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“Pinapasuso ko  W Imbalanced After 2hrs of  Discu  To GOAL MET

siya”, as eight at birth: nutrition: risk nursing ssed with the know the
verbalized by the 7 lbs for more than intervention, the mother the normal range  The
mother.  Re body mother of the normal weight of weight gain. mother
cent Weight: requirement client will gain gain of infant, 0-6 verbalizes the
“Dati ay 17.16 lbs (7.8 related to knowledge about months. normal weight
pinapainom ko kg) abnormal normal weight gain of infant 0-6
siya ng tiki-tiki  He weight gain gain.  Discu  To months old.
pero itinigil ko na ight: 63 cm secondary to ssed with the support  The
noong isang  He breastfeeding mother the proper normal/adequat mother showed
buwan pa,” as ad practices. time of feeding. e feeding needs interest during
verbalized by the circumference of infant. the health
mother. : 41cm  Discu teaching by
 Ch ssed with the  To listening
est mother the give attentively to the
circumference importance of information student nurse as
:48 cm supplements as especially the well as looking
 Ab well as the need advantages of intently to the
dominal for supplement taking demonstration of
circumference intake. supplements breast pump and
: 47 cm and wether or nodding to what
 T not the infants the student nurse
he baby has need it. says.
an excess  The
body fat by  Discu mother was able
observing the ssed with the  To to demonstrate
skin folds. mother/demonstra help sustain the proper way of
 T te proper ways of breastfeeding using breast
he baby is breastfeeding as activity and pump.
heavy to well as the proper ensure safe
carry. storage of milk.

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he baby is not mother, proper  To
yet weaning. breast cleansing. prevewnt 26
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ailed on three  Enco poisoning of