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Metro Manila Developmental Screening Test (MMDST)

The MMDST is a simple, clinically useful tool used in the early detection of

children with serious developmental delays developed by Dr. Phoebe D. Williams. It is

modified as standardization of the original Denver Developmental Screening Test

(DDST) by Dr. William K. Frankenburg and his associates (1970) on 6,006 Metro Manila

children. It was develop for health professionals such as nurses, doctors and other health

workers so that slow development may be recognized, referrals made, and appropriate

therapy prescribed as soon as possible.

The MMDST is design to detect developmental delays in children 2 weeks to 6 ½

years old. It evaluation four aspects of a child's development: personal-social, fine-motor

adaptive, language and gross-motor behavior.

JAM was tested last February 2, 2010. He is 1 year and 9 months. The examiner

tested him within the different sectors of MMDST. This is done to assess of the client is

currently having a delay in his development.

Child’s Age

Year Month Day

Date of test 2010 02 02

Date of birth 2008 03 24

1 10 8

Adjustment for prematurity

22 months – 1months (4 weeks) = 21 months or 1 year 9 months & 8 days

Selected items administered to the child:
- Imitates housework
- Uses spoon spilling little
- Puts on clothing
- Helps in house simple tasks
- Removes garments
- Plays ball with the examiner
- Indicates wants (not cry)
- Drinks from cup
- Separates from mother easily
Fine Motor Adaptive
- Tower of 4 cubes
- Dumps cheese curls from bottle – spontaneously
- Dumps cheese curls from bottle – demonstrated
- Tower of 2 cubes
- Scribbles spontaneously
- Neat pincer grasp
- 3 words other than ma-ma, da-da
- Combines two different words
- Points to one named body part
- Follows directions
Gross Motor
- Kicks the ball forward
- Throws the ball overhand
- Jumps in one place
- Walks up steps
- Walks backward
- Walks well
- Stoops and recovers