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Tutorial - 1

1. A 100 m tape is used to measure a distance of 705.76 m. The true length of

the tape is 100.02 m. What is the correct true length of the line?
2. The length of a survey line was measured with a tape having nominal length
20 m and was found to be 236.4 m. As a check the length was again
measured with a 30 m tape and was found to be 240.5 m. On testing, it was
found that the 20 m tape is 6 cm too short. Estimate the true length of 30 m
3. A 30 m tape weighs 12 g/m and has a cross sectional area of 0.020 cm 2. It
measures correctly when supported throughout under a tension of 85 N and
at a temperature of 13.5oC. When used in the field, the tape is only supported
at its ends, under the tension of 85N, the temperature is 20 0C. What is the
distance of 0 and 30 mark under these conditions?( = 1.15*10-5 for the
above temperature)
4. Calculate the elongation of a 30 m tape suspended under its own weight (a)
at a 30 m from top;
(b) 10 m from the top. Given that E = 20.7*10 10 N/m2, mass of the tape is
0.0744 kg/m and the cross sectional area is 9.6*10 -6 m2.
Homework - 1
1) A 30 m steel tape measured 30.0150 m when standardized fully supported
under a 70N pull at a temperature of 200C. The tape weighted 0.90 kg (9N)
and had a cross sectional area of 0.028 cm2. What is the true length of the
recorded distance AB for the following condition? (Assume all full tape
length except in the last one)
distance AB


Means of

Tension (N)



difference per
100m (m)

2) A steel tape, 30m long was standardized on the flat, under a pull of 89 N.
If the tape had a cross sectional area of 3mm2 and a mass of 0.024 kg/m,
Determine the field tension to be applied in order that the correction in the
tension was equal to magnitude to the correction for sag. What error was
induced in the sag correction by an error of +6N in that tension? Youngs
Modulus = 155,000 MN/m2
3) A nominal distance of 30m was set out with a 30m tape from a mark on
the top of one peg to a mark on the top of another, the tape being in the
catenary under a pull of 90N. The top of one peg was 0.370m below the
other. Calculate the horizontal distance between the marks on the two
pegs. Assume density of steel = 7.75*103kg/m3, section of tape=3.13mm
by 1.2mm, Youngs modulus = 2*105 N/mm2
4) A tape 100m long of standard length under a pull of 4 kg at 12 0C, it was
then used in catenary in three equal spans of 100/3m each to measure a
level line which was found to measure 3400m. Calculate the true length of
the line from the following data:
Pull on the tape = 10 kg
Cross section of tape = 5mm * mm

Weight of tape per cubic cm of steel = 7.7 gm

Mean field temperature = 200C
Coefficient of expansion = 0.0000113
E = 21*105 kg/cm2