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Baron William von SCHROEDER

Instructions Respecting the Art of Transmutation and Ameliorating the

( 1684 )
Published by Fr. Roth Scholtzen ( Nurnberg, 1733 )
Translated from the German by S. Bacstrom ( 1797 ): Translators remarks in parenthesis.
Baron W. v. Schroeder --- Fellow of the Royal Society in London.
My intention is not to enter into Disputes as my time is too precious for that; what I propose writing I have seen and
partly elaborated myself, and am still employed in bringing the same to perfection.
Although it is hardly worth a Mans while to bring any proofs concerning the Reality and Existence of our Art, yet
if we were not to mention something, our silence would by many be deemed inability, therefore almost against our
inclination we see ourselves obliged to relate a few Tracts, the Truth of which cannot be taken in question.
It is positively known that Theophrastus Paracelsus was well acquainted with the knowledge of transmuting
mercury and lead into gold; this has even been attested by some of his enemies.
Raymundus Lullius transmuted a great quantity of lead into gold, which he gave to King Henry of England, to
enable him to assist other powers in retaking the Holy Land from the Turks; this is well authenticated in History,
and yet there exists yet a letter written by the same Raymundus Lullius to King Henry, where he comments having
furnished gold to the King, as he employed it to the contrary to agreement, to go to war with France. Through this
Letter Raymundus Lullius was put in the Tower of London, as a prisoner of State.
I have seen several Rose Nobles, which have all been made of that gold procured by Lullius. But what need have
we to quote Examples of remote times? We have plenty of a later date, and even have no occasion to go out of
Whosoever doubts, let him go to Dresden in Saxony, and examine the so-called Gold-House, and let him enquire
what has been translated in that Laboratory, in the times of Elector Augustus, Electoress Anne and their Son
Christianus I, and let him ask from where proceeded those superb buildings seen at Dresden? If he, the unbeliever,
wants still stronger proofs, let him go to the Electoral Libraries and enquire for the Chemical Acts and Journals of
the Middle and latter End of the 15th Century, and if he goes to the Secret Chancery, he will see such an immense
quantity of manuscripts and large volumes, some written by the Elector Augustus himself, wherein he may read
how from time to time the tinging powders were elaborated and what immense quantities of gold was procured
thereby weekly, that he may well be astonished, as we have been ourselves.
On the other hand in the Chamber of Public Accounts, where all the immense Expenses were set down, for erecting
such magnificent buildings, he will not find a single Groschen set down as received for defraying such enormous
Such Buildings were the Palaces, Stables, Gardens, Augustburgh, etc.; for erecting them, the Expenses flowed from
the Secret Chancery, as they received it from the Gold-House.

It is well known at Vienna that Baron Chaos had a Powder in his possession, wherewith he made projection in
presence of our late Emperor Ferdinand III, when His Imperial Majesty who was a Lover, a wise and good man;
made Baron Chaos a Count of the Empire.
Baron Chaos had not made the Tincture himself, but had received it from an Earl of Mansfield, who was a General
at Raab in Hungary, who died, and the Tincture fell into the hands of Chaos.
There is at this day a gold medal in the Imperial Cabinet of Curiosities which attests, that that gold was made out of
mercury in the presence of his Imperial Majesty Ferdinand III.
The many projections which have been made at Vienna with a Tincture of the well known Wentzel by his present
Imperial majesty and by many others, and that the said Wenzel was made Baron of Reinburg, are so fresh in
memory, that it is superfluous to repeat it here; although Baron Reinburg could not prepare the tincture no more
than Baron Chaos, which is well known.
What Dr Helvetius at the Hague related to me with his own mouth, many years ago, when I paid him a visit, every
one may read in his own publication, The Golden Calf.
Baron Wagner Ecko, who departed this life only last year, had a Tincture, whereof 1 grain transmuted 3-1/2 lott of
any imperfect metal into pure gold. Consequently 1 part transmuted and fixed 1680 parts.
The whole City of Prague, many wise men, and men of rank can testify the truth of this, to whom the Baron showed
the Transmutation without fear, and made them presents of small pieces, as testimonies of the Truth of the Art.
So much I know that the Barons Tincture was elaborated Via Universali; a Mercurial Water was made first and then
united with a Sulfur or most subtle Crocus of Gold, ad observing the degrees of fire, it passed through the black,
white, yellow and red colors and was multiplied by the same Mercurial Water. This Tincture was of a very fiery
The Baron de Wagner Eckos Furnace was an Athanor built of bricks and was fired with charcoal.
There are at present living possessors, some of them are my friends, others I only know, but I cannot divulge their
names, whilst they are living.
I know one amongst them, but a very few years ago, was very poor, but at present is a very different man.
Frankfurt and Augsburg can tell long stories concerning this mans gold and silver. At first I would not believe him,
that he was a possessor, because he did not immediately discover himself, and I knew his former Indigence!
Men generally make use of their good fortune according to their genius and natural capacity.
It is yet fresh in memory, that not long ago a Hollander, a goldsmith, of the name of Sommer resided in Vienna, who
fixed out of a Tincture of Mercury 4 jj into pure silver.
I have made the Experiment with my own hands; I have seen his Medicine under two forms.
The first, whereof he gave some to the Lord Bishop at Neustadt, was a grey powder, which I have dissolved in
common water, and found that it consisted of 3 parts o salts and 1 part of a fixed white metallic essence.
The other Medicine was a red fixed glass, whereof he gave some to one of the Commissaries of his Imperial

I have once seen the operation of the Medicine, which was performed in 16 hours, in a strong fire, in the open air,
on account of the poisonous fumes.
The Basis of the Medicine was a fixed arsenic, which fixation, I found, had been made with borax in a crucible.
The tinging powder proceeded from a sublimate of copper or Verdigris and from lead; antimony.
In out days we also had in Moravia a certain person, who during a cementation of 7 hours, after having Cemented
some silver previously in order to render it compact as they call it, enriched it so much with a graduating powder,
that 3 parts out of 4 were fixed and tinged into good Gold, of nearly 24 carat.
To do still more than relate Facts, we will communicate here an experiment, which will prove at once that our Art is
Experiment to Demonstrate the Possibility and Truth of Metallic Transmutation
Take fine silver 1 part, Hungarian copper 2 parts, or according to this proportion q:p.
Melt the 2 metals together, then granulate the mass, as is customary, as much as this weighs take amalgamated
mercury sublimate, mix it well in a retort, so that it may lay in the retort, as if it were SSS.
Place the retort in a sand heat, and distill the mercury from the mixture into a Receiver with water, and you will find
and see the matter in the retort flowing together like a gum, which is of as easy fusion as Bees wax and burns if set
on fire.
This matter project into melted lead on a test and cupel it, and you will obtain a pure metal, which dissolve in Aqua
Fortis, and a small proportion of fine gold will fall down in the AF solution; half of your silver is become volatile,
and by this volatilization of silver you might learn something. I could communicate something useful here, if I had
a mind to communicate indiscriminately, but I only want to prove here the possibility of a partial transmutation of
some small quantity of silver into gold by the power of power of the sublimate of mercury.
I request also the unbelieving Chemical artists or such Lovers as are full of doubts, to try that common and well
Experiment with Cinnabar
Take pure fine silver in filing 1 part or 1 j, common cinnabar in longish pieces, as thick as a straw, or a little thicker,
Dry the cinnabar in the white of an egg, then roll them about in the filings of silver, so that plenty of the silver
filings sticks on the cinnabar all around. Place these pieces into a glass body, and make an even SSS with filings
and pieces of cinnabar, and lay them very regularly.
Apply an alembic on the body, unluted; put the body deep into the sand, and in such a manner that you may have it
in your power to give fire at the top over the alembic, as well as under the body. Thus arranged begin with you fire
at the top, but very gradually the first 2 hours, afterwards give fire below, which increase until the mercury in the
cinnabar comes over into a Receiver half full of water; mind that the pipe of the alembic goes deep into the receiver
and that you lute nothing, or your vessel must absolutely fly to pieces.
In a day the operation is performed.

After the vessels are cooled, take your silver out of the body, which is reduced to ashes. The cinnabar pieces, as
only the superfluous mercury is come over, lay entire in the body, and look black like lead.
If you melt this in a crucible, you will find a strange sort of silver, which AF dies not dissolve as it is Luna Fix.
Now tell me how this Pythagorean Transmutation of Bodies and Spirits has happened?
Ocular Demonstration will now convince you, I hope!
(See Tugels Experiments with cinnabar and silver and gold. I shall give them hereafter.)
The operation of the Adepts differs according to the subject, which is not always one and the same. (Stahl confirms
In respect to Books my opinion is this: Whosoever has a good Foundation, may become more perfect by study, but
He that knows nothing, will never become possessed of a Tincture, by reading alone! Because the Philosophers
style is this: They keep the subject a profound Secret, and tell their process enigmatically, and to hinder an
experienced operator of discovering their matter, they intermix common operations with AF, mercury sublimate, or
SV and thus lead you from one Labyrinth into another, and still they write the Truth, but intermix it with Sophistry.
Where they speak too openly, there is Deception, but where they write enigmatically, there lays concealed the Truth.
The most honest and plainest writers are Raymundus Lullius and Basilius Valentinus, but you read all the good
authors and mind there they agree in the main point, and then you must endeavor to obtain a [??] and sublimate of
Mercury out of one subject only.
(Mr Tugel gives us such a process, to prepare a genuine sublimate of Mercury and a philosophical salt by one
operation only, from crude Red Calaminarus from Aix La Chapelle; this sublimate of mercury, says Mr Tugel, will
perform every operation, which even Basilius sublimate of mercury can possibly do; I shall hereafter give you this
process of Mr Tugel with several other valuable operations, from his universal and experimental Chymistry.
Basilius in all his writings has in one particular place only, named the true and most universal subject, cinnabar ore
and antimony)
Whosoever takes this mineral subject, will nevertheless be deceived, as Basilius does not tell you the Character nor
the Right Time, whereby you are to know and at what time you are to get the Genuine Subject.
Without such knowledge, to know the name of the subject merely, is of no use, as the matter varies in different
If you can get the right subject and know how to extract the sublimate of mercury f=out of it, you have all that is
Bernhardus Trevisanus teaches what to do with your sublimate of mercury more plainly, if you can but obtain his
and our genuine universal mineral subject.
Otherwise every subject requires a different operation and purification, which may appear to an unexperienced
(Basilius Process and Universal Mineral Subject, which is also that of Count Bernard Trevisan, quoted by Baron
Schroeder, and is His Favorite Subject also, may as well come in here, as in any other place;)

Basilius Of Natural and Supernatural Things, Hamburg German edition, 1694, p. 241. This tract is included in
The Last Will and Testament of Basilius Valentinus.
Take in the name of God a red quicksilver ore, which looks like Cinnabar, and the best gold ore (this is Hungarian
antimony), aa, grind them together, before they have been in the fire.
Pour upon this mixed powders, a powder of mercury made per se out of common purified and sublimed mercury
(i.c. mercury sublim.), digest it for a whole month, and you will obtain an extraction, which is heavenly.
Distill the Liquor gently in Baln. Vaporis, and the phlegma will come over, whilst the ponderous glass remains in
the bottom of the glass body.
This glass dissolves all the metals in a moment.
Pour gradually and with great caution, 3 times as much rectified S.V. to this glass, digest them together, until the
mixture is become blood red, and become perfectly sweet.
The S.V pour from the glass, and pour fresh SVR upon the same glass, digest again, and the glass will become still
sweeter, pour the SV off again and new SV upon the corrosive, and digest, and continue in this manner by
dulcifying the glass, until the glass is quite saturated and is become sweet and is red as a Ruby, and transparent.
After every digestion you must distill the SV from the glass in a Baln. Vap.; which will come over very clear like
Now take the remaining ruby red transparent Liquor and pour it into a retort upon calcined **, and distill in ashes
pretty strongly, and the sublimate of mercury will come over into the receiver, and will carry over its own sulfur and
salt into one Liquor, while the remaining SV will stay behind with the **.
If you dissolve gold in this treble or animated sublimated sublimate of mercury, you may fix the whole into such a
Tincture, which will heal Diseases and procure Riches abundantly.
(This is a Via Humida, as are all the processes of Frater Basilius)
Baron Schroeder continues thus: The Rays of the Sun and Moon and the Influences of the Stars act and penetrate
the Earth continually by means of Air and Water, and meet towards the central Fire of the Earth. From whence they
are repelled in Vapors towards the Superficies or Circumference all round.
In passing they impregnate and inspissate the Subterraneous Water and form it into a Saline Essence. (Remember
Bechers Oedipus Chymicus his remarkable expression [Pinguis Terrae, Fat of the Earth] there, in the foregoing
This Saline Essence is further contracted by succeeding vapors and becomes a ponderous metallic water, which we
call Quicksilver, and ought to be named the first metal.
This Mercury, by further inspissation by succeeding vapors is gradually fixed into gold or silver.
The generation of Metals commences towards the Center of the Earth and terminates towards the Superficies. The
nearer the Metals lay towards the Superficies, the less they do yield, the reason is, that they are remote fro the
Central heat and more exposed to the pressing atmosphere, which hinders their Maturation and Fixation. According
to this philosophy the ancients have proceeded, and they have looked for immature Subjects, laying not so deep as
the precious Metals.

Take therefore that which in the opinion of men seems vile and unworthy, and let alone that which is precious. (So
says De La Brie)
Some men have sought for the first matter and fallen into numberless absurdities.
Some have sought in Urine, in Excrements, in Hair, Dew, in a Slime which is collected in stagnating waters, in
various minerals and salts, in Native Cinnabar, in the Regulus of Antimony and other foolish things.
Basilius names the matter openly in one place, where he says: Recipe .p. (p. 241) but as he does not tell the Signs
and when you are to take the true matter, you will err nevertheless.
I know some that have this matter, but as they did not take it at the right time, their Labor is in vain.
A great difficulty arises, when you read the philosophers Books, that they have not every one made their Stone or
Tincture from the most Universal Mineral Matter, therefore their operations and processes differ, and their Tinctures
also, so that the one does not tinge so highly as the other, nor does every Tincture act on all metals, as the most
universal does and ought to do. Therefore one philosopher does not always write like the other concerning his first
matter or subject and process, which is to be noted to avoid errors.
In regard to the Most Universal Subject out of which Raymundus Lullius, Bernhardus Trevisanus and Basilius
Valentinus have made their most universal Tincture, it is named Electrum Immaturatum.
(Now we are as wise as we were, before we heard this name!)
Art must begin where Nature left here work unfinished, this is the plainest Description the philosophers have ever
given us of this universal matter.
There are many wonderful opinions concerning the most universal subject of the Philosophers; I for my part am not
inclined to deny or contradict what I have never experienced; It is certain, that there is and does exist, independent
of our universal mineral subject, a universal sublimate which infuses and insinuates itself into every matrix, and
from which sublimate all Things have their Life and Existence. It is a pure, subtle, vivifying sublimate; I have some
knowledge of the virtues and powers of this sublimate, in regard to vegetables, animals, and minerals, and I suppose
some know how to do more with this universal sublimate than I do.
Some receive this sublimate in the form of water, some like a Salt, when the Sky is serene and clear, either by
means of particular glasses by applying heat, or by laying certain Magnets, such as Mumia, human blood, Minerals
or Metallic ashes; or by means of mirrors, attracting that sublimate by night and by day which must be putrefied and
purified which purification is a Master piece, as the Signs of perfection and purity are well to be minded; afterwards
it is to be multiplied by its own principle in Infinitum and must lastly be fermented with gold and silver therefore I
will not disturb any ones good Ideas concerning such a most universal principle or Spirit, if he has more
knowledge of it, than I have; and I must confess, that Sublimate Mundi has of late given me many serious
Thoughts! But there is another matter in the mineral Kingdom wherein that same universal Sublimate Mundi is
most plentifully infused, and wherein he dwells undetermined and is in Spiritual operation and in full course to
become a Metal, yet has never been a Metal yet nor even a Mineral.
This is our true and genuine matter; some have named it Lutum Auri.
Process to Obtain the Sublimate of Mercury out of Our Matter
Take the Matter, which Basilius Valentinius (p. 241) has named, and mind that it be an Unripe Electrum, and you
cannot err, the operation teaches itself.

Without Mercury nothing can be done in our Art, therefore bend all your thoughts on Mercury.
Est in Mercurius quiequid quarant Sapientes! Nothing in the World has such a power to open Metals radically as
Mercury; But we do not mean Vulgar Mercury, but our Sublimate of Mercury, although with Vulgar Mercury our
Sublimate of Mercury is multiplied in quantity in Infinitum. Our Sublimate of Mercury converts vulgar mercury
into its own nature, and in the same manner does out mercurial Sublimate transmute gold and every metal into its
own nature, because it is Primum Ens of Metals.
This is Count Bernard Trevisans Fountain or Solvens, flowing from a beautiful 7 fold radiated Star prepared from a
highly purified heavenly Vitriol.
This matter must be taken in its Elevation that is not before it is ripe.
Seek therefore this matter in an open unlocked subject, early in the morning towards the day, do not understand
these words wrongly although the great and Wise do not esteem this thing, and throw it away; you take the shell and
let them keep the Kernel.
Try it by fire and water, and the smoke and ill smell will teach you, what you have to hope or expect from your
The Color is beautiful, and shows by the royal garment, that something great is hidden therein. Follow him, until
you see the Star of the Wise men, because this is an infallible token of approaching Felicity; but I warn you not to
be led astray by the Star of Antimony, as happened to Dr Herdott, because it is not every Star, that shows the right
path. But that Star alone, which comes from the East, and did never fall on the earth, but remains standing right
over the House, wherein the King of the World was born. Our matter has been generated by the Rays of the Sun and
the Moon, and consists of Water, which on account of its internal Form is not yet inspissated.
Our Matter Speaks thus:
Because I was never born, they made me a King. If my mother had brought me into the world, my Crown would
have been lost,
It is true, no man values me, because nothing is made out of me, but I am esteemed and valued where the Stone of
the Philosophers is prepared.
Second Process Concerning the Preparation of our Sublimate of Mercury.
Iodocus von Roche has, in his process, plainly described the Extraction of the Mercurial Sublimate. (You have that
process in Coelum Philosophorum ms.)
Take our philosophical Nitre, which is as heavy as Lead, but without taste or sharpness, extract out of it a central
salt and make thereof a troubled slimy water, rectify it until it is perfectly transparent.
With this sublimate extract its own sulpurous anima, mind yourself, because it is a strong poison. Rectify it of its
Faeces and your Sublimate of Mercury is made and Basilius his liquid Key obtained, it is a crystalline transparent
Water, ponderous as Lead, and its Color is deeply tinged like gold.
Its Use.

In this Sublimate of Mercury all metals do melt and dissolve like Ice in Water. Nay vulgar mercury melts therein
and is radically dissolved therein, and by such a solution of Mercury Communis our Sublimate of Mercury is
multiplied in Infinitum.
The preparation of this Sublimate of Mercury is the great Secret of the Philosophers; on this head they are all silent,
and although I write somewhat darkly myself, yet it will be clear enough to those that have learned from my
writings to know the True Most Universal matter, as our matter shows itself what must be done therewith.
I call it by its proper name a Sublimate of Mercury, which others have expressed by enigmatical names; Now as in
the preparation of this Sublimate of Mercury does consist the first work, therefore be diligent and pay attention to
this first operation, which may be done very well in two months time.
The Sublimate of Mercury speaks thus:
I am a wolf who devours all things; I thirst after the blood of my children (the metals) therefore I am called the
Devourer of Children. I eat, kill and tear to pieces, and return Life to those I have killed.
Nothing can live without me, and all that dies, I kill.
Whatsoever desires Life, must first be buried within me. All that is living calls me Father and is daily nourished by
me; yet no one knows how to obtain me except he has stripped me first of my Coat. Therefore it happens but
seldom that any man obtains a sight of me.
(I have never been able to discover the Mineral Universal Subject of Baron v. Schroeder. I have always doubted
between Calminasis, Cinnabar Ore, and Auripigmentum or Orpiment. As far as my knowledge reaches they are all
three valuable Subjects, but after all, not one of the three might be the right matter used by Baron Schroeder, Count
Bernard and many others, amongst the more modern adepts. In order to make this ms more complete, I will give
you what I find in Potts Chemistry concerning orpiment, but first Ill explain Baron Schroeders own process, as
applicable to Orpiment, as far as I am able, although in some places it seems as if he meant cinnabar ore.
You have observed that the Baron says that Basilius names it openly, where he says:
Recipe or take in the name of God a Red Quicksilver Ore which looks like cinnabar, and the best gold ore, which
you can find.
What can we make of this else by native cinnabar and Hungarian antimony, which generally contains gold.
Now we must mind that Basilius extracts these two ores with a mercurial Liquor made of mercury sublimate.
Observe that cinnabar native or artificial consists of mercury and sulfur. Antimony consists of arsenic, sulfur and
mercury. Orpiment consists of arsenic and sulfur.
Note further that sulfur and mercury or sulfur and arsenic are the first seminal principles of all the metals. These
two principles are certainly the most homogeneous and most natural Keys to dissolve the metals radically, in order
that death and Regeneration may follow.
Baron Schroeder calls his subject an unripe Electrum, so does Paracelsus who names it Electrum Minerale
Immaturum. Auripigmentum as well as cinnabar ore and antimony is an Immature Electrum, where the first
metallic principles are found, but no metal yet brought to perfection by nature. Such ores as actually contain metal,
can not be called Electrum Immaturum!
Then he says without Mercury nothing can be done, note this on account of Basilius process and Potts, hereafter.

What he means by Sublimate of Mercury, is Spiritual Mercury, or the Mercurial Vapor, either before it is running
mercury, or running mercury reduced into a mercurial water or sublimate, as Basilius made one of mercury
sublimate, for extracting the mercury and sulfur out of his two Ores.
Concerning the multiplication of his sublimate of mercury by vulgar mercury in Infinitum, Ripley mentions the
same of his mercurial water, if you remember. He says that his sublimate of mercury is the Primum Ens of Metals;
so is every Mercury of animated by sulfur, so is cinnabar, so is antimony, so is orpiment.
Further he says:
Take for this matter in an open unlocked subject, Early in the Morning towards the Day. (Orpiment is extremely
open, and comes from the East, from Turkey)
Take the Shell, and let them keep the Kernel. (This I do not understand.)
The smoke and ill smell will teach you. (This is applicable to orpiment)
The Color is beautiful, and shows by the Royal garment, that something great is hidden therein. (Native orpiment is
a most beautiful gold colored ore, foliated or interleaves with Scarlet and gold Colored Leaves.)
Follow him until you see the Star of the Wise men. That Star alone which comes from the East shows the right path.
(It seems that he has made a Regulus Orpiment Stellatus which can be done, as Pott says; the Star coming from the
east, may allude to the subject coming from the Levant, from Turkey, as we have very little of it in the West of
Europe, as Mr Pott observes.)
(Where the matter speaks I do not understand the meaning.)
The Second Process
Take our philosophic Salt, which is as heavy as lead. (Orpiment is nothing near so ponderous as lead, not even as
heavy as antimony).
Without taste or sharpness. (So is orpiment.) Extract out of it a Celestial Salt, and make thereof a troubled Slimy or
viscous water, rectify it, until it is perfectly transparent. (This is the sublimate of mercury, or Mercurius
Philosophorum Simplex.)
With this sublimate extract its own Sulphureous Anima; mind yourself, because it is a strong poison. (Now it is
Mercurius Philosoph. Duplex, Sive Animatus.) Rectify it of the Faeces, etc.
It is a Crystalline transparent Water, as ponderous as Lead, and its Color is deeply tinged like gold.
(Now we must examine what Mr Pott teaches us in Dissertations Chymiques De Moni Mr Pott, Tome 1, page 140,
Paris, 1759. Says Mr Pott: Risigallum or Auripigmentum is a mineral of a gold color, divided in Saffron and
Scarlet Colored Lamella, proceeding from the sulphurous Vapors combined with the volatile mercurial very
penetrating Spirits, which renders this mineral extremely proper to open the metals. Some have called it Sandarach.
(Plinus in his 33 Book of Natural History, says that there exists a process whereby gold is made by means of
orpiment; a process which invited the Emperor Caligula, a prince very covetous of Riches, to cause some men to
work a great quantity of orpiment; by which operation perfect gold was procured, but so small a quantity that the
Emperor had reason to repent of his avarice.

(Nevertheless 14 [??] weight of orpiment had been converted into gold. This process has never been attempted since
says Plinius.
(There is in Turkey a single vein of orpiment, which furnishes all what is sold in Europe. (There is also a Factitious
Orpiment made and sold in London, which the painters use.)
(Orpiment is a brittle ore, and disposed in Lamella like talc, whose leaves are strewn with sandy particles; its color
is a fine yellow of a greenish Hue; some parts are frequently of a beautiful Scarlet Color.
(This kind of Sandarach is preferred above others by Alchymists. This Sandarach by its beautiful Color resembles
native cinnabar.
(It is a mineral resulting from a superficial mixture of arsenic and sulfur.
(The sulfur is composed of a phlogistic earth and the universal acid. The arsenic is composed of vitrifiable earth and
of a great quantity of volatile, fluid mercurial earth. Or in plain terms: its arsenic is composed of a metal and of the
sulfureous mercurial earth found in Sea Salt.
(The Mercury of the Philosophers is also composed of this earth united to the purest mercurial principle. (Says Mr
(Orpiment contains a metallic mercurial substance; when treated in the water with soap and tartar, it furnishes a
regulus as brilliant as fine silver, but so subtle, that the fire consumes it in time. Sand and concentrated fixed
alkaline Lyes dissolve it, as well as they do arsenic.
(If you fulminate orpiment with nitre, the sulfur in the orpiment is destroyed, and there remains an arsenical regulus
fixed by the alkalized salt.
(This matter mixed with mercury in fusion, renders it white, but takes away its malleability. Orpiment melted with
fat, or soap, or oil of tartar or any fixed alkali, observing the danger of its poison, gives a metallic brilliant regulus.
(The sulfur unites with the fixed alkali and forms a scoria, high colored, the same as the Scoria of antimony.
(Egg shells contain particularly the Most Fixed Vitrifiable Principle.
(From the small pebbles, which the Hen swallows, and which alone gives hardness to the shell; deny the fowls sand
or gravel, and their eggs have either no shell at all, or a very soft one, like thin white red leather; I have seen the
experiment; Glauber consequently is right, when he speaks so highly of his Liquor and Vitrum Silicus, for fixing of
volatile Tinctures; Tugel say the same.
(Sperlingius gives a process to make a mercurial regulus with orpiment; he says; take 8 parts of orpiment, 6 of salt
and nitre fulminated together, 4 of Limatura iron, 1 of charcoal, melt these ingredients together in a crucible, but
beware of the arsenic fumes, and you will have a regulus.
(The regulus of orpiment as well as the regulus of arsenic penetrates copper and makes it white and brittle, on
account of its mercurial earth,
(When such a regulus is melted, it imbibes all the Metals, which you put into it, and those metals, when afterwards
treated and distilled per retort with sublimated mercury for a metallic butter in the same manner as if you had used
regulus antimony mars.

(The regulus of orpiment or of arsenic absorb metals quicker than the regulus of antimony, and renders the metals
more volatile. The arsenic in the orpiment when detached from its sulfur is as violent a poison as common arsenic,
for men or beasts.
(Butyrum Orpiment
(I took 1 part of orpiment finely powdered, and 2 parts of sublimated mercury also in fine powder. I put the two
powders into a glass retort, and mixed them by shaking the retort, whose neck must be wide; I have placed the retort
in the cellar, where I let it remain 24 hours, to attract moisture; afterwards I placed my retort in a sand furnace, and
buried it pretty deep in the sand, I adapted a large receiver and luted the joinings carefully, as the fumes, if they
should escape, prove mortal, when received in the lungs.
(I have begun with a very gentle fire at first which I increased gradually; the mass in the retort melts and boils and a
sublimate comes over like clear water [arsenic trichloride], whose quantity is astonishing, considering that the
orpiment and sublimated mercury are both dry powders.
(I found this sublimate equally abundant, when I had not attracted in the cellar.
(Some call this sublimate, which must afterwards be rectified per se, with the same precautions, an oil or Butyrum.
(Its specific gravity is equal to that of mercury, and it smokes constantly.
(After this sublimate an oil comes over, which floated upon the sublimate, and would absolutely not mix with the
sublimate, though I shook the glass above 100 times.
(Increasing the fire I obtained a good quantity of cinnabar, which sublimed itself in the neck and upper part of the
retort, and there remain a small residue, containing the sandy earth intermixed with the orpiment.
(Agricola gives the following process; Mix equal quantities of mercury sublimate and native orpiment, finely
powdered separately, put the mixed powders into a glass retort, which place in a cellar.
(Then place the retort in a sand pot, adapt a roomy receiver which lute carefully to the retort; begin with a very
gentle fire, which do not increase before you see it necessary, and a yellow subtile oil or sublimate will come over,
which smokes constantly, and consumes metals like a fire.
(This oil ameliorates silver in digestion, but it is too much volatilized therein, so that it must be refixed, and by
these means you obtain a white gold or Luna Fixa.
(Agricola says that the foregoing process is of Poppius; he adds that [missing] is blackened by this process but not
enriched with gold, and that there is no benefit from this digestion. He adds that this Liquor has some rapport with
Butyrum Antimonii, and that if you cohobate this yellow oil or sublimate several times upon its own faeces, your oil
will become of a ruby color. If you distill this oil or sublimate from Emeril (iron) this matter will give you an oil as
red as blood. Agricola says also: That he knows, that orpiment, antimony and mercury sublimate mixed, distilled
and cohobated upon their own faeces, in order to impregnate the sublimate with its own fixed sulfur, contained in
the faeces, produces a dark red oil, which always gives proof of gold, in small quantities.
(By means of this red body, the partial transmutation of silver into gold is certainly demonstrable.
(Baron Schroeder, whom we have quoted several times, tells us, that some distill orpiment with mercury sublimate,
until they obtain therefrom a gold oil, wherein they digest a Calx of silver; but the Baron adds: that the small trifle
of gold obtained by this process, does not pay its expenses.

(This is what I have collected from Pott: It seems the process of making a Butyrum orpiment, which is done in one
day, cannot be that of Baron Schroeder, which takes two months, besides that we are by no means certain that
orpiment is the Barons Subject.
(Baron Schroeder continues thus:)
Whosoever wants to make a Tincture, must get a Mercurial Menstruum, which has the power to open and destroy
metals, to extract their sulfurs, and to unite and form with tem a Chaos.
This Mercurial menstruum can be made universally out of the Primum Ens of Mercury, that is out of the Limus, as
we have mentioned before, and this is the most perfect process, by which afterwards a universally tinging medicine
is made. Those who prepare a sublimate of mercury from any other Electrrum Immaturum obtain only particular
and not universal tinctures.
There is nothing nearer related to metallic Mercuries than urinous sublimate. The urinous sublimates and salts
reduce metals either into an irreducible matter or into a running Mercury, according to the knowledge and
application of such urinous salts. Note! That Mercury is the principle out of which the tinging and transmuting
power does proceed. In all Alchymical operations you must also observe:
1. Not to undertake destructive calcinations of metals, which in resolving the bodies destroy the metallic Mercury.
2. To purify your materials as much as possible, and to rectify every Thing.
4. Most Labors depend upon the Composition of the 3 principles, therefore nothing must be rejected from the
matter, but the Faeces.
I do not doubt but there are other methods to elaborate Tinctures! Who has the means and time, and lives long
enough to try every process? As Nature is inexhaustible!
What I have written, I have either seen or elaborated with my own hands.
Anyone that possesses the sublimate of mercury, can very soon accomplish particular Transmutations, independent
of the Great Work; particulars flowing from the genuine Fountain are profitable, others are not so.
It is also true, that the power to attract and communicate the Solar Sulfur ca proceed from no other but the
Mercurial Principle. This is in every metallic body, and by this particular Tinctures can be made; because the
Philosophical Mercury shows itself in various shapes and Forms, and in as many different powers; sometimes as a
running Mercury, at other times as a dry arsenical mercury, at other times as a humid sublimate of Mercury;
therefore a practical Philosophers sees the Sophic Mercury in a different Form, according to the matter he works
The true Sophic Mercury does Heat Itself and is a Fire. Vulgar mercury is cold.
Without a Mercurial medium it is difficult or perhaps impossible, to elaborate either particular or universal
The Sophic Mercuries must be impregnated with a pure Solar Sulfur, which Sulfur must be taken from such bodies
as possess a Solar Sulfur: Be not surprised, if I class the urinous salts among the mercurial menstruums! Isaac
Hollandus extracted the metallic Mercuries with urinous menstruums.

1. The Art of all particular medicines consists in that the Sulfurs be extracted out of metallic bodies, radically
2. That such Sulfurs be highly purified and separated from all terrestrial Faeces.
3. That your sublimates, although they should be corrosives, be prepared from purified materials, and separated
from all phlegma.
4. That if silver is to be transmuted by a particular Tincture, such silver be first prepared.
Amongst all chemical Labors Cementation is the most difficult; there is no man who can call himself a Master in
The safest and surest particular Transmutations are such, where, in Via Humida, two Liquors are digested and
maturated together.
The Solar Sulfur is found in other metals and minerals as well as in gold.
About 15 years ago I presented the King (about 1669) of England a Goblet of Ruby Glass, which glass I had tinged
by projection.
Those that know how to elaborate a mercurial menstruum from mans urine, if they know how to apply it, they may
obtain universal Tinctures, and they will see such curious phenomena, as Tinctures entirely metallic do not produce.
Our universal mineral matter, whilst in its crude state, has lately made a great noise in Germany amongst some
In England that same matter has also lately been praised by physical people above other medicines.
Yet no body knows what he has in hand, they undertake preparations and corrections, and they do more harm than
good, in spoiling the matter.
If they took the matter in its crude state, and used it so, provided they knew how to choose and select the genuine
matter, they would effect much more good.
In England our matter is dear and scarce, but in Germany abundant enough, and whosoever know it well, finds
more of the true mater than of the false or spurious.
Berhard Trevisan and the little treatises Enchiredion Physicae Restitutae and Arcanum Hermeticae under the name
of Spes Mea In Ango, have described our process wit our matter as plainly as possible.

Anonymous: Dr S. Bacstroms Commentary on the Work of Von Schroeder

Dr Bacstroms remarks on the Barons process are very ingenious, but, nevertheless, I would explain his meaning
differently; it is little wonder that the meaning of the alchemists should be often mistaken, by even the most acute
and discerning; for, though in some points they were pretty generally agreed, their philosophy was erroneous in
many particulars and hardly any two of them had exactly the same system, and, besides, they wrote designedly in
an obscure style. To comprehend their writings it is however necessary to have some knowledge of, and to explain

them by their own philosophy, otherwise they will remain forever impenetrable: It is also necessary that their
quibbles be guarded against.
In the work before us there is no small share of sophistry. The author says that some searched for the First matter in
Cinnabar, in the Regulus of Antimony and other foolish things, and, afterwards, I warn you not to be led astray by
the star of antimony as happened to Dr Herdott. And yet it will appear, from what follows, that his first matter is
neither more nor less than antimony.
The quibble lays here: Antimony reduced to regulus per se will exhibit a star, but this is not the star that comes
from the east, the star of the wise men, for such a regulus would be unprofitable in this work. The east means the
eastern sign Aries: in this house, according to Eirenaeus Philalehtes, the Sulfur necessary to coagulate the mercurial
sublimate was found by the wise men; now Aries is the house of Mars: consequently iron is the metal that furnishes
the active Sulfur. When iron is joined to antimony and the regulus properly purified. It is then the Regulus
Antimony-Martis; The sevenfold radiated star, the highly purified heavenly [??].
According to this author it is not every antimony that is fit to be used in preparing the stellated martial regulus of
antimony: Take it early in the morning towards the day --- do not misunderstand the words. That is not the Sulfur
only must be found in Aries but the antimony itself in the Morning of the year, when the Sun is in that sign, for he
says, before, that we know some who had the matter, but as they did not take it at the right time their labor was in
vain. Almost all who have written upon this subject insist upon the necessity of procuring the matter, or at least on
beginning the work; when the sun is in Aries or Taurus, though the author of Coelum Philosophorum says if you
only proceed right you will succeed in any season.
When the Baron bids us take the shell and let others take the kernel, he only intimates, that antimony is used in
this work not on account of the corporeal gold which is to be found in it. Rich specimens are sometimes worked
upon for the sake of the gold that may be obtained from them, but the Alchemists employ this subject because of its
Mercury and Sulfur, not its external but its metallic Sulfur; nay, they even (according to this author) make use of the
scoria itself, and indeed all of them declare that in the first scoria a gold ex martis may be found.
Where he makes the matter speak the language agrees with the philosophy of the Alchemists. The corporeal gold
which it contains is the smallest part of its worth --- it contains gold In Potentia, which, by a skillful artist, may be
drawn forth in the form of sophic gold; whereas has its mother the Earth concocted it perfectly it would have been
born only vulgar gold, and therefore unfit for the Great Work, having no more than a natural perfection necessary
for its own formal existence. It might be used as a ferment to receive, itself, a higher power, but has no power to
communicate to other metals till it first receives it.
No man values antimony on account of any mechanic use to which it can be applied; for alone, it is useless; and
even when used in combination, is applied to hereby any other use than that of hardening lead [or silver]; but
though useless in the arts it is esteemed by the Alchemists.
We now come to another quibble; for though Cinnabar be not the Barons First Matter, Mercury is his Second
Matter. Bend all your thoughts on Mercury --- Take our philosophical nitre which is as heavy as lead, but without
taste or sharpness, and extract out of it (by means of mercury) a central salt. By extracting a central salt from the
All he intimates that the mercury to be employed in this second work must first be sublimed with common salt, by
which means the sublimate of salt is united to the mercury in a concrete form, almost or altogether free from
humidity. The regulus being distilled with the mercury sublimate a martial butter of antimony is obtained, a
troubled slimy water which when rectified is perfectly transparent [antimony trichloride]. With this sublimate
extract its own sulphureous anima; that is: sublime or distill the rectified butter from the first scoria obtained in
making the regulus of antimony and mars.

How often he purifies his regulus, how often he rectifies the butter, how often he cohobates the sublimate upon the
faeces of the scoriae he does not inform us, but it is probable these operations were frequently repeated as he allows
two months for this labor.
When this labor is finished you have then obtained the sublimate of mercury Basilius liquid key. A crystalline
water, ponderous as lead; and now deeply tinged like gold. By the animation received in the distillations from the
scoriae --- perhaps after digesting on the same.
He calls this purified, animated Martial butter of antimony A Spirit of Mercury, apparently for no other reason but
because in distillation it rises and comes over the receiver as any sublimated from matters yielding a sublimate
come over by the same process.
Where he makes the mercurial sublimate speak he is only describing the matter by its saturnine characteristics.
Antimony belongs to the family of Saturn. Saturn considered as time produces all things, destroys all things,
renovates all things; but sublimate mundi is the efficient cause of all these changes. Time as Time does nothing
itself: It is in fact only the periods of the operations of sublimate mundi, without which nothing is produced, nothing
lives; it kills all that die, but only for this end, that by means of corruption it may produce regeneration and a new
What the ancient philosophers thus declare respecting nature in general out author applies particularly to the
sublimate of mercury in the labors upon metals; for from mercury they all come, by this sublimate of mercury they
may be devoured, and by the coagulation of the same sublimate may afterwards be revived to a more noble
The coagulation is probably accomplished by simply enclosing some of the sublimate of mercury in a spherical
glass and then digesting in a proper heat for a sufficient length of time. After the tincture is finished the first time
imbibe it with the same sublimate and again digest and coagulate. Repeat the operation till the Tincture is exalted as
high as you will it. After the first coagulation it will prove Sophic gold but not a Tincture; after the second it will be
a Tincture, and every succeeding imbibition and fixation or coagulation, will increase it not only in quantity but in
P.S. --- If you employ common gold in the sublimate of mercury the first coagulation will give only sophic gold --If you work with animated sophic mercury without common gold the first coagulation yields the medicine of the
first order, or a Tincture upon 10 parts.

Baron William von SCHROEDER

Instrukce respektujc umn zmny a zlepen kov
( 1684 )
Vyjdte ve Fr. Roth Scholtzen ( Nurnberg, 1733 )
Peloeno z nmeck S. Bacstrom ( 1797 ): poznmky pekladatele v zvorce.

Baron W. v. Schroeder - - - chlapk krlovsk spolenosti v Londn.

Mj zmr nen - vstoupit do spor jak mj as je pli drahocenn pro to; co j navrhnu psan j jsem vidl a
sten propracovan j sm, a jsem jet zamstnan v pinejc stejn dokonalosti.
Akoli to je st majc cenu musk zatmco pinst njak /kad /dn dokazovn tkajc se reality a
existence naeho umn, jet kdybychom byla nezmiovat se nco, nae ticho mnoha je povaovan za
neschopnost, proto tm proti naemu sklonu my vidme sebe zavzn souviset nkolik ploch, pravda <o,z>
kterch neme bt vzat otzku.
To je pozitivn znm e Theophrastus Paracelsus se vyznal dobe v znalosti pemujc rtuti a veden do zlata;
toto dokonce je doloen nkterm z jeho neptel.
Raymundus Lullius pemnn ohromn mnostv veden do zlata, kter on dal krlovsk Henry Anglie, umonit
jemu napomhat jinm slm v znovupevzet Svat zem z Turks; toto je dobe notsky oven v historii, a jet
tam existuje jet dopis napsan stejn Raymundus Lullius krlovskmu Henry, kde on komentuje mt vybaven
zlatem ke krli, jak on zamstnn to v opanm smyslu dohod, jt do vlky s Franci. Skrz tento dopisn
Raymundus Lullius byl dn do ve Londna, jako politick vze.
J jsem vidl nkolik Rose Nobles, kter m vechno byla zhotoven z toho zlata zskanho od Lullius. Ale co
poteba m abychom my citovat pklady vzdlench asu? My mme spoustu pozdj doby, a dokonce mt dnou
pleitost k tomu, aby vychzela z Nmecka!
Kad, kdo pochybuje, nechat ho jt do Dran v Sasku, a zkoum tzv . zlato-snmovnu, a nech ho zeptat se co
je peloen v t laboratoi, v asech Augustus volie, Electoress Anne a jejich synovsk Christianus I, a nechaj ho
ptt se z msta kde postupovala ty ndhern staven vidn v Dranech? Jestli on, nevrec, chce jet silnj
dokazovn, nechejte ho jt do voliskch knihoven a ptejte se po chemickch psobench a urnlech stedu a
pozdjho konce 15. stolet, a jestli on jde do tajnho kanclskho soudu, on uvid takov nesmrn mnostv
rukopis a velkch mnostv, njak kter jste napsali volie Augustus samotn, v em on mohou st jak as od
asu cinkajc prachy byly propracovan a co nesmrn mnostv zlata bylo zskan tm tdenn, e on me dobe
bt uasl, jak my byla my sami.
Na druh stran v komoe etnictv veejnch instituc, kde cel nesmrn vlohy byly napsat, pro montn
takovch velkolepch staven, on bude nenajde jednotliv gro rakousk si vykldat jako pijat pro hradc takov
enormn vlohy.
Takov staven byla palce, stje, zahrady, Augustburgh, a tak dle; pro montn je, vlohy proudily z tajnho
kanclskho soudu, jak oni dostali to ze zlata-snmovny.
To je dobe znm ve Vdni e Baron Chaos ml prach v jeho majetku, m on udlal projekci v ptomnosti naeho
pozdnho Ferdinanda csae III, kdy jeho csask velienstvo kdo byl milenec, moudr a dobr mu; udlal Barona
Chaos poet Impria.
Baron Chaos neudlal vtaek samotn, ale dostalo to z Earl Mansfield, kdo byl generl v Raab v Maarsku, kdo
zemel, a vtaek padl do rukou chaosu.
Tam je v tto dni zlat medaili v csaskm kabinetu kuriozit kter ovuje, e to zlato bylo vyroben z rtuti v
ptomnosti jeho csaskho velienstva Ferdinanda III.
Mnoho projekc kter byly udlan ve Vdni s vtakem pramenu znmho Wentzel jeho ptomnm csaskm
majesttem a mnoha jinch , a e uveden Wenzel byl udlan Baron Reinburg, jsou tak erstv v pamti, e to je

pebyten opakovat to zde; akoli Baron Reinburg nemohl pipravovat vtaek ne vc ne Barona Chaos, kter
dobe je znm.
Co doktor Helvetius v Haagu spojoval ke mn s jeho vlastnmi sty, mnoho let pedtm , kdy j jsem zaplatil jemu
nvtva, kad me te v jeho vlastn publikaci, zlat tele.
Baron Wagner Ecko, kdo odeel ze ivota jen minul rok, ml vtaek, z eho 1 zrna pemnnho 3-1/2 hodn
njakho /kadho /dnho nedokonalho kovu do ryzho zlata . Nsledn 1 st pemnn a upevnila 1680 sti.
Cel msto Praha, mnoho moudrch lid, a lid hodnosti me vypovdat pravdu toto, komu Baron ukzal zmnu
bez obavy, a udlaly je drky malch kus, jak svdectv pravdy umn.
Tak moc j vm, e Barona Tincture byl propracovan pes Universali; rtuov voda byla udlan prvn a potom
spojen se srou i nejvce subtilnmi krokusy zlata, reklamy pozorujcch mr ohn, to prochzelo ern, bl, lut
a erven barvy a byly krt stejn rtuov voda. Tento vtaek byl velmi ohniv barvy.
Baron de Wagner Ecko- ovo pec byla Athanor stavn z cihel a byly proputnch s uhlmi.
Tam jsou nyn ijc vlastnci, st z nich jsou moji ptel , jin jen j vm, ale nemohu rozhlsit jejich jmna,
zatmco oni ij .
J znm jeden mezi je, ale velmi mlo let dve, byly velmi chud, ale nyn je velmi jin mu.
Frankfurt a Augsburg me kat dlouh pbhy tkajc se od tohoto mue zlato a stbro. Nejdve j bych nevil
jemu, e on byl vlastnk, protoe on ne - ihned neobjevit samotn, a j jsem znal jeho bvalou nouzi!
Lid obecn pouij jejich dobrho bohatstv podle jejich gnius a prodn kapacity.
To je jet erstv v pamti, e nedvno holendr, zlatnk, jmna Sommer bydlel ve Vdni, kdo upevnil z vtaku
Merkura 4 jj do istho stbra.
J jsem udlal experiment s mmi vlastnmi rukama; J jsem vidl jeho lk pod dvma formami.
Nejprve, z eho on dal njak k Pnbh Bishop v Neustadt, byl ed prach, kter j jsem rozpustil se v bn vod,
a zjistil, e skldaly se z 3 st o soli a 1 st fixovan bl kovov esence.
Jin lk byl erven fixovan sklenice, z eho on dal njak jednomu z Commissaries jeho csaskho majesttu.
J jsem vidl jednou operaci lku, kter byl inkovat v 16 hodinch, v silnm ohni, v prod, kvli jedovatm
Zklad lku byl fixovan arzenik, kter ustlen, j jsem byl nael , byl dlan s boraxem v tyglku.
Cinkajc prach pochzel ze sublimtu mdi i mdnky a z veden; antimon.
Ve ven dnech my jsme tak mli v Morav jist osob, kdo bhem cementace z 7 hodin, po mt stmelen njak
stbro pedtm k tomu, aby poskytlo to kompaktn jak oni to nazvaj, obohacen to tak moc s graduujcm
prachem, e 3 sti z 4 byly upevnn a zabarven do dobrho zlata, tm 24 kartu.
Pro dlat jet vc ne souviset fakta, my budeme komunikovat zde experiment, kter proke najednou e nae
umn je pravda.

Experiment k tomu, aby demonstroval monost a pravdu kovov zmny

Vezmte pkn stbro 1 st, maarsk m 2 sti, i podle tto proporce q:p.
Tajte 2 kovy spolen, pak zrnte masu, tak je zvykem , tolik jak toto v chycen jste splynuli rtu povznst,
mchejte to dobe v oplat stejnm, tak, e to me jste leeli v oplatte stejnm, jako kdyby to jste byli SSS.
Umstte oplate stejnm v teple psku, a destilujte rtu ze smsi do pijmae s vodou, a vy najdete a vidt vc v
oplatte stejnm teen spolen jako vkaka, kter je tak snadnho taven jak vely vosk a spleniny jestli
Tento vc projekt do roztavenho veden na testu a shnc misce to, a vy zskte ryz kov, kter rozpust se v
kaligrafickm leptu, a mal podl pknho zlata spadne v AF een; polovina vaeho stbra je stvat se nestl, a
tmto tknm stbra mon, e bys mohl uit se / dozvdt se nco. J jsem byl mohl komunikovat nco uiten
zde, jestli j jsem ml tisc chut komunikovat mahem, ale j jen chci prokzat zde monost sten zmny
njakho malho mnostv stbra do zlata silou sly sublimtu rtuti.
J dm tak nevc chemick umlce i takov milence jak jsou pln pochyb, zkusit ty bn a dobe znmch
Experiment s rumlkou
Trvejte ist pkn stbro v pilovacm 1 stech i 1 j, bn rumlka v podlouhlch kusech, tak siln jak slma, i
trochu tlust, aa.
Sute rumlku v bl vejce, pak vlte je v pilinch stbra, tak, e mnoho stbrnch pilin dr se pevn rumlku
vude kolem. Umstte tyto kusy do sklennho tla, a udlejte rovn SSS s pilinami a kusy rumlky, a lete je
velmi pravideln.
Pouijte alembic na tlu, unluted; dt tlo hlubok do psku, a takovm zpsobem to sta ct, a je ten ve va sle k
tomu, aby odevzd ohe nahoe alembic, stejn jako pod tlem. Tak uspodan zanat vmi ohnm nahoe, ale
velmi postupn prvn 2 hodiny, pozdji daj ohe dole, kter zven do rtuti v rumlce pechz do pijmae
poloviny pln vody; vate , e roura alembic jde hlubok do pijmae a e vy loutna nula, i v lo mus
absolutn lett do kus.
Za den operace je vykonan.
Po lodch jsou chlazen, vzt vae stbro ven z tla, kter lehne popelem. Kusy rumlky, jen jako pebyten rtu je
pejt, laick porter v tle, a dv se hnviv jako veden.
Jestli vy tajete toto v tyglku, vy najdete ciz druh stbra, kter AF umr nerozpustit jak to je Luna Fix.
Te kat mi jak tato pythagorick, pythagorejsk zmna tl a nlady se staly?
On demonstrace nyn pesvd vs, doufm, e!
(vidt Tugel- ovo experimenty s rumlkou a stbrem a zlatem. J dm jim v budoucnosti.)
Operace znalc se li podle pedmtu, kter nen vdy jeden a tent. (Stahl potvrzuje toto)
Pokud jde o knihch mm nzoru je tento: Kad, kdo m dobr zklad , me se stt vce zdokonalit studiem, ale
ten, co nic nev, nikdy stane se majc vtaek, tenm sm! Protoe ' styl filozofa je tento: Oni dr pedmt vn

tajemstv, a kaj jejich proces tajemn, a brnit zkuenmu opertoru objevovn jejich vci, oni mchaj bn
operace s AF, rtu povznese, i SV a tak vst vs z jednoho labyrintu do dal, a jet oni p pravdu, ale mchat to
se sofistikou.
Kde oni mluv pli oteven, tam je podvod, ale kde oni p tajemn, tam le skrytou pravdu.
Nejpoctivj a nejprost spisovatel jsou Raymundus Lullius a Basilius Valentinus, ale vy tete cel dobr autory a
mysl tam oni souhlas v hlavnm bodu, a pak muste sil k tomu, aby zskalo [??] a povznst Merkura z jednoho
pedmtu jen.
(pan Tugel dv nm takov proces, pipravovat prav povznst Merkura a filozofick soli do jednu operace jen, ze
surov erven Calaminarus z Aix La kapliky; toto povznst rtuti, k pan Tugel, bude vykonvat kadou operaci,
kter dokonce Basilius' povznese rtuti me mon dlat; J dle dm vm tento proces pana Tugel nkolik s
ostatnmi cennmi operacemi, z jeho univerzln a experimentln Chymistry.
Basilius ve vech jeho spisech m v jednom konkrtnm mst jen, pojmenovan pravdiv a nejvce univerzln
pedmt, ruda rumlky a antimonu)
Kad, kdo bere tento minerln pedmt, bude nicmn byl oklaman, jak Basilius neekne vm znak ani prav
as, kterm vy jsou vdt a v kolik hodin vy jsou dostat prav pedmt.
Bez takov znalosti, znt jmno pedmtu jenom, je zbyten , jak vc kols jin doly.
Jestli vy mete dostat prav pedmt a umt vythnout sublimt rtuti f=nepozvan, vy mte vechno co je
Bernhardus Trevisanus u co dlat s vam sublimtem rtuti vce jasn, jestli vy mete ale zskat jeho a n prav
univerzln minerln pedmt.
Jinak kad pedmt vyaduje jinou operaci a oistu, kter me zdt se, e nezkuenho umlce.
(Basilius' proces a univerzln minerln pedmt, kter je tak ten spotat Bernarda Trevisan, citovan od Barona
Schroeder, a je jeho oblben pedmt tak, sm tak vstoupit sem, jak v jinm mst;)
Basilius' prodnch a nadpirozench vc ', hamburgsk nmeck vydn, 1694, p. 241. Tato plocha je obsaen v '
Posledn vle ' Basilius Valentinus.
' Pijme jmno Boha erven rudy rtuti, kter vypad jako rumlka, a nejlep zlat ruda (toto je maarsk
antimon), aa, vre je, pedtm, ne oni byli v ohni.
' Lijk na tento smen prachy, prach rtuti udlala samo o sob z bn itn a velebn rtuti (i.c. vzneenost
rtuti.), stravte to po cel msc, a vy zskat extrakce, kter je nebesk.
' Destiluje likr jemn v Baln. Vaporis, a phlegma pej , zatmco tk sklenice zstv v spodn sti sklennho
' Tato sklenice rozpout vechny kovy za moment.
' Lijk postupn a s ohromnm varovnm, 3 krt tak moc upesn S.V. k tmto sklenici, stravte je spolen, do
smsi jste stvat se krv ervenou, a stvat se dokonale sladk.

' S.V lijk ze sklenice, a lije erstv SVR na stejn sklenici, pehledu znovu, a sklenice stane se jet slad, vylije
SV znovu a nov SV na niiv, a pehled, a pokraovat takto osladit sklenici, do sklenice je docela nasycen a je
sldne a je erven jak Ruby, a transparentn.
' Po kadm trven muste destilovat SV ze sklenice v Baln. Vap.; kter pejt velmi jasn jako voda.
' Nyn vezmte zbvajc rubnov transparentn likr a lijte to do oplat stejnm na kalcinovan **, a destilujte v
popelch pkn siln, a sublimt rtuti pej do pijmae, a bude pevst jeho vlastn sru a sl do jednoho likru,
zatmco zbvajc SV zstane vzadu s **.
' Jestli vy rozpustte zlato v toto trojit i animovan sublimovalo povznese rtuti, mete upevnit cel do takovho
vtaku, kter bude hojit nemoci a zskat bohatstv hojn.'
(toto je pes Humida, jako jsou vechny procesy klternho refekte Basilius)
Baron Schroeder pokrauje tak: Paprsky Slunce a Msc a vlivy hvzd jednaj a proniknout Zem ustavin pes
vzduch a vodu, a setkn smrem k stednmu ohni Zem. Odkud oni jsou zapuzen ve Vapors smrem k vnjmu
strnkm i obvodu kolem dokola.
Mimochodem oni oplodn a zhustit podzemn vodu a tvoit to do soln esence. (pamatovat si Becher- ovo
oidipovsk Chymicus jeho pozoruhodnm vraz [Pinguis Terrae, tuk Zem] tam, v pedchzejc ms.)
Tato soln esence dle je kontrahovan uspt pry a se stvaj tkou kovovou vodou, kterou my volme rtu, a ml
by bt pojmenovan prvnm kovem.
Tento Merkur, dalm zhutnm uspje pry postupn je upevnn do zlata i stbra.
Generace kov zahajuje smrem k stedu Zem a ukon smrem k vnjm strnkm. Bli kovy leely smrem k
vnjm strnkm, men oni vynej, pina je, e oni jsou vzdlen fro stedn teplo a vc vystaven tlac
atmosfe, kter brn jejich zrn a ustlen. Podle tchto filozofie starch nrod postupovaly, a oni hledali nezral
pedmty, kladen ne tak hlubok jak drah kov.
Vezmte proto ten, kter v nzoru na lidi zd se hanebn a hanebn, a nechat bt ten, kte je drahocenn. (tak k
De La Brie)
Nkte lid hledali pro prvn vc a padl do nesetnch absurdnost.
Nkte hledali v moi, ve vkalech, ve vlasech, rose, v slizu kter je sebran v stagnovn vodch, v rznch
minerlech a solch, v nativn rumlce, v hvzdch antimonu a jinch poetilch vc.
Basilius jmenuje vc oteven na jednom mst, kde on k: Recept .p. (p. 241) ale jak on nek znaky a kdy vy
mte vzt pravdivou vc, vy budete chybovat nicmn.
J znm njak to mm tuto vc, ale jak oni nevzali to v prav as , jejich prce je v zbyten.
Ohromn pot vyvstv, kdy vy tete ' knihy filozof, e oni nemaj kad udlan jejich kmen i vtaek z
nejvce univerzlnch popelovin, proto jejich operace a procesy li se, a jejich Tinctures tak, tak, e jeden
nezabarvit tak vysoce jak jin, ani dl kad vtaek akt na celokovov, jak vtina univerzlie dl a ml by
dlat. Proto jeden filozof ne vdy nepe jako jin tkajc se jeho prvnho vci i pedmtu a procesu, kter je bt
poznmku k tomu, se vyhnout chybm.

Pokud jde o nejvce univerzln pedmt z kter Raymundus Lullius, Bernhardus Trevisanus a Basilius Valentinus
udlal jejich nejvce univerzln vtaek, to je pojmenovan elektronem Immaturatum.
(nyn my jsme tak moud jak my jsme byli, pedtm, ne my jsme slyeli toto jmno!)
Umn mus zat kde proda lev zde pracuje nehotov, toto je nejprost popis filozof vbec kdy dal nm tto
univerzln vci.
Je tam mnoho bjench nzor tkajcch se nejvce univerzlnho pedmtu filozof; J co se mne te nejsem
naklonn k tomu, aby popral i nepoprat co nikdy jsem zkuen; To je jist, e tam je a dl existovat, nezvisl
na naem univerzlnm minerlnm pedmtu, univerzlie povznese kter nalije a naznauje sm do kad matice, a
z kter povznesou vechny vci mly jejich ivot a existenci. To je ist, subtiln, oiv povznese; J mm njakou
znalost ctnost a sly toto povznesou, pokud jde o zeleninu, zvata, a minerly, a pedpokldm, e nkte um vce
dlat s touto univerzli povznst ne j dlm.
Nkte pijmou toto povznst ve form vody, njak jako sl, kdy obloha je jasn a jasn, bu pes specifick
sklenice pouitm tepla, i kladenm jist Magnets, jako Mumia, lidsk krev, minerly i kovov popele; i pes
zrcadla, pitahujc kter povznesou za noci a za dne kter mus bt hnij a itn kter oista je hlavn kus, jak
znamen dokonalosti a istota jsou dobe mla sto chut ; pozdji to je bt nsoben jeho vlastn principem v
Infinitum a poslze mus bt kvas se zlatem a stbro proto j nebudu ruit dn dobr npady tkajc se takovho
nejvce univerzlnho principu i ducha, jestli on m vc znalosti z toho, ne j mm; a musm vyznat, to povznese
Mundi m nedvno dt mi mnoho vnch mylenek! Ale tam je jin vc v nerostn i v em ten sam univerzln
povznst Mundi je nejvce hojn luhoval, a v em on bydl neurit a je v duchovn operaci a v pln kursu k tomu,
aby stt se kovem, jet nikdy nen kov jet ani dokonce minerl.
Toto je n pravdiv a prav vc; nkte pojmenovan to Lutum Auri.
Proces k tomu, aby zskal sublimt Merkura z na vci
Vezmte tu vc, kter Basilius Valentinius (p. 241) pojmenovan, a mysl e ten bt nezral elektron, a vy nemete
chybovat, operace u sebe.
Bez Merkura nuly me bt udlan v naem umn, proto ohbat veker vae mylenky na Merkurovi.
Est v Mercurius quiequid kvartov Sapientes! Nic na svt m takovou slu k tomu, aby otevela kovy radikln jak
Merkur; Ale my nemnit hrubho Merkura, ale n sublimt Merkura, akoli s hrubm Merkurem nam
sublimtem Merkura je nsoben ve velkm mnostv v Infinitum. N povznst Merkura pemuje hrubou rtu
do jeho vlastn prody, a stejnm zpsobem vyiuje rtuov povznst pemn zlato a kad kov do jeho vlastn
prody, protoe to je Primum Ens kov.
Toto je spotat Bernard Trevisan- ovo fontnu i Solvens, proudit z krsnho 7 rh ozaovanch hvzd
pipravench z vysoce itnho nebeskho H2SO4.
Tato vc mus bt vzat jeho vyven kter nen pedtm, ne to je zral.
Hledejte proto tuto vc v otevenm odemenm pedmtu, brzo rno smrem k dni, nerozumjte tyto slova
neprvem akoli ohromn a zpsob nev si tuto vc, a zahodit to; vy vezmete skopku a nechat je dret jdro.
Zkuste to ohnm a vodou, a kou a nemocn vn bude uit vs, co vy muste doufat i oekvat od va vci.

Barva je krsn, a ukazuje krlovskm kusem odvu, e nco ohromn je skryt v tom. Nsledujte ho, do t doby,
ne vy vidte hvzdu moudrch lid , protoe toto jste neselhvajc znak blc se Felicity; ale j varuji, e vs
nejste veden sel z prav cesty hvzdou antimonu, jak stalo se doktorovi Herdott, protoe to nen kad hvzda, to
ukazuje pravou cestu. Ale ta hvzda sm, kter pichz z vchodu, a dlala nikdy ude na zemi, ale zstane stoj
pmo nad Snmovnu, v em krl svta narodil se. Nae vc je vygenerovan paprsky Slunce a Msce, a se sestv
z vody, kter kvli jeho vnitnmu form dosud nen zhust.
Nae vc mluv tak:
Protoe nikdy jsem nebyl nebyli narozen, oni nutili m krle. Jestli m matka pinesla mi do svta, m koruna by
byla by ztracen,
To je pravda, nikdo ohodnocuje m, protoe nic nen udlan ze m, ale j jsem ven a hodnotn kde kmen
filozof je pipraven.
Sekunda zpracuje tkajc se ppravy naeho sublimtu Merkura.
Iodocus von Roche m, v jeho procesu, jasn popisovan extrakce rtuov povznese. (vy mte ten proces v Coelum
Philosophorum ms.)
Vezmte n filozofick sanytr, kter je jako kmen, ale bez chut i ostrosti, vythnte nepozvanou stedn sl a
proveden z toho problmov slizk voda, napravte to do t doby, ne to je dokonale transparentn.
S tmto povznst extrakt jeho vlastn sulpurous zve, vadte vy sm, protoe ten je siln jed. Napravte to z jeho
fekli a v sublimt Merkura je udlan a Basilius jeho kapaln kl zskan, ta je kilov transparentn voda,
tk jak olovo, a jeho barva je hluboce zabarven jako zlato.
Jeho pouit.
V tomto sublimtu Merkura celokovovho taje a rozpustit jako led ve vod. Ne hrub rtu taje v tom a je radikln
rozputn v tom, a takovm eenm Merkura Communis naeho sublimtu Merkura je nsoben v Infinitum.
Pprava tohoto sublimtu Merkura je ohromn tajemstv filozof; na tto hlav oni jsou veker mlo hlun, a
akoli j pi ponkud temn j sm, jet to bude jasn dost aby ti kte dovdli se od mch spis k tomu, aby
znaly pravdu nejvce univerzln vc, jak nae vc projev se co mus je udlno vtom.
J nazvm to jeho vlastnm jmnem sublimtem Merkura, kter jin vyjdili zhadn jmnem; Te jak v pprav
tohoto sublimtu Merkura dl sestv se prvn prci, proto bt piln a placen pozornost tto prvn operaci, kter
me bt udlan velmi dobe ve dvou mscch asu.
Povznst Merkura mluv tak:
J jsem vlk kdo zhltv vechny vci; J prahnu po krvi mch dt ( kov) proto jsem volan poraka dt. J jm,
zabit a roztrh, a vrtm ivot pro ty j jsem zabil.
Nula me t beze mne, a vechno co umr, j zabiji.
Vbec peje si ivot, muset poprv bt pohben uvnit m. Vechno co ije vol m Otce a je denn iven mnou;
jet nikdo nev jak zskat m krom on svlkl m prvn mho kabtu. Proto stv se to ale zdka e kdokoli
zskv pohled na m.

(nikdy nejsem nebyl schopn objevit minerln univerzln pedmt Barona v. Schroeder. J jsem vdy pochyboval
o mezi Calminasis, rudou rumlky, a Auripigmentum i auripigment. Co se tk m znalosti doshne, e oni jsou
vechny ti cenn pedmty, ale po tom vem, ne jeden ze t by mohly bt pravou vc uvanou Baronem
Schroeder, spotat Bernarda a mnoho jinch , mezi vce modernmi znalci. K tomu, aby udlal toto ms
kompletnj, j dm vm co j naleznu ve formtu psacho papru- ovo chemii tkajc se auripigmentu, ale prvn
j vysvtlm Barona Schroeder- ovo vlastn proces, jak vhodn pro auripigment, pokud j umm, akoli nkde zd
se jako kdyby on myslel rumlku Oregon
Vy jste pozorovali , e Baron k, e Basilius jmenuje to oteven, kde on k:
Recept i chycen v jmnu Boha erven rudy rtuti kter vypad jako rumlka, a nejlep zlat ruda, kterou vy
mete najt.
Co smme vysvtlme si toto jin nativn rumlkou a maarskm antimonem, kter obecn obsahuje zlato.
Te my musme vadit e Basilius vytahuje tyto dv rudy s rtuovm likrem zhotovenm z rtuti povznst. Sledujte
e rumlka nativn i uml kvtina se sestv z rtuti a sry. Antimon se sestv z arzeniku, sry a rtuti. Auripigment
se sestv z arzeniku a sry.
Vimnte si, e dal sra a rtu i sra a arzenik jsou prvn klov princip vech kov. Tyto dva principy jsou jist
nejvce stejnorod a nejpirozenj kle k rozpustit kovy radikln, aby smrt a zlepen me nsledovat.
Baron Schroeder vol jeho pedmt nezral elektron, tak dl Paracelsus kdo jmenuje to elektron Minerale
Immaturum. Auripigmentum stejn jako ruda rumlky a antimon je nezral elektron, kde prvn kovov principy
jsou nalezen, ale dn kov jet pinesen k dokonalosti od prody. Takov rudy jak ve skutenosti obsahuj kov,
neme bt nazvan elektron Immaturum!
Pak on k ' bez Merkura nuly me bt udlan', vimnte si toto kvli Basilius' procesu a formtu psacho
papru- ovo, v budoucnosti.
Co on mysl sublimtem Merkura, je duchovn Merkur, i rtuov pra, bu pedtm, ne to b rtu, i bc rtu
zmenenou do rtuov vody i povznst, jak Basilius udlal jeden z rtuti povznst, pro vytahujc rtu a sru z jeho
dvou Ores.
Tkajc se nsoben jeho sublimtu rtuti hrubou rtut v Infinitum, Ripley se zmiuje stejn jeho rtuov vody, jestli
vy pamatujete si. On k, e jeho sublimt rtuti je Primum Ens kov; tak je kad Merkur animovan srou, tak je
rumlka, tak je antimon, tak je auripigment.
Dle on k:
Vezmte pro tuto vc v otevenm odemenm pedmtu, brzo rno smrem k dni. (auripigment extrmn je
oteven, a pichz z vchodu, z Turecka)
Vezmte skopku, a nechat je dret jdro. (toto j nerozumm .)
Kou a nemocn vn bude uit vs. (toto vztahuje se na auripigment)
Barva je krsn, a ukazuje krlovskm kusem odvu, e nco ohromn je skryt v tom. (nativn auripigment je
nejkrsnj zlato barevn ruda, lstkov i prokld Scarlet a zlat barevn listy.)

Nsledujte ho do t doby, ne vy vidte hvzdu moudrch lid. Ta hvzda sm kter pichz z vchodu ukazuje
pravou cestu. (zd se e on udlal hvzdy auripigment Stellatus kter me bt udlan, jak formt psacho papru
k; hvzda pichzejc z vchodu, sm zmiovat se o pedmtu pichzejcm z Levanty, z Turecka, tak my mme
velmi mlo z toho na zpad Evropy, jak pan Pott sleduje.)
(kde vc mluv j nerozumm vznam.)
Druh proces
Vezmte nai filozofickou sl, kter je jako kmen. (auripigment nen nic blzko tak tkho tak veden, ne dokonce
kdy tk jak antimon).
Bez chut i ostrosti. (tak je auripigment.) extrakt nepozvan nebesk sl, a proveden z toho problmov slizk i
viskzn voda, naprav to, do t doby, ne tomu je dokonale transparentn. (toto je sublimt rtuti, i Mercurius
Philosophorum simplexn.)
S tmto povznst extrakt jeho vlastn sirnat Anima; vadit vy sm, protoe ten je siln jed. (nyn to je Mercurius
Philosoph. Duplexn, Sive Animatus.) naprav to fekli, a tak dle
Ta je kilov transparentn voda, tak tk jak veden, a jeho barva je hluboce zabarven jako zlato.
(nyn my musme zkoumat co pan Pott u ns v Dissertations Chymiques De Moni pan Pott , Tk svazek 1,
strnkov 140, Pa, 1759. k pan Pott:' Risigallum i Auripigmentum je minerl zlat barvy, rozdlen v
afrnu a Scarlet Colored Lamella, vtek ze siiit Vapors kombinovan s nestlmi rtuovmi velmi
pronikavmi nladami, kter poskytnou tento minerl extrmn podn k tomu, aby otevel kovy. Nkte maj
nazvali to Sandarach.
(Plinus v jeho 33 Svazek prodopisu , ekne, e tam existuje proces kterm zlato je udlal pes auripigment; proces
kter pozval csae Caligula, prince velmi dostiv bohatstv, zpsobit nkter lidi k tomu, aby pracovali ohromn
mnostv auripigmentu; kterm operan perfektn zlato bylo zskan, ale tak mal kvantita , kter csa ml pinu
k tomu, aby kla se z jeho lakomstv.
(nicmn 14 [??] vha auripigmentu byl peveden do zlata. Tento proces nikdy nen pokouen od k Plinius.
(tam je v Turecku jednotliv le auripigmentu, kter vybavuje vechno co je prodan v Evrop. (tam je tak uml
auripigment udlan a prodan v Londn, kter malov uvaj.)
(auripigment je kehk ruda, a naklonn v lupnku jako mastek, jeho listy jsou posypan psenmi stekami;
jeho barva je pkn lut nazelenal barvy; njak sti jsou asto krsn Scarlet Color.
(tento druh Sandarach je preferovan nad jinmi od Alchymists. Toto Sandarach jeho krsnou barvou se podob
nativn rumlce.
(ten je minerl vyplvajc z povrchn smsi arzeniku a sry.
( sra skld se ze zntliv zem a univerzln kyseliny. Arzenik skld se ze zeskelnatl zem a ohromnho
mnostv nestl, rtuov zem tekutiny. i upmn: jeho arzenik se skld z kovu a sulfureous rtuov zem
nalezen v soli z mosk vody.
( Merkur filozof tak skld se z tto zem spojen nejistjmu rtuovmu principu. (k pan Pott.)

(auripigment obsahuje kovovou rtuovou substanci; kdy oeten ve vod mdlem a zubnm kameni, to vybavuje
hvzdy tak brilantn jak pkn stbro, ale tak subtiln, e ohe konzumuje to vas. Psek a koncentrovan fixovan
alkalick louhy rozpust to, stejn jako oni udlaj arzenik.
(jestli vy hmte auripigment se sanytr, sra v auripigmentu je znien , a tam zstv arznov hvzdy fixovan
alkalizovou sl.
(tato vc smen s rtut v taven, poskytuje to bl, ale vezme pry jeho kujnost. Auripigment tl s tukem, i
mdlem, i olejem zubn kamene i njak /kad /dn fixovan alklie, pozorovn nebezpe jeho jedu, dv
kovov brilantn hvzdy.
( sra spojuje s fixovanou alkli a tvo strusku, horn barevn, stejn jak struska antimonu.
(vajen skopky obsahuj zvlt nejvce fixovan zeskelnatl princip.
(z malch oblzk, kter slepice polyk, a kter sm dv tvrdost k skopce; poprat drbee psek i trk, a jejich
vejce maj bu dnou skopku vbec, i velmi mkk jeden, jako tenk bl erven ke; J jsem vidl
experiment; Glauber nsledn m pravdu, kdy on mluv tak vysoce jeho likru a Vitrum Silicus, pro dvku nestl
Tinctures; Tugel k stejn.
(Sperlingius dv proces k tomu, aby udlal rtuov hvzdy s auripigmentem; on k; vzt 8 sti auripigmentu, 6
soli a sanytr horlil spolen, 4 Limatura eleza, 1 uhl, tajte tyto psady spolen v tyglku, ale dejte si pozor na
arzenov vpary, a budete mt hvzdy.
( hvzdy auripigmentu stejn jako hvzdy arzeniku pronik md a udl to bl a kehk, kvli jeho rtuov zemi,
(kdy takov hvzdy je roztaven, to vst vechny kovy, kter vy dali do toho, a ty kovy, kdy pozdji oeten a
destilovan za oplat stejnm se sublimtovou rtut pro kovov mslo stejnm zpsobem jak kdybys ml uvan
hvzdy antimon kaz.
( hvzdy auripigmentu i arzeniku absorbuj kovy rychlej ne hvzdy antimonu, a poskytuje kovy vc nestl.
Arzenik v auripigmentu kdy oddlil se od jeho sry je tak nsiln jed jak bn arzenik, pro lidi i bestie.
( Butyrum auripigment
(j jsem vzal 1 st auripigmentu jemn prkovan, a 2 sti sublimtov rtuti tak v jemnm prku. J dal dva
prachy do sklenn oplatit stejnm, a jsem mchal je tesouc se oplatit stejnm, jeho krk mus bt irok; J jsem
umstil oplatit stejnm v sklep, kde j nechm, e to zstane 24 hodiny, pitahovat vlhkost; pozdji j jsem umstil
mj oplatit stejnm v pskov lzni, a skrvalo to pkn hluboko v psku, j jsem pizpsobil velk pijma a tmelil
spoje peliv, jak vpary, jestli by mly by uniknout, ukou se byly smrteln, kdy pijat v plicch .
(j jsem zanal velmi jemnm ohnm nejdve kter j jsem zvil postupn; masa v oplat stejnm roztaven kovy
a vdky a sublimt pechz jako ir vodu [chlorid arsenit], jeho kvantita je udivujc, uvme - li , e
auripigment a sublimtov rtu jsou oba such prach.
(j jsem byl nael toto povznst stejn hojn, kdy j nejsem nepitahoval v sklep.
(njak voln toto povznese, kter muselo pozdji bylo upesnn samo o sob , se stejnmi opatenmi, olej i
(jeho specifick vha rovn se to rtuti, a to kou stle.

(po tomto povznst olej pechz, kter plaval na sublimtu, a absolutn by nemchal se sublimtem, akoli j jsem
tsl sklenic nad 100 krt.
(rostouc ohe, kter j jsem zskal dobr mnostv rumlky, kter povznesla sm v krku a horn sti oplatit
stejnm, a tam zstane mal zbytek, obsahujc psenou zemi smenou s auripigmentem.
(Agricola dv nsledujc proces; Sms rovnajc se mnostv rtut povznesou a nativn auripigment, jemn
prkovan oddlen, daly smen prachy do sklenn oplatit stejnm, kter msto v sklepu.
(pak umstte oplate stejnm v hrnci psku, adaptujte prostornou pijma kter loutnu peliv do oplate stejnm;
zanat velmi jemnm ohnm, co nezv pedtm ne vy vidte to nezbytn, a lut jemn olej i povznst pej,
kter kou stle, a konzumuje kovy jako ohe.
(tento olej zlepuje stbro v trven, ale to je pli mnoho tkat v tom, tak, e to mus bt refixed, a tyto znamen,
e vy zskte platinu i Luna Fixa.
(Agricola k , e pedchzejc proces je Poppius; on pidv e [chybjc] je ernn tmto procesem ale ne
obohacen se zlatem, a e tam nen dn vhoda z tohoto trven. On pidv e tento likr m njak vztah s
Butyrum Antimonii, a e jestli vy cohobate toto lut olej i povznese nkolikrt na jeho vlastnch feklich, v
olej stt se s rubnovou barvou. Jestli vy destilujete tento olej i povznst z Emeril (eleza) tto vci d vm olej
rudho jako krocana. Agricola k tak: e on v, e auripigment, antimon a rtu povznese smen, destilovan a
cohobated na jejich vlastnch feklich, k tomu, aby oplodnily sublimt s jeho vlastn fixovanou srou, obsaen ve
feklich, produkuje rud olej, kter vdy prokazuje zlata, v malch mnostvch.
(pes toto erven tlo, sten zmna stbra do zlata je jist prokazateln.
(Baron Schroeder, komu my jsme citovali nkolikrt, k nm, e nkte destiluj auripigment s rtut povznst,
dokud oni nezskaj od toho zlat olej, v em oni strv kehk zbytek po praen stbra; ale Baron pidv:to ' mal
trochu zlata zskanho tmto procesem, nezaplat ty vlohy.'
(toto je co j jsem vyzvedl z formtu psacho papru: Zd se proces dlajc Butyrum auripigment, kter je udlan
v jednom dni, neme bt to Barona Schroeder, kter bere dva msce, krom toho e my jsou nikterak jist e
auripigment je Baron Subject.
(Baron Schroeder pokrauje tak:)
Kad, kdo chce udlat vtaek, muset dostat rtuov rozpoutdlo, kter m slu k tomu, aby otevela a zniit
kovy, vythnout jejich sry, a spojit a tvoit s tem chaosem.
Toto rtuov rozpoutdlo me bt udlan veobecn ven z Primum Ens Merkura, to je mimo Limus, jak my
jsme zmnili se o pedtm, a toto je nejdokonalej proces, kterm pozdji veobecn cinkajc lk je udlan. Ti,
kdo pipravovali sublimt rtuti z jin Electrrum Immaturum zsk jen specifick a ne univerzln vtaky.
Nen tam nic bli pbuzn s kovov Mercuries ne moov povznese. Moov povzn a soli redukuj kovy bu
do nezmeniteln vci i do bcho Merkura, podle znalosti a aplikace takovch moovch sol. Vimnte si! Ten
Merkur je princip z kter cinkajc a pemujc sla dl postupovat. Ve vech Alchymical operacch muste tak
1. Nepodniknout destruktivn kalcinace kov, kter v ecch tlech zni kovovho Merkura.
2. Pro istit vae materily jak jen to bude mon, a napravit kadou vc.

4. Nejvt Labors zvis na sloen 3 princip, proto nula mus bt odmtnut z vci, ale feklie.
J nepochybovat ale tam jsou jin metody jak vypracovat Tinctures! Kdo m prostedky a as, a ije dost dlouh,
aby zkusil kad proces? Jak proda je nevyerpateln!
Co j jsem psal, bu j jsem vidl i propracovan s mmi vlastnmi rukama.
Kdokoliv, kdo m sublimt rtuti, me velmi brzy vykonat specifick zmny, nezvisl na ohromn prci;
podrobnosti vychzejc z prav fontny se rentuj, jin nejsou tak.
To je tak pravdiv, e sla k tomu, aby pitahovala a komunikovat slunen sirn ca pochzet ze dn jin ale
rtuov princip. Toto je v kadm kovovm tlu, a toto specifick Tinctures me bt udlan; protoe filozofick
Merkur se projev v rznch tvarech a formch, a za tak mnoho jinch sil; nkdy tak bc Merkur, v jinch asech
jak such arznov rtu, v jinch asech jak dusno povznese Merkura; proto praktit filozofov vid Sophic
Mercury v jin form, podle vci on psob na.
Pravdiv Sophic Mercury dl vytpt sebe a je ohe. Hrub rtu je studen.
Bez rtuovho prostedku toho je obtn i mon nemon, vypracovat bu specifick i univerzln Tinctures.
Sophic Mercuries mus bt impregnovan s istou slunenou srou, kter sra mus bt vzat z takovch tl jak mla
slunenou sru: Bute ne pekvapen, jestli j adm moov soli mezi rtuovmi rozpoutdly! Izk Hollandus
vythl kovov Mercuries s moovmi rozpoutdly.
1. Umn vech specifickch lk spov v , e Sulfurs bt extrahovan z kovovch tl, radikln otevench.
2. , e takov Sulfurs bt vysoce itn a oddlen od veker pozemnch fekli.
3. e v povzn, akoli oni by ml bt raviny, bt pipraven z itnch materil, a oddlen od veho
4. e jestli stbro je bt pemnn specifickm vtakem, takov stbro bt prvn pipraven.
Mezi veker chemick Labors Cementation je nejobtnj; tam nen dn mu, kter me nazvat se mistra v
Nejbezpenj a nejjistj specifick zmny jsou takov, kde, v pes Humida, dva likry jsou strven a dospvaly
Slunen sra je nalezen v jinch kovech a minerlech stejn jako v zlat.
Asi 15 let dve j jsem pedstavoval krle (asi 1669) Anglie pohru rubnovho skla, kter sklenice j jsem ml
zabarven projekc.
Ti kte um vypracovat rtuov rozpoutdlo z musk moi, jestli oni um pout to, oni mohou zskat univerzln
Tinctures, a oni uvid takov zvdav kazy, jak Tinctures zcela kovov neprodukovat.
N univerzlie nerost zle, zatmco v jeho surovm stavu / sttu, nedvno udlal ohromn hluk v Nmecku mezi
njakmi lkai.
V Anglii ta sam vc tak nedvno je pochvlen fyzickmi lidmi nad jinmi lky.

Jet dn tlo v co on m v ruce, oni podniknou chystn a korekce, a oni vedou ke patnm koncm, v kazc se
Jestli oni vzali tu vc v jeho surovm stavu / sttu, a pouil to tak, poskytnut oni umli vybrat si a vybrat pravou
vc, oni provede mnohem vc dobr.
V Anglii nae vc je drah a vzcn, ale v Nmecku hojnm dost, a kad, kdo v to dobe, nlezy dalch pravdiv
pleny ne falen i neprav.
Berhard Trevisan a mal pojednn Enchiredion Physicae Restitutae a tajemstv Hermeticae pod nzvem Spes Mea
v Ango, popsal n proces vtzit nai vc jak jasn jak je to mon.

Anonymn: Doktor S. Bacstrom- ovo vklad na prci Von Schroeder

Doktor Bacstrom- ovo podotkne o Baronovi- ovo procesu jsou velmi dmysln, ale, nicmn, j bych vysvtlil jeho
vznam jinak; ten je mal div , kter vznam alchymist by ml bt asto myln, dokonce nejvce akutn a
rozliovn; pro, akoli v njakch bodech oni byli pkn obecn dohodnut, jejich filozofie byla chybn v mnoha
podrobnostech a skoro dn dva z nich mli pln stejn systm, a, krom toho, oni mysln psali v temnm stylu.
Pro chpat jejich spisy ty je nicmn nezbytn k mt njakou znalost , a vysvtlit je jejich vlastn filozofi, jinak oni
zstanou navdy neproniknuteln: To je tak nezbytn e jejich slovkaen bt hldan proti.
V prci pedtm, ne ns tam nen dn mal podl sofistiky. Autor k, e njak hledn prvnho vci ' v rumlce,
v hvzdch antimonu a jinch poetilch vc ' , a, pozdji, ' j varuji, e vs nejste veden sel z prav cesty
hvzdou antimonu jak stalo se doktorovi Herdott.' A jet to objev se, z toho co nsleduje, e jeho prvn vc nen
ani vce ani mn ne antimon.
Slovkaen le zde:Antimon redukovan na hvzdy samo o sob ukou hvzdu, ale toto nen ' hvzda to pichz
z vchodu, ' hvzdy moudrch lid, pro takov hvzdy by byla nevnosn v tto prci. Vchod mn vchodnho
znakovho Berana: v tomto domu, podle Eirenaeus Philalehtes, sra nezbytn k srazit se rtuov povznese byla
nalezen moudrmi lidmi; te Beran je dm Marsu: nsledn elezo je kov to vybavuje aktivn sru. Kdy elezo je
spojen antimonu a hvzdm podn itnm. To je pak hvzdy antimon-Martis;' Sedmeronsobn ozaovan
hvzda ' , vysoce itn nebesk [??]'.
Podle tohoto autora to nen kad antimon kter je pipraven bt pouit v pprav hvzdnatch vlench hvzd
antimonu:' Vezme to brzo rno smrem k dni - - - neporozumt slova ' .Toto nen sra jen mus bt nalezen v
Beranovi ale antimon sm rno roku, kdy Slunce je v tom podpisu, protoe on k, pedtm, e ' my znme njak
kdo ml vc, ale jak oni nevzali to v prav as jejich prce byla v zbyten . Tm vechno, co kdo psal o tto vci
trvaj na potebnost zskvajc vc, i pinejmenm na zatek prce; kdy Slunce je v Beranovi i Taurus, akoli
autor Coelum Philosophorum k jestli vy jen postupujete prvo vy uspjete v njakch /kadch /dnch
Kdy Baron nabdky ns ' vezmou skopku a nechat, e jin vezmou jdro ' , on jen zasvt, e antimon je pouit v
tto prci ne kvli tlesnmu zlatu kter je bt nalezen v tom. Bohat vzorky jsou nkdy zpracovan na kvli zlatu
tomu me bt zskan z je, ale alchymist zamstnvaj tento pedmt kvli jeho Merkurovi a se, ne jeho extern
ale jeho kovov sra; ne, oni dokonce (podle tohoto autora) pouij strusky sm, a vskutku vichni z nich deklarovat
e v prvnm strusce zlat ex - vlen mohlo bt nalezen.

Kde on dl vc mluvit jazyk souhlas s filozofi alchymist. Tlesn zlato kter obsahuje je nejmen st z toho
majcmu cenu - - - to obsahuje zlato v Potentia, kter, obratnm umlcem, me bt taen dle ve form zlata
sofisty; zatmco m sv matku Zemi smsenou to dokonale to by bylo narozen jen hrub zlato, a proto nehodc se
pro ohromn prce, mt ne vc ne prodn dokonalost nutnou pro jeho vlastn formln existenci. To by mohlo bt
uvan jako kvasit pijmout, sm, vy sla, ale nem dnou slu k tomu, aby sdlila jinm kovm dokud to prvn
pijm to.
Nikdo ohodnocuje antimon kvli njakmu /kadmu /dnmu pouit mechanika ke ktermu to me bt
aplikovan; pro sebe, to je nepouiteln; a dokonce kdy pouit v kombinaci, je aplikovan na tmto zpsobem
jin pouit ne to tvrdc veden [i stbra]; ale akoli zbyten v umn to je ven alchymisty.
My nyn pijdeme k dalmu slovkaen; pro akoli rumlku bt ne Baron First Matter, Merkur je jeho druh vc.'
Ohbaj veker vae mylenky na Merkurovi' - - - ' chycen n filozofick sanytr kter je jako kmen, ale bez
chut i ostrosti, a vythne nepozvan (pes rtu) stedn sl'. extrahovnm stedn sol z vechno, co on zasvt , e
rtu kter m bt zamstnan v tto druh prci mus poprv bt velebn se sol kuchyskou, m sublimt soli je
spojen do rtuti v betonov form, tm i dohromadch bez vlhkosti. Hvzdy bt destilovan s rtut povznst
vlen antimonov mslo je zskan, ' problmov slizk voda kter kdy upesnila je dokonale transparentn
[chlorid antimonit]. S tmto povznst extrakt jeho vlastn sirnat zve; to je: velebn i destilovat opraven mslo
z prvn strusky zskan dlnm hvzd antimonu a kaz.
Jak asto on ist jeho hvzdy, jak asto on napravuje mslo, jak asto on cohobates sublimt na feklich strusky on
neinformovat ns, ale ty je pravdpodobn tyto operace byly asto opakovan jak on dovoluje dva msce pro tuto
Kdy tato prce je ukonen, e vy pak jste zskali ' sublimt rtuti Basilius ' kapalnho kle. Kilov voda, tk
jak veden; a nyn hluboce zabarven jako zlato. animac dostala v destilacch ze strusky - - - mon po trven na
On vol tento itn, animovan vlen antimonov mslo ' duch Merkura ' , zejm pro dnou jinou pinu ale
protoe v destilaci, kterou to zvedne se a pechz pijma jak trochu sublimuje ze zleitost poddajnho sublimtu
pejde stejnm procesem.
Kde on dl rtuov povznst mluvit, e on jen popisovat vc jeho mrzutmi charakteristickmi rysy. Antimon pat
rodin Saturnu. Saturn povaovan za as produkuje vechny vci, ni vechny vci , renovuje vechny vci; ale
povznst mundi je skuten pina o vech tchto zmnch. as jak as nedl nic sm: To je ve skutenosti jen
obdob operac povznesou mundi, bez kter nic nen vyprodukovanho, nula ije; to zabj vechno co zeme, jen
ale pro tento konec, e pes zkaenost to me produkovat zlepen a nov ivot.
Co starovc filozofov tak deklaruj respektujc produ obecn ven autora d zvlt do sublimtu rtuti v
pracch na kovech; pro z rtuti oni vichni pijdou, toto povznst rtuti oni mohou bt zhltnut, a koagulac stejn
povznst me pozdji obivnout k vc vzneen existence.
Koagulace je pravdpodobn udlan jednodue pehradn nkter ze sublimtu rtuti v kulovit sklenici a potom
trven v podnm teple pro dostaten asov sek. Po vtaku je ukonen poprv vst to se stejn povznese a
znovu pehled a sraz se. Opakujte operaci a do vtaek je exaltovan tak vysoko, jak vy budete to . Po prvn
koagulaci t proke Sophic zlato ale ne vtaek; po druh to bude vtaek, a kad nsledujc imbibice a ustlen
i koagulace, zv to nejen ve velkm mnostv ale v sle.

P.S. --- Jestli vy zamstnvte bn zlato v sublimtu rtuti prvn koagulace d jen zlato sofisty - - - jestli vy
pracujete s animovanou rtut sofisty bez bn zlata prvn koagulace vyn lk prvnho objednvky, i vtaku na
10 stech.
Konec .