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EC312 Homework 13


Read: (1) Lecture 13 Notes

(2) Frenzel, Principles of Electronic Communications Systems, 3 Ed, Ch. 2-1 and 2-2 (p.30-40, 41-52),
Ch. 9-5(p. 321-328)
1. Three amplifiers with gains of 15, 22, and 7 are cascaded; the input power is 120mW. For each stage,
determine the output power of that stage as well as the overall gain.




Output Power
Po,x (W)

Overall Gain


2. A power amplifier has an output of 200W and an input of 8W. What is the power gain in decibels?

3. A power amplifier has a gain of 55dB. The input power is 600mW. What is the output power?

4. An amplifier has an output of 5W. What is its gain in dBm?

5. A communication system has five stages, with gains and attenuations of 12, -45, 68, -31 and 9dB. What
is the overall gain?

6. The signal input power to a receiver is 6W. The noise power is 25mW. What is the S/N ratio? What is
the S/N ratio in decibels?

7. For an actual bandpass filter, there is a frequency

at which point no signal below that frequency is
allowed to pass and a frequency above which no
signal can pass. At what decibel do these
frequencies occur? What are these frequencies