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The purpose [1] of this proposal is to summarize [2] the results of last months customer survey
and to recommend [3] a change in the packaging of our chocolate boxes.
Background [4]
Our chocolate collection boxes have been the same for 10 years. We have a 12 piece collection
and a 24 piece collection. As you can see [5] in the attached [6] sales reports, sales of the 12
piece collection have been falling. At the last management meeting, it was decided to conduct a
customer survey to see if we need to make any changes.
Findings [7]
I have attached [8] the detailed results of the survey. To summarize, customers in the survey
preferred to buy the 24 piece collection as a gift for a special occasion. They thought that the 12
piece collection was too small for a gift, but too big to buy for themselves.
The results of the survey also show customers prefer the following [9] four flavors the most:

Dark chocolate and cherry

Dark chocolate and almond
Recommendations [10]
Based [11] on the results of the customer survey, I suggest [12] that we introduce a new 6 piece
collection. This package would include the four most popular flavors above [13]. I also propose
[14] including two of our new flavors that we will introduce at the end of the year. I would
recommend [15] discontinuing the 12 piece collection starting from next year.
Outcomes [16]
If we introduced a smaller 6 piece collection, we should [17] sell more to people who buy
chocolates for themselves, so we could [18] see an increase in total sales by the end of the year.
We could [19] also market the 6 piece collection to students who usually do not buy our
I would be happy to discuss [20] this with you further and answer any questions, so please let
me know.