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Indian Food Guide: Recipes - Mirchi Vada

Large green chili

Boiled potatoes
Red chili powder
Garam masala powder
Chaat masala
Chopped green coriander
Gram flour

16 nos.
500 gms.
1 tbsp.
1 tsp.
1 tsp.
1 tbsp.
As per taste

Baking powder
Red chili powder
Oil for deep frying

1 tsp.
1 tsp.
To taste

200 gms.

1. Slit green chilies and remove the seeds.

2. Peel and grate boiled potatoes and add red chili powder, Garam Masala
Powder, chaat masala, green coriander and salt. Mash and mix well. Divide this
into 16 equal portions.
3. Stuff a little of this mixture into the green chilies and also cover the chilies with
this potato mixture.
4. Now prepare a thick batter using gram flour, baking powder, red chili powder,
salt and about 1 cup of water. Keep the batter for about 10 minutes.
5. Heat oil in a Kadhai to a moderate temperature. Dip stuffed green chilies into
the gram flour batter and deep fry until golden brown.
Note: Select large sized green chilies for this recipe. It will not only give it a nice
definite shape but also would not be very hot. [7/2/2001 4:04:16 PM]