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Please read the following text and answer

the following questions by selecting the

correct answer:
Sams Neighbourhood
All around my neighbourhood, there are many places to
go. I go to the bakery every day to buy bread; its very
nice but can be very busy. I also go to the post office
every Monday, its always crowded. My neighbourhood is
very interesting; there is always a lot to do here. We dont
have many students living in the area, so its always
quiet. I work in a different area, far away from my home.
The people there are not friendly and the area is awful
and dangerous. All my friends and family live in the same
neighbourhood as me and we all love our neighbourhood.

1- Sam goes to the bakery to buy ________

a) Tomatoes
b) Bread
c) Tablets

2- The bakery is very nice, but can be very __________

a) Boring
b) Interesting
c) Busy
3- Sam goes to the post office every ___________
a) Wednesday
b) Monday
c) Friday
4- The post office is always __________

a) Crowded
b) Boring
c) Bad
5- Sams neighbourhood is very __________
a) Close
b) Good
c) Interesting
6- Sam works far from home, the people in that area are
not ____________
a) Friendly
b) Nice
c) Bad
7- The area that Sam works in, is awful and ____________
a) Crowded
b) Noisy
c) Dangerous

8- Sam and her family live in the same area, they all love
their ____________
a) Home
b) Neighbourhood
c) Area