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1861019 - BNK_MONI: Check for active linkage



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FIN-FSCM-BNK (Direct Bank Communication)

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1. The workflow for the approval is not started as due to a workflow problem, the event type link for the object
type BUSISB001 was deactivated (transaction SWE2). This is not noticeable from transaction BNK_MONI.
2. The work item/the background job does not receive a processor because the standard tasks are not
marked as "general task". As a result, the system checks the following standard tasks when you call
transaction BNK_MONI:
* 50100025 Release the Work Item
* 50100026 Edit Returned Application Object
* 50100066 Add Attachment After Rejection
* 50100075 Add Attachment After Return

Other Terms

Implement the source code corrections.
In transaction SE91, create message BNK_UTIL 005 with the text "Problem with Workflow settings for Bank
Communication Management" and doe not select the "SelfExplanatory" indicator. In the long text, write "See
SAP Note 1861019".
In transaction OBMSG, create the message BNK_UTIL 005, Allowed = I, Standard = I, select "Switch off".
1. If the deactivated event linkage for BUSISB001 is deactivated, the system issues a relevant message
when you call transaction BNK_MONI.
Also see the settings in transaction SWEQADM.
2. To check or change the standard tasks manually, proceed as follows:
Call transaction PFTC, select the task type -> Additional Date -> Processor Assignment -> Display
The system should issue a message informing you that this is a general task that all users can process.
Deactivating the check: If you do not want the system to perform the check, go to transaction OBA5 and
deactivate message BNK_UTIL 005.

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