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Ch (K hiu l a) - nu a tn cng l S (1)

- nu a tn cng khng phi l S (2)

Nu trong cu hi c:
- Name:
What is the name of (a)?
- Where:
Where is the (a)?
- When:
When is the (a)?
- (hnh ci in thoi)/ telephone number/ number: What is the telephone
- website: What is the website of (a)?
- information: What can I do for more information?
- address: What is the address?
- / cost: (1) How much do the (a) cost?
(2) How much does the (b) cost?
- ticket/ cost:
How much does the ticket cost?
- (hnh ci ng h)/ what time: What time is it?
- Tnh t (cheap/ expensive/ old/ new): Is it + Tnh t?
- For children/ adults/ every one: Is it for children/ adults/ every one?
- (What/ Where/ When) ng t: (What/ Where/ When) Can I/ Do I +
ng t?
- (Tnh t) Danh t:
(1) Are there + (Tnh t) Danh t?
(2) Is there a + (Tnh t) Danh t?
(1) Are they + (Tnh t) Danh t?
(2) Is it a + (Tnh t) Danh t?
- Car park:
Is there a car park?
Where is the car park?
- start/ finish: When does it start/ finish?
- about:
What is it about?
- who/ writer: Who is the writer?
- colour:
What is the colour of the (a)?