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INTRODUCE YOURSELF: Record your personal presentation taking into account the following information (You can use any tool to record your presentation but it must be a MP3 file (SVRecorder is an option): a. Likes and dislikes: I like football and I dislike injustice . (Check the Knowledge Environment to look at the procedure). UPDATE YOUR PROFILE: Update your “Profile” in the virtual campus and send the screen. Career: I'm finishing my studies in Environmental Engineering e. Age: : I'm thirty years old c. Family: I live with my family and have a son f. City where you live: I live in the city of Tolima Chicoral d. Job: I manage an ice cream shop g. B. Name: My name is sergio silva b. it is mandatory to upload your picture.ACTIVITIES 1st Part A.

national assessments. 3 Orienting the process of student learning and their journey through the different environments of Virtual Learning Environment (Knowledge assessment. evaluation of faculty. strategies. so that evidence the between the various elements of Pedagogic Model Unadista supported by e-learning. Consequently. academic events. and assessment scheme grade in a course. content. anti-plagiarism policy guidelines for the presentation of work. answer the following questions: 1. counseling activities. visits pairs. the collaborative learning environment is provided as the setting to . How many and what type of activities (quiz-forum-assignment) do you find at the “Entorno de Aprendizaje Colaborativo”? Synchronous and asynchronous interaction in small and large groups is the basis for the development of a learning strategy within a Virtual Environment. induction and re-induction. Is it useful to know the Online Agenda? Why? Calendar of events directly related to students and faculty as tuition. intentions. it describes the technical requirements and rules regulating behavior interaction in a course (Virtual Campus policies. Its main purposes are: 1 Present the characteristics. 2 Structuring the teaching sequence that guides the formative interaction studentmediators. seminars.2nd Part After checking the virtual course. deepening. practical work. ratings and supletorios. student-student. guidelines for synchronous and asynchronous) participation. virtual meetings and forums. What important information can you find in the Syllabus ? the syllabus as a tool that presents a systematic and orderly manner the structure of a course. Similarly. 2. ie addresses how and knowledge is constructed in a course of a program under the Model Pedagogic Unadista supported in e-learning. learning activities. estudiantecontenidos. committees and school councils. collaborative work) 3.

customer service system. responsibility. know the importance of texts and so the elements that make them. claims. Therefore. which are part of administrative process for training. confronted with their peers to reaffirm their learning. Lots of information is published in this language in different fields of knowledge. the exchange of information with ease of access.foster an environment that encourages the collective construction of knowledge. This allows students from their own space. This scenario is hinged to an activity guide mobilized through different phases in which the learning strategy so procesual be developed and evaluated using a rubric with their evaluation criteria. 3rd Part Answer the following question supporting your opinion (at least 10 lines): How can you take advantage of mass media to improve your English? English is considered the most widely used language in the world. an objective message in the shape of a written document made by a series of statements linked by a logical. as a student. In all training processes. a That is why in the environment management student. And secondly. Mention three links you can look at the “Entorno de Gestión” and explain why you think they are useful. grammatical sequence 5. through greater interaction in volume and intensity. It is very important that you. Policy Anti plagiarism. applications. such as: Home UNAD virtual library. information and consultation academic to support you in your learning process. it is adequate space for the student to stop being passive. System Registry and Academic Control. 4. there are several external development of the activities of course. complaints. requests. are links to services online. become active without fear of failure. Explain with your own words the aim of the link “Practice 1 Unit 1”. however. That is. place and time. individual commitment and group processing. University Welfare. it encourages the resolution of cognitive problems in teams with positive synergy. doing paperwork. Virtual Academic Counseling. Information Portal Schools. the collaborative learning environment is an educational context where the student achieves positive social interdependence and pedagogical interactivity. among others. give significance and help to be understood. state that the text is a communicative unit. are actions that should make the student through consultations and information management. because firstly. Some of the authors asked to write this chapter. before undergoing checks another level. The use of English as a foreign language tends to bring social and cultural factors of different nations and is . Student Regulation.

music and stay on top of today while your ear is used to hearing English. The Englishman. who until recently seemed distant to make at home. from listening to speech. is now within reach of a click. knowledge of the language to gain access to more varied levels of information. because you must be aware of every word. At first it may be hard. They allow you to listen to news. but see how slowly the ear gets used and you can come to understand while doing something else.essential. A good choice is always listening to the radio. A perfect supplement that helps improve all skills. .