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ina learns new language

This week Lina I was very pleased to see how much you and your language
have developed over these few months that you have been with us at the AnNur childcare centre. Lina you were playing and singing songs with teacher
Rosy and the centres children, it was beautiful sunny winters day and you
were outside by the veranda.
We started to sing Monkey jumping song with four alternating starring
monkeys, and all of them in turn would fall off and bump their heads, then Lina
you came to the stage and sang the staunch doctor part brilliantly and in clear
English with your finger pointing; NO more monkeys jumping on the bed!.
We sang few rounds of this song and it was always just as good, it is absolutely
delightful to see how you are developing your understanding in new language,
can take social cues and play in An-Nur childcare centre alongside all the
Lina you are learning and developing your growing sense of self-identity and of
self as learner.
You are widening social interaction, and development of a sense of others.
Lina you are increasing competence with techniques for communication and
with tools for symbolising and representing.

I saw very joyous side of you come out with singing and little enactments of
the songs. My learning suggestion for Lina and the children at An-Nur would be
to keep learning different traditional songs, and playing them with the group.
Children could think additional lyrics to the songs to aid their communication
and language skills, aid confidence to sing songs, including songs of their own,
and to experiment with chants and pitch patterns. These acting and movement
plays and games would help with increasing confidence and a repertoire for
symbolic, pretend, or dramatic play.

Learning story by Heidi Brotkin 26/07/16