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Naming Cyclic Hydrocarbons

1. Use the general formula: prefix + root + suffix.

2. If there are only single bonds (alkane) and no branches, add the word
CYCLO to the beginning of the name. All carbon atoms are treated
equally; i.e., any carbon atom can be number 1.

3. If one branch is attached, that carbon in number one but this number does
not have to be part of the name. The name of the alkyl group is added to
the beginning of the name.

4. When two or more branches are present, any branch can be position
number one. (Hint: since branches are named in alphabetical order, they
should be numbered in the same order.)

5. If a double bond is present in the ring, follow the rules for naming
Alkenes; i.e., the double bond determines the position of Carbon # 1 and
the number assigned to any branches that are present. (Note: rings can be
numbered clockwise or counterclockwise).


Naming an Aromatic Hydrocarbon:

Step 1 Number the carbons in the benzene ring. If more than one type of
branch is attached to the ring, start numbering at the carbon with the
highest priority (or most complex) group.
Step 2 Name any branches that are attached to the benzene ring. Give these
branches position numbers. If only one branch is attached to a benzene ring,
you do not need to include a position number.
Step 3 Place the branch numbers and names as a prefix before the root,