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Founded: 1969


Our clients protect communities, power

cities, move citizens, harness resources
and save lives all over the world. We work
with them to create and support the critical
communication solutions they depend
on to do their jobs.
Digital wireless communication forms the central nervous system
of everything we do. Around this resilient, robust core we design,
develop, manufacture, test, deploy, support and manage innovative
communication environments for organizations that have to put their
total trust in the systems and people they work with.
Weve worked hard to develop genuine insight into our clients worlds,
and have pursued engineering, operational and services excellence for
more than 40 years. This understanding, and our belief in championing
open-standards technology, means we can give our clients the best
possible choice and value to achieve the human outcomes theyre
driven by.
Were not simply aligned with our clients, were devoted to their cause.

Ownership: Private
(Charitable Foundation)
Global employees: 900+
CEO: Frank Owen
R&D spend: 15% per annum
Global offices:

Beijing, China
Brisbane, Australia
Christchurch, New Zealand
Houston, USA
Huntingdon, UK
Melbourne, Australia
Vienna, Austria
Founding member of the DMR
(Digital Mobile Radio) Association
Associate Member of the
Utilities Telecom Council
First Global Member of the
Professional Digital Trunking System
Industry Association, China
Funding of P25 Solutions
Centre, Sydney
Funding and oversight of Wireless
Research Centre, University of
Canterbury, New Zealand

What we
believe in




Because we believe we can truly make

the world a safer, better place, we work
primarily with public safety and utilities
organizations as they share these same
fundamental beliefs. Across the world,
in more than 150 countries, we work
with them to protect and serve their

We support our clients around the

world through three regional bases
covering the Americas, Asia Pacific,
and Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Working alongside us is a network
of trusted partners, integrators and
consultants that weve grown and
nurtured throughout the past four
decades, all of whom share our intense
focus on our clients.

Everything we do is based on open

standards because we believe the
solutions we create with our clients
need to be easy to integrate with other
organizations systems, applications
and equipment.

The ethos that drives Tait to fulfill this

purpose is that theres always a better
way. Its a shared belief that has its
roots in our founders famous phrase:
the best is yet to come.
We challenge ourselves to innovate
in everything we do and how we do
everything. Its the spark thats
driven our evolution from being a
best-of-breed technology vendor
to cementing our reputation as a
world-class strategic partner that
delivers business-critical results.
Applying this innovation to solve our
clients challenges is how we unlock
the value of the solutions we deliver
for them. We can call upon a huge body
of industry knowledge, technological
expertise and genuine insight to deliver
outcomes that truly matter.
We have commitment to listen,
the courage to act and the integrity
to deliver what we promise.

The hub of our global operations

is in Christchurch, New Zealand,
incorporating our principal design,
engineering and manufacturing
facilities. Our campus sits at the heart
of a diverse eco-system of suppliers
and partners that helps fuel the local,
regional and national economies.
Our ownership structure is another
testament of our commitment to
clients. We have only one shareholder;
a charitable foundation that shares
our operating profits across three
investment streams: research and
development, regional reinvestment,
and education. This exceptional model
means our clients can rely on us to
be an independent, stable and longterm player in the industry, singularly
focused on developing world-class
communication solutions.

Though most vendors agree that this

kind of interoperability is a positive
thing, the way the various technology
standards are interpreted differs
greatly. As far as were concerned, the
solution that works best for our clients
is the best solution, regardless of who
provides it.
Our commitment to open standards
means we can deliver highlycustomized solutions to our clients by
complementing our own products and
services with applications and systems
from our family of partners.