AP Biology
Cal Teach Classroom Assistant
Berkeley, CA 2015- current
 Assist weekly in schools around Berkeley, most recently aided in a third grade science class by
answering student’s questions, helping carry out lessons, and observing student behavior
 Required planning and executing two lessons during a semester that followed FOSS standards in science
Intern at Colegio Internacional Aravaca
Madrid, Spain 2016- current
 Assist in teaching primary school students in English, Social Sciences, and Natural Science, including
supervising student activities and executing lessons
 Designed and led activities for students during both the school year and the summer school camp
Volunteer at East Bay Sanctuary Covenant
Berkeley, CA 2015-2015
 Assisted in teaching Spanish-speaking residents of the United States about the U.S. government and
civics in order to pass the citizenship test
 Helped lead English instruction classes for Spanish speakers
 Taught Spanish reading and writing skills to those adults who lack these abilities
Music Mentor
El Segundo, CA 2012-2014
 Taught beginning music theory, basics in marching, and how to play various instruments, including
clarinet and alto saxophone at Center Street Elementary School
 Led instruction for groups of 5-10 elementary school students
High School Teaching Assistant
El Segundo, CA 2013-2014
 Graded essays, projects, and other assignments for AP Biology and Biology students
 Prepared lab stations for AP Biology and Biology students
 Assisted with in-class instruction
 Provided direction and oversight to students in the use of lab equipment, such as microscopes,
micropipettes, and gel electrophoresis chambers
 Acted as a cabin leader of 9 middle school students during a weeklong overnight science camp, assisting
in teaching of the students as well
 Extensive Leadership Experience – UC Berkeley Alumni Leadership Scholarship Awardee, Secretary of
Prytanean Women’s Honor Society, External Vice President of UC Chorale Ensembles
 Strong analysis and communication skills
 Proficient with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint; knowledge of Excel.
 Fluent in Spanish.

Strong musical skills: read music, play clarinet and guitar, extensive choral training.

References: Furnished Upon Request.