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The Eisenhower

Administration, the
Third World,
and the Globalization
of the Cold War
Edited by
Kathryn C. Statler and Andrew L. Johns

Lanham • Boulder • New York • Toronto • Oxford

and Eisenhower's Propaganda War in the Third World Kenneth A. and Aid 1 Words and Deeds: Race. Johns Introduction Thinking Globally and Acting Locally Chester J. and the Globalization of the Cold War Andrew L. Colonialism.Contents Preface The Eisenhower Administration. Covert Operations. vii xi Section I: Instruments of a Global Policy: Propaganda. the Third World. Foreign Aid. Osgood 2 The Central Intelligence Agency and the Face of Decolonization under the Eisenhower Administration John Prados 3 "The Most Important Single Aspect of Our Foreign Policy"?: The Eisenhower Administration. and the Third World Michael R. Pach Jr. Adamson 3 27 47 .

the Bandung Conference.-Iraqi Relations. 1953-1961 Kathryn C. Siekmeier 197 Section IV: The Globalized Cold War in the Middle East 10 The United States and Israel in the Eisenhower Era: The "Special Relationship" Revisited Peter L. Citino 245 Conclusion The Devil Is in the Details: Eisenhower. Anderson 271 Bibliographic Essay Index About the Contributors . and the Third World David L. and the Turning of the Cold War Jason C. Meriwether 175 Persistent Condor and Predatory Eagle: The Bolivian Revolution and the United States. McMahon Building a Colony: South Vietnam and the Eisenhower Administration. and Latin America 7 8 9 Small Victory. Parker 153 "A Torrent Overrunning Everything": Africa and the Eisenhower Administration James H. Missed Chance: The Eisenhower Administration. 1954-1958 75 101 125 Yi Sun Section III: Globalization Continues: Contents Section II: Globalizing the Cold War: Asia after Korea 4 5 6 "The Point of No Return": The Eisenhower Administration and Indonesia. Dulles. 1958-1961 Nathan J. Statler Militant Diplomacy: The Taiwan Strait Crises and Sino-American Relations. Africa.S. 1953-1960 Robert J. 1952-1964 James F. Hahn 225 11 Middle East Cold Wars: Oil and Arab Nationalism in U.