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Uniroyal IndusLries [Ld.

Works, Regd. & Corporate Office
365, Phase ll, lnd. Estate



Dated :30.07.2016

Phones : 2593592,5066531 -33
Fax : 0091-172-2591837
CIN No. L1 81 01 HR1 993P1C0331 67
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Bombay Stock Exchange Limited,
Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers,
25th Floor, Dalal Street,

Dear Sir,

Subject: Intimation of Quarterly financial results for the quarter ended 30.06.2016
Standalone under Resu. 33 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure
Req uirements) Requlations. 201. 5

to Regulation 33 of SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements)
, 2015, please find an attachment of Financial results for the quarter ended
30.06.2016 Standalone approved in the meeting of Board of Directors held on 30th July,



This is for your information and records please.



Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,

Fo/UniroVal Industries Ltd.


(Akhil Mahajan)
Executive Director


Central Marketing Office :
D-104, 1st Floor, Sector-10, Noida-201301 INDIA

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F**dinS. .. 201S " ' as pe( RegHlation 33 of SHBI {Listing and Di$ciosure Kequirenrenis. t.M. {*r Unir*yal lnduskies Lixjt*d {Akhil Mahaja*} Sx*:eulirr* P*nchkuie 3*th DIN : fr0$076**.l . : *S1. Regulations 2015 *ilel have been prepared ba$ed on the eamts sft of accoui'liincl policies and praciices followed for the y*ar endc.*'F.ffLAVH.::..ltl.eet* ln ihtir nr*xtirrg h*id' on 30th July."--*-*q$ per oilr attaehed rep*rl of even dst* i t" . . Complc..nill bepuhli$hedonnnnual ba$ic. .ASJ#+l$lilt*.".a$ *n 3*th Jure..:'.--- _". 3S1S . 006943N !i .." \ '. '. . 2016 hsve been compi.$tTl SA*Lfi.I$rs and have bee appr*ued and taken on recor* by the B*ard of Dir.i 31$t March.Ill t.F.=liltr.. Sratu$ cf inveslors complaint : No investr:l Complaints wete peilding aS 0fi lst Aplil. [tBgiJi*r tax anti deqerr*tl tax pr*lisistl ur*:*]d b*'msde Bt il'l* yesr *l:]d.i. StL Previous year figures have beefl reca$t whe'e ever nete$Sary.i.' -i Ji"rly.: *41?t]532?5 M. 2016 : The above financiai results have been reviewccl tly ths Aufirt Cornmittee snd subiected 16 llrntted review by the sud.' tFenkaiKhUllAr) H0nfier Finn Resistration No. 2016 3 i Th*s*areth*sta*rlalonefinancisl results Cilnssli*eiedf*sfi*iffl rlls$lt*.1S55?Sl A#* #Ui'ITANTS S{Tlee:3.1'-.AEPRS &&ffi$G€I&THS PH : }:*IE4'tr 5 M. l I o/ ! Llv{ts!* .:.MALVlY4 XN..nts received an$ iesolued S 6 during tha q$atter : $lL.MALVlYA AMftIT$A& S h'IARTE RE D f{S{S*r 1 fhe$e Un audited finansial resuit$ for the quarter ended 30th Jilne.:r.. 2016..-lr-" 1* lnornGPRS&Associsres.