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Lay the right foundation, unearth the true potential !
Use state of Art Technology of U.S Patented Dermatoglyphics Test to prepare for

Eight Kind of Intelligence Usability/ Analytic Usability/ Analytic Analytic Thought Logic Language Science & Math Design/Creat ive Holistic Thought Intution Creativity Art & Music .

For Age: 7-12: Know the Learning Styles and Activities Recommended For Age: 13-18: Scientific Career Counselling. parenting style. Focus on Employability Skills Enhancement Best Student Counselling Award Winner in Indian National Awards .Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test Do you know Your Child’s Inborn Potential & Talent? Do you know Your Child’s Strength & Weakness? Do you know Right Parenting Method? Do you know Right Career Path? Key Benefits For Age: 2-6: Know inborn potential. Relationship Management. different teaching methods to be employed.

Awarded as the “Best Contribution towards Student Counselling” in 2 nd Indian Education Award 2012 ISO processed technically approved Service Backup .S Patent Act for DMIT.Why Brainwonders?? 47 Franchisees and 5 Company owned Centres in India Largest Network of DMIT Reports Certified with ISO-9001-2008 Certified With The Govt of Ministry in SME Sector Only Company in the world to have an U.

S Patented DMIT Test Discover Your Child’s Hidden Talent & Potential Every Child is Unique and they possess different inborn Talents To use a scientifically proven method (up to 95% accuracy) to reveal a child’s inborn potential (Strength and weakness) To give parents an insight into their child ad to groom the effectively to the talents they possess To enable parents to focus on their child’s strength and to eliminate the ’guessing game’ on their talent Dermatoglyphics report is a very important guideline for a child to refer when choosing university major that best suit their inborn abilities and potential Know Your Child’s Inborn Leaning Style or Ability To know exactly the natural learning style a child posses A kinaesthetic learner is good in expressing their feeling/thought through body language and prefers To learn/memorize through operation and movement A visual learner has sharp observation/visual differentiation and prefers to learn through observation and reading An auditory learner prefers to learn through auditory sense/oral practice and able to assimilate. organize and arrange oral information To eliminate the ‘trial and error’ situation when parents send their child to a certain class (I. rebellious.e. this test can be used for self-evaluation and compatibility with your spouse or business partner . Aggressive. art class or music class) without knowing if the child is capable to comprehend Understand Your Child’s innate Characteristic To understand and to develop an effective way to interact Parents often misunderstood their children simply because they do not know their inborn characteristic (curious.Benefits of U. persistent with your child based on their inborn communications style To understand and to develop an effective interaction method with your child For adults.